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What dogs don’t smell like dog


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Origin: France
Dimensions: Height 50-60 cm, weight 28-30 kg
Character: Alert, loyal, active
Where is used: Hunter, decorative dog
Lives: 12-15 years old
Color: Black, white, gray, red

Another dog breed that does not shed or smell is the poodle. The Poodle is one of the breeds that needs regular grooming. Therefore, the breeder at least needs to be able to handle the brush, because it is not so easy to cope with curly hair. To keep the animal’s vegetation in order, you can even resort to the services of a dog hairdresser.

Review of the best non-shedding rocks

Are there breeds of dogs that do not shed or smell naturally? Such individuals exist. Which are the most popular among them. read below.

Chinese Crested

Origin: PRC
Dimensions: Height 22-33 cm, weight 2.3-5.4 kg
Character: Gentle, affectionate, playful, alert
Where is used: Companion
Lives: 13-15 years old
Color: Black, brown, red, tricolor

A decorative individual, which also belongs to the groups of pet breeds, characterized by the absence of an unpleasant odor and molting. In appearance, Chinese crested animals resemble miniature horses due to the vegetation on their heads. These dogs were bred in China and have long been a symbol of well-being in the home.

As a result of the fact that the vegetation on the body of the Chinese crested dog is practically absent, this breed almost does not shed or smell. The body of the Chinese Crested is almost completely naked, with the exception of the limbs and head. Also, this variety has one subspecies, whose representatives have thick fur. But even such pets shed very rarely and very little.

Dogs that don’t smell like dog

  • One of the first species to be identified is the naked variety. Pets that have virtually no hair will rarely smell like dog. But the lack of smell in such dogs is compensated by other inconveniences. the breeder needs to regularly take care of the fur. So, for the care of such animals, epilation, smearing the skin with creams is considered a normal phenomenon. The Chinese crested, described above, refers to such animals.
  • Dogs with long hair without undercoat. One of these animals is the Yorkshire Terrier. In its structure, the vegetation on the body of pets is very similar to human hair, so for people the smell of Yorkie wool is almost invisible. But the vegetation of such dogs has an interesting property of absorbing the smells of the environment, so the animals need to be washed regularly.
  • Short-haired dogs with hard vegetation without undercoat. Especially the lack of dog smell is manifested in small pets.
  • Although the Poodle breed of dogs has an undercoat, the smell of such dogs is almost completely absent. Especially this smell is not typical for those animals that are often washed.

The dream of many breeders is odorless, shedding pets.

pets are quite troublesome, especially for those breeders who spend most of their free time at work. Many dog ​​breeders today are interested in the question of which dogs do not shed, and whether there are such pets that do not smell. In this article we will tell you about these breeds.


Origin: Germany
Dimensions: Height 36-51 cm, weight 5-43 kg depending on the species
Character: Devoted, watchful
Where is used: Hunting
Lives: 7-16 years old depending on the species
Color: Black, white, silver, chocolate, black with ash

It’s hard to believe, but shaggy schnauzers almost never shed. There are several subspecies of the breed, they all differ in size. But this is perhaps their only fundamental difference. Animals were bred for hunting and have long established themselves as faithful helpers in this matter.

Despite their cute appearance, schnauzers are vigilant animals that are always ready to defend their owner. They quickly become attached to the family and are generally very scrupulous. Representatives of this species must be educated from childhood, otherwise you can get an uncontrolled dog.


Origin: Congo
Dimensions: Height 38-43 cm, weight 9-12 kg
Character: Playful, curious, alert
Where is used: Companion, hunter
Lives: 12-16 years old
Color: Black, red, black and white, tricolor

Another variety that got into the rating of shedding and odorless dogs is the Basenji. This breed was bred a very long time ago in the territory of the modern Republic of Congo. The first ancestors of these animals appeared in Africa more than five thousand years ago. Initially, the dog was used as a hunter, but it still performs these functions to this day.

It should be noted that the basenji’s short hair almost does not fall out. If you do not like canine vegetation, but want a loyal and cheerful, as well as active friend for yourself, then the Basenji is perfect for you. It should also be added that this is one of the few species that does not bark.

Can a dog not smell at all?

Experts will disappoint the future owners, who “bite” the breeder’s assurances that his pets are not “fragrant” at all. In fact, any animal has its own smell. this is its “calling card”, a tool for communicating with fellows.

Novice dog breeders, choosing a dog of one breed or another, do not take into account the fact how strong the dog will smell. But experienced dog breeders, most likely, will be very interested in this nuance, especially if the pet will live in a house or apartment.

As the breeders joke, only toy dogs do not smell like a dog, the rest will have a specific aroma, even if it is weakly expressed. And besides, the intensity of “amber” largely depends on nutrition and care. with the right approach, the dog will not exude a stench.

If you talk to the owners of dogs of the same breed, then each of them may have the opposite opinion. For some, their dog will turn out to be the most stinking dog, while others are sure that the pet exudes the scent of a May rose. It’s all about caring for the dog, the acuity of a person’s sense of smell, habit and attitude.

But even the faintest-smelling dog will smell more strongly if his fur gets wet. This continues until he is completely dry. There are a number of breeds for which a strong dog smell is a breed characteristic. This category includes no undercoat gun dogs that have been bred to work in harsh climates.

Dogs with semi-long or short hair without undercoat

They have an odor, but it is quite weak. When wet, their fur begins to exude a stronger aroma, so you should not dry your pet with a hairdryer, in extreme cases it is better to use a cold air stream.

Here, the dwarf pinscher, Dalmatian, Prague rat, poodle, Samoyed Laika are among the most odorless. The owners of such a rare breed as the Basenji can be called lucky. the African dog was not called barking for nothing, it really does not know how to bark, and besides, it does not smell.

Dogs with coarse coats

Representatives of such breeds do not shed on their own, they need a special procedure. trimming, that is, plucking out dead hairs. It can be done in a pet salon, call a groomer at home, or master the technique and “pinch” the pet yourself. This group includes all schnauzers. rizen, mittel and zwerg; Cairn Terriers and West Highland White Terriers.

Non-shedding dogs are considered odorless and hypoallergenic species, but this is not entirely true. Allergies are often caused not by the dog’s fur, but by the substances contained in the dead skin particles of the pet. As for the smell, it is still present, although weaker than that of other representatives of the canine world. In addition, do not forget about other aromas that pets can exude, in addition to the smell of the dog.

Dogs with a single layer of long hair

Today, representatives of such breeds are incredibly popular. they are small, cute dogs, whose wool is soft, close in structure to human hair. They practically do not smell, as they do not have an undercoat, which is covered with sebum and “smells sweet”.

However, such wool perfectly absorbs foreign aromas, which means that the smell from the pet may come, but it will no longer be a dog. This category includes Afghan hounds, Yorkshire terriers, continental toy spaniels, butterflies. papillons and moths. phalens, Pekingese, long-haired Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, Bichon Frize.

Signs of Weak Smelling Rocks

If the lack of smell is an important criterion when choosing a four-legged friend, then you can focus on similar signs that almost odorless dogs have. Whether the dog of the selected breed smells like a dog, you can ask the breeder. Better yet, before purchasing a puppy, pay a visit to the seller’s house and smell. if mommy “smells” for the whole house, then her offspring will be the same.

In the case of outbred four-legged, mestizo or undocumented puppies, there are no guarantees. Only by 4-6 months the owner will know how “fragrant” the pet is. It is by this age that grown-up babies begin to acquire the smell of an adult.


It is believed that hairless dogs and individuals with a partial fur coat do not smell. There is some truth in this. a specific spirit is not exuded by bald dogs that receive good care. Such an original pet needs its own wardrobe. with warm clothes for the winter, waterproof for the off-season.

Another nuance is that the skin becomes dirty faster than wool, and the fat secreted by the skin mixes with dust particles and remains on objects that the pet has touched. If in cold weather the naked dogs get cold, then in the heat they can get heatstroke or burns. It is also recommended to wear them or apply a special sunscreen on the skin.

There are only four such breeds registered: the Chinese hairless crested dog, the Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless dog), the American hairless terrier and the most exotic breed with a beautiful name. the Peruvian rose of the Incas.

What breeds of dogs do not smell like a dog. Breed overview

Almost all pets have a specific smell, and dogs are no exception. they exude a “doggy” scent. over, in some it is quite strong and stable, while others smell faintly, almost imperceptibly. What is the reason for the intensity of the “fragrance” of four-legged pets, what breeds of dogs do not smell like a dog at all, and are there any?

Causes of an unpleasant odor

Anyone who thinks that the smell of doggy is related to the work of the sweat glands is wrong. In dogs, skin glands produce unpleasant odors, which produce grease to lubricate the coat. In some breeds of hunting dogs, as well as those living in cold temperatures, these glands work much more actively. This means that the smell will be much stronger. But this fat protects the animal from frost and getting wet.

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But the sweat glands located between the toes can both stink of dirty socks and emit a pleasant aroma. To get rid of the smell, the pet’s paws need to be processed regularly, including after a walk.

Another reason for the appearance of an unpleasant odor is pheromones, the smell of which increases during heat and decreases after sterilization. Males always emit a stronger unpleasant odor.

Improper care or its complete absence for the ears and mouth of an animal is a very common cause of stench. If the owner is caring, but an unpleasant smell has appeared, then we can talk about a disease. And in this case, you should contact your veterinarian.

15 Dog Breeds That Don’t Smell

The next reason is age. Puppies have a pleasant smell, but the older the dog, the more pronounced the dog’s amber. This is especially felt if the animal’s coat is wet.

After all, fat also gets wet with a dog. a lubricant that gives off a smell.

So it turns out that almost all the named reasons for the dog smell are associated with caring for the animal. You can be convinced of this if you observe the living conditions of the dogs before buying a puppy from a breeder: if everything is clean around, and the dog smells like a dog, then it will be the same with the puppy. If unsanitary conditions prevail in the house, you should not contact such breeders. If you take a mongrel dog or a breed without documents to your house, then no one will give you a guarantee of how your pet will develop.

Odorless breeds

The list of such breeds is rather big. You can choose an animal by size, coat length and other criteria. But do not forget that the pet may have other problems in keeping.

  • For example, a Dalmatian is a handsome man known to many. The short-haired breed without undercoat does not initially smell like a dog (with age, amber may appear). But breeders note that this dog sheds very much. Another problem is hyperactivity: the dog needs movement and physical activity all the time. Such an intelligent beast must be brought up, try to become his friend, otherwise he will become your master.
  • Several terrier breeds are odorless. For example, the Yorkshire Terrier, which gradually evolved from a hunting dog to a decorative one. Friendly animals get along well with children and animals, ready to protect their master. A long-haired breed with no undercoat needs regular grooming, visits to a groomer or home haircuts. To keep the dog clean, it is often dressed up in overalls for outdoor walks, and some owners cut them short.
  • Another popular terra pet is the West Highland White Terrier. The burrow hunter still remains such, but many use this mischievous restless dog as a companion. The white Scottish beauty not only has a dog’s odorless coat, but is also hypoallergenic. West is a very loyal pet, it lends itself well to training, although it has a stubborn character. The Cairn Terrier has similar characteristics.
  • The American Hairless Terrier can be miniature or large. It is easy to recognize the breed by its soft, bare skin with contrasting spots of almost any color and sideburns. The American is friendly and sociable. He is comfortable with other animals, and he considers cats to be his friends. Families with children adore such a dog, as it is an excellent nanny and a guard.

She, like all bald breeds, needs special skin care: frequent bathing or wiping with wet wipes, using a cream from burns and frostbite before going outside, taking care of watery eyes.

  • Scottish Terrier (Scottish Terrier) is a muscular and sturdy hunter that needs physical activity and long walks. In the absence of training, mood swings can be observed: fun games can instantly be replaced by aggression. But this handsome defender of its owner with a long silky fur has a decisive and persistent character.
  • The Tibetan Terrier does not belong to this group, it got its name by chance, because it looks like terriers. The decorative dog has a medium size, thick and shaggy coat that does not shed. The main quality of a Tibetan is friendliness. He is hardy, reliable, loyal, suitable for families with an active lifestyle, as well as for quiet walks at a leisurely pace.
  • Another Tibetan is a Shih Tzu or Buddha’s dog. Among odorless dogs, this breed occupies one of the leading positions. But if you do not care for long hair, then the Shih Tzu can absorb other unpleasant odors. The friendly and majestic dog is a good companion for a calm owner and a playful child. Representatives of this breed are often chosen as a symbol of happiness and well-being.
  • The Maltese lapdog (maltese) will delight you not only with the absence of a dog smell, but also with the absence of molting, which is important for allergy sufferers. Today the thoroughbred Maltese has only a white color and a long silky coat. Decorative dog. a wonderful companion for all family members.
  • Bichon Frize is another breed of white lapdogs from France. It is distinguished from maltese by its curly long silky coat, which requires additional care. Another distinctive sign is bichon, which is translated from French as beard. Miniature dogs do not have an unpleasant smell, which is perfect for home keeping. Bichon, as an adult dog, will play with children, but can accompany an adult in watching TV.

The beast is very friendly with both people and animals.

  • Everyone compares the Brussels Griffon to the Star Wars hero Chubaka. But its size is very different, because the griffin was bred for catching rodents. This is a pet with a high level of intelligence, thanks to which it lends itself well to training. Reddish pets become friends for children, adults, and animals (not rodents). But griffins are quite calm animals, therefore they do not like noisy games and children’s squealing. To avoid undesirable behavior, the dog must be trained. Regular grooming includes combing, trimming, bathing, preventing eye diseases and obesity.
  • The Chinese Crested may be bald, but with hair on the head, tail and legs, or long-haired without an undercoat. The perky crest gave not only the name, but also the charming appearance of this dog. The breed does not smell like a dog, and proper care and nutrition will ensure that it does not have any other unpleasant odors. According to the owners of these pets, the crested occupies a leading position among odorless dogs. The breed is very smart, friendly, active, does not like loneliness at all. Due to the lack of hair on the body, she needs clothes for walking.
  • Greyhound is a small greyhound from Italy. It is a breed of dog with a muscular body, short and smooth coat and no unpleasant odors. It is called a smaller copy of a Greyhound. Greyhounds, of course, need physical activity, as the breed is very active. With proper education and training, the dog will be an excellent companion for adults and children. But she does not always get along with animals.
  • The Central African Basenji can be called one of the cleanest dogs. The short, smooth coat, the absence of unpleasant odors and the almost complete absence of shedding make the dog comfortable for home keeping. She, like a cat, licks herself. But Basenji is very active, agile, cheerful, with a perky tail-ball. Breeders say the dog has a sense of humor. And in combination with her sad look due to the folds on the face, we can say that the Basenji is a wise dog.

Another feature of the breed is the absence of barking, which it compensates for with other sounds: snorting, squealing, howling. Experts say that due to the high level of concentration of attention, an African woman on the street gives herself up to the surrounding smells and can run away at sprint speed after an object or creature of interest.

Therefore, it is important to pay great attention to the education of the pet.

This is not a complete list of breeds. Breeders and dog lovers refer to odorless dogs as poodles, spaniels, Pekingese, Chihuahua, pygmy pinscher, Prague ratter, different types of schnauzers, Spitz, Xoloitzcuintle, Groenendael, Siba Inu and other breeds.

Can a dog not smell at all??

Through our sense of smell, we can recognize familiar people even with our eyes closed. The same thing happens in dogs, but they have a much finer sense of smell. The smell of a stranger will arouse aggression or interest. Consequently, animals cannot not emit a smell at all, like people. Therefore, if you are promised an absolutely odorless breed, this is a divorce for big or small money. Even with the observance of all hygiene procedures, the pet will have an odor.

But whether it will be the smell of dog or flowers is a big question. Because, nevertheless, there are types of dogs with a certain set of characteristics that practically do not emit an unpleasant amber. These breeds include the following.

  • Hairless or hairless dogs. For those who decide to choose just such a pet, you need to know that his skin will require additional care: protection from ultraviolet rays and frost with creams and clothes, regular washing, since sebum will shine on the body.
  • Long-haired dogs without undercoat. It is the undercoat that is saturated with grease, and there is no undercoat. there is no dog smell either. But this does not mean that the dog will be fragrant with roses. After all, long wool absorbs all the surrounding odors: kitchens and streets, tobacco and river mud. Only good care will save your pet and all family members from the stench.
  • Semi-long-haired and short-haired species without an undercoat acquire a doggy smell when wet. In this case, try to quickly dry the coat with a cool air stream.
  • Breeds with coarse hair without undercoat, in the presence of small sizes of an individual, give a minimal dog smell.
  • Poodle is a long-haired breed, with undercoat, thick hair, but practically without an unpleasant odor.
  • In theory, shedding dogs are odorless and hypoallergenic. In practice, it all depends on the conditions and health of the pet.

And again the thought that a lot depends on leaving.

Description of dog breeds that do not smell like dog

Every living creature has its own smell, pleasant or unpleasant. This also applies to dogs. For those who are considering purchasing a pet, there are several selection criteria. And one of them is the lack of dog smell. Are there such breeds or is it just another myth? The answer to this question is of fundamental importance for the owners of apartment dogs, because they will have to sniff the smell of a pet around the clock.

Care features

All these breeds will really delight you not only with their appearance, character, but also with a pleasant smell, if they are regularly looked after. But many breeds have a stubborn, capricious character, so some effort will have to be made to achieve the result.

  • If the body emits an unpleasant odor, then the dog may be sick. In this case, you must definitely consult a doctor.
  • Bad smell from the ears and eyes can be due to otitis media or conjunctivitis. This also happens with improper nutrition or inappropriate feed. Many breed standards allow trimming or plucking excess hair from the ears. Cleaning of the auricles is mandatory. As for the eyes, here you need to be especially careful with breeds in which the lower eyelid is lowered or the eyes are constantly watering. You need to regularly wipe them with cotton pads, if necessary, treat with a tea brew solution or eye drops.
  • A putrid spirit from the mouth is caused by several reasons: unclean teeth, rotten teeth, sore gums, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Brush your pet’s teeth at least 2 times a week. For self-cleaning, they use chewing toothpicks. bones that dogs really like. For other problems, it is worth contacting a veterinary clinic.
  • Smelly paws are the result of sweat glands and outdoor walks. In both cases, regular washing of the paws, as well as cutting hair and nails, will help.
  • Even short-haired or hairless dogs can have a foul odor from the groin and rear. What can we say about long-haired pets. This is why the hair around the anus and genitals is cut. This can be done by the groomer or the owner himself. And don’t forget to wash your dog’s private parts as needed.
  • With a hormonal change during estrus, the amber increases. The dog is washed immediately after estrus.
  • After the street, the dog is also washed as needed: only paws, paws and stomach, or completely. You need to use a dog shampoo for washing, as the hp (acidity level) is different for dogs and people.
  • After eating, the chin of long-haired dogs is wiped with a damp cloth or washed.
  • Dry the dog first with a towel and then with a non-hot hairdryer. This will avoid the smell of wet doggy and will also preserve the structure of the coat. Hairless dogs can simply be wiped thoroughly.
  • Dogs should be brushed and trimmed regularly, and wire-haired dogs should be trimmed regularly. If this is not done, tangles will form in the wool, food debris, dust, street dirt will get stuck.
  • An unpleasant odor can occur when changing feed. It is not recommended to give the dog 2 unfamiliar products on the same day, otherwise it will be unclear what exactly caused the reaction. Ambergris can appear in case of metabolic disorders, an excess of carbohydrates.
  • When the climate changes within a couple of weeks, the dog’s smell may change.
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After acclimatization, it should disappear.

What breeds smell?

Primitive breeds, as well as sheepdogs, molossos and many hunting dogs, have a characteristic “wild” coat, and their skin glands secrete more odorous secretions. Historically, representatives of these breeds were kept on the street, in a barn or in a sheepfold, and the owners were not at all interested in how much these dogs smelled and shed. All of this is true of many greyhounds, cops, hounds, retrievers, and sled dogs. However, this fact does not mean that such breeds in an apartment or house are completely excluded. The smell becomes more pronounced when the coat gets wet and dirty, so with regular washing and some attention to caring for the dog, it will not bring much discomfort.

Almost all breeds with coarse or shedding hair have a characteristic odor, more or less pronounced. It is curious that hairless, hairless breeds, contrary to popular belief, smell. Due to the lack of hair, their skin produces a lot of protective oil, which has a specific odor. In addition, unlike dogs with fur, such animals sweat. If you are looking for a dog that practically does not smell, then you should pay attention to the representatives of decorative breeds with non-shedding hair.

What breeds of dogs do not smell?

This group is mainly made up of indoor decorative breeds, which were specially bred for living together with humans. These include:

  • Bichon Frize and other lapdogs;
  • Poodles;
  • Continental spaniels. papillon and phalene;
  • Shih tzu.

It is interesting that the representatives of the group of terriers with soft, non-shedding hair practically do not smell and, moreover, do not cause allergic reactions:

  • Bedlington Terrier;
  • Kerry Blue Terrier;
  • Yorkshire Terrier;
  • Soft coated wheaten terrier;
  • Sky terrier.

Dog breeds that don’t smell

Each person has a unique sense of smell, and the nose can distinguish many smells in different ways: for example, someone smells animal smells weaker, and someone more. Therefore, for some people, the issue of smell can be of fundamental importance when choosing a pet.

For this reason, it is possible to distinguish separately breeds of dogs that do not smell and are perfect for people with a particularly sensitive sense of smell, as well as those breeds that, on the contrary, are distinguished by the presence of a perceptible smell.

How to avoid bad odor?

In order to prevent the repulsive odor from appearing, it is important not only to monitor the cleanliness of the pet’s coat and general hygiene, but also to properly feed the dog and maintain its health. To do this, you should not neglect preventive examinations with a veterinarian and immediately contact the clinic (sign up online) when the condition and behavior of the pet changes.

Normally, no dog should give off a strong, unpleasant odor. Its appearance is a sign of serious malfunctioning of the pet’s body.

Unfortunately, with the onset of old age, a dog, regardless of breed, can acquire a new and not very pleasant smell. In this case, it is especially important to observe the above rules.

In order to determine whether this or that breed suits you and whether its smell suits you, you need to communicate with its representatives indoors for at least half an hour. You can also ask the owners of the breed or breeders about the presence of a characteristic smell.

If you have a dog allergy, be sure to find out what exactly causes it. When this becomes clear, you can easily pick up a pet with which you will be as comfortable as possible.

Brussels griffin

Griffins are an interesting animal, its expressive muzzle attracts the attention of filmmakers. A small pet with red hair is a reliable companion, he can get along with cats, but will eat a domestic hamster. The fact is that many years ago, dogs were taken out in order to hunt rodents.

It can turn into a problem that the animal is annoyed by babies, since they are quite noisy. This dog is affectionate and intelligent, but capricious, stubborn, wayward. If raised incorrectly, he will quickly begin to manipulate the owner.

The Brussels Griffon needs bathing, brushing, haircutting every week. It cannot stand hot weather and suffers from eye diseases. The animal is prone to overeating, obesity, therefore, it is fed with balanced dry food, controlling the portion that gets into the bowl.

  • devoted to one master;
  • indifferent to the rest of the family;
  • cannot adapt to the change or death of the owner;
  • suitable for an inexperienced dog lover.

Brussels griffins must socialize in time, otherwise they will become fearful, capricious, wayward. They will turn into an ideal companion for a stay-at-home, an elderly person or a disabled person, since they do not need activity, significant physical exertion. It will be enough for the griffin to play in the house and take a leisurely walk in the park twice a day.

The wire-haired griffin needs trimming as it only molts in the spring and fall. To prevent the hairs from falling on furniture or carpets, the pet will have to be combed out twice a week with soft massage combs.

Dog breeds that don’t smell

Every living creature in the world has a smell, pleasant or not, pedigree dogs are no exception. If a person is thinking about buying a pet, he should pay attention to several criteria when choosing. One of them will be the lack of a persistent dog smell, which often frightens future dog breeders.

  • Maltese
  • American pitbull
  • Shih tzu

The question of smell is of particular importance for those who want to keep the dog in the apartment, because they have to inhale the smell of the pet around the clock. If the animal lives in a private house, then the smell of the dog will not be such an important factor. Unfortunately, there are no dogs that are completely odorless dogs, but there are a number of breeds that have minimal scent that can be easily removed with proper care.

Breeds of dogs have been bred in the world that do not smell and do not lose their hair, since the ubiquitous hairs can significantly harm allergy sufferers. These animals not only shed less, but also practically do not smell and are hypoallergenic. Completely hairless breeds become an exception to the rule, although it is much worse to remove their coarse hairs from the carpet than long ones.

The specific smell of a dog is its peculiarity, since only the fur of a toy dog ​​does not stink. With the help of aromas, pets communicate, attract the attention of each other. If the owner carefully monitors the dog, periodically bathes after pollution, uses dog shampoos with a pleasant smell, then the problem gradually disappears.


Dalmatians often become a star in movies and television shows, thanks to their charming appearance. The spots on his body are randomly located, they can even be found in the mouth. Interestingly, newborn puppies are absolutely snow-white, but with age, their skin becomes covered with small black marks.

The Dalmatian is not only charming, but also a restless dog. It is not easy to contain it, as the puppy can turn into an energetic lump and accumulation of emotions, which are simply impossible to calm down. The owner needs to be ready for anything, because the dog often behaves inappropriately.

  • physical exercise;
  • activity;
  • games that require movement.

A smart dog will not have to be educated and trained, but try to become his friend. If indulgence is constantly allowed, he will turn into a master, not a subordinate. The Dalmatian is a cunning manipulator, able to easily sit on the owner’s neck, but easily amenable to education at home.
These dogs are able to become attached to their owner and members of his family, becoming part of it. They are ready to sleep on the master’s bed, if they are not forbidden to do so in time. If you forbid a Dalmatian to participate in a general occupation, he will turn into a rebel.

American Hairless Terrier

The dog was bred in the twentieth century in the United States, it can be small or very large, but there will be no hair on the body, except for the sideburns. Another distinctive feature of the animal will be the presence of soft skin with dark or light spots. They are excellent guards that interact well with any other pets, including cats and rodents.

The Hairless Terrier is a dog that can become a nanny for children of any age, it is ideal for living in an apartment. The poor health of a little fidget can turn into a problem, the skin is especially affected. Dermatitis and peeling often occur, so the skin will have to be wiped with wet, non-scented wipes, and often bathed. The animal’s eyes are watery, so they are wiped with damp cotton pads. Claws are necessarily cut, and a cream is applied to the body that protects against sunburn or frost.

The terrier is prone to diseases of the stomach and esophagus, including gastritis. Its menu includes at least 60% of white meats, 25%. cereals and vegetables, 10%. dairy products.

Mexican hairless dog

A pet without an unpleasant odor was bred by the Aztecs 3 millennia ago. It was not decorative, since babies were fed and used in bloody rituals, it was believed that a naked dog took all diseases from the owner. This dog himself is demanding of nutrition, so his diet contains:

  • boiled beef;
  • boiled and stewed vegetables;
  • fruit.

It is forbidden to offer your pet even low-fat dairy products. You need to carefully monitor the teeth of the animal, because with inflammation, they immediately fall out. The pet is susceptible to cold snaps, so it can quickly catch a cold.

The Mexican Hairless Dog is hyperactive, but loves to play with only one person, whom she herself chooses to be the owner. Can get along with children and other pets, is friendly and calmly alone in the room, without spoiling the pieces of furniture.

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Causes of an unpleasant odor

All dog scentless breeds of dogs have their own specific aroma, which can also increase if they are improperly looked after. We need to figure out why, in general, there is an unpleasant smell of a wet dog. Those who think that its appearance is associated with the malfunctioning of the sweat glands are wrong. The smell arises from the work of the skin glands that produce fat. They work more actively in hunting dogs and those that live in adverse climatic conditions, so the unpleasant odor intensifies.

There is also a sweat gland between the toes, and it emits a stench similar to dirty socks. This happens without proper care, so the paws will have to be constantly cleaned and wiped, especially after coming from the street. Improper care of the auricle and oral cavity turns into another cause of unpleasant odor. If everything is in order, but the stench persists, you need to contact your veterinarian to rule out the occurrence of the disease.

Pheromones, which are intensely released during estrus, turn into a problem. Their number can be reduced by spaying the animal, and this also applies to males that emit even stronger unpleasant odors.
Once the owner has decided what breeds of dogs do not smell, he must understand that the role in the smell is age, as in humans. The puppy has a pleasant “childish” scent, but the adult already has a pronounced dog scent. The unpleasant odor intensifies if the individual’s coat is wet, since fat also becomes wet at the same time.

Before you buy a puppy from a breeder of a dog breed that does not smell like a dog, you need to look at the conditions in which it is kept. If all rooms are clean, and adults are well-groomed and do not have a fetid odor, then the dog will be healthy. With unsanitary conditions in the house, you should not buy a purebred dog, since the state of its sweat glands may be disturbed. When buying a purebred animal or a baby without documents, it will not be possible to get a guarantee for it.

Shih tzu

The Tibetan (Shih Tzu, Buddha’s dog) was bred at the Chinese imperial court. Its name translates as lion cub, as the animal resembles a small, shaggy, multi-colored lion. This dog was considered a symbol of well-being or family happiness, therefore it is suitable for a large family or future spouses.

Several color combinations are allowed:

  • red and white;
  • black and white;
  • brown and white.

She is the leader among odorless dogs, if properly cared for his long hair. The animal is able to absorb an unpleasant odor from the wool.

The pet can turn into a companion for a calm owner or an active child, as it easily tunes in to their wave. This is a loyal and friendly dog, capable of relentlessly following its master, demanding his attention. If the Shih Tzu is sleeping, he will definitely wake up and run after the owner who has left the room, but he can easily do without walking on the street.

The wool of a non-shedding animal is capable of falling out only if it is constantly combed out. The hairs cause allergic reactions in humans, but the dog will never become a decorative dog. The positive side of Shih Tzu is the need to create a variety of hairstyles for them. The animal needs regular food, but you should watch how it drinks water. A problem in the structure of the nose, due to which liquid can enter the nostrils and completely block the dog’s breathing, which is often fatal.

Chinese Crested

The miniature dog was bred in the PRC, and there are 2 types: completely covered with long hairs without undercoat or bald, but with hair on the head, tail and paws. The peculiarity of the odorless and shedding pet is the presence of a veil-like coat and a tufted on the head.

Proper care and feeding strictly according to the rules will ensure that there is no unpleasant smell. The Chinese Crested has firmly taken the leading position among its fellows, since it is distinguished by intelligence and activity. The problem can be that the animal does not tolerate loneliness and needs warm clothes for walking in the cold season.

Dogs that don’t smell like dog

The specific scent that many dogs have is often the decisive reason why a person refuses to have a pet. If the animal is brought up for a private home, this may not matter much. But if for an apartment, this point becomes decisive.

As it turns out, this is not a reason to “say no” to a four-legged friend.

After all, firstly, there are breeds that do not stink of a dog. And secondly, proper care of the pet will help to eliminate and prevent this problem. Therefore, attentive owners do not have to worry about the “dog amber”. Next, we will consider which dogs do not smell, and how to properly care for a pet.

An odorless dog: is there such?

Many would-be dog breeders may be discouraged from buying a pet by such a reason as an unpleasant smell. It turns out there are dog breeds that don’t smell. This is not a myth. Although there is a joke among dog breeders that dogs that do not smell are most likely plush or painted.

Future breeders should understand that with proper and regular care, a representative of any breed will not have a specific odor. So it depends more on the owner than on his pet. When planning to acquire a quadruple friend, you must be sure that you can give him the proper amount of attention and provide the necessary care.

10 Dogs That Don’t Smell

Where does the unpleasant scent come from?

Many future breeders are wondering what breeds of dogs do not smell like a dog. In fact, almost any breed does not emit an unpleasant odor, as long as the animal is healthy and properly cared for. A bad smell should be a signal to the owner that something is wrong with the pet.

In this case, the animal may have its own “aroma”, which can be eliminated or minimized by proper care. But there are also reasons that can strengthen it. Let’s consider the main ones:

  • Floor. Most often, the more pronounced odor is inherent in males, while in bitches it appears only during estrus. Regular bathing will help get rid of it or minimize it. (If you’re afraid of the scent, start a girl rather than a boy).
  • Age. Older animals with health problems have a stronger odor.
  • Contact with water and moisture. Dogs start to smell after swimming in ponds or after rain. The way out is to bathe with a special shampoo. Or do not let your pet swim in the street.
  • Disease. The disease provokes the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Owner Tips

Prospective breeders need to know that it is not necessary when choosing a pet to think about which dogs do not smell. With proper and proper care, any pet will not have an unpleasant odor.

Here are some tips to help the owner convert his pet to the category of those that do not stink of a dog. Proper care is as follows:

  • monitor your pet’s health. If the animal is healthy, it does not have an unpleasant odor. over, if a specific aroma appears, this is a call to the owner: something is wrong with the pet. Often the stench is caused by skin diseases, digestive tract diseases, or problems with teeth and gums. The veterinarian will help determine the disease.
  • bathe your pet with a special product. Animals bathing in bodies of water often smell unpleasant. It’s easy to get rid of it. use a dog shampoo for it.

Odorless breeds

There are a number of “odorless” dogs. Basically, these are short-haired animals without undercoat or dogs without any hair at all. There are also some long-haired dog breeds that do not smell like dog.

Among animals without hair, which do not smell like dog, you can distinguish the Chinese crested and Mexican hairless. They have almost no wool, respectively, they are practically odorless. But these animals often require more troublesome care than others. They need regular hair removal, skin care in summer and winter. In the cold season, such pets need special clothing, and when it’s hot, they need to be saved from the sun with the help of protective creams.

Short-haired dogs that don’t smell are terriers. Their coat is quite tough, so it does not get wet or absorb odors.

There are also long-haired dogs that do not smell like a dog. These breeds include Yorkshire Terriers. Due to the structure of their fur, similar to human hair, they do not have a specific canine smell. But at the same time, another problem manifests itself: wool absorbs the smells of the environment. Therefore, the animal must be bathed regularly. literally once a week, as well as dry and comb the hair.

As you can see, dogs that do not smell like a dog require more careful and regular care from their owner. Therefore, when choosing a four-legged friend, pay attention to this and decide for yourself: will you have enough opportunity and time to provide your pet with quality care.

An overview of odorless and smelling dogs

Let’s consider in detail which dogs don’t smell. The first breed is the West Highland White Terrier. Beautiful, snow-white, with thick hair, the pet has absolutely no smell. Its coat consists of two layers: the first is thick and resistant to external influences. A pet of this breed will make an excellent companion and friendly member of the family. The owner takes care of the appearance of the dog. the wool will have to be regularly cleaned and combed.

Dogs that don’t smell are poodles. They also do not shed. Therefore, they are suitable even for those people who have allergies. But the poodle needs proper care. At the very least, it needs to be combed out. Ideally, take them to the groomer regularly.

Those who are wondering which dogs don’t smell should pay attention to Basenji. This is an excellent hunter, loyal friend and cheerful pet. To all the positive qualities, you can add a pleasant appearance. Short-haired Basenji practically does not shed, has no smell, and also does not bark.

Dogs that don’t smell like dog are Dalmatians. They also have an interesting appearance, are active and do not require special personal care.

Odorless papillons and dwarf pinschers, mittel schnauzer and giant schnauzer.

Odorless animals are often also hypoallergenic. Therefore, they are suitable even for people who are prone to allergies.

Future breeders who are concerned about the question of which dogs do not smell like a dog should not pay attention to the following breeds:

  • cocker spaniel (American and English)
  • St. Bernard
  • Shar Pei
  • boxer
  • basset hound

These animals tend to exhibit an unpleasant odor.

Future dog breeders who are wondering “which dogs do not smell” should be advised: pay attention to the breed, features of its character, a tendency to learn. Its “flavor” should be a secondary, not decisive factor. After all, its presence or absence depends on the correct care of the animal.

In any case, before purchasing an animal, it is better to communicate with breeders and owners, using an example to check whether the breed you like has a smell. After all, there are overly sensitive people for whom there are no “odorless” breeds.