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What is the best dry food for puppies?

Choosing dry puppy food

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What dry food to choose for your puppy

Feeding your puppy. it is definitely one of the two most important ingredients for raising a healthy, complete dog.

What is the best way to feed your puppy? My answer is unequivocal. the puppy needs to be fed with expensive, high-quality food. Why? The puppy grows very quickly and has very high requirements for vitamins, microelements, protein, fat, etc. It is impossible to balance the nutrition of the puppy by feeding it with ordinary foods! This has been verified by my own experience and repeatedly, the puppies that were fed with dry food far exceeded their peers in weight, despite the fact that the second puppies were fed with pure meat (tenderloin), and I generally keep quiet about the need to give vitamins.

You might argue that dry food is harmful and contains chemicals and preservatives. I agree with you here, but with reservations. First, in expensive super-premium feeds, harmful substances are minimized, there are numerous animal protection organizations monitoring this. The second is to feed with dry food, this does not mean that you cannot give regular food, you can give your puppy whatever you want, along with the food, naturally, by proportionally calculating the amount. Third, when your puppy grows up, let’s say after 10-12 months, my advice will change directly to the opposite, I do not recommend feeding adult dogs with food, they live much longer on regular food.

There are a large number of dry puppy food manufacturers on the market. Which dry food for a puppy to choose?

Naturally, we are talking about super-premium food, that is, the cost of a 20 kg bag is approximately USD 50 or more. I do not recommend buying other food for puppies, it is better then ordinary food and good vitamins.

I would divide feed producers into two large groups, American and European (others). Let’s take the order of according to the unspoken rule: the wholesale price of dry food in the United States is equal to one dollar, and in Europe to one euro, hence the simple conclusion that, all other things being equal, American food is cheaper or better quality, whichever pleases. There is one more thing, North America is closer to us in terms of climatic conditions, so American food is better suited for dogs in winter, and in Europe it is warmer, so there is no need for such calories.

This is all, of course, my personal subjective opinion, but I am still the owner of a large nursery and tons of different feeds have passed through me, so I have the right to my opinion.

So, I recommend the American manufacturers of dry food for puppies, and then the choice is yours. this is “Eukanuba”, “Nutra”, “Purina”, “Akana” and others.

A few more words about puppy food. When you have chosen a manufacturer, you should take a closer look at the line of puppy food and consult with the people who fed their puppies with this food, it is better with the breeders. The fact is that puppy food contains a lot of different substances, which, in case of an excess, can be more harmful than with a lack of them, but this must be solved with each breed and food individually. I will give an example with my breed, the German Shepherd, I never buy puppy food for puppies because of the very high content of protein, vitamins, etc. Puppies have problems with ligaments and standing up ears, and when feeding with food for adults, such problems were not observed, but I repeat, this is only about my shepherd dogs!


The manufacturer takes into account the type of animal and makes up a special diet.

The products used are not frozen.

Wide range, there are medicinal products.

Oleg. R.
Only Akan’s food was suitable for us. From birth they fed the dachshund to them, as the breeder recommended. Now we are already feeding the diet for adult dogs, we take different tastes. Eats everything. To be honest. the food smells nicer than the others we bought.

Vladimir R.
I have a big dog. Alabai. Lives in a warm aviary, food needs high-quality and high-calorie food. Especially in the winter. We stopped at Grandorf. We chose the one for allergy sufferers with duck and potatoes. Our dog has a little something. his eyes are red, the whole belly is stained, itches. And he loves to eat something forbidden. With this food we are saved.

What food to choose: general rules

Note that all feeds are divided into 4 classes. Seriously speaking about the use of economy class feed is not worth it. Such diets are mainly made from meat waste, cheap grains and by-products. In addition, preservatives and additives are included to enhance flavor and add addiction. Premium feed should be chosen with extreme caution, since many unscrupulous manufacturers disguise a lower class for them.

  • choose dry food from super premium or holistic. The latter are the best option, they contain the best ingredients, they have many medicinal products in the line;
  • take into account the age and size of the dog. all feeds have special markings indicating which types of animals the diet is suitable for;
  • take into account the conditions in which the animal is kept. an active or sedentary lifestyle;
  • the choice is made depending on the special needs of the dog: a sensitive stomach. pregnancy. the need to withdraw wool, etc.;
  • carefully study the composition. Perhaps some ingredients are categorically contraindicated for a particular pet. despite the fact that they are safe.

Naturally, if a puppy gets into a new home from a breeder, it is worth continuing to feed him with the brand recommended by the breed specialist.

Holistic and super-premium class

The manufacturer takes into account the type of animal. you can choose food specifically for your pet.

It contains only natural fresh products. The special hypoallergenic formula makes this food safe for dogs with sensitive digestion or allergies.

High proportion of animal protein.

The food contains all the vitamins and nutrients the pet needs, and also contains prebiotics for a stable intestinal flora and reliable digestion. It is most profitable to buy food on the official website meradog.ru.

Rating of the best dry food

For comparison, we present the indicators of feeds of various classes.

Now let’s look at the most popular feeds of different classes in more detail, and we can conclude that at a higher cost, the value of super-premium and holistic feed is much higher. This means the dog will need a smaller portion to fill.

Native feed

Russian canned food can be used in the nutrition of puppies from 2 months of age.

Contains meat, tripe, water and vegetable oil.

Now Fresh


They belong to elite feeds and the most expensive, however, the price is fully justified by the quality. Fresh selected meat, cereals, fruits and some medicinal herbs are used for the production of granules. Such food is very often used by owners of kennels where elite dog breeds are bred. If your pet has food allergies or diabetes mellitus, you can always choose the appropriate type of food among holistic people.

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A separate group includes granules intended for dogs that have undergone sterilization, are in the stage of pregnancy or feeding their offspring, as well as for those animals that have been diagnosed with a weakened immune system.

Super premium class

They are expensive food, and can be used as an alternative food for dogs and serve as a complete substitute for natural food.

Manufacturers value their reputation very much, and therefore high-quality meat products are used for the manufacture of pellets instead of bones and fat. Additionally, the feed is enriched with vitamin and mineral complexes. This type of pellet is suitable for feeding both adult dogs and puppies.

How to choose the best dry food, veterinarian’s opinion

Pros and cons of dry dog ​​food

Opponents of this type of feeding say that in natural food, this includes:

  • meat products;
  • a variety of cereals;
  • dairy products;
  • vegetable crops.

Best Puppy Food | 5 Best Food For Puppies 2020 ��

Contains all the calories a dog needs and essential vitamins.

Their opponents give examples of the fact that crispy granules contain not only a variety of meat, but also cereals, as well as vegetables and vitamin and mineral supplements, and therefore such food can serve as an excellent alternative to natural products.

How many people, so many opinions, but if we compare dry food with conventional ones, then the former have both undeniable advantages and significant drawbacks. Before transferring his dog to a ready-made diet, each owner is recommended to carefully weigh the pros and cons. If we talk about the pros and cons of dry food, then you can get acquainted with them in the following table.

What is in dry dog ​​food

Industrial feed is prepared from meat and by-products, and they are the most important components. All feeds can be divided into several classes (we will talk about them later in the article). And if there is still meat in the granules related to the super-premium or premium class, then to obtain a class. economy, meat processing wastes are most often used, and this is not the healthiest food for a dog.

All packs must indicate the amount of protein that can be of vegetable or animal origin. Meat is often replaced with the following products:

  • meat, fish and bone meal;
  • soy;
  • feed yeast;
  • various types of oilcakes.

Fats contribute to the palatability of the feed itself. It is best if it is of animal origin, such as chicken or turkey. To obtain vegetable fat, corn or soybeans are used.

Vitamin and mineral complexes are included in premium or holistic feeds. Such supplements support the health of dogs, have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, and improve the functioning of the digestive system. If a pet has only industrial types of feed, then such additives must necessarily be included in its diet, the same applies to older animals.

Premium class

This includes brands with an average price category, which is why it is very popular among breeders. Before making a purchase, you should familiarize yourself in detail with the composition to make sure that there are no harmful additives.

Dry food classification

A varied number of pelleted dog food, presented in a wide range, baffles many owners, and what to choose for a four-legged pet. If you become familiar with the classification of the feed, it will greatly help in the choice. There are differences in cost, quality and availability of vitamins.

Dry dog ​​food rating

Choosing feed can be based on the following rating, which will be presented in the table below.

Assessment on a five-point scale Brand names Short description
five Artemis, Innova, Happy Dog Suprem, Origen, Canada, Akana The leaders among the ready-made feed are holistic. The granules are balanced in all components and contain the necessary vitamins. Recommended for feeding older dogs and animals recovering health after diseases
four Eagle Pak, Almo Natur, Nutra Gold, Belcando, Arden Grande Foods saturated with useful microelements and additives do not contain dyes and preservatives
3 About Plan, Hills, Leonardo, Purina, Sheba The pellets are of medium quality and are quite suitable for animal feeding. There is little benefit from it, but it is quite capable of saturating the dogs.
2 Oscar, Vaska, Max, Friskes, Meal They do not contain useful components; tendons and bones, ground to a state of flour, are used for manufacturing. Contains dyes and preservatives, and therefore granules cannot be considered safe for animals
one Chappy, Haro, Pedigree, Darling Such foods are not suitable for dogs. They are made up of cheap vegetables, fat, and bones. Veterinarians do not recommend this type of pellet for animal feeding

Which dry food is best for a pug?

Choosing dry food for a pug is not an easy task. Dogs of this breed are often allergic to food components, so you have to try any brand before settling on a specific type.

Which is the World’s BEST Puppy food of 2021. II Dry Puppy food review ll Monkoodog

Rarely, pug owners immediately find the best option, but the advice of the breeders will help them with this.

How to choose dry food for a pug?

Prepared dry dog ​​foods contain high amounts of plant proteins and are therefore very nutritious. Conversely, the percentage of fat is very low, and the calorie content is minimal. For this reason, dry food is most suitable for pugs who are prone to obesity.

With the correct dosage from dry food, they do not gain excess weight, which is very often observed with natural feeding. All brands of dry food are divided into age categories: “Junior” (from 6 months to 1 year old) and “Standard” (from 1 year to 7 years old).

Many brands have additional categories: for aging dogs, for dogs prone to obesity, special dietary foods. Developed dry food for little puppies “Pappy”, which can be given immediately after weaning from the mother. Although pugs are small breeds, the question of the price of food is also relevant for their owners.

The eternal dispute over the price of feed can only be resolved through personal experience. As practice shows, cheap food often causes allergies in pugs, and as a result, such savings lead to additional costs for medications and visits to the veterinarian. In addition, cheap food is less nutritious, which means that they need to be given more in order for the dog to be full.

  • ingredients corn and soy;
  • low biological value;
  • poor digestibility;
  • low calorie content.

Differences in expensive dry food for pugs:

  • meat products;
  • high nutritional value;
  • good digestibility.

In addition, manufacturers often change the composition of cheap feed depending on the favorable price of the food. Therefore, when buying the usual packaging of a familiar food, you may not notice that new components that are harmful to your pug have appeared in it. Dry food contains about 10% moisture, therefore, a sufficient amount of drink should be introduced into the dog’s diet.

When buying food, you should always read the ingredient list to understand its value. It is often possible to notice that expensive and cheap feeds have an identical composition, and the price is just a publicity stunt. Dry food pellets have a variety of shapes and colors, but they contain approximately the same set of ingredients:

  • grain flour;
  • soy flour;
  • meat and bone meal;
  • animal or vegetable fat;
  • vitamin and mineral complex;
  • flavoring additives.

If the feed is expensive, then it should contain processed meat products instead of soy flour.

Popular brands of dry food for pugs

It is difficult to name a specific brand of food that would suit all pugs without exception, because such food simply does not exist. Even in the same litter, puppies are born with different taste preferences and different tendencies to allergies. Pug owners recommend trying foods such as:

  • “Ekanuba”
  • “Hills”,
  • “Akana”,
  • “First Mate”,
  • “Origen”,
  • “Kanide”.

Although there are many other premium dry food that you might like for the price and your pug might like. Popular foods “Royal Canin”, “Pro Plan” and “Pedigri” are rarely chosen for pugs, but in any case, each time the choice of food is for a specific owner.

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How much dry food to give a pug and how many times a day to feed them?

Everyone knows that pugs are not indifferent to food and love to eat. If they are not limited, they can soon turn into a “ball on legs”, which looks cute, but unsafe for the health of little gluttons. Therefore, every pug owner must firmly determine the daily feed rate and break it down into portions for each feeding.

If you think your pug still looks hungry, try choosing a nutritious food instead of increasing the dose of the usual food. An adult pug is fed 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening, some owners add one more feeding, but in this case, the daily rate should still remain the same, and not increase.

Portions can be made the same for each meal, or increased in favor of, for example, a morning meal. Some pugs, on the other hand, like to eat in the evening. In this case, you can give 1/3 of the daily value in the morning and 2/3 in the evening. On the packaging of dry food, an approximate dosage is given, which should be followed.

There you will find information on the ratio of weight and amount of dry food. To achieve maximum accuracy, you need to purchase a special measuring cup and collect the amount of feed for each feeding.

Purina Pro Plan Optiderma

  • Competently selected basic composition, excluding the possibility of allergies or indigestion in the dog: salmon, corn and rice
  • Favorably affects the skin and fur of the animal
  • Optimum pellet size
  • The feasibility of using a flavoring additive in feed remains questionable.

Ideal for puppies and dogs with digestive problems in cereal-based foods and a sensitive digestive system. The most delicate composition, devoid of all known allergy pathogens (both meat and vegetable), properly supplied with vitamins and capable of becoming a dog’s main dish for a long time.

NOW FRESH with turkey, duck and salmon flavor

  • One of the best in composition on the Russian market, the food combines meat of turkey, salmon and duck, it also carries cottage cheese, numerous herbal ingredients and even an extract of green tea rich in antioxidants
  • The optimal balance between fiber and ash is 3.8% and 7.3%, respectively
  • Suitable for feeding not only older dogs, but also puppies and adult Yorkies (the main thing is to calculate the dose correctly, otherwise there may be problems with being overweight)
  • There are no cereals in the composition, therefore digestive problems are almost 100% excluded
  • Occasionally, products contain overly compressed and overcooked pellets, which dogs are suspicious of and do not eat.
  • The food requires intensive wetting to feed the puppies

It is definitely one of the three best universal dog foods on the market, it can be eaten by Yorkies of any age, and thanks to its natural composition, they will not experience problems with the absorption of all its nutrients. As practice shows, the food does not cause allergic reactions, has a positive effect on the fur of the animal and slows down intense fatty hypersecretion.

Country Delicacies: Homemade Turkey, Tripe & Zucchini Dinner

  • Meat composition containing turkey, tripe and associated by-products
  • Energy value. 101 kcal per 100 grams, the feed is very nutritious, the approach to dosage should be thoughtful (the recommended dose is 30-40 grams per 1 kg of animal body weight)
  • The absence of vegetables in the composition, as a result, the Yorkie’s diet must be supplemented with either other types of canned food, or manual cutting of vegetables necessary for the normal and healthy life of a pet
  • In addition to the classic vegetable oil, there is a gelling additive in the composition, to which some Yorkies may be allergic, therefore, the animal should be transferred to this food carefully

Deprived of vegetables and almost completely cereal-free food, obviously, is an uncompromising option for a hearty dinner for a dog, since such a composition will definitely not work for her. The food should be balanced, contain not only the maximum nutrients (and this one, in addition, contains 8 grams of pure protein in 100 grams of the product), but also other vitamins that naturally enter the body, fiber and other microelements that are so necessary for digestion. In general, the food can be recommended for consumption if you want to please your pet, but not as the main dish of the daily diet.

About the author: Anna Alexandrovna Maksimenkova

Practicing veterinarian in a private clinic. Directions: therapy, oncology, surgery. Read more about me in the section “About us”.

Acana Heritage

To choose dry food for York puppies, first of all, it is worth considering the food of this manufacturer, since it has a multicomponent composition on all sides, carrying all the elements necessary for a growing dog. Cereals were deliberately removed from the composition, since in the first months of life, the body of terriers experiences difficulties in splitting complex-structured plant products. The fiber necessary for digestion is introduced into the feed as a complete additive, due to this it became possible to increase it.

2 Solid Natura Dinner Dog

The most optimal ratio of price and quality
Country Russia
Rating (2019): 4.9

Usually, food from Russian manufacturers is not in great demand among veterinarians and breeders, they prefer brands from Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, France, but these canned food will withstand the most serious competition. They consist only of quality meat ingredients. beef, beef liver, tripe and heart. The minimum of auxiliary components is phosphorus, calcium and a gelling additive. Cereals, legumes, potatoes and sweet potatoes are not contained here, so the feed can be considered an excellent source of animal protein.

For those who closely monitor the health of their Yorkie, these canned foods can definitely be recommended as a regular supplement to their diet. Buyers are pleased that with high quality and natural ingredients, this feed has a very affordable cost.

“Native food: Rabbit in a Sagittarius”

2 Orijen Adult Dog Fit Trim Grain Free

The Most Suitable Food for Overweight Dogs
Country: Canada
Average for 6 kg
Rating (2019): 4.9

This food has a universal pellet size, so it is ideal for both adult Yorkies and larger breeds. It can be recommended for lazy, sedentary dogs who have a tendency to be overweight. Thanks to its high protein content and minimal carbohydrate and fat content, this food helps to maintain shape. Taste qualities are also excellent due to the abundance of various meat ingredients. chicken, turkey, hearts, liver. The composition is complemented by fish components. herring, mackerel, hake, saury.

There are no grains in the composition, from herbal additives you can see only fruits, vegetables, berries, lentils. To improve digestion, probiotics are added to the composition, and chondroprotectors are added to maintain joint health. The food belongs to the super-premium class, so no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives can be found here. According to veterinarians, Orijen is an excellent staple food for the Yorkshire Terrier. This brand also has some good puppy foods.

Dry food: advantages and disadvantages

Dog owners are divided into two camps. the first with two hands “in favor” of industrial food, and the second believes that this food is not suitable for their pet. It is difficult to decide who is right, but you can consider the positive and negative aspects of ready-made diets:

The main advantages include the following:

  • High-quality feed includes an optimal ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrate elements.
  • You can purchase a product suitable for age, complexion, health characteristics, etc.
  • Eating dry food, the pet simultaneously carries out the prevention of tartar.
  • Manufacturers have already calculated the daily portion of food, the owner can only adapt it to the weight of the dog.
  • Top quality feed includes useful micro and macro elements.

Huge advantages for the owners. dry food is perfectly stored, does not require cooking and the pet’s bowl is always clean.

  • Premium food is not cheap.
  • When feeding such food, it is imperative to take care of the pet’s round-the-clock access to clean water.
  • Sometimes owners find it difficult to find the most suitable feed, in which case it is better to consult with experienced breeders and a veterinarian.

But from which side to approach the selection of feed and how they differ?

6 stars

This category includes the best brands of feed, which differ in all aspects. balance, nutritional calorie content and value, as well as digestibility. Due to the unique composition, the daily intake of such food is very low. Foods of a similar plan are recommended for weakened, elderly animals, as well as dogs with health problems.

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According to the rating, this group includes the following feeds:

  • Go Natural Grain Free Endurance (Canada);
  • Happy Dog Supreme Junior. (Germany);
  • Happy Dog Supreme Fit Well. (Germany);
  • Happy Dog Supreme Sensible. (Germany);
  • Innova EVO Small Bites (USA);
  • Innova EVO Red Meat Large Bites (USA);
  • Innova EVO Red Meat Small Bites (USA);
  • Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal Dog (USA).

Top 6 dry dog ​​foods

2 stars

The product is of low quality, made exclusively from by-products and cereals with the addition of soy, which the digestive system of dogs does not tolerate very much. Naturally, with this diet, the animal needs an additional source of vitamins and minerals. If a healthy adult animal digests such food, then older dogs, as well as puppies and sick animals, are contraindicated.

This category contains the following brands of food:

  • Clauder’s (Germany);
  • Oscar (Denmark, Russia);
  • Meal (Russia, Denmark);
  • Friskies (Russia);
  • Vaska (Russia);
  • 1st Choice (Canada)
  • Max (Russia).

3 stars

This is an economy class feed with low protein. The quality cannot be called high, the composition includes an incomplete complex of vitamins, the ratio of the components is not maintained.

Despite the similar quality, some feed brands in this category are quite expensive. There are many of them, but the most famous are worth noting:

  • Hill’s (Czech Republic, USA, Holland);
  • Nutro Choice (USA);
  • Alders (Germany);
  • Gimpet (Germany);
  • Purina (France);
  • Eukanuba (Holland, USA);
  • Sheba (Thailand).

Dry dog ​​food

Today’s pet owners are increasingly giving preference to dry dog ​​food. This type of food is gaining more and more popularity. What is the reason for this trend, is it worth believing in advertising and how to choose the most suitable food for your four-legged friend in a huge number of brands?

4 stars

Good food, but the ratio of meat and vegetable parts does not allow them to be attributed to the highest category. The price is slightly lower than that of the above, but the daily dosage is also slightly higher. These include:

  • BiOMill (Switzerland);
  • Pro Plan (France);
  • Pro Pac (USA);
  • Royal Canin (Russia);
  • Leonardo (Germany);
  • Nutra Gold (USA);
  • Belcando (Germany).

Comparison of feed: which brands are preferred

The veterinarian will help you choose good dry food for the Shar Pei. Pets need high quality, premium food. Dry food should contain at least 25% meat and meat flour. There are several well-known brands of manufacturers that produce excellent Shar Pei food:

  • Pro Plan;
  • Royal Canin;
  • Hills;
  • Bosch;
  • Go Natural Grain Free Endurance;
  • Bewi Dog;
  • Orijen;
  • Acana;
  • Nutro Ultra Holistic;
  • Artemis Maximal Dog;
  • Canidae;
  • Advance.

Note! Dry food contains enough vitamins, minerals and useful trace elements, therefore, with such a diet, Shar-Pei does not need additional vitamin supplements. You need to choose good food for Sharpei. hypoallergenic and balanced.

Only premium food should be given to the dog.

Approximate menu by age for a Shar Pei puppy

The nutritional habits of sharpei differ depending on age. Babies need to be fed more often than adults. Food should be hearty, tasty, healthy. After feeding, the owner must wipe his mouth with the sharpei so that no food particles remain on the lips. Do not forget about the afternoon nap, as the dog needs to rest.

Feeding rules for allergy sufferers

Many foods can cause allergies in Sharpei. For such pets, you need to carefully choose the right food. But before that, it is necessary to identify the allergen. In most cases, this is done by trial and error. the harmful product is gradually identified.

If a Shar Pei has an allergy, only boiled rice with olive oil or fish oil should be left in his diet. On such a diet, the dog is kept until the symptoms of the disease disappear. Then gradually add 1 product at a time and observe the state. If allergies reappear, then this product must be permanently excluded from the diet.

After that, the Shar Pei is transferred to hypoallergenic dry food or natural food. In the second case, no more than one new product is added to the diet per day. It is advisable to give raw frozen meat, because boiled meat often provokes allergic reactions. Dogs are particularly allergic to boiled chicken.

Important! Alfalfa, brewer’s yeast and pollen should not be included in the diet of allergic Shar Pei.

To avoid gaining excess weight, the dog must move a lot.

Natural diet

When composing a diet for a pet, you need to clearly know what products to choose, what to feed. Shar Pei enjoys eating fresh organic food. Only an experienced veterinarian can choose the right natural diet for a dog.

You need to feed the Shar Pei 2-3 times a day. The pet’s daily diet should consist of 600 g of meat, fish and offal, 250 g of low-fat cottage cheese, as well as 150-200 g of vegetables and fruits.

Sharpeis should not be fed with beef tenderloin, this product causes them to be allergic. It is advisable to freeze and grind all natural products. The small intestine in dogs is very short, so large pieces of food do not have time to digest in it.

For puppies and young pets up to 1 year old, cartilage and ears are very useful. Animals can be fed with freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. On a diet in autumn and spring, sharpei need vitamin and mineral supplements, for example, Canina. Vitamins for Shar Pei are found in sufficient quantities in supplements such as multitabs, ester-si. The pet needs to get enough Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, so you can offer him fish oil and evening primrose oil.

For your information! The Shar Pei breed was bred in China, so these dogs have been fed rice from time immemorial.

Nutrition for puppies 1-5 months

At the age of 1–5 months, the puppy is gradually transferred to two meals a day. At 3-4 months, the dog is fed 5 times a day, at 5 months. 4 times. The food must still be soaked. The amount of food is calculated according to the scheme: for 3 kg of animal weight, there is 1 cup of food. At this age, the pet is actively growing, developing, gaining weight.

Note! For very small and slightly grown puppies, the bowl should be placed on a small stand so that the animal is slightly drawn to food.

How to feed sharpei at home: which food is better

Shar Pei are very picky about food, they have sensitive digestion, they often suffer from obesity and allergies. Many owners are interested in how to feed the Shar Pei at home. A healthy diet will keep your dog healthy for years to come.

Acceptable and Prohibited Products

It is important for a caring owner to know what to feed a Shar Pei. Lean meat is the main source of protein in a dog’s diet.

  • meat (chicken, lamb, rabbit, beef, turkey);
  • offal (cartilage, kidney, scar, etc.);
  • sea ​​fish (pink salmon, cod, hake, halibut, haddock);
  • buckwheat;
  • greens (spinach, dandelion leaves, parsley);
  • rice;
  • tomatoes;
  • cereals;
  • vegetables and fruits (except prohibited ones).

Note! Among vegetables and fruits, apples, zucchini, carrots, broccoli are useful for sharpei. They must first be crushed.

You can not give the Shar-Pei harmful products:

  • pork;
  • smoked meats;
  • sausage;
  • eggs;
  • pasta;
  • sea ​​bass, mackerel;
  • caviar;
  • cabbage, potatoes, peas, corn;
  • fruits and berries with seeds;
  • sweets;
  • hard cheese varieties;
  • nuts;
  • legumes.

If your pet is not lactose intolerant, then you can give him a little fat-free cottage cheese once a week. For underweight dogs, you can cook porridge with water.

Important! Shar Pei can eat porridge only from rice, buckwheat and oatmeal. Other cereals are prohibited. Broths and navars are categorically contraindicated for these dogs.

Shar Pei’s diet must contain prebiotics and probiotics. You can choose lactobifadol or linex, as well as fructooligosaccharides.

The owner must remember what can and cannot be fed to a Shar Pei