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What can be made from paper to a hamster

How to make a valentine with your own hands. beautiful ideas from scrap materials

Handmade valentines will help you express love and care.

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Valentine’s Day. this is a great occasion to express your feelings and give your soul mate pleasant memories. The best way to do it. put a piece of your soul into handmade valentines. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been dating for a month or have been married for many years. such a homemade card is a pleasure to receive for anyone. And if you have not yet confessed your feelings. write sincere words on a hand-made valentine!

How to make a valentine. beautiful ideas with photos

The easiest version of a valentine. flat opening valentine card made of colored paper. To do this, a sheet of paper must be bent and cut with scissors along the contour, leaving the fold lines intact. In the diagram below, the place of the fold is indicated by an arrow and a bold line.

A great home decoration can be made from valentines and clothespins. Attach some paper hearts to the string and stretch around the room. Valentines can be of different colors and with decorations. You can also attach other romantic things between the hearts. your joint photos, tickets and small decorations.

A beautiful decoration can be made using the quilling technique. To do this, you will need quilling paper of different colors. The strips of paper are twisted into a tight spiral on a thick needle or toothpick. One side of the spiral is greased with glue and glued to the paper. Thus, you can lay out a heart or an applique for a valentine from curled paper.

Another interesting idea. origami valentine card that can be folded from colored paper. It only takes a little skill.

An original valentine can be made from cardboard and threads. Cut out the outline of the heart from thick cardboard and tie it with woolen thread. You can use threads of different colors. These valentines can be used to decorate the house for a romantic dinner.

A simple but very cute valentine card with an applique and an envelope will help you express your feelings in an original way. Glue the cut out elements on a large cardboard valentine. letters, hearts, flowers, angels. At the bottom, make a small envelope with a. It is in this envelope that you put a love note or gift. your soul mate will be surprised by such originality.

To make a valentine with a complex pattern, use the template. print the drawing you want and use it as a stencil for your creation. This valentine can be made of colored paper or white to stick on a red background.

A valentine with a pattern from the hands looks original. It can be made according to a ready-made template. A simpler option. make a large valentine and grease your palms with paint, and then quickly attach them to the paper to print the pattern. Thus, you can put the warmth of your own hands into the Valentine. Add decorations to your Valentine’s Day or text.

A voluminous valentine looks interesting, which can be used as a box for a small gift or jewelry. Such a voluminous decoration must be cut according to the template and folded.

Watch a video on how to make a voluminous valentine.

Another unusual item for Valentine’s Day. boat of love in origami technique. Fold a boat out of colored paper and stick a stick in its center. Attach a valentine card instead of a sail. The ship itself can be filled with sweets or flower petals.

You can use candles to decorate the postcard for February 14th. Glue the small birthday candles to the paper, and don’t forget to add a romantic lettering. Such an original valentine looks very touching.

Garlands of valentines. good decoration for home on holiday. To make a garland, you will need paper hearts, strong thread, and a hole punch. Garlands can be either vertical or horizontal from valentines strung in a row.

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How to make a house for hamsters with your own hands

Having decided on the choice, we can start building.

Here is a step-by-step instruction for making 4 options for houses:

  • made of wood;
  • made of plastic (for simplicity, we use a ready-made plastic bottle);
  • made of cardboard;
  • coconut shell.

From a plastic bottle

For work we need the following tools and materials:

  • a plastic bottle (a 1.5-liter is enough for a jungarik);
  • stationery knife;
  • matches or lighter;
  • pen or felt-tip pen;
  • scissors.

House for a hamster from a plastic bottle

Step-by-step instructions for making a house from a plastic bottle:

  • The first stage is marking. We measure the desired height of the house from the bottom of the bottle and draw a line around the circumference with a felt-tip pen at the level of this height.
  • Carefully cut off the marked part of the bottom of the bottle with a clerical knife.
  • Using scissors, we cut out the entrance to the future house in the shape of an arch to the required size.
  • Armed with matches or a lighter, we melt all the cut lines (both the bottom circumference and the passage) so that the surface is not sharp and the small inhabitant does not get hurt on its edges.
  • We put the house in a cage and launch the hamster into it. Everything is very simple!

How to make and equip a house for a hamster with your own hands

Perhaps there is no more comfortable pet than a hamster. Caring for such a pet is not difficult, it does not require high costs, and the modest dimensions of the animal allow it to be comfortably placed even in a small-sized city apartment. An ordinary three-liter jar is quite suitable as a dwelling for a hamster, but with a little imagination and spending a small amount of money to purchase the simplest cage, you can equip it with a house where the little inhabitant will feel comfortable and safe.

What can you make a house for hamsters

As a building material for the future home of your pet, you can use any available items. It is only important that they are non-toxic and, if possible, durable, since the little rodent will definitely try to test the new “apartment” for strength.

  • wooden planks, planks or slats (a smart option is to collect the required number of popsicle sticks);
  • other natural material of suitable size, for example, coconut shell;
  • organic glass;
  • plastic;
  • ceramics;
  • thick cardboard (some use toilet rolls or ready-made boxes for this purpose);
  • plywood residues (chipboard or fiberboard).

Evaluating the pros and cons of the above options, it should be noted that, on the one hand, a dwelling made of natural material is most suitable for any animal.

But, on the other hand, you need to be prepared for the fact that both a wooden and a coconut house will constantly be undermined by the teeth of its inhabitant, and besides, upon contact with food debris, urine and other organic matter accumulating in the cell, such material will inevitably accumulate and pathogenic organisms multiply. bacteria and fungi that are unsafe for the animal inside.

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In no case should you cover the tree with varnish or other protective agent, since they will more likely cause poisoning in the hamster. From this point of view, plastic and organic glass can be more durable and safer materials.

Plywood is not the best option for a hamster house, as it can be very toxic. As for cardboard, this option can be considered as a temporary dwelling, which will need to be changed very often due to its deliberate fragility.


For work we need the following tools and materials:

  • unpainted wooden boards (boards of fruit trees are optimal, but any hardwood can be used);
  • a measuring tool (a regular school ruler will do);
  • pencil;
  • hammer;
  • nails;
  • a set of cutters for wood;
  • an angle grinder, electric saw or regular jigsaw;
  • electric or hand drill;
  • honey watercolor paint.

How to make a wooden house for hamsters with your own hands

Step-by-step instructions for making a wooden structure:

  • We start with the markup (drawing). The size of the house depends on the breed of its inhabitant. For a Dzungarian hamster, a dwelling of 15 × 10 cm with a height of 9–10 cm is enough, while, for example, a Syrian hamster will be cramped in such a room. We mark the required dimensions on the boards using a ruler and a pencil.
  • We outline future doors on the boards and, if desired, windows and the form of several round holes with a diameter of about 1 cm.
  • We mark the roof. To ensure a small overlap, its length should be 2 cm longer than the length of the wall of the structure (in our case, 17 × 12 cm).
  • We cut out the marked parts, as well as the holes provided in the walls (door and windows).
  • Let’s start assembling. First, we attach a triangular roof piece to the side wall of the frame with a hammer and nails. We repeat the procedure with the second end wall.
  • In the same way, we nail the front wall of the house to one and then the other end walls.
  • We nail the remaining rear to the 3 finished walls.
  • Let’s start assembling the roof. For convenience, we first nail down a narrow rail from above to one of the side surfaces, after which we nail the second half of the roof to it.
  • It remains only to nail the finished roof to the base of the structure with 6 nails (2 on top and below on each of the 2 sides of the roof).
  • At the end of the work, we carefully inspect the finished structure for the absence of protruding parts of the nails, with which the inhabitant of the dwelling can accidentally injure himself.
  • If you wish, you can include finishing work in the technological process by painting the house with honey watercolors that are safe for a hamster, but the house will look quite elegant and without additional decoration.

Made of cardboard

The attractiveness of such a house is that even a child can cope with its construction, since no electrical appliances will be used. over, this house, as they say, will be built “without a single nail”.

How to make a cardboard house for a hamster

So, for work we need the following tools and materials:

  • liter tetra pack from milk or fruit juice;
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • pencil or felt-tip pen;
  • ruler;
  • wide adhesive tape.

Step-by-step instructions for making a cardboard house:

  • Using a felt-tip pen, we make preliminary markings. We mark on the long surface of the tetrapak the desired length of the future dwelling (it will be enough to leave about half of the available length) and, using a ruler, draw the corresponding strip along the entire perimeter. from four sides.
  • With a clerical knife, carefully make a puncture on the marked line, then with the help of scissors we cut the tetrapak across the markings.
  • On the long side of the future house, we outline and cut out an entrance hole. In order for the animal to hide in its shelter, it is better to enter the entrance from the side, and not in the middle, in this case the house will turn out to be more comfortable.
  • We start making the “floor”. With a ruler we measure the length and width of the walls of the house and cut out a rectangle of the appropriate size from the remaining half of the tetrapak.
  • We attach the bottom to the house with tape. It will work reliably if the adhesive tape is glued to the entire outer side of the bottom, and on each of the four sides there will be 2-3 cm of adhesive surface, which the bottom will be attached to the corresponding wall.

The tetrapak house is not very durable, but it will take only a few minutes to completely replace it, and this has its own charm.

Corrugated paper jewelry

Flowers are often used to make jewelry for hair and clothing. If you need a beautiful accessory for one evening, you can make it from corrugated paper in any color scheme.

First, you will need to cut the corrugated paper into strips 3-4 cm wide.Then you will cut it into rectangles in order to make petals.

Separately take yellow or gold paper, cut it into longer strips to make stamens.

Each rectangle needs to be shaped like a petal, and squeezed slightly at the bottom. You will need to cut a circle out of the cardboard to act as a base. Glue each petal on it, starting from the edge and approaching the central part.

To shape the petals, stretch them slightly at the edges.

After you completely fill the whole circle, you can start making the stamens. To do this, take a strip 2.5 cm wide and 7.5 cm long. Make cuts on one side and then twist it from the roll and fix it with glue.

You can change the shape of the petal by making different cuts. Try to make flowers of different shapes and sizes and make beautiful decorations. If you stick a flower on a hairpin using hot glue, you will get an original hairpin.

How to make peonies from corrugated paper

Flowers made of corrugated paper are very similar to real ones, since this paper has a pleasant texture and a variety of colors.

  • corrugated paper of different colors;
  • paper clips;
  • scissors;
  • wire.

Take a whole sheet of corrugated paper and start folding it like an accordion.

You can choose the color scheme for the peony yourself and fold each leaf.

After that, lay out all the accordions in a row and cut each one a few centimeters away so that it is shorter than the previous one. It is important that the longest leaves are of the main color, for example, pink, red or burgundy.

After you have shortened each leaf, cut it off from each edge so that you get slightly sharp edges.

Then take paper clips and mark the center section on each accordion.

Then lay out the accordions from the longest to the shortest and start folding again with an accordion, but all the sheets at once.

Take the wire and tie in the center section.

It remains to bend gradually the leaves, starting from the smallest ones. Corrugated paper, unlike papyrus paper, stretches well, so you can safely straighten each petal, giving it a certain shape.

You should have a beautiful large corrugated paper peony.

These flowers can be used to decorate a room or create a wedding flower arch.

DIY corrugated paper crafts step by step

Volumetric flowers from corrugated paper

Such flowers look beautiful in a vase, so you will need to think about the length of the wire stem in advance and choose the right vase.

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Take two pieces of corrugated paper and start folding them together 4 times in half. When you have a small square, fold it diagonally to form a triangle.

Take this triangle from the corner and cut off the opposite edge from one edge. After you unfold your workpiece, you should get 8 round figures with a curly outline.

Each circle will need to be taken in the middle and twisted slightly.

Secure with tape at the bottom. Then gradually glue the details to the wire, while you should get a volumetric spherical figure.

You can come up with new blanks for making different colors of corrugated paper in order to use products for interior decoration or clothing. You can even do simple paper crafts with children. Spend interesting leisure time and then you can develop your creativity and rest from everyday difficulties.

Paper flower: easy, in stages

Try to make a symbol of power, wealth and warmth of the sun out of paper. a charming chrysanthemum. Even a child can make it. To make the process easy. follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • scissors. 1 pc.;
  • paper circle (yellow). 10 pcs. 10 x 10 cm;
  • paper rectangle (green). 1 pc. 7 x 12 cm;
  • glue. 1 pc.;
  • pencil. 1 pc.;
  • cocktail tube (flower stem). 1 pc.;
  • ruler. 1 piece.

Fold the yellow circle in half 3 times to make a small triangle with a rounded base.

On it, carefully draw the borders of the petals with a pencil, then cut them out along the outlined lines.

With the help of scissors we “separate” them from each other to get a magnificent frame.

Using a ruler, bend each petal to add volume and realism, then “collect” back into a triangle. In the same way, we make 9 more yellow details for the future flower. The main thing is that we leave one base not assembled. It will serve as the base platform for the paper chrysanthemum.

We coat each yellow triangle with glue, glue it to the base to make a lush flower. To give it a neat shape, lightly crush it with your hands.

Let’s start creating leaflets. To do this, fold the green rectangle in half. Cut out a rounded sheet and give it volume by framing the sides with scissors.

We cut the plastic tube with scissors, forming a receptacle for the future chrysanthemum.

Thoroughly coat it with glue and glue it to the yellow bud.

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We do the same with the leaflet. Just stick it on the stem.

Paper crafts for the New Year

New Year is a time not only for miracles, but also for skill and creativity. On the eve of the holiday, many strive to create a magical and cozy atmosphere in their home: they decorate the Christmas tree, hang tinsel, install multi-colored flashing lights, and wrap gifts. For a room to shine fabulously, it is not necessary to use purchased decor accessories. Decorate the room to

New Year can be done with homemade crafts.

Sit around the table with the whole family and create a stunning quilling snowflake. The multi-colored “snowy” beauty is ideal for decorating a Christmas tree, curtains or walls.

If you like volumetric decorations, pay attention to the snowflake, made using the “facing” technique. Twisting the elements of the decoration allows you to give it an amazing look.

Decorate the green beautiful Christmas tree with extraordinary accordion dresses made in the form of a toy on a string. Play with color. it will help create stunning contrast. you won’t even need confetti.

Who said that a five-pointed star should flaunt at the top of the tree? Make a festive lantern out of paper. Bring a fresh touch to your Christmas decor.

For the original decoration of gifts, make the packaging for them yourself. Pumpkin paper bag. great for storing sweets.

And to decorate the festive packaging, form three-dimensional paper stars. Stick them on self-adhesive tape and prepare a gift for delivery.

Table setting is an integral part of preparing for the holiday. Use adorable paper trees to decorate your plates. Guests will definitely like this hand-made.

Place a cute Santa Claus on the New Year’s table or in the children’s room. Let him watch what is happening with his black, as ember, eyes.

Each year has its own symbol animal. Make it out of paper, and hang the finished craft on a Christmas tree or put on the dining table.

A paper candle holder will help to add a romantic touch to the holiday. Make it in the shape of an asterisk and place it on the shelves. Dim reflections alternating with bright dances of flame will create a fantastic atmosphere.

You can use paper figures as a decor for the premises. They will help to creatively decorate the environment. They can be drawn independently using the 3D technique or cut out of paper and glued to a landscape sheet or Whatman paper.

Bookmarks for books made of paper

Reading books is an interesting activity that helps not only broaden your horizons, but also develop your imagination, improve your memory and vocabulary. You don’t have to go to the library to enjoy your next novel or study a scientific monograph. The availability of book products allows you to read them anywhere: at work, in transport, in the lobby of a shopping center.

Are you reading a fascinating book that makes you want to smile? Make a fun accessory for her. a bookmark in the form of an emoticon. The merry kolobok will complement the book edition in an original way and will not allow the necessary page to hide.

A bookmark in the form of a bright pencil will inspire you to conquer the educational peak. By supplementing it with educational or scientific literature, you can always find the latest information read.

A young mermaid bookmark will decorate a children’s fairy tale, encyclopedia or a book on ichthyology. Create a beautiful fish for your favorite edition. A chic paillette ponytail won’t let an unfinished chapter get lost.

Make a fancy penguin bookmark. It is universal: suitable for both the corners and the central part of the book. The sea bird will surely stand guard over your read works.

What can be done with paper children

Paper crafts are a fun activity that children adore. It helps develop motor skills and imagination. The process does not require special skills and abilities, so this creativity is suitable for kids of all ages. Prepare paper, glue, scissors and start creating amazing objects.

Make a green forest of mighty oak trees with your child. At the same time, tell a story. Maybe Little Red Riding Hood herself is hiding in it from the wolf?

A festive tree will help to please the kid. A craft in the form of a New Year’s tree will be an excellent reason to find out what gifts the child expects from Santa Claus.

Why not make a metropolis out of paper. After all, you can feel like a real Gulliver in it.

For small Lego characters or kinder surprises, make a cozy country house. Surely they will like to live in it.

If the child does not have room for stationery, then a craft. a pencil holder in the shape of a polygon will be an excellent way out of the situation. Make it out of paper and your baby can store his markers and pens in it.

Also, a pencil holder can be made in the shape of a rectangle. Combine paper shades for a bright and original craft.

If a carnival is planned, create a mask of a super-hero, animal, or great phantomas with your child. Transform co-creation into a true art of reincarnation.

If the kid dreams of becoming an aircraft designer, create with him the first plane in his life. It doesn’t matter that it is made of paper. The main thing is to start!

And if a child likes to play doctor, then it’s time to make a strict medical bag out of paper.

The fox envelope is suitable for girls’ gatherings with girlfriends. It’s nice to keep little secrets in such a cute vault.

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Make a bunny with a baby. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wool. Fantastic paper animals can be of any color. Turn on your imagination and go!

Paper can make a gorgeous peacock. Make a fluffy tail from a snowflake and it will become a decoration of any exhibition.

In a spiral technique, make delicate paper roses. They can decorate a room or a souvenir.

Consider another origami-style gift wrap as a craft. Decorate it with sequins, stickers, felt figures. this will make it even more beautiful.

Make a bouquet of bright dahlias with your child using the quilling technique. Many small petals will combine into one gorgeous bud. the child will be delighted.

A delicate white tulip can be made using origami technique. Folding flowers is fun and interesting!

Make adorable tulips with crepe paper. A surprise can be added to each bud. a small candy.

An interesting craft will turn out from paper and thread. Carefully shape the butterflies and lead to the chandelier. This will decorate the girl’s room and give it an unusual look.

If the menu includes milkshakes, why not make an elegant umbrella for them? If you use a straw instead of a holder, you don’t even have to remove it from the glass.

DIY Paper Roll Hamster Toys!

You can decorate a nursery with stars. Make a lot of small five-pointed copies with your child out of paper, fill a jug with them and put them on the table. The decorative element will add color and light to the room.

What can be done out of paper with your own hands easily, quickly and beautifully

Making paper craft is an interesting hobby for the whole family. It does not require a lot of material. A few basic things are enough (paper, scissors, glue) and decorative elements to your liking (beads, sequins, beads).

You can use any paper for crafts:

  • corrugated;
  • colored;
  • velvet;
  • holographic;
  • foil;
  • creped;
  • dense for origami.

For each type of material, you need to choose the right adhesive. Or replace it with double-sided tape.

If you do not know what you can do out of paper with your own hands easily and quickly and beautifully, use a selection of interesting ideas. You will definitely find a suitable option for yourself and your child.

A4 paper ideas

You don’t have to use scissors and glue to make an interesting craft. It is enough to arm yourself with A4 paper and fold it using the origami technique.

Use a light cinnamon leaf to make a cute dog.

Folding the album sheet according to this pattern, you get a charming steamer.

If you love cats, treat yourself to a paper feline.

In just 12 paper manipulations, make a giraffe. Animal spots can be attached at the very end of the folding.

In 6 actions “build” a cozy paper house with your child. It can be glued to a postcard and added with decorations.

Fold a beautiful bird out of paper. If you hang the craft on a string, a feathered pigeon will soar in the air with any breath of breeze.

Need an envelope? Just 4 steps and it’s ready.

Decorate the room with paper butterflies. Fold them according to the scheme, bring them on a thread, and spring will come in the room.

Fold the face of the striped tiger with the child. If you glue a wooden skewer to it, you get an amazing bookmark for books.

Not all frogs have warts. They are definitely not formed from paper crafts. Please your kid with an interesting craft. Arm yourself with an album sheet and start creating.

Making paper crafts is a fun pastime. Do not deny yourself this leisure. It will definitely benefit the whole family.

Interior decorating ideas

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Origami paper crafts for children from 7 years old

DIY Christmas paper crafts: we make paper garlands with the children

One of the simplest New Year’s paper crafts can rightfully be considered a garland. We all remember well from our childhood how we decorated the Christmas tree with such paper garlands not only at home, but at school or kindergarten. Making a paper garland is very simple: colored paper is cut into strips of the same width, the first strip is glued into a ring, and each subsequent one is threaded into the previous ring and also glued together. This paper craft is ideal for 4-5 years old.

Crafts for the New Year from paper: we make a movable garland with our own hands

If the task of entertaining children is not worth it, but you need to decorate the house, then here’s another version of a paper garland for you. It is made even easier than the previous one, but you need a sewing machine. So, to create such a New Year’s paper craft, you will need: many circles of different diameters (the number depends on the size of the garland), a sewing machine. Sew circles through the center on a typewriter and hang a garland. From any gust of air, such a garland will “come to life”.

Paper crafts for children from 3 years old

Hat. dinosaur

  • Colored paper. 3 sheets
  • Paper glue
  • Scotch
  • Scissors
  • First, you need to cut 4 stripes about 3 cm wide along the length of the sheet. Two of them will go to the circle, and the rest. across the “cap” (spikes will be attached to this part).
  • From the two remaining sheets of paper, cut strips about 5 cm wide, but now across the sheet (shorter). There should be 10 stripes. We will make thorns out of them.
  • Fold each piece in half. Step back about 1-1.5 cm from the fold line and draw a triangle mark up to the edge of the part, as in the picture below. Cut before reaching the fold line.
  • Glue the strips for the cross piece and glue the thorns to it, as shown in the photo.
  • Let the glue dry. At this time, measure the size of your baby’s head. Glue the rim of the cap along its diameter with adhesive tape. The same with the cross side.
  • Now glue the triangles of the thorns tightly together. While the glue dries, it is better to secure the thorns with paper clips or clamps so that they do not disintegrate.
  • Glue the comb to the cap at the front and back.

What can be made from paper

A fun and exciting way of needlework that will appeal to all children, without exception, is the creation of crafts from colored paper. This kind of creativity develops not only imagination and imagination, but also helps to improve hand motor skills. That is why it is very important to include this simple element of learning combined with entertainment in the lessons with the baby.

A fun and exciting way of needlework that will appeal to all children, without exception, is the creation of crafts from colored paper

What is needed for a paper toy

In order to start the process of creating crafts, you will need to have several materials at hand:

  • Colored paper (thin, double, medium or cardboard);
  • Scissors;
  • Glue (PVA, pencil or regular stationery).

In addition. ribbons, beads, fringes. You will also need plain white paper and a pencil. to create a stencil, a felt-tip pen to draw a pattern or a face on the resulting figure.

We make paper applications for children 1-3 years old

How to make Christmas decorations out of paper