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What can be made from paper to a hamster


It is difficult to call hamsters brave, but most of them will not refuse to ride down the hill. It is not difficult to build such an attraction. One has only to choose the idea you like:

  • Wooden slide. We’ll have to find a plank, the size of which is suitable for the cage. Do not forget to grind so that the crumb does not get hurt. We lean the board against the wall of the cage and attach it to the twigs, the angle of inclination does not exceed 30º.
  • A slide of children’s toys. If you or your child has a toy water park, then take one slide from him. After all, you do not mind, but the animal will come in handy for entertainment.
  • Plastic bottle. Out of shampoo? Do not rush to get rid of empty containers. Rinse the container thoroughly and cut it in half lengthwise. Cut the ends, adjusting the required size of the toy. Attach the slide to the second floor of the house so that one end of it rests against the first. It will turn out to be a fun game that easily replaces the ladder.


Not a single house and obstacle course is complete without a ladder. It is extremely easy to make such an accessory yourself. Choose the method you like:

  • Food sticks. 2 long sticks will serve as vertical support rails, to which we glue the crossbars. Their role is played by shorter wooden devices.
  • Wooden ladder. Carefully cut the sushi sticks into pieces and glue them on a suitable board across.
  • A ladder-bridge. You will need wire and branches of equal diameter. We fasten the twigs alternately with a metal thread at both ends. Such a device will also perform the function of a ladder and be suitable as a bridge.
  • Second life to a broken wheel. Cheap running toys break regularly. Do not rush to send them to the trash can. It is worth cutting off the back wall, and divide the resulting circle into a couple of parts.

What toys does a hamster need?

Before you start making attractions, it is important to examine the animal’s apartments and figure out where and what kind of toy it is best to attach. When the division of the free territory is over, we decide on the necessary entertainment complexes.

Without a doubt, first of all, the living space of the fluffy should be equipped with a house. Don’t forget that the hamster is a nocturnal animal. The presence of the kennel will allow the animal to hide from the sunlight, and nothing will disturb its sleep.

The next point worth noting is toys designed for grinding teeth. Rodents are happy to chew on everything that comes their way. So that the cage does not wear out ahead of time, thanks to the fluffy assistant, it is important to equip the hamster area with sticks and branches of fruit trees. So the animal will have something to chew, and the rods of the cage will not arouse strong interest.

Don’t forget about running gear. Ladders, balls for walking around the house, wheels. exactly what you need. Intricate tunnels and obstacle courses will help diversify the fluffy kid’s leisure time even more. Whatever your fantasy comes up with.


Wasted an unnecessary aquarium? It’s time to turn it into a playground for your favorite rodent. You do not need to place a house there, since this area is intended for games.

Mandatory attributes of a hamster amusement park: labyrinths and bridges, a running wheel and pipes, stairs and a hammock, a swing Everything that your imagination is capable of. And of course, do not forget about the feeder and drinker, so that the fluffy replenishes his strength without leaving the play area.

The site must be covered with filler. Do not forget to regularly do cleaning days there: clean up and wash toys.

From a roll of toilet paper

Do not rush to throw away the sleeve that is left over from paper towels or paper. After all, it is not difficult to turn it into a toy for a little pet. You will need scissors, a treat, and the cardboard tube itself. Cut the roller into 5 rings so that they are of equal size. Then we insert another into one ring. We do this so that we get a cross connection. In the same way, we continue to insert the remaining parts, not forgetting to place the rodent treat inside. The end result is a spherical entertainment.

The hamster’s attention will immediately be attracted by the smell of food, which he will get after unraveling the puzzle.

Made of wood

Found a block of wood and a piece of plywood? Perfectly! It is worth making another toy for the fluffy pet. You will need a piece of thick plywood, 2 screws, a piece of fruit wood, sandpaper, and a tool to cut holes in wood pieces. Let’s start by preparing the foundation. We adjust the timber to suitable parameters, round the corners and grind it with sandpaper. With a cutter, a brace or another tool, we make two indentations in the bar. Then we cut out a couple of squares from plywood.

Their size should slightly exceed the diameter of the grooves in the wood. Do not forget to polish these details. Using screws, we attach the plywood squares to the bar so that they tightly cover the previously made depressions. The main thing is that the lids should be easy to open for the tiny fluff to do this. Before “acquaintance” of the animal with a new toy, it is important to mark the treat in the recesses and close it with a coating.

What you can do for your pet yourself?

The hamster is an extremely versatile pet, since it does not need too much space to keep it, and entertainment devices are easily constructed from what is in every house. So what do we make ourselves?

  • Cell. Build both a temporary rodent dwelling and a permanent one with your own hands. And you only need wooden rods for the frame, plywood for the bottom and a metal mesh, preferably small, so that the crumb does not run away on the day of housewarming.
  • Drinking bowl. For the first time, a plastic bottle and a ballpoint pen body can easily cope with the task of such a device.
  • House. For the construction of such a structure, almost everything that fantasy desires is suitable: from a plastic box to an earthenware.
  • Homemade toys and accessories for “sports” for hamsters. There are no restrictions. Craft whatever you want and fits in a hamster apartment.

Of course, the list is far from complete. Make whatever you like. The main thing: do not forget. devices should not harm the furry.

Hamster cage made of plastic bottles

Temporary housing for animals can be made from six-liter plastic bottles. You must take 3 bottles of the indicated displacement. Cut off the upper part “by the shoulders”. Remove the collar part from the cut off part. There remains a small funnel with a thread and a lid. If the edges of the funnel are sharp, tape them to the edges. It is necessary to cut off the “ceiling part” from the cover so that the washer remains on the thread.

The bottles should be placed vertically in one row or in a triangle. This will be your hamster’s 3 rooms. Cut holes a short distance from the bottom. The size of the holes must match the diameter of the neck. The holes are transitions from one bottle to another, so make them flush in the adjacent links. The bottlenecks will act as mini-tunnels. We connect the bottles:

  • Place two bottles in front of you vertically.
  • Remove the washer-cap from the neck. Take her in your right hand.
  • Take the neck without the washer in your left hand. Put your hand in the left bottle and push the neck into the right bottle.
  • In the right bottle, lower your right hand with a washer-cap and screw the washer onto the neck.

Now you have a mini-tunnel, which you secured with a washer. Three interconnected rooms need to be filled with hay, sawdust, a shelter, a feeder and a drinking bowl should be put up. To repair a cage from such material, it is enough to replace one link with another. This room can be expanded by adding any number of rooms.

DIY hamster terrarium

There are some advantages to keeping rodents in an aquarium or terrarium. These containers provide a good overview. Odors do not penetrate the glass. Among the disadvantages are:

  • the complexity of attaching the drinker and the running wheel;
  • high humidity;
  • heavy weight and fragility of the structure.

As a rule, pet owners take ready-made glass boxes for their pets and cover them with nets. If the mesh is high enough, the mesh material is not important.

The animal will not reach it with its teeth. It is difficult to provide adequate ventilation in a homemade terrarium. Preference should be given to low aquariums with sufficient bottom area.

Glass is a cold material. The bottom of the terrarium should be lined with a large layer of sawdust or additional surface coverage should be provided. You can build a cage from plexiglass. It is lighter in weight and warmer, but prone to scratches and looks cloudy.

How to make a second floor in a hamster cage

The second floor of the cage may be needed to accommodate another animal there. Hamsters rarely like the neighborhood of their relatives. In this case, two boxes are simply stacked on top of one another. In this case, at the bottom, you need to add a ventilated space (replace another wall with a lattice).

To make your own tunnel, cut the bottom and neck of the plastic bottle so that both ends have the same diameter. Use duct tape to wrap the edges over the mowing line of each cut. Insert one bottle into the other and secure with duct tape. Make sure the mount is strong enough. Select the size of the dishes in accordance with the size of the animal. A large animal needs a capacity of 2 liters, a Dzungarian hamster. 1.5 liters is enough.

made, paper, hamster

There are craftsmen who use white corrugated and gray plastic pipes for tunnels, which are used when installing a sink in the kitchen.

Step-by-step instruction

Before starting work, decide on the size of the cage. Hamsters need a low structure with a wide base to accommodate all of their accessories. Consider the size of the animal: for large animals, the room should be higher.

You need to start with the cage frame. Draw up a drawing of the side walls and top. Think about where the doors will be placed, the bedroom feeder, the toilet. How convenient it will be for you to clean the cage. If in the future you want to complicate the design by attaching an additional link to it, take this into account. Provide a hole where the transition tunnel can be inserted. So, let’s begin:

  • Calculate the amount of mesh for other materials based on your drawing. Buy a net with a margin of about 0.5 meters.
  • Spread the net on the floor, securing one end with a weight.
  • Cut out all the structural details from it: walls and ceiling. It’s easier to cut along the cage itself.
  • Cut off protruding tails with side cutters.
  • Cut out all the windows and doors in the blanks that you provided.
  • Cut the patches from the rest of the mesh. Those pieces that will cover the windows and doors.
  • Slide your finger around the edges of all the details. File sharp projections.
  • Paint the grill after cleaning it with white spirit.
  • Connect the frame parts with aluminum wire.
  • Use stiff wire to make clamps for the door. You will have to bend with pliers.
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We have finished making the wireframe from the mesh. Gotta go to the pallet.

Cage tray

The pallet must be assembled after the frame is ready. To properly assemble a cage for a hamster, you need to take into account in the parameters of the pallet a margin for a material thickness (4 mm) of 1 cm.If you have a rectangle of 40×50 cm, the size of the pallet sheet should be approximately 42×52 cm.Consider a PVC pallet. Wooden is done in the same way, but with a different mount. You have measured the perimeter of the cage, bought a PVC sheet 100×100 cm, we start tinkering:

  • Measure the required parameters on the sheet and saw off according to the markup.
  • Make bumpers. Set aside 4 equal-width strips on the remaining piece of sheet.
  • 2 sides need to be glued to the side parts, 2. to the front and back. They must match the length and width of the plate itself. Some have a length of 42 cm, others 52 cm.The height of all sides is about 10 cm.For the strength of the sides, we attach directly to the plate, and not from the side.
  • On the inside of the box, you need to glue plastic slats about 1 cm. They will cover the junction of the plate and the side. The length of the slats can be measured along the inside of the box. They will be slightly shorter than the sides of the plate.
  • If the cage turns out to be heavy, make stiffeners on the bottom on the outside so that the PVC does not bend. To do this, cut three strips from the remnants of the sheet 1.5 cm wide along the length of the plate. Glue them to the bottom outside.
  • To prevent the sides from diverging, stick the plates on them end-to-end to the entire height of the pallet. The width of the plate is 6-8 cm.For 4 corners, 8 plates of 8×10 cm are needed.
  • If the cage will be on the floor, make legs for it. Each leg will consist of 4 pieces of plastic glued together in a “stack”. The size of the pieces is 5×5 cm.Cut out 16 of these plates in total.

Please note that when working with PVC glue, it is necessary to dry the pallet for a long time. Poisonous substances will evaporate in about a week. This is a general pallet assembly diagram. You can change, add or remove something in it. The mesh frame must be installed in the pallet. The cage is ready.

How to make a DIY hamster cage out of a box

When it comes to a box, do not immediately imagine a cardboard box. The animals have sharp teeth. Cardboard and paper will be eaten up very quickly. The large plastic containers are designed to be used after a minor alteration for the animals. A small container is great for a jungarian, a larger box for a Syrian hamster.

Rectangular containers have one drawback. they do not allow air to pass through. By replacing part of the lid and side walls with a shallow lattice, you can provide your pets with spacious housing. Pay attention to the method of processing the lattice described above. It is unacceptable for the hamster to cut himself on the sharp edges of the grate.

You can cut through the plastic with scissors or a sharp knife. Attach the grill. with screws and nuts or self-tapping screws. It is better to pre-drill or pierce holes for self-tapping screws with a heated awl. Some people use a soldering iron for this. Screws or self-tapping screws must be inserted from the inside so that the sharp ends stick out and do not injure the animals.

Homemade hamster cage

If you’ve never taken a job like this before, be prepared for the unexpected. The result does not always correspond to the original plan. If you know how to saw, cut and grind. the task will not be impossible for you.

So, to make a cage yourself, you need the following tools:

  • fine mesh metal mesh;
  • pliers with narrow ends;
  • side cutters;
  • double-sided file;
  • aluminum wire with a diameter of 2 mm;
  • rigid wire 2 mm thick for making hooks;
  • enamel or paint for metal and white spirit;
  • paint brush;
  • a piece of plywood 4 mm thick and fasteners to it;
  • PVC sheet and glue to it.

PVC or plywood are for the pallet of the cage. You need to take one thing.

A wooden cage is more environmentally friendly, but more difficult to assemble. The PVC pallet needs to be dried for a long time after gluing, as the glue is toxic to animals. It will take a week.

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Provide a jigsaw among the tools for sawing pallet material.

Corrugated paper jewelry

Flowers are often used to make jewelry for hair and clothing. If you need a beautiful accessory for one evening, you can make it from corrugated paper in any color scheme.

First, you will need to cut the corrugated paper into strips 3-4 cm wide.Then you will cut it into rectangles in order to make petals.

Separately take yellow or gold paper, cut it into longer strips to make stamens.

Each rectangle needs to be shaped like a petal, and squeezed slightly at the bottom. You will need to cut a circle out of the cardboard to act as a base. Glue each petal on it, starting from the edge and approaching the central part.

To shape the petals, stretch them slightly at the edges.

After you completely fill the whole circle, you can start making the stamens. To do this, take a strip 2.5 cm wide and 7.5 cm long. Make cuts on one side and then twist it from the roll and fix it with glue.

You can change the shape of the petal by making different cuts. Try to make flowers of different shapes and sizes and make beautiful decorations. If you stick a flower on a hairpin with hot glue, you will get an original hairpin.

How to make peonies from corrugated paper

Flowers made of corrugated paper are very similar to real ones, since this paper has a pleasant texture and a variety of colors.

  • corrugated paper of different colors;
  • paper clips;
  • scissors;
  • wire.

Take a whole sheet of corrugated paper and start folding it like an accordion.

You can choose the color scheme for the peony yourself and fold each leaf.

After that, lay out all the accordions in a row and cut each one a few centimeters away so that it is shorter than the previous one. It is important that the longest leaves are of the main color, for example, pink, red or burgundy.

After you have shortened each leaf, cut it off from each edge so that you get slightly sharp edges.

Then take paper clips and mark the center section on each accordion.

Then lay out the accordions from the longest to the shortest and start folding again with an accordion, but already all the sheets at once.

DIY Paper Roll Hamster Toys!

Take the wire and tie in the center piece.

It remains to bend gradually the leaves, starting from the smallest ones. Corrugated paper, unlike papyrus paper, stretches well, so you can safely straighten each petal, giving it a certain shape.

You should have a beautiful large corrugated paper peony.

These flowers can be used to decorate a room or create a wedding flower arch.

Volumetric flowers from corrugated paper

Such flowers look beautiful in a vase, so you will need to think over the length of the wire stem in advance and choose the right vase.

Take two pieces of corrugated paper and start folding them together 4 times in half. When you have a small square, fold it diagonally to form a triangle.

Take this triangle from the corner and cut off the opposite edge from one edge. After you unfold your workpiece, you should get 8 round figures with a curly outline.

Each circle will need to be taken in the middle and twisted slightly.

Secure with tape at the bottom. Then gradually glue the details to the wire, while you should get a volumetric spherical figure.

You can come up with new blanks for making different colors of corrugated paper in order to use products for interior decoration or clothing. You can even do simple paper crafts with children. Spend interesting leisure time and then you can develop your creativity and rest from everyday difficulties.

How much do domestic hamsters eat

Your pet is a nocturnal animal, this must be remembered. During the day he sleeps, and at night he eats, plays, does fitness on the “simulator”, makes supplies, sharpens his teeth. Therefore, the best option is to feed your baby twice a day. In the evening. the main meal, a hearty breakfast. In the morning before going to bed, a light “supper”.

The amount of food that needs to be given to the animal at one time depends on the type and size of the rodent. When feeding twice a day, the Syrian is given one tablespoon of the feed mixture, and one teaspoon of dzhungarik. Campbell’s hamsters and other dwarf species eat similarly.

All the food that the hamster did not eat at one time, he will hide in the pantry “for a rainy day.” Periodically review these stocks and remove perishable food so that the animal does not get poisoned. Be sure to put something fresh in place of the “seized valuables”. Otherwise, the baby can get serious stress from the fact that all his reserves have disappeared, and he will die of hunger in the long, cold winter.

What fruits can pets eat?

Fruit that hamsters eat at home should be fresh and ripe, without rot. Better if these are local and seasonal fruits. Do not give citrus fruits and a variety of tropical ones. The bones must be pulled out so that the baby does not choke. Sour fruits are contraindicated.

If you train your baby or teach him, for example, to a treadmill, you need to stock up on “tasty treats”. For this purpose, sunflower seeds or cookies are suitable. Sometimes you can feed your baby a banana. But since rodents constantly need to grind their teeth, they must eat more solid food. Also, bananas are high in sugar.

Repeat “fruit” days no more often than 1-2 times a week.

What can you give hamsters from homemade food?

From what people eat, fluffy can be fed porridge cooked in water without salt and sugar. Millet, buckwheat and other cereals will do. Rice is not recommended. You can give to eat low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs. Canned food. only children’s vegetable purees without salt, sugar and preservatives.

What does a hamster eat at home

The basic rule to follow when feeding your pet: you can give whatever he can find while living in the wild. The more natural products in the animal’s diet, the better for it.

The main types of food you need to feed your hamster at home.

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List of prohibited foods

What is strictly forbidden to feed a hamster:

  • spicy, salted, smoked and canned foods;
  • any spices;
  • citrus and exotic fruits (lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, avocados, etc.);
  • onion garlic;
  • cabbage;
  • potatoes;
  • watermelon;
  • mushrooms;
  • sweets.

The list of prohibited herbs includes cereal leaves and dandelion. Sharp notches on these leaves can injure the hamster’s cheeks. Dandelion should not be given because of the milky juice.

What little hamsters eat

At the age of two weeks, you can already give infant formula (Gerber, Agusha), thin cereals in water and without sugar, chopped cottage cheese, egg yolks and fresh herbs.

From three weeks, you can give mashed “adult” food. As a rule, at this age, babies can already eat on their own.

Pregnant and lactating hamster needs more protein food.

What to do without glue

How to make paper snowflakes with your own hands for the New Year

Snowflakes decorate the apartment for the New Year holidays. They create a fabulous winter mood. Connect preschool children to an exciting activity, you will have fun with your free time as a family. You can make fancy snowflakes.

It is quick and easy to create openwork patterns out of white paper. This will require scissors, paper, pencil, pattern diagrams and imagination.

  • We take a sheet of paper and give it a square shape.
  • Then we fold it in half diagonally into a triangle.
  • Fold the resulting triangle in half again.
  • Then we take both corners of the triangle and overlap them in the middle to make a “rocket”.
  • Cut off the tail of the “rocket” and begin to randomly cut various patterns.

You can find various patterns of snowflakes on the Internet and use a pencil to transfer them to paper, and then cut patterns on them.

How to make a hand out of paper

The paper hand is used for various purposes: as a keychain, room decoration, a toy and an element for jokes on friends.

We will create a skeleton arm according to the instructions below.

For this we need a sheet of thin paper. Thick material is difficult to bend, so it is easier to use thin material.

  • We make a square out of a leaf and bend it diagonally in half.
  • We connect the lower edge of the resulting triangle with the upper one and turn the figure over.
  • We wrap the lower edge, opposite to the bent one, to the upper.
  • Expanding the structure from the middle.
  • It turns out a double triangle. We straighten it and fold the figure in half.
  • We repeat the previous point.
  • We turn the structure over with an acute angle towards ourselves and wrap it towards the base of 2 other corners.
  • We bend an acute angle and make a bend in a straight line formed after performing the previous action.
  • Bend the base of the triangle to the mowing line (from point 7).
  • We bring the bent upper edge to the upper part of the triangle, and we bring the base to the lower part.
  • Flip the figure.
  • Bend the upper part of the sharp corner to the middle part of the triangle.
  • We do the same with the bottom edge.
  • Expand the shape.
  • We bend the top corner and the entire side to the base.
  • Expand the triangle.
  • We bend any lower corner to another. the fold line should not touch the middle of the triangle. Bend the edge of the bent corner back and begin to pull out all sides. A hand with 5 fingers comes out. The main work has been done, and the figure needs to be completed.
  • To create a claw effect, you need to bend your fingertips slightly.
  • In order for the fingers to have volume, each of them should be bent from the side inward.
  • If you need to make one of the fingers bent, then its sides should be straightened before that. The fingers can be bent in several places, then the hand will have a contour and volume.

We correct all the folds on the arm and the craft is ready!

Garlands decorate the apartment for the birthday, New Year. They create a festive mood. It will not be difficult to make them yourself, the task is within the power of any child. The paper garland can be hung anywhere: on windows, curtains, herringbone, ceiling and wardrobe.

You can create several types of garlands, for example, from stripes. It is hung both horizontally and vertically. In a horizontal position, it is advisable to attach a weight to the end of the thread.

  • Fold sheets of colored paper in half and cut them.
  • Cut the strips.
  • We lay them out in any sequence and prepare the threads.
  • Sew the strips together using threads and needles by hand or on a sewing machine.

The garland will be fluffier if twisted. Use gift wrapping paper instead of colored paper. Do not sew the strips, but stick to the thread with glue. This will take more time, it is better to take a thick thread.

Paper box quickly and easily

A paper box is used to fold various little things. It will serve as a suitable gift wrapping and arouse even more interest in its contents. Large box for storing shoes.

  • scissors;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • decorative elements.

First, let’s make a lid from the box. You need to take a sheet of 21.5 × 21.5 centimeters and draw it diagonally. Using a pencil and a ruler, connect opposite corners.

  • Bend one corner to the center at the point of intersection of the lines.
  • Then we bend it again so that the fold coincides with the central strip.
  • We unfold the paper and here you can see the folds that will be useful to us in the future.
  • The rest of the corners must be done the same.
  • From two opposite corners, you need to make cuts that reach the second mowing line of the fold.
  • We begin to fold the box. We connect the uncut corners in the middle of the drawn mowing line. We fold them again, forming the sides of the box, and connect the side parts. Tuck the cut parts inward.
  • The bottom of the box is made in the same way as the lid. The paper size should be slightly smaller, for example 21.2 x 21.2 centimeters. You can take paper of a different color.

We decorate the lid with a bow and other decorative elements.

The box is ready! Choose different sizes for it, most importantly, remember that the lid should be 3 millimeters larger than the base.

You can make various little things for dolls out of paper and put them in such a box.

Tulips for mom in stages with a photo

A paper bouquet is a great surprise for March 8, birthday. Tulips are folded using origami technique.

This art is mastered by children of 10 years old. Thanks to him, taste and creativity are instilled.

For a tulip, we need a square sheet of colored paper.

  • First you need to outline the places of the folds. Fold the leaf diagonally by connecting opposite corners.
  • We do the same with other corners.
  • Next, you need to fold the sheet in half.
  • Along the resulting fold lines, you need to bend the upper corners of the rectangle inward.
  • Bend the extreme corners up.
  • We turn over the structure and perform the same actions with the other side.
  • The figure must be revealed so that the corners from the previous two actions are inside. Side corners need to be reduced.
  • We bend the left corner so that it goes slightly beyond the central part.
  • In the same way, we bend the right corner and set it to the left.
  • On the other hand, we do the same.
  • Next, you need to inflate the flower and give it volume. This is done through the hole at the bottom.
  • We fold back the corners that symbolize the tulip petals.
  • Twist the stalk from the paper sheet and insert it into the lower hole of the bud. It can be glued with glue and the leaves can be fixed on it.

Drops of glue will look good on the flower. After drying, they will resemble dew. If desired, you can depict patterns on the tulip and paint it with paints.

How to make a gift flower for March 8 can be viewed at

Paper swan without glue and scissors

You can make various interesting figures from paper, thereby creating a mood for those around you. A simple paper sheet can come to life and turn into a fluffy flower or swan.

The simplest method for constructing a swan shape is using a square sheet.

  • Let’s take a plain white paper measuring 10 by 10 centimeters. You can take a larger square sheet. Fold it up and outline a diagonal line.
  • Bend both lower corners to the diagonal.
  • We do the same on the other side of the figure.
  • Fold the resulting shape in half by connecting the top and bottom corners.
  • Bend the sharp angle, symbolizing the head of the swan down.
  • Fold the shape in half along the longest side.
  • Straighten the swan neck up and level the head.

At the end, you need to shape the head by folding the auxiliary mowing lines. Create a stepped fold beak.

You can create a modular swan from colorful paper. It will turn out to be colorful and can be presented as a gift to someone close to you.

  • compass;
  • pencil;
  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • decoration.
  • Using a compass, you need to draw circles on the sheet that differ by 1 centimeter in diameter. The size of the tree will depend on their size.
  • It is necessary to fold each circle 3 times in half. the line must be clear.
  • Expand the circles and trim off the tops, making a pencil-sized hole. It turns out the tiers of our tree.
  • Glue green or brown paper onto a pencil and start stringing circles on it.
  • At the top of the tree, we fix a bead or an asterisk.

DIY paper products for birthday

Fragments of wallpaper can be used to decorate the interior of an apartment or summer cottage.

If unused rolls are not stuck at home, buy leftover designer wallpaper at a lower price with a discount.

Rapid renewal of furniture with leftover wallpaper

A neat and patient craftsman can give furniture a fresh look. You can decorate any surface with wallpaper: cabinet doors, countertop and shelf. For example, a shelving unit may look completely different if pasted over from the inside.

To extend the life of the decor, the old coating is prepared. Use sandpaper to remove varnish and peeling paint.

All defects and irregularities must be treated with wood putty and sanded to improve the adhesion of the glue to the surface. After the preparatory work is completed, it is necessary to treat the object with a primer. Leave it to dry completely. If the furniture needs painting, then it is better to do it before the decorating process.

  • We measure the surface of the furniture on which we will paste the wallpaper.
  • Cut off a piece of wallpaper of the required size.

Gently glue it with glue (wallpaper or PVA) so that there are no bubbles.

To protect the surface from dirt and abrasion, it is better to cover the paper wallpaper with a layer of varnish. In order for the varnish not to dissolve the paper, it should be protected with a thin layer of PVA-based primer. And also for this you can cover it with ordinary wallpaper glue.

made, paper, hamster

After the protection is dry, you can start applying the water-based varnish. To make sure that nothing happens to the wallpaper, you can varnish an individual piece to make sure it doesn’t corrode the paper. It should be borne in mind that varnish gives the wallpaper a darker shade.

Vinyl wallpaper, in contrast to paper, is cleaned with a damp cloth. Self-adhesive wallpaper is used for decoration with the remains of wallpaper. You can glue both internal and external surfaces to revitalize the space.

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When choosing wallpaper, you can take into account the main shades in the interior of the room: the color of curtains, walls and other furniture. They can be matched or, conversely, create a bright Accent in the room.

For contrast, you can glue the dresser and wardrobe sections with pieces of paper wallpaper of different colors. The use of the remnants of wallpaper in the interior allows you to add new colors and additional ornaments to the design of the room.

Furniture covered with pieces of old wallpaper can take on a new style. Thanks to this idea of ​​decoration, the problem of scratches and scuffs of interior items is solved. To decorate the coffee table, you can cut a piece from the roll to the size of the countertop and cover it with transparent glass.

Thus, you can easily change the wallpaper for new ones by updating the design of the table. Even stairs, screens and sideboards can be pasted over with the remaining wallpaper. The pasted-over internal steps of the stairs will look stylish. Rolls with a geometric pattern are suitable for their design, which harmoniously look with the environment.

Blinds for windows from the remnants of wallpaper

Blinds made of paper. an original idea for the design of any windows to protect from sunlight. They can be hung in the country house and veranda, they are lightweight and look stylish. Such blinds do not have to be cleaned, unlike material products. They will look good in the kitchen.

It will take a little time to make them. It is better to choose wallpaper from thick paper without blooming patterns. For this, non-woven light canvases are suitable, which will reflect light well. The algorithm for their manufacture is shown in the video.

  • Cut a piece to the width of the window and a quarter longer than the height of the glass.
  • We fold the roll with an accordion with folds up to 5 centimeters in size. The lower end of the fold should be folded inward, and the upper end should be folded outward.
  • In the middle of the canvas, you need to make a hole with a hole punch or an awl and insert the cord there.
  • Tie a knot on top of the cord, and fasten the first fold of the blinds to the window with double-sided tape.
  • We fasten several lower steps in the middle between ourselves so that a fan forms.
  • To make the blinds move, we put the retainer on the cord.

You can make ropes on the blinds on both sides. The end of the cord can be decorated with a bead. An example of such window decoration can be seen in the photo.

With the help of colored rolls, you can renew an old lamp. To do this, we cut out a piece to the size of the lampshade with a margin of 2 centimeters on both sides. We smear the paper with wallpaper glue and glue the piece to the lampshade. We cut the excess parts in several places and turn them inward. The resulting floor lamp can be additionally decorated with ribbons or a beautiful frame around the edges of the braid. And wrap the lamp leg with a decorative cord.

Housewives store shoes and small items in boxes, which they decorate on their own. Paper easily takes the shape of a box if it is generously coated with glue.

Flower pots are made of clay and plastic material with boring colors. Colorful items are expensive. The cache-pot can be made by hand and presented as an original gift to a friend, mother and grandmother.

Thin wallpapers are better for decoration, they fall easily and do not form wrinkles. After gluing the pot, it is advisable to apply another layer of glue on top and leave it to dry completely. Then cover with varnish. Thick and vinyl wallpapers are not varnished. The sides of the pot can be coated with acrylic paint. Textured wallpaper will look better on the pot.

What can be done out of paper with your own hands easily, quickly and beautifully

Hello dear friends! Today you will learn what you can do out of paper with your own hands. This material is cheap and affordable. When we were kids, we folded paper airplanes and launched them into the air. This is where the acquaintance with needlework begins.

Often, a souvenir made by yourself can surprise you more than an expensive gift. And also the effect produced depends on the gift wrapping. An intriguing shiny box will stir up interest in a surprise.

With the help of master classes, it will be possible to create an original souvenir that can be presented to relatives and friends for any occasion. It is recommended to spend time with children for this exciting activity. They will definitely learn how to create a variety of crafts and will be able to give them to their grandmothers, mothers and friends.

Origami and papercraft are popular directions of this type of creativity. Consider the process of creating simple crafts, whoever wants to cope with them.

You will need colorful paper, scissors, glue, a little imagination and free time. Start the process of creating masterpieces with an optimistic mood!

What can be done from paper easily, quickly, beautifully

  • snowflakes and protrusions on the window;
  • jalousie;
  • gift boxes;
  • flower bouquets;
  • photo album and photo frames;
  • lampshades;
  • panels;
  • holiday decorations;
  • postcards and applications;
  • figurines and products using origami technique.

What can be made of paper when bored

Wall decoration with wallpaper

If many pieces of colorful wallpaper have survived at home, then with the help of them you can divide the room into zones and make a bright Accent on the wall. This idea is suitable for a child’s room. It is necessary to take into account color combinations and not choose more than 3-4 shades.

In the children’s room, a picture made from wallpaper will look good on the wall. They cut out numbers, shapes, letters, animals, plants and other pictures. This way you can close the stain on the wall. Your child will love the colorful wall decoration that will cheer you up.

If there is a desire to change something in the environment, this can be achieved with the help of false panels. They are glued to smooth wallpaper, painted walls. Cut out paper fragments of the required size and stick to the wall.

To imitate panels, it is better to take thick and textured wallpaper. After the “panel” dries, it is framed with strips, moldings, plastic or metal strips, which are painted with paint. Pictures, lamps, frames with photographs are hung inside.

We decorate the head of the bed

Many beds have a high headboard, on which it is desirable to have an Accent with bright wallpaper. If the headboard is missing, then create the effect of the presence of unnecessary things (glue the wallpaper in the shape of the back to the wall). Looks stylish on a plain wall. Bedding set and bedspread matched to complement the wall pattern.

Fasten a sheet of plywood to the wall and glue it with an interesting ornament, and then the sleeping place will become even more comfortable. The process of decorating the head of the bed, see the video of the YouTube channel.

You know what to make of the leftover wallpaper. Having unlimited imagination, you can transform the room and make the interior different at no cost. And then the apartment will become cozy, and the native walls will warm you. Show initiative and thinking outside the box.

From this article, you learned what you can do out of paper with your own hands. Try and experiment in creativity with children and then you will have fond memories of the moments spent together in your soul.!

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What can be made from paper?

What can be made from paper? Since childhood, we have known the answer to this question. Applique, various boxes, baskets, costumes, Christmas tree decorations can be made of paper. Girls draw dolls and clothes for them on paper, then decorate with bright colors, cut out and play. Boys from childhood model airplanes, bombs.

Both of them create postcards from paper as a gift for mothers on March 8. As they grow up, children start making boxes, all kinds of flowers.

Why is paper craft so widespread all over the world? This is because paper is one of the most common and inexpensive materials. Plus, paper crafts are available for people of all ages. The only thing that distinguishes children’s work from adults is that as they get older, the level of difficulty changes slightly.

If you do not know what to do with your baby or if you yourself are bored, join the world of paper crafts. This is a very exciting, and most importantly, inexpensive hobby.

Not so long ago a new hobby came to our country. origami. What can be made of paper using the “origami” technique was the first to come up with the inhabitants of Ancient China. Originally, origami was created for religious ceremonies. The art of folding paper was owned only by the upper class. Going beyond the borders of the East after World War II, the origami technique immediately found its admirers.

At first, origami was made from plain square sheets. New types and techniques of origami were gradually added. Today origami is modular, simple, and wet. Crafts are made from square, rectangular, five-, six- and octagonal sheets.

No less interesting is such an activity as quilling (paper rolling). What can be made of paper using this technique? Various patterns and flowers can be created from paper spirals. Subsequently, they are used as decorations for gifts, photo frames, greeting cards. Quilling came to us from Korea. To make products in this technique, a minimum of materials and funds are required. Namely: double-sided paper, tweezers, scissors, PVA glue, awl or paper curling needle. You can create a device for twisting from a thin rod from the handle.

What can be made of paper to decorate your home? You can decorate household items using the decoupage technique. Fragments cut in advance from paper are glued to various surfaces, then the surface is covered with several layers of varnish.

In this technique, you can decorate flower pots, furniture, handbags, boxes, Christmas tree decorations, dishes, interior and exterior doors.

You do not know where you are invited with the calls “Become a papercraft!”? Do not worry. You are invited to do modeling of various paper figures. Today on the Internet you can find many patterns of all kinds of paper figures. To create new models, you will need: a printer, scissors, a stationery knife and a desire to create.

Print out a blank model and start folding and gluing.

Today I told you about some of the options for what you can make out of paper. I hope you have something to share too. Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.