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What is the best food for an older cat?

British cats

What is the best cat food

What is the best cat food

How rarely do we, in the hustle and bustle of everyday worries, pay attention to the composition of the products that we use for food. But the state of our health and the body as a whole directly depends on the quality of the consumed products. And our pets are no exception! When purchasing food for your pet, first of all, you need to think about its health, and choose food with the least chemical additives that negatively affect the health of your pet. And by purchasing high-quality food, you will provide your fluffy pet not only with delicious food, but also with all the necessary minerals and nutrients necessary for the life of his body.

A really healthy and high-quality cat food should contain as a basis animal protein, which is necessary for pets for the normal formation of the body, fatty acids and of course vitamins. Let’s take a look at which foods fully meet these requirements, and are able to meet the needs of the cat’s body and nutrients. And we will begin our “test purchase” with canned food.

Canned food is liked by all pets, without exception, and this is easily explained by the fact that it is made from high-quality raw materials and contains a large amount of moisture that can satisfy a cat’s daily need for liquid. Minerals and vitamins necessary for the pet are also present in it, so such food may well take pride of place in your pet’s daily diet. But the price of canned food “bites” a little, which is why I take my British cats only a couple of cans a week, as a delicacy.

The next one we have is wet cat food. Even those without a pet are probably familiar with this food from annoying TV commercials. But here’s the paradox, they advertise mostly cheap and low-quality feed. And good, high-quality food does not need advertising. And as they say in the advertisement, this food looks really very appetizing, but its nutritional value is not so high, since it contains mainly soy protein and all kinds of chemical additives that give the food a certain taste. The cost of such food is not high, but there is no benefit to the pet’s body.

Another type of food most popular with furry pet owners is dry cat food. The use of this food as the main diet of a pet requires the constant availability of fresh drinking water in the bowl of your four-legged friend, since there is simply no moisture in the food itself, because that is why it is called that. dry food. The use of dry food has a beneficial effect on the condition of the cat’s teeth, and on the general well-being of the pet, it is perfectly balanced, contains all the necessary trace elements, nutrients and vitamins that are so important for the full development of the pet. Dry cat food can be safely used as the pet’s main diet and left in a bowl for long periods of time without fear of spoiling.

We got acquainted with three main types of food for cats, but when choosing a certain type for feeding a pet, canned, wet or dry, you should also consider the class of food. All feeds, regardless of their consistency, are divided into three categories. economy class, premium class and super premium class. They differ both in price and in their composition. The economy class includes the cheapest, respectively, low-quality feed, it is not advisable to use this type of feed as a daily diet for a pet. However, read the composition of such food on the package, and everything will become clear to you.

Premium and super premium food is a completely different matter. For their production, high-quality raw materials are used, and there are completely no chemical dyes and preservatives hazardous to the health of pets. In addition, these foods are very rich in vitamins and essential microelements useful for the feline body. Premium and super premium food is perfect for your pet’s daily nutrition, having only a beneficial effect on his body. My British cats eat this food with great pleasure and feel great!

How to change your diet?

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the cat’s diet should be chosen so as to reduce the risk of developing senile diseases.

To do this, we have compiled a specific list of recommendations.

5 Senior Cat Essentials!

  • It is necessary to reduce the calorie intake. This will reduce the risk of cancer, kidney stones and kidney failure.
  • Watch out for water balance, especially in cats over 12 years old, as they often suffer from dehydration. The food must be moist. For example, special broths, wet food, canned food. With age, you need to transfer your pets to more “watery” food.
  • Limit your intake of phosphorus, sodium, and potassium because they put a lot of pressure on the kidneys and pancreas.
  • Also, you should increase the amount of protein, protein and amino acids, which will help your animal’s body to recover faster and add energy.
  • Strictly adhere to all feed and canned food storage regulations.
  • Before you give your pet food, bring it to room temperature. Do not feed cold or hot food as the animal will not be able to get the proper amount of nutrients.
  • Regularity of meals is essential. For older animals, it is better to provide portioned and frequent meals. Servings should be small and not exceed 100 grams.
  • It is best to consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your cat’s diet. He will build an optimal diet depending on the personal characteristics and needs of the animal. Also, a visit to the veterinarian will help to identify abnormalities in the work of the cat’s body and determine possible diseases in the early stages.

It is worth noting that the above rules should first of all be adhered to by owners of pedigree cats, who have weaker immunity in comparison with ordinary yard cats.

If your cat does not have a breed, looks well-groomed, sleek, has excellent health and mood, with special food for elderly animals and regular visits to the veterinarian, you can wait a little.

Choosing food for cats over 12 years old

Cats, like all living things, are subject to the aging process. Old age in these animals comes several times faster than in humans. Cats begin to age after the full seven years of life, and are considered old after ten. Many scientists argue that a feline ten years of life in humans would be 60-65 years. Such a difference may be scary, but these amazing animals can live for twenty years or more. Life expectancy depends on the quality of the environment. In comfortable conditions, a cat does not have to get food and fight for territory, but, for example, on the street, the animal is exposed to all kinds of risks, hunger and cold. So, in the wild, cats live on average for 8-10 years.

Features of the aging process

Aging is a process that is a combination of unfavorable changes in the body, as a result of which the risk of cell death, tissue destruction and, ultimately, death of a living creature increases. This process is individual for each animal, although it has common features. For example, the “transience” of old age depends on many factors, such as genetics, ecology, quality of food and life, and many others. At the micro level, degradation manifests itself as a disruption in the functioning of cells under the influence of free radicals, which leads to suppression of the immune function, aging of genes and changes in chromosomes.

The degenerative process affects all tissues at the same time.

Feed overview

Such feeds are characterized by the presence of many vitamin and microelement compositions, a reduced amount of vegetable proteins. Also, foods for older cats contain easily digestible proteins and amino acids. Below is a selection of foods that offer balanced nutrition for aging cats.

  • Go! Natural. Complete monoprotein diet for adult medium to large breed cats based on duck, rice and olive oil. The Monoprotein Diet contains functional ingredients that contribute to the animal’s well-being. The cost is already slightly higher than the previous option, but your pet’s health is really worth it.
  • “Stout”. By choosing Stout, you can be sure that with continued use, your cat’s risk of cancer will decrease due to the presence of special antioxidants that contribute to this. The only drawback is the presence of plant proteins in the composition, which is not recommended for cats over 12 years old. for 2 kg, but they are enough for about a month.
  • Pronature Holistic. Ideal for cats with sensitive digestion, as experts selected exclusively natural products without GMO admixtures or all kinds of flavor and odor enhancers. The peculiarity of this food is that it contains not only different types of meat, but also berries, fruits and cereals. This composition allows you to provide your pet with tasty and healthy food. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning the rather high price of this product. But we advise you to purchase large packages, it will come out cheaper. So you will give 4100 rubles for as much as 6 kg of feed.
  • Gourmet. Created for true gourmets. The line includes canned food with chicken, duck, rabbit and turkey. These ingredients will give your already middle-aged animal the nutrients it needs and improve the digestive tract. Gourmet is characterized by a rich range of different flavors, as well as a truly French approach to production. for 85 grams.
  • Optimeal. Ukrainian manufacturer, but this does not mean that the feed is inferior in quality to French or Italian brands. This feed is a very good source of protein due to natural meat and a wide range of mineral and vitamin complexes. There are also natural preservatives, which are vitamin E. It is more convenient to buy food in packages starting from 4 kg. The cost of one package is about 1300 rubles.
  • Petreet. Already managed to establish itself as the best food for cats of all ages. All thanks to exclusively natural meat, the absence of any salts and preservatives, hypoallergenicity, the presence of natural fatty acids. It also contains a small amount of ash, which has a prophylactic effect, protecting the cat from diseases of the urinary system. The only drawbacks of this feed are high cost and inaccessibility.
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You will not be able to completely transfer your cat to this food, but it is still necessary to give it occasionally.

The consequences of malnutrition

To keep your pet safe, carefully check the expiration dates and composition of the product. They should not contain ethoxyquin E324, butyloxyanisole E320, butylhydroxytoluene E321, sodium nitrate E251, propyl gallate E310. Seeing these supplements, in any case, do not buy products with them.

For an overview of food for older cats, see the following

Optimal diet

This brand includes several options for ready-made rations for your pet. The manufacturer offers concentrated mousse for small kittens. After 4 months, they can be taught to dry food of the same brand. Remember to store dry food in airtight, sealed bags. Canned food is transferred to a glass jar and stored in the refrigerator.

From leading manufacturers

Dry food for British cats is, on the one hand, very convenient. The owner does not need to worry that his pet has received less of any important substances. In addition, purrs always eat the contents of the sachets with great appetite. However, there are also pitfalls. There are a lot of fakes on the ready-made feed market, and sellers do not always observe optimal storage conditions. All this, first of all, affects the quality of the feed, and it is already reflected in the health of your pet.

All only the highest quality

Of course, all owners want to give their pets all the best. Therefore, veterinarians are advised to pay attention to premium food. British cats are not easy to retrain, so it is better to choose only the best right away. over, many veterinarians agree that Royal Canin is a good, high-quality premium food, but if possible, it is better to choose an option from the super-premium line.

How to calculate the optimal portion

The ration is calculated based on the norm of 70 kcal and 10 g of protein per 1 kg of animal weight. At the same time, food for British cats can be both natural and ready-made. over, it is best if you will accustom your kitten to a variety of foods from very different ages. In this case, the problem of a balanced diet does not threaten you.

So, as we already said, first of all, a fluffy beauty needs protein. These are meat, fish and eggs, cottage cheese and soy flour, the total amount of which is 200 g per day. Carbohydrates are also beneficial as they are energy sources. However, their number should be much less, about 50 g per day. It can be rice, rolled oats and buckwheat. Cereals are practically not assimilated and are ballast substances. Meat and fish are well digested raw, you just need to freeze it well, but cereals must be boiled.

Holistic feed

British cats are one of the most interesting representatives of the feline world. This applies not only to their unique appearance, but also to their character. Surprisingly smart and peaceful, they will keep any person company, make friends with children. Natural patience allows you to endure any of their pranks. Today we want to talk about food for British cats. Your pet’s food should be varied, complete and, of course, tasty, because these cats are selective.

If you choose a natural diet

Eliminate pork or lamb from the diet, it is too heavy food. Eliminate food entirely from your table, otherwise you will shorten the life of your Briton.

It is very undesirable to give your pets chicken heads and legs, as after such food they may experience intestinal injuries. If you want your pet to just sharpen its teeth, then give a large beef bone with veins. But fish, contrary to the general opinion, often cannot be given. Kittens can be fed pre-frozen fish once a week, and adults once every two weeks. Be sure to lightly cook the fish and remove the bones from it. If your pet has urolithiasis, then the fish is completely excluded.

Best Cat Food for Older Cats. Reviews and Guide

A natural diet, no matter how balanced it may seem, requires the mandatory use of vitamin and mineral complexes. Otherwise, the development of vitamin deficiency is very likely. If you are preparing food in advance, divide the food into equal portions and freeze it. Before giving to a cat, you need to not only defrost, but also make sure that the food is warm. Cold food is contraindicated for the British.

The main difference

This super premium food is perfect for the British. The main difference is high nutritional value, high digestibility. In the manufacture of this category of feed, chicken, lamb, eggs and high-quality cereals are used. The best feed options for the British are offered by Eukanuba (Netherlands), Hills (USA), Pro Pac (USA). Very good quality diets recommended by leading breeders.

Wet feed

This type of feed includes canned food and spiders.

Canned food is the first attempt to create an easy-to-use balanced diet.

They are pieces of meat, fish, vegetables and cereals in a sauce.

Pack it all in a tin can. Spiders are the same canned food, only their packaging is not tin, but made of foil and polyethylene.

If the cat drinks little water, then it is better to give it wet food.

Important! Open wet food can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Warm up to room temperature before serving.

Canned food is the first attempt at creating an easy-to-use, balanced diet. They are pieces of meat, fish, vegetables and cereals in a sauce

Holistic food

This is an innovative line of feed. They are completely natural.

They include elements of Human grade, that is, products that are also suitable for humans.

But cats need to be accustomed to such food. Manufacturers do not add flavorings and flavor enhancers to the feed at all.

And if the mustachioed gourmet is used to strong-smelling food, then he will not appreciate the benefits of premium. But he also has a caring owner?

Important! Meowing pet owners should be aware that high quality feed is 80-90% digestible. Therefore, their high price is offset by a small daily rate.

The food is holistic. this is an innovative line of feed, they are completely natural. They include elements of Human grade, that is, products that are also suitable for humans.

Popular cat food

What is proper nutrition and which cat food is best?

and veterinarian statements indicate that it should hold on to three pillars: protein, taurine and fats.

In protein, not only quantity is important, but also quality, it must be of animal origin.

It is better if there are several sources of protein, they enrich the amino acid profile of the feed.

In cats, unlike dogs, some amino acids are not synthesized, they must come from the outside.

Taurine is not synthesized in the liver of cats. And for mustachioed purrs, it is very important. With its lack, it reduces the reproductive function of cats.

To know which food is best to feed your cat, you should always study its composition on the label.

In the first place, the type of meat and its percentage should be indicated. If the feed contains by-products, they must be listed.

Words like “animal products” look suspicious.

Porridge-based food is the enemy of the predator’s gastrointestinal system. It should contain no more than 50% of grains and vegetables. Better yet, less than 25-30%.

Your cat’s proper diet should be based on three pillars: protein, taurine and fats.

Manufacturers produce food strictly for age categories:

If you want to know how to determine the age of a kitten, we advise you to read the article https://kot-pes.com/kak-opredelit-vozrast-kotyonka/

What is the best cat food? The ration rating is topped by super premium food.

These include dry food: Innova, Wellness, Natural Balance, Evolve.

Of the wet, the best are: Wellness Chicken, Natural Balance, Nature’s Logic, Weruva Paw Lickin ‘Chicken, Dr. Foster and Smith, Innova EVO, Merrick.

Different breeds of cats are not susceptible to differences in diet. However, some manufacturers produce feed for specific breeds. If possible, it is better to buy special feed.

Types of cat food

You need to feed fluffy pets with quality food.

In addition, in order to maintain the beautiful coat of the Neva Masquerade, Persian and other long-haired beauties, their food must maintain a balance of trace elements and vitamins.

The organization of food purr depends on the capabilities of the owners and the availability of free time.

Typically, owners choose one of the following methods:

  • natural feeding;
  • feeding with ready-made feed.

If the owners of a meowing miracle have enough time and energy to cook healthy meals and take care of the balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, then they can safely choose natural feeding.

But if you don’t have enough time, then you should think about ready-made feed.

But how do you choose the right food for your pet? What is the best cat food?

If the owners of the purr have enough time, you can feed your pets with natural food. But modern realities force us to resort to ready-made feed.

  • dry food;
  • wet feed.

There is still no unequivocal opinion about which food is better. Some prefer dry food, others say that the best option is canned food.

Owners are wary of giving dry food to their pets due to the risk of urinary tract stones. But in vain. The manufacturers managed to create a dry food formula that came close to the ideal cat diet.

Dry food for cats

Many fears are associated with this type of diet.

They are absolutely unfounded when it comes to high-quality food, but they are completely justified when the owner regularly feeds his cat with cheap dry food.

The main advantages of high quality dry food:

  • convenience. it can lie in a bowl for a long time without loss of quality;
  • most of the vitamins in the feed are preserved thanks to the pelletizing technology;
  • pellets of high quality food are coated with digestive bacteria, which contribute to the normal functioning of the cat’s body;
  • dry food is more concentrated and lasts for a long time.

In favor of dry food is the fact that many well-known companies prioritize its production. And the owners of eminent catteries are increasingly choosing dry cat food as a basis.

Owners of primarily exotic breeds such as toyger and caracal, are afraid to give dry food to their pets because of the risk of stones in the urinary tract. But completely in vain.

You just need to know which dry cat food is best. The manufacturers managed to create a dry food formula that came close to the ideal cat diet.

In favor of dry food is the fact that many well-known companies prioritize its production.

And the owners of eminent catteries are increasingly choosing dry cat food as a basis. Which is better?

Reviews are unanimous on only one thing: economy class is the enemy of feline health.

If the cat drinks little water, then it is better to give it wet food.

Super premium class

Super-premium class is the choice of owners of elite kittens. Such feeds are called professional.

Their composition is thought out to the smallest detail, and specialists work on recipes.

This class includes Nutram, 1st Choice, Cimiao, ProNature Holistic, Arden Grange.

Super-premium class is the choice of owners of elite kittens. These feeds are called professional. Their composition is thought out to the smallest detail, and specialists work on recipes

Medium class

Such food is much less harmful to the health of beloved cats, but there is also little benefit from it.

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The composition of such delicacies already contains natural meat, but its percentage is insignificant.

But still, the age of the animals, their need for vitamins and minerals are taken into account.

The use of medium-class food is not advisable for cats with weak immunity.

Premium food. the best option for your kitties

What food to choose for a cat

  • Economy class;
  • middle class;
  • premium class.

The difference between them is cardinal. Cheap mixtures contain only 5-7% natural substances. By the way, the brightest representative of this category is Whiskas. The middle group is more nutritious, 7 to 20 percent. Agree, 80% of chemistry is a lot. Representatives:

  • Nature’s protection;
  • Araton;
  • Nutro Choice;
  • Happy cat.

Anything that is somehow suitable for a cat as food should contain more than 50% natural products, the best food for cats in this category consists of 75% natural fish and meat:

  • Orijen;
  • Felidea;
  • Hills;
  • Animonda;
  • Eucanuba;
  • Iams.

When making a comparison of cat food, it is worth noting that the latter group will prolong your pet’s agony for a couple of years. Remember, all dry mixtures are pure poison.

Best cat food rating

How to choose cat food

Even those who hate cats, over time get used to these cute, fluffy creatures, who know how to make amends for any blame with literally a minute of purring. Accordingly, even the most careless owners show love and care. And this, first of all, means that you need to choose the right diet. In which the cat will be active, healthy and cheerful. The question arises, which food is best for cats, dry or canned?

The answer here will be unambiguous. the best canned cat food. The fact is that dry mixtures are prepared from bones, skin, or even less edible and nutritious waste. Crushed into flour, they are diluted with chemical additives, flavors, carcinogens, which significantly increase the shelf life and increase the profitability of production. Accordingly, no one thinks about the health of your pet.

They practically do not write about this, but various nitrates are added to the composition of all dry food. Unlike table salt, these chemical elements cause addiction, like a narcotic, as a result, the cat can no longer refuse to eat dry food.

This leads to the appearance of urolithiasis, kidney failure, rapid depletion of the body, dehydration, vitamin deficiency. After 2-3 years of regular use, cats stop absorbing vitamins and minerals from normal food. This reduces the pet’s lifespan by at least half.

Nevertheless, many continue to choose this particular product, since it has a low cost. To somehow protect the unfortunate cat, you should choose the best dry cat food.

Canned feed

They are divided into wet and semi-dry. What is the best food for cats? Wet ones are much more expensive than dry ones, as they are made from natural ingredients. But, most of the manufacturing firms found an opportunity to save money here too.

The weight of canned food is gained through liquid. For a person, this diet would be called a loaf and water. Pieces of poultry, fish and meat are so dried and cooked that they contain practically no calories. Consequently, the consumption of such feed will be quite large. On the other hand, it is better than dry mixtures of garbage and cereals.

If you make a rating of wet cat food, then it will look something like this:

  • First Place USA: Innova Evo, Orijen, Eukanuba
  • Sweden runner-up: Bozita.
  • Third place for France: Royal Canin.

These are the same canned food, only they contain stew. Lots of meat, little sauce, natural ingredients. Any cat will appreciate it. Plus, this type of food can be mixed with regular foods on your table. A good way to cut costs is to make oatmeal patties. Mix stewed meat and oatmeal one to one, add sunflower oil, grind in a blender, sculpt “koloboks”. These cutlets can be stored in the freezer for up to two weeks.

What is the best cat food? Rating of the best feed

Cats are very demanding and picky animals. This is especially true of thoroughbred individuals. The best food determined by nature itself is chicken, veal or young lamb. The products are not the cheapest, therefore, feed substitutes have been developed. Not all of them have a good effect on the health of baleen pets, so let’s make a rating of dry cat food.

What food is best to feed a cat

In general terms, the Cat Food Comparison Chart above provides an answer to this question. However, there are a few more suggestions worth considering:

  • food for kittens;
  • food for mature cats over 7 years old;
  • vegetarian food.

You can say a lot of nasty things about each of them, so let’s do without negativity. Remember, there is nothing better than semi-dry food, apart from natural meat. When thinking about what food to feed a cat at a certain age, read what vitamins she needs, buy them at the pharmacy and add to food.

Which food is best for cats?

Do you want your pets to be healthy and active? Consider their dietary choices. Preparing a balanced diet for cats is problematic. Save time with ready-made feed.

The basis for proper nutrition of cats is the protein of beef, fish or poultry. This component is involved in the formation and growth of the body. Taurine is an essential amino acid for the normal functioning of the heart, reproductive system and vision. For normal well-being, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins are required.

What food to choose for a cat?

Special canned food is very popular. Even the most pampered individuals will not refuse such a delicacy. What canned food to feed a cat? CatNatura, Brit, Berkely, Ginaс have about 70% of meat, while Darling, Allcats, Tomi have about 15% on average.

An alternative to this diet is wet food. The pieces are in the sauce, their moisture content is about 40%, in canned food this figure is 70%. High quality is considered Purina, Evo Cat, Diamond.

Dry food is good for the pet’s oral cavity: when biting pillows and granules, teeth will be cleared of plaque. The food is stored in sealed containers, otherwise its taste and nutritional value is significantly reduced.

When buying food for an animal, pay attention to its class. The lowest standard and cheapest is the economy class. The principle of operation is simple: the feeling of hunger dulls, the stomach is full, the presence of nutrients is practically zero, soy protein is the main component of the feed. The so-called commercial class is identical to the economy version, the only difference is in the presentability of the packaging and the availability of more flavorings. The “promoted” Darling, Kitekat, Friskies, Whiskas can harm the animal, this is how they belong to the economy class.

Useful premium and super premium class. High quality raw materials are used, soy and cereals are absent or their presence is minimal. There are no harmful preservatives and colorants in the feed. The nutritional value is much higher than cheap counterparts, which means that a small portion is enough for an animal to get enough. This type of feed includes Acana, Bosch, Royal Canin, Purina ProPlan. This is an excellent choice for a pet.

Holistic food is exactly the food that is used for pedigree pets in nurseries. There are no flavors and flavor enhancers, all components are natural. Your pet will definitely not give up on GO !, Grandorf, Miamor, HolisticBlend, but your wallet will definitely feel this kind of costs.

General principles of cat feeding

The rules for feeding pets are quite simple. First of all, the animal must always have water. It is better if it is a large container, where it changes at least 1-2 times a day. Do not overfeed cats, including dry food. Read the recommendations on the packaging carefully. It lists the daily rate, not the rate per meal. Feed the animal twice or thrice a day. If you do not want to wake up from the hungry screams of your pet in the early morning, the last meal should be postponed until later hours. You should not change the brand of food too often, the stomach can perceive changes “hostilely”, especially since cats have much fewer taste buds on their tongues, animals do not need a huge variety of tastes.

What food should you give your cat? When choosing a brand, pay attention to the packaging. There you should be attracted by:

  • the presence of inscriptions such as “balanced nutrition, nutritious, optimal diet”;
  • the type of meat, the percentage of its content (not less than 25%) must be indicated;
  • several “protein carriers” are preferred, including meat, fish and liver. Vitamins C and E are required;
  • the smaller the recommended feed portion, the higher the digestibility index. Pay attention to the expiration date.

What food is best not to feed a cat? Mentions about offal and bone meal, chemical preservatives, and a high daily feed rate should be alarming. Try different brands of food, the animal will tell you what exactly he likes. Take care of your pets and do not forget to delight them with excellent treats!


This is the latest generation food, which is an improved version of extra food for the feline family. The meat used for such a product comes from animals raised on eco-farms. Similar features of growing cereals and vegetables are provided for this category of ingredients. The composition of healistik should not contain any flavor enhancers and other chemicals, so some Britons, when meeting new food, may refuse it.

What food is suitable for British cats?

A pet’s diet is an important consideration when it comes to caring for a pet. His health and longevity largely depends on the correct menu, which also applies to cats. The British breed stands out for its popularity, so when purchasing a pet of this suit, you should study the requirements for the most suitable food for such animals.

Depending on the breed of domestic cats, certain principles of healthy nutrition for the pet have been formed during their breeding. As for the Briton, whose diet will consist of industrially produced food, the breeder should study in detail the available range intended for this breed of animals. British cats are one of the most unusual and attractive individuals of the feline world, which have excellent contact with humans, are distinguished by their exotic appearance and peaceful disposition.

Today, British breeders are offered a wide selection of ready-made feeds, which can be divided into several types.

  • Canned products. A good animal product will consist of vegetable, meat, fish and fruit ingredients, enriched with groups of vitamins and minerals. This option is considered the best among other types of food for cats, as it stands out for its high organoleptic and taste qualities. Canned products are suitable for long-term storage, as they are sold in a sealed container, which eliminates the risk of pathogenic bacteria penetrating inside. In addition, in a closed form, such food for representatives of the feline family can be stored at home for up to two years. Canned food is produced by the manufacturer as a pate or cut into small pieces in jelly or broth.

If you feed your pet with high-quality ready-made canned food, then the animal will not be deficient in any important vitamins and trace elements.

However, when choosing products, it is important to ensure that the composition does not contain dyes, harmful preservatives and wastes of meat or fish instead of high-quality main ingredients.

  • Wet food. Such products for animal feeding are sold in convenient small-volume bags. As a rule, the contents of one sachet will be enough for one meal. Premium food is made from natural and high-quality meat and fish products, which will provide the animal with a balanced diet. Unlike canned cat food, it will have less moisture, so the pet should always have fresh water in the bowl. Typically, this category is sold in the form of small pieces of meat, vegetables and seafood, drenched in jelly or sauce. The disadvantage of the products is the minimum shelf life, therefore, even in the refrigerator, the contents of the package quickly lose their properties and taste, in addition, there is a possibility that the product will spoil very quickly when opened.
  • Dry food. This pet food includes dried meats, offal, cereals, or vegetables. As it already became clear from the name, this category is distinguished by the minimum m of moisture inside. Unhindered access to clean water is a must for a dry food animal. The positive qualities of such a product are availability, the possibility of long-term storage. However, it is in this case that there is a high probability that low-quality ingredients will be added to it. Some veterinarians believe that pets eating dry food most often suffer from such ailments as urolithiasis, as well as gastrointestinal diseases.
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Cat food is divided into classes. There are four main categories, each of which stands out for its individual characteristics.

Premium class

This product belongs to the middle price segment among cat food. meat will be small, but the composition contains cereals, vitamins and vegetables. The digestibility of this product by animals is 80%. A notable feature of premium food is the ability to select food for a pet with specific needs, for example, manufacturers offer special products for castrated or sterilized Britons.

Extra premium

Such food will stand out from the rest of the products for cats with its high cost, but the quality of the ingredients used will be at the same level. As a rule, bona fide manufacturers use natural dehydrated meat as the main component. In addition, the feed contains a variety of cereals, there are products of the grain-free category. Berries, fruits and vegetables are actively used. Animal feed supplements should include balanced and easily digestible supplements. There is a small risk that such expensive food will not be suitable for British and British women, but, as practice shows, it is this industrial food that will be as close as possible in its chemical composition to the natural diet of pets.

Economy class

Usually, cheap food contains dangerous additives that are addictive to the animal. When comparing the benefits of a natural diet and economy class food, the preponderance will be on the side of the first pet feeding option. In situations where the option of a balanced menu for the British pet owner is not suitable from the point of view of the family budget, it is worth contacting a veterinarian for advice.

In this case, under the special supervision of the breeder, the British cat can feel good throughout its life.

Feed selection rules

As a rule, cats of the British breed are not too picky about food, so they are happy to eat middle-class food.

However, experienced breeders of such animals still recommend that you carefully approach the choice of industrial feed, taking into account the following recommendations:

Important! Today, manufacturers of all types and classes of food offer breeders of British cats specialized products specifically for this breed that meet the needs of these animals.

The fundamental point for the British is the presence of protein in food, since pets are still predators, therefore they need animal food. For an adult, from 120 to 250 grams of food per day is required, but in some periods, for example, during pregnancy, the daily rate can be doubled. For kittens, you will need a separate type and portion of food. British breeders are advised to adhere to the following guidelines when choosing pet food:

Norms and rules of feeding

For cat owners who cannot control the amount of food eaten per day due to their absence from home, you should not resort to options when the animal is left a full bowl of food for the whole day. Since food is bound to wind up, especially wet or canned food, it is also possible that the pet eats too much.

For the British breed, uncontrolled eating will be highly undesirable.

This is due to the tendency of cats to be overweight, hence health problems and longevity.

If the cat appeared in the house as a kitten, then from that time on, it should be accustomed to the diet. The option with two feedings is considered correct. in the morning and in the evening, in some cases the animal can be fed once a day. It may take some time to get used to it, but a clear schedule will help you avoid begging by the animal whenever the owner is in the kitchen.

Breeders, during the period of accustoming the cat to the meal schedule, recommend removing the food to places that the pet cannot reach.

This is due to the well-developed intelligence of the representatives of the feline family, who are able to remember where their food is and simply steal it.

Two meals a day is the norm that applies only to adult and healthy cats. For pregnant, elderly and sick pets, the procedure and frequency of feeding should be slightly different. This also applies to kittens, as soon as they begin to eat on their own and until they reach 10 months of age. The food should be designed specifically for kittens. Almost every pet product manufacturer has a special line for small pets. A separate food series is available for both neutered and neutered Britons, as these animals have a high likelihood of kidney and urinary tract diseases. The main distinguishing feature of this group of industrial feeds is low ash, phosphorus and magnesium.

Veterinarian advice

For breeders of British cats, veterinarians recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations regarding the nutrition of industrial feed. The following basic rules can be distinguished:

  • it is forbidden to feed the cat with dry food and natural food at the same time, it is such a diet that can provoke the development of serious ailments in the animal;
  • among all classes of feed for the British, experts still advise choosing the premium category;
  • you should not purchase feed by weight, because over time, some of the useful components in them simply disintegrate; food packaging must be hermetically closed;
  • very often it is expensive elite food that causes allergic reactions in the British, therefore, when using this product, you should carefully monitor your pet; if the cat begins to itch very often, it is worth replacing the selected food with another option;
  • the pet must have its own dishes, and it is also forbidden to leave the animal without food for 2-3 days; such fasting days will not be good for the pet at all;
  • animals that eat industrially produced feed, especially dry varieties, must always have fresh water available;
  • the British are forbidden to give sweets, fried, spicy and fatty.

For a video on how to feed British cats, see below.

Cat, cat and kittens

Which food is best for your cat: dry or wet?

As the lucky owner of a pair of cats, I know that many of us will go the extra mile to find the right healthy and healthy food for our pets. In particular, owners often ponder whether they should choose wet food, dry food, or a combination of both as the best choice for their favorites. Indeed, there has been a tremendous amount of discussion and research on nutrition and diet for cats. The truth is that the only correct solution has not yet been found.

For example, one study compared glucose tolerance tests (blood samples are taken and the test measures how quickly glucose is cleared from the blood after eating) and the researchers found no significant difference between dry and wet food cats. Veterinarians note that allowing cats to eat a lot and gain excess weight is more detrimental to their health than the type of food they eat. Eating regularly and eating in moderation are some of the most important aspects of a cat’s health.

However, there are still some pros and cons of each type of food:

  • Dental health. Dry food is said to help remove plaque or tartar by scraping it off. Dry food does not contain moisture, it requires a lot of liquid, water, which in turn also helps in cleaning teeth.
  • Dry food is more economical and lasts longer. It does not deteriorate for a long time and is sold in bulk in large bags.
  • A great way to strengthen your jaw muscles. dry food can satisfy a cat’s chewing instinct.
  • High carbohydrates. Cats. carnivores, their natural food does not contain a lot of starch or carbohydrates, which are sourced from grains (such as corn, rice, etc.), which are found in most dry foods containing 30%. 50% carbohydrates. Feeding dry food has been linked to diabetes in many cats in America.
  • It is difficult for some cats to digest. This is especially true for cats that are used to wet food. In these cases, their digestive system is used to assimilating high protein foods with little grain or fiber.
  • Contains grain and grain products.
  • An excellent source of protein and fat. The diet of cats should include a large amount of proteins and fats that meet their anatomical and physiological needs. A high protein diet does not cause constipation in cats, and they really do not need fiber supplementation. Fat from meat provides a beautiful, shiny and luxurious coat.
  • Plenty of water. Believe it or not, wet food is 75% water. Yes, a lot of H2O!
  • Helps prevent overeating. Studies have shown that cats tend to eat less if they eat mostly wet food. A high amount of protein in wet food will make you feel fuller faster.
  • Attractive smell and taste. cats love the flavor and texture of wet food.
  • expensive. wet food is generally more expensive than dry food and is usually packaged in small bags or jars.
  • May cause bad breath. In some cases, a cat that eats mostly wet food may develop plaque and calculus, which can cause gum infections.
  • Perishable product. wet food should not be left at room temperature for a long time. If the jar is open, it must be kept in the refrigerator for only a couple of days.

However, before deciding on the choice of food, be sure to consult with your veterinarian. A diabetic cat or a cat with kidney or urinary tract disease may require a very specific diet. Although most often people feed their pets with a combination of dry and wet food, it is important what is right for your pet. As a rule, overfeeding, not food, is the main cause of obesity. In the United States, most owners have fat cats. Did you know that cats must weigh 4.5. 5 kg, and cats must weigh from 2.5. 3.5 kg.? In general, a healthy balance and normal weight helps to maintain a cat food containing 34-38 percent protein and 19 to 22 percent fat.