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The cat wakes up in the morning how to wean

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Ignore the animal

The most important, but one of the most difficult tips. ignore the cat. Cats. very smart animals. And if at least once you stand up to her request to feed / play, then she will retain a causal relationship. She will get used to it and understand that with her cry she gets what she wants. And every next morning she will scream early at the same time, or even earlier.

A closed door is a good remedy. Let the cat sleep separately from you, in the hallway or in the hall. And she will get used to not letting her into the bedroom at night.

No matter how she screamed, tried to wipe herself off about you, did not touch her legs and arms. don’t react. Do not talk to her, do not call her by name. She must understand that none of her actions in the morning will wake you up.

Wear your cat with games before bed.

If you spend all day at work, and in the evening you have only enough strength to crawl to bed, then the cat may not have enough communication. Take at least 5-10 minutes before bed to play with your cat. These animals. sprinters, they run fast, but not for long. If you play with her with a bow on a string for 5 minutes or leave the mouse, then this will be more than enough for the cat. She will quickly get tired and fall asleep until the morning.

It is good if the family has children. Observing them, the animals get tired faster, and then sleep all night long.

How to stop a cat from waking up in the morning: proven tips

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Give your cat an extraordinary experience

If you live in a country house or go to the country house, fence off the plot and let the animal go for a walk. Let him walk all day, explore the site, eat grass and catch butterflies. Do not forget to get all vaccinations beforehand. At night, the cat will sleep without hind legs from such activity and will not even remember food. And after you get up, it will ask you to take a walk, not eat.

Feed her tightly at night

Very often cats wake up their owners because they are hungry. I recommend feeding the cat tightly at night right before bedtime. If food is available around the clock, then wet food or canned food can be given at night. So the process of digesting food will take a long time and, perhaps, the cat’s hunger will wake up after you wake up.

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In order to understand how to wean a cat from waking in the morning, you need to turn to the root cause of the problem: why does it wake you up?

First of all, cats. nocturnal animals. At this time of day, they have a peak of activity: they walk, hunt, communicate. Wild cats do it on their own. For domestic cats, humans are the source of food, play and communication. Therefore, it is difficult to wean a wayward animal to wake up in the morning, but you can.

Please be patient, as this process can take from 3 days to a month. It all depends on the character of your cat, her obstinacy and the level of trust in you. Below are tips to help you with this difficult task and teach your cat to live by your rules.

Step 5.

Even if the pet screams heart-rendingly, in no case should it be fed. And also to show attention. to stroke, scratch behind the ear, talk to him. He should be completely ignored, only sprayed with water if he approaches with the intention of jumping and yelling in the ear.

Step 3.

When in the early morning the cat begins to meow in the ear, stomp on the bed, it is necessary to spray water from a spray bottle into its muzzle. This will distract the beast for a short while, but after a while it will start doing the same again.


As with any training, whether it’s a cat, a dog, or a hamster, you need patience. Each pet has its own character and characteristics, so it can take several months to re-educate. On the Internet, you can find tips to spray the cat with a spray bottle, wrap him up in a blanket and threaten him with a towel. but this should never be done. This will only cause distrust and resentment, and the cat will consider itself an outcast. By the way, in this case, most likely, the awakenings will not stop.

The best way to sleep well at 5 a.m. is to ignore. This method will not harm the psyche of the animal and will let him know for sure that you will not give in despite the protests. Here, as with dogs, there will be a demonstration that you are not reinforcing bad behavior. Otherwise, the cat will serve as an unwanted alarm clock over and over again.

Even if you wake up and are worried about the purr, do not get up and run to the kitchen to feed the cat.

Lie down, think about yours, make plans for the day, you can even quietly scold the cat with the last words to yourself, but do not do what the pet requires of you.

Over time, the cat will understand that there is no other choice but to wait until you get out of bed, and it does not matter when it happens. at 6 am on a weekday or at 11 am on weekends. Remember to stand your ground.

If, after a month of exposure, you decide to yield to the cat once as an exception, you will have to start all over again, because the fluffy will not understand why then it was possible, but now it is impossible. However, disturbing your sleep is not the main problem.

Sometimes cats bother us early in the morning and for other reasons. Perhaps the tailed beast is in pain or needs moral support, so before drawing conclusions, take a close look at it and, if you have any concerns, take it to the veterinarian.

Step 7.

This must be done from day to day, until the beast stops waking up all household members in the early morning.


Do not forget that cats are predators, and the habits inherent in nature remain with them. Most often, they go out to prey at night, and felines always have their own regime. It’s impossible to hunt for food at home, and cats are used to the fact that tasty prey depends on humans.

Many tailed beasts begin to get impudent and believe that they can beg for a treat absolutely always. they do not care what time of day it is. If the owner easily makes concessions, he can forget about normal sleep. However, any prankster can be raised.

The rhythm of life

Cats are very persistent, they prefer to live their lives according to a specific schedule. Simply put, if the cat is used to getting up at 5 am, then there are reasons for that. Let’s not forget that the cat is a nocturnal predator. Our pets sleep at night is a favor, an adaptation, but not a natural norm. Of course, if the cat had to get its own food, it would not be able to afford a night’s sleep. As long as you keep an eye on the balance and satiety of the cat’s diet, it is more profitable for her to adapt to your daily routine.

Perhaps you know that cats sleep up to 18 hours a day, that is, at least 6 hours the pet needs to do something. Part of this time will be spent on eating, washing, meeting natural needs, communicating with the owner, or passively observing his behavior.

Whatever one may say, but at least a few hours, the pet has nothing to do and this moment is decisive. If the cat does not have the need to do something during the day or evening, she will go to bed and, naturally, wake up earlier. If you find something to keep your pet busy, he will get tired, go to bed at about the same time as you and sleep for 8-9 hours in a row.

Note! Many cats do not sleep at night due to instinct, but they are quiet and do not cause inconvenience to owners.

Several free hours a day can go to sleep without consequences in the autumn and winter seasons. The colder it is outside, the more the cat strives to conserve energy. it’s an instinct. In addition, in the fall, pets try to gain weight in order to comfortably survive the cold.


Any event that doesn’t happen all the time is stressful for the cat. How the changes will affect the pet depends on the psyche and external circumstances. For example, moving is very stressful. Strong shocks include the appearance of a new pet in the house, a change of furniture, and repairs. Very often cats are embarrassed about the appearance of a child in the family and they can be understood. Less stress can include the arrival of guests, the owner’s delay at work, a quarrel in the family, loud noise from neighbors.

If your cat wakes up early in the morning and looks agitated, she should not be pitied or punished. The pet needs to equip a shelter and give the opportunity to adapt on its own.

Many cat owners share their own disappointing experiences on the forums. The stories begin the same way. he yelled, and we punished. Only every time it turned out that the pet was sick and he shouted because he called for help. Make sure your pet is healthy before taking any action.

The cat may scream in the morning, in pain when:

  • Urination. urolithiasis or cystitis.
  • Trying to eat. diseases of the teeth, gums, mouth.
  • Change of position. arthritis, arthrosis, back problems.
  • Meteorological dependence is a headache.

And this is not the whole list. Watch the night owl pet closely if its behavior comes as a surprise. If the cat starts waking you up early in the morning, but has not done this before, this is a reason to contact your veterinarian for a routine examination. At best, the doctor will not find anything and you will have to take care of raising the pet.

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The cat wakes up in the morning!

Girls, please help me solve the problem!) The cat is a year old, he constantly wakes us up in the morning very early and as you understand it interferes, he wants to eat, so he wakes up!) He’s on a natural girl) Girls, maybe someone faced such a problem How to wean him from these early awakenings?) We scold him with our hand, we drive him away, he still wakes up. Already tired (help us)

When starting an animal, as well as a child, it makes sense to understand that the animal can cause some discomfort, and if this is critical for you, then do not start. I have two cats: one will endure until someone from the family gets up, and the second asks for food. Therefore, absolutely on any day, cats have breakfast no later than 7-00. But, if you already have a cat, but are categorically unhappy with his behavior, then do not feed at an inconvenient time for you, sooner or later the cat will get used to it.

get up and feed. mine also wakes up at 5 in the morning, and comes up with more and more new ways

As an option. leave dry food overnight, after consulting with a veterinarian, is it possible to do this. We have a small cat (4 months old), very active at any time of the day, so we isolate him from our bedroom at night. There is always food and water in the bowls, but every morning at 7-8 o’clock he screeches and demands to let him in to us 🙂 but we don’t wake up to work

Attention, correct answer. NO!
My dear cat has been bothering me with this problem for 17 years 🙂
All cats do THIS. Well, really. Wake up at exactly five in the morning, yell louder in the corridor, jump higher, knock on the floor everything that comes across a kind of paw. holy traditions.
I am a night owl, and it pissed me off wildly. By the way, you can check him for diabetes, then this is no longer a joke. But, since you have a one-year-old, this is very unlikely.
It will devour, receive your strokes, attention and words of approval, and will fall asleep further. Humble yourself 🙂

We have the same way. From five in the morning, op. He walks and screams until you get up. You have to get up, feed, iron. And then sleep again.

Episode 14: How To Stop Your Cat Waking You Up

and my two sleep with me until I get up. the cat can continue to sleep like that. They are on dry food, I feed it according to the morning evening regimen, somehow they endure. or keep their own stash)))) very rarely. wake up in the morning, woke up somewhere in the first year.

How My Cat Wakes Me Up Every Morning!

I always get up at five in the morning to feed the animals, sometimes cats can eat dry food, but a doggie and one kitty on my straight always wake me up. Well, it’s like children, love to sleep, you didn’t want to start, but they did, get up and feed. By the way, for many, it takes about two years, they sleep with the owners.

They say that you can be taught not to yell at dawn if you make it clear that it is useless, and feed at the same time, but not at night. It didn’t work with mine. The cat is 11 years old. I gave up when the child was born, and you don’t get enough sleep, and the cat also yells. I pour dry food. It has smashed it on it for these 2 years incredibly. 7 kg cat. There was a slender girl on a straight girl.

I drove my slipper, she quickly understood everything.

Close yourself off from him. Do not feed much during the day, but at night. feed to full and leave in a bowl overnight. Getting up in the morning, don’t feed the cat right away, later.

Is it possible to add a sterilized cat to a cat.

What’s your favorite dish ?

The cat wakes up at night

Began to annoy my own cat

Your favorite food?

The cat wakes up at three in the morning! Tired of not getting enough sleep

The cat wakes up in the morning: the reasons for this behavior

As statistics show, more than 80% of “purr” owners wake up in the morning from their actions. Some poke a cold nose on the owner’s cheek, others begin to stomp on his body, others meow plaintively, demanding food.

Often, to learn how to wean a cat from waking up early in the morning, it is enough to find out the reason for this behavior:

  • painful sensations. veterinarians warn that in the morning it is common for cats to call for help from their owners. This is due to pain during urination (due to cystitis), meteorological dependence (headache), problems with the spine (especially when the cat is in one position for a long time);
  • hunger is the most common reason why your pet wakes you up in the morning. Cats have a rather keen hearing, so they always wake up earlier than their owners. If the cat is full, then she just drinks water, and will calmly wait for the owner to wake up. Otherwise, you will have to wake up from the meow of your pet, and pour him food. How to wean a cat from waking up in the morning? To solve this problem, it is enough to teach the animal to eat according to the schedule. In this case, the main thing is to be patient;
  • habits. if earlier you woke up at 6 in the morning, but with a change of work you have the opportunity to sleep longer, then it is quite difficult for cats to adjust to your schedule.
wakes, morning, wean

Don’t forget that cats are predators by nature. Many of them do not sleep at night, while behaving quietly, without interfering with the owner’s sleep.

A cat or a cat wakes up early in the morning: how to wean

Most pet owners keep looking for really effective ways to stop waking their cat in the morning. If you have already tried dozens of methods to no avail, then do not despair. In this article you will find unique secrets thanks to which you will not wake up to the meow of a cat.

How to wean a cat from waking up the owners in the morning, and at the same time not harm its psyche

Each breed has its own character. It depends on him the time that you have to spend on the “upbringing” of the animal. Forums “cat-lovers” are full of questions: “The cat wakes up in the morning, what to do.” Please note that many of the tips published there can harm the psyche of the animal (for example, splashing with water or wrapping in a blanket).

To start getting enough sleep, follow these simple guidelines that will tell you how to stop waking your cat early in the morning:

  • ignore. this is a humane way that will not harm the psyche of the cat. If meowing in the morning does not lead the cat to the desired goal, then after a while he will leave this useless occupation;
  • take care. often the morning meow can be associated with the anxiety of the cat. This is especially true for the elderly and small pets. Do you want to know how to wean a cat from waking the owners early in this case? It is enough to comb the animal’s fur in the evenings. This ritual includes tactile pleasure and communication.

Once you’ve learned the ways to stop waking your cat in the morning, start putting them into practice. Show a little patience and the result will not be long in coming.

The cat wakes up in the morning how to wean

How to wean a cat from waking owners at night

We have a cat. Young handsome Persian. The former owners went to the far abroad, and gave away three of their cats for free. Here is one of them and we got.

Everything was fine at first. The cat lay in a slight shock under the chest of drawers, did not drink or eat for several days. But then he began to move away, got used to it and after two weeks he felt very good.

And then I realized that I was not getting enough sleep. This saboteur could jump to my wife and me on the bed in the middle of the night, and from there to the windowsill, and in a few minutes the same way back. My wife is fast asleep, and here I am. no, and I feel all these inclinations. Then I began to intercept it on the way to the windowsill and shoot it back to the floor. It didn’t help. I didn’t want to beat or scold. over, this animal began to jump onto the bed at four or five in the morning and announce with a loud purr that “good morning” had already come.

And once, not getting enough sleep for three nights in a row, I could not stand it. When he came to say hello again at 4 am, I took out my laptop and went into the living room. And there he connected to the Internet and asked Google a question: “the cat wakes up at night what to do.” Three hours later, I already clearly knew what to do.

So: cats have their own biological clock, which can be easily adjusted to the master’s. To do this, you need to leave the cat overnight in a dark room, where there is a bowl of water and a litter box. You can’t leave food, because the cat should sleep at night, not eat. The first days the cat will yell, cry and scratch at the door. The owners are obliged to show restraint and in no case be led by the cat. The cat must sleep at night. Dot. It’s difficult. It is very difficult psychologically. But if you endure these few nights. the cat’s clock will be readjusted, and for all subsequent years he will sleep all night like a marmot. They say this training can take a week. Our cat improved in three nights!

When he started his bagpipes on the first night, my wife lost her nerves, and she began to beg me to release the poor boy from the bathroom. But I said a firm “no” and took out a “bird.” Bird. it’s a small radio-controlled flywheel, with cellophane fenders and a styrofoam body. I bought this toy a few days before at a sale. for some penny (just for the sake of playing). So, I hung this bird over the cat, closed the door, turned off the light, took the remote control and went into the bedroom with it. Pause. Miaaaaaoooooouuuuu. I press a button on the remote. The distant is heard: “Shrshrshrshr.” MAAAAAAAAUUUUUU. Shrshrshrshrshrs. Maaaaaaaa. Shrshrs. Ma. Shrshrs. Mmm. Shrshrs. Mau. Shrshrshrshrshrsh. And it became quiet. Then he woke up in the night and I used the bird again. A minute later there was deathly silence.

The next night it all happened again. On the third, he mumbled weakly only immediately after imprisonment in the bathroom, and at night he was silent. On the fourth night, he was quiet. On the fifth, we released him, and on DO in the morning slept under the bed. Since then, the cat has behaved well. Sleeps at night, wakes up very rarely. In the morning he greets only if he hears that we are already awake.

Conclusion: to wean a cat from waking the owners at night, you just need
1. close it in a dark room
2.to pick up food, leave only water and toilet
3. hang some radio-controlled rustler over it
4.be patient
5.Methodically parry all the mews with a frightening rustle.

A cat wakes up in the morning. how to wean?

What to do if at 5 in the morning, outside the window is Sunday, you really want to sleep, but persistent and drawn-out “meow” does not let you fall asleep? What to do if a cat wakes up in the morning and how to wean from this bad habit?

Why does a cat wake up early in the morning?

  • Hormonal background. Bursts of sex hormones during the period of sexual hunt can provoke the cries of a cat in the morning or even at night. The problem is solved with the help of a veterinarian, by prescribing hormonal drugs (temporarily), or by complete castration of the animal.
  • Diseases. Some diseases are accompanied by pain during movement or bowel movements. If the cat suddenly started “morning concerts”. better show it to the doctor.
  • Stress. After deep psychological trauma (by feline standards), animals often show alarm with loud meows in the morning, seeking support from the owner. This problem is solved with sedatives (only after consultation with a veterinarian).
  • Attraction of attention or overabundance of energy. Banal boredom may well cause the whole family to wake up.
  • Hunger. The most common reason why a cat wakes up early in the morning. Felines in the wild are nocturnal hunters, and it is normal for a cat to want to eat after midnight or early in the morning.
  • Master’s reinforcements. When a furry pet wants something during the day, shows its desires to the owner and receives what is required. such reinforcements contribute to the development of a reflex. to ask and show with all his appearance what he needs.
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Do not despair if your pet does not allow you to sleep. Correctly identified reason is already half the battle.

How to stop a cat from waking up in the morning

If the reasons for early awakening have nothing to do with psychological or physiological processes, it’s time to start acting. Otherwise, in addition to the owner’s disturbed sleep, furniture or wallpaper in the house may suffer. cats are very persistent when they demand what they need.

The first thing to do is stop feeding your cat during the day. You need to be patient, felines are stubborn and, if I may say so, arrogance. it will not work to retrain the animal quickly. But if a constant feeding and sleep regime is observed, success is guaranteed. Complete re-education may take from several weeks to several months.

If the reason for morning awakenings is an overabundance of energy or insistence on attention, you need to kill the cat in the evening. Before going to bed, you need to pay a little attention to your pet, pet or play with it (at least not letting it sleep). In case of extreme fatigue of the owner, modernity has come up with laser pointers. With their help, you can force a cat to release all the activity accumulated during the day, within a few minutes, with minimal energy consumption for a person.

The most common reason is hunger, the easiest solution is to. a hearty, late dinner will solve the problem. If the kitty turned out to be a noble glutton, you can leave the food overnight so that the cat can eat on its own.

What to do if all else fails?

What to do if all methods have been tried, but there is no result:

  • Calm down, be patient and ignore all attempts by the cat to attract attention (both at night and during the day).
  • Prepare regular tap water and a spray bottle.
  • Sprinkle water on the cat’s face for every destructive behavior.

It is very important. the negative reinforcement (water) must be instantaneous, otherwise the punishment does not work. It is cost-effective to spray a cat with liquid only at the moment of a bad act, so that next time he thinks what he wants more. the owner’s attention or a portion of unpleasant sensations. If the pet gets out early in the morning or at night, it is better to keep the spray gun near the bed.

Any problem is easier to avoid than to find a solution. It is better to raise a cat from early childhood, suppressing unwanted actions in the bud. Then you won’t have to spend many months on re-education.

Sore problem: how to wean a cat from waking you up in the morning?

All domestic cats are descendants of the ancient feline hunters. This should not be forgotten when you just want to bring such a wonderful animal to your house. They sleep a lot, but mostly during the day. At night, it’s time to hunt. It has always been this way.

Your pets also sleep 18-20 hours a day, but at what time it depends only on you. You need to develop a regime in the cat that will suit you too.

The reason for the cat’s concern

The reason for awakening with the help of the cat may be that he slept in the afternoon and went to bed early in the evening. He is simply bored, and waiting for you to sleep in the morning and wake up does not have enough patience. So the licking of faces begins, the scratching of furniture (your bed) or a loud monotonous meow.

The solution to this awakening is to ignore. You should completely ignore your cat:

  • do not get out of bed;
  • do not open your eyes;
  • don’t talk to him.

These basic rules work if you stick to them. As soon as the cat saw open eyes or heard at least something addressed to him, he will lag behind you only after you wake up and play with him. After this, many cats simply fall into their crib and sleep sweetly, and you have no time for sleep at all.


The second reason for the early awakening of the cat and the unbearable meow under your ear is hunger. It can be considered the most common. Your pet has not gone out on an independent hunt for a long time and now its diet and nutrition is completely up to you. Therefore, he is eagerly waiting for you from work at the door, or, while you wake up, in your room. The way to stop your cat from waking you up in the morning is simple. The same ignore. But it is imperative to monitor the cat’s behavior while ignoring his request to get up, as the reasons for this may be unpredictable.

There are many situations where a pet has prevented an apartment fire or explosion due to a gas leak. Don’t forget this early wake up option.

Ignore the cat if he is hungry, you need to completely, as with the previous reason. It is also worth remembering that cats, like humans, are all different. For some it will be clear the first time, but someone will have to show indifference for a month. Please be patient for such an experiment. When everything goes according to your insidious plan, then you will calmly sleep your half an hour in a warm bed. The main thing is not to oversleep at work later.

Techniques for the most impatient feline owners

Just add more food to your pets in the evening so you don’t have to get up or ignore the cat in the morning. But it is not a fact that the food will be in the bowl until morning, because they are nocturnal predators. Or just keep him out of the room until you are fully awake. A good option if you are not sorry for the furniture in the apartment, because only the cat knows what is on his mind.

Why do cats wake you up early in the morning??

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not nocturnal animals. The peak of their activity occurs at dusk and dawn hours. Have you noticed how, after sunset, the cat begins to rush around the apartment like a crazy parkour guy?

The experience of millions of years of evolution in the wild tells him after dusk and at dawn to go hunting and get his own food.

And the experience of living next to a person makes its own adjustments. During the day, while you are not at home, the cat mostly slumbers in a cozy place. During these hours, nothing interesting happens in his life. The fun begins when everyone is at home. Because when everyone is at home, that’s when everyone eats!

By cat’s logic, the active presence of the owners is a guarantee that there will be food in the bowl. And the sleeping owner is the same as the absent one, it is never interesting with him, there is zero sense from him. Especially when it’s time to go hunting! Therefore, a person must be woken up.

Why a cat wakes you up in the morning, and how to wean her from this habit?

At half past six in the morning. Where is your cute cat? Perhaps he sits next to the bed and yells good obscenities at the top of his little lungs. It requires food, play and attention. He is, of course, very nice. But you are on the verge of despair.

It’s time to figure out why and why cats wake up their owners. in order to understand how to wean them from this habit.

How to stop your cat from waking you up in the morning?

First, stop feeding your cat “just like that”. The presence of food in the bowl around the clock knocks the biological clock of the cat. Food must be associated with a specific time and place, otherwise the cat’s normal instincts lose their logic and meaning.
In general, food is the key to building a relationship with a cat. Seals owe nothing to anyone in life and, unlike dogs, do not try to please you. To achieve anything from a cat, it must be strongly motivated. What motivates her the most? Food.

Train your cat to eat three times a day: breakfast in the morning, when you return from work. lunch and, finally, an hour before going to bed, dinner. The meal schedule is the key to your sound sleep. And don’t leave bowls of half-eaten food. Remove them immediately after the cat has eaten.

Second, get into the habit of playing with your cat before dinner. Do not just throw her a candy wrapper or wave a teaser rod for five minutes, but really play. at least twenty minutes. In its natural environment, a cat first hunts, then eats, then washes, and then settles down to sleep. and so on in a circle. Playing before dinner will help her align her natural habits with yours.

And finally, third: learn to ignore the cat in the morning. It will be difficult. The cat knows that if he yells long enough and shrilly, jumping on the bed, biting your heels, then sooner or later you will give up. So: don’t give up! Don’t get up and feed your cat. Do not throw a pillow or slippers at him. Don’t even pronounce his name! Be patient. Pretend to sleep until it’s YOUR time to get up.

You will have to endure at least a week, maximum two. In the process, things can get even worse. the cat will test you “weakly”. Don’t give in! And your patience will be rewarded. You will start to get enough sleep, and the cat will learn to endure.

Trust me, it works! You can check it yourself.

Is it possible and how to train a cat not to interfere with sleep

There is no simple and straightforward solution to the problem of early waking up. The training procedure is complex and lengthy. But if you are fed up with cat songs in the morning, then you should try.

Action plan for teaching the animal to be quiet:

  • First you need to mentally prepare yourself and your family for a long journey. After all, the procedure can take at least a month.
  • Prepare a spray bottle next to the bed with water.
  • When in the morning a cat tries to attract attention to itself, starts jumping on the bed, meowing, it is necessary to lightly spray its curious muzzle with water. Temporary effect ensured.
  • It is advisable to close the doors to all rooms except yours. Or supply all tenants of the apartment with sprayers.
  • In no case should you show signs of attention to the animal. Even if it pretends that it suffers terribly and howls heart-rendingly somewhere next to the bowl. It is necessary to scratch behind the ear, iron, talk at any other time, but not during the morning “hysterics”. Only spraying with water is permissible when trying to “scream” over the ear.
  • Develop and establish a clear meal schedule, taking weekend days into account. Food should only be dispensed at certain times.
  • Strictly follow the implementation of all points of this plan. And do this until the cat stops waking you in the early morning.
  • If at least once someone from the household gives slack, training will have to start from the very beginning. Note that it will be much more difficult to do this again.

Over time, the cat will remember that she will definitely be given enough attention and fed her favorite food, but not under the pressure of her heart-rending screams, but when the time comes.


Why do they immediately demand food

Although cats have lived with us for over 10 thousand years, some of the habits left over from ancient times are still evident in their behavior. Therefore, do not be surprised that your pet begins to demand to feed him in the early morning or even at night.

All this happens because in the wild, their relatives go out to prey for food at nightfall. And when they get it, they try to fill themselves up for the whole day.

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Unlike wild animals, the pet does not need to hunt for its food. But demanding food early in the morning, knowing that his wishes are usually not ignored, he will definitely.

wakes, morning, wean

Why do cats wake their owners in the morning and is it possible to wean a pet from this habit

Few people enjoy getting up early in the morning just because the fluffy prankster has got it into his head that he simply must instantly raise all the tenants of the apartment, otherwise everything will be lost. Cats have their own reasons for this behavior, but this habit of your pet can be eradicated.

Why do cats wake up at dawn?

Despite the fact that domestic felines do not need to worry about the lack of warmth, food, safety and other problems that lie in wait for their relatives in the wild, the habit of waking up at dawn is ingrained in their brains and does not allow their owners to sleep peacefully in the morning. Therefore, with the first rays of the sun, the sounds of a galloping horse, sharpening of claws on hard surfaces, inviting chants and creaking of doors are often heard in the house.

Sometimes this behavior is a banal demand for attention to your person or an attempt to remind them that it is time to feed them. But there are other factors that induce the animal to such actions.

  • Various diseases that cause discomfort.
  • The call of nature, which consists in the desire to communicate with representatives of their own species.
  • The consequences of stress, finding a way out in a loud meow.
  • Excess energy due to lack of loads.
  • Attracting attention, trite due to the fact that the animal is bored.
  • Hunger is the most common reason.
  • Good memory. Yes, it happens. The animal remembers the work schedule of its owners and automatically starts meowing, foreshadowing the activation of the alarm.

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Forgot to leave the porridge food for the night, in the face from the spray! Then the cat is good in the house, if it is on par.

Why do cats wake up early in the morning?

To wean an animal from waking its owner early in the morning, it is necessary to understand the main reasons and motives for an unpleasant situation. They can be very different.

The main causes of morning anxiety in cats are:

  • Themselves to blame. in some cases, the pet can behave very strange in the morning due to the compliance of the owner. If the owners did not initially teach the cat, but only indulged every whim, is it worth complaining about morning reflexes? Cats are accustomed to living at night, and without a firm hand can be quite aggressive.
  • Morning hunger. like all animals, cats love to eat something tasty. If the pet eats wet food, which cannot be poured in abundance at night, he will definitely ask for food in the morning. over, this reason is considered the most common.
  • Hormones play an important role in the life of a nocturnal “predator”. At certain periods of life, a hormonal surge can cause inconvenience not only to the animal itself, but also to its owners. When a cat is walking, it can scream for days on end, and the morning is considered the most active. The problem can only be solved by special means or by sterilization.
  • Health Disorders. Some diseases cause insomnia and anxiety in the pet. In addition, the cat may experience discomfort or pain after going to the toilet or eating. It is possible to identify the disease if the pet was previously calm, and then its behavior began to change. This is a very disturbing sign.
  • Stress. a cat’s psychological balance can be disturbed for any reason. In this case, it is necessary to contact the veterinary clinic, where the animal can be prescribed sedatives.

If the early rise of the animal is not associated with diseases and other internal factors, then it will be necessary to wean him from such behavior.

How to stop a cat from waking its owner early in the morning

It is necessary to eliminate all psychological and physical trauma that can only be cured with drugs, and move on to training the cat. Representatives of the feline family are quite difficult to train. And it’s not about mental abilities. cats are very harmful and stubborn.

To wean a pet from waking the owners in the morning, you need to show persistence and determination, otherwise nothing will work out.

  • Daily routine. most cats begin to change their behavior when it normalizes. It is necessary to accustom the animal to eating at specific morning and evening hours. This method can take a lot of time, but the result will always be positive.
  • toys and games. all cats are energetic enough, they can play and run for hours. But they sleep no less. Try to pay more attention to the animal during the day as well as in the evening. It must spend all its energy so that in the morning it does not have the desire to wake up the owner.
  • Hunger Problem. Some cats feel hungry all the time, and this is normal. In such cases, the animal must be fed tightly in the evening or left to feed it in the morning.

The options described do not always work for cats. All animals are different, so the first step is to find the cause of the unpleasant behavior. Sometimes cats can deliberately wake up the owner to unbalance him. If the animal is allowed to manipulate it, such attempts will become more frequent.

Man get up: why does a cat wake up in the morning and how to wean it

Cat owners are well aware that in the early morning these cute and lovely animals can turn into real rebellions. Often, cats get enough sleep during the day, sleep at night, and in the early morning feel a surge of energy, which is poured out on the owner. Cats are nocturnal predators, so early morning is ideal for them to be active.

Teaching cats the rules of conduct in the house should be from a young age. If you start the process, the cat will not understand why the previously permitted actions are now prohibited. Most problems with waking up in the morning can be solved with the right approach.

What then remains to be done? The main advice is to be patient and do not follow the lead of the animal.

If the cat insistently demands food, regardless of your sleep, do not follow her lead. Once you crawl out from under the blanket and obediently trudge to the kitchen to pour food into the cat’s bowl, the unwanted behavior will take hold. In the future, the cat will wake you up again and again.

Therefore, ignore all attempts by the furry provocateur to wake you up at night. Lie under the covers and pretend not to hear the demanding meow.

Sooner or later, the cat will understand that it cannot wake you up in this way, and will learn to wait patiently until you get out of bed yourself.

An important tip: be consistent. If you just take pity once and get up at the first mash to give food to the starving pet, how the previous efforts will go down the drain. The cat simply will not understand why sometimes you get up and sometimes not, and the re-education process will have to start all over again.

Diurnal rhythms

Cats are nocturnal predators. Of course, our pets have learned to sleep at night, but this is a reaction of an adaptation, and not a natural norm.

Felines sleep up to 18 hours a day. 6 hours left when the pet needs to do something.

Part of this time is spent on eating, washing, expelling natural needs and communicating with the owner. If during the remaining hours the cat has nothing to do, she will go to bed earlier, wake up with the first roosters and start waking the owner. just out of boredom.

Therefore, during the day, try to play with your pet more so that it runs, gets tired and sleeps without hind legs until the rest of the household wakes up. First of all, kittens and young animals need such attention from the owners.

What you need to know to stop waking your cat in the morning?

Early morning. You are still sleeping sweetly, but your furry pet is already awake and full of energy. And now the furry paw stretches under the blanket to catch the master’s heel with its claw. Or the morning silence is destroyed by a demanding miav and an obstinate purr. sounds that can wake up even the dead. Familiar picture?

If yes, then you probably wondered more than once: how to wean a cat from waking the owners in the morning? Let’s look at the most effective ways, but first, let’s figure out what makes the animal behave this way.

Anxiety and stress

As long as it is dark and quiet around, the cat can doze peacefully at your feet. But if the wind howls on the street or neighbors slam the doors, going to work early, the animal instantly wakes up. And feeling anxiety, he begins to wake up the owner in order to be under his protection.

In addition, cats cannot sleep well when they are under stress. Any event that breaks the usual rhythm becomes a strong shock for the animal: moving, repairing, the appearance of another pet or a small child in the house, the owner’s delay at work, a family quarrel or a loud noise from neighbors.

If your cat has suffered a nervous shock, do not scold or punish her for waking up in the morning. Equip a shelter where the pet can feel completely safe, and wait patiently while the animal adapts to the changed conditions.

Why does a cat arrange morning wakes?

It is not uncommon for cats to meow loudly in the morning because they are in pain. With urolithiasis or cystitis, pain is accompanied by the act of urination, with problems with teeth and gums. an attempt to eat, and with arthritis or arthrosis. any change in posture. And this list is far from complete.

If the cat suddenly starts waking you up early in the morning, when nothing like this has been observed before, just in case, show the animal to the veterinarian. At best, the specialist will not find anything, and you can start raising your pet with a clear conscience.


Most often, cats wake up early in the morning from hunger. However, do not put food in the bowl with a margin, so that the fluffy pet does not wake you up even at dawn. Pets should be fed on schedule.

Keep in mind that once food has been absorbed, your cat’s digestive system takes 6-8 hours to digest it. Feed your cat just before going to bed to ensure you get enough sleep.

How to reeducate a pet?

So, you have made sure that the pet is not sick with anything, has not endured severe stress and does not experience acute hunger. Of course, even with late feeding, the cat may get a little hungry overnight, but in this case she is able to tolerate a little and not insist that her bowl be immediately filled with food. We start re-education!

On the Internet, you can find a lot of tips on how to wean a cat from this demeanor. Let’s say right away that some of them are worthless.

For example, you cannot sprinkle water into an animal from a previously stored spray bottle. the cat simply will not understand why she was so punished, but she will begin to be afraid of the owners. The recommendation is to wrap the pet tightly in a blanket and hold it until it starts desperately to escape.

Petstory app. online assistant for cat owners

Let us remind you once again that the desire of a cat to wake you up early in the morning is not always associated with its pampering. Sometimes there are serious health problems behind this behavior.

Therefore, when a kitten appears in the house, install the Petstory application on your smartphone, and if you have any disturbing questions, you can consult an experienced veterinarian at any time. The specialist will answer within a few minutes after you leave a request.