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What food is better to feed the Yorkshire Terrier

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Feeding york with natural food

Feeding your Yorkshire Terrier with natural products does not bring additional hassle, because they need very little. The diet should be based on proteins. about 3.5% of the animal’s weight. For example, with a weight of 3.5 kg, you need 105 g of beef per day. The trebuch is less nutritious, so the portion with it is increased by 1.5 times. In terms of composition and digestibility, beef and second-grade horse meat with veins are ideal. Chicken and turkey are easy to digest, but frequent consumption can lead to an excess of protein and allergies, and liver damage. They are given 2-4 times a week. Chicken eggs are useful and nutritious, they are boiled, only the yolk is fed to the pet 3 times every 7 days. Quails in the amount of 2 pieces are given in the shell and raw. They cannot tolerate the dangerous disease salmonellosis.

Cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk, whey and yogurt saturate the body with protein, calcium and support the microflora of the digestive system, so they are always present in the diet. You can eat them every other day. Allowed only sea fish and without a ridge, boiled for 10 minutes: pink salmon, hake, halibut, cod, small mackerel, salmon. In the river there are a lot of parasites and small bones, it needs to be cooked for a long time and it becomes useless, falls apart.

Fruits (green apples), herbs (parsley and dill), vegetables (zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers, carrots) are source of vitamins and minerals, fiber. Finely chopped, stewed in water for 5 minutes, and added to regular food. Porridge. carbohydrates and vitamin reserves, rice and buckwheat are boiled until soft and 1 tablespoon is placed in a bowl. In summer, cereals can be discarded. Useful additions to natural food: salt and vegetable oil. As a delicacy, a slightly salted piece of cheese, a large beef bone, which is selected before the pieces are chopped, chicken skeleton, cartilage, veins, pork ears, beef hooves are suitable. A small pet will not eat them, but it will grind off plaque on the teeth and train the chewing muscles.

This is an approximate daily menu for a healthy Yorkie over a year old and weighing 3 kg:

  • meat cuts. 105 g;
  • cereals. 1 tablespoon;
  • sour milk. 50 g;
  • fish. 150 g;
  • salt. 2-3 g;

What can you feed your Yorkie puppy??

food, better, feed, yorkshire, terrier

York is born with a weight of about 70-150 g and immediately looks for the mother’s udder. First, the bitch excretes colostrum. a very fatty and nutritious substance, and then only milk. If everything is in order, then feeding the newborn puppy does not require human intervention. It is necessary to monitor the weight gain, in the first day after childbirth, it may even decrease slightly, and then in 6-8 days an increase of up to 40 is expected. As it grows, this indicator grows several times.

If the mother does not have milk due to illness, caesarean section, then they resort to substitutes. These are available from the manufacturers Royal Canin, Nutri-Vet, Canina, for their use, the instructions are strictly followed. There are veterinary clinics with services for nursing such babies in a hospital.

The first complementary food is introduced at the age of 3 weeks. These are liquid milk rice porridge or special mousses from industrial feed manufacturers, soaked granules from the Starter series. For the first time, the baby can only try a new food, then during the day he is closely watched. If the result is good, milk porridge is given every other day, and the next. a thin piece of lean beef (chicken, turkey) the size of a puppy’s nose. Milk is taken only from goat, its composition is close to the bough. Further, complementary foods are increased and varied by months:

  • 1-2: meat, rice porridge, breast milk;
  • 3-4: fish, eggs, dairy products are added;
  • 4-6: introduce vegetables and tripe;
  • 6-12: adult diet.

How to feed a pregnant Yorkie?

In the first quarter of puberty after mating, the frequency and menu does not change. In the period 2-6 weeks, the portions are increased by 20% and the bowl is filled 3 times a day. The last 2 weeks limit the amount of meat by 30-40%, replacing it with cottage cheese, eggs. This is considered to be the prevention of childbirth complications. It is advisable to feed a pregnant Yorkie with what the puppies will eat in the first 2 months of life. After childbirth, the menu is also left unchanged, only the usual portion of food increases. In 3 weeks, you can transfer the expectant mother to drying for puppies from the same line as the usual one. It has higher nutritional value and fat content.

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York puppy diet.

In the early days, the puppy feeds on breast milk and colostrum every 2 hours. After feeding, he sleeps, the stomach is noticeably rounded. When hungry, he squeaks and crawls, worries. Artificial feeding involves feeding on a schedule, assistance in the administration of needs and moderate heating, glucose droppers. After 3 weeks, you can take a break for the night, but no more than 8 hours. In addition to milk, mothers are given food with the following frequency per day:

  • 1 month. 4 p.;
  • 2 m. 5-6 rubles;
  • 3-4 m. 4-5 p.;
  • 4-8 m. 3-4 p.;
  • 8-12 m. 3 p.;
  • 1 year and older. 2-3 r.

Yorkies dry food manufacturers

Almost all well-known and large brands have lines marked “for active and small” (from 1 to 10 kg). Too low a cost indicates a meager protein content and a lot of useless and sometimes dangerous fillers (corn, cake, fat, ground horns, leather). The high price is also not a guarantee, but due to the characteristics of the individual consumer. The following firms were recognized among the owners:

  • Acana;
  • Purina Pro Plan;
  • Grandorf;
  • Royal Canin;
  • Brit;
  • Josera.

What you can not feed the Yorkshire Terrier?

All canines are predators and their digestive system is not designed to process food from the human table, a large amount of vegetation. Firstly, it contains a lot of salt, spices and fat, and secondly, after heat treatment, it is poor in nutrients. The consumption of such food provokes poisoning, disruption of the pancreas, hair loss and allergic reactions. For the Yorkshire Terrier, a separate recipe has not been created, but such products cannot be included in the menu categorically:

  • chocolate;
  • spicy, smoked, fried;
  • fat and lard;
  • tubular or boiled bones;
  • butter;
  • pork;
  • onion garlic;
  • cow’s milk;
  • river and spoiled fish;
  • rolls, cakes, pastries;
  • pits of cherries, grapes, apricots, plums;
  • vinegar;
  • mushrooms.

How and what to feed a Yorkie from the first days of life? Tips and tricks. Nutrition features of Yorkies!

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small, active dog. Its weight is usually in the range of 2-3.5 kg, but there are also very small or very large individuals (5-6 kg). Fast metabolism, energy are the characteristics of the dog, as well as diseases common in the breed. Therefore, care and nutrition have their own differences and the owner of the dog needs to know how and what to feed the Yorkie. It is also necessary to take into account the age and condition of the body of a particular pet.

Yorkshire Terrier diet: the choice of ready-made food

York is a proud and brave dog, but at the same time very small. Accordingly, she also eats little: for example, the daily norm of dry food for a dog is only 40–70 grams (about 20–25 g per 1 kg of body weight). The task of a good owner is to compose a Yorkie’s diet so as not to exceed the norms of the amount of feed, but at the same time to fit all the necessary micronutrients into it.

As you know, modern industrial dry and wet dog food is divided into four main categories (in ascending price and quality):

  • economy;
  • premium;
  • super premium;
  • holistic.

Any more or less responsible owner understands that it is impossible to feed a Yorkie with crackers from the economy segment. There is no meat in their formula. it is replaced by soybeans, cheap by-products and their waste. Also, the low cost of such feeds (Chappy, Darling, Pedigri, Mr. GaFF, etc.) is due to the small m of necessary vitamins and minerals, but preservatives and flavoring enhancers are present here in excess. The delicate organism of the Yorkshire Terrier is almost guaranteed to react to such a treat with allergies, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract and other serious problems.

The most common feeding option is premium feed due to its relatively low cost and fairly good quality. Of course, they also contain preservatives and flavor enhancers, and instead of meat, by-products are often used, however, compared to economy feeds, “premiums” contain more animal proteins, useful plant components, vitamins and minerals.

In the segment of dry and wet premium food, the following brands are in high demand:

  • Royal Canin;
  • Hills;
  • Nutra Gold;
  • Purina Pro Plan;
  • Advance;
  • Bozita and others.

Many premium brands offer balanced rations for fancy dogs or even specially for Yorkies in their assortment. The Royal Canin food producers took care of the Yorkshire Terriers by developing for them the Yorkshire Terrier Junior (up to 10 months) and Yorkshire Terrier Adult (for adult dogs) dry breed foods. The composition of the pellets of these feeds is enriched with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, biotin, vitamins A and D3, and minerals. In addition, under the Royal Canin brand for adult Yorkies (from 10 months), wet pate is also produced in spiders 85 g each.

The most nutritious and useful food for Yorkies is super premium and holistic food. Among super-premium feeds, the brands Fest Choice (1st Choice), Bosch (Bosch), Belcando (Belcando), Pronature Original (Pronature Original), Yozer (Josera), Eukanuba (Eukanuba) and others are very popular. natural meat, as well as generously added various useful substances that help maintain the health and vitality of the Yorkie for many years.

As for holistic people, their manufacturers claim that even people will like these feeds due to their excellent taste and high meat content. How true this statement is, each owner of a Yorkie can decide for himself on his own. if not having tasted the holistic, then at least by observing the health of his pet. The most famous brands of feed in the holistic segment include: Acana, Canidae, Orijen, Innova, etc.

Some brands produce dog food in different categories. for example, in both premium and super premium segments Nutra Gold and Brit are produced.

Regardless of whether your Yorkie eats dry or wet food, he should always have free access to clean water in a convenient container, suitable for the dog in height and volume. You need to change the water at least once a day (or better twice or even three times).

What can you feed Yorkshire Terrier puppies?

In cases where, for any reason, newborn puppies do not receive natural mother’s milk, they should be fed with special substitutes available in the assortment of Royal Canin and other brands. Yorkies who have reached the age of 21 days can include complementary foods. Sometimes complementary feeding can start earlier, especially if little Yorkies are slowly gaining weight. In such situations, pre-term introduction of complementary foods is acceptable, but not earlier than the 17th day of life.

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Of course, complementary foods should not be started right away with industrial food. it can damage the baby’s delicate stomach. First, offer the puppies dietary milk (preferably goat or sheep milk), you can add low-fat cottage cheese.

When raising a Yorkshire Terrier from its first days of life, it is necessary to constantly pay attention to the quality of its stool. If you notice any “problems”, immediately contact your veterinarian.

An approximate scheme for the correct feeding of a growing Yorkie is as follows:

Six meals a day. Little Yorkshire Terriers do not drink water for up to two months, so their food must be liquid to provide the required amount of moisture.

At three to four weeks, puppies can be offered a little porridge. liquid semolina or well-cooked buckwheat (preferably from buckwheat), with the addition of raw egg yolk. Monthly puppies can start sampling small amounts of meat, such as lean beef.

In a month and a half, you can already give boiled sea fish, all bones from which should be removed in advance. Also, a month and a half is a “significant” age in order to determine the nature of further feeding (natural or industrial feed).

Five meals a day. From the age of two months, you can start giving the Yorkie dry food Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Junior, soaked with milk (you can use water), or other similar dry or wet food. When measuring the amount of such food, be sure to follow the information on the product packaging.

Two-month-old puppies can sometimes be given fruit. as an option, rubbing a piece of green apple into porridge. If the little Yorkie rejects fresh fruit, offer dried fruit. At three months, you can add fish oil, vegetable oil (for example, corn oil), chicken ventricles and liver to the main diet.

Four meals a day. When the puppies reach 4 months of age, milk is excluded from their diet, since the Yorkie’s body by this age has already ceased to properly assimilate it. At four months, you can add finely chopped or grated walnuts to food, after removing all the shells from it.

Three meals a day. From half a year old, little Yorkies are often transferred to mixed food, the main thing is not to mix industrial food with natural food, since ready-made food contains everything necessary for the full development of a dog. For example, if you add “puppy” canned food to porridge, you can ruin York’s liver and bring him to obesity at a young age.

A ten-month-old Yorkie can already be considered a teenager, and it is recommended to transfer it to two meals a day. It is better to feed the dog at 10-12 hour intervals. The best feeding regimen is as follows:

  • Morning walk.
  • Feeding.
  • An evening walk.
  • Feeding.

Having reached the age of 1 year, the dog officially becomes an adult and stops growing. During this period, the owners are required to carefully observe a full diet and other conditions for keeping a Yorkie.

A one-year-old Yorkshire Terrier can be fed once a day. But if with this mode the dog remains hungry, you should return to two meals a day.

You can feed a young Yorkie with the already mentioned dry food or pate from Royal Canin. Yorkshire Terrier Adult, or other high-quality food for decorative dogs or pedigree food of other brands. The transfer of a doggie from one food to another should be carried out gradually, gradually adding new food to the usual one within 7-10 days. Such a “soft” transition will avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract, allergies and refusal of the fastidious dog from food.

As for the rules of natural nutrition, they will be described in detail below. The owners who are considering the option of transferring York to “natural” should be prepared for the fact that it is quite costly in terms of not only finances, but also time. However, natural food is guaranteed to be free from preservatives, flavors and other synthetic substances, so it can be considered a good alternative to industrial feed.

What food to choose for a Yorkshire Terrier?

the orcshire terrier is a decorative dog weighing from two to four kilograms. In addition to good looks, the distinctive features of Yorkies are their independent and cheerful nature, as well as impeccable cleanliness and lack of shedding.

Due to the miniature size of the calf, the digestive system of Yorkshire Terriers is quite delicate and vulnerable. Therefore, when planning a daily menu for a pet, the owner should approach the selection of food very carefully so as not to provoke problems in the dog not only with the gastrointestinal tract, but also with the liver, pancreas, teeth and gums. the “weak points” of Yorkies.

Rules and regulations for feeding adult Yorkies

The best option when feeding a Yorkshire Terrier ready-made dry or wet food is to adhere to the recommended amount of food according to the pet’s weight (this information is usually indicated on the package). As mentioned above, the daily rate of dry food for “forever young” miniature Yorkies is about 20-25 grams per kilogram of weight. If you don’t have a kitchen scale at hand for weighing portions, you can use the following formula: one heaped tablespoon per 500 grams of the dog’s weight.

Analyzing in detail the question “how can you feed a Yorkie”, one cannot but touch upon the topic of natural nutrition. According to experts, it is extremely difficult to provide a Yorkshire Terrier with a truly balanced natural menu. However, about every fifth York owner prefers to feed his pet with self-prepared meals containing the following foods:

  • lean meat raw or previously doused with boiling water (it is better to give preference to veal, turkey, chicken, rabbit meat);
  • boiled offal: tongues, liver, kidneys, chicken or turkey ventricles, hearts;
  • cereals (well-cooked rice or buckwheat);
  • various vegetables, raw or boiled. pumpkin, carrots, zucchini, etc.;
  • boiled sea fish without bones;
  • fermented milk products, unsalted and low-fat cheese, cottage cheese (it reduces the risk of fatty liver and compensates for the lack of calcium).

It is better to feed the dog with cottage cheese and fish no more than 1-2 times every 10-14 days.

Most Yorkshires also like to eat fruit. a slice of apple, plum or pear. This will not harm the doggie, especially since Yorkies are prone to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), and fruit helps to avoid this problem. However, you should not get too carried away with them either: it is enough to give the Yorkie some fruit treats only during walking or training as a reward.

Note that the natural nutrition of the Yorkshire must be supplemented with vitamin and mineral supplements in order to guarantee the normal functioning of the dog’s body.

Be sure to mention the products that are categorically contraindicated for Yorkshire Terriers at any age, even as a rare delicacy. These include:

  • any hot food;
  • salt, sugar and any seasonings;
  • oily and / or freshwater fish;
  • fatty cheeses and meat (it is better not to give pork and lamb to the dog at all, even if they do not show fat);
  • raw egg whites;
  • any legumes and potatoes;
  • white cabbage, radish, turnip, all citrus fruits;
  • smoked meats, sausages, sausages, ham, etc.;
  • flour products, including not only baked goods, but also pasta, dumplings;
  • any sweets, including ice cream, chocolate, lollipops, etc.;
  • oatmeal, barley;
  • juices, milk.

It is better not to give bones to Yorkies at all, since the tubular (hollow inside) bird bones are harmful to any dogs, and, for example, among beef bones it is almost impossible to find suitable sizes for a small Yorkie.

The basic rules for feeding these miniature terriers include such simple at first glance, but very important points:

  • an excess of animal proteins in the diet of the Yorkshire Terrier is fraught with kidney disease, and in some cases, the development of allergies;
  • once a week (but not more often), york can be given boiled egg yolk;
  • if you feed your pet natural food. it must be freshly prepared, because there are no preservatives in the “natural”, and the Yorkie’s stomach can react to stale food with an upset;
  • it is highly desirable to observe a strict feeding regimen, offering your pet food 2-3 times a day at a certain time;
  • if in 20-30 minutes the Yorkie has not eaten his portion completely. it should be removed before the next meal;
  • the combination of natural and factory feed often leads to problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • if you decide to feed the Yorkshire Terrier with boiled sea fish, add some grated carrots and / or dry seaweed to it, and then season the dish with a drop of vegetable oil;
  • you cannot encourage such a bad habit as begging, feeding the Yorkie from your table. firstly, this is not useful for the dog itself (salt, spices), and secondly, it will be difficult for you to control the amount of food eaten, which can lead to obesity of the dog.

Despite the “toy” dimensions, the majority of Yorkies have good health, and a good owner is quite capable of strengthening it even more. Proper nutrition will ensure a long life for your pet: with a balanced diet, some Yorkshire terriers happily live up to 20 years or more.

How allergies manifest in Yorkshire terriers?

  • Puffiness
  • Discharge from the ears, eyes, nose
  • Redness and breakouts
  • Itching
  • Bad smell from wool and leather

How much dry food to give an adult York?

The daily allowance for adult small breeds (weighing up to 15 kg) is 300-400 g of feed, if we are talking about the economy class, and 150-300 g, if you give your pet a premium or holistic. For dogs whose weight starts from 10 kg, with good walking and games, 150-170 g are required, for their less active relatives. 120-150 g.

What can you feed your Yorkshire Terrier puppy??

Recommended Products Puppies under 2 months of age are fed with cow or goat milk (if breastfeeding is not possible). At the age of 30 days, you can begin to introduce boiled veal or beef, boiled vegetables (cabbage, zucchini), buckwheat or oatmeal into the diet.

Why you shouldn’t give milk to Yorkies?

It is not recommended to give to those dogs that did not eat it after weaning. The fact is that as they grow older, the dog’s body stops producing an enzyme that promotes the digestion and assimilation of milk, which can lead to indigestion, and sometimes causes allergic reactions.

How many grams of dry food should be given to a kitten?

As a rule, the norm of dry food for a kitten is prescribed on the package, and this is quite accurate data. If we speak on the average, then a kitten at the age of 3-6 months needs 50-110 grams of food per day (depending on the breed). From six months onwards, the portion takes almost the final volume: 65-120 grams of feed daily.

How to feed a dachshund dog properly?

The pet is recommended to eat cottage cheese, yogurt, meat in vegetable broth, cereal flakes, pieces of meat with mashed vegetables, cottage cheese, kefir. After three months, feed the puppy four times a day. If you prefer natural food, then do not forget to give your pet cottage cheese and milk.

How to feed York except dry food?

dairy products (about 10% of the total diet per month). low-fat kefir and fermented baked milk; boiled egg yolk (once a week will be more than enough); boiled sea fish.
York food feed

Best Dog Food For Yorkies 2020 | What I feed my Yorkie

  • Royal Canin (best);
  • 1-st Choice;
  • Brit;
  • Josera;
  • Profine;
  • Pro Plan (Purina);
  • Josera.

What can you feed a Yorkie if he has an allergy?

How to feed a Yorkie with food allergies can only be determined after testing and identifying the allergen. In such cases, an elimination diet with one, hypoallergenic type of protein (rabbit, turkey, lamb) is often prescribed, rice and potatoes are also allowed. Benefits of Omega-6 and Omega-3 Acids.

Yorkshire Terrier food: food for adult dogs and puppies

The Yorkshire Terrier is a miniature dog with a long, thick coat. The breed has a long history. Initially, dexterous and nimble animals served for hunting rodents, but since the 19th century, dogs with an attractive appearance have become popular among people from high society. It was believed that the smaller the pet of this breed, the more prestigious it is, so the little Yorkie cost fabulous money.

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Currently, the Yorkshire Terrier is an indoor decorative dog. Modern representatives of the breed weigh 2. 3 kg. On the one hand, the small size of the animal makes it easier to care for it, on the other hand, due to its fragile constitution, the regime and diet have a direct impact on its well-being and the condition of its coat.

How many times a day to feed a Yorkshire terrier

How to organize proper nutrition for a Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most important questions for those who decide to acquire such a pet. Of course, the diet of a puppy and an adult is significantly different. In addition, the owner will need to decide which food to give preference to: dry or natural.

Having decided what is the best way to feed the Yorkshire Terrier, you need to purchase dishes for your four-legged friend. For representatives of the breed, a stand with height adjustment is optimal; you will also need a container for drinking water. The dog must have a permanent feeding place.

How many times you feed your Yorkshire Terrier will depend on your pet’s age, weight and physical activity. In the first 4 months, the puppy is fed 4. 5 times a day, from 4 to 9 months. 3 times a day, from 9 months you can switch to two feeding.

Food for dogs should be at room temperature or slightly above room temperature, it is unacceptable to feed a miniature pet with a sensitive digestive system with hot or cold food. Yorkshire terrier food must be of good quality and fresh. It is not recommended to accustom the animal to smoked meats, fatty, salty foods and sweets.

It is important for York owners to know that too large in volume portions, as well as feeding fatty, high-calorie food leads to obesity of the dog and, as a result, to a deterioration in its well-being.

You cannot feed the terrier with food from the master’s table. From an early age, it is important to train your puppy to eat what he needs, not what he wants. Poor nutrition is often the cause of many health problems in your dog.

The best way to feed your Yorkshire Terrier: eating dry food

Many owners of an aristocratic breed are thinking about how to feed the Yorkshire Terrier, starting from the year. to switch to dry food or leave natural food? And in fact, and in another case, there are pluses, but without some nuances, too, can not do.

Eating your Yorkshire Terrier dry food will also require you to choose whether to feed your dog with canned food or solid pellets. Experienced dog breeders give preference to granules, as they contain all the necessary nutrients and make the diet correct and balanced. Another advantage is simplicity and ease of use, good digestibility by the canine organism, variety of tastes, long shelf life.

How to feed a Yorkshire terrier puppy: diet

The feeding of a Yorkshire terrier puppy in the first weeks of its life, as a rule, is carried out by the mother. If the bitch does not have the opportunity to feed the newborns, the owner should use a formula made from goat or cow’s milk with the addition of egg yolk, a small amount of cream, liquid vitamins A, D and 40% glucose solution. Such a composition is able to fully replace the mother’s milk and provide the growing body with everything necessary.

How to feed a Yorkshire Terrier puppy after weaning from breast milk is a very relevant question for those who have acquired dog offspring. Complementary foods can be introduced from the second week of puppies’ life, 1 teaspoon. One new product is introduced every week, but no more. It can be cottage cheese, kefir, warmed up cow’s or goat’s milk. A little later, at the end of the first month, it is allowed to add raw, finely chopped meat to the diet, then boiled meat.

What can you feed your Yorkshire Terrier puppy?

From the second to the fourth month, the animal grows very quickly, so the food of Yorkshire Terrier puppies at this stage should be high in calories, contain fiber, minerals and vitamins. The diet should include a boiled egg (2. 3 pieces per week), boiled meat with rice, dairy products, sea boiled fish, vegetables, fruits.

Such a Yorkshire Terrier diet will remain until the 9th month of life, only the number of feedings per day will change.

What Homemade Food I feed my Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

From the 9th month, the grown dog is transferred to two meals a day in the morning and in the evening. Her daily diet now includes meat, vegetables, cereals (rice, buckwheat). It is enough to give eggs 1. 2 times a week, boiled fish. 2 times a week.

When choosing meat, it is better to give preference to beef and chicken, excluding lamb and pork, which are difficult for a Yorkie to digest.

Eggs, vegetables and fish are pre-cut into small pieces and then mixed with the main food of the animal. You can add a little vegetable oil to vegetables.

Such nutrition of the Yorkshire Terrier dogs will remain until she is 12 months old.

What food is better to feed the Yorkshire Terrier: canned dog food

The second option for what to feed the Yorkshire Terrier is canned dog food, which differs from granules in large m of water. They also contain all vitamins and minerals necessary for a dog’s body. However, you can store canned food open only in a cool place and no more than a day.

Thinking about what kind of food is better to feed the Yorkshire Terrier, you should make a choice in favor of well-known brands and buy food designed specifically for this breed.

Yorkshire Terrier natural nutrition: advantages and disadvantages of “natural”

Among the owners of the breed there are many who prefer the natural nutrition of the Yorkshire Terrier. The advantages of “naturalka” include the absence of chemistry and a wide variety of menus. Disadvantages. the need for daily cooking and the correct selection of the vitamin complex.

Eating a natural Yorkshire Terrier is a healthy food without any artificial additives, dyes, flavors. The diet should be balanced, which means that you should give your pet meat, vegetables, fish, eggs, dairy products, cereals, fruits.

How to feed your Yorkshire Terrier properly so that each feed brings the maximum benefit to your dog? You need to give preference to the following products:

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  • Boiled meat. chicken, beef, turkey.
  • Groats. rice, buckwheat, less often millet.
  • Fermented milk products. cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk, low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Boiled vegetables.
  • Fruits. apples, bananas, watermelon, pears.

As you can see from the list, the choice of what to feed the Yorkshire Terrier with at home is quite large. A one-time feeding should include 50% of protein products, 25% each of cereals and vegetables.

An allergic reaction in representatives of this breed can be caused by pork, oatmeal, barley, milk, sweets.

It is useful to add to the diet raisins, dried apricots, prunes, useful trace elements that help improve the functioning of the intestinal tract. We must not forget about offal (heart, liver, stomachs), which must be served boiled to the pet. It is important to have fish dishes, boiled yolk (enough once a week).

When determining how much to feed a Yorkshire Terrier, starting from a year, its weight and volume of physical activity should be taken into account. With average values ​​(2 kg and average load), 4 tbsp is enough. spoons of feed. That is, for every 500 g, 1 tbsp. spoon.

You need to feed the dog at the same time in the morning and evening.

Popular feeds:

  • Royal Canin, France. The line includes food for puppies of different ages, adults, puppies, lactating and old dogs. There is a specialized “MiniAdult 27”. for small breeds, and “Mini Sensible”. for babies with digestive problems. On our website there is a detailed review of Royal Canin food for Yorkies.
  • Orijen, Canada. A chip is a special way of processing food while preserving its taste and nutritional value. Detailed analysis of Origen.
  • Pro plan, USA. In the laboratories of the Nestlé Purina company, where the brand is produced, they develop special nutritional complexes for dogs of different breeds.
  • Mera Dog, Germany. Make Accent to protect pets from adverse external factors with a balanced diet.
  • Hill’s, USA. Reliable daily food for active dogs.
  • 1st Choice, Canada. Read a detailed review of Fest Choice food on our website
  • Acana, Canada. than 30 years in the pet food market. Offers a menu made with fresh, proven ingredients.

The named manufacturers took care of the Yorkies. Their product lines include food for puppies, their mothers, adults and older dogs. From all the variety, you can choose canned food and dry food, taking into account the composition and preferences of your pet. Read our article in detail: Choosing food for small breed dogs.

Dry and canned food is convenient for the owners:

Proper feeding york

We enter the world of feeding Yorkies from the front door, a kind of “dog restaurant”. Here is the main thing. good manners. First of all, upbringing is visible in relation to food: patience at the time of preparation, the beginning of a meal only after permission, indifference to the host’s food intake and disregard for treating strangers. These rules may seem cruel at first glance, but they protect the nervous system of dogs, protect their stomachs and lay the foundation for safety.

Good manners should be cultivated from puppyhood. Feed at a certain time, put a bowl of food for no longer than 15-20 minutes, do not react to a pleading look during family meals, make sure that during a walk the Yorkie does not pick up pieces on the street.

A well-bred dog not only causes affection and does not annoy the owners, it is protected from many troubles. But we need a healthy, cheerful and obedient pet.

What is suitable for Yorkies

Immediately it should be stipulated that the owners of Yorkshire terriers should forget about buying feed below the premium class. We are talking about the categories “economy” and “regular”. Don’t be fooled by advertising: cheap feed may include meat from old, sick, dead animals (slaughterhouse waste). Together with him, the dog receives a hefty portion of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides.

In addition, artificial flavor enhancers, fragrances and colors are used in this category.

Real food for a Yorkie, even in the form of croquettes or granules, must contain at least 40% natural lean meat, be balanced in terms of vitamin and mineral composition, and take into account the age and characteristics of the animal. Manufacturers of “premium” and “performance” food on the packaging indicate the composition of the product, its nutritional value and recommendations for serving size.

Another pleasant feature of high-quality dry food is a special coating of granules with a composition designed to clean teeth from plaque and tartar.

Choosing the type of feeding

There are three options for feeding your dog:

  • eating natural food when the food is prepared at home especially for the pet;
  • soft canned food;
  • dry food.

Disadvantages of dry food:

  • they become boring (especially true for capricious babies);
  • may contain chemical additives;
  • there is no guarantee that only high-quality ingredients are included in their composition;
  • it is difficult to choose a quality product due to unfair advertising.

If your baby refuses to eat, do not sound the alarm right away. It is possible that he just decided to arrange a fasting day.

Some of the disadvantages of prepared foods can be circumvented. To do this, you should consult with puppy breeders or experienced dog breeders who are not interested in promoting certain brands of dog food. There is practically no information on the Internet on this topic, which is why on our sites we have opened a section for reviews of dry feed.

As for self-cooking, this type of pet feeding is suitable for a person who is keen on kitchen and has free time for experiments. In this case, the pet will receive a fresh variety of food and will not be deprived of gourmet pleasures.

Feeding natural food

When preparing natural food for Yorkies yourself, you should follow the following rules:

  • A rational diet can be called a diet containing half of protein foods (meat, fish, cottage cheese), a quarter of carbohydrates (buckwheat, wheat or rice porridge) and a quarter of vegetables and fruits.
  • Lean meat is chosen. From offal you can give udder, heart, lungs, liver, offal.
  • The fish is given only boiled, carefully selecting the bones. Pollock, hake, haddock and blue whiting inhibit the absorption of iron in the dog’s body, so these types are best given infrequently.
  • From eggs for dog dishes, only yolk is suitable, and from dairy products. low-fat cottage cheese without fruit fillers.
  • Cut vegetables and fruits into small pieces or tinder.
  • The dishes are seasoned with a drop of olive or linseed oil.
  • With natural nutrition, your pet will need mineral supplements and vitamins.
  • All products must be heat treated, especially meat and fish. Food is offered to your pet warm or at room temperature. This rule is especially important for puppies.
  • Too much protein in a Yorkie’s diet can cause allergies or kidney disease.
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Natural feeding. these are not scraps from a family meal, this is a carefully calculated diet of many ingredients.

Feeding york puppies

Puppies start feeding at three weeks of age. Their first food, in addition to mother’s milk, can be cottage cheese, grated vegetables, liquid cereals. Start with one feeding a day, immediately after sucking milk. Gradually, the amount of dressings is brought to five. By the tenth week, puppies can only eat from a saucer. At the age of six months, babies will switch to three meals a day, and by one year. for two meals a day.

yorkies with great appetite

Yorkshire Terrier diet

Natural feeds do not contain artificial additives in their formulations. To prepare such a feed, which will contain only healthy ingredients, you need to have some knowledge and experience. In addition, it is extremely uncomfortable to feed your pet with food made from natural products while traveling and traveling.

If you decide to feed your Yorkie natural food, then you need to study the information about a healthy diet. So, how to feed your Yorkshire Terrier at home? These are raw meat (beef, veal), boiled offal (just a little), boiled cereals (buckwheat, rice), boiled and fresh vegetables, cottage cheese, dairy products, egg yolks. All products must be thoroughly washed, processed and finely chopped.

Cooking for your pet needs to be done separately. The nutrition of the Yorkshire Terrier must be balanced, since the diet should contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and other elements.

Natural food should contain a certain amount of vitamins and useful elements, because the lack of such substances can cause various kinds of diseases. You can give your pet purchased supplements, but in this case there may be an excess, since the dog receives them with the food. When the body is oversaturated, damage is caused to the liver, kidneys, and excretory system. Therefore, it is very important to properly organize and balance your Yorkie’s meals. Only then will he feel good. To ensure a proper diet, you need to have enough time. The food must be fresh, so it must be cooked in the morning and evening.

Yorkshire Terrier loves fruits such as apples, pears, plums. Their dog is given as a reward or treat during training, walking.

With natural nutrition, food must be alternated (cook from different products).

It is very difficult to organize food for a small dog such as Yorkshire Terrier, compared to dogs of large breeds. York does not require a lot of food, but he needs micronutrients and vitamins in the same ratio as large dogs. We are exaggerating a little here, but in reality it looks something like this: 1/2 spoonful of porridge, a small piece of meat, 1/4 potatoes, 1/8 carrots. Of course, for the owner, all this is not easy, but for the Yorkshire Terrier it is the most optimal and correct diet. Therefore, many people avoid such hassle by using ready-made commercial food.

It should be noted that many experienced veterinarians do not advise feeding Yorkshire Terriers with dry food, since there is practically no water in them, and this has an adverse effect on the digestive system. In this regard, it is better to buy canned food. If you have found a suitable option for canned food from a certain manufacturer for your pet, it is better not to change them in the future.

When buying a Yorkshire Terrier, it is imperative to ask the previous owner what food he used for the Yorkshire Terrier and continue to feed the pet the same in the future. It is necessary to switch from feed to feed when changing age group.

Yorkshire Terriers should not be fed:

  • hot or very cold food;
  • spicy, salty food containing a lot of seasonings;
  • dishes from the host’s table;
  • fish, in which there are a lot of bones (often fish contain worms);
  • raw offal (may contain worms);
  • potatoes, legumes, loaf, sausage, smoked meats, sweets;
  • bones;
  • highly fatty meat;
  • inexpensive feed, which contains a lot of artificial additives that increase appetite.

The Yorkshire Terrier owner must know how to properly feed his dog. Do not forget that the pet’s well-being is directly dependent on the quality of the food. In a young dog, disorders are very rare, but starting from the age of 5, everything happens much faster, usually, first of all, diseases associated with impaired liver function occur.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog, but despite this it is a predator. Therefore, the main components of food should be animal proteins. Before introducing vitamins into the diet, a veterinarian consultation is required.

Despite the disadvantages of dry food, when applied, the dog will have systematic stools, without a smelly smell, which in some cases is a very important condition. Dry food is stored for a very long time, you can buy them with a large supply. They also help out the pet owner when traveling.

How many times a day to feed a Yorkshire terrier? Basically, the diet of the dog depends on its age. Puppies up to 2 months of age eat about 6 times a day, and up to 4 months. there should be 5 feedings. It is recommended to feed a Yorkie up to six months 4 times a day, and up to 10 months. at least 3 times. But an adult dog must eat 2 times a day.

Regardless of what kind of food is better to feed the Yorkshire Terrier, he should eat food every day at a certain time. Puppies should eat in the morning, lunchtime and evening, and adult Yorkies should eat in the morning and evening. There is a tablespoon of food per pound of weight. After eating, the york bowl should be thoroughly washed and removed.

In addition, there are a number of aspects to consider. It is impossible to feed the Yorkshire Terrier both natural and prepared food. When you change your diet, you should gradually switch from one meal to another. If a Yorkie eats natural food, he needs to be given vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

By providing your Yorkshire Terrier with proper nutrition, good health and a long life are guaranteed.!

How to feed a Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are funny little pets that act as companions. Owners should take care of the crumbs and take care not only of their beautiful coat, but also to their diet to the same extent. And here there are a number of subtleties that should be taken into account when choosing a balanced menu for a pet. So, let’s figure out how to feed the Yorkshire Terrier.

Natural products for Yorkies

If the owner intends to feed his tiny pet with natural products, then all the necessary vitamins and minerals should be present in the diet. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the combination of protein, carbohydrate and fatty foods.

Like other predatory animals, yes, these cuties are also predators, the basis of the diet should be meat. It is given raw after scalding it with boiling water. Among the most desirable types of meat are veal, beef, chicken breast. Boiled cereals. buckwheat and rice. should occupy 25% of the diet. A Yorkie should be given 1 yolk of a hard-boiled egg. chicken or quail. How many times a day? Better to answer a week. About 2-3 times a week.

It should be noted that fermented milk products must be present in the diet of the Yorkshire Terrier. It can be low-fat kefir, cottage cheese with the addition of calcium, fermented baked milk, yogurt without additives. Although the dogs themselves mostly eat it, such selectivity of pets usually does not greatly disturb the owners, since they are happy to eat vegetable and fruit dishes. over, dogs like them both raw and boiled.

Veterinarians also advise treating your dog with fish and seafood at least once a week. Yorkies do not refuse shrimp, squid, which are sources of minerals and iodine. There are proportions that should be adhered to so that the dog gets everything it needs:

Cook the above ingredients separately and then mix. The list of foods allowed for feeding Yorkshire terriers includes the following:

  • Meat products and offal: calf meat, beef, chicken fillet, chicken hearts and liver, beef heart and liver.
  • Porridge. made from rice, buckwheat, wheat, millet. You can cook prefabricated dishes.
  • Fresh and boiled vegetables. white cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, spinach leaves, pieces of pumpkin, zucchini, beets.
  • Fresh greens. parsley, onion, dill.
  • From fruit, Yorkies can be given some bananas, apples, melons, watermelons, persimmons.
  • From fish, you can include flounder, tuna, herring in the diet.

It is recommended to cut food for small pets into small slices, it must be freshly prepared. It is better to give it warm. With natural nutrition, a four-legged friend should receive additional feeding containing vitamins and microelements.

What shouldn’t be in a Yorkie’s diet

In fact, many of the foods are completely unsuitable for feeding dogs, including Yorkshire terriers. Some of them are frankly harmful, others are not absorbed by the dog’s body at all, others are akin to poison that kills a pet slowly but surely. So that little york should never eat?

  • Dishes for the dog should be prepared without salt, pepper, oriental spices, sugar and all kinds of seasonings.
  • Fish must be saltwater, but not freshwater.
  • Fatty meats are excluded, especially lamb, beef and pork belly.
  • Sausages and smoked meats, beloved by all four-legged pets, are extremely harmful for Yorkies.
  • Among vegetables, it is undesirable for dogs to give turnips, among fruits. citrus.
  • Any sweet food is also strictly prohibited.
  • You shouldn’t give pasta, a loaf and other baked goods made from wheat flour to York.
  • The raw egg white is not digested by the dog’s stomach at all.
  • Milk in an adult pet can cause diarrhea;
  • Meat, mushroom broths are heavy food for a dog.

You can’t give a Yorkie bones, especially tubular and other bones with cavities (more about what bones can be given to a dog).

Ready meals for Yorkshire terriers

Despite the fact that dry food has become a part of the life of dog breeders and the diets of their pets, there is no consensus on feeding them to Yorkshire terriers. Many veterinarians strongly discourage feeding a Yorkshire Terrier puppy by drying only. But the owners found a way out in this situation, alternating dry granules with a canned product.

You should choose high quality food. premium or super-premium. Given the size of the Yorkies, this should be a small breed diet. Among the popular brands that are most often chosen by owners of Yorkshire terriers, the following can be noted:

  • Royal Canin. in the line of these French food you can find two rations suitable for Yorkies. Mini Edelt 27 for small breeds and Mini Sensible for small dogs with digestive problems.
  • Origent is a Canadian product whose manufacturers care not only about the benefits, but also about the taste of the diet.
  • Mera Dog. the food from the USA contains a number of antioxidants that protect dogs from adverse environmental conditions.
  • Akana is a high quality food from Canada.

The advantages of feed are obvious. they are designed taking into account the needs of certain breeds, they have the most balanced various ingredients and the calculation of the portion is extremely simplified. What cannot be said about natural products.

The owner chooses how to feed the Yorkshire Terrier at home, however, you should focus on the needs and taste preferences of a four-legged friend.