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The dog hates the street what to do

Parenting and physiology of puppies

Trying to solve the problem, the owners resort to extremes, take offense at the pet, consider it stupid in most “dead-end problems” it is the owner of the dog that is wrong. this is an axiom. The first thing to do is to stop getting angry, even if your pet has already written on the carpet or on the bed. start from scratch! Approach the question from the point of view of physiology and everything will work out. 100% guarantee.

Important! The methods below do not involve physical punishment, but are based on the methodology for working with mentally healthy dogs.!

Puppies from 4 to 10 months old

Teenage puppies are comparable to children aged 3-5 years. it is no longer typical to write in pants, but troubles happen, and you should not be ashamed of them. It’s time to wean the puppy from writing at home, but it’s too early to clean up the diapers. The first difficulty that you will face is the adaptation of the dog to new conditions. The first few walks, the kid will endure and carry all the “treasures” home, because it is more familiar and safer. Do not be upset, this behavior does not indicate the stupidity of the dog, on the contrary, not a single animal will eat and leave its smell where it may be unsafe. The upbringing algorithm is as follows:

  • The puppy needs to be taught to be outdoors. games, praise for obedience, maximum positive emotions and goodies will let the kid know that it is safe to walk.
  • Try to water and feed your puppy at least 30-40 minutes before walking. Approximately so much time is required for the kidneys and intestines of the puppy to “do” 80% of the work.

hates, street

Remember! For a walk after eating, heavy loads and jumping are not recommended. The optimal way out is to walk in the company of older puppies who are already accustomed to meeting their needs on the street. Dogs learn the rules of behavior, including imitating their relatives.

  • As soon as the puppy is tired, go home and it doesn’t matter if he went to the toilet or not.
  • Adhering to this tactic and gradually increasing the walking time, you will achieve a miracle. the dog pees on the street. To speed up the result, take water for a walk and water the puppy after running or playing.
  • Once the goal is achieved, give your pet some emotional praise! Pet him and reward him with a treat, but don’t let the dog jump on you (otherwise you’ll end up with another non-puddle problem).

Important! Puppies at the age of 4-6 months should be walked 5-6 times a day, if necessary, at night.

How to wean a dog to write at home: from a puppy to an adult dog. Identifying the causes of inappropriate behavior

Many people refuse to be close to animals for only one reason. “a puppy is like a child”, after buying it, part of the house (or even the whole house) will not look quite appropriate. This, as they say, is production costs and no more, with proper upbringing, from 4 months of age the puppy will only satisfy its needs on the street, but there are exceptions. Your pet is over 4 months old and you still enter puddles on the floor? Has the dog’s presence become a problem and annoying household members? Are you trying to wean your dog to write at home, but your efforts are getting nowhere? Apparently, you are doing something wrong or do not understand the reasons for the incorrect behavior. Let’s figure it out.

Puppies up to 4 months old

So, up to 4 months, your puppy is a “baby”, he does not feel the urge to urinate, so it is useless to be offended by puddles! The optimal way out for this period is to train the dog to a certain place in the house. The toilet is covered with oilcloth and newspaper, a moisture-absorbing diaper (expensive but convenient), a piece of natural fabric. The method is viable, since it is not advisable to bring the puppy to common walking areas before receiving the basic vaccination, and it is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the house. Perhaps the kid will have “mistakes” if he plays too much. However, having accustomed the puppy to the diaper, you can be sure that the apartment will not turn into an “ocean” when no one is at home. The learning algorithm is quite simple and will take no more than 2 days:

  • From the moment of taking water, the puppy will want to write in 15-20 minutes (provided that the dog just drank and did not wet his throat).
  • Observe your pet as soon as it leaves the bowl.
  • As soon as the baby begins to bridge and squat (males in puppyhood pee like bitches), gently take him and move him to the permitted place.
  • If the puppy tries to run away, return it to the diaper, stroke it, and walk away again.
  • Repeat the return until the ward is relieved.
  • Praise your puppy wildly!
  • Cut a piece from the described paper (diaper) and place it on top of the new bedding. now, the puppy will also be guided by the smell.

Important! Some puppies are embarrassed by the owner and will not relieve themselves before our eyes. The way out is to make the walls (without a roof) out of a cardboard box or hang the toilet with an impromptu curtain.

Adult dogs. education and behavior correction

Nonsense for many theoretical trainers, in fact, is a common problem for the layman. An adult dog pissing in the house is far from uncommon. Theorists hang the stigma “stupid” on the four-legged, the coaches look for the cause and eliminate it. The first thing to do to wean an adult dog from writing at home is to identify the cause of the inappropriate behavior:

  • Mental disorder is typical for dogs that have experienced violence, hunger, long wanderings on the streets, and severe trauma. This is the most difficult case to correct, it requires a purely individual approach, affection, patience and complete disregard of material values ​​on the part of the owner. That is, either you set yourself the goal of stabilizing the psyche of the dog and make any sacrifices (no matter how much a carpet, bed, chair, laminate flooring costs) or you admit defeat in advance.
  • Physical distress is, in other words, urinary incontinence. Pathology can be the result of colds, infections in the genitourinary tract, infringement of the spinal cord, complications after surgery. In this case, the dog needs treatment, during which you can resort to using diapers.
  • Physiological features. a weak or small bladder is not only a human feature. In addition, it happens that the dog suffers from latent kidney malaise, which is why he wants to go to the toilet more often. In this case, “nothing can be done”, you will have to adapt to the rhythm of the pet’s life. By the way, “eating from emotions” refers specifically to the category of problems with a weak bladder or urinary tract infection.
  • The first heat in bitches. not understanding what is happening, but experiencing pulling pains in the peritoneum, trying to alleviate the discomfort, the dog instinctively pisses. Urination is performed often, sometimes, the dog sits down, but does not pee, because there is already nothing. This behavior will not last long and you will have to endure literally 1 day.
  • Psychological trauma. after being kept in small cages, for example, in a shelter or quarantine site. The dog tolerates on the street and basically relieves the need at home, because he considers this behavior to be correct. In this case, training begins with a puppy’s algorithm (for a diaper), after which the dog is gradually taught to walk and socialized.
  • Self-doubt is a fear of the unknown, and in some dogs, a feeling of embarrassment, can interfere with normal behavior. meeting needs on the street. There is an unshakable law. an animal does not eat when it feels danger. Teach your dog to eat on the street, and after that the tasks with the toilet will become solvable.
  • Instincts. puddles in the corners and lifting paws on the curtains indicate a desire to mark the territory. Sexual instinct and the desire to protect the territory from invasion are much stronger than ethics and methods of education. If you suppress instincts, it will come to the point that the dog will make a puddle defiantly, looking into your eyes. In such a situation, the only way out is castration (removal of testicles in males, uterus and ovaries in females). After the operation and the rehabilitation period, the animal becomes calmer, its sexual instinct “evaporates”, and with it the desire to protect its home from competitors for mating.
  • “For evil”. this reason is more correctly formulated as “out of a feeling of deprivation”, but this behavior looks like a Skoda dog intentionally. Puddles appear in the absence of the owner or right before the eyes of the taken aback by the owner. Dogs pee on the bed, shoes and carpets suffer. A pet can jump on the sofa when you are sitting on it and defiantly make a puddle and all for the same purpose. discontent, shouts and even punishment. Moral violence is an act of attention! If the dog does not receive the communication and affection it needs, it achieves its goal in other ways. This situation resembles a vicious circle, the pet behaves normally for a while, and after that, problems with puddles return, regardless of age and quality of upbringing. The problem is not with the dog or his habits, the problem is with you.!

Important! An adult dog can tolerate and write only 2 times a day, but there is no health benefit in this. If you can, walk your pet 3-4 times a day. Even by going outside for 10-15 minutes, you will give your dog the opportunity to relieve himself, which will reduce the burden on the kidneys.


Only in extreme cases can you apply punishment to a dog. And this is just such a case, because the health of your pet is at stake. Therefore, the prohibition must be unambiguous: nothing can be picked up from the ground. Light slaps on the rump are fine. Try to avoid harsher measures. Your task is not to intimidate the dog, but to teach.


If your dog is trying to pick something up outside, try scaring him off with an annoying, unexpected sound.

For example, the ringing of a bunch of keys or a rubber horn (whichever is more unpleasant for her). But the dog must not see that you have the source of the sound. Otherwise, she will associate him with you, and not with her inappropriate behavior. The conditioned reflex, with the right approach, will develop quickly enough.


Your dog must obey the “fu” command unquestioningly. Pay special attention to this point in class. Achieve obedience and automatism. half the battle is done.

How to stop a dog from picking up on the street?

Dogs’ habit of picking up something on the street is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Especially in connection with the fact that in large cities of Russia there are cases of deliberate poisoning of dogs. Therefore, the primary task of the owner is to take care of the health and safety of his pet.

Folk method

Some experienced dog breeders claim that if a puppy is given a black loaf dipped in vegetable oil, then he will not pick anything on the street. There is no scientific evidence for this method, but you can try.

Perhaps the dog marks the territory?

If the dog is healthy, then another possible reason could be marking the area to feel safe. This can often be if the dog feels or perceives a threat in the home. This fear can be caused by anything. the dog was scolded, the owner’s strange new behavior, an unknown person came, an animal appeared in the house, a new piece of furniture or equipment, and much more. Help your dog cope with fears and worry less yourself, because they feel and reflect the stress of the owners.

Another reason may be the fear of loneliness or loss of home, in which case the dog usually pees in one specific place, and leaving its scent, it wants to “stake out” the right to be a part of this society, most often it concerns bitches.

Incorrect training

If you picked up an adult dog or you inherited a dog that is simply not trained in the rules of living indoors, or perhaps you did not train much with it and did not consolidate this skill. In this case, the dog can walk at home, simply because it does not understand why it should not be done.

Why dogs pee at home. looking for reasons

If you are reading this article, then you probably know what a nightmare it is when a dog pees at home. This is one of the most common problems among dog owners and can be difficult to fix, especially if you don’t know what to do.

I’ll make a reservation right away. there are two ways to solve the problem:

  • simple. seek help from a specialist;
  • difficult. to figure it out on your own.

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Toilet smell

If there are several dogs in the house and one tagged or you cleaned the house with special means that remind them of a toilet, then other dogs can leave tags there, believing that this is a specially designated place for this. Remove twice as much area as the place of bowel movement, because there are splashes that we may not see and pick up eco-friendly products.

Attracting the opposite sex

A dog may be marking in the house, due to excess testosterone or the smell of a running bitch nearby, in which case castration can greatly reduce his desire to mark the territory. The main thing is not to allow it to be a habit, it is more difficult to defeat it.

In general, reinforce the desired behavior correctly and never scold the dog for going to the toilet at home.!

Health problems

The first thing you should rule out is your dog’s health problems that prevent him from enduring the required amount of time. Problems can arise from a variety of reasons, such as bladder infections, incontinence, kidney problems, indigestion or a change in diet, etc. This is especially true if the behavior has changed dramatically, for no apparent reason.

Why does the dog do it?

To begin with, this problem can affect the hearts of not only the owners of untrained puppies, but also those who already have an adult dog that previously did everything correctly and for some reason began to urinate at home.

This problem can be caused by various reasons, for example:

  • a variety of health problems;
  • the dog may pee for fear when you or family members scold him;
  • just incontinence, especially if the dog is still too young or vice versa in old age;
  • mistakes in training;
  • the dog begins to mark the territory in this way.

The difficulties you face when dealing with this problem differ depending on the cause, so tune in to the fact that you need to work with it persistently and patiently. Of course, it happens that the reason is found out with one visit to the veterinarian or a good analyst due to a problem and it turns out to quickly fix the situation, but even if not, then you should never give up and despair.

Should the dog endure

Perhaps there is no such owner of a dog in the world who would not dream that his pet would finally learn to go outside 2 times a day without crap in the apartment. But, unfortunately, such a time does not come immediately, especially if the owner himself does not do anything for this.

Some dog breeders, especially those who are new to this business, will exclaim: “She also needs to be taught !?” What did you think? As a child, you were taught to eat from a spoon, drink from a mug, go to the pot. So the dog needs the same training, and it can take much longer than training small children.

If from the earliest childhood the dog is not taught that it is necessary to walk 2 times a day, and the rest of the time she will have to endure a little, then this process can drag on for more than one month or even a year. Therefore, everything depends only on you and your patience.

But there is a certain percentage of people who believe that the dog in no case should endure until the next walk.

Which of these sides is right? Should the dog endure?

It can be assumed that both are right, since in both cases there are moments that are convenient for the owners and for the dog itself.

How long can a dog take without a toilet??

Forum about Yorkshire terriers of the kennel “LYUBAVA” General forum about Yorkshire terriers Raising Yorkies The dog suffers and how it threatens?

View Full Version: What is the risk of a dog??

Girls, faced this problem: Dusya lived in the country for 3.5 months and got used to doing all her business on the street, her mother walked with her an unlimited number of times yesterday we returned to the apartment for the winter and already 15 hours Dusya has been suffering the diaper is lying, but she ignores her! before living in the country, she always went to the diaper, and I only walked with her in the evenings and now I would like to return to the evening mode of walking my job does not allow me to go out with her every morning: mad: but now my soul is torn, I I see she endures and I worry about what it threatens: `Thank you all in advance for the advice

Why not go out in the morning? After all, you can do it in 5 minutes, try it (or are you not always at home in the morning?). Get up a little early in the morning and run with the dog.

Denolca, of course, this is the problem that in the morning there is no way: mad: or occasionally only: red: but now the evening has come and Dusyasha just pissed on the diaper, endured for 16 hours: mad: and I came home from work and we went for a walk, well, of course everything I did my business and marked the territory 100 times: lol: now tomorrow will it really happen again 🙁

Motya, I think, if I repeat myself, then a few days, and then she will write at home too!

What a smart girl, she is patient, decent She will get used to your schedule and understand that mommy does not always take a walk. My Tishunya knows that I walk with her clearly 2 times, in the morning before work and in the evening after, so she endures 9 hours, but before going to bed she calmly on a diaper, understands that I will not go anymore.

LYUBAVA, Thank you very much, you reassured me !! I began to worry that suddenly it would have a bad effect on the bladder, because we people, especially girls, cannot be tolerated for a little, some kind of infection may develop, so I got worried. And even during these 3 months while Dusya was not at home, we rearranged and it so happened that there was audio equipment in place of the diaper (though it is 2, but beloved, 1 in the kitchen.) And I also thought that this was not good for her and she tolerates it. in general, after 3 months of separation, I soothed her and shake over her, that my husband is already laughing. says that I have to get used to Dusa too: lol :: love :: love: Now she is nowhere from me or I am from her: red:

Denolca, Thank you for your support, Dusya is really decent !! here is Tishunya you have a smart one, she suffers !! but it’s just because Yorkies are the best breed in the world!!

Motya, mine doesn’t go on diapers…. just outside. ZhoPPa when it rains, because she asks to go outside, but on the street in the rain does nothing and runs home I tried to “endure”, but she doesn’t then she starts to coward and lie under the front door, she’s very afraid to pee at home. Therefore, we go to “gurgle”

Mine, too, only on the street 2 times a day is stable, more is already possible, and the baby tolerates all this time, does not like to walk in the rain, waits for it to end (

Katya @ Kasja, And this is how we solve the problem of walking in the rain (we can use the toilet at home) http://ib2.keep4u.ru/b/2013/03/12/07/078523850bd5eb434c829e69c366ab3e.jpg (http: // keep4u.ru) specially photographed))) Very handy thing

ellasegal, it’s mine that doesn’t like puddles, bypasses each one, and if there are a lot of them, then it doesn’t work at all, but you have a super idea)

ellasegal, in shoes he also goes around every meadow, and if it is big, I move it through it, and he helps me by jumping))

ellasegal, give a link to your umbrella purchase 🙂 to know what for what and with what it is

http://www.perestroika.com.ua/novosti/zont-dlya-sobak.html found in your Ukraine

And we only go outside, as I was afraid of it, but it happened. It’s just so lazy in the morning, especially on weekends and in rain, snow, but alas, I don’t get used to the diaper and I suffer myself. Gulem morning and evening. but if it’s warm and at home I try to take it out during the day. And interestingly, at this age of 2 years there is no way to retrain?

We seem to have a new problem with the toilet, and in this regard, the question is: how long can you tolerate a dog and not go to the toilet? The fact is that initially Sharm was accustomed to going to the toilet and on the diaper, and on the street. and over time it worked out for him: in the morning he does things for a diaper, in the evening. on the street. When I was smaller, I could pee on a diaper late in the evening or at night. But pooping pretty quickly at home completely stopped. In winter, when the foot hurt, and there were frosts, there were even problems with evening pees. he whined and asked to go outside, I had to take it out for at least 5-10 minutes. Then they again entered the usual rhythm. But for the third day already I noticed that she didn’t piss on the diaper in the morning! Sometimes I had such suspicions before, but we also have a cat pissing on her sometimes, and the diaper is reusable. you won’t understand who and how many times “checked in”. On Saturday she made a new bed, the cat wrote in his tray and the diaper is still dry. On Saturday it turns out I endured until 18 o’clock! almost a day! Yesterday we went for a walk for the first time at 12 o’clock, the second. in the evening I come home from work. the diaper is dry I had to grab a bunch and run out into the street, although we are planning a full-fledged walk for the evening. it’s hot now diapers, there are many reasons for this. But I also feel sorry for him. What to do? let him endure a day, eventually pee on a diaper in the morning? or start outputting in the morning (for me the problem is huge!) How much can you endure without harm to your health and not write?

Charm, if he eats 2 times a day, then he must go to the toilet 2 times a day! I know some owners of large dogs who feed the dog once a day, but it is natural for the dog to go to the toilet only once a day! Now talk to the breeder, who has both large dogs and a Yorkie bitch! She said that the dog either walks where you do not see or there may be such a phenomenon that it endures! Her bitch sometimes refuses to go out for a walk in the morning and only walks in the evening and so can continue for several days, then she starts to go out in the morning! And only when she is pregnant and feeding the puppies, then 4-5 times they walk on the street! But, the last 2 weeks before giving birth and a month, while feeding the puppies, she goes to the diaper! Here is such a smart little Yorkie living with her!

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So, I think that a dog, itself, will never harm itself, well, if it suffers for a day, then it’s okay, just in the evening, you will walk longer!

LYUBAVA, thank you! You have calmed me down. I already thought about another place, looked. I did not find anything. Due to the heat in the house, not a single rug, not a single rag on the floor, and we would have noticed a puddle, and we could smell a smell. Previously, this happened very rarely that he did not write in the morning, and I was not 100% sure. the diapers absorb well. In the evening, now we walk for 2 hours or more, we feed 2 times a day. In winter and spring, we walked from about 17 to 18-19, and now, due to the heat, we leave only at 19 perhaps it is also connected with this. he will be discharged, then he falls asleep, he will eat in the morning and sleep again before we arrive but for a long walk he will squeeze everything out of himself to a drop))) I’ll watch further for him.

Toilet question. If the dog suffers.

Hopefully it doesn’t hurt myself.

Charm, no, the dog will not harm itself!

Tell me about the special tools “toilet training” do they give something? Is it worth buying them at all, how dogs react to them?

Alisinya, I already wrote in this thread that they didn’t give me anything personally, I think it’s wasted money and time!)))

Alisinya, give me lyuley))) cheap and effective, it helped me)))

The fact is that in the summer we were visiting, and she was used to walking only outside now I suffer, I have to walk twice a day. Once she endured for a day While the weather is good, I still agree to walk, but in the rain and categorically NO in winter. Now I do not know how to accustom her to a diaper, after three months of outdoor walks ((((I already “walked” the diaper to soak up the smell of dogs, but she rested, and only demands the street: mad:

Alisinya, so this is for you, not in this topic, but here! The problem is not how to accustom to a diaper, but how to accustom, after the street, to do your business, again at home! Read this topic, maybe you will find the advice you need!

Alisinya, how can I understand you we have the same thing you won’t believe it, but after 4 days of putting my beloved on a diaper I gave up why torture the dog but now we walk 3 times a day but first up to 5 times a day asked to go outside, stood at the door with his tail between his legs I think that mine has already made his choice, by the way it is quite logical for dogs he does not consider himself small)))) I am very glad that he still chose the street because. I heard, read that many people get disorientated. furniture can suffer)))

Help me please. I do not know what to do. The situation is as follows. Two york guys. About a year. Everyone has their own diaper in the house for the toilet in different rooms. The younger one pissed on the older one and he flatly refuses to go there now. (((tolerates a day or even 1.5. And then he’s full where he has to, where he’s no longer in urine. And for the most part, too. Right in the middle of the kitchen. The third day. It’s already evening, and he hasn’t gone to the toilet since the night) I don’t know what to do. And I wear it on a diaper and persuade. It’s useless. I put only his personal ones. He doesn’t want that, that’s all. It’s not normal to endure a day. over, from an early age he chose a place for himself and went there regularly.

Danyasha, sorry, I did not see your message, I had a problem with the Internet! Here is the topic you need, read it, you can find it similar to your situation! But how, for 1.5 days, the dog endures, and why, did they not try to walk him outside? Quite possibly, it just coincided that the second dog squeaked on his diaper, maybe he just like Sharm, just stopped going to the diaper? In general, read Temka, and then we’ll talk!

My dog ​​decided that her toilet was outside. We never scolded her for doing the diaper, we walked 2-3 times a day (it was summer) and did not notice how she stopped pooping at home. Sometimes I allowed myself to write on the diaper when we were not at home. And everything suited us until the “surprise” happened. The military husband was transferred to Yakutsk, we moved, and here it was minus 40. In a new apartment, in 2 weeks, the dog peed on the diaper 2 times! The rest of the time she endures and whines under the door. I take her out, for 5 minutes in a pile of sheepskin coats. But locals say that this warmth will also be minus 50-60 in January. I’m afraid she might get sick in this cold (Is it possible to somehow retrain the dog from the street to the diaper?

olya_dkh, please read this topic! This problem, not only with your dog!

Hello. I have a question. The problems with the toilet began when they began to take the Yorkie out for a walk every day. At first, the dog went to the diaper, and walked for the soul. But then he got overwhelmed. He just got into a pose and does not walk on the diaper. He just suffers. At first, I was led by him and taken out. But, here it was pouring rain and it was stupid to go out. And the dog did not go to the diaper for the whole day. She ate, drank and did not go. And then I realized, THIS IS ALREADY EXTORTION. What to do? It is not always possible to withdraw. And how to make that would go to the diaper again, and not turn. I’m worried about my bladder. The dog will be 9 years old in the fall. How it got overwhelmed. Before, everything was fine. I’m worried. Tell me

olgamusic, here is the topic you need, read it! If you have any questions, then write! Especially, pay attention to the message Sharm, Anya wrote here in detail about the same problem with her dog!

olgamusic, how about extortion ?? He’s not extorting tasty food from you!))) The man decided that he would only shit on the streets, it is quite natural, in my opinion, for a dog! After talking with the dog lovers, I gave in. I take out my Sharma twice a day, the toilet is only on the street. Even in the pouring rain and in a blizzard we go out for 5-10 minutes, then he quickly does his business and runs home))). There were several times that it rained like a bucket and he simply refused to leave the entrance, in the end he endured a day. In the morning we walk for at least 20 minutes, if possible. longer in the evening the walk is full for at least an hour, if the weather does not correct it. For half a year we have a second dog, a diaper, the first days Charm sniffed her diaper, but was not tempted))))

I will support Sharm, I also have a dog. We walk 2 times a day, in any weather. Only the walking time depends on the weather. The diaper lies just in case, but he uses it extremely rarely, only when I have to be very late at work and the break between walks is very long, and even then not always.

And I will support the girls. we walk in any weather in winter and summer. in the rain and midges (a kind of gnat bite horror. eat out wounds) in winter a warm overalls and a hat. boots with fur. in the rain, a special overalls made entirely of cellophane (although he does not get wet, not a drop in it, but he does not like the rain) and rubber boots. and in the midges a special suit for midges made of tulle. get up early and go for a walk. I work in shifts and have to walk very early. Yes, in the evening you will come from shift and run for a walk

The dog has become tolerant for 24 hours. This is normal.?

Are you still poking your puppy into a pile or a puddle? Alas, it will never teach him to go to the toilet wherever you want! But then how to train a puppy to toilet on the street as quickly as possible? In order for the puppy to learn to go to the toilet on the street as quickly as his age and your time allows, you just need to know how to properly teach the animal to recover outside the house. Exactly when the owner learns how to properly tame the puppy to the toilet, exactly then there will be the first results.

If you have an adult, you will learn how to train your dog to toilet outdoors as soon as possible. It’s really simple. The main thing is to know how to properly train the dog to go to the right place, and not at home. over, an adult dog will quickly learn to endure before going out and not make “surprises” at home.

Be sure to read other articles on how to raise a puppy and how to train a puppy.

Should the dog endure

For example, in the first situation, the owner wins more, since two-time walking is the most convenient for him in terms of distributing his time, since not every person can afford to take his pet to the “toilet” 5-6 times a day.

In the second case, this alignment is more suitable for the dog than for its owner, since many dogs physically cannot endure until the due time for the next walk. Therefore, the owners regularly stumble upon puddles and piles on the floor in the apartment.

As we can see, neither the one nor the other situation is ideal, therefore, in this case, you need to look for an alternative.

Young dogs generally cannot tolerate 12 hours to go to the toilet. And this is normal, since the genitourinary system of animals of this age is not yet fully formed, so for them frequent urination is not some kind of deviation.

In this case, willy-nilly, you will have to walk the dog at least four times a day. The walking schedule should be designed so that it is comfortable for both you and the dog. For example, like this:

7 am. morning walk;

3 pm. afternoon walk;

7 pm. evening walk;

10 pm. night walk.

Of course, you can vary the time, but in this case you need to look at the behavior of the dog.

In stressful situations for a dog, you need to walk it often, since a nervous animal cannot tolerate it for a long time. But for puddles, if they suddenly appeared, you should not scold either.

Older dogs can already tolerate until the next walk, so most dog breeders prefer to train them to walk twice a day. Of course, this only applies to cases when the dog is not sick with anything and mental health is normal.

But still, in many families where the dog lives, there is such a problem as the inability of the pet to endure a walk, and this occurs even in adult dogs. Therefore, many veterinarians advise first to accustom the animal to a diaper or newspaper, and then to the street. And they are right in many ways, as prolonged urinary retention can lead to serious consequences such as inflammation. And what it can be fraught with, judge for yourself.

In addition, a newspaper, a diaper or frequent walks are necessary if the dog drank a lot of water during the day.

There is also a type of dogs that endure for the time being, and as soon as they see their owner, they involuntarily urinate, since their appearance in them is associated with a walk and, therefore, with a “toilet”. In this case, you can do the following: just before the owner arrives, take the dog out into the street. Then you can avoid such surprises.

But there is also a slightly different situation when the dog makes puddles at the sight of the owner. This most often occurs when the owner starts to get dressed and goes outside (for example, to work). In a dog, this human behavior can be associated with the fact that he dresses for a walk. As a result, it turns out that the person leaves, and the dog, unable to bear it, makes puddles.

Such a moment can be excluded if the owner dresses in the absence of the animal. In this case, the dog will have no reflex to “walk”.

Thus, we can conclude that the dog should endure until the next walk, but only when it is healthy and its age allows it to do so. In other cases, it is better to insure yourself with a newspaper or diaper.

How to understand what a dog wants to use the toilet: we study the habits and behavior of the pet

Be sure to read how to punish a dog correctly. in the article everything you need about punishment.

A puppy older than 3 years old is easier to learn. he understands commands better, and just as well endures. Owners who leave the puppy at home alone for the duration of their work will more quickly ensure that they will not be expected after a heap arrives throughout the room.

How to teach your puppy to go to the toilet on the street?

At the time of the appearance of the baby in the house, you should know how to tame the puppy to the toilet, so that later you do not have to fool yourself and then think about how to wean the dog from writing at home. In general, it is better to do everything on time and gain knowledge. If a puppy appeared in your family suddenly, then do not be discouraged and spend more time on self-education.

    Strong nerves. Be patient, a puppy is not a robot, and you won’t be able to program it straight away to do what you need to do. Be persistent and patient, then the result will be excellent. How much the owner will train the puppy to the toilet depends on:

A) What is the age of the puppy. If the age of the animal is 1-3 months, then it will study longer, since it is still too young and cannot tolerate for a long time. A more adult individual, say, 4-5 months, is already quicker to learn to walk outside due to the fact that it can endure longer. over time it will be easier for him to wait for the owners from work, and therefore the taming process will go smoothly. B) Is the dog breeder teaching the puppy correctly? When the owner teaches the puppy incorrectly, the result will either be very delayed, or it should not be expected at all. Always look for mistakes in yourself, the puppy is never guilty of anything. Find the reason in yourself. solve the problem.

A separate room covered with newspapers. It is very good if you can give the puppy a separate room, covered with newspapers (in the same room there will be a bowl of food and a place for the puppy). A room with newspapers is needed so that you can leave the puppy in it when you leave the house, as well as at night, when it is not possible to take the puppy outside to the toilet.

If there is no way to select a room, then build an arena (not a cage). Spread newspapers in it, make a place and put a bowl of water. The puppy will be in the arena at night and when you leave for work. To quickly train the puppy to the toilet, the first 1-2 weeks (the period depends on the age of the puppy) should be with him and take him outside on time.

  • Remove all carpets and rugs in the house. It is better to remove all the paths and carpets in the house, otherwise you may not keep track, and the puppy decides to try to put on a soft carpet. Therefore, for the time of training, you will have to walk on the bare floor in slippers. Take care of the slippers too, because the puppy may not put it in them, but he will definitely decide to sharpen his teeth, especially since the slippers smell like the owner.
  • When and how many times to breed a puppy 1-3 months?

    The puppy should not be taken out on the covered newspapers, but immediately on the street. You will teach it to the street, so you should immediately show the puppy where his toilet is.

    A small puppy (up to 3 months old) will have to be taken outside more often. After each feeding, every time the puppy wakes up and after active games, take it outside. You should also take the puppy outside as soon as you see that he is already spinning and, as it were, looking for a place for a toilet. Consistency is important, and if you are working and cannot be with the animal during toilet training, then the learning process will be significantly delayed. A disturbed routine will have a negative effect on the puppy’s understanding of what the owner wants.

    When he goes to the toilet on the street, praise him: “Okay, smart girl.” Praise violently and generously, you can give goodies. When a puppy crap at home. punish, but not physically, but with a stern voice and a stern look in the eyes: “Fu!” The voice must be strict, unhappy, but there is no need to shout. The animal will show that it heard the owner.

    If on the street the puppy does not want to go to the toilet, then either take a walk longer, or play active games. Puppies of this age never stand for long. Play and see how the baby sits down. It’s time to praise him! Always praise for being outside on the street until the puppy understands what you want from him.

    Leave the puppy in a separate room or playpen overnight. When you leave for work or for a long time from home. also leave the room covered with newspapers. Newspapers are needed until the puppy learns to endure before being taken outside. After training, you can remove all the newspapers and let the puppy into any room.

    The dog hates the street what to do

    Reasons why dogs continue to pee / poop at home. hundreds. The most common. health condition (cold, for example), then food allergy, then stress, then everything else. To offer the correct solution, you need to very accurately establish the cause.

    02/01/2010 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Olga: I think the dog just can’t stand such an interval. Or you don’t completely walk it in the morning. Males need to write many times at least 10 times per walk.

    02/09/2010 Yulia I have an American Cocker Spaniel, he is 1.5 years old, male. I take it out 4 times a day, but every morning he shits in the house! Although almost every walk on the street is a big walk. How to wean him from crap at home?

    02/12/2010 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Yulia: Try to feed him early in the evening and take him out for a walk early in the morning. And if pooped on the street, praise, and let’s get a treat.

    09/15/2010 Ksenia I have a toy terrier, he is 2 years old, when he was little, we were afraid to chill him on the street, and he wrote on the diaper, then he stopped writing on it and marked all the corners in the house. Now for six months, we walk with him three times a day, but he still, as if on purpose, pisses in small quantities in the corners. How to wean?

    09/20/2010 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Ksenia: If you punished a dog for marks in the house, then it will be extremely difficult to wean the dog from stopping marks in the apartment. You can take the advice of some experts and neuter the dog.

    10/03/2010 Kupriyanova T.Yu. the dog is 5 months old. There is no way to wean to write in the apartment, he often drinks and pees a lot. When he is alone at home, not even the whole day, he endures until we come and does not piss at night. When we are at home, he pees almost every 20 minutes. We walk 3 times a day. day for 45 min. What could be wrong, maybe we’re doing something wrong?

    10/05/2010 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Kupriyanova T.Yu. : Perhaps, with you, the puppy is very excited, runs and plays a lot, and therefore he drinks a lot and pisses a lot.

    10/11/2010 Julia I have a pit bull for 8 months and pees at home. we walk with her at 7 am. 30 minutes, at 4 pm. 30 minutes and at 22 o’clock. 2 hours. while someone is at home she can endure, and as soon as no one is there, then the whole room is in her affairs. how to wean her from writing and pooping at home.

    10/14/2010 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Yulia: Your puppy is afraid to be alone at home, and he is in constant stress and therefore pissing and pooping at home. It is necessary to conduct a course of correction of such behavior. An experienced animal psychologist can do this. You cannot punish the puppy in this case.

    11/25/2010 Ilya I have a beagle male, 8 months old, the problem is that he crap at home even when I’m in the next room without any signs of it, just calmly goes to where I am not present, and sometimes he does his job right in front of me. I walk 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening for 40-55 minutes.?

    06.12.2010 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Ilya: For such a puppy, walking 2 times a day is too rare. Therefore, he shits at home. Because he cannot bear it. Start walking your dog 5 times a day and praise him when he does his business outside.

    12/09/2010 Aleksey We have a chow of 5 months, they took a week ago, we walk 4 times a day with an interval of about 4-5 hours, but he often does not stand up and pees in front of us.

    12/14/2010 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Alexey: Be patient and every time the puppy pees or poops on the street. praise and give a treat. Don’t punish at home. Everything will be back to normal soon.

    02/21/2011 Olenka Hello !! my husky is 3-4 months old in the shelter, he goes to the toilet at home and cannot stay alone and gnaws everything !! ((((help how to wean him

    02/25/2011 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Elena: We need a whole course of training for such a dog. Come to our forum in my topic Elena Gordeeva and we can work out. https://forums.zooclub.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=58. This is a link to my topic.

    05/10/2011 Lena I have a French Bulldog, he is 6 months old. the door to the street is always open but she pissing and pooping in the house. what to do?

    05/22/2011 Dashulya I have a toy for 5 months. used to write to the tray. everything was fine, kakal truth on the palas. it became warm, began to enter the street. he pees there, poops. Something happened, and he began to write off the tray. I can’t teach him to write there again. What to do.

    06/02/2011 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Lena: https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files on toilet training.

    06/03/2011 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Dashuli: I strongly advise you to take the dog out into the street more often and remove the litter box with time. In order not to confuse the puppy.

    07/04/2011 Veronica I have a Labrador for 8 months (girl), we take out for a walk twice a day, does not piss at home, but as soon as he sees that we are going for a walk with her makes a huge puddle at home. How can you get rid of this?

    07/31/2011 Igor Good afternoon! We have a puppy. bobtail, 5 months. When they took him. was accustomed to the street, and now began to write sharply at home. We walk at 7-00, 12-00, 14-00, 19-00, 24-00. How to wean him, and what could be the reason for this behavior?

    08/02/2011 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Igor: Babies often have problems. And therefore it is worth being patient and not scolding in any way. Perhaps there is sexual development and in this regard, everything is happening. https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files for toilet training. Listen to the files, maybe you will find something interesting and useful for yourself.

    08/15/2011 Vadim help me 3 chow-chow puppies for 4 months they are very tricky before they went to say sorry and sichaz they pee on the bed how to get them to pee on the bed

    08/20/2011 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Vadim: The dogs are small and cannot distinguish where the sheets are on the floor and where the sheets are on the bed. Therefore, it is worth coming up with something different for the toilet. Or cover the beds with cellophane and keep them out of bed.

    09/18/2011 Julia I have a Labrador for 10 months, she pees at home, sometimes she can dump, we walk with her 4 times a day and almost every time she poops on the street. how to wean to crap at home? it happens one day everything is normal, and then everything is all over again

    09.12.2011 Evgeniya Hello! I have a Chinese crested dog. He is already 2.5 years old. Since childhood, we close it in the bathroom when we leave. About 2 weeks ago I decided to close him in the room, I want to teach him so that he does not write in the room and does not bark. And so every day I come home and start scrubbing the carpet, the floor, the curtains, I wash, mark everything. over, the neighbors are still brainwashing, they say it barks. Tired of it! I thought to give it to good hands, but it’s a pity, my baby, we both will feel bad without each other! I was stressed when he gave a fight at the dacha, I don’t know how I came to my senses. Question: castrate? Actually, exactly what if I use this creepy way he stops behaving like that? (he can throw himself on the street ((((What to do? I’m tortured, it’s unbearable.

    READ  How to terminate an unwanted dog pregnancy

    12/13/2011 Alice is with us a spaniel. He is almost 3 months old. at home he pisses very often. we don’t know how to wean him. although, during a trip in a car, he suffers, it happens, for 1-1.5 hours. but at home, and 3 minutes can not stand. please tell me what to do

    12/20/2011 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Alice: https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files on toilet training

    12/27/2011 Marina hello! We cannot teach my puppy 5 months old (DOVORNYASHKA) to write at home, when no one is at home until someone comes, but if at home someone is peeing on every corner every 15 minutes. we walk 4 times a day on the street doing all his business, but when he comes home in 15 minutes he writes again somewhere! please tell me what to do !

    12/30/2011 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Marina: https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files on toilet training

    12/31/2011 Aleksandra Hello! We have a dachshund for 8 months from the beginning, he was accustomed to diapers, now he does not walk on them at all, pees on the carpet and blanket. If they walked with him and he did all his business, then after 10 minutes he would write again in the apartment going out for a walk rests not wanting to go out.

    01/05/2012 kristina I have an Epono Chinese crested, SHE pees at night in a room in which there is no one I walk 3 times a day in the morning at 6 in the afternoon at 1 in the evening at 8 o’clock, what to do?

    01/05/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Christina: Close the rooms from her when no one is there. And also listen to the audio here. Perhaps it will come in handy. https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files for toilet training

    01/08/2012 Ekaterina I have a Chihuahua walks while it is still impossible to walk on diapers, the male was told for 2 months that he needs to stay at home for up to half a year, but how to teach him to relieve himself on diapers?

    01/10/2012 Irina We have a Labrador, our foundling. When we found her, she did not write at home at all, and now it’s a nightmare, we walk with her almost every 2 hours, and she also manages to write on the carpet. year. we do not understand what happened to her?

    01/11/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Irina: Try to take the dog’s urine for analysis. She may be sick.

    01/17/2012 Milana I have a little puppy. cur. He is 5 months old. we teach him to walk outside and, most importantly, he will walk up. and walks at home. I walk with him 4 times a day. I just don’t know what to do. The puddles all over the apartment are already beginning to annoy my mother, and me too. What should I do about it.

    01/23/2012 Oleg I have a dog, a German miniature spitz, 10 months old, we walk with him in the morning at 6:00 for about 30 minutes. and in the evening at 18:00 1 o’clock, at night all the same walks on the balcony sometimes on the large and on the small, and sometimes only on the small, sometimes falls into the tray, but more often by. How to teach him not to miss at least past the tray, but it is better to endure before walking ?

    01/24/2012 Tatiana I have chow chow for 2 years. Since 6 months I have never crap at home, for the last month (today it is already 7 times) we only go to work, climbs onto the sofa. pissing and scratching his nose in urine. there is no more strength to wash the sofa and wash the sheets (((help! how to wean it.

    01/25/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Oleg: 1. You very rarely walk with a dog, especially with such a young one. In your case, you need to walk three times and the last time is late in the evening. Then everything will be normalized. 2. Try changing the litter box, your dog may feel uncomfortable walking into the litter box you have.

    01/25/2012 Boris I have Bichon, he went to the diaper and now where he wants why he does it

    01/27/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Tatiana: To start weaning from problem behavior, you must make sure that your dog is healthy. Conduct an examination, donate urine and blood for tests. And only after you have made sure that the dog is healthy, you can begin to correct the problem behavior.

    02/12/2012 faith, I generally walk with mine every half an hour, run down the street and mark the territory. Home also marks everything and pisses. WHAT IS IT WORK TO HELP IT (I AM VERY HIM AND MOM SAYS FOR THIS THAT WILL GIVE) !! = (((

    03/23/2012 Valentina To my English Cocker 7.5 months before vaccination I somehow went to the toilet outside, then they got a series of vaccinations at 2.5 months and the doctor declared quarantine. It lasted almost 1.5 months. During this time I taught her to go to After the end of quarantine, my cocker absolutely refuses to go outside, walk, please, but not to the toilet. Tell me what to do in this case!

    03/25/2012 Ilyukhahaha I have a Labrador for 4 months. How can I stop him from shitting? When I stop him without a leash, he immediately starts shitting all over the house.

    04/03/2012 Alena good afternoon! I have a puppy of 7 months, a male, we walk with him about 6 times a day, 2-3 times at night, he wakes up and we go for a walk, while at each walk he pees for a long time, can stand still for about a minute.?

    04/03/2012 polina my dog ​​pees every 1 everywhere what to do on the street does not pee but at home pees??

    04/05/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Polina: Most likely, the dog is rarely on the street and is not accustomed to defecate on the street. Here is a link, listen, it might come in handy https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files on toilet training.

    04/12/2012 Vladislava I have a French bulldog puppy (bitch 0 9 months. Has not crap in the apartment since 5 months, can endure for a long time, but there is a problem with the excretion of liquid. I walk the dog whenever possible in the morning, at 3 o’clock, at 5 and after 8 o’clock in the evening, but nevertheless she can sit at home 3-5 times, regardless of whether she ate, drank or slept. I took to the veterinarian, they said that the bladder may be enlarged. Tell me if another method of treating the dog is possible (they prescribed treatment 1 ampoule of analgin novocaine ) but the ampoules now do not share is very expensive. Maybe there are folk remedies?

    04/16/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Vladislava: It is necessary to take a urine test and see if everything is in order with the urinary system. And then you can drink the dog with a decoction of lingonberry leaf.

    04/25/2012 Valeria I have a Yorkshire Terrier mini baby face, she is 7 months old. at first, as we took her, she wrote strictly on the diaper, but by 5 months she stopped walking and relieved the need in other rooms and poked her nose into a puddle and scolded and closed it, but nothing did not work))) what to do help

    04/26/2012 Oksana We got a Tibetan Mastiff puppy, everything is fine, but we have a problem, she endures to the toilet for a long time, she walks outside, but when you approach her, she starts to pee, we tried everything, but how can we not get rid of it.

    05/02/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Oksana: First, take urine for analysis and make sure that the dog is healthy.

    05/02/2012 Natalya Hello! I have a shepherd puppy, May 8 will be 3 months old. He writes everywhere, very often and in a lot, they put the tray and it turned out to be upside down all the time. Please advise how to behave in this case.

    05/22/2012 Alexandra hello everyone. I have a Chinese crested dog. My favorite. he is 1.6. when he was little, we walked him (because it was a warm season.) Then closer to winter, we stopped walking, because. he was often sick, they tried to teach him to go to the diaper. but fortunately or not, he only wrote to it. now, with warming, he terribly asks to go outside and we decided to walk him again. We try to walk it for an hour, or even more, in the morning and in the evening, sometimes it turns out to walk the dog in the afternoon. but meanwhile, he marks us the furniture and has already pissed off all the corners (despite the fact that he drinks little liquid). And most importantly, he stopped going to the diaper altogether. I don’t know what to do, I’m no more strength. How to deal with it I don’t know.

    13.06.2012 Elena Dorofeeva Labrik puppy 6 months. In the city he pisses and poops in the apartment (we walk on a leash), in the village. does everything on the street without a leash. How to teach in the city to do everything on the street? We walk at 6.30, 12.00, 17.30, 21.00. They wrote out a magic pendal, it does not help.

    06/14/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Elena Dorofeeva: https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/. toilet training audio files

    06/28/2012 Ksenia I have a Dalmatian for 11 months still squeaks and poops at home. we walk in the morning and in the evening. on the street he squeaks but does not poop it is worth going in dosoy and all the bunch is ready. Already exhausted! What to do help!

    07/02/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Ksenia: It is worth taking the dog out more often. Walk longer and praise and give a treat if you went outside.

    08/11/2012 Elena Hello, I have a dwarf Spitz girl of 8 and a half months. I used to train the dog to the litter box, from 6 months I began to walk correctly while walking with it once a day. Then she began to accustom her to the street, walked once a day, but did not clean the tray. The dog went to the litter box and to the street. Then at 7.5 months she removed the tray and walked 3 times a day, the dog did not go to the toilet at home. For about a week everything was fine. Then I put the tray, because that day it was raining on the street without stopping all day, she calmly walked into it. The next day I removed the tray and then it started. She went to the toilet on the street, but at the same time she began to write and poop at home, not even embarrassed by me! She even wrote in her house where she sleeps! I swear, I catch it at the same moment when I piss or poop, I lightly slap on the ass. she knows perfectly well what she did wrong. On the street I praise. But it does not help. Said the wedge and that’s it. what to do?

    12.08.2012 Alena Metis Retriever, girl 9 months old, we walk 5 times a day, and does not want to endure how to translate her 2 times or at least 3 times?

    08/26/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Alena: Listen, maybe he can help you solve your problems. https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files for toilet training

    08/31/2012 Victoria Hello! I have a pit bull, 2 months. Just a week ago, I ran to write and poop on the street. And now he poops in the house, although the doors to the street are open all day. We scold, punish, but do not help. What could be the reason?

    09/05/2012 Sergei my Labrodor is 6 months old. He can endure for a long time. But only as he hears (to walk) does not reach the elevator, he pisses. What should I do?

    09/06/2012 Julia I have a German shepherd, age 1.3 years. At night it endures about 12 hours, in the afternoon when I am at home too. As soon as I leave for work and leave her at home alone, it will definitely make a puddle. In the morning we walk for about an hour. Please tell me how can I wean her from writing at home?

    09/13/2012 Lyudmila Hello, I have a Maltese-balonka, he is 9 years old, I don’t know what happens to him, as soon as we go out with him, he pisses on my girlfriend and this is not the first time

    03.10.2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Victoria: The more you punish, the longer the puppy will pee and poop in the house. It is best to praise if you did your business on the street. And then your puppy is too small to demand from him what you demand. Think for yourself. Did your parents punish you if you played in your pants when you were 1.5 years old? I think not. So be merciful to your dog.

    03.10.2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Sergei: Do not force the dog to endure more than 4-5 hours. Otherwise, you will still get bedwetting.

    03.10.2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Lyudmila: Males have such a manner of scaring people and dogs away. A friend should keep away from the dog for a while.

    10/29/2012 Sofia I recently took a Chihuahua puppy (7 months old) I go for a walk with him 3 times a day: in the morning at 7:00, in the afternoon at 3:00 and in the evening at 6:00, but he somehow manages to sit at home. Why? wean?

    10/31/2012 Valery I have a mini toy, he is already 2 years old, not when he did not write on the floor, 3-4 days ago he began to write, the day before that I bought BEAPHAR Dog-A-Dent Bits pads, he cannot started shitting on the floor.

    11/05/2012 Olga I have a French Bulldog, he is 1 month old and he is already barking at full

    11/14/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Sofia: If a puppy from the previous owners wrote at home, then you will do it too. Therefore, it is worth walking more often and the last time later.

    11/14/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Valeria: Sometimes a change in diet causes such an effect as untidiness in dogs. But this is extremely rare.

    11/15/2012 Vitaly I have a Petit-Brabancon for 8 months, a dwarf breed. I used to go to the tray, wait for about 2 weeks now he has been peeing in the house everywhere except on the tray. We do not walk on the street often, sometimes they do not take them out at all, and this is usually once a day. I used to do it, but wait for about a month I have been working in another city

    November 24, 2012 Olga Hello! I have such a problem: we have a foxterer smoothly fed very often on a rag on the floor near the door, the linoleum is already swollen. We walk with him in the morning before work and after work, I drop everything and go for a walk with him. We come home and start doing our business again. We do not let us into the rooms, because there were cases, as soon as he runs into the bed and shit. We walk only in the morning and in the evening, as at work. Please help me advice, otherwise it goes to the point that we just want to give it to good hands, and the puppy 4 months is a pity, and we got used to it.

    12/25/2012 Veterinarian Gonchar M For Vitaly: First of all, you need to ask those who remained with the dog if they punished him for any offense.

    12/25/2012 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Olga: Your puppy is very tiny and he cannot endure for so long. You did not force a three-year-old child to endure. Therefore, I think you should make it so that at lunchtime someone takes the dog out for a walk or replace the rag with an absorbent diaper. https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files for toilet training

    01/18/2013 Ekaterina I have a toy terrier, he is 1 year and 6 months old. Shits everywhere. There are two pots of sand and a diaper. He goes there very rarely. What to do?

    01/21/2013 Ekaterina I have a mix of Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkie, she is already 6 months old. Tell me how to wean her from the fact that she does not celebrate her needs at home, but on the street! We display it quite often. 3-4 times a day.

    02/05/2013 Olga Hello. I have a cane corso, girl, 8 months. We walk her 3 times a day, 40 minutes each, when it’s warm and more. And she continues to pee and poop at home and does not even think to ask. He just goes to the next room and does his thing. When I start scolding, he immediately lowers his head and runs away, as if he understands what he is doing badly. What to do.

    02/17/2013 rurikov I have a spaniel puppy. He is 7 months old. We breed 4 times a day. We walk for 25-35 minutes on each walk. He writes up to 2-3 times in the apartment. tries to pee in an unremarkable place and so that no one can see! What to do? We are almost in a panic.

    03/02/2013 Anastasia I have a half-breed bitch, she is 1 year old. She is full when no one is a lady or when no one sees her. and if someone is at home, then she sometimes asks. WHAT to do?

    03/06/2013 Irina is the same with us. also a Cocker puppy (girl), 7 months old. we walk 2-3 times a day, 30 minutes each. There is no way to withdraw more often, we are working. pooping on the street, but about peeing problems. at home he constantly makes puddles throughout the day, at least 2-3, and on the carpet. This is very annoying!

    03/12/2013 Ekaterina Hello. We bought a Chinese Crested dog, he was 6 months old. When they took the breeder said that the dog was accustomed to the tray. Now he is 9 months old, we have a cable, he goes to the toilet at home. Maybe on a blanket, sofa, pillows, bed, you can say that everywhere. Marks all corners of the house. Before we took him, he had never been on the street. Now he goes constantly to the street, he seems to do all the work, we come home, he immediately shits at home. I don’t know what to do, this is the first time I’ve encountered this. When I called the breeders of the dog, they said that this happens. But how is it? It seems not small already. I write to her about the problem, she is silent. Please tell me what to do?

    03/13/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Ekaterina: https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files on toilet training

    03/13/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Olga: You don’t want to take a questionnaire to identify latent stress in a dog. Perhaps the reason for this behavior is this.

    03/13/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For rurikov: From the puppy’s reaction, I understand that you are punishing him for peeing at home. While you do this, the puppy will never learn to be clean. And listen here https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files on toilet training

    03/13/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Irina: You walk the dog very little and she can’t stand it for so long. Therefore, it is worth teaching your girl to wear an absorbent diaper at home.

    03/13/2013 Alena I have a German miniature spitz, she is 2 years old. She pees everywhere except on a napkin. anywhere: walking, suddenly sits down and already a puddle. I don’t know how else to wean her, I’ve already tried everything. If not difficult, then please help me to wean my little pet.

    03/27/2013 Hello there! I have a spaniel puppy 6 months old. we walk 3 times a day, sometimes 4. the dog was already taught not to write at home, calmly endured, including at night. the last 2 weeks I began to write, it does not withstand even 1.5 hours. pisses 2 times per night. between walks in the afternoon 2-3 times. though we have gone away from dry food. could this behavior be related to dietary changes? or maybe his puberty proceeds like this?

    03/29/2013 Sevinch Toychik 3 months. We have such a problem: crap and piss at home, if you put it on a tray, it leaves it and goes to another place and crap. We live in a private house and the puppy can go outside at any time. How to wean him from crap at home?

    04/10/2013 Tatiana Hello. I have a miniature pinscher. he is 2 years old, took him from his family, at first everything was fine, endured. I walk with him 3 times a day. but still pees at home every other time. What to do?/

    04/18/2013 Rita Hello! I have a dwarf pinscher, he is 5 months old. We walk with him 3 times a day, at He does everything on the street, but he still pees at home. stopped writing at home?

    05/10/2013 Alina Hello. We took a dog, a bred male rabbit dachshund, 6.5 months. From a very good nursery. Scat only on the street, but pee at home. And when I go up to him, he turns over on his side and begins to write. I only have it for 2 days. We walk 3 times a day. He wrote in the morning, but did not go outside during the day. What to do? Thanks in advance)

    05/22/2013 Yana we have a mongrel puppy about 4-5 months old. Fu understands well, but at the same time climbs onto the sofa and eats cat food, which we specially set higher, there are cat escritories. we go for a walk 4 times a day, pissing and pooping on the street. we come home and can almost immediately make a pile and a puddle. Please tell me how to wean you from going to the toilet at home

    06/05/2013 Ksenia I have a chihuahka for 7 months accustomed to the toilet on the street, and I also went to the diaper if I didn’t endure it, we walk 5 times a day, but in the last 4 days I began to write everywhere, I’m walking with it. I made a puddle of myself, and so on throughout the apartment. How about this borotsa? Maybe it’s because of the bad weather, got a cold? I have been warming it for 3 days already, I give it drops. But it doesn’t help yet. Tell me, maybe this is something else?

    06/25/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Ekaterina: In your case, there is such an option. If the dog is not a breeder, then you can castrate him, then he will not be tagged. And another option is to teach him to go to the toilet only on the street by praising on the street. You can’t scold for peeing at home. You need to walk such a dog often and longer. http://www.zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files for toilet training

    06/25/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Alena: https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files on toilet training

    06/25/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Tatiana: It may be worth walking more often. for example 4 times a day. And a lot depends on when the dog pees. If at night, then you may have taken too long a break between walks at night. If in the afternoon, when he is alone, then perhaps he has a fear of loneliness.

    06/25/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Sevinch: Wait for warm days and try to be more with the puppy in the yard, so that he wrote on the street and praise and give a treat for each peeing or pooping on the street. And now he hates the tray and I don’t think he will defecate there voluntarily.

    06/25/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Vaeria: Perhaps he has puberty. And it is very possible that the puppy’s food has become more fluid. But there is another reason this is a problem with the urinary system. Get your puppy’s urine sampled.

    06/25/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Rita: https://zooclub.ru/dogs/vyrash/ audio files on toilet training Choose what you want to listen to. I think this will help you.

    06/25/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Alina: I think the puppy has problems with socialization. And it is worth under the guidance of an experienced dog handler to conduct a course of behavior correction. And everything will fall into place.

    06/25/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Sofia: It is worth taking the dog’s urine for analysis. The dog may have urinary problems and pain.

    07/01/2013 Alexandra We have a Labrador, 8 months old, a girl. While we are at home, she endures both night and day. As soon as we leave at home alone, even for a short time immediately goes to the toilet and write and poop, although I just walked and did all the things on the street. What to do? Is this her protest? How to teach a dog to endure in this case before coming?

    08/27/2013 Vika We have 4 dogs. 3 Labra bitches, a Newf bitch and a neutered male, the son of one Labra from an accidental relationship “for love”, he is 2 years old and this is horror! The temperament is without boundaries, asocial, rushes at everyone, including people, the passion for stick toys is immoderate, we walk with him more often than with the others, but he still writes at home that we do not know what to do. I am a veterinarian, dogs have been in the house since childhood, they coped with everything. as with him. we don’t know. Healthy as a horse, biochemistry confirms. Origen eats fish and meat from Angus gobies, that is, that from marbled beef, trimmings, I work with them, I can take. What to do? There is no salvation! And destroyed everything at home!

    09/07/2013 Polina I have a 9 month old Chihuahua. When I was 2 months old I went to the latok, and when I began to raise my leg I marked all the corners. The column was put up and cleaned anyway it does not go! how to teach to walk in latok?

    10/31/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Alexandra: Your puppy is under stress. Because she cannot stand being alone. This is not a protest. Teach you to wait and not worry so alone, she will not write and poop at home. And for this you need to undergo a rehabilitation course with a dog.

    READ  How dogs behave after castration

    11/28/2013 Svetlana Hello! We have 11 months old Maltese, castrated at 7 months. From 3 months I wrote and pooped only on the diaper. Since the end of October, once a week, and when and more often, he will write in another place: on the sofa, on pastel, on the floor. What’s the matter? We do not understand. Doesn’t walk on the street.

    12/08/2013 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Svetlana: Be sure to pass urine for analysis. Maybe the dog is sick.

    01/06/2014 Vadim Hello. I have a Jack Russell cable, he is 4 months old. After all the vaccinations, they began to walk on the street. When we walk, he does everything on the street, but at home he pees everywhere on the floor and on the bed and on the sofa. Today it got to the point that he wrote directly to me. And the strangest thing is only when we are at home, and when we are not peeing on the diaper. Help please, tell me what to do with it?

    01/28/2014 Natalia Hello! Can you please tell me, we have a Jagdterrier puppy 3 months old. took in 1.5 months. immediately began to accustom to the street. True, when I wrote at home, we scolded and spanked him. I understood, tolerated. and in recent days I began to write at home constantly. Serve big, as if on purpose. We will come from the street and mines. 10-15 after the game runs to piss. We are now on quarantine, so we walk for 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours. maybe this is a protest ?? and how to react, maybe this is a protest??

    02/10/2014 Olya Beagle is 1 year old, I walk 2 times a day, in the morning for 30 minutes and in the evening until one o’clock, but as soon as she gets home she immediately pisses, first writes in the morning and then wakes me up, if I scold her for something, again a puddle. Tired of fighting as if for evil. And another problem is that if she eats the diaper, but does not pee there. help me please!

    02/12/2014 Nelya I have a mini Toy-Terer, he pisses on how to wean ?

    02/20/2014 Daria I have a red-haired chow-chow girl. She is 1 year and 1 month old. But she still pees in the house and not a little (about 10 times a day). We walk quite often 4 times a day. What is the reason and how to wean her from shitting in the house?

    02/21/2014 Ekaterina My Mishka is 3 years old, will be in March, a small mongrel, 13 kg., Below the knee. No one can help us, he does not know how to be alone, hysterics, screams, pees, poops, tears the door open. Maybe there are some medications that can be given to him, maybe something like a sleeping pill or a strong sedative? Thank you.

    03/01/2014 Polina I have a Chinese crested 9 months. it seems to me that with a napkin we provoke the dog to write at home

    03/29/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Vadim: First, take the dog’s urine for analysis. over, you can do it without difficulty. Just from the puddle that the dog made at home, collect the urine with a syringe with a needle, pour it into a clean bowl and take it to the laboratory.

    03/29/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Natalia: I think the puppy has a lot of stress. And in this regard, the pathology of the adrenal glands and kidneys and the bladder developed. Get your puppy’s urine sampled. You can’t punish a tiny puppy for puddles and heaps of the house. This is what leads to stress in puppies up to 3 months.

    03/29/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Nelia: It is necessary to make sure that the dog cannot get on the bed.

    03/29/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E: For Ekaterina: You can take a course of treatment with Stopstress.

    03/29/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Daria: First, take the dog’s urine for analysis. Maybe the dog is sick.

    03/29/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Polina: This can be when the dog is too little for a walk or the dog does not like to walk outside.

    05/20/2014 Irina Zayachkovskaya I have a half-breed spaniel and a terrier (9 months old) We just can’t get used to the toilet on the street. We take them out 5-6 times a day. But all the same it does not tolerate and does not ask. Especially at night there are a lot of puddles. Sometimes it behaves. aggressively.

    07/20/2014 Margarita Hello. I have a mestizo Labrador, she is 7 months old, we walk on the street, but it happens that he writes at home, we walk often and on duty. And it happens several times a day shit at home. We no longer know what to do with it. Please tell me, I don’t want to give the dog away.

    07/20/2014 Evgeniya My Jack Russell Terrier is 4 months old. Doesn’t stop writing and pooping at home! even after a full walk! Please tell me what’s the matter and how best to behave with him in such situations? is it possible to be strict or will it, on the contrary, aggravate the situation??

    08/29/2014 Dasha Please help. My dog ​​is Spitz 8 months old and he sometimes pees at home. he lives with us for 2 months, the previous owners did not walk with him, he is the garden at their house

    08/30/2014 inna I have two Chihuahua males. There is a place for them in the apartment where the diaper lies, and they pee everywhere except the diaper. What to do?

    09/16/2014 Maria Hello! I have a German Spitz. He is 1 year and 3 months old. He pees at home, and when you take out for a walk from the sight of other people’s dogs, he is afraid and rushes home. Does his business at home for diapers. There are options for how to tame him to do everything on the street?

    09/17/2014 Maria Hello, I have a beagle, a girl of 4.5 months. constantly pisses at home, even if she doesn’t want to. I wanted to get on the bed, I didn’t let a puddle right away. (we don’t let it go to bed at all) I take it out 6 times a day. 1 hour in the morning and in the evening, the rest of the time is 20 minutes.

    09/29/2014 Yana Hello, I have a chihua hua boy 2 years 4 months old, was accustomed to the tray as bought, in the last 5 months he began to slowly pee on the corners, scolded. I wrote it on the tray then on the wall or somewhere else. In the summer, we often rested in the country, in the garden he wrote where he wanted (the street is still). Now it gets colder less often we take it out into the street, but we try to take it out at least once every 2 days. Now I began to write everywhere, maybe it’s blowing up in front of you, or just in the middle of the corridor there was a puddle like it was walking and I decided to squeak without lifting my legs, sorry for the details. Almost does not go to the tray. And he pisses more in the evening. Has the long stay on the street influenced the fact that he does not go to the tray and can somehow cope without castrating? Although sometimes he goes straight to the tray and we praise him and he is glad

    11/06/2014 Minara I have a toy terrier in my apartment. He always pees and poops. We tamed him in different ways so that he would go to the toilet, but when we walk 3 times a day, my pet never poops or pisses. What should I do, my mother said that if he does not learn to go to the toilet, then he will be taken away from me. Help. Thanks in advance.

    11/18/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Irina Zayachkovskaya: Show the dog to the doctor. Get a urine test. The dog may have urinary problems.

    11/18/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Dasha: Walk more often and praise when the dog pees in the street.

    11/18/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Inna: It is worth considering castration. And also it is worth thinking about transferring dogs to walk on the street. In both cases, there can be an improvement in behavior. Boys will start tagging on the street and stop tagging at home.

    11/18/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Maria: Perhaps it is better for your dog’s health if he does all the work for a diaper. This will keep the dog healthy and prolong its life.

    11/18/2014 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Maria: The puppy may have strong latent stress, for example, the puppy is afraid to be alone at home. Show your puppy to the veterinarian and zoopsychologist.

    12/07/2014 Daniel Good evening, I have a dog, Jack Russell, a girl, 3.5 months old, we walk 3 times a day but on the street does not go to the toilet at all only at home, today we walked on a special purpose for 1.5 hours and did not go, the lady came right pee and then pooped. Advise how to solve this issue

    12/14/2014 Aleksey I have a Labrador, 3 months old, does all the chores at home, although we walk 4-6 times, only runs on the street, but all the things at home, how to make him do all the things on the street?

    01/06/2015 Anya I generally have such a problem, the puppy is 9 months old, they took it from a volunteer center, I would be told that he would like to go to the toilet to ask for a walk when I walk him, he would be peeing in the snow ((but this is the third time. he just poops on the carpet in the same place, I don’t know why, I often walk with him, once I noticed I took him outside while he was already doing this, but he didn’t go outside, and interrupted his work) (a private house)

    03/10/2015 Irina Hello. We have a spitz. 10 months. We walk with him 4 times a day, but he still sprinkles all the corners of the house. We are already scolding and slapping on the pope, he doesn’t care. Help me please. I heard that you can castrate. What advice can you give?

    10.03.2015 Anastasia The puppy is 6 months old. Girl. When I took her, I did not walk for a month, on the stupid advice of a friend. Then she began to walk. 3-4 times a day, 20-30 minutes (when as it turns out). There were oilcloths at home and sometimes she went to them, and over time she began to go to oilcloths once a day, or even less often. And just recently I wrote directly on the sofa. I was shocked. Sometimes he pees past the oilcloth. Once even in a conidor. What to do? How to stop her from writing at home?

    03/29/2015 Olga writes how to wean a Labrador for 8 months at home, even if we are at home, we walk every 2-3 hours, but poops only on the street.

    03/29/2015 Olga LABRADOR! Now the puppy is 8 months old, mostly walks only on the street, and continues to write on the street and at home (6-7 times a day), WHAT TO DO? How to punish? We walk every 3 hours.

    03/30/2015 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Olga: The pathology of the urinary system may lurk here. Get your dog’s urine sampled.

    05/22/2015 Ekaterina Hello! Tell me please, I have that cable, he is 2 years old. Recently, our pet began to shit on the carpet, although the dog has been a reason for the street since childhood. over, this happens exclusively at night and when we are not at home. Tell me what we can do with him to wean him!? Thanks for the advice.

    05/25/2015 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Minara: If a dog pees and poops on the street, then you should take him out for a walk more often and then the house will be clean.

    05/25/2015 Veterinarian Gordeeva E For Alexey: https://yadi.sk/d/UCRKHUze9vuX2 Listen to this lesson and I think you will cope with your problem.

    05/27/2015 Konstantin Hello! Help with advice, we are suffering with a Pomeranian Spitz, the guy is 9 months old. Due to the fact that we are working with my wife, 1 remains at home. We continue to accustom us to diapers laid out in a small aviary, we have already refused treats. For the most part, only shits there, and wet cases 1-3 times a day on the baseboards in the corridor and on the leg of the table in the kitchen (he signs 7 times a day). This is already very unnerving. And we shame him, and we are offended. we do not play, and the podzhopniki are already arriving. Noticing a puddle, we call him, he understands where his name is and runs away to someone who still does not know about it. We tried a bunch of antigadins. Ugh! What to do if you can’t walk more often? Thanks in advance.

    07/23/2015 Daria Hello! My dog ​​is 3 months old. We cannot walk now, because quarantine after vaccinations. Previously, everything was fine, she went to a special diaper, but now, forgive me, she poops wherever possible and impossible. What is it connected with and how to avoid it?

    24.07.2015 Darina30 Beagle puppy 8 months old! We walk 3 times a day! Shit at home, mostly on small things. I feed before walking. Mostly crap after sleep, woke up and went about his business, or when he doesn’t like something, as if it were evil. If He is in the mood for a day there can be 3-4 puddles at home. but mostly more. Tell me how to wean. Since she is pregnant with a terrible toxicosis. Well, the smells of your beloved hairy are not very pleasant.

    09/09/2015 Vika I have a husky 9 months old girl is pissing and shitting at home while there is no one what to do? Feed three times a day we walk so much.

    10/23/2015 Yulia Hello! I have a Chihuahua for 5 months, the puppy was taken in the summer, etc. we live in our house the puppy is used to running to the toilet outside, autumn came, the doors were closed. began to ask sitting under the door. Can endure for a long time when everyone is at home. But, as soon as I leave for at least 15 minutes, there’s a puddle and more than one. I was advised to get used to the litter box before it’s too late, but it just became a disaster. I sat with him for 8 hours near the tray, with my family I changed who sits in shifts. At the same time, the puppy whined, tried to sleep, stopped drinking and eating. What should we do in this situation? The forum advises not to pay attention to his behavior and continue to master the tray. I could not stand it and took the boy out for a walk, immediately ate and went to bed. I worry that when he grows up he will paint at home, when we are gone.

    11.11.2015 Lena I have a German shepherd dog, a bitch, she is about 9 months old, and she shits in the apartment, I walk 3 times a day, 7 am, 3 pm and 8 pm, but sometimes we walk in different ways even more, what to do.

    12/08/2015 Ksenia Hello. I have a dog toy terrier, a girl of 3 months. We don’t go outside yet, we just got all the vaccinations. At home we go to squeak on a diaper, and poop anywhere. We walked on a large floor. now she began to reach the crawati and jump on it. When I was not at home, she began to shriek and poop on the crib. I don’t even know what to do with her and scolded and poked her nose. Can I somehow excommunicate her? Do it on crawl while I’m not at home.?

    12.12.2015 Dasha Hello! I have a pitbull boy 4 months old. He writes at home almost every half hour, where he wants to and on the sofa and on the carpet. We walk 4 times a day, we will do everything on the street, we come home and after half an hour there is a puddle again! Restricting in water! Tell me what to do?

    12/27/2015 Irina I have a Labrador. He is 3 months old. At first they taught him to walk on a diaper, walked, but when they started to walk on the street he stopped walking on a diaper, he can lie on the couch and lie down. And the strangest thing is, when no one is at home, he only goes to the diaper. What’s wrong? Please tell me!

    03/26/2016 Svetlana Hello, I wanted to ask, our French Bulldog is 6 months old, a very smart puppy, all the teams have already been trained, but there is a problem with the toilet. He realized that he needed to do all his business on the street, ask to go outside, but asks every 1-1.5, if we don’t go for a walk with him, then he pisses on everything that resembles his baby diaper. How to teach him to endure, we will not walk with him every 2 hours? He’s already big?

    08/04/2016 Anastasia hello. I have a beagle. he is 1 year old, and he still goes to the toilet at home. It seems to be the same big, but all the same crap. We tried everything and vinegar with water, and treated it with special means, but there is no result. We walk 3-4 times for 30 minutes. Tell me How to wean him?

    08/28/2016 Alla Hello, jack rassl trererer is 10 months old, we walk often, but still pees at home when he pleases, shits too. (Mostly on a diaper, but it happens anywhere) For example, today she got up at three in the morning and she shits on rug. And another question, we walk only on habit, because you let go, she runs away. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

    10/06/2016 Iriga We have a little toy terrier. pees on tape at night, on tape in the morning, even when there is no one pees on tape, but sometimes as it bursts, he pisses on the floor, and immediately draws his ears and runs to the place, goes to the toilet on the street.

    10/13/2016 Roman Hello, my dog ​​shorthaired pointer is 6 months old, pissing at home. and, I think, the problem is not like everyone else’s. The fact is that he can write with our family. even for example, when the whole family is lying on the couch and he can write, although he knows that for this he will be punished very very severely. We withdraw 4 times a day. at 6 am, at 14-15 hours. at 8 o’clock, at

    11/10/2016 Albina Dog is half a year old, we walk 2 times a day for forty minutes after eating, but still walks at home and very often.

    The dog picks up on the street: what to do?

    WikiPet.ru editorial board

    The overwhelming majority of owners complain that dogs pick up all kinds of nasty things on the street. Some try to fight this habit in different ways, sometimes cruel, others give up But even the most cruel methods do not guarantee that the dog will not grab any bad substance without a leash or when the owner turns away.

    Why is it so difficult to disaccustom a dog to pick up rotten pieces on the street??

    The fact is that a dog is a hunter and a scavenger, and it is quite natural for it to “hunt” for food, hunt down “game” and pick up what is bad. And your pet learns very quickly that smell leads to reward. So the dog picks up food not because it is “bad”, but because it is a dog!

    Also, the dog can pick up food if it has health problems (gastrointestinal diseases) or lacks some vitamins or minerals. In this case, first of all, you should consult with a veterinarian and strictly follow his recommendations.

    In addition, the desire to “vacuum” muck can be associated with overexcitement or boredom.

    Human Behaviors that Dogs Hate and Wish You Wouldn’t Do

    What to do if the dog is healthy, but at the same time it grabs everything it can reach? Let the dog eat whatever it finds? Of course not! This is not only unpleasant, but also simply dangerous for the health and life of the pet.

    The answer is simple. you need to teach the dog not to match in a humane way. Yes, it will take some time and effort on your part, but it will be worth it.

    Teaching a dog not to match includes several stages, from simple to complex. And it is very important that each stage ends with the success of the pet.

    Exercises used to train your dog in a humane way:

    • Zen.
    • Game “You can. you can’t”.
    • Scattering pieces.
    • Dealing with various provocations on a leash and without a leash in different places and in different conditions.
    • Execution of various commands in the presence of food scattered on the ground.
    • Retention training for edible items.
    • Using provocations without the owner’s smell (other people’s provocations).

    You can learn this by signing up for our video course on training a dog in a non-selection of humane methods.

    The puppy does not pee on the street, endures home. And then, at home pissing only when no one sees. what to do? and does not bark at all. 3.5month

    only yesterday they bought it, the puppy is good, and besides this there are no troubles from him.

    we walk for a long time. Sometimes half an hour, sometimes an hour, or even an hour and a half. but the dog TOLERATES. but as soon as he comes home, incognito pissing trouble, in general.

    A lot of little puppies do this. One of my puppies went outside for a walk, play, and ran home to poop at a run. It goes away with age. We need to be patient and teach the kid to do his thing on the street. If he pees on the street, praise him, encourage him with a treat, and scold him at home if he doesn’t. Everything will be fine, believe me.

    You just took him yesterday, but today you want him to know everything and be able to. This does not happen. Continue walking immediately after sleeping, playing, feeding until victorious. Puppies up to 6-7 months old leave surprises on the floor, because physiologically they still cannot stand.

    Here’s about to endure. I have a shepherd dog 3 months and 1 week. When she just started to accustom her to the street, she endured for 5 hours, but I starved her out, or she took me, I don’t know)))) So, they can endure)))) And about the accustoming, everything is simple, the main thing patience and keeping an eye on your dog. Mine, when she wants to write, tries to climb on her knees and whine, and then runs to the door and sits down beside it. She taught her to be outdoors for weeks 2. 3. After feeding, you need to play with her for about 30. 40 minutes, not letting her relax, then take her and go out on the street, not forgetting a treat for her. As soon as she does “deeds” be sure to praise. And also, my dog ​​doesn’t like to be looked at during the process and I turn away))))) And it is imperative to scold for puddles at home, otherwise she will think that this is normal, but do not hit hard, for example, slap a rolled newspaper. Good luck with training and patience.

    And in the rain, and in the snow, and in the filthy slush

    And in the rain, and in the snow, and in the filthy slush

    And he will beat, then I will still inflate! By the year everything will be fine

    They probably scolded and shouted at him when he tried to go to sit. I think I need to contact some knowledgeable dog handler or veterinarian.

    Get used to the street! Not all at once. Walk longer! And after sleeping, eating, playing outside, try to take!

    You don’t have to do anything, you can contact the breeder who bought it from. Walk until he pees, pee straight home.

    He is still small. It is quite possible that he was not on the street at all before the sale. I hope that he has at least all vaccinations made for walking. Our first days on the street, not only did not sit down to write, but lay down on the ground and refused to go. Never scold the puppy for puddles at home. Until six months, they still do not know how to endure: they piss where it is necessary. You will punish. he will hide and write in hard-to-reach places. Most likely, he has already been punished a couple of times, so he does everything unnoticed. As long as your friends. these are diapers or newspapers. Lay them in the hallway by the door. As soon as the puppy fusses, put him on the newspaper. You can soak a newspaper with a few drops of his urine. he will smell his own smell and go to the toilet there. Walk a lot. Better after the puppy is awake. Walking with your puppy after eating is harmful. They walk with the dog before eating. If the puppy is worthy to go to the toilet on the street, then treat and praise him. You will gradually remove the newspapers at home. Not finding its place, the dog fusses around the door. So you will understand that it is time to walk. Until he just knows he has to go outside at all.

    The puppy was taught to write at home, so he suffers. In the morning we got up, the puppy was in an armful and out into the street, until he had time to pee, wait until he pee and immediately praise him violently. This is the work of the owner. And it’s too early to bark for him and it is better not to encourage this business, otherwise you will suffer later with barking about and without.