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The puppy does not eat for 1.5 months

The puppy does not want to eat dry food: what to do?

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The appearance of a four-legged friend in the house is an exciting and responsible moment. New owners have many doubts and questions. One of the most common: what to do if the puppy does not eat dry food.

feeding 1 month old puppy

First of all, it is worth figuring out why the baby turns away from the bowl.

“Delicious” and dog treats

Do not encourage the habit of begging: this not only ruins the puppy‘s appetite, but also creates problems for the owners in the future. Do you want every meal you eat to be accompanied by persistent whining, barking and pawing? If not, it is wiser not to train your puppy to begging right away.

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If possible, do not let him into the kitchen or dining room during your own meals, and if you did, do not give in to manipulation.

How to tell if your puppy is not starving

If the puppy does not eat dry food, owners fear that he will remain hungry and become exhausted. They again begin to feed him with natural food, thereby nullifying all previous efforts to accustom him to dry food.

What to do if puppy stops eating or less interested in eating suddenly

In fact, the norms that are indicated on the packages with ready-made feed are rather indicative. Nutrient requirements vary from animal to animal. The puppy may eat a lot during the period of active growth and experience declines in appetite on other days.

If your baby is cheerful, active and growing normally, do not force him to eat or worry. Another sure sign that your dog isn’t starving is regular bowel movements.


Sometimes a puppy, already accustomed to dry granules, refuses them due to painful sensations during teething. The problem is easily solved by pre-soaking the feed with warm water. It is generally recommended to moisturize dry granules for all young puppies (up to about 3-4 months old). Moistened food is easier to swallow and better aroma.

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Natural food habit

If the puppy has not received dry food in the breeder’s house, this type of food may seem unpalatable or even inedible to him. During the adaptation period, it is advisable to keep the menu to which the animal is accustomed. And make the transition to dry food smooth. within a week or even two. Starting by replacing 20% ​​of the usual diet with new food, we gradually increase the proportion of dry food until a complete transition to it.

Violation of the feeding regime

Some owners keep dry food in a bowl at all times. As a result, the puppy simply does not have time to get hungry, and the owner has a feeling that the pet “does not eat anything”.

The problem is solved if you stick to a clear schedule. The frequency of meals is directly related to the age of the puppy. The younger the animal, the more often it needs to receive food. As they grow older, the number of feedings is gradually reduced, and their volume is increased.

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Dog’s age, in months Number of feeds per day Approximate meal times
1-2 5-6 7.00, 10.00, 13.00, 16.00, 19.00, 22.00
2-4 4-5 7.00, 10.00, 14.00, 18.00, 22.00
4-6 3-4 7.00, 12.00, 17.00, 22.00
6-10 3 7.00, 14.00, 21.00
ten 2 7.00, 20.00

The time can be changed at your discretion, but it must be constant. You should also take into account your own regimen in order to be able to regularly feed the dog according to the established schedule.

Reasons for refusing dry food

First you need to exclude diseases, especially if the loss of appetite is associated with other alarming symptoms: for example, the pet sleeps a lot, seeks to find a secluded place, he has loose stools or vomiting. In these cases, you should not hesitate to contact a veterinarian. If, being healthy, the puppy does not want to eat dry food, the reasons are usually the following:.