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What is the day of cats and cats

National Cat Day in USA

In the United States, a similar holiday has been celebrated for more than ten years. since 2005 with the support of the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Usually ASPCA oversees a variety of animals, but at that time in American society there was a strong bias towards “dog lovers”, so it took a holiday that could point out the problem of stray cats, “recruit” volunteers and draw public attention to shelters and education of humane treatment. these animals.

Cat Day in the USA aims to raise awareness of the humane treatment of animals

The official website of National Cat’s Day notes that the holiday was needed to show the public the number of cats in need of rescue each year, and to encourage fans of these animals to once again remember the love and friendship that cats bring into their lives.

Photo gallery: the origins of Japanese love for cats in engravings

In our area. in Russia. cats ended up in the 7th century BC. e. They came with merchants as an overseas curiosity, salvation from mice. Russian purrs of that time were housekeepers, guards and very expensive and valuable property. It took almost nine hundred years for the mustachioed mouse-catchers to become accessible to people with little income.

Alabrys the cat is a hero of Russian folk stories that emphasize his intelligence, resourcefulness and dexterity in catching mice

As you can see, the main “duty” of cats has always been to protect valuable books, supplies and crops from rodents. Much later, people paid attention to their personal qualities. In our time, the hunting functions of cats have faded into the background, and people have appreciated the variety of colors of soft skin, a proud but loyal character and a soothing purr that creates coziness in the house.

Great Britain

The furry mouse catchers are especially prized in the UK. This is not surprising: according to statistics, every year one cat saves about ten tons of grain from mice. Some English cats are even in government service. they guard the relics of the British Museum. For this they receive a social package in the form of good housing, uniforms and excellent corporate food.

Cats in suits. one of the features of the celebration of English cat day

Photo gallery: figures of cats in St. Petersburg

As a rule, celebrations of World Cats Day in St. Petersburg are held in large numbers. on Palace Square and in the State Hermitage Museum. Participants dress in striped clothes, colorful costumes, cat ears and stock up on makeup. A month before the event, exhibitions dedicated to purrs open, on the day of the celebration there is a parade and defile of pets, fairs, master classes and actions on the attachment of animals from the shelter and agitation.

Establishment history of date

The introduction of the new celebration was initiated by the International Animal Welfare Fund in 2002. The original purpose of such an event. attracting the attention of concerned citizens to the existing problems of the lack of shelters, medicines and food for homeless animals. Dating itself is not associated with specific events. The statement quickly found support in the public eye.

Cats: origin and domestication

Genetic studies and excavations helped determine that the dispersal of felines across continents occurred in stages. the first wave in the 9-10th century BC passed through the Middle East, the second. 5-7 century BC. across Europe, Egypt and North Africa.

The isolation and domestication of wild cats took place about 9 thousand years ago, during the period of the formation of human settlement, the gradual development of agriculture, when the community could accumulate small reserves and there was a need for their protection from pests. Until recently, it was believed that the Egyptians managed to completely domesticate pets. However, this information was dispelled by the latest results of data analysis, which showed that cats were brought to Egypt from Anatolia (Asia Minor), where they appeared much earlier.

The domestication of feline scientists is still controversial to this day. In fact, these animals are no different from their wild ancestors, they are still able to live and function completely independently, without needing help. However, for many years, it has been the cat that has remained the most popular pet around the world.

World Cat Day 2021

Perhaps most of the world’s population remains partial to cats. intelligent, affectionate and understanding pets. The love for them is so strong that a separate thematic celebration was established in their Honor. world day of cats celebrated on 8 August.

Few people know that these nice pets perform important functions for humans. They not only catch rats and mice in houses, but also heal certain diseases, prolonging the life of the owner. In some countries, tetrapods enjoy a special position. So every Austrian cat that protects food stores from rodents for at least a few years begins to pay a kind of pension in the form of milk and pieces of meat. And in China, mustachioed predators are completely taken under protection at the state level due to the high level of consumption of cats among the population.

Celebration traditions in Russia and abroad

It is noteworthy that the dating of World Cat Day is different in different states. So in the Russian Federation it is customary to celebrate it on March 1, in Poland. February 17, and in the States. 29th of October. In Italy, a related holiday is celebrated on November 17. day of the black cat. Then the controversial Italians honor the memory of the dead animals, exterminated during the Inquisition as helpers of the devil and protect those living today. The date is a little more interesting for friendly Japanese people. In the language of the land of the rising sun, the sounds made by a cat are reproduced as “nyan nyan nyan” (and not “meow”, as we are used to). A similar sound in Japan means “two”, which is why “nyan nyan nyan” was interpreted as February 22nd. It was then that large-scale festivals with prizes for furry pets take place there.

Russia is not distinguished by large-scale festive events and festivities. However, real connoisseurs organize exhibitions on their own, where the owners show their trained thoroughbred cats to the society, win awards and even offer four-legged cats for sale.

Events in Honor of International Cat Day

Every year, a huge number of events are organized at the Honor of the holiday. both internationally and locally.

Of course, the main events are held by IFAW. the International Fund for the Protection of Animals, the initiator of the holiday. So, in 2017, Honolulu hosted the International Conference on Animal Conservation, held at Honor Cat Day. The main questions discussed in it were devoted to the interaction between pets and wild felines.

Other animal protection organizations are not lagging behind. As part of resolving issues of coexistence of pets, a number of recommendations have been created for owners of “cute pussies”. Animal rights activists have taken into account every little detail, and a lot of attention is paid to the “stimulating environment” (this means that the cat must have at least several vertical surfaces on which it can hang or climb; several toys; ropes with which it can be pounded; objects on which you can scratch the back and sharpen your claws).

Best of all: In Honor of Cat Day, IFAW makes videos of wild animals every year especially for domestic cats. Yes, yes, your pet can also become a movie buff. there are tons of mini-films on the Internet made especially for cats.

Holiday date

Day of cats is an unofficial holiday. It is not accepted by the UN or UNESCO, it is not on the list of public holidays of any country in the world, but at the same time it is celebrated by pet lovers all over the planet, regardless of borders and distances.

When is World Cat Day 2018? The question is not without reason. The fact is that there are several “cat” holidays. International, Russian, national, plus your own Day in a dozen countries. It is no wonder that every year the same question “when is the world day of cats celebrated?”.

In fact, it’s not so difficult to figure it out. There is one common holiday that has international status. this is World Cat Day, the date of celebration of which falls on August 8.

World Cat Day 2018 is celebrated on 8 August, Wednesday

But there is a second category of holidays. Cat’s Day, celebrated in each country separately. In Russia, March 1 was chosen as the date of the holiday. in Honor there are sayings about March cats. National Cat Day is an All-American holiday celebrated on October 29th. France, Poland, Japan, Germany and Italy have their holidays it is impossible to list all the countries in one small article.

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World cat day: holiday history

How did World Cat Day come about? The history of the holiday is simple and at the same time somewhat tragic.

The initiator and founder of the holiday was IFAW. International Fund for Animal Welfare, International Fund for Animal Welfare. The idea of ​​the holiday, no matter how strange it may seem now, was not at all a celebration of furry pets, but a desire to focus on the problems that accompany domestic cats. Yes, breeding pets is fraught with problems. This is uncontrolled reproduction, and cruel treatment, and the awakening in people of sympathy for pets, and even the interaction of domestic cats and wild animals. The desire to protect pets from the people themselves caused the fund’s volunteers to have the idea of ​​a new holiday.

The holiday began in 2002, and almost immediately it was recognized by other organizations that protect pets. Following them, representatives of the business sector, primarily manufacturers of pet food and accessories, joined the holiday. And in 2018, World Cat Day is celebrated for the seventeenth time.

World Day of cats and cats 2018

According to sociologists, about 70% of the world’s inhabitants have pets. And most of them preferred cats. Yes, there are more cat lovers in the world than dog lovers. It is not surprising that a real holiday is dedicated to these cute pets. World Cat Day.

Animal Rescue

Since 2014, a program of work with animals in areas affected by hurricanes and floods has joined the usual events at Honor Day of the cats. The traditional event kicked off with a project to neuter / neuter pets found on the lands hit by Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. In 2016, IFAW volunteers rescued animals affected by Hurricane Matthew in Jamaica and Haiti. In 2017, all the attention of IFAW employees is focused on the American continent and the Caribbean, on the coast of which several hurricanes hit at once. Harvey, Irma, Maria. Here, for several months, work has been going on to rescue, treat and sterilize pets, some of which are carried out under the auspices and with funds raised for the International Day of Cats.


The history of the holiday begins in 2002, when the international fund for the protection of animals created a worldwide official holiday. the Day of cats. However, it has been unofficially celebrated since 1987, and Japan was the first country to initiate it. The holiday was documented and had the main goal of creating as many shelters for cats as possible and launching the production of high-quality cat food.

Russia joined the celebration in 2004 with the support of the Moscow Museum. In each country, the holiday falls on different dates, for example:

  • In Russia, celebrations are held on March 1.
  • United States of America celebrates October 29.
  • In Poland, the day of cats is considered February 17.
  • And in Japan. February 22.

In addition to the emotional pleasure that cats bring to their owners, they are quite useful in the household. They perfectly catch rodents, treat many diseases and, according to some reports, can even save from a fatal disease by sacrificing their lives. British scientists have deduced the fact that cat owners are less sick with heart disease, it is extremely rare to get strokes and heart attacks.

World cat day

8 August

Cats are real antidepressants. Scientists have proven that having a cat at home is pleasant and even useful! According to statistics for 2015, more than 80% of the world’s population prefer to keep a pet at home, and 50% of them prefer cats. Veda they are affectionate, fluffy and very intelligent animals with their own character and feelings.

About a third of all feline species live in the Russian Federation. The world holiday was created so that people do not pass by stray cats and kitties, because sometimes it is not at all difficult to feed them and give them your attention. The holiday draws the attention of others to the number of abandoned and homeless four-legged ones who want to find a family.


On this day, programs promoting good attitude to animals are held all over the world. The whole community is called to help stray animals (food and home).

Cat lovers of the world on this day pamper their pets with delicious meals, new toys and houses. Themed exhibitions and the opening of parks for walking cats are timed to this day. Especially popular are cat cafes that are ready to receive customers along with their furry friends. Also in demand are modern cat rooms and hotels, where you can leave your pets for a while.

World cat day

There are festivals dedicated to these furry pets in many countries. (

There are festivals dedicated to these furry pets in many countries. For example, in Russia, Cats Day is celebrated on March 1, in Poland. on February 17, in Japan. on February 22, and in the United States they are celebrated on October 29. These days appeared at different times and on the basis of different events (or not). But at the international level, this holiday appeared in 2002 and today unites millions of owners of these animals around the world.

World Cat Day is celebrated annually on August 8 at the initiative of the International Fund for the Protection of Animals “Animal Welfare”, not only to honor furry couch potatoes, but to draw attention to the problem of stray cats and cats.

After all, there are few people on the planet who remain indifferent to these fluffy, agile, affectionate and very intelligent animals. There is even a science about cats. felinology (from Latin felinus. a cat and Greek logos. science), which emphasizes that cats are very smart and useful. The domestic cat (Felis catus) belongs to the feline family, in which there are 2 subfamilies, 4 genera and about 36 species. It is known that representatives of both subfamilies live in Russia, 3 genera and 12 species.

In addition to “aesthetic pleasure” (after all, what could be more pleasant than a purring warm friend who fawns on your lap) cats also perform a number of useful functions for humans. They perfectly exterminate rodents, treat some diseases and even prolong the life of their owner. So, American doctors have found that cat owners are 40% less likely to suffer from heart disease, and they also have fewer heart attacks and strokes. And British doctors have developed a whole “cat therapy”, with the help of which they propose to treat a number of diseases, in particular. inflammation of the joints and gynecological diseases.

Often, cats become heroes of fairy tales, epics, cartoons, etc. Many peoples in the world have many beliefs and signs associated with cats. The most common is that cats live several lives, and they can also intuitively determine the intentions of people who have come to the house and feel unkind guests.

Of course, you can endlessly talk and talk about these wonderful and graceful animals, close relatives of the tigers and leopards themselves. Therefore, on this holiday, I would like to wish all cats to have their own home, caring owners and delicious food. Well, we humans must remember that we are responsible for those we have tamed, and thank the animals again.

World cat day

Date in 2021 Sunday 8 August 2021
Celebrated: In Russia and other countries of the world
Value: Designed to draw attention to the problem of stray cats, cruelty to animals
Established: The International Fund for the Protection of Animals “AnimalWelfare” officially announced the establishment of the holiday in 2002 Unofficially in 1987, Japan proposed to celebrate a single day of cats
Traditions: People honor cats, prove their love for them, hold charity exhibitions, holiday parades

World Cat Day is celebrated on 8 August. Different countries have their own date for honoring furry friends. But in 2002, by the decision of the international fund “AnimalWelfare” August 8 was declared the World Day of Furry Pets. Unofficially, this day has been celebrated since 1987 at the initiative of Japan.


than 600 million cats and cats live in the world. About 40% of the world’s population keep these animals at home.

The first mentions of domestic cats appeared in Ancient Egypt. They were considered sacred, protected the grain from rodents and the houses of the owners from the dark forces.

There were no homeless animals in Egypt. They were accommodated in a special temple. Taking care of furry creatures was considered an honorific service. This position was usually held by priests.

In medieval Europe, the attitude towards pets changed. They were considered the personification of evil spirits, burned at the stake along with witches.

In Russia, the first cats appeared in the 11th century. They were brought by ships.

Among the ancient Slavs, cats were guides to the world of spirits. Animals were considered a symbol of peace and well-being. Only rich people could have a furry protector in the house.

Today, cute fluffy creatures continue to delight people with their affection and beauty. Keeping them at home is considered healthy. Pets relieve stress, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, treat headaches.

For those who love cats, but cannot keep them at home, there are cat cafes.

Who notes?

This day is celebrated by animal lovers and owners around the world.


Cat lovers on this day try to please their pets with a treat or a new toy. On August 8, charity events and exhibitions are held where everyone can take an animal from the shelter.

Representatives of animal welfare foundations and volunteers engage the public in solving the problems of stray animals and those who have suffered from human cruelty.

Themed exhibitions, various educational events, contests are held on the holiday.

Interesting Facts

June 8

Cats and cats not only touch and amaze children and adults with their faithful attitude towards humans, but also inspire them to do good deeds. These pets deserve their special holiday. For example, such as the World Day of St. Petersburg cats and cats. This celebration is intended to draw attention to the problems arising from the maintenance of domestic and abandoned, noble and purebred animals. The purpose of the holiday is to have fun and unite caring people in a single desire to help our smaller brothers and save those who are in dire need of it.

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Four-legged different breeds (red, white, fluffy, bald) have long been the favorites of ordinary people and wealthy nobles. They were not just a decoration of ordinary peasants or a highlight of luxurious houses, but also helpers in the fight against rodents.

  • 1. Under Peter the Great, cats lived in the wooden buildings of the Winter Palace. And during the reign of Catherine II (the daughter of the king), a new building was rebuilt, where the best cats from all over the state were sent, who are able to catch mice.
  • 2. In 1999, 2 sculptures were donated to the Northern Capital Foundation. It was the cat Elisha and the cat Vasilisa, who were settled on Malaya Sadovaya Street. The initiator of this action was the entrepreneur Ilya Botka.
  • 3. In 2005, the artists of St. Petersburg, united in the local art group “Mitki”, placed the third sculpture of the cat on the cornice of the building. It was in it that their workshop was located. And V. Petrovichev created it from metal. When moving from Pravda Street to Marat Street, the owners of this room, the figurine of Tishka Matroskina (this name was given to the cat) was not left at the old address. She deservedly took her new place (now the Mitkov Museum).
  • 4. Until 2012, in addition to the holiday, another spring day was popular in Honor of this cat. It was dedicated to the cats of the Hermitage, of which there were 70 individuals. All of them adequately served in the museum (they protected the exhibits from mice and rats).

Other similar holidays are celebrated annually. This is the day of cats in Russia (March 1) and World Cat Day (August 8). The more such good days appear in the calendar of our country and the whole world, the more hope that humanity will give up wars and confrontations, and will do things for the good of the Earth and its inhabitants.


On this day, residents of the city in a special way pamper their cats with goodies and delicacies, vitamin products. Activists of the movement are putting in order (cleaning and washing) the installed sculptures. Increasingly, it is allowed to visit some cafes with their mustachioed pets, where they are offered a special menu and milk in saucers.

Cat lovers’ clubs gather people with their pussies and develop “purr” projects that can help street animals. Castings for the role of loving owners of little abandoned minke whales are held in television program studios. Many participate in cat parades and charity events for shelters.

In kindergartens and elementary grades of educational institutions, photo sessions with cats, matinees, quizzes and contests with prizes are held. Cultural centers host theatrical performances, with vests and striped scarves as tickets. Exhibitions-attachments of cats have also become in demand.

How cats day is celebrated in other countries

International Cat Day is celebrated in many countries, mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. This is due to the fact that cats are less common as pets in the Southern Hemisphere than in the Northern. The second reason for the smaller coverage of countries by honoring rodent catchers on a special day is associated with the youth of the holiday itself.

In those countries where the holiday is held annually, cats are especially honored. Austria even gives a pension to cats that have guarded food stores for many years. True, this pension is paid not in the form of a cash benefit, but in meat, broth and dairy products.

The Chinese are also sensitive to the mustachioed creatures. This holiday draws the attention of the Chinese to the needs of felines and reminds of tougher penalties for people who mistreat animals.

History of World Cat Day

Like any other, this holiday has its own, albeit not very long, history. In 2002, the International Fund for the Protection of Animals proposed to introduce World Cat Day into the calendar of holidays. It was originally intended to use this calendar accent to raise awareness of the lack of shelters for stray cats, as well as to launch the production of affordable, complete cat food. For felinologists, this date is associated with themed exhibitions of pets. A good attitude towards our furry brethren is also strongly promoted.

In some countries at this time the attention of visitors is attracted by cat cafes: guests with cats are on a special account. The hotel business associated with fluffy pets is also developing, since among the owners there is a demand for cat rooms where you can leave your pet for a certain period of time and not worry about her well-being.

The public gradually became imbued with the spirit of the cat’s day, and this holiday is celebrated every year by an increasing number of people. Participants of the festivities are happy to plunge into the feline atmosphere, visit exhibitions, collect signatures in defense of our smaller brothers. World Cat Day is celebrated on August 8

Cat Day in America

Americans could not miss such a holiday in their calendar. However, the United States celebrates this celebration on a different date: October 29th. Colin Page, editor-in-chief of Pet Home Magazine, originally proposed to celebrate the feline holiday. This lady is the undisputed expert on animal behavioral responses.

Cat takes GoPro for a walk 30mins of a cat’s life into 9mins

Initially, the holiday date was intended to draw attention to stray and wild cats, and their problems of existence. Today, Stray Cats Day in the United States is held on October 16, actively offering new homes to animals. Many stars participate in cat promotions, for example, Eva Longoria devotes a lot of attention to cats.

Cat Day in Japan

In the Land of the Rising Sun, there is a special attitude towards these lovely creatures. The history of International Cat Day in Japan began in 1987, although the holiday officially received world significance in 2002.

On February 22, owners of adult cats and kittens celebrate their furry friends. It is believed that Japanese cats do not say “meow”, but “nyan-nyan-nyan”. And in Japanese, “ni” is “two.” The playful form of the word is nyan. What number do we get? That’s right, the 22nd of the 2nd month. This is where the date of the holiday comes from.

The meaning of the Japanese festival of cats is to spread information about cats, breeds, habits of these creatures.

Cat Day in Poland

Almost half of Poles keep one or more representatives of the feline family in their home. Therefore, February 17. the Polish date of the World Day of cats. is celebrated everywhere.

The key moments of the holiday are various exhibitions and competitive programs, in which everyone with their pets can participate. The main task of this annual mass event is to raise money to buy food, medicine for stray cats and sterilize these “no-man’s” animals.

International Cat Day in Russia

If you did not know what date the Day of Cats and Cats is celebrated in Russia, then circle this date on the calendar: March 1. The initiative to celebrate the day dedicated to your favorite purrs belongs to the Moscow Cat Museum. Officially, this holiday has been celebrated on the territory of our country since 2004. This month, marked by cat chants in all courtyards and nooks, the Hermitage, according to history, pays tribute to the palace cats. As you know, on March 27, Catherine the Great issued a decree on the admission of cats to public service. Representatives of the feline world protected the palace from rodents.

St. Petersburg organized its annual holiday dedicated to mouse catchers. St. Petersburg cats day, which is celebrated on June 8.

Kalina honors cats in early September. Residents consider these animals to be the patrons of the city.

When is Cat Day 2021. August 8

Cats give us joy, And by the paws, by the mustache, you can recognize them by their loyalty, Cats must be respected!

On this day, I wish everyone not to know problems with cats, to enjoy the caress of cats, to admire their beauty!

I meow today, I congratulate you, To get a pretty cat is a wise decision.

a day in my cats’ life | what cats do all day

Let the fluffy princess relieve stress by rumbling with its strength and freedom.

On Cat Day, I wish you a warm relationship with a cat, and let you scratch you.

Moore-meow, congratulations on the Day of cats. I want to wish you less grumble in life and more purr with your loved one. Let in moments of sadness or joy, despair or inspiration, a fluffy lump warms you with its song and gives you a pleasant massage of soft paws.

To make the fur shine, I could smell my nose and my hearing was keen To mark the time has come Cat’s day, that’s the whole question.

We wish you happiness, affection, Let it live as if in a fairy tale, Every day sour cream in a bowl, we wish you happiness, pussy!

Today is a world day for cats, Soft fluffy day. We all love them very much. Everyone has their own angel.


We wish you, kittens, gentle, Lovely and affectionate hands. Lead all yourself diligently. everyone will love you around.

Caring owners, Purring cats, Happy Cats Day, I wish you good days.

Always live in peace, And rejoice at each other, Interesting everyday life together, Only wonderful leisure!

The best antidepressant is cats, no doubt, everyone is happy to pet them, And purr like singing!

If something hurts, then there is a fur ball. He will hurry to help. We all love cats very much!

Happy Cats Day, I respect everyone very much, May all the cats in the world be happy and happy and full.

But let them not decorate the houses with wool, surround their owners with warmth. Let them not sharpen their claws about furniture, but only live in great love.

I congratulate the koshatnikov on the day of cats, I wish you love animals and people! We wish the smaller brothers the best, Let’s change their lives for the better!

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After all, we people are responsible for them, And cats are defenseless, like children, There are so many homeless and abandoned people, Let’s remember about four-legged friends!

All lovers of cats, kitties, kittens, congratulations now, let your eyes shine!

And the tails stand like a pipe, Ears. on the top of the head, Joy to be carried by cats to both children and old women!

A rhyme is dedicated to all lovers of kitties, you wouldn’t know happiness without them, so they purr well!

Let your pet have silk fur, Eyes look joyfully, they will prolong your life!

What date and how is the holiday of cats celebrated in Russia??

The spring month was not chosen by chance. It is at this time that animals become especially active and with loud cries call on partners for mating. In addition, by the decree of Catherine the Great, issued on March 27, cats were first officially accepted into public service in order to protect the palace from rodents.


March 1 is not the only day when people honor cats in Russia, for example, in St. Petersburg, a similar holiday falls on June 8. The inhabitants of Kalina consider cats to be the patrons of the city and honor them in early September.

Date and history of World Cat Day

Each significant date usually has a backstory. In many countries, the days of cats have been celebrated for a long time. This holiday acquired a worldwide scale in 2002. The international fund “Animal Welfare” was the initiator of its inclusion in the calendar of holidays. From that moment on, August 8 is the day when people in every corner of the planet honor, delight pets and are especially attentive to cats.

The main goal of the foundation was to draw public attention to the problem of homeless animals around the world. The event should motivate people to create shelters, conduct campaigns for the castration of stray cats to prevent their uncontrolled reproduction. Thanks to this day, many shelter wards find homes, receive good food as a gift.

Every year the holiday becomes more and more popular, it is celebrated even by those who do not have pets, paying tribute to the merits of these animals before society. At thematic exhibitions and cultural events, people learn about how many valuable books, grain reserves, cats helped to save from extermination by rats and mice at different times. Protective funds, volunteer organizations hold mass events where people can communicate with cats, express their love to them, make their own contribution to improving the life of cats, buy souvenirs at charity exhibitions.

When the world cat festival is celebrated, what day is it celebrated in Russia and other countries?

Many days of the year are associated with memorable dates, which are celebrated annually by residents of a particular country. Some of the celebrations are international and are celebrated all over the world. Dates dedicated to important events, people or animals, are celebrated so that the memory of them is preserved and passed on to new generations.

Pets also have their own holiday. So, for example, there is World Cat Day, and there is a celebration dedicated only to black cats. These animals have long been protecting a person’s dwelling from the invasion of rodents, giving people affection. When do residents of most countries celebrate cat holiday? Is there a date dedicated to cats in Russia? How many black cats are worshiped?

Celebrated as a cat holiday around the world?

All over the world, on International Day of cats, various events are held with the participation of our smaller brothers. Clubs hold exhibitions, show their pets, tell everyone how to care for animals, about the characteristics of breeds.

Charitable organizations organize campaigns to protect cats, organize fundraising, food, toys and other things necessary for residents of shelters. Volunteers conduct thematic interactive games that show how irresponsibility of people affects the lives of animals. Children are told how the life of most of the kittens thrown out into the street, who were taken for fun, and then kicked out for pranks common to all babies.

Shelter workers invite everyone to get acquainted with their wards, trying to find new caring owners for each animal. Humane treatment of animals is being actively promoted.

In some cities, cafes are opening where cat owners can relax with their furry friends. Special hotels are created for cats, where the owners can leave them at the time of departure. Pet beauty salons are especially popular on Cats Day. People bring their pets to such establishments so that specialists will take care of the beauty of their fur and claws.

In some countries, legislation has been passed in honor of the holiday giving cats certain privileges. For example, in Australia, furry guards who have been guarding warehouses for more than 10 years are entitled to a pension consisting of broth, meat and milk. Chinese cats were officially taken under protection, as their meat was eaten for a long time. Today, killing a cat is a violation of the law for the Chinese.

In the Honor of the holiday in Great Britain, seals are bought ceremonial outfits, and the owners themselves become like their pets, putting on mustaches, tails and ears. Together with animals, people visit parks and exhibitions. The Belgians have a particularly large-scale celebration. they arrange a massive procession of cats and their owners.

The Japanese travel to the island of Tashiro, which has 4 times less population than cats. It is here that you can have a good time in the company of affectionate pussies, visit a cat cafe.

Own “cat days” in other countries

The international cat holiday is celebrated everywhere. However, in some countries there are other days dedicated to these animals:

A Day In The Life Of A Cat Owner. Simon’s Cat | COLLECTION

  • USA. Since 2005, Americans, on the initiative of the ASPCA, have celebrated National Cat Day on October 29 every year. The organization for the prevention of cruelty to animals proposed to introduce this holiday to draw public attention to the problems of animals in need of protection. There is even a website covering the event showing how many cats have to be rescued by volunteers. Thanks to National Cat’s Day, the number of volunteers involved in the life of stray animals, as well as people who help shelters financially, is constantly growing.

Cat Festival in Belgium

  • Belgium. In this country, the date dedicated to honoring cats was legally established in 1955, but it is celebrated only once every 3 years on the second Sunday in May. Once cats were considered messengers of the devil, so their destruction symbolized the forgiveness of all earthly sins. Now at the festival, animal figurines are thrown from the bell tower, but in order for people to catch them. The one who manages to keep the toy cat will be lucky.
  • Italy. In the Middle Ages, the Italian Inquisition carried out brutal executions and mercilessly dealt with anyone who was considered to be involved in witchcraft. In those days, many people were killed, recognized as clairvoyants, witches. They also got rid of those who were engaged in fortune-telling, as well as black cats. In connection with these events in Italy, November 17 is celebrated as the Day of Protection of Black Cats in protest against the ridiculous superstitions that caused the death of animals. In addition, on February 17, Italians celebrate National Cat Day, which was established in 1990.
  • Great Britain. The inhabitants of this country have special respect for fluffy pets. Every year, cats help humans keep tens of tons of grain reserves from being destroyed by mice. Cats are celebrated in the UK on March 1st. Some cats are government employees, they officially receive housing, food and uniforms.

Cat Day in Poland

  • Poland. The traditions of celebrating the cat’s day in Poland can be called the most original. In large cities, police are blocking several streets where people disguised as cats have gathered since the morning of February 17. Huge skeins of woolen thread are thrown into the crowd. All those present begin to meow loudly and rush to the balls, imitating the behavior of cats. As a result of the fun, many people find themselves wrapped in colorful cobwebs.

Maneki-neko figurines

  • Japan. The Japanese Cat Festival is celebrated on February 22nd and was founded by pet food manufacturers. In 1987, based on the results of a survey of residents of the country, it was decided to introduce such a day. The date was not chosen by chance. In Japanese, a cat’s meow sounds like nyan, which means two. Cats are very fond of in Japan, but it is illegal to have a pet in an apartment building, so many people give each other maneki-neko figurines (see photo).

How to celebrate a cat date with your pet?

Every loving owner can celebrate a feline holiday and please his pet. Traditionally, cat owners treat their pets with special treats, buy them delicacies, gifts. toys, beds, playgrounds. The most caring owners in the Honor of the holiday pay a lot of attention to cats, try to pamper them, take them in their arms, scratch their ears, iron.

Some even buy original outfits for furry fashionistas and dandies. Others sew costumes for cats on their own and organize a festive photo session for pets.

In families with children, cats usually do not have attention deficit disorder. On a significant date, parents and children arrange costume quests, paint their faces with stripes, draw antennae, put on ears and attach tails to their panties. After that, everyone begins to hunt for the “mouse”. Mothers can bake a fish-shaped cat pie for babies. The pet can be offered a cutlet in the form of a mouse or a fish, made by children from their favorite cat pate.