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What dry dog ​​food is made of

Why does the plant need a laboratory

The complex has its own laboratory, which carries out 14-15 thousand in-depth analyzes per year, including the analysis of nutritional value, degree of oxidation and food safety of products. Raw materials from any supplier are carefully checked and only after a positive test result is sent to production.

The ratio of local and import suppliers of raw materials is 77% to 23%. Thus, cereals are supplied from Russia, and meat flour. from Italy, Spain and Brazil. But regardless of the country from which raw materials come from, the requirements for its quality are the same.

In addition to analyzes, the laboratory manages a huge archive of all released batches of feed over the past couple of years. in case it is necessary to re-study the batch in case of consumer claims.

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How Royal Canin dry food is made: a report from a plant in the Moscow region

D. Condor dog handler

Probably every pet owner tasted dry food out of curiosity. But how it is prepared and what it actually consists of, we can only guess, because there are a lot of rumors around the preparation of dry food. The Royal Canin company offered to find out how the process of making dry food for dogs and cats actually takes place, opening the doors to its production.

The Royal Canin plant is located in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region on an area of ​​14.8 hectares. The factory is built using vertical technology (maximum height 33 meters) and takes up very little space in comparison with competitors and with cheap analogs of feed. The plant was opened in 2004, and in 2015 the second production line was launched, which made it possible to double the capacity of the enterprise.

Is it safe to feed dry food to dogs and cats??

Modern dry food production: ecology and quality control

Today, an average of 70,000 food bags are produced in a 12-hour shift. But despite this, the enterprise has the highest environmental safety standards: emissions into the atmosphere are reduced to zero, and there is practically no smell from the enterprise itself. Looking ahead, I will say that rejected feed, croquet crumbs are ground in a crusher, and the resulting flour is sent for recycling.

Residues are used even in the production of septic tanks and fertilizers. Royal Canin cares about the environment and works towards sustainable packaging.

The Russian plant in Dmitrovsky District produces 460 types of products (out of 596 types of professional products for dogs and cats in the Royal Canin portfolio). However, the formulas themselves are developed in a central research department in France, so Royal Canin products produced anywhere in the world do not differ in profile and nutritional appeal.

Every morning, from each new batch of feed, experts take the finished packaging and carefully examine it to assess the quality.

Analyzes the packaging soldering, the line with the date and time of production, weight, as well as the appearance of the croquettes and the presence of crumbs. This internal quality assessment helps the dog and cat food industry to recognize, correct and improve upon shortfalls.

Different breeds of dogs and cats. their own food

All diets are based entirely on scientific research and observation data. Royal Canin’s specialists (more than 7000 employees worldwide, of which 500 are veterinarians and nutritionists!) Study the specific needs of animals and, based on the knowledge gained, create food for them. The diets differ not only in composition, but also in the shape of the croquettes, taking into account the individual needs of different breeds of dogs and cats.

So, for example, croquettes for a Persian cat are almond-shaped, because because of the shortened muzzle, the Persians capture food with the lower surface of the tongue, and the almond-shaped shape makes it easier for them to do the task better than others. And croquettes from the breed line for Siamese cats. they have elongated jaws. have a ring-shaped shape: this facilitates easy capture of food and encourages the cat to chew it more thoroughly, reducing the rate of eating.

Over 50 years of research in collaboration with breeders and veterinarians, Royal Canin has identified over 25 breeds of cats and dogs with unique nutritional needs related to physiology and behavior.

What is food for cats and dogs made of?

The main activity of the factory is the production of dry food. Therefore, there are no animal carcasses or frozen by-products in the factory. The warehouses store pallets with additives, bags of cereals, cubes with fish oil. Everything is very clean and tidy.

How Its Made. dogs food

Perfect cleanliness and sterility reign in the workshops. employees at the entrance to the production area each time and without fail treat their hands and shoes with alcohol. As with any food industry, jewelry is prohibited. Despite this, the shop still has magnets to trap metals in order to prevent foreign objects from entering the feed. The Royal Canin plant near Moscow ranks second among all factories in the world in terms of food safety.

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As mentioned above, the factory is built using vertical technology. This means that during the production of feed, the croquettes go up through the pipes, but go down again. And so several times. drying at high temperatures (by the way, it is believed that Salmonella die at a temperature of 70 degrees, but this year Royal Canin raised the temperature level to 130 degrees), cooling, spraying fats and minerals on croquettes. The entire process is monitored by experienced engineers on monitors.

Royal Canin’s specialists are so confident in their food that they suggest trying a freshly dried product, fresh and still lukewarm. Contrary to speculation, there are no terrible ingredients in the composition of the feed. you can safely eat it not only for animals, but also for humans. True, the percentage of the components on the package is not indicated. this is a trade secret. We were not afraid and tried it. it looks like a dried loaf.

In general, I want to say that the myths that go around the production of dry food for dogs and cats, in fact, are not confirmed. At least with regard to Royal Canin. there even a mouse will not slip past the warehouse, not that it will sneak inside and accidentally end up in recycling.

Animals make our world a better place. And Royal Canin strives to make the world a better place for them. The needs of dogs and cats are the unconditional priority of the manufacturer.

what dry dog ​​food is made of

Need some advice. We bought food for a spaniel Royal Konin, 3 kg. A couple of weeks passed and I noticed that the food became wet and greasy. Packing 3 kg. Closed hermetically, what should I do? Has it gone bad? The dog has both natural food and dry food sometimes. (1-2 times a week)

I have told many times both about my yard and about my active life position.

I want to tell you about some of the results.

one. The main food for dogs. bones

This is one of the most popular misconceptions we hear from childhood. No matter how we are convinced of the correctness of this statement.

Since childhood, I love animals, any, all! As my friend says, “you have to go to the zoo to work,” but for me it would be possible to start a zoo at home!

Since childhood, we have had animals at home. At first, my parents bought me a parrot, they thought they would get off. My green talkative Kesha. But he did not calm my thoughts about the dog or at least the kitten. I was 12, when I returned home, I saw a bowl of milk on the kitchen floor, the bowl was too large for the cat. I happily run into the bedroom and see a gray spotted miracle in the built-in linen closet, with ears like burdocks, one of which sticks out confidently, and the other hangs. Brown eyes look with fright, a skinny body squeezes into a corner.

I would like to share my, not yet great, experience in breeding Shih Tzu dogs.

My dog ​​is 3 years old. On April 10, we went to the second mating (the first mating was on June 10, 2015, when my dog ​​was 2 years 2 months old) in Kovrov. The male was the same as the last time, because the puppy turned out to be just wonderful: large, beautiful, smart; On April 3, he was at the show and received the title BEST PUPPY (BOB) and BIG PERSPECTIVE (BP).

So, the most important thing after mating your dog is not to look on the Internet anything bad about childbirth! It’s full of horrible pictures and stories of dog births! After what he saw and looked at, not only is it scary for a dog to wait for childbirth, there are no thoughts about his pregnancy!

Also, it is necessary to understand that this is a natural process and the dog itself knows everything and knows how, even if it does it for the first time. Although, we were very worried, and did a lot instead of the dog, did not trust, but it was in vain, my Viva turned out to be a wonderful, caring mother! The first two nights I spent the night with the dogs only because Viva did not know what to do with the puppy: I myself kneaded his tummy, wiped it with some water, and Viva fed him regularly.After two nights together, everything became very good without my participation)

You found out that your baby has ovulation day and went to mating. Remember this day and count 60 days of pregnancy in order to know from what day to expect the birth.

If you feed your dog dry food, then the necessary vitamins and minerals are present in its diet. If it is a natural food, then it is necessary to add vitamins. Consult your veterinarian about this.

At the 35th day of the alleged pregnancy, you can make an ultrasound scan to the dog and find out exactly whether she is pregnant. There is an opinion that after ultrasound, puppies begin to “dissolve”. It’s all nonsense. It’s just that there is another bubble next to each puppy next to it, which is very close. And it is this bubble that is mistaken for the very “resorbed” puppy. Here is an x-ray, yes, it is not worth doing to determine the number of puppies. This is the same radiation, which means that the likelihood of the birth of puppies with pathologies increases.

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After the ultrasound, you just have to wait for the birth and watch the dog’s behavior starting from 58-60 days of pregnancy. In general, veterinarians advise just these days to do another ultrasound in order to find out the exact number of puppies and find out the position of the puppy. If he sinks in the tummy, then there will be childbirth soon.

As for me, I did not do the second ultrasound, and we were waiting for the birth of two puppies, but one big was born =) this time, perhaps we will do the second, because it is really calmer, you know exactly how many babies you need to take)

Watch the movie. very interesting and informative!

also, I am inserting a link for a more detailed study of a dog’s pregnancy =)

Ask questions. I will gladly tell you about Viv and me and share my opinion!

See you

Animal fats

Animal fats are another essential nutrient. They are not only sources of energy, but also necessary for the functioning of the cardiovascular and reproductive systems, help the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K, and contribute to the shine of the coat.

Fish and chicken oils are commonly used in dog and cat foods. However, sometimes animal fat is replaced with vegetable fat, and this is bad, because plant oils do not contain many essential substances.

What dry food is made of?

The idea to make a special product for dogs first came to businessman James Spratt in the 1860s in England, when he noticed that sailors were feeding the dogs with dry pieces of biscuit left on the ship. The first mixture Spratt developed contained wheat flour, vegetables, and beef blood.

The product proved to be popular, and soon manufacturers began to develop other, better recipes for nutrition of dogs and cats, taking into account the need for vitamins and nutrients depending on the age and activity of the animals.

For several decades, the basic composition of dry food has remained unchanged: meat, cereals or other sources of carbohydrates, vegetables, animal fats, vitamins and minerals, preservatives.

Meat components

The main criterion by which feeds differ from each other is the quality of the raw materials, first of all, the sources of animal protein. Quality feed uses meat and meat by-products (for example, liver or kidneys. what is called “offal” in cooking).

Why do you need dehydrates?

The extrusion process imposes a number of restrictions on the use of fresh or raw meat in dry feed. If there is too much of it, then it will not be possible to achieve the desired temperature and high protein content, because fresh raw materials contain a lot of water.

Therefore, in dry food, dehydrated, dried meat is also used, from which water and part of animal fats have been removed, as a result of which a product with a high m of protein is obtained. Close to it in its properties and such a common ingredient as meat flour. dried meat, ground into powder.

The most common type of meat for dry food production is chicken, an inexpensive and complete source of animal protein. However, manufacturers now offer a wide selection of feeds based on turkey, lamb, pork, fish, as well as rations with the addition of meat from such “exotic” species of animals and birds as ostrich, deer or wild boar.


Dry pet food usually has a shelf life of 12-18 months. How do you manage to preserve the product for such a long time? On the one hand, heat treatment of feed is already a kind of sterilization, in addition, a moist environment is needed for the development of most bacteria, and there is very little moisture in dry feed. about 8%.

But on the other hand, animal feed contains a large amount of fats, and so they constitute the main problem. over time, as they say in everyday life, fats go rancid, and scientifically, they oxidize.

What’s In Dog Food?

In order to stop the oxidation process, antioxidants are added to feed. substances that protect fats from the harmful effects of oxygen. Twenty years ago, special chemical compounds were mainly used as antioxidants, but natural antioxidants have become increasingly popular since the early 1990s.

These include vitamin E (also called a mixture of tocopherols) and plant extracts such as rosemary extract. The effectiveness and safety of these additives has been proven: for example, according to research, tocopherol mixtures withstand temperatures up to 150 ° C, and their shelf life is about 2 years.

Vitamins and minerals

For the production of dry food, special standards have been developed, and all industrial rations for dogs and cats must contain a certain amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. As you know, the latter are very sensitive to high temperatures, therefore, most often the vitamin-mineral premix (as it is usually indicated on the label) is sprayed onto the granules from above after extrusion.

Features of dry food production

An important step in the production of dry food was the widespread use of such a technical innovation as the extruder. In fact, the principle of extrusion has been known for a very long time, and its simplest version is an ordinary household meat grinder. But naturally, modern extruders used in the food industry are a complex multifunctional machine.

In the production of dry food, the feed mixture in the form of minced meat is heated to a temperature of 90–150 ° C and is passed through the forming holes under high pressure. The resulting bundles are the same as you see when you pass the meat through a meat grinder.

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Then these ropes are cut, molded and dried. this is how the familiar light granules are obtained, usually in the form of balls. True, sometimes they are given an attractive color or a funny shape, but this is done solely for the joy of the owners. the animals do not care at all how what they eat looks like.

The main role for them is the smell, and above all the aroma of meat, because let’s not forget that cats and dogs are predators, and domestication did not change this fact in any way.


Fiber is a hard shell of a plant cell, which is not digested in the body, but improves intestinal motility, serves as a breeding ground for the reproduction of friendly microflora. Beets are most often used as source of fiber in feed, but this is not the same beet that we add to borscht or vinaigrette. We are talking about the pulp of sugar beet left over from the production of sugar, on the label this product is indicated as beet pulp.

There is practically no sugar left in the pulp, but it contains a lot of fiber, which improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Many manufacturers add a variety of vegetables and fruits to their products, and they can also serve as an additional source of fiber, however, beet pulp is in no way inferior in its properties.

Cooking process

Dog biscuits and biscuits have been around since Roman times, and their commercial production began in the early 19th century. Nowadays, dog food is created either by baking or pressing. Compression equipment was originally developed for the production of puffed breakfast cereals, but has proven to be ideal for the production of nutritious dry food for long-term storage. The feed creation process starts with a test. it is mixed from dry and wet ingredients that have been thoroughly ground beforehand. The dough is then sent to a special rolling machine and then exposed to steam or hot water under high pressure. After heat treatment, the dough is pressed through holes of various shapes, which are called a matrix. The shaping process should take place while the dough is still in a compressed state, since then the pieces lose their density and swell.

Swollen dough pieces are placed in a dryer, where all moisture is removed from them. Now that the dough has turned into dry pads, they are sprayed with fat, oil, minerals and vitamins and immediately packaged so that the product does not have time to lose its freshness. Some ingredients of the food are very important for the dog’s body, for example, the amino acid taurine. Taurine is originally present in meat, but it disappears during the production process. Therefore, manufacturers add synthetic taurine to the feed. The fact that taurine is necessary for the proper functioning of the animal’s body was learned only after cats and dogs became exclusively pets and stopped eating fresh meat from the hunt. This led to a deficiency of taurine, and therefore to various diseases, such as blindness or heart problems.

What the feed consists of?

Walk along the pet food stalls at any large supermarket or visit a pet website and you will find that there are so many brands that it can be difficult to choose one. Each feed is made according to a recipe that is developed in the company and then transferred to the manufacturer, who mixes the necessary ingredients, bakes and packs the feed.

Despite the fact that each company has its own recipe for preparing feed, all manufacturers, without exception, must comply with certain standards set by the state. All feeds, regardless of brand, place of manufacture and recipe, must be balanced and have sufficient nutritional value to meet the animal’s needs. The composition of the feed should include proteins, which are rich in meat, poultry and eggs, as well as grains, cereals, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All these ingredients are crushed and mixed until smooth, and then baked.

How dry food is made

Not all foods are created equal

When choosing food from a huge variety of brands, the first thing to look at is the label. Many firms prepare feed based on grain or offal, not meat at all. Each pack of feed should contain a list of ingredients, with all ingredients listed in order of decreasing content in the product. Therefore, you need to choose those feeds where meat is the first in the list, and then grain and other components follow. It should be noted that dogs assimilate grains quite well, because they are omnivores, so the diet should ideally include meat, grains and vegetables.

Cats, on the other hand, are carnivorous, and food with a high m of grain and vegetables is not suitable for them. However, in cat food, grain is still present as a thickener, which helps the pads to maintain their shape, but its amount is negligible. To be sure that the feed contains no grain at all, buy only packs labeled “grain-free”.