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We build a kennel for a dog with our own hands

Do-it-yourself dog booth from scrap materials

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In the warm season, even more people move to summer cottages. At the same time, they bring with them pets. cats and dogs. Fresh air is good not only for people, but also for animals. It is customary to keep cats at home, but they try to keep dogs on the street. This does not mean that you are kicking the dog out. On the street, the dog can move more, not only with you, but also independently. But, at the same time, the dog needs to create a place where she could rest or hide from the weather. And such a place should be a booth. At least it is in the booths that dogs usually live.

Dimensions of the dog house

The dimensions of the booth, as a whole, as well as of individual rooms, are selected based on the anthropometric data (size of the dog) of its future owner, i.e. dogs. It should be borne in mind that all the dimensions listed below are given for the inner space of the booth. Do not forget that the insulation and the building material used have their own thickness, which will “eat” part of the space. The height of the booth is calculated from the height of the dog at the withers, plus 15-20 cm. This is a comfortable distance that will allow the dog to sit quietly in the booth on a mat without touching the ceiling. The depth of the booth is made so that the dog can lie quietly on its side, stretching its legs, and at the same time not touching the walls. Again, take the height of the dog at the withers and add 10-15 cm. The width of the berth is calculated from the distance from the tip of the nose to the tailbone of the dog, with the addition of 10-15 cm. The total width of the booth is the sum of the width of the berth and the width of the vestibule. The width of the vestibule depends on the configuration of the dog.

Types of dog houses

Currently, in most cases, two types of booths are used. This is a traditional, one-volume booth, more commonly referred to as a kennel.

It has its pros and cons. So they have a traditional look, a simple design, which makes it easier to manufacture and maintain the place. The disadvantage of such a booth for use in the northern regions will be the poor protection of the animal during the cold season. The second type is already a real booth, which has two rooms. a vestibule and a sleeping place. In such a booth, if it is also insulated, the dog is not afraid of any cold.

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Since the second option is more interesting and functional, we will consider how to build it with our own hands.

How to make a two-volume doghouse from available materials. Example with step by step photos

Initially, we make a frame from a bar. Sew up the top and bottom with boards, you can use it. In this case, we use a vapor barrier film.

We put mineral wool inside the cavity, and cover it with foil on top (bottom and top). This is necessary so that the insulation does not pick up moisture and does not lose its properties.

On the bottom of the booth, in the corners, we install supports from a bar. So we will be able to raise the booth above the ground, providing ventilation and preventing rotting.

Since the booth will be gable, we set the corners using a frame structure.

We also install the frame at the entrance of the booth.

As in the case of the base, we use a vapor barrier.

We trim the booth from the inside. In our case, this is a lining, but you can also use what comes to hand: old boards, plywood and similar materials.

proceeding to the roof. First, we install the boards from the inside.

Then we use the vapor barrier and insulation again.

We sew up the booth from above. We use all the same lining.

The warm room (volume) is ready, we proceed to the “vestibule” of the kennel.

Here, the use of insulation and vapor barrier is no longer necessary.

We sew everything up, bring it to its logical conclusion.

It remains to ennoble our booth, painting it with stain and varnishing.

Now we wait 2-3 days until everything is dry and weathered. You can call the inspectors, that is, your pet, and hand over the object.

How to build a booth with your own hands: general recommendations

Obviously, the booth is a rectangular structure with a flat roof, or something similar. The roof must be made with a slope, so that rainwater and other precipitation does not linger on it.

As already mentioned, the booth consists of two rooms. a vestibule and a sleeping place. (see picture below)

The purpose of the vestibule is to protect the booth from drafts and the ingress of cold air. Although usually the vestibule is not insulated, a thick cloth is hung at the entrance to the vestibule to keep warm in the booth.

In general, this condition is not necessary, since dogs are curious creatures and they want to watch everything that happens on the territory of the site, and the curtain interferes with this. For the frame of the booth, a timber with a dimension of 50×50 mm is used, and for cladding the best option is lining. The option of internal cladding using moisture-resistant plywood is possible. This is an example of a plywood booth.

For external cladding, a wooden lining or plastic Euro lining is perfect.

Mineral wool, polystyrene or ordinary sawdust are used as insulation.

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The floor is made of grooved floorboards. For the manufacture of the roof, a 50×25 mm timber is used, sheathed on both sides with 10 mm plywood. The roof is made hinged so that the booth can be cleaned and disinfected. After the materials are prepared, the assembly of the booth begins. First, frames are made, which are then sheathed with clapboard and plywood. Thus, we get the panels of the sidewalls, and the front and rear walls. Then we fasten the frames together. Then the floor is done. We fix the boards in size between the lower bars. The inner space of the wall panels is filled with insulation. The photo shows a variant of the combined filling. The upper part is filled with mineral wool, the lower part is filled with foam. The foam must be cut 2-3 mm larger than the inner size. In this case, it will sit tightly between the bars.


Then the walls are sheathed outside. In this case, pieces of galvanized profiled sheet are used.

Then the floor is insulated using foam.

Bars must be attached to the bottom of the booth. Such bars will distance the booth above the ground. This distance will prevent the accumulation of moisture, reduce the influence of the heat capacity of the earth on the climate inside the booth. The roof is assembled as follows. We assemble the frame, the ceiling is hemmed with plywood. Then the inner space is filled with mineral wool. The top of the frame is covered with plywood or lining flooring. To fix the roof on the booth, you can fix it on hinges, or install base bars on the roof ceiling, which will prevent it from sliding off the booth frame. It remains to install the roof in place and the booth is ready. If the booth will stand on the street, in the open air, then it is worth covering the roof with roofing material, for example, roofing material, profiled sheet or bituminous tiles. All these were just general recommendations, and now we will consider a specific example of making a dog booth with our own hands.

Summing up about the dog kennel

Summing up, it is worth saying that the booth is not some form of showing attention and love to your dog. After all, with a bad owner, the dog will obviously endure all the hardships and bad weather wherever necessary, but not in such a booth, which we have given above. In fact, this is not only a matter of your karma, if I may ironically say so, but also that the dog will be much more comfortable and safer in such a booth. We are talking about weather conditions when it is winter outside or sudden temperature changes. Such a booth is able to provide your pet with excellent protection from bad weather, which means to keep him healthy, and your loyal friend, an irreplaceable “call”, and even a guard of the territory.

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First, the frame of the doghouse is lined with glassine from the inside. It is fixed in the corners with a stapler. Then the foam or mineral wool is fixed. Then the insulation is covered with glassine, on top of which plywood is fixed. It is also laid on the floor.

Bottom insulation

The frame, sheathed, on one side, with boards, is turned upside down. Its inner part is covered with glassine, which is fixed with staples from a stapler. Then the foam is laid between the beams. This material is cut according to the dimensions of the frame, and its thickness should be equal to the height of the beams. Then the insulation is covered with a layer of glassine and a finished floor is created.

Booth decoration

The finished doghouse is treated with an antiseptic from the outside. Impregnation is also suitable for this. The applied products must dry completely. Then roofing material is fixed at the bottom of the structure. In this case, the insulating material should go 50 mm to the walls of the kennel. Further, two bars are fixed on the roofing material, the size of which is 100×50 mm. They should also be treated with an antiseptic or impregnation. Then the house is turned over and its manhole is decorated with the help of wooden platbands.

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Sheathing the kennel

A wooden kennel for a dog is sheathed from the outside with clapboard. During work, you need to ensure that there are no gaps between the boards. Roofing material is laid on the bottom and, if necessary, supports made of beams are fixed.

Roof fixing

Two structures are made, for each of which two bars of 50×50 mm are used. They are connected to each other so that an angle of 40 degrees is obtained between them. The workpieces are installed vertically on the frame flush with the smaller walls and fixed temporarily with nails. Two installed blanks at the top points are connected horizontally with a bar with the same section. In this case, it is necessary to provide that it protrudes 200 mm in the front part of the kennel. Further, two bars of the same length are fixed at the lower points of the rafters.

Do-it-yourself dog booth. Drawings and dimensions. Best Master Classes

Creating a frame for the bottom

In accordance with the drawing of the doghouse, bars are taken, each side of which is 40 mm. They are cut to fit the bottom. Then a rectangle is formed from them on a flat surface. Its corners are fixed with self-tapping screws. If the dog is large, then the frame must be reinforced. For this, additional jumpers are fixed in it. Then she, on the one hand, is sheathed with boards.

do-it-yourself shepherd booth. Photo step by step