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The dog eats well but is very thin

Exhaustion in a dog

Cachexia or wasting in a dog occurs as a result of slow or rapid weight loss for various reasons.

Exhaustion can be recognized by some signs, in particular, by well-visible ribs, a strongly drawn in abdomen, in addition, an emaciated dog has lethargy, loss of strength. Exhaustion also affects the shine of the coat, the animal may refuse to feed.

However, visible ribs and a drawn-in abdomen may not necessarily be signs of wasting. Some dog breeds are genetically prone to being thin, such as greyhounds.

Causes of wasting in dogs

The presence of diseases. The main cause of painful thinness is problems with the gastrointestinal tract, for example, with the development of gastritis, as well as in the presence of intestinal parasites. Metabolic disorders lead to kidney disease, pancreas, which in turn leads to exhaustion. In addition, it can be difficult for a dog to absorb food due to diseases of the oral cavity organs.

As a rule, in the presence of such diseases, dogs lose their appetite or eat too little, as a result, they lose weight. The animal may refuse food while under stress.

Pregnancy and lactation. During pregnancy and after childbirth, the bitch may have hormonal disruptions. As a result, the bitch can lose weight dramatically. If the dog does not gain weight for a long time with proper feeding, then it should be tested.

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Lack of feed. One of the common reasons is inadequate feeding and improper animal feeding. Especially from hunger, dogs suffer, once being pets, but then, for whatever reason, found themselves on the street. As a rule, it is difficult for them to get food for themselves, since they are accustomed to the fact that the owner always gave food. Some unscrupulous owners deliberately starve animals. Thinness in puppies when properly fed is in most cases the result of a lack of food. You may need to increase the amount of food for your puppy.

Increased physical activity. Active, working or sporting dogs may lose weight if not fed enough, which is usually immediately noticeable.

Diagnostics and treatment

An accurate diagnosis can only be made by contacting a veterinarian. After all, if there are signs of exhaustion in a dog, this does not always mean that you need to treat the pet by feeding it. In most cases, malnutrition in dogs is caused by a variety of diseases. Then you need to first eliminate the cause of exhaustion, and only then treat the pet for painful thinness.

If the pet eats well, eats with pleasure, or even began to consume more food, then the reason for exhaustion may lie in problems with digesting food. The food may be poorly digested and poorly absorbed. Enteritis may be the cause.

If a pet has a decrease in appetite, then this is precisely the reason for losing weight. It is necessary to find out why the dog has lost its appetite, such a phenomenon can be a symptom of various diseases, which can only be determined by a veterinarian.

Even if the cause of exhaustion is forced starvation, the dog should definitely be shown to the veterinarian, because under conditions of improper maintenance, feeding, serious diseases could develop.

You can feed the dog yourself, but in some, especially serious cases, you cannot do without the help of a veterinarian. If the case is difficult and the dog is severely emaciated, then special nutritional preparations will be needed to maintain its vital functions. In addition, the veterinarian will advise the most suitable feed, depending on the nature of the existing diseases.

How and what to feed an emaciated dog

To restore the weight of malnourished animals, use only wet food, preferably natural food. A feed consisting of beef or chicken, boiled rice, boiled vegetables should resemble thin porridge in consistency. The meat should be at least 50%. Food should not be greasy or heavy. Fermented milk products (not fatty cottage cheese and kefir) are introduced gradually, separately from the main food for the timely detection of allergic reactions.

Dry food treatment is contraindicated. Healing or dietary dry food can be given only after the animal is fully recovered, gradually replacing natural products. Later, the pet is gradually transferred to a full-fledged dry food, since medicinal food is not intended for constant feeding. The dog should always have water for the recovery period and after.

Feeding should be started with two meals a day, gradually increasing the amount of food and the frequency of feeding. With noticeable improvements in the condition of the pet, they begin to feed 4-5 times a day, but in small portions, that is, the daily portion intended for a healthy dog ​​is divided into 4-5 parts and fed throughout the day. It is important not to overfeed an emaciated dog, especially if the emaciation is severe.

The first signs of an improvement in the pet’s condition are manifested in activity, weight gain, coat shine. After improvement of the condition, deworming is carried out. Improvements are observed during the first month, but it takes more time to fully recover, and until then the dog must be on a strict diet.

Why is the cat thin?

A cat can look thin for completely natural reasons. In most cases, with a good appetite, the animal will soon begin to recover and return to normal. Natural (physiological) reasons include:

  • Feeding the offspring. the thinness of the cat during the period of feeding the kittens should not be a cause for concern. The female will recover after the cubs switch to regular cat food.
  • Mating period. during the mating season, cats are characterized by a lack of appetite due to hormonal stress. Especially important for animals accustomed to self-walking.
  • Stress. Cats can get stressed in certain situations. In this case, the animal loses weight, because it eats little or refuses food. The reason may be a move, a change of owner, the appearance in the house of a child, another cat or dog.
  • Change of food. if a cat is offered a new food, he may eat less of it or refuse the treat altogether. If over time the animal does not adapt, it is necessary to return to its usual diet.
  • Age. If the pet is young, overly active, plays often and moves a lot, weight loss is considered a natural consequence. Older cats are also prone to thinness as the body stops storing fat stores. In this case, it is necessary to make a visit to the veterinarian to exclude diseases.

Physiological reasons do not cause concern, but you can pay attention to the nutrition of the animal. is it healthy and nutritious enough?

It is bad if the cat shows signs of exhaustion, this indicates the presence of diseases. If the cat has lost a lot of weight, most likely the reason lies in one of the pathologies:

  • Parasites. helminths are a very common cause of a pet’s thinness. Worm infestation disrupts the animal’s digestion processes. And the waste products of parasites lead to intoxication of the body. Therefore, it is important to give the cat anthelmintic drugs on time.
  • Infectious diseases. diseases such as calcevirosis, panleukopenia, viral peritonitis and rhinotracheitis are accompanied by dehydration and lack of appetite. Symptoms: nasal and eye discharge, diarrhea, high fever. If these signs appear, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. Lack of timely treatment can be fatal.
  • Oncology. the presence of malignant tumors can also cause malnutrition. If a tumor is suspected, the veterinarian will prescribe an ultrasound.
  • Teeth and gums. it happens that the cat cannot eat for dental reasons. If the animal is interested in food, but cannot eat, it is necessary to show it to a specialist.
  • Other diseases. almost any disease can lead to weight loss. The cat is losing weight in case of problems with the kidneys, liver, heart, thyroid gland, metabolic disorders, viral diseases. An accurate diagnosis can only be made by a qualified specialist.

Any of the pathologies requires immediate veterinary intervention. Only a veterinarian can determine why a cat is thin and prescribe the necessary treatment. A preventive visit to the clinic once a year is also recommended to check the general health of the animal.

Alarming symptoms

If the cat is very thin, first of all it is necessary to observe its condition and behavior. The following symptoms should be of concern:

  • unpleasant odor from the mouth;
  • lethargy, decreased activity and lethargy;
  • increased body temperature;
  • diarrhea or constipation, vomiting;
  • purulent discharge from the eyes;
  • refusal of food.

These signs can occur with helminthic invasion, infections, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and other serious diseases. If one or more symptoms are found, the animal should be examined by a veterinarian.

Why the cat has lost a lot of weight, but eats well?

A loving owner always makes sure that his pet eats right and is moderately well-fed. The breeder becomes concerned if the cat is thin but eats well. The reasons why an animal does not gain weight vary from genetic to serious diseases. When is thinness considered normal, and when is it a wake-up call? Let’s try to figure it out.

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Deviation or norm?

Before taking any action, you need to make sure that the pet is really very thin. Each breed has its own average performance. For example, mongrel cats weigh from 3.5 to 4.5 kg, British and Siberian breeds. from 5-7, Maine Coons. from 8 to 12.

Lack of weight can be determined by feeling the body of the animal. If the ribs are well felt, and the body fat is insignificant, this is a deviation from the norm. In the case when the physiological reasons listed below are excluded, a doctor’s consultation is required.

An alarming sign, if the cat looks thin visually, its ribs, spine and pelvic bones stick out, there is no fat layer. At the same time, the belly is sunken, and the silhouette resembles an hourglass. Such signs indicate depletion of the body. Requires veterinary examination and serious treatment.

Healthy cat diet

The owners themselves are often to blame for the fact that the pet has problems with weight. Often, people overfeed their pets, leading to obesity or, on the contrary, provide insufficient food. A common mistake breeders make is feeding unbalanced or poor quality food.

Fortunately, the problem of poor nutrition can be easily fixed at home by taking care of a healthy pet menu.

What if the cat is thin but eats well? It is necessary to include in her diet the products necessary for normal life. First of all, it must be remembered that cats are predators and their menu should consist of 50% meat products. The pet should also drink well, so there should always be fresh, clean water in the bowl.

If the cat is thin, its diet must include:

  • lean boiled meat (beef, chicken, turkey);
  • vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, spinach);
  • cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, rice);
  • liver (beef, chicken);
  • dairy products (natural yogurt, cottage cheese);
  • boiled fatty fish (herring, sardine, mackerel, salmon species).

Special vitamin complexes and dietary supplements will also help to correct the situation. And if the cat eats ready-made food, then among the premium-class positions there will definitely be a high-energy species that can solve the problem.

Proper nutrition is the key to the health of your pet. Balanced food, attentive attitude of the owner, timely referral to specialists will help the pet to remain plump and live a happy cat’s life.

Weakened body

If the dog has lost a lot of weight after suffering an infectious disease, then with full confidence we can say that this happened as a result of the weakening of the body. The resources of a dog, like that of a person, are far from endless. If the animal has had any infection, then a certain recovery period is required. You need to give your pet vitamins, feed him quality. Outdoor walks should be long, last at least 30-40 minutes.

If a dog is taken out into the street just so that it has time to relieve itself, then you should not be surprised at its unhealthy appearance. Daily walks with the animal are the direct responsibility of the owner.

Digestive problems

If the animal begins to lose weight dramatically, it is likely that it has certain disorders in the body. When the gastrointestinal tract begins to work improperly, the pet experiences discomfort. He may develop epigastric pain, indicating the need for treatment. Disorders of the digestive tract are not recommended to be ignored.

Some symptoms (nausea, constipation and diarrhea) indicate a clear problem with the gastrointestinal tract. Problems with the digestive system in some cases lead to the fact that the pet loses weight, becomes unnecessarily restless and irritable.

Timely deworming

It allows you to avoid many unpleasant consequences that can inevitably arise if you do not follow important rules. A very important factor is the deworming of all pets, regardless of their appearance and feeding methods. She should not be neglected, hoping for a lucky break. After all, life can be quite unpredictable, and we are not always able to predict the course of events in advance. Preventive treatment of animals should be carried out, as noted above, every three months. If helminths are found in the animal, the medicine is given immediately. after two weeks, the drug is taken again. Also, antihelminthic medications are given to animals two weeks before vaccination. A person must take responsibility for his pet. A dog always feels when he is being cared for. You can be sure that she will answer you in kind.


For the dog’s health, the owner is obliged to take preventive measures in a timely manner. Vaccinations are one such important step. They need to be done regularly to eliminate possible unpleasant consequences. It would be most reasonable to consult with a specialist about how often they should be installed and at what time. Vaccinations prevent the development of many diseases and reduce the risk of contracting an infection several times. If the dog has noticeably lost weight, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to this point.

Features of the breed

In some cases, lack of weight does not indicate pathology in the body, but the normal state of the animal. Tall, thin dogs can have enviable health. A person who understands these issues will certainly be able to tell the difference. It is worth remembering that some dog breeds naturally have a lightweight exterior.

These include: Greyhound, Dalmatian, Chinese Crested, Great Dane, Italian Greyhound. These animals are never well-fed, no matter how they are fed. Their elegance looks quite graceful. Only in this case can a long, thin dog look beautiful. Owners of these breeds should not force-feed their pets.

Why is a dog thin: reasons, what to do, how to cure an animal?

Why is the dog thin? This question is asked by many pet owners, worried about the appearance of the pet. If a pet, despite proper nutrition, loses weight, it is necessary to understand the reasons for what is happening. It is not at all necessary to immediately run to the veterinary clinic, but you should try to study this issue as soon as possible.

If you just do nothing and leave everything as it is, the consequences can be the most unpredictable. The thin dog looks pitiful. It immediately seems that she is poorly looked after, although this impression does not always correspond to reality.

Infection with worms

This can happen if a person gives a four-legged friend too much raw fish or meat. When such food predominates in the dog’s diet, the risk of infection with worms is high. As a result, the dog is thin, and the owner believes that there is no reason for this. That is why you should definitely pay attention to your pet’s nutrition. The presence of worms in a dog is a serious sign. The owner urgently needs to take action before the situation starts to spiral out of control. Regarding helminths, it should be said that all pets (not even thin ones) should be given antihelminthic pills every three months for prevention purposes.

The dog eats well but is very thin

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Dream interpretation. Dog

An evil dog dreams of failures and insidious intrigues of your enemies. Affectionate dog promises good luck and true friends.

If you see yourself as the owner of a purebred dog, then you can easily make yourself a solid fortune.

Tracking dog following you warns you against dangerous temptations.

If a dog has bitten you, do not expect peace either at home or at work in the near future.

A skinny and dirty dog ​​dreams of failure or illness.

The barking of dogs heard in a dream portends bad news. The appearance of a hunting dog in your house means favorable circumstances in business.

If in a dream you were frightened by a big dog, then you will have to resist all your surroundings. After all, you have such a great desire to rise above vulgarity and mediocrity! And for a woman, such a dream promises a very worthy husband.

If in a dream you heard the growling of dogs behind your back, then some intriguer may interfere in your interests. For you, this dream can mean both defeat and victory in the event of your active resistance.

The cat and the dog, suddenly throwing themselves at each other, dream of failure in matters of the heart. But if you managed to spill the fighters with water, then everything will turn out well.

White dog, friendly wagging its tail, portends great luck in business and love.

If in a dream you were chased by a mad dog, you will have to mobilize all your forces to withstand a serious struggle.

If you chased or killed her, then for sure everything will end happily.

Walking with a dog, especially with a thoroughbred, dreams of happiness and prosperity.

According to Nostradamus, the dog is a symbol of devotion.

An absolutely white huge dog is a symbol of a deterioration in living standards.

A man in the guise of a dog. a symbol of new discoveries.

The Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga interpreted dreams about dogs as follows.

A homeless dog seen in a dream is a bad sign. Such a dream is a warning that your friend is currently in a difficult situation. He does not ask you for help just because he does not want to burden you with his problems.

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If you dreamed about an absolutely white dog, then in real life you can always count on the help of your close friend. Sometimes this dream prophesies a meeting with an old friend with whom you have not seen for many years.

Saw a black dog in a dream. in reality you will have a bitter disappointment in a person whom you have considered your friend for a long time. In a difficult moment, he will not only turn his back on you, but also use your secrets in order to publicly defame your good name.

A giant-sized dog seen in a dream is evidence that in the future you will meet a person who will later become your great friend. Sometimes such a dream prophesies the support of his old friend.

We fed the dog in a dream. in real life you can be relied on. You are an independent and serious person, and therefore others respect and love you.

A dream about a wounded or killed dog is a bad omen. Soon you will receive very bad news of a terminal illness or even the death of your very good friend.

If in a dream you are protected by a dog, then in reality you are under the auspices of higher powers. You have nothing to fear, because you are protected by guardian angels who follow all your thoughts and actions from heaven.

If a dog attacks you, then in real life you will have a quick meeting with ill-wishers, but you will be able to resist them if you ask your friends for help.

Dream interpretation. Dog

To dream of a stray dog. bad sign. Such a dream is a warning that your friend is currently in a very difficult situation. He does not ask you for help just because he does not want to burden you with his problems.

If you dreamed about an absolutely white dog, then in real life you can always count on the help of your close friend. Sometimes this dream prophesies a meeting with an old friend with whom you have not seen for many years.

If you saw a black dog in a dream, then in reality you will have a bitter disappointment in a person whom you have considered your friend for a long time. In a difficult moment, he will not only turn his back on you, but also use your secrets in order to publicly defame your good name.

To dream of a gigantic dog. evidence that in the future you will meet a person who will later become your great friend. Sometimes such a dream prophesies the support of his old friend.

Feed the dog in a dream. a sign that in real life you can be relied on. You are an independent and serious person, and therefore others respect and love you.

If you dreamed of a wounded or killed dog, then such a dream is a bad omen. Soon you will receive very bad news about a fatal illness or even the death of your very good friend.

If in a dream you are protected by a dog, then in reality you are under the protection of higher powers. You have nothing to fear, because you are protected by guardian angels who follow all your thoughts and actions from heaven.

If a dog attacks you, then such a dream suggests that in real life you will have an early meeting with black forces. Satan’s servants will try to make your life miserable, causing you one misfortune after another. If you repel the attack of the dog, then you will be able to resist the forces of evil, but this will happen only if you turn to God for help.

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Dream interpretation. Dog

Dog. buddy, friend, but how it bites. this is unkind, someone will “bite”, there will be some kind of attack.

Dog. enemy. As a wolf or a dog dreams, then someone will attack.

How a dog dreams, then you will quarrel with someone.

If you dream that the dog is flattering, then this means matchmaking.

If a girl dreams that she was bitten by a dog, then this is an exact omen, which means that the girl will soon get married.

The dog will tear the girl’s skirt. she will get married.

If a dog vomits and bites in a dream, then this means beatings in reality.

As a puppy dreams, you will soon meet a childhood friend or he will come to visit you.

Dogs. people will say something dashing about you.

The dog is flattering. be afraid of your neighbor, bites. be in trouble through a neighbor.

Dream interpretation. Dog

In general, a dog in a dream means a friend. good or bad. and is a symbol of love and devotion.

Seeing her in a dream portends receiving news from a friend or meeting with him.

Small dogs in a dream mean chores, worries, fuss.

A black dog in a dream means your friend who has started something against you.

A white dog in a dream is your close friend.

And a red dog in a dream means a very close person, husband, wife, lover.

The breed and size of the dog in a dream characterizes your friends.

A poodle, spitz and other decorative dogs in a dream are a loyal and gentle friend.

A dog in a dream is a big and intelligent friend. But if in a dream he grins at you, then beware of him. This is no longer a friend, but an insidious enemy.

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Hounds and hunting breeds in a dream mean selfish people who do not hesitate to make money from you or deceive you for profit. But if in a dream you know that you have hunting dogs, then the dream predicts your luck or profit.

If in a dream dogs are chasing you, then you should be wary of the traps prepared for you by insidious enemies.

Guard dogs are loyal, loyal and strong friends who are ready to protect you in difficult times.

Meeting a dog in a dream means hearing from a loved one or friend.

A playing dog in a dream is a harbinger of a joyful or pleasant meeting.

A petting dog means a devoted friend. However, if in a dream an unfamiliar dog will caress you, then you should be wary of deception or betrayal.

To caress a dog yourself in a dream is a sign that you are trying to achieve the location of a loved one.

Snarling, barking, growling, attacking dog in a dream predicts quarrels, scandals, resentments.

If you dream that a dog has bitten you, then you should not lend money to your friends, so that later you do not quarrel with them because of this.

Sick dogs in a dream symbolize a decline in business or the loss of some property.

If in a dream you see that a small dog is sick, then sadness and disappointment await you.

A dream in which you saw that the dog is hiding from you, avoiding you, or running away from you portends discord in relations with a close friend and his cooling towards you.

Hearing loud barking in a dream is a harbinger of success in business. If in a dream the barking scared you, then the news will be unpleasant. Hearing the barking of several dogs in a dream. to a big scandal or trouble.

If you dream that an accident occurred with some large red dog, as a result of which it died, then soon you will learn about the sudden death of a loved one who will die as a result of a similar accident.

Gnawing dogs in a dream. to a quarrel with a loved one.

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If you dream that your dog was put on a chain or a collar was put on it, then know that your friend is not free from some obligations and you cannot count on his loyalty.

If in a dream you manage to unhook the leash, remove the collar from the dog, then success in your personal life and victory over rivals await you.

A beautiful white dog in a dream portends good news from a loved one.

A dirty, wet, unkempt white dog in a dream is your close friend who, because of you, got into an unpleasant situation and had a lot of troubles in his family.

Angry dogs in a dream are your enemies. A mad dog in a dream is your fierce enemy. Often such a dream predicts that you will experience shame or humiliation caused by unfounded accusations.

A doghouse in a dream is a harbinger of the fact that soon you will find yourself in cramped circumstances and will be forced to reckon with it.

Riding a dog in a dream means the strength of your position and good luck in business.

Fighting dogs are rivals.

Walking with a dog in a dream is a sign of a pleasant pastime with your loved one.

If in a dream a dog will protect you from enemies, then know that you have a friend whose help you can count on. See interpretation: animals.

Skinny dog

Dream Interpretation Thin dog dreamed of why a thin dog dreams in a dream? To select the interpretation of a dream, enter the keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a thin dog in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream interpretation. Dog

Sympathetic dog. good / friend.

Antipathy, hostile. bad / your enemy / your shameless desires and animal passions.

Seeing a dog in a dream that does not show interest in you or is waiting for a handout is a lucky break / profit from the enemy.

Small dog barking at you, but not causing fear. quarrel, misunderstanding, temporary feud.

A dog attacking you is an enemy, a slanderer.

A dog bites to blood. slander, hostility from relatives.

Not up to blood. hostility from a loved one.

She threatens to bite. defamation without prejudice.

Dogs fight. you will witness a quarrel.

Black dog. sadness / betrayal / evil / the forces of rebellion, denial, skepticism awake in you.

Poodle. surprise / loyalty of a friend / evil spirits.

If a black puppy is a new friend / young friend.

But the immoderate are the secret thoughts of your friends, some kind of gain at the expense of a friend.

Playing with a dog is a bad thing to a friend.

Killing a dog. danger / warning.

A dog with a frighteningly meaningful look. anxiety from feelings of guilt in front of a friend or loved one.

Riding a dog. shamelessly exploiting friendly feelings / behaving shamelessly.

A dog lying on the road and interfering with the passage. a heavy burden on the conscience.

A flock of dogs that tied to you, accompanies your path with jumping and barking. vanity of life, obstacles to spiritual development.

The flock surrounds you and forces you to fight back. the consciousness of the need to temporarily abandon the necessary work / the need to “plunge into life”.

A fantastic dog with flaming eyes, a huge size, trying to swallow you, pursuing you. some circumstances associated with a recently deceased person.

What to do. the dog eats a lot, but is thin?

A very common problem is that the dog is fed a lot, but she is thin.

Let’s figure out what the reasons may be and how to eliminate them.

When they tell me that the dog is fed a lot, and she is thin, the first thing I ask to do is to check the dog in the veterinary clinic. You should be tested for AST, ALT and alpha-amylase. this is a biochemical blood test that shows the state of the liver and pancreas.

In parallel, it is worth evaluating the rest of the indicators to see if everything is normal, whether the kidneys are working normally, whether all organs are working normally. If all is well with the basic analyzes, we move on. We take a clinical blood test to identify possible inflammation. Inflammation may not appear in any way, but the dog is ill, uncomfortable and losing weight. If there are any other malfunctions in the circulatory system, they will be identified during the study.

Next, be sure to hand over the feces for tests. Firstly, for worms, and secondly, for protozoa. We rent it several times, because it happens that in one faction of feces there are worms, and in the other not. If worms are detected, we can give the dog a worm. Analysis for protozoa is recommended. It often happens that the dog previously had dysbiosis, after which the protozoa settled in the intestine and because of this, the dog physically cannot recover, since the good bacteria necessary for normal digestion do not function normally in the intestine.

The second reason may be improper nutrition. You should pay attention to what the dog eats and in what quantities. You can try switching to a higher grade feed or giving a little more feed. Many people make a huge mistake. they feed by dosage. But in fact, the dosage is an approximate moment. For example, my dog ​​shorthaired pointer weighs 30 kg, in active time, i.e. in summer, when there is a lot of movement, when the dog is active, cheerful, jumping, running, I can give the dog 400-500 grams per day instead of 300 grams, because it spends a lot of energy or switch to more energetic food.

And if my dog ​​is calm and balanced, or it is winter and she sits at home, on the contrary, I will give the dog 200 grams of food and she will not get fat and thin with me, because her energy consumption is small. You should always, when you look at your dog, be aware of the dog’s energy expenditure, whether this food covers the expenditure of this energy. If yes, then move on.

It happens that a dog is thin by breed, i.e. she is lean, she is dry, she runs a lot, spends a lot of energy. There are also people. thin, small, and eats 3-4 loaves of sausage every day and does not get fat. It’s just such a metabolism.

It may also happen that your dog does not have enough enzymes to process this particular food. In this case, you need to switch to another feed. How is this expressed? If the dog has eaten a lot of food and has pumped a lot, this food does not suit us, we take another food.

Or there is another moment: many people say that a dog eats a lot, but it is important to clarify what exactly it is eating. If this is a natural feeding, consisting of a bucket of porridge and 3 pieces of meat, of course, the porridge is in transit, nothing is digested and the dog pours out all these 3 liters of porridge.

To remove this moment, we, firstly, go to a better quality food, i.e. we change low-digestible porridge for highly digestible: chopped, millet for rice, add more meat and build the right feeding or transfer to feed. These are the reasons why a dog eats a lot and does not get better.