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What is the difference between the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Alabay

Alabai or Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Fans of large dogs are wondering how the Alabai differs from the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. These two breeds are similar in appearance, but there are still some differences between them. We will try to compare the Caucasian Shepherd and Alabai, examining in detail the most notable discrepancies.

Who is stronger: Alabai or Caucasian Shepherd?

It doesn’t matter whether Alabai or Caucasian lives with you: each of the breeds will protect you if necessary. If we compare the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and the Alabai, it turns out that the dogs have almost the same strength indicators. The difference is noticeable only in the manner of their behavior. The Caucasian quickly gets angry, attacks the enemy without hesitation, acts fearlessly. In his mind, he surpasses Alabai, can understand and even predict the tactics of the offender.

Alabai is somewhat larger, and this is its advantage. He reacts with lightning speed and is ready to do everything to deserve praise. Thinks through actions in advance, hits hard, bites hard.

Alabai bypasses his no less worthy opponent, but not in strength, but in well-thought-out tactics that help him win even the most brutal fights.

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Who is bigger: Alabai or Caucasian?

Alabai is a dog of impressive size, with a height of as much as 65 cm.Some adult dogs reach 80 cm.They weigh from 40 to 80 kg.

The Caucasian is slightly smaller: his height is about 60 cm, rarely exceeds the mark of 75 cm.The weight ranges from 45-75 kg.

So who is bigger: Alabai or Caucasian Shepherd Dog? Overall, alabai. Much is conditioned by nutrition, intensity of exercise and regularity of walks. It’s important to note that bitches are shorter and thinner cables.

Caucasian Shepherd dog or Alabai: the difference

The comparison shows that the differences between the Alabai and the Caucasian Shepherd Dog are manifested, first of all, in the temperaments of both animals. A Caucasian is an independent creature who values ​​his freedom and is not used to obeying, often allowing himself to ignore everyone except his master. He needs a lot of space for physical activity. He makes a good watchdog, because he is quick-witted and has a tendency to protect the owner from any dangers. Can be aggressive, attack strangers and bite painfully.

Special care for Caucasians is not required, they live peacefully on their own, without additional care. The average lifespan of such a dog is 11 years.

Alabai also needs freedom. He is much more obedient, eager to receive master’s attention. He loves not only the person who tamed him, but also the whole family in which he lives. Gets along well with other pets, does not offend small children. Patient and quite agreeable, not prone to aggression. Likes to demonstrate all his dexterity and courage. Lives about 13 years.

The difference between the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and the Alabai is obvious: the first breed is much more aggressive, impetuous and more freedom-loving than the second.

Alabai or Caucasian: who to choose?

It is impossible to say for sure which is better: Alabai and Caucasian are completely different dogs in character. If you are going to raise your pet alone, you can safely choose a devoted Caucasian. Be careful when buying it for a home with children: they may not be able to make friends. If your family also wants to take part in raising a new pet, consider purchasing a friendlier Alabai. Your own behavior also plays a role. Alabai have a desire to show off. They get used to doing rash acts if they are constantly provoked to do so. Remember: imbalance can lead to tragic consequences.


A mysterious option from unscrupulous sellers. Even the Turks themselves do not know about such an animal.

Possible variations

We found out that Alabai differs from Asian only in name, but beginners have to face other difficulties. Let’s figure out what is the difference between Alabai offered by breeders, and how to avoid cheating when buying a pet.


The only official variant of the Central Asian Shepherd Dogs, including 2 varieties:

  • Alabai. classic Asians with the most attractive exterior and kind disposition (they are used not only as guards, but also as loyal companions);
  • coplon leopards. aboriginal variant, characterized by aggression and used to protect livestock.

Coplon leopards are the same Alabai, but not for home


The breed is represented by mestizo Asians and Tibetan Mastiffs. No official standard.

The dog named Turkish Alabai (pictured) differs from the Central Asian Shepherd Dog as a result of an incomprehensible crossing

Origin story

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog (CAO) is an aboriginal breed from the countries of Central Asia that has existed for over 4 millennia. Asian dogs are endowed with a developed territorial instinct. For many centuries they guarded caravans and houses from robbers, and were also actively used by herders to protect the herd. The fearless, intelligent and noble animal quickly became a national treasure, which resulted in the emergence of alternative names:

  • tobet (dog on a hill). the Kazakh version, noticing the peculiarity of tracking predators (the dog was located on the top of the hill, opening a wide angle of view);
  • Alabai (variegated and rich). the Turkmen version, built on the variegation of color and richness of the wool cover;
  • buribasar (wolfhound). Uzbek version, marking the fighting skills that allow you to emerge victorious in a fight with wolves.

Alabai and Tibetan Mastiff puppy (Tibetan Alabai) is different from the Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Thus, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog and Alabai are different names of the same breed: CAO is the official one, and Alabai is the national.

IMPORTANT! The official FCI standard for Central Asian Shepherds was adopted in the spring of 1993. The breed was numbered 335.

In the 30s of the 20th century, breeders intervened in the formation of the breed and violated traditional natural selection. This led to new variations of Asians.

Alabai VS Ovcharka

Is there a difference between Alabai and Central Asian Shepherd Dog?

The sale of thoroughbred animals is not complete without deception, so experienced breeders recommend purchasing pets only from certified nurseries. Consider how Alabai differs from the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, and how to distinguish a decent breeder from a swindler.


Another mestizo, obtained by crossing with Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. No recognition.

Caucasian Alabai similarity with the Central Asian Shepherd gives a touching look

There is no significant difference between the Alabai and the Central Asian Shepherd Dog and cannot be. Confusion over the widespread prevalence of dogs, leading to alternative breed names.

Be careful when buying a puppy and avoid any variation of Asians other than Turkmen. All of these animals are common mongrels, and coplon leopards are a separate species used exclusively as a tough guard. Such a wayward pet is difficult to train, therefore dangerous for children and not suitable for beginners.

Difference of breeds

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Alabai, despite many similarities, have a number of serious differences. First of all, they relate to the appearance of animals. Their dimensions are quite similar, but the exterior is significantly different.

Part of the body Alabai Caucasian
Eyes Set wide apart Small, slanting, deep-set
Head Proportional Large, with pronounced cheekbones
Ears Set low Located high
Muzzle shape Strives for rectangular Pointed, with apex at the nose
Wool Medium length or short, thick. Long, rough, usually straight. Differs in a thick undercoat
Tail Short, often docked Fluffy, rolled into a ring
Paws Medium size Short but thick
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It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question “Who is bigger. Alabai or the Caucasian Shepherd Dog”, because their size largely depends on the conditions of detention and the individual set of genes. Usually the shepherd is a little larger, but the difference is small.

There are no less differences in the psychological characteristics of these dogs. Alabai are more calm in nature, the first reaction to strangers is alertness and a restrained display of threat. Attacks only after the owner’s order or if the stranger does not react to the demonstration of aggression by the dog.

When attacking, the Alabai is not inclined to immediately rush into battle, he tries to assess the enemy as much as possible, to exhaust him with attacks from different directions. The battle seeks to end by pinning the enemy to the ground.
Caucasians are more hot-tempered, clearly demonstrate aggressive intentions, and easily attack strangers. In this case, the dog immediately seeks to attack, instinctively rushes into battle, trying to inflict maximum damage.

In the process of an attack, a Caucasian is often inclined to “lose his head”, can stop obeying the owner and cause serious harm to the enemy.

Comparison of the Caucasian Shepherd and Alabai in psychological characteristics demonstrates serious differences that are important when choosing a puppy for home keeping.

Who is stronger. Alabai or Caucasian Shepherd Dog

These large breeds are used not only as reliable guards. Alabai fights are often held against the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. It is very difficult to determine in advance who will be the winner.

The Caucasian is inclined to enter the fray first, practically without restraining his aggression. It is much easier to anger him, he is prone to loss of self-control, acts swiftly, but on “naked” instincts.

Alabai are more restrained, their main incentive to victory is the desire to earn the approval of the owner. Therefore, the dog in a combat situation acts more thoughtfully, uses the tactics of exhausting the enemy with a series of constant attacks, which ends with a “steel” grip.

It is impossible to answer the exact question of who is stronger. Alabai or the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. The outcome of such a confrontation depends on many factors, the specific characteristics of the representatives of both varieties, and other circumstances.

In general, the fighting qualities of these dogs are at the same high level. This is one of the most powerful dogs, more powerful fighting characteristics can only be offered by pit bulls.

Alabai and the Caucasian Shepherd Dog: Similarities

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Alabai are primarily similar in size. Both dogs belong to one of the largest breeds, have dimensions:

  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog. height up to 0.8 m and maximum weight up to 80 kg.
  • Alabai. height up to 0.75 m and weight up to 75 kg.

Both breeds were created as watchdogs. They were taken out to supervise the flocks of sheep, guard homes, and escort travelers and trade caravans. Thanks to this, animals are distinguished by their unpretentiousness, endurance, and powerful immunity to diseases. These dogs are able to quickly adapt to changing environmental conditions.

There are similarities in animal behavior. The established program of protecting the property of the owner makes them always wary, carefully studying the surrounding area and people. Among the people, dogs of these breeds are often called “wolfhounds” for their ability to fearlessly enter into battle with a gray predator and emerge victorious from it.

Both breeds are quite capricious, clearly delineate the circle of their “pack”, are able to demonstrate obvious aggression towards strangers. Therefore, their upbringing and training must be approached with special care.

In the content of the Caucasian Shepherd and Alabai, the differences are quite pronounced. Although both breeds are unpretentious in terms of keeping, in Caucasians, wool requires additional care, as it is prone to felting and tangling.

The psychological characteristics of the breeds affect the characteristics of the content. The positive features of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog include:

When educating, one should take into account the negative character traits of these dogs. The most pronounced:

  • stubbornness, willfulness;
  • requires particularly careful training and education;
  • does not get along well with other pets;
  • some individuals are prone to displaying unmotivated aggression.

It is important to take into account that only the owner and his family members inspire confidence in this breed. All others are treated as aliens and enemies by default. Mistrust and aggression towards strangers is the main psychological feature of this breed, it must be taken into account before purchasing a puppy. Also, the breed is not suitable for people with a soft character.

Alabai. one of the oldest breeds, comes from Tibetan dogs. A long and harsh selection has left a big imprint on the psychotype of this breed, which differs significantly from Caucasians. Positive features:

  • calmness, devotion;
  • moderate appetite;
  • a wary attitude towards strangers;
  • an innate desire to protect the territory that he considers his.

The negative manifestations of the psyche of Alabai include:

  • dominant character;
  • tendency to escape and vagrancy;
  • obeys only the owner who is able to build a hierarchy that is understandable for the dog.

Alabai are distinguished by a more docile disposition in comparison with the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. They are less prone to showing aggression towards strangers, especially if they are not in their home territory. But when guarding the house, they are able to demonstrate serious aggression. over, behavior significantly depends on gender.

Alabaev males usually react more straightforwardly, attack immediately, without a long demonstration of aggressive intentions. Bitches act more cautiously, often using tricks to get close and attack in close contact from an unexpected direction.

Alabai usually live up to the age of 12-15 years, Caucasian shepherd dogs have a shorter life expectancy. 10-11 years. When keeping both breeds, it is important to maintain a clear hierarchy for the dog and to ensure that the owner’s commands are fully complied with.

With improper upbringing, such dogs can cause significant harm to the health of the owner, his family members, strangers, pets.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Alabai: Similarities and Differences

Although the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Alabai are quite similar in appearance, they have noticeable differences in external characteristics, behavior, training and education methods. Therefore, the choice of the breed must be approached, carefully weighing all the features of each dog and their capabilities for its content and correct upbringing. Before you get a puppy, you need to find out how the Alabai differs from the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. This will help you make the right choice and find a loyal friend and protector for years to come.

  • Photo of alabay
  • Photo of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog
  • Alabai. a natural struggle for leadership in the pack


Caucasians can be fed both dry food and conventional home-cooked foods. They easily get used to a mixed diet. Meat must be present in the food (the best choice is beef), at least 1-1.5 kg per day. You need to regularly include vegetables, chicken, fish in your diet.

A variety of cereals, pasta, flour products are well suited for these dogs. In small quantities, you need to add raw fruits, greens, as source of valuable vitamins, biologically active substances, minerals.

In the case of alabay, it is necessary to additionally saturate the diet with calcium-containing foods and special additives. This is due to the fact that dogs of this breed often suffer from joint diseases. It is worth excluding chicken, replacing it with lean sea fish or veal.

Foods that should not be included in the diet of both breeds:

  • Bones and pork.
  • Citrus fruit.
  • Beet.
  • Potatoes.
  • Canned food, spices, salted and smoked products.

Which breed to choose

The choice of a puppy for upbringing depends primarily on the marital status of the future owner. Alabai is better suited for the family: dogs of this breed are less prone to unmotivated aggression, they are calm about children and other pets.

The main thing to understand before purchasing, the North Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Alabai require a serious approach to training. These dogs feel the weakness of the owner well, will not obey the owner, who is unable to demonstrate his superiority and dominance to them.

If there is uncertainty about the ability to competently raise a dog with such a serious character, it is better to choose simpler and safer breeds. Alternatively, you can use the services of professional dog handlers, but this will not guarantee that the dog will obey the owner unquestioningly.

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What are the similar breeds

Representatives of both breeds are large animals with well-developed muscles. They tolerate harsh climatic conditions well, so they will be able to keep company with their owner everywhere. Differ in endurance and quick wits.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs and Alabai are guard breeds capable of making decisions in difficult situations on their own. Therefore, they are harsh, loyal and independent.

What breed to choose after all

Before buying, you need to consider whether a person will be engaged in raising a dog alone or in a large family. In the first option, you can buy a Caucasian Shepherd Dog. In the second case, Alabai is preferable.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

These dogs look like big bears. The breed became very popular during the times of the USSR, and in European and Western countries they became interested in it not so long ago. It is believed that the homeland of the shepherd is the Caucasus Mountains.

Description of the breed

The dog has a balanced body with well-developed muscles. The Alabaevs have small, low-set ears. They have powerful jaws that provide a firm grip. Wide muzzle that does not taper towards the nose.

Asian Shepherd Dogs have good intelligence, a stable psyche and a calm disposition. They will never be the first to show aggression, even towards strangers. Asians have a strong sense of their own dignity. By showing respect for them, the owner will earn their trust.


Despite their cute appearance, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs have a stern and independent disposition. Their main duty is to protect the owner and the territory entrusted to him. They always react cautiously to strangers and unfamiliar people. If you need a defender, the tough highlanders are an excellent choice. They become kinder and softer only in the circle of loved ones. But earning their trust is not easy. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are quick-witted, balanced and have a stable psyche.

Advantages and disadvantages

Representatives of this breed have a number of advantages:

  • pronounced protective qualities;
  • balanced character and stable nervous system;
  • hardy, can live in harsh climatic conditions;
  • very clean;
  • unpretentious to the conditions of detention;
  • have a high level of intelligence, are perfectly trainable;
  • have good health.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are social dogs that can get along with other animals. They are very loyal to their family and will never give her offense. The advantages of this breed can be enumerated for a long time. But it also has disadvantages:

  • too responsible for their duties. Sometimes even family members cannot take things from the controlled territory;
  • lazy and stubborn;
  • This dog needs a lot of food for normal physical development;
  • very wary of strangers, can show aggression.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a breed that needs training. She will not be an excellent watchman by nature alone. She must be brought up strictly, but with patience. Under the guidance of an inexperienced and insecure dog breeder, the dog may get confused, not follow the commands.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • high level of intelligence;
  • adaptability to harsh climatic conditions;
  • unpretentious care and moderate appetite.

But like any breed, they also have disadvantages:

  • an aggressive reaction to unfamiliar people is possible;
  • they need a lot of free space for a comfortable stay;
  • have difficulty getting along with other dogs.

Alabai are infinitely loyal to their master. However, they need to be constantly monitored as they can behave unpredictably in various situations. In education, the main thing is to show patience and respect for the pet.


These animals have kept the exterior almost in its original form. Alabai or Central Asian Shepherd Dog is considered one of the most independent and fearless dogs.

Differences in appearance

There are several points by which you can determine which of the breeds is in front of you. You should rely on the differences in the following parts of the body:

  • wool;
  • paws;
  • the shape of the head and muzzle;
  • eyes;
  • tail.

The Caucasian Shepherd has a long, hard and thick undercoat, while the Alabai has the opposite. In the spring, each of the breeds molt. The first ones need to be combed every day, or at least every other day, so that the coat does not get tangled. Alabaev does not need to be combed so often, and in order to avoid skin diseases, during molting it is necessary to do it more often.

Caucasian paws are shorter but thicker. They also have a bigger head. In the Alabai, the shape of the muzzle is sharper at the nose. Their eyes are not lifted up, and therefore they do not squint. But in Caucasian Shepherd Dogs they are small, deeply set and mowed.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog has a short tail, because at birth it is cut off, but Caucasians do not do this operation. Therefore, they have it long, fluffy and bent into a ring. But nevertheless, stopping is not necessary, it is carried out only at will.

And the breeds are similar in their large form. And since they have an excellent physique and a thick undercoat, they can keep their owner company in any business. They endure various difficulties without problems, for example, lack of water and food. Also, these breeds were originally guarded by sheep, so they themselves can make decisions.

Who is bigger?

The growth of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog at the withers is approximately 60 cm, and in the Alabai it is from 70 to 80 cm. In some cases, the Caucasian can reach 75 cm. The weight category can be from 45 to 75 kg, and in the Asian from 45 to 80 kg. Nevertheless, both breeds are very large, and they have well-developed muscles. Usually Central Asians are much larger, but it all depends on feeding and physical activity. Their life expectancy also differs. Caucasians live 10-11 years, Alabai 12-15.

Who is stronger?

Both dogs have almost the same strength indicators, but they fight a little differently. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog attacks fearlessly and can predict the subsequent actions of the enemy, when the Central Asian Shepherd Dog quickly reacts to everything and acts on the move. Also, the former will act to the last. The Caucasian wins due to strength, and Alabai due to dexterity and cunning.

Description of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog

This name was given to this dog because it appeared in the Caucasus. This breed was formed thanks to the actions of the indigenous people. For a long time, shepherd dogs have guarded the house and property of the owners. That is why the Caucasians have an excellent hunting quality. They have good intelligence and are very determined. But this breed is not suitable for everyone.

The dog is strong and hardy, can live in any climatic conditions. Her physique is powerful and muscular. The body is massive and wide; dog handlers also note its elongation, but they tend to believe that this is rather a drawback. The neck is of medium length, the scruff is pronounced. Dogs know how to analyze the current situation and do not give in to panic. They have good vigilance, dogs are distrustful of strangers.

  • great guard and protector;
  • distrustful attitude towards strangers;
  • self-control;
  • developed intelligence;
  • love for the owner;
  • restraint;
  • ability to analyze and assess the situation.
  • very stubborn;
  • wayward;
  • the owner must have a strong character and great patience;
  • careful care of the coat is necessary;
  • requires a lot of effort to train;
  • you can not get people with a soft character;
  • cannot be kept in the apartment.

By nature, such dogs are very calm, restrained. They trust exclusively family members, and when there are strangers, they are very suspicious of them. And this mistrust appeared, because the main goal of the Caucasian dogs was to guard the house.

How to feed?

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs can eat anything. You can feed your dogs dry and wet food. An adult dog should be fed meat (up to 1 kg per day), boiled chicken, fish and vegetables. There should also be cereals: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat and pasta. The consumption of fruits and greens is very beneficial for animals, but they should not be given in large quantities, they must be raw.

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are completely unpretentious in food, but since they may have problems with joints, it is simply necessary that there is an increased calcium in the diet. This breed must be fed with meat (beef and veal), seafood, lean fish, raw or boiled vegetables, and cereals. Chicken should not be included in the diet.

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It is strictly forbidden to give both breeds: pork, bones, beets, potatoes, citrus fruits, legumes, various spices, smoked meats and canned food.

Comparison of Alabaev and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs

People who love large dog breeds want a strong and reliable protector. And some of the best options are the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Alabai. And many people have a question, what is the difference between these two breeds, how can they be compared? To answer the questions, you will need to figure out what are the main characteristics of such dogs.

Who is it for on the street?

For any large breed, including the Caucasian Shepherd, it will be more comfortable in a private house with a large plot than in a small apartment. Since this dog loves freedom, it needs constant physical activity. This breed is perfect for the role of a guard. But the loyalty and loyalty of the dogs to the owners will need to be earned.

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are one of the best guards, they will serve the family faithfully. Relationships must be built on respect. But since shepherd dogs love freedom, they cannot sit on a chain, they evaluate it as a humiliation, because they cannot move freely, and this negatively affects their morale.

The best option would be a spacious aviary with a house. Due to its coat, dogs can easily tolerate any temperature conditions.

And even when the animal lives in an aviary, it also needs to be walked, because it needs walks to develop its muscles.

Comparison of Alabai and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs: a description of the breeds and which of the pets is easier to keep

The roots of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog come from the ancient dogs of the Caucasus.

Along with natural selection, the actions of the indigenous people played a role in the formation of the breed.

Since ancient times, the Caucasian has guarded the house and property of the owners, so it is not surprising that the dog is endowed with excellent guarding qualities.

The breed is decisive and intelligent, however, not for everyone.

With labrador

Mestizos Alabai and Labrador are very large, but still smaller than Alabai.

They have a wider chest, more “Labrador” behavior.

That is, playful, very active dogs, easily getting used to new people. The color is often fawn.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • mind;
  • calm;
  • moderate appetite;
  • unpretentious care;
  • distrust of strangers;
  • devoted to the owner;
  • congenital protective qualities;
  • stubbornness;
  • dominant and demanding character;
  • requires conscientious work on education and training;
  • tendency to vagrancy;
  • not suitable for people who are afraid of difficulties.

The dog is serious, confident and a little proud.

A clearly expressed sense of ownership, which is clearly manifested within its territory, demonstrates calmness and slight indifference when visiting.

In matters of home security and attitudes towards strangers, males react directly, when, like bitches, they act carefully and attack with close contact.

Breed training is often aimed at establishing family hierarchy rather than pet obedience.

Other dogs

  • German boxer: strong teeth, undershot bite. The torso is supported by powerful legs. Has very muscular shins.
  • Bull Terrier: scissor bite. Very muscular, long neck. This dog is solidly built, muscular, well balanced.
  • East European Shepherd Dog: scissor bite, large teeth, which makes its bite strong enough. Strongly built, has muscular limbs. Has a lightning-fast reaction, at any hint of a threat, the dog is on alert.

With a mongrel

This crossover can be very unpredictable. If the character of the Alabai is even a little predictable, then with the mongrel it’s the opposite, the dogs are completely different.

It can be argued with confidence that such mestizos outwardly will still look more like mongrels than stocky purebred dogs.

Yet mestizos are a matter of taste. Such dogs are definitely not suitable for breeding and exhibitions.

Of course, they often receive the best qualities from their parents, but do not forget that any mestizo is an unpredictable pet, and it is not known what qualities he can display.

Also, when mixing different breeds, their unique qualities are lost. If you want to be sure of your choice, then you should still pay more attention to purebred dogs.

Large, powerful dogs with similar characteristics are attracted not only for security activities. They are often forced to take part in dog fights. The confrontation between a Caucasian and an Asian is considered the most unpredictable, since it is difficult to predict in advance who will be stronger.

Both dogs have the same benefits.

  • Caucasian wolfhound. fearless, aggressive, lightning fast, smart.
  • Central Asian wolfhound. decisive, courageous, fast, rational.

The Caucasian is the first to enter the fray. It is easier to anger him and set him on the enemy. In the heat of the battle, he loses his head faster and acts more instinctively than verified.

Alabai strives to win the battle in order to gain the master’s approval. He thinks over his actions. His main tactic is to drive the enemy with constant attacks, and then show an iron grip.

Cane Corso

Strong and strong breed. The jaws are very massive and curved, driven by strong muscles with the strongest and correct teeth. His bite could very well be fatal.

Tibetan mastiff

Considered one of the largest dog breeds in the modern world.

However, despite its impressive size, it does not have much aggressiveness.

But due to its size, it has impressive strength. Is a distant relative of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog.


These are not dogs that are particularly aggressive, nevertheless, they have a fairly strong constitution, strong jaws with a scissor-like arrangement of teeth, that is, the upper teeth fit snugly to the lower ones, and are symmetrically located on the jaw, just like the Alabai.



Tobet live in Kazakhstan. They are the lightest, most agile and stunted of all Asians. On the vast expanses of the steppe, dogs are needed that are capable of developing high speed while running. Heavy large dogs cannot run that fast. This breed group is used not only as shepherds. They are often hunted with. Their character is cowardly and aggressive, in case of danger they try to attack from behind.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

This is a large dog. Height at the withers is up to 75-85 cm, according to the standard not less than 62 cm for bitches and 65 cm for males. The average weight of males is 50-70 kg. Some individuals reach 100-120 kg. The coat is quite long and dense, with a good undercoat when kept outdoors.

The color is gray, white, brindle, fawn, yellowish brown with tan, piebald. Brown color is not considered typical. Such dogs are rejected by the International Cynological Federation.

The character is determined and fearless. With mistakes in upbringing or keeping on a chain, the dog can become uncontrollable.

Anatoly G.

On account of the fact that all Caucasians polls are aggressive and vindictive, I disagree with you. It may be that these negative qualities are inherent in the characteristics of this breed. But I think that a lot depends on upbringing. We had a dog of this breed, and from early childhood we raised him with the whole family. He was devoted to all of us and perfectly tolerated childish pampering, which sometimes was not entirely harmless and even hurt.

Comparison of characteristics: Caucasian Shepherd versus Alabay

Alabai and the Caucasian Shepherd Dog are not just breeds, but rather breed groups of aboriginal dogs that have inhabited the vast territory of the Caucasus Mountains (Caucasian Shepherd Dog) and Central Asia (Central Asian Shepherd Dog) for many centuries.

Both breed groups are very ancient and have common ancestors. the Tibetan Mastiff and the Molossian Great Dane.

There are legends that their ancestors accompanied Alexander the Great on the campaign.

All these dogs developed apart from each other and were used by humans for grazing, guarding and even hunting. Therefore, representatives of these breeds are extremely heterogeneous in appearance, physical data and character.