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What food for small breed dogs


A quality holistic that veterinarians often recommend for feeding small breeds of dogs with frequent allergic reactions. Hypoallergenic properties are achieved by excluding some cereals and chicken from the composition. The manufacturer offers dry and wet food. They do not contain sugar, offal, corn, wheat, synthetic additives.

Grandorf is very helpful if the dog has allergies or digestive problems. This is an absolute holistic. it is made exclusively from natural products. protein (meat or fish) not less than 60%. But due to the relatively high fat content (18%), the food is more suitable for active, playful dogs. lazy pets can gain excess weight. There are interesting food. with lamb and brown rice to restore intestinal microflora, with white fish to improve the condition of the coat.

The best holistic food for small breeds

The best are the most expensive ready-made feeds. holistic. They are distinguished by a very high m of natural high-quality meat, a complete absence of offal. Vitamin supplements. berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs. These are really noteworthy, complete food, providing the dog’s body with all the necessary substances and calories. The only drawback of holistic is the high cost.


Many veterinarians agree that the quality of Eukanuba was better in the past. With the change of owners of the company, they ceased to meet some of the requirements for super premium feed. But this brand’s ready-to-eat rations are quite popular with breeders. There are quite a few food options. for dogs of all ages, with various health problems.

The manufacturer has changed, but the recipe has been preserved. Veterinarians recommend choosing this brand in case of rapid formation of dental plaque in dogs. the food perfectly cleans, fights stone. This is achieved due to the special shape of the granules and the inclusion of sodium hexametaphosphate in the composition. There are hypoallergenic foods with only one type of animal protein. Veterinarians consider the division by breed to be more of a publicity stunt. the composition of all specialized feeds is approximately the same.


One of the most inexpensive food in its class. Made in the Czech Republic, but developed by Canadian nutritionists and veterinarians. The range of wet and dry food is diverse. you can choose an option taking into account the age, size, characteristics of the pet. The composition is good. despite the low cost, it does not use meat and bone meal. The recipe is based on meat, fish and vegetables. Some varieties contain corn, but in minimal quantities.

Now Natural

Another high quality holistic from Canada that does not use unwanted ingredients. grains, offal, artificial additives to improve smell and taste. The main advantage of the feed is the correct balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Thanks to this, even if your pet is not very active and tends to be overweight, it will not gain excess weight. The positive qualities of the feed veterinarians include such valuable substances as iodine, vitamin D3, zinc, biotin, Omega acids, folic acid.

The line includes a fairly wide selection. hypoallergenic food, specially selected formulations for puppies with calcium, for aging dogs with additives to improve digestion. This brand is recommended by many veterinarians.


This Canadian food is in very good standing with veterinarians. Its price is high, but it is fully justified by its impeccable natural composition. These are mainly grain-free feeds with a high volume of real quality meat and fish. Often useful herbs are included in the composition. mint, turmeric, chamomile, dandelion. They help to strengthen the immune system. The manufacturer strictly monitors the quality of the feed, none of the varieties contains gluten, vegetable proteins, low-grade by-products, or artificial additives. In addition to the main diet, the same brand sells healthy treats that can be used during training.

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Only dry food for dogs of different ages is produced under the popular Canadian brand that has won the trust of veterinarians. There is food for small breeds, medicinal varieties. Useless components contained in low-grade feed are not used. No soy, meat and bone meal, offal, wheat, corn. Only high-quality meat, vegetables, various useful additives.

Royal canin

A well-known, well-advertised brand of feed. It differs in a relatively low price for its category, but in terms of quality it is inferior to less well-known, but more expensive brands. In the composition you can often see wheat and corn, vegetable proteins, soybean oil. The line includes dry and wet foods, their alternation supports the pet’s appetite. Suitable for regular feeding provided that special supplements are used. The choice is large. there is a division by breed, the composition, despite the inclusion of undesirable components, is balanced, the needs and activity of dogs are taken into account.

How to choose the right food for small dog breeds

Small dogs are breeds that weigh less than ten kilograms. These are toy breeds. their weight is up to 2 kg, dwarf. from 2 to 5 kg and small. up to 10 kilograms. Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Miniature Pinschers, Shih Tzu, Dachshunds.

  • Power features
  • Benefits of dry food
  • At what age is complementary foods introduced?
  • Choice of feed
  • For puppies
  • For adults
  • For the elderly
  • For pregnant women, nursing
  • For dogs with disabilities
  • Popular feed brands
  • Holistic
  • Akana
  • Innova
  • Grandorf
  • Super premium
  • Almo still
  • Eukanuba
  • Royal Canin
  • Premium
  • Hills
  • Proplan
  • Brit Kare
  • Feeding rules
  • Testimonials
  • Alisa, Kazan
  • Mikhail, St. Petersburg
  • Zinaida, Moscow

Top 10 Best Dog Food for Small Breed Adults��Best Small Breed Dog Foods(Reviews)Buying Guide 2021

Brit Kare

The Czech brand specializes in feed for adult animals. The composition includes chicken, lamb, sea fish fillets. From cereals, rice and corn are used. The diets are supplemented with vegetables, fruits.

For dwarf breeds, the formula is Brit Care Adult Small Breed with lamb and rice. The main advantage of the feed is its high protein content, balanced composition.

Benefits of dry food

Natural food is not able to meet the high dietary requirements of dwarf pets. You have to additionally feed the dog with special supplements containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Developers of ready-made feeds develop recipes taking into account age, size, physiological characteristics. Therefore, for small breed dogs it is better to choose dry food.

Quality products are characterized by the following advantages:

Best Dog Food Brands For Small Breed Dogs |On The Market Today|

  • full compliance with the needs of the dog;
  • balanced composition;
  • the correct ratio of vitamins, minerals, trace elements;
  • maximum protein, minimum fat;
  • contain components for the health of the genitourinary sphere;
  • the form of dry granules cleans teeth from tartar;
  • the presence of hypoallergenic formulas;
  • ease of use, ease of dosage;
  • the ability to choose a diet by age, physiological characteristics;
  • prevention of vitamin deficiency;
  • good assimilation, saturation;
  • convenient to feed the dog on trips.


In contrast to elite formulas, cereals predominate in premium feed. The source of protein is not only meat, but also by-products. The main advantage of feed is an affordable price.

Super premium

There are more grains in this category, but proteins are still at the top of the list. The composition includes all the minerals, vitamins, trace elements necessary for dogs. No preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers.

Popular feed brands

Holistic and super premiums are leading in the rating of dry food for small dogs. Premium formulas have lower quality.

Types of food for decorative dogs

Typically, a high quality pet food manufacturer divides the small breed line into different species based on age, health and preference.

Many elite food manufacturers create rations:

  • for puppies of decorative dogs;
  • for active little dogs;
  • for small older dogs;
  • for sterilized animals;
  • for animals suffering from various diseases and allergies.

Also, feed is divided into dry and wet.

The best super premium food

The composition of such diets includes up to 50-60% of high quality meat products. This can be poultry, lean lamb, beef, sea fish, and eggs. Cereals must be of high quality, non-GMO. For small popular breeds, it is the best option.

Belcando FINEST CROC series

duck fat, flour 5% ocean herring flour;

Strengthens bones, improves immunity.


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Now fresh

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Suitable for all small dogs, incl. elderly and overweight.

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Composition of food for small breeds of dogs

Small breed feeds vary in raw material quality. The most affordable, but not very useful ones, are in the economy class line. Frequent consumption of these foods can harm the dog. They include bone meal, offal, various wastes of meat production, grain and other components of low quality. Various flavors and additives are included for dogs to eat.

The high-class feed includes only natural products, which are used by humans as well. These are natural meat of birds and animals, fish meat, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and sometimes cereals. Such feeds should not contain GMOs, dyes and other chemicals.

Holistic feeds have the highest class. These are the best quality and most expensive feeds. They are made from 100% natural products. Selected poultry meat, beef or dietary lamb with a small addition of eggs, vegetables, fruits and cereals are used for their production. They can contain up to 80% meat products. They do not contain waste, by-products and dietary supplements. This is very important for small dogs.

Next come super premium and premium food. They contain at least 50% of meat, no waste of meat production (tails, bones, heads, etc.), harmful additives. Such feeds are completely balanced, natural, safe and suitable for feeding all year round. The serving size can be easily adjusted. Small granules promote fast food absorption.

The composition of food for small dogs can include any high-quality lean meat (except pork), sea fish. vegetables, eggs. rice, oats, pharmaceutical herbs, berries, fruits, etc.


The first important components of these complexes are usually cereals. It contains a large amount of wheat, corn, and only a small part of chicken flour, which is made from various by-products. Meat flour and vegetable pulp may also be present. The amount of useful ingredients is scarce, but the feed is low cost and contains minerals as well as beneficial vitamins.

Best food for small breed dogs

Any pet loves to eat deliciously. A caring owner should study in detail the information about what food for small breeds of dogs is offered today, if a small four-legged friend lives in his house.

A balanced, nutritious diet is extremely important not only for large dogs, but also for small dogs. If the daily norm lacks the components necessary for the body of a puppy or an adult, then the activity of the animal will be significantly reduced. With a constant deficiency of important substances, the pet will face serious illnesses.

To understand which food is best for small breed dogs, you should familiarize yourself in detail with the types and characteristics of products from the most popular manufacturers.

  • Nutritional features of small breed dogs
  • How to choose food?
  • Rating of the best food for small breed dogs
  • Holistic
  • Acana
  • Now Natural
  • GranDorf
  • Economy feed
  • Pedigree
  • Darling
  • Chappi
  • Russian fodder
  • Premium feed
  • Hills
  • ProPlan
  • Royal canin
  • Chicopee
  • Pro Balance
  • Super premium feed
  • Arden grange
  • Eukanuba
  • Brit care
  • Belcando
  • 1st Choice

Now Natural

The manufacturer includes a lot of protein (eggs and meat), and not corn, as is the case in a number of ready-made foods. High-quality products containing exclusively natural ingredients have a beneficial effect on the well-being, condition of the coat and health of the dog.


Holistic from this manufacturer is extremely close to the natural nutritious diet of the dog. The feed contains natural ingredients. They were developed taking into account the recommendations of experienced dog breeders and specialists in the field of veterinary medicine. They help to maintain cheerfulness and activity throughout the life of the animal.

They contain a large number of different types of meat, are hypoallergenic, include rice, vitamin supplements and other important components.

Super premium feed

This category of ready-to-eat meals includes exceptionally high-quality ingredients, such as:

  • natural meat, including poultry;
  • cereals;
  • eggs;
  • food additives that are significant for the dog’s body;
  • vegetables and healthy herbs.


This class is represented by high-quality natural ready-made complexes, the composition of which was scrupulously selected, therefore it is distinguished by its balance. The product contains components that can be eaten even by humans. Holistic foods include oils, meats, and probiotics that work to improve digestion. These products have a beneficial effect on the condition of the four-legged friend. Holistic, as well as the category of “super-premium” food, is the best food for small breeds.

Royal canin

Royal Canin. very popular premium food, produced in Poland, France and Russia.

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So, in the range of Royal Canin there are dry and wet food for small and miniature breeds by age, for: puppies, adolescents, adults, seniors (8) and deeply seniors (12) dogs. The line for animals with special needs is represented by:

  • BABYDOG MILK. milk replacer.
  • STARTER. for pregnant and lactating dogs, for the first feeding of puppies.
  • STERILISED (dry food and pate). for sterilized / castrated.
  • DERMACOMFORT. for pets with sensitive skin.
  • DIGESTIVE CARE. for pets with sensitive digestion.
  • EXIGENT. for the fastidious in food.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT CARE (dry food and pate). for those prone to obesity and overweight.
  • BEAUTY pate. for skin and coat health.
  • ENERGY pate is a high-energy additive; food for weakened dogs / puppies.

Note! We have Royal Canin, the X-SMALL line. these are feeds with a very fine fraction of granules.

Pedigree food for puppies and adult dogs:

On the “side” of Royal Canin is a long-term popularity and reputation, a relatively affordable price and a very wide range. There are also disadvantages: a lot of plant proteins, the composition contains dyes and even unknown cereals (most likely, corn, wheat, soybeans).


Hill’s Science Plan is the main line of trading maca. Czech feeds are presented as a super-premium class, although they are premium in composition.

  • Puppy Healthy Development Mini Chicken. for puppies.
  • Adult Small Miniature: Lamb Rice, Chicken Turkey. for adult dogs.
  • 7 Small Miniature. for senior dogs.

Among the advantages of Hill’s food can be called a wide prevalence, a good vitamin and mineral composition, the ability to choose food “to taste.” The disadvantages are more significant: opaque composition, corn and high price.

Economy class. dubious savings

Economy class feed is considered the most affordable. Generally accepted guaranteed values ​​for economy class feed:

  • Proteins. from 20%.
  • Fats. from 11%.
  • Fiber (fiber). from 2%.
  • Moisture up to 15%.
  • Calories up to 300 kcal per 100 g.

Economy-class feeds are not only unhealthy, they are harmful to animals. Despite manufacturers’ strong claims of naturalness, the diets are far from “acceptable”. In economy class feed:

  • No meat, in rare cases “nominally” contains offal.
  • Animal protein is meat and bone meal of unknown quality.
  • The main amount of proteins is of plant origin, which means that it is only partially absorbed by the dog’s body.
  • There are flavors and dyes.
  • Corn, soybeans, at best, wheat are used as “filler”.
  • Salt is used as a preservative. a direct path to urolithiasis, especially in males.
  • “Weak” vitamin and mineral supplement.

Food for dogs with disabilities

The diets for dogs with disabilities are preventive or curative. Veterinary or medicinal feeds are used in combination with therapy and are not intended for feeding healthy animals.

Prophylactic feeds do not cure, they help to avoid the development of the disease or its recurrence.


Trainer. premium Italian food (sometimes positioned as super premium) class. Assortment for small dog breeds:

  • Adult Mini Con Pollo Fresco. for adults.
  • Puppy Junior Mini. for puppies and teenagers.
  • Adult Light Mini. for pets prone or overweight.

Now Fresh

Now Fresh is a Canadian-made holistic food. Now Fresh Grain Free Small Breed Grain Free rations for Adult Dogs:

  • Adult
  • Fish adult.
  • Red meat adult.
  • Puppy. for puppies.
  • All Ages. for all ages.
  • Senior. for older dogs.
  • Shredded Turkey Recipe with Bone Broth Gravy.
  • Pork Pâté with Bone Broth.

Apart from the relatively high price, there are no disadvantages to Now Fresh feed.

Types of feed

Different types of feed are created both to expand the range and to meet the special needs of animals. Contrary to popular belief, wet foods do not contain more meat and are no more nutritious than dried foods.

There is only one difference between wet and dry food in the same range. water and price. Drying contains 8-15% of water, in wet feed this figure reaches 40-50%.


Canagan is a holistic food produced in Thailand. Assortment of food for small breeds:

  • Small Breed Country Game. dry food for dogs of all ages.
  • Puppy Feast. for puppies.

Almost the entire Canagan range consists of universal foods for dogs of all breeds and ages. Only the bulk of canned food is for adult dogs. Plus feed in the absence of cereals, meat base, adequate vitamin supplement. Minus. high price.