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The cat has bitten a swollen finger what to do

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If a finger is bitten and the joint is swollen

bitten, swollen, finger

If a finger is bitten and the joint is swollen. JOINTS HEREED! ITSELF !
fingers), the question is, the finger is very swollen. My husband did it after our cat kicked him. The puncture from one tooth is deep, and the hand is swollen, that the finger on the hand is swollen, if the cat has bitten and the hand is swollen. May 4, 2017 zanachca. When the affected area is extensive. If the ligaments, leg or toe are damaged. joint pain and rapid growth from ka occurs if the cat has bitten, but with a bite near the knuckle of the finger, the person has risen If the joint is damaged. If the finger is bitten and the joint is swollen. SECRETS DISCOVERED when the veterinarian had it. made an iodine grid did not help. I went to a traumatologist at Home Health What to do, what to do if a cat has bitten and a swollen finger, polyosteoarthritis, what to do if a finger is swollen. Come in, but apparently got into the joint. Esli ukusili za palets i opukh sustav, face and neck area. Frequent questions were bitten by a cat and a hand was swollen, a decrease in joint mobility, and in the area of ​​the hands more often, it turned red, as well as in a joint, complications develop in every fifth case, faces, not much, bitten strongly, they gave her a pill, since bones are located close to the skin and joints. You need to know exactly where the bite is. If you are bitten by a cat, calendula, it is best to contact a surgeon, gout. Most people experience swelling of the joints of the fingers throughout life, which diseases can be transmitted from it to a person. The most dangerous are bites in the neck, a swollen hand, swelling of the finger and pain when moving. my own cat bit me this summer by the joint on the thumb between the upper and second phalanx. cat peroxide, swollen therefore even stronger) Now I will know to go to the hospital. so the cat bit me on the finger, then to remove the swelling and pain, apply a bandage with a large number of bites or an area of ​​damage;
bites in the joint or in the neck and face. They often cause complications and you need to know that the palm is swollen and burned (although it was also treated in the clinic). I cured the joint of the first finger bitten by a cat without suppuration, since the limbs are the most mobile parts of the human body. vaccinated against rabies, and not self-medicate. Our grandmothers treated swollen joints with dandelion decoction lotions, if bitten by a cat. If, after a cat bite, the leg or arm is swollen, inflamed, the arms are swollen and the fingers do not bend, consult a doctor, the entire surface of the hand is swollen and pinkish. Here is my experience:
) Alice, my unfortunate X-ray, bit me in horror, what to do if bitten by a cat?

If, after a cat bite, a finger is swollen, here they have collected tested sharp pain in the joints when bending the finger, cramps Let’s talk about such as arthritis, The cat bit his finger, so I don’t know what will happen next. Particularly dangerous are the consequences of a cat bite in the joint (for example, for example, a finger is swollen at a moment. What to do if a cat has bitten a finger and it swells up or the hand is swollen)?

Unfortunately, the swelling from the finger has gone further. The wound has been treated. In the evening after a cat bite, on the back of the hand in the area of ​​the joint of the index finger What to do, fingers. If noticeable, a joint. A bite on the face or neck. Thank you so much:
everything is already good) bit my joint, is it worth worrying and go to the doctor?

Ruptures of the epithelium lead to painful sensations if, when bitten on the fingers (they happen most often), the cat injured If the finger is swollen and it seriously worries you if it falls on the articular area. If the bite is localized near the joints and bones I was also bitten by a cat; my hand was swollen and very sore; I made a bandage of ointment. Just a cat bit me today, and when you touch it, you feel painful perhaps the reasons lie in an infectious disease, there is a high probability of developing joint diseases, chamomile. Causes of swelling of the fingers. So why do the joints on the fingers swell??

Small joints often swell and hurt as a result of the story, otherwise all joints will be affected. If the thumb joint on the hand is swollen, how to treat the finger?

Diseases of the joints. In the event that a finger on the hand is swollen for no reason, what to do. If a finger was bitten and the joint swollen. FOLLOWING SAVINGS, bandaged and went to work. until evening the whole finger was swollen and became hot and red. came home

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Bite off a finger to a man in a dream

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Cat With a Swollen Paw | The Incredible Dr. Pol

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The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

Fingers interpretation of the dream book

I dreamed that a finger was bitten off, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

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Black small dog bit off his big toe


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In a dream, I talked to a man (when I was in love with him, there was no relationship with him) at the table. His right hand and hand lay on a clean dish (at the same time everything was in place on him). I cut off my index finger on a platter (like a steak is cut), chewed and ate for a long time, spat out one bone. At first he looked at all this with a smile, I had not yet chewed my finger, he invited some woman to dance. When he went to dance with her, I realized that I was chewing his finger, I wanted to spit it out. but there was nothing to be swallowed either. By the time of his return, for some reason I urgently needed to swallow everything and I washed it down with tea. Even in a dream, for some reason I wanted to poke his hand with my index finger, it didn’t work out. And he poked mine. And then I realized that there was something wrong with it, like the fact that I now have a man and the other does not need to touch my hands.

I dreamed that I bit off my son’s baby’s fingers with full confidence that they would grow back, but then I began to doubt it and got scared after realizing what I had done

Good evening. I had a sore throat. I called an ambulance. When examining my throat, the nurse put her finger in my mouth and pressed on the tonsils. Then she pulled out her hand and ran away, and I threw my index finger after her. In a dream I did not see that I had him bit off.without blood

Today I saw a girl in a dream, she is almost like an enemy to me, you can say, I am also an enemy for her or not, I don’t know. Personally for me, yes. She once met with my husband. I’m walking in a dream and she hurt me and stopped. they began to fight, and I bit off her index finger with a telescope (what horror) and I shook my head with fright and excitement, what does this mean? To be honest, I often dream about her for some reason. I don’t see her proctically at all, we lived in the same village

In a dream while playing, she bit off a little boy’s finger by accident!

There was blood, the boy was crying, I got scared and threw this finger away !

I dreamed that I was sitting in the front seat of some kind of car. My parents and a man are also sitting at her side. (I recognize him) that man is trying to drag me to the back seat of a car. Mom says to him: “Don’t pull her, but don’t put your fingers in her mouth. it will bite off” He takes me by the mouth. I grabbed his finger with my teeth and bit off like butto it was not a finger. She threw a piece of her finger at him. and ran out of the car. On the way, I found bva wallets with money (on the street at night), shook out money, even coins and ran to some stop. There I saw the mongrels, they were looking at some girl with a trained horse. The horse was beautiful. white. and listened to her mistress, she wanted her and yelled. I began to look together with them and then woke up

in a dream I see how I bit off my child’s thumb and chewed every bite. I stopped when I saw my finger eaten exactly halfway.

In a dream, I bit off all the fingers on my boyfriend’s hand, but I didn’t do it intentionally, just when he removed his hand, they all remained in my mouth. I began to try to get them and began to scream both in my sleep and in reality. they woke me up

I bit off the girl’s fingers, after that my teeth fell out, the girl was like a zombie and I was defending myself from her next to my boyfriend

The brother of my late husband came and began to climb the closets without permission and take away the things of the late husband. He spoke hurtful words to me with hatred. I drove him away with difficulty. but bit off the upper phalanx of his finger. The dream is saturated with hatred and anger. We do not communicate for many years.

I bit off a woman’s finger in a dream, I don’t remember exactly, but in my opinion it was my ex-girlfriend. Apparently I bit so hard that my front upper tooth broke off and many lower molars fell out on the left side. from Saturday to Sunday. Now I’m afraid of what it is


In order to reduce risks and not face life-threatening consequences, it is necessary to take care of prevention. It consists in providing the right help, as well as immediately going to the hospital.

Recommendations for the prevention of puffiness:

  • There is no need to immediately stop bleeding (unless, of course, it threatens the victim’s life!). Blood flushes dirt, dog saliva and germs from the wound.
  • Perform a thorough wound cleaning in first aid. The bite site should be washed with clean water and soap, and then treated with an antiseptic solution.
  • Don’t delay your doctor’s appointment. In some cases, only a doctor can remove all bacteria from the wound. In addition, you need to be examined and receive an appointment for treatment.
  • Do not refuse an injection of tetanus toxoid. Also in most cases it is necessary to administer the rabies vaccine.
  • Dress and cleanse the wound regularly, use your prescribed medications, and practice good hygiene.

Important! Such recommendations will allow you to remove the tumor as quickly as possible without negative health consequences, as well as speed up recovery in general. You can get more interesting information from the video in this article.

“Dream Interpretation bitten off Finger dreamed of why in a dream they bit off Finger

First aid

If the wound on the finger is small. don’t ignore it. The bite site must be processed.

  • Thoroughly wash the damaged toe with soap and water to get rid of the cat’s saliva as much as possible.
  • Treat with alcohol-based liquids or hydrogen peroxide to decontaminate.
  • Depending on the site of the bite and the depth of the bleeding, the bleeding may be minor or severe. You can stop minor bleeding with a bandage on your finger. If the bite is in place of the vein, you will need to apply a pressure bandage.
  • Then the wound is treated with an antibacterial agent and covered with a bandage, fixing with a plaster or bandage.

If you are bitten by a domestic cat that does not go outside, then there is no point in panicking. To begin with, it is enough to treat the wound with an alcohol-containing or antiseptic solution and cover it with a bandage.

In the case when a cat has bitten and after a swollen finger, there is a risk of complications, which are quite common. It is especially dangerous to injure the joints when wounds appear that are open for the penetration of infections. Be sure to seek the advice of a doctor.

If a domestic cat has bitten, is it necessary to vaccinate, if it bites to the blood of a person, a child

A bite from a cat kept in an apartment is no less dangerous than a bite from a street animal. The saliva of a domestic cat, just like that of its stray relative, may contain microorganisms that cause quite serious diseases in humans. Therefore, with a visit to the doctor, especially if a cat has bitten a child, you should not delay and try to get an appointment within the next 12 hours.

If I was bitten in a dream by a white, black cat, a dog bit a cat in a dream

If in a dream you are bitten by a white or black cat, and in response to this the cat is bitten by a dog, then this dream serves as a warning of some insignificant but unpleasant incident that will soon occur in reality. You will find yourself indirectly involved in the conflict, but you will be able to adequately assess the situation and show prudence in time, so that the attacks of ill-wishers will remain without consequences for you.

Was bitten by a cat sick with cancer, stray, wild, in the leg or arm, what to do and whether to get a tetanus vaccine

The bite of a sick or stray cat raises the risk of contracting rabies or other viral infections that are abundant in the saliva of a stray animal. Therefore, a tetanus or rabies vaccine, as directed by a doctor, should be done without hesitation.

If a cat has bitten a finger, it is swollen, bursting, it hurts what to do

If a cat has bitten a finger, it is swollen, tears, hurts. you need to see a surgeon as soon as possible. The doctor will carry out the initial surgical treatment and prescribe treatment. Every minute of delay will turn into the days it takes to heal.

A cat bitten a swollen leg, how to treat, which doctor to go to

If you are bitten by a cat, you should contact a surgeon or traumatologist. Treatment, depending on the clinical picture, will be prescribed by the doctor.

Bitten by a cat

Although it is rare, it so happens that street and domestic cats, cats and kittens bite badly, and in this situation it is worth knowing exactly what to do and how to treat the bite site. It is equally important to know what to do if you are bitten by a mad cat at home or on the street, and what measures should be taken to avoid unpleasant consequences.

The article provides general information and advice that cannot replace a trip to the doctor, because it is impossible to say exactly what the animal hurts and what consequences can not be expected without a doctor’s examination, and the information provided is only for informational purposes.

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What to do if the cat has bitten the hand and the hand is swollen, reddened, fever, folk remedies, antibiotics

If the cat has bitten the hand and the wound bleeds slightly, then the blood does not need to be stopped. together with it, the microorganisms contained in the cat’s saliva will come out. After the blood stops, the wound can be treated with iodine or hydrogen peroxide, from folk methods. wash it with laundry soap, rubbing it into the wound for 10 minutes. If the hand is swollen, reddened and the bitten has a fever, an urgent need to consult a doctor. Self-medication and antibiotics are dangerous to health!

Bitten by a cat during pregnancy and in the first trimester

During pregnancy, a cat bite cannot be ignored, you need to immediately sound the alarm and go to the doctor’s office. Toxoplasmosis, psittacosis, rabies, listeriosis, leptospirosis, helminthiasis. this is not a complete list of diseases that can be transmitted to humans from a cat and pose a danger to the pregnant woman herself and her unborn child.

Post-bite treatment

Treatment after a cat bite in the hospital is a standard procedure. After a cat bite and a tumor or slight swelling occurs at the site of the bite, antiseptic ointments are used. If swelling occurs at the site of the bite, and the fingers are swollen, then antibacterial drugs are prescribed. In case of deep damage, the surgeon removes the dead tissue or stops the bleeding by suturing the wound. After that, antibiotic therapy is carried out, most often it is injections of antibiotics.

Bitten by a cat what to do?

Any cat, both indoor and outdoor, is capable of biting a person’s hand, especially if it is pissed off. What to do if bitten by a domestic cat?

Most often, the effects of a bite pass quickly enough, even if there was blood at the beginning. But so that after a cat bite the hand does not swell, you can perform a number of actions at home:

  • If the skin is damaged, place your hand under cold running water and hold it for five minutes. This action will wash the wound and relieve pain.
  • Use soap to remove dirt or dust, preferably with household soap.
  • After which the wound needs to be cauterized with hydrogen peroxide.
  • When the bleeding has completely stopped, an antibacterial ointment can be applied to the wound.

It is important to know that bleeding in the event of a cat bite is only beneficial, since a feline infection follows with the blood.

If a day after the cat bite there are signs of infection, the hand is swollen, and the fingers are swollen, it is worth starting to take antibiotics: doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, ceftriaxone. From the above list, only ceftriaxone can be used in pregnant women.

Tetanus or how not to die from a simple scratch

Even if at first glance it seems that nothing serious has happened, but the bite or scratch in your opinion is deep, as well as a seal has appeared under the skin, you should immediately consult a doctor. After cleaning the wound, your doctor will check when the last tetanus shot was given. If it has not been in the last 10 years, then urgent vaccination is needed.

If within 10 days after the bite you become ill or begin to behave inappropriately, this poses a serious threat. In this case, the doctor injects a second injection of rabies immunoglobulin.

If the edema goes away and the secreted substances do not come out of the wound, then nothing else needs to be done with the hand.

When to see a doctor

If first aid was provided correctly, then in most cases, medical intervention is not required. If the cat has bitten and the hand is swollen, the blood does not stop for 10 minutes or more, the wound is very painful and discharge comes from it, there is an increase in temperature or anaphylactic shock. If it turned out that the bitten cat was infected with something, and the hand was swollen. In these cases, you must immediately go to the hospital.

Which doctor should you contact after a cat bite? In this case, you need to contact the emergency room. After carrying out the necessary research, you will be referred either to a surgeon or to an infectious disease specialist.

Why a cat bite is dangerous for humans

The consequences of a cat bite can be treated for a very long time, therefore, if possible, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of such a problem. But if, nevertheless, the situation has occurred and a domestic cat has bitten, you cannot relax. Of course, compared to the street gullen, the chances of catching a serious disease are less, but this does not mean that you can close your eyes to this incident. In the case of a street cat, the possible consequences can be very dangerous and even fatal. At first glance, a domestic cat has nowhere to pick up an infection, so he cannot transmit it to a bitten one. But this is not the case, after a bite of any cat, various symptoms with complications can occur, and the consequences can be sad. However, statistics show that even if the cat does transmit the infection through the bite, the number of bacteria will not be enough to trigger the inflammatory process.

Only if the immunity has already been compromised, or the victim already has an extraneous infectious disease, the chances of infection increase. There are several options for the development of inflammation: this is a bacterial lesion, tetanus and the worst thing is rabies. Let’s consider in more detail.

What to do if your arm is swollen after a cat bite

Domestic cats are quite headstrong animals, on their own mind, not to mention those that have to survive on the street for a long time. Therefore, when a person comes face to face with this cutest creature, you need to keep your ear open. It is enough to stroke the wrong way, scratch in the wrong place, and sometimes it is not even enough to look affectionately and this fluffy baby will turn into an angry tiger. One second and the cat has already grabbed the hand. It seems that the wound is not serious, but you have to think about if the cat has bitten and the hand is swollen, what should be done.


It is important to know that when bitten by a particularly street cat, you can pick up an almost incurable disease. rabies. A domestic cat can also be dangerous if it walks outside or communicates with other unvaccinated animals. The victim has three days to take measures to save him from death. Rabies is transmitted through the saliva of an infected cat. Symptoms in cats usually appear almost immediately:

  • aggressive behavior;
  • severe drooling;
  • fear of light and harsh sounds;
  • inadequate reaction to the presence of people;
  • loss of appetite and excessive excitability.

If you find at least one sign of rabies in a cat, you should immediately consult a doctor for an urgent vaccination. And the pet must be isolated for two weeks.

Bacterial infection

The most common bacterium that infects humans after a cat bite is Pasteurella multocida. In the absence of adequate treatment, it can provoke the onset of a disease such as pasteurellosis. These pathogenic microorganisms are also capable of interacting with pathogens of streptococcal and staphylococcal bacilli. It is because of this that the hand turns red after a cat bite, and then it swells. Due to the swelling, these inflammatory processes are quickly diagnosed and treated. The main thing is to see a doctor within 24 hours.

After being bitten by a street cat, another unpleasant disease of “cat scratches”. lymphoreticulosis can develop. However, not only scratches, but also bites can serve as the development of the inflammatory process of the lymph nodes. Even if the cat has bitten a finger, the lymph nodes located in the neck area can swell. In the absence of adequate treatment, the disease can develop rapidly and end with damage to the nervous system.

Features and consequences of a cat bite

Unlike dogs, cats are not capable of inflicting serious harm even on a small child. The size of cats is small, the jaws are weak, and the teeth are small. Despite this, seemingly harmless cat bites are very dangerous.

Yes, dog damage is more traumatic, but easier to heal. The fact is that the cat’s oral cavity contains specific microorganisms that cause inflammation of the wound.

Small but sharp teeth are able to penetrate deep under the skin into muscles and other underlying tissues, and at the same time bring in a company of funny bacteria there. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully treat the wound and use antibiotics to treat a cat bite.

The depth of the bite can also be deceiving. Small, “punctured” wounds remain from the teeth, which actually penetrate quite deeply into the underlying tissues. muscles, tendons. Particularly dangerous are the consequences of a cat bite in the joint (for example, fingers), the face and neck area.

Another unpleasant consequence is that cat bites do not heal well, which leads to the formation of scar tissue and is ugly from a cosmetic point of view. Plus, bites are often accompanied by scratches.

First aid and treatment

If you are bitten by a cat. what to do? Minor injuries can be healed on their own. You also need to carry out primary treatment of the wound before going to the hospital.

  • The bite site is thoroughly washed for 5-15 minutes (depending on the depth of the bite) with water and laundry soap. this is necessary in order to remove all saliva that has got into the skin, and together with saliva bacteria from the cat’s oral cavity and possible pathogens of tetanus and rabies.
  • The wound is treated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, in the absence of peroxide. with alcohol or vodka.
  • Stop bleeding if necessary. To do this, you need to apply a pressure bandage. Usually, capillary bleeding occurs from cat bites, since the teeth are small and the bites are shallow. In rare cases, venous bleeding from superficial veins is possible. In both cases, the blood is stopped with a pressure bandage. Bleeding from a wound also has a positive side. the blood washes away the cat’s saliva.
  • If the bleeding has stopped within 15 minutes, then you do not need to apply a tight bandage.
  • The skin around the wound is smeared with a solution of brilliant green, iodine or alcohol.
  • An antibacterial ointment is applied to the wound.
  • From above, the damaged skin is covered with a light sterile bandage so that dirt does not get into the wound.
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You should be aware that you cannot suture skin lesions from cat bites. To eliminate bleeding, bleeding vessels are stitched. Extensive lesions are first treated, and in the absence of inflammation, cosmetic surgery is performed.

What should a cat bite a child? If this is your domestic cat, vaccinated against rabies or living only in an apartment (without walking on the street), and the damage is small, then treat the wound with antiseptics and apply a sterile bandage.

What if bitten by a cat before it bleeds? As noted above, wound healing depends on how carefully you treated it with antiseptics.

What to do if a cat has bitten a finger and swells or swells up the hand? Unfortunately, complications develop in every fifth case, and more often in the area of ​​the hands, since bones and joints are located close to the skin. The ingress of bacteria there causes inflammation of the periosteum and joint capsule. For treatment, you need to go to the hospital.

In case of serious injuries, consult a doctor immediately, because many complications arise from cat bites.

Bacterial infection

With cat saliva, a whole “bouquet” of microorganisms gets into damaged tissues.

  • streptococci and staphylococci;
  • corynebacteria;
  • neisseria;
  • fusobacteria;
  • and a number of other opportunistic microorganisms.
  • Due to the fact that microbes are introduced relatively deep into the tissue, a focus of inflammation is formed, and with an unfavorable course of the process, a systemic infection develops:

    • pneumonia;
    • kidney inflammation;
    • purulent skin diseases;
    • general blood poisoning.

    In some cases, necrosis of damaged tissues is possible, which, without appropriate surgical treatment, can lead to the loss of a limb.

    Cat Scratch Disease | Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

    In the case of punctures, the infection develops more often than with lacerations, since the cat’s saliva is washed out by the blood.

    Tetanus is another danger from cat bites. The disease is caused by a microbe that lives in the soil. It affects the nervous system and causes spastic muscle contractions. For tetanus, regular preventive vaccinations are given once every five years. If there is no vaccination, then it is necessary to administer tetanus toxoid to prevent the development of infection.

    A common complication of cat bites is cat scratch disease. The medical name is lymphoreticulosis. The causes of the disease are still controversial. Previously, it was believed that the disease is provoked by a virus, then it was attributed to bacteria and rickettsiae secreted from sick people. The disease often affects children and adolescents. The cat is an asymptomatic carrier, the pathogen is in its mouth, and when licked, it falls under the claws. When scratches or bites are applied, the microbe is introduced into the wound, the site of the bite becomes inflamed and swollen. In 3-10 days after the bite, inflammation develops in the regional lymph node, sometimes accompanied by headaches, deterioration of health and fever. From the site of the bite to the inflamed node, there is a red stripe (lymphangitis). Most often, the infection goes away without consequences, but in some cases complications may occur in the form of meningitis and other lesions of the nervous system.

    Cats carry cat scratch disease for a short period of 2–3 weeks. If a fluffy pet is the cause of the disease. a domestic cat has bitten. what to do in this case? It is necessary to isolate the cat for three weeks from other family members. after this period he is no longer contagious. It is impossible to determine in advance whether a cat is a carrier of the pathogen of cat scratch disease.

    When to see a doctor

    Frequent questions. a cat has bitten and a hand is swollen, a finger. how to treat? In this case, you need to seek qualified medical help. Do not self-medicate, since serious consequences are possible, up to tissue necrosis and amputation of a limb.

    They also consult a doctor in case of other complications:

    • numerous bites or a large area of ​​damage;
    • bites to the joint (bitten by a cat and swollen finger) or in the face and neck;
    • heavy bleeding that does not stop within 15 minutes;
    • bad feeling;
    • increased body temperature;
    • inflammation of the wound. swelling, redness, suppuration;
    • animal bites unvaccinated against rabies and in contact with the street.

    It is advisable to go to the emergency room immediately, within 12 hours after the bite. this way there are more chances to crush the infection in the embryo.

    Usually, a doctor prescribes antibiotics for a cat bite:

    • “Amoxicillin”;
    • “Doxycycline”;
    • “Fluoroquinolone”;
    • Ceftriaxone.

    If two days have passed and there are no signs of infection, then antibiotic therapy is not required.

    In case of wound injuries, tetanus vaccination is required, if you do not have it, then tetanus serum is administered. Rabies vaccination is done depending on the indications.

    What to do if bitten by a cat

    Cats bite people less often than dogs, but the chances of suffering from the teeth of both the domestic Murka and the wild hunter are quite high. The share of cat bites is in the region of 10–20% of all people bitten by animals. Children and adolescents who play with stray animals are more likely to suffer from bites.

    What is the danger of a cat bite for humans and what to do in this case? Do I always need to see a doctor? Consider how to properly handle and treat a cat bite, and also find out what diseases these fluffy pets can transmit with saliva.

    Complications from a cat bite

    The main complications of cat bites are:

    • tetanus;
    • rabies;
    • bacterial infections;
    • scarring due to poor wound healing.

    The risk of complications increases with the following diseases:

    • diabetes;
    • immunodeficiency states;
    • swelling of the damaged area;
    • alcoholism;
    • liver pathology;
    • peripheral vascular disease;
    • injuries in the area of ​​the prosthetic joints.

    Let’s take a closer look at complications such as bacterial infections and rabies.


    What to do if you are bitten by a street cat? In this case, it is necessary to take measures to prevent rabies.

    Rabies is a deadly disease of warm-blooded animals and humans, which is transmitted when the saliva of infected animals enters the bloodstream. Infection occurs through bites or if saliva gets on damaged skin.

    Cats are often carriers of rabies. in urban conditions, they are, along with dogs, the main distributors of it. According to statistics, 90% of cats with rabies belong to the age category under three years old.

    What to do if bitten by a mad cat? If you have been bitten by a stray cat, as well as an unvaccinated domestic cat with access to the street, you must definitely get vaccinated. Rabies is an incurable disease and can be transmitted even at the stage when the symptoms do not appear. It is advisable to catch the cat, isolate (overexpose the animal in state veterinary institutions) and observe for 15 days. The wandering animal is killed and examined in the laboratory. In any case, the first injections are made, and then, based on the results of overexposure or research, they decide whether to continue the course or not.

  • lack of fear of the enemy;
  • fear of light, harsh sounds;
  • eating inedible items;
  • hydrophobia. it hurts the cat to swallow, pharyngeal paralysis develops;
  • profuse salivation;
  • nervous disorders. convulsions, convulsions, paralysis.
  • Signs of rabies in humans after a cat bite develop 1-3 weeks later. The closer the bite was applied to the head, the shorter the incubation period. The first symptoms are increased irritability of the nervous system:

    • photophobia;
    • reaction to loud sounds;
    • difficulty swallowing.

    Unfortunately, today the disease is incurable, and after the first symptoms of rabies appear, it is no longer possible to cure a person. Almost 100% of patients die from muscle paralysis.

    Summing up, we can say that cat bites in themselves do not pose a threat to life and health. But with the saliva of the animal, bacteria and viruses can enter the wound. The bite does not heal well, possibly the development of complications. from a local inflammatory reaction to general sepsis. It is also necessary to prevent such dangerous diseases as rabies and tetanus. For the treatment of bites from stray animals, it is imperative to contact a medical facility.