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What food for small breed dogs


Feed name Characteristic Manufacturer per kilogram of feed
Hills Hills conducts constant quality control of its products, which is why professional breeders and veterinarians often trust her. The composition of the feed produced under this brand is also pleasing. They contain exclusively natural ingredients that are easily digested even by weakened dogs. USA from 457 rubles per kilogram of food
Grandorf A feature of Grandorf is meat components in at least 60%. Also, the rations from this brand have an energy value suitable for small dogs, a good combination of grains, fruits, vegetables and herbs that are good for the animal. over, all Grandorf feeds are supplied with the necessary complex of vitamins and minerals Belgium from 430 rubles per kilogram of feed
Akana The manufacturer claims that Akana contains the optimal combination of meat or fish fillets and vegetables. Veterinarians are also complacent about this food. It is believed to be suitable for dogs with a weakened digestive system because it contains the ideal amount of fiber and animal protein. Canada from 621 rubles per kilogram of food

Composition requirements

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There are no strict regulations for the composition of the feed. However, there are common lists of nutrients that must be present in a diet to support the well-being of a pet. One of the main ingredients is Omega 3 and Omega 6. These are, for example, in Purina Van small dog food. This substance strengthens the optic nerves, normalizes the condition of the coat. Ideally, food should contain mineral and vitamin complexes. Then the consumption of additional supportive agents in parallel with food will not be needed.

Also, the composition should include an easily digestible protein of animal origin. It should preferably come through the consumption of pure rabbit, lamb, cattle or poultry fillets. Assorted different types of meat are also acceptable. The more active the animal, the greater the proportion of meat in the feed should be. So, puppies are advised to buy nutritious varieties of food. It is permissible for adult dogs to give dietary ones, but for older pets it is better to resume a rich diet.

What should not be included in it?

Dry food holistic, super premium and premium, for example, Proplan, Monge, Fitness Trainer and Brit Care rarely contain hazardous ingredients. However, knowing their list is pretty useful. This allows you to minimize the likelihood of deterioration in the dog’s health.

  • Abundance of cereals and vegetable proteins.
  • Sodium chloride, that is, salt, however, it can be on the last line of the composition.
  • Unnatural antioxidants.
  • Residues from meat processing industries, e.g. cartilage, bones, horns, hooves of livestock.
  • Type E preservatives for better long-term preservation of feed.
  • Colorants that make the pellet look nicer.
  • Aromas and flavors of unnatural origin.

Rules for choosing food for small dogs

Super premium

Feed name Characteristic Manufacturer per kilogram of feed
Monge Monge dog food is produced in Italy, and the manufacturing company has existed since the middle of the last century. Time-tested standards make it the optimal diet for dogs, regardless of age, size and health condition. At the same time, there is almost no meat offal in it. Italy from 450 rubles per kilogram of food
Brit Brit feed is created taking into account European quality standards, and it is produced exclusively at official factories in the Czech Republic. As part of such a diet, there are enough vitamins, minerals and fiber. Due to the specificity of the combination of components, Brit and is prescribed for a weakened condition in small adult dogs Czech Republic from 598 rubles per kilogram of feed
Fest Choice (1st choice) This Canadian food is the most affordable of the entire Super Premium category. At the same time, about 30% of the composition is accounted for by natural meat components. The company has a fairly wide range, implying the availability of food for neutered dogs, for elderly or young animals, which strengthens their health. Canada from 320 rubles per kilogram of food

Dog food classes

There are currently four grades of small animal feed. The least high quality and natural of all possible are called economy. Such diets do not have a sufficient proportion of meat components, they are not saturated with all the necessary vitamins. The demand for them is due to the extremely low price and ubiquity. Probably, any dog ​​breeder has seen economy-class food: they are sold even in supermarkets with food for people, and are called Chappi, Pedigri, Oscar, and so on.

The next class is super premium. These feeds contain a reasonable amount of meat. And they also have a more diverse line, which allows you to select food for the individual needs of the animal. A good selection, for example, is provided by Arden Grange, Brit.

Well, holistic-class diets have an almost perfect natural composition. over, the concentration of pure meat components in them exceeds 30%, which is sufficient to saturate a small animal. This class includes food for small dogs Akana, Grandorf, Go and some others, which we will mention later.


The main consumer of food is small dogs.

The diet is designed for pets prone to allergic reactions.

Grain is replaced with healthy greens: vegetables, algae.

per package of 4 kg.


Unique feed production process. steaming ingredients at low temperatures.

A wide range of dog-specific features.

Rich vitamin and mineral complex in every product of the brand.

for 11.5 kg.


The most natural ingredients, modern production lines, minimal processing.

In the line of feeds there are both breed or intended for special needs, as well as universal.

Duke’s Farm

In the composition, he eats cereals, but of the highest quality, which are quickly absorbed by the dog’s body.

Native feed

Russian canned food can be used in the nutrition of puppies from 2 months of age.

Contains meat, tripe, water and vegetable oil.


The manufacturer focused on the quality of the product, the line is quite narrow.

Easily digestible grains are present.

Now Fresh

2nd place. Pro Plan Adult Small Mini Sensitive Skin

Designed by Purina veterinarians and nutritionists, Purina Pro Plan with Optiderma Complex provides a modern nutrition that supports the sensitive skin of adult dogs. Confirmed that Optiderma includes a special combination of nutrients that support healthy skin and a beautiful coat, while selected protein sources help reduce possible skin reactions associated with food sensitivities.

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1st place. Royal Canin Mini Adult

The honorable first place in the rating of the most popular dry food is taken by a product from one of the most famous in the world today, Royal Canin. This premium feed is produced in factories in France. If we talk about the composition of these croutons, having read the list of ingredients, we can say for sure that the balance of protein, vitamins and necessary microelements is very harmonious here. It is also rare, but still it happens that the manufacturer adds vegetables and fruits to some of his products, enhancing its benefits.

Homemade Small Breed Dog Food Recipe

9th place. Eukanuba small breed

Super premium food developed in the USA especially for small breed dogs and produced today in the USA and the Netherlands. The composition contains about 30% of poultry meat, while there are no harmful chemical additives. In addition, it contains vitamins, minerals, selenium to strengthen joints, L-carnitine, fatty acids. The balance of the entire composition is aimed at maintaining the pet’s muscle mass and its excellent physical shape. In addition to taking care of the general health of the dogs, the manufacturer also thought about the dental cavity. The ergonomic shape of the croutons and the special structure help to effectively remove plaque during meals.

8th place. Natures Protection Superior Care White dog Adult Small

A unique food specially created for small dogs with a white coat. The composition does not include a single by-product, only pure meat, of which there are about 64%. In addition, these croutons contain vitamins, minerals, flax seeds, pieces of dried cranberries, extracts of chicory, grape seeds and even green tea. All this together is balanced in such a way as to maintain the snow-white color of the coat, strengthen the hairline and take care of the pet’s skin.

5th place. Royal Canin X-Small Adult

This is already the second Royal Canin representative in this rating. But, unlike Mini Adult, X-Small Adult is designed not just for small dogs, but for the smallest breeds, adults of which can weigh up to four kilograms. The granules here are very small based on the size of the animals themselves, which need to be fed properly. The composition contains meat, vegetables, again allergens in the form of starch and corn, fish oil, chicory extract, plantain seeds, vitamins and minerals necessary for a pet are also present.

3rd place. Grandorf Living Probiotics 4 Meat Brown Rice Mini

This wonderful hypoallergenic formula contains simple and easily digestible beneficial ingredients. The balanced meat composition will satisfy the nutritional needs of even the most fastidious pet. Careful selection of ingredients prevents allergic reactions and food intolerances. The food has an excellent and natural taste without the addition of artificial flavors and is rich in all essential vitamins. Healthy and Natural Ingredients Ensure Your Pet’s Excellent Physical Condition and Long Healthy Life.

What kinds of food are there?

Pet food manufacturers have long divided this niche into several different classes, and dry food for small breed dogs is no exception. These “crackers” differ in content, quality and, accordingly, in cost.

Of course, you can feed your pet with self-prepared food, adding tasty and correct ingredients there. This, of course, can be cheaper and healthier, but not everyone can cook every day. Yes, and for the duration of a vacation or a short trip, it is much more convenient to pour more breadcrumbs into a bowl and not worry about the dog getting hungry.

By the way, it is customary to refer dogs to small breeds, adults of which weigh no more than ten kilograms. And many people, looking at them, naively believe that such a small animal will eat little. But no, most of these small four-legged animals are already at risk of obesity from birth. Therefore, you need to monitor nutrition most carefully so that a certain amount of calories is included in the daily diet, which is especially difficult to do when feeding a dog with food from your table.

Go natural

A good holistic made from selected products. It is easily digestible, improves metabolism and helps to reduce the unpleasant odor of excrement. The food is produced in Canada using a special recipe. The ingredients used do not undergo deep processing, which allows you to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients and useful elements. Now Natural is a balanced nutrition from a Canadian manufacturer. The feed contains Omega fatty acids, zinc, iodine, biotin, vitamin D3, folic acid and other useful substances. At the same time, the food contains no offal, grain crops and various artificial additives, therefore, it is suitable for dogs prone to allergies.

The line of this type of food has a wide range for both puppies and adult or senior dogs.


Holistic for pets with allergies or digestive problems. The food is made in Belgium using exclusively natural ingredients. The manufacturer produces food for dogs in the form of canned food and dry granules. The feed contains no synthetic additives, offal, sugar, wheat and corn. The basis of the feed is 60% animal protein and 18% fat.

It should be noted that this option is intended for active animals, since due to the high calorie content in sedentary pets, weight gain may begin.

Holistic food for small breed dogs: types and selection criteria

The health of dogs is largely dependent on nutrition, so the owners try to feed their pets with exceptionally healthy food. The task is greatly simplified by specialized feed, which contains the optimal amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Such food belongs to the class “holistic”, which is recommended for small breeds of dogs.

Nutritional needs of dogs of different ages

To choose the right food for a dog, you need to take into account its breed, age and degree of activity. You should also take into account the characteristics of the body and the needs of the four-legged, for example:

  • having digestive problems;
  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • a neutered or spayed pet;
  • the need to remove wool, etc.

In addition, manufacturers produce product lines for puppies, adult and senior dogs.

  • Puppies need a natural and balanced diet rich in vitamins and calcium for normal development and growth. In addition, at a young age, babies may experience allergic reactions to certain foods. Taking into account these nuances, manufacturers produce the safest and most useful food for puppies. Its granules are smaller and have a softer structure.
  • For adult dogs, a high-calorie holistic is produced, since at the peak of adulthood, their energy requirements are very high. And in order for the pet to feel full for a long time, more protein is added to the feed. For pregnant and lactating adults, a special line of food is produced, which is enriched with a large amount of nutrients.
  • Holistic for senior dogs contains many vitamins and minerals, but at the same time its caloric content is much lower. The main components of the feed are lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruits.


This is the best holistic. It is manufactured in Canada and meets the highest quality standards. The granules contain animal proteins, minerals, vitamins and Omega fatty acids, which are essential for keeping dogs healthy and active. The food does not contain artificial preservatives, flavors or flavor enhancers.

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Features of holistic feed

Some small dog owners feel that they do not need special nutrition, and the only difference from keeping large breeds is the size of the portions. But this is a deep misconception. Small breed pets have completely different needs, and the work of their body has its own characteristics. Animals are prone to a number of diseases, including allergies, obesity, gastrointestinal problems, dental problems, etc.

Despite the small parameters of dogs of decorative breeds, their need for calories is very high, since they are quite active, and food is absorbed by them faster than large tetrapods.

Therefore, the portion of food should be small but satisfying. Considering all the features, pet food manufacturers began to produce holistic food for small breed dogs.

The peculiarity of the feed is its naturalness and balance. The size and shape of the granules are adapted for the teeth of miniature pets. There are no GMO products in it, the components are not processed or frozen. The main component of the feed is natural, fresh meat. Depending on the manufacturer, it in dry granules varies between 25-50%, but in some wet feeds the amount of meat reaches 70%.

Holistic is also high in fiber, vitamins, plant proteins and trace elements, which are sourced from fresh vegetables, berries, herbs, legumes and grains. The feed contains no by-products, prohibited preservatives, thickeners and flavorings. For pets prone to allergies, a specialized line of food is produced.

List of the best holistic

Holistic class food manufacturers produce mostly dry food, but some of them produce canned food. the so-called “wet food”. Experts say that dry granules should form the basis of a dog’s diet, and canned food is rather a delicacy, and it is enough to give it to a four-legged pet once a day. In addition, wet food is absorbed much faster, and the baby again feels hungry. Whereas dry granules give a feeling of satiety for a longer time.

The rating of the best holistic for miniature dogs includes the following foods.


Hypoallergenic holistic made in the UK. It does not contain corn, chicken and wheat, which can harm allergy-prone pets. The feed contains a lot of vegetables, animal proteins, minerals and vitamins. Veterinarians point out the only drawback. the lack of information on the percentage of ingredients. Nevertheless, consumers notice that their four-legged pets are happy to eat food, remain full for a long time, and no health problems are observed.

Due to the high quality and content of exclusively natural ingredients, the price of holistic is higher than other varieties. At the same time, its cost can be called quite justified, because manufacturers produce nutritious food for small breed dogs in one package.

In addition, the owners do not need to spend time cooking and calculating the optimal ratio of nutrients necessary to maintain the health of the pet.

For an overview of food for small breeds of dogs, see the following video.

Criterias of choice

The modern abundance of dry mixes for small dogs allows you to satisfy all, even the most special needs of small four-legged pets. Now you can choose a specialized dry mixture for sterilized and neutered animals, for allergy sufferers, for fastidious pets and even for dogs with certain diseases.

Dry food for small breed dogs

Dry food has long been one of the most popular feeding options for pets. Ready-to-use dry food mixes can save you time and sometimes money. Such a product covers all the pet’s needs and eliminates the hassle of preparing multi-component food. But in order for the food to bring maximum benefit to the dog, you need to choose it correctly.

Manufacturers overview

  • Holistic products from Innova (USA) are great for dogs with allergies. When creating feed, this company does not use wheat, rye and other cereals. Instead, the recipe uses rice.

The basis of the feed is natural meat, fish, poultry. Dry mixes can be supplemented with canned food for complete nutrition.

Best Dog Food Brands For Small Breed Dogs |On The Market Today|

Innova products taste good and smell good.

  • Super-premium products from Pro Plan are created by Purina (made in France and Russia). Today, under the Pro Plan trademark, a huge number of different types of food are produced for animals, including for small breed dogs. In addition to the usual dry mixes for daily use, Purina also produces complete diets, medicinal, dietary, hypoallergenic.
  • Hills (Netherlands) products are heard as well as Purina products. The food of this company is popular due to its high-quality composition and wide range, which allows it to satisfy all the requirements of a four-legged pet. Hills is considered a leader in the medical nutrition and animal diets segment.
  • Topping the rating of mixtures are super-premium products from the Royal Canin trademark. The products of this manufacturer have a good composition and reasonable prices. The composition of Royal Canin food is quite varied and includes useful vitamins and minerals. Products are presented in several lines.
  • The most famous brand of premium dry mixes is Pedigree (made in Russia). The main advantage of the products of this brand is the low price. The quality of the food is quite good, but the food range is small, without considering the individual requirements of the animals. Pedigree also produces economy class food.


There are several important compositional considerations to consider when selecting dry food for small dogs as well as small breed puppies. The basis of the feed should be basic nutrients for nutrition: protein, carbohydrates, fats. Each living creature has its own rate of these components, which must be consumed per day. It differs for different breeds and sizes of dogs and is calculated based on the weight of the animal, its age, build and other parameters.

Compliance with this norm is important for the health and maintenance of the dog’s activity.

If you do not take it into account and feed the animal with food for large breeds of dogs, this can lead to health problems of the pet, such as obesity, increased nervous excitability, lack or excess of any substances in the body, problems with internal organs, teeth, etc. d.

Small dogs are more energetic than their larger brethren. Therefore, their food usually includes linoleic acid, as well as B vitamins, both of these components help maintain energy reserves at the desired level.

All dry food for any animals and breeds are divided into classes, which are determined by the composition and degree of usefulness.

Before buying a dry pet mixture, you need to carefully study its composition. It is important to pay attention to what the food is made of: whether there are many preservatives, by-products, dyes or other chemical components in it, the descriptions of which cannot even be found in a search engine. Already at this stage, you can weed out unsuitable options.

  • The most affordable product classes are Economy and Premium. But it is important to understand that such food will not do anything good for your pet. Such feeds are not suitable for permanent nutrition if no other sources of vitamins and microelements are added to them. Food of such classes is simply not enough to cover all the needs of the animal in building material for the body and energy to maintain vital functions.
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The cheapest raw materials serve as the basis for economy class feed. And the cheapness of raw materials makes it possible to create the same cheap and readily available product.

Soy and offal are used for its production. In addition, producers often use food waste to replace the meat they need to feed their dogs.

Excessive consumption of dry mixes of economy class can harm the pet. Such food is not fully absorbed by the animal’s body, which can lead to indigestion or other problems with the digestive system. In addition, these formulas do not contain all the essential nutrients. This is the case when dry food necessarily requires supplementation in the form of individual vitamins or vitamin complexes and other food sources.

In addition to stomach problems, allergies are a common side effect of consumption of economy class feed.

Diseases of the internal organs may also occur. Experts recommend not using economy-class mixtures for constant use. It is good if the animal has such food sporadically. For example, in an emergency when the animal has nothing to eat.

  • Premium food, despite its catchy name, in fact, has not gone very far from the products of the economy segment. A distinctive feature of such dry mixes is usually a pleasant smell and richer taste due to flavor enhancers, dyes and other preservatives. In contrast to economical options for dry mixes, premium animal fats are already an order of magnitude higher in premium-class feed compared to purely vegetable fats in economy-class food. But this fat is still obtained from cheap offal and waste.
  • The super-premium food deservedly takes a position one step higher than the previous classes. This option is already more suitable for a pet, because its composition is of higher quality and healthier. The composition of such products includes high-quality components: instead of soy and offal, natural meat is used. But producers are not limited to meat alone. Eggs are added to the feed as an additional source of proteins and nutrients, as well as natural grains.

In addition, some vitamins or minerals must be added to the feed of this class in order to enrich the composition as much as possible and make it useful.

Due to the use of high-quality ingredients, the super-premium segment feeds are absorbed much better by the dog’s body. Although these mixtures are not 100 percent absorbed, and part of the product is excreted with waste products.

A distinctive feature of the products of this segment is that such feeds can be selected for a pet with much greater accuracy. Super-premium food manufacturers often take into account not only the dog’s age and physical characteristics, but also the general condition or even the lifestyle of the animal when creating various lines of food. Meet the needs of dogs with allergies or any medical conditions by creating specialized blends.

  • The ideal option for a balanced and healthy diet for small dogs is holistic food. The composition of such products is the most natural. It does not contain offal or any waste, only real meat and all kinds of natural ingredients are used here. In such dry mixtures, vitamins are necessarily put, as well as prebiotics, so that the feed is completely absorbed by the dog’s body. This food perfectly meets all the nutritional needs of the pet and allows you to maintain it in a healthy state. It not only does not cause, but also prevents problems with the digestive system, teeth, excess weight.

Dry food for small dogs can be as usual with normal composition of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as dietary, and even low-calorie.

  • The most important purpose of regular dog food is to provide the animal with everything it needs. Such food is intended for animals that are healthy and have no problems or abnormalities.
  • Small dogs, if fed improperly, are prone to internal problems and obesity. The risk increases especially after castration or sterilization. In this case, preference should be given to dry food products marked “dietary”. They are formulated with hypoallergenic foods, easily digestible protein, prebiotics and a vitamin complex to keep your dog healthy or even treat.
  • Low-calorie dry mixes are designed for dogs with weight problems. These feeds also have a balanced composition without an abundance of carbohydrates and fats. They contain only natural ingredients, vitamin complexes and the same prebiotics that improve the functioning of the digestive system.

Feeding rules

  • You can start feeding the dog with dry mixture immediately after the first feeding. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the animal will immediately switch from mother’s milk to dry food. There are special puppy rulers that are designed for these situations.
  • Feeding your dog dry food from the first days of the transition to solid food will help avoid possible problems with the restructuring of the diet in the future. After all, the animal throughout its life will eat fully and without the introduction of unfamiliar products.
  • It is important to wait a while before introducing a new product into the diet in order to understand if an allergic reaction occurs. The optimal period is 2-3 days. At this time, it is better to feed the animal with proven foods that it tolerates well.
  • The daily feed rate is calculated based on the parameters of the animal. It is usually indicated on the food packaging. It is important when feeding your dog dry food to provide him with constant access to drinking water to avoid dehydration, since the dry mixture does not provide any fluid for the body.
  • Contrary to popular belief, you should not combine feeding with natural food and dry formula. This can cause unwanted reactions in the pet’s body. The constant restructuring from one type of food to another can be bad for his health. The key to your pet’s health will be a balanced, properly selected diet with the addition of vitamins and minerals.

It is believed that natural food is not ideal for a dog. Especially if it is a purebred dog with specific nutritional requirements.

Today, dog feeding experts recommend switching to specialized pet foods to keep your dog healthy and well-groomed.

Unfortunately, it is now difficult to find all the necessary vitamins and minerals in natural food, so feeding a dog with a dry mixture will not only save time and achieve convenience in feeding, but will satisfy all the needs of the dog.

Review of 10 foods you shouldn’t buy, see below.