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What bones to give a German shepherd puppy

Vitamins for a German Shepherd puppy

In the first year, a cub of a German Shepherd is considered a puppy. During this period, the dog is actively developing. She needs vitamins, which strengthen bone tissue, replenish energy reserves, and promote the development of the cartilaginous plate on the ears. Preparations along with food help the puppy get everything he needs.

At the age of one month, German Shepherd puppies are given a complex of vitamins and calcium tablets. They are added to food. The preparations are combined with cottage cheese, milk and other dairy products so that they are better absorbed. The dose must be calculated correctly, otherwise an excess of calcium leads to loss of appetite, problems with stools, nausea and vomiting. In severe cases, abnormalities in the animal’s brain develop.

A German shepherd puppy aged from 2 to five months will benefit from individual vitamins and whole complexes that contain:

  • phosphorus;
  • calcium gluconate;
  • chondroitin;
  • calcium glycerophosphate;
  • glucosamine.

In the early stages of development, when the skeleton is not yet fully formed, they are necessary. However, many complexes cause gastrointestinal upset, so they are taken together with fermented milk products.

During the raising of the ears, which in German Shepherd puppies starts from 3 months and lasts up to one year, vitamins with glucosamine are needed. The preparation in powder has proven itself well, which is convenient to give to a pet with food. One of these additives is Gelakan Darling.

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Vitamins for Shepherd Dogs: for joints, hair, raising ears, complex

Nutrients for adult dogs and puppies are essential. Animals get them from regular food and in the form of active additives. However, the composition of the complex, the dose of elements and minerals for different ages are different. It is better to listen to the professionals and choose the right vitamins for your German Shepherd for its health and age.

Vitamins for an adult shepherd

After a year, the German Shepherd is considered an adult, so the dosage of vitamins and the composition of the complexes are changed. Food products and active additives must contain:

  • ascorbic acid;
  • carotene;
  • vitamin E and D;
  • thiamine.

They prevent bleeding of the gums during tooth changes, strengthen the immune system, and support the health of the organs of vision and the reproductive system. Protects from cramps and numbness of the limbs.

In the 2nd year of life, the German Shepherd is susceptible to diseases, so vitamins are necessary for it. By this time, the animal’s diet becomes monotonous, diseases of the musculoskeletal system develop more often. Drugs with chondroprotectors are added to the usual complexes. In addition, you need to reduce the calorie content of food, give more protein products. Dry food should contain vitamins C and E. This diet is adhered to for up to six years.

At the age of 7-8 years, the German Shepherd is considered elderly. All processes in the body slow down, nutrients are absorbed hard. At this stage, complexes are needed. They must contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, vitamins E, B and A.

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Vitamins for pregnant shepherd dogs

During pregnancy, the German Shepherd Dog needs an increased concentration of vitamins. Since they are used not only to replenish the body’s reserves, but also for the development of puppies.

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The diet should be rich in protein foods. These are meat, eggs, cottage cheese and lean fish. carbohydrates are reduced to a minimum. In addition, they begin to give special supplements for pregnant bitches.

  • folic acid;
  • vitamin E;
  • gland;
  • calcium.
  • “Brevers Excel 8 in 1”. USA;
  • complexes “Kanina”. Germany;
  • “Pro Bio Booster Sa”. Switzerland.

They are well absorbed and tolerated by dogs.

Nutrition of a German shepherd puppy. What food to feed your dog?

For a tiny puppy to grow into a strong and healthy German Shepherd, it is important to properly organize its nutrition.

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When drawing up a diet, it is worth considering that the puppy has a small stomach volume and an accelerated metabolism, therefore it is recommended to feed him often and in small doses. You will also learn how to properly feed a puppy at 1 month, 2, 3-4 and later.

How to give gelatin?

To strengthen cartilage and prevent the development of joint diseases, many experienced German Shepherd breeders recommend giving their puppies gelatin daily. Most often, ordinary food gelatin is bought for these purposes, and it is soaked in water or a tablespoon of powder is poured directly into the porridge.


When feeding nauralka, each new product is recommended to be introduced gradually, and it is extremely important to monitor the reaction of the puppy’s body. If constipation occurs, the puppy is given a tummy massage and dill water.

If loose stools appear, the puppies are given rice water. If during the day the stool has not returned to normal, then it is recommended to consult a veterinarian, since diarrhea can be a sign of not only digestive upset, but also a disease such as colibacillosis.

The product that caused the digestive upset is excluded from the diet or given in a different form (boiled, steamed, mixed with other products).

From about 25-27 days, puppies are taught to cereals from ground rice and buckwheat. A little later, grated vegetables and fish are introduced into the diet.

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Up to a year

The basic principles of organizing nutrition for a puppy up to a year:

  • Keeping all nutrients in balance.
  • Compliance with the intervals between feedings according to age.
  • Monitor portion sizes: the puppy should not overeat, but fasting will adversely affect his growth and development.
  • Food should be room temperature.
  • Fractional nutrition.

Up to 6 months old German Shepherd Dogs are recommended to give food in the following proportions:

  • 10% of the total mass of the daily allowance is dairy products;
  • 10%. vegetables;
  • 10-20%. vegetables and cereals;
  • everything else is meat and meat offal.

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From what month can you dry?

You can give dry food to puppies from two weeks of age. Before starting feeding, it must be soaked with water at room temperature or milk. It is recommended to give dry food to puppies over 1.5 months.

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