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What Breed Of Dog Is Suitable For An Apartment

Border Terrier

What Breed Of Dog Is Suitable For An Apartment

Children: gets along well with children of all ages

Allergy: hypoallergenic dog breed (rarely causes allergies)

Apartment: suitable for a small apartment

Very affectionate, affectionate, good dogs. Calm and balanced. They are friendly with pets. They love communication and long walks.

Yorkshire Terrier

Children: great, especially for girls

Allergy: the breed is hypoallergenic (rarely causes allergies)

Apartment: suitable for a small apartment (the dog tolerates travel well, hotels, flights)

Yorkies have been the most sought after breed for many years. They are like living toys that can be dressed up and worn under the armpit. They will give a sea of ​​tenderness and love to their owners. And despite their diminutive size, Yorkies are smart dogs.


Children: very good for children

Allergies: Dogs rarely cause allergies

Apartment: suitable for a small apartment

A small fragile dog loves to communicate, sit on his arms and caress. She has no seasonal molt, and almost no dog smell. Dogs are very enthusiastic about the presence of small children, other dogs and even cats, especially if she was brought up with them. However, it is worth looking after the game with the child, as K. The dog is very nimble, and some games for it can end in injury. She will never do anything bad, but a child can accidentally harm her.

Labrador Retriever

Children: no one loves children like Labradors

Allergies: not suitable for people with allergies

Apartment: large breed, but feels comfortable in a small apartment

They are real handsome men, very smart and loyal. Labradors are optimists, rejoicing every minute, infecting everyone around with positive emotions. They are able to cheer you up and support you on difficult days. The dog is very sincere, not aggressive, so it will perfectly fit into a family of any composition.

Jack Russell Terrier

Children: not suitable for toddlers, but likes to play with older children, so it is suitable for boys

Allergy: not suitable for people with allergies

Apartment: suitable for a small apartment

This is a battery-powered dog that will never let you get bored. They are always ready to play and run, but they are calm at home. Dogs are attentive and intelligent, cunning and inquisitive. Jack Russell doesn’t like strangers. He will protect you both on a walk and in an apartment, but not aggressive, but rather very active. Jack is a good watchman despite his small size. Also, the dog cannot resist small animals, rodents and cats. They are prey. And, of course, the most charming feature of the breed is the ability to stand on its hind legs, begging for treats or apologizing for tricks.

Children: love children very much

Allergies: not suitable for people with allergies

Apartment: feel good in a small apartment

Charming, funny and touching pugs love both children and old people. We are always ready to play, take part in all family affairs, sleep and eat. Pugs, however, often snore and do not tolerate heat, but they are able to give a lot of emotions and true love. Dogs are generally not aggressive, their intelligence is well developed, quite obedient and get along well with all the inhabitants of the house. By the way, pugs tend to accumulate in the apartment. Where one was brought in, a second very often appears, and then a third.


Children: not recommended for young children

Allergy: Leading the list of non-allergic dogs

Apartment: suitable for a small apartment, but needs frequent walks

The breed is energetic, independent and naturally intelligent. A close emotional bond quickly forms between the dog and the owner, and often the owner and the dog become true friends. But Basenji are suspicious and unfriendly to strangers, they do not tolerate other pets either. The dog is very interesting and unusual. So, one of the features is that the Basenji does not know how to bark at all, but only emits a gurgling sound if you don’t like something. Small size, lack of smell, loose hair and barking are its advantages over other breeds. Some Basenjis can sing!


Children: better not

Allergy: the breed is hypoallergenic (hereinafter it means that the dog is very rarely allergic)

Apartment: suitable for a small apartment

This kid with rich bushy eyebrows, protruding lower lip, beard and proudly raised head will suit people with a good sense of humor. The lapdog is the oldest small breed bred. It was originally created to hunt rodents. It cannot be kept with cats, but for those who lack company, it is perfect.

Petit brabancon (griffon)

Children: very fond of

Allergy: rarely causes allergies

Apartment: suitable for the conditions of a small apartment, you can accustom to a diaper and skip walks

Funny dogs with a cute face, rich and expressive facial expressions, good-natured and playful character. They easily get along with other animals, including cats. They love to play and kiss. They are very attached to the owner, so they cannot be left alone for a long time. Brabansiks are considered obedient, easily trainable intellectuals who perfectly understand the mood and intonation of the owner.


Children: Dogs are very fond of children.

Allergy: the breed is not suitable for those with allergies

Apartment: the best dog breed for an apartment (lap dog, travels easily).

The perfect home dog. It is unpretentious, easily adapts to changes and does not need constant training (the dog can learn the basic commands already at 5 months). Very obedient and one of the smartest dog breeds. And with a haircut it looks like a teddy bear.

What breeds of dogs are suitable for an apartment?

For a pet to become a true friend, your habits and vital activity must match as much as possible. It is not for nothing that they say that a dog always looks like its owner. If we talk about which breed of dog is better for an apartment, then there are several more influencing factors. We will turn to them below, and also consider a list of the most suitable rocks for high-rise buildings.

What breed of dog is best for an apartment?

First of all, you need to understand that not every breed can adapt to urban living conditions. Firstly, it must be a moderately active pet, otherwise, upon coming home, you risk finding furniture torn to shreds from boredom.

In search of the answer, what breed of dog to get in the apartment, it is a good idea to pay attention to unpretentious breeds and, if possible, short-haired. And do not forget about the features of family leisure: how often are you ready to pay attention to your pet, are there little kids in the house, is there a large park nearby for walking dogs.

Now let’s move on to a small list of which dog breed is best for an apartment.

  • In any list indicating which dog breeds are suitable for an apartment, there is always a pug. The difficulty of leaving is average, you will have to tinker only during the molt. But a calm long walk is enough for the animal to satisfy the need for physical activity. Great breed for families with kids.
  • With its modest size, the Yorkshire Terrier will become an excellent guard in the apartment, and the activity of this breed is average. Minimal shedding and complete safety even for allergy sufferers will be good news.
  • In search of an answer to what breed of dog to keep in an apartment, pay attention to the French Bulldog. Almost does not fade, requires minimal attention and is always in a great mood. Such a pet will not make you walk in the park for a long time, and will never attempt to escape.
  • A true family friend has always been and remains a Labrador. This is one of the best companions, and a leisurely walk after work for about an hour will completely let the pet off steam. For all its cuteness, this is a good guard.
  • Many, wondering what breed of dogs to keep in an apartment, stop at the boxer breed. First, the pet’s coat is not only short and not prone to shedding, but also requires minimal maintenance. An important factor for many is the characteristic smell of the dog, and so the boxer almost completely lacks it. The only thing that you can’t get around. Exercise, as the dog needs them daily.
  • Poodles are distinguished by their balanced character. They are often kept in apartments, with a variety of families. If the gradual combing of the coat and constant grooming does not scare you, but even intrigues, this breed will fully meet your expectations.
  • But the answer, what breeds of dogs are suitable for an apartment, if you are a stay-at-home, will definitely be an English Bulldog. This breed will be quite satisfied with a leisurely short walk, as it prefers a measured lifestyle. He feels great in apartment conditions, he is not inclined to damage property. But be prepared for constant monitoring of the dog’s diet, because with such preferences, obesity is his main problem.
  • Another breed that does not require much attention and long walks. Pekingese. The breed adapts easily, adapts to the rhythm of life of its owner. You will only need to monitor the pet’s coat so that no tangles form.
  • For families with children, the beagle will be an excellent solution. The dog is friendly and with proper training, his activity will not be a problem. He has enough space even in a small apartment, and long walks in the air in the company of children are a real reward for him.
  • And finally, the favorites of many. Cocker Spaniels. Again, they are suitable for families with children, where long and active walks are the norm.
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What breed to choose for an apartment?

Not all dogs are suitable for keeping in an apartment, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Your life schedule and opportunities for full-fledged puppy care;
  • Additional money to buy feed, vitamins and shampoos;
  • Mental stability, because a dog in the first months of life will gnaw on shoes, go to the toilet at home and bark for no reason, to withstand this, strong nerves are needed;
  • Decide on the purpose of acquiring a dog for an apartment: guard, companion or decorative breed;
  • Can you change your daily routine to include walking, training, swimming and more;
  • Think about allergies;
  • Decide whether there is enough space in the apartment to keep a medium-sized puppy or a large breed.

It is important that you value yourself as a person. This will determine how active, melancholic, calm or active puppy you get. For example, retrievers are ideal for cheerful people, and a French bulldog or pug is ideal for weighted and pedantic people.

Also decide on the following questions:

  • The length of the dog’s coat is long-haired, short-haired or smooth-haired;
  • Character;
  • The sex of the animal;
  • Learning level;
  • Pet sizes;
  • Your preferences and hobbies in life.

Top 10 dog breeds for an apartment

Consider the rating of the best dogs for keeping in an apartment.

  • Affenpinscher. height at withers up to 30 cm. Differs in endurance, sharp mind, independence, small size and calm disposition. The dog’s coat is hard and thick, color shades. black, fawn, brown.


  • Loves his family, children;
  • Ready to protect the owner.


  • Thorough care of the coat;
  • Difficulties in learning.
  • The hunting beagle is a small dog with short legs and long ears. The coat is short, white and brown with dark spots. By nature. an active, loving dog, will become a good companion, love your children and remain devoted to the owner.


  • The ability to use a beagle for hunting and tracking small animals;
  • Good sense of smell.


  • Difficulty learning;
  • The need for physical activity.
  • The German Doberman is a large, obedient dog, the best protectors that can live in an apartment. Wool. short, color from black to dark brown, medium height. up to 70 cm.The Doberman is distinguished by restraint, aristocracy, friendliness and affection for his family.


  • Strength and endurance;
  • Minimal training;
  • Fast learner.


  • Fast excitability;
  • Large pet size.
  • The Jack Russell Terrier is a medium-sized, short-haired hunting breed of dog, white with red and brown spots. Can be used as a companion or burrowing hunter. By nature. an agile, courageous, active and inquisitive dog.


  • Fast learner;
  • Endless energy;
  • Love for children.


  • The need for constant physical activity;
  • Long walks in open space.
  • The decorative Yorkshire Terrier is the best and obedient dog for a small apartment with children. The breed belongs to long-haired, color. from light brown to golden, average weight. 1.5 kg. By nature. cute, active, requires attention and very mobile, used to be used for catching rodents.


  • Small size;
  • Peacefulness;
  • Treating other animals well.


  • Continuous grooming of the coat;
  • The need for a balanced diet and vitamins;
  • Choice of food.
  • Smooth-haired Labrador. unpretentious, large dog, was bred to help people. The pet will be obedient, loyal, cheerful, savvy and fearless. Wool. thick, silky, color. chocolate, black, fawn. Labrador can be a companion and assistant on the hunt, we will pick up.


  • Fast learner;
  • Good health;
  • Love for family and master.


  • The need for constant training and education.
  • The Pug is a small decorative breed, distinguished by liveliness, activity, good nature, endurance and nobility. The height of the dog is up to 30 cm, weight is about 8 kg. Color. fawn, black with dark spots in the form of a mask on the face. Grunting pugs are good with children and other animals, they are not selective in food.


  • Simplicity of care;
  • Minimal time for walking and training.


  • A large list of diseases that are associated with vision, bone health.
  • The decorative spitz was bred in Germany. The appearance may vary, but the coat is always thick, fluffy, brown or dark in color. By the nature of the breed: peaceful, mobile, fearless, loyal.

It will be interesting:


  • Good hearing;
  • Love for children;
  • Low maintenance time.


  • The need for constant training, otherwise the dog will become naughty and angry.
  • Dog French Bulldog. medium size with smooth coat, color. black, fawn, brown or red. There are folds in the neck and muzzle, the eyes are large and the ears are erect. Bulldog. loyal, calm, agile and savvy, can be used for protection.


  • Ease of learning;
  • Peaceful character;
  • Devotion to the owner.


  • The presence of chronic diseases;
  • Weak bones.
  • The Little Chihuahua is a decorative dog that appeared many centuries ago and influenced the appearance of many dwarf breeds. Average weight is not more than 3 kg, hair can be short-haired and long-haired, color. fawn, black, red. Such a puppy will be active, inquisitive, agile, playful and hardy.


  • Devotion to the owner;
  • You hardly need to walk with him;
  • Learns quickly.


  • Malice;
  • Selfishness;
  • Touchiness;
  • Constant barking.

Yorkshire Terrier. fluffy wonder

Nice breed Yorkshire Terrier, very reminiscent of a plush toy. Despite its diminutive size, the dog, like all terriers, is a hunter at heart. The pet is inquisitive, active, communication with him will bring joy to the whole family. People with allergies can start this dog, since the pet’s fur coat consists of hair, which is almost identical in structure to a human.

  • Molting is minimal;
  • Sentinel and hunting qualities are well developed;
  • Get along well with children and other pets;
  • Quite active, physical activity is required, but not too intense, it is enough to entertain the dog by playing in the apartment;
  • Rather painstaking care of the coat;
  • Ideal pet for training and education.

Yorkshire Terrier has a thick and long coat, has a square body, a narrowed muzzle and expressive eyes. Puppies of the breed have a black color, which by 3-4 months is set off by the palettes characteristic of the breed. The main color of an adult is brown-yellow and brown-honey.

Dogs for an apartment recognizes only one owner, although he will treat each household with awe. He loves attention very much and begins to be sad when alone. The dog loves long walks, is easy to train, and is tolerant of pet clothing. Walking with a pet is more of an entertaining nature, experts recommend having a home toilet for a terrier.

The breed has hunting roots that make themselves felt when meeting strangers. The dog is wary of strangers. On the street, the animal is a big bully, when it meets other individuals, it starts to bark first.

  • Wool. daily combing with a metal comb, it is recommended to tie a bun of hair on the head so that the fur coat does not interfere with the dog’s vision;
  • Bathing. as soon as it gets dirty, but not more than twice a month. In this case, moisturizing balms and shampoos are used;
  • Haircut. there are model, hygienic and standard haircuts;
  • Claws. haircut once a month;
  • Teeth. cleaning from tartar once a week with a special brush and paste;
  • Eyes. rubbing with a soft cloth dipped in tea leaves;
  • Parasites. monthly treatment for ticks with special sprays;
  • Diet. the use of exclusively ready-made premium food, since the home diet is not able to provide the dog with the correct proportions of vitamins and minerals;
  • Diseases. dislocations of joints, liver ailments, inflammation of the pancreas, allergies, diseases of the oral cavity, hernia, cryptorchidism.

Top 5: dog breeds for an apartment

Breed selection tips

  • Size. the larger the pet has, the more space it needs for a normal life. Therefore, compact and medium breeds of dogs are suitable for city apartments;
  • Activity. many breeds are hunting or sporting, they have developed working qualities, they need active training and long walks. It is recommended to refuse such dogs in the conditions of keeping the apartment, and especially when there is a shortage of free time;
  • Safety. some large breeds can live in apartments, but the owners need to take care of the safety of others, paying special attention to raising and training a pet.
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A particularly important factor in choosing is the size of the pet, so we will consider this item in more detail. A big dog is good because it will become a reliable guard of the house. However, such a pet cannot be put to bed with the owners, it has a pungent smell, and also needs large portions of meat.

Miniature breeds will perfectly fit into the spaciousness of a modest apartment, and at the same time they will feel comfortable. They are odorless, the basis of their diet is dry food, which pets consume very economically. The disadvantages of “glamorous” breeds are the lack of skills of guards, they themselves need care and require careful care.

Funny pug

The pug is a small companion dog, one of the oldest breeds in China. For more than one century they were faithful companions of the emperors, kept in magnificent palaces. Today the “chambers” of the animal are more modest, but this does not prevent them from maintaining their friendliness and cheerful disposition. Pets love attention, however, being alone with themselves, they do not become discouraged, but patiently wait for the return of household members.

The pug is great for a measured urban life, the pet loves to spend time at home, in the evenings he will be happy to accompany you while watching a movie, sitting at the feet of the owner.

The main characteristics of the pet:

  • It sheds profusely, grooming is required;
  • Sentry skills are not developed, is a poor guard;
  • Get along well with children and other animals;
  • Physical activity is not high, short walks will completely satisfy the dog’s “appetites” in terms of energy realization;
  • Perfectly trainable;
  • Medium difficulty dog ​​grooming, suitable for novice owners.

The pug has a pretty appearance, the body is square in shape, the head is covered with folds characteristic of Chinese breeds. The main colors of the breed are cream, black, silver and fawn. The pet is one of the amusing and funny breeds. The dog is infinitely loyal to the family, quickly gets used to the rules of the house, adjusts to the character and lifestyle of the owner.

The miniature size of the breed allows it to be kept even in the most modest apartment in terms of area. Dogs quickly find a common language with children, take part in their games with pleasure. They like to be in the spotlight, aggression and signs of cowardice are extremely rare traits found in the breed.

Pugs are a creepy sweet tooth, ready to perform the most difficult tricks for a delicious reward. An additional motivation is the praise of the owner. To maintain the health of the pet, you will need daily walks, the total duration of which varies from half an hour to an hour. In extreme heat or frost, the duration should be reduced to 10 minutes.

  • Bathing. every 4-5 months;
  • Wool. combing with a natural bristle brush, using a damp cloth to clean the folds on the face after eating;
  • Eyes. rubbing with a swab dipped in tea every morning;
  • Claws. haircut once a month;
  • Ears. weekly cleaning with a swab dipped in boric alcohol;
  • Parasites. spray the dog’s skin with a tick spray every month;
  • Diet. dry food is recommended, especially during the growth of the puppy, after the pet is 8 months old, it can be transferred to home cooking: chicken, lean meat, cereals, sea fish, apples, vegetables, offal, dairy products. The taboo for the pug’s diet is chocolate, smoked meats, pasta, river fish, oatmeal;
  • Diseases. pug owners can face obesity of their pet, gum disease, epilepsy, eye ailments.


Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed that was bred in America. Written evidence suggests that Christopher Columbus himself met with miniature animals, landing on the shores of Cuba. This apartment dog has a slightly stretched body shape, a pointed muzzle, wide-set ears, wide chest and fragile limbs.

  • Slight grooming of the coat, molting is almost imperceptible;
  • Security qualities are well developed, the pet gives a voice when it detects strangers;
  • It gets along well with other pets, but Chihuahua with children is a controversial issue. Toddler play can injure the dog;
  • The animal needs little physical activity;
  • Good trainability;
  • Perfect in the apartment, adjusts to the rhythm of life of the household.

Dogs for an apartment can have a very varied color. there are both plain and mixed coats. The most common palettes include brown, white, cream, chocolate, silver, gray, apricot, red.

The Chihuahua is an energetic yet graceful dog. The breed is strongly attached to only one household member, remaining faithful to him until the end of his days. Pets have an excellent reaction, show courage, it would seem, is unusual for them for such a tiny size.

A distinctive feature of pets is their unique ability to sense human mood. They lie on the places where the owner feels pain, relieve physical and emotional stress.

Despite the tiny size, pets behave quite bravely. They can run out into the yard without a shadow of fear, approach large dogs and even defend their territory. You may wish to walk the dog, as the pet is afraid of cold weather, does not benefit the animal’s health and strong heat. Therefore, special clothes are often used for walking, and a place is reserved for a Chihuahua toilet in the apartment.

Features of the care of this dog for an apartment:

  • Wool. combing out several times a month with a rubber mitten;
  • Eyes. prevention of souring using a wet swab;
  • Ears. weekly cleaning with a damp swab;
  • Claws. haircut every 3-4 months;
  • Bathing. several times a month, after bath procedures, the pet must be well dried;
  • Teeth. cleaning with a brush and special paste for the prevention of gum disease;
  • Diet. both the use of ready-made feed and home cooking is allowed. In the latter case, the following products should be used: meat, offal, cereals, seasonal fruits, cottage cheese, eggs;
  • Diseases. dropsy of the brain, undescended ovary, skin diseases, atrophy of the retina, joint dislocations, rheumatism, low blood sugar.

French Bulldog

An amazing dog with a sharp mind and a cheerful temperament. It belongs to the number of medium breeds, while it does not require much space. Differs in good health, does not cause trouble to maintain. The official homeland of the pet is France, although there is overwhelming evidence of dog breeding in England. Read the description of the French Bulldog breed here.

  • Molting is practically absent;
  • The complexity of the content is minimal, suitable for inexperienced owners;
  • The watchdog qualities are well developed;
  • It gets along well with other inhabitants of the house, gets along with children, protects kids and looks after them in the absence of adults;
  • Physical activity. moderate;
  • Training. the breed is disposed to training.

Bulldogs have a smooth, close-fitting coat, a strong square body, a broad head and a prominent forehead. There are various colors, but the traditional ones include the following: spotted, fawn, cream, black, brindle, beige, black.

The French are distinguished by their affectionate and kind disposition. The dog adores all family members, does not single out a single owner among them. He loves children very much and takes part in their games with pleasure. Pets are quite active, but in the absence of household members they behave quietly and calmly.

Dogs for an apartment are almost perfect. Animals perfectly feel the mood of the owner: if you are cheerful, then the bulldog will spin around you, entertaining with tricks, if you are sad, the dog will lie down next to you, expressing support with all its appearance. The Frenchman possesses well-developed watchdog qualities, he is wary of meeting guests and is ready to rush to defense at any second.

The bulldog loves to frolic on the street, so you should devote at least half an hour a day to walking the dog. It can be hostile to other relatives, so keep the pet on a leash.

Features of the content:

  • Wool. does not require special care, it is enough to clean the coat with a massage brush once a month, which will not only increase blood circulation in the tissues, but also affect the appearance of the wool;
  • Bathing. no more than once a month, after the procedure it is necessary to dry the dog with a hairdryer;
  • Claws. monthly circumcision;
  • Eyes. nitrous oxide is not formed;
  • Muzzle. care of folds, after eating the dog’s “face” should be wiped with a napkin;
  • Ears. cleansing excess sulfur once a week with a cotton swab;
  • Food. they enjoy eating dry food and homemade meals. When choosing the latter, the following products should become the basis of the diet: boiled veal, chicken, beef, cereals, sea fish, cottage cheese, eggs. Do not give bulldogs bones, smoked meats, beans, river fish, cabbage and flour products;
  • Diseases. volvulus of the eyelid, inflammation of the paw pads, urolithiasis, hypotrichosis, atopy.
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Which “neighbor” is suitable for city life?

A dog is a devoted friend, distinguished by loyalty and boundless love for its owners. Therefore, many people strive to have a four-legged pet in order to brighten up the life of themselves and their loved ones. However, not everyone can boast of the presence of spacious apartments and, moreover, country cottages, where the dog will have enough space to realize energy. However, this does not mean that living in modest square meters will have to give up the dream of becoming the owner of a puppy. You just need to choose the right breed. This will be discussed further. (Read also: dogs in a city apartment)


The name of the Affenpinscher breed is translated as “monkey terrier”, which fully corresponds to the character and appearance of the pet. The dog is an exemplary pet among the dog breed for an apartment due to its intelligence, good behavior and ability to adapt to the temperament of the owners.

The breed was bred in Germany, the ancestors of dogs are pugs, silky and German pinscher. Behind a pretty appearance hides a hunting disposition and a willingness to protect the owner.

Main characteristics:

  • Molting is practically absent, the breed is classified as hypoallergenic;
  • Security qualities are well developed;
  • Perfectly gets along with other animals and is a caring nanny for children;
  • Requires intense physical activity;
  • The complexity of the content is medium;
  • Training. easy to train.

The dog has a harmonious build, with a square body, a small rounded head, coarse hair, and erect ears. The colors of the breed are very diverse: beige, black, with gray hair, red, blue. The pet has a cheerful, good-natured disposition.

The breed is very independent and is great for those households who spend most of their time at work. The German adapts well to travel, is ready to accompany the owner on any business.

A distinctive feature of the breed is its love of jumping and mountaineering. Dogs often strive to climb the curtains, conquer the height of the cabinet. The dog lends itself well to training, but is often distracted by what is happening around, so patience is required for proper education.

Care features:

  • Wool. practically does not shed and does not require special care, it is enough to comb the pet several times a month with a metal comb;
  • Bathing. every two weeks with a shampoo for coarse hair;
  • Eyes. care with a damp swab several times a week;
  • Teeth. brushing several times a week is recommended with animal paste and a brush;
  • Ears. cleaning with cotton swabs;
  • Claws. circumcision a couple of times every six months;
  • Walks. several times a day, after the street you need to wash the paws and belly of the pet;
  • Diet. ready-made feed and vitamin supplements are recommended;
  • Diseases. diseases of the thyroid gland, dislocated joints, inflammation of the gums, heart defects, allergies.

Criterias of choice

There is a fairly wide range of factors that should be considered when choosing a dog for an apartment. If you live in a small apartment, then you should think about whether your pet will be comfortable living in a small space. In this case, it is recommended to refuse to choose large dog breeds.

The character of the pet also plays an important role. It is worth choosing breeds that have a measured temperament, will not get bored alone and will not bark about every occasion.

If you spend the lion’s share of the time at work and the pet has no one to pay attention to, you should give preference to independent animals that can occupy themselves in the absence of a person. Choose not very energetic breeds, otherwise you risk finding spoiled things on your return home.

Pets that require careful care are also not the best option for a person with a lack of free time. Avoid keeping dogs with long hair that needs regular brushing and grooming. Otherwise, the fur coat will get tangled, and its appearance will lose its attractiveness.

If in your family there are households suffering from allergies, then you should choose hairless or hypoallergenic pets. With special responsibility in the choice of a dog, it is necessary to approach those families with small children. Toddlers can injure the animal while playing or, conversely, cause its aggression. Therefore, preference should be given to calm and balanced breeds.

Yorkshire Terrier

They have a lively and agile character. Combined with their small size and friendliness, this makes them the perfect pet. Great guards who are sensitive to the appearance of strangers.

Easy to train and will make a great companion. In addition, the compact size makes it easy to take your pet with you on a trip.

Dog handlers include long hair without undercoat among the indisputable advantages of the breed. York practically does not shed, and the ability to perform a hygienic or model haircut allows you to keep your pet’s coat in perfect condition.

Collie (Scottish Shepherd)

Affectionate and gentle dog, loyal to its owners. Protective qualities are not pronounced, but in case of danger it is able to defend the owner. Easy to train, obedient and steady.

Has no problem with other pets. The ideal nanny for young children, and a teenager can try their hand at training this graceful and noble dog.

Basset Hound

Representatives of the breed have a calm and docile nature. Balanced and friendly, incredibly loyal to their master. Difficult to train, have a pronounced sense of their own dignity. The owner is unlikely to have to count on the dog’s unquestioning obedience.

The grooming of the coat is minimal; regular combing is required. He gets along great with children, a rare child can anger Basset Hound. Patient and lazy dogs who are unlikely to enjoy long walks. Ideal solution for a single person or an elderly couple.

German Shepherd

Smart, obedient and adequate dogs. Loyal and outgoing, they make excellent defenders at the slightest threat. They love active games and long walks, learn the basics of training early and easily demonstrate their achievements. Phlegmatic character, do not need a lot of space to live.

10. Miniature Bull Terrier

A medium-sized dog has excellently developed guarding qualities. Loves children, but dog handlers do not recommend trusting such a dog to younger family members for independent walks. The pet will actively protect the child even if there is no real threat.

Caring for the coat is not a hassle, and they are not picky about their diet. But training is associated with certain difficulties. It is necessary from an early age to adapt the puppy to the society of other people and animals.

The best dog breeds for kids. TOP 30 rating

Dogs are some of the most popular pets for families with children around the world. And this is no accident, because they are loving, loyal friends and excellent companions who will help teach a child not only responsibility, but also [.]


The lively nature of the dachshund makes it a great friend for a child. The pet is always ready for active games and fun. Needs the regular purchase of special toys. It should be understood that the dachshund is a hunting dog.

Therefore, she needs a lesson for the period of being in the apartment during the working day. Lack of toys will damage the owner’s belongings or shoes. It lends itself well to training. But it does not always get along with other pets due to its hunting preferences.


A distinctive feature of the pug is the fact that these dogs are one of the oldest representatives of decorative breeds.

The pet is ideal for a small apartment, does not need long walks and is easy to get used to the litter box. Representatives of the breed have good training ability, obedient and balanced.

Thick coat requires regular grooming. The owner will have to comb his pet every day. Particular attention should be paid to the diet.

Pugs are not inclined to an active lifestyle, but are partial to food. Therefore, representatives of this breed are often diagnosed with obesity.

8. Chinese Crested

This breed can be classified as small or medium. Some pets weigh 4-6 kg, but there is a variety of breed that reaches 8-10 kg. Has a docile character, cheerful and lively temperament.

Gets along well with children, does not need long walks. A very loyal and affectionate dog. Security qualities are minimal, so you should not count on her as a defender.