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What kind of dog to get in a studio apartment

How to choose a dog according to the owner’s lifestyle?

So the question arises, which dog should be chosen so that it fits into the owner’s lifestyle.

Those who expect to walk the dog a lot, play sports, go out into the countryside or go hiking will need an agile and genetically strong breed. These can be all pinschers and schnauzers, border collies, beagles, setters, retrievers, fox terriers and other terriers that do not have etching blood. But with such dogs, long regular exercises will be required, because a bored dog can turn an apartment into ruins in a few hours.

Fans of unhurried walks (without “racing”, hunting for birds and cats) will prefer the Pekingese, Chow-Chow, Mastino, Chinese Crested dog, Corgi, Pug, English or French Bulldog. These breeds are emotionally stable, with a strong psyche, therefore they are ideal for owners of one-room apartments. But if the dwelling is very small, then you have to think about which small dog is better to have in the apartment, or at least an average one. However, a large and infantile chow that sleeps for half a day will bring fewer problems than a small but very active terrier that does not miss a single household chore.

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Video about the best dog breeds for keeping in an apartment

True, some people are quite normal about funny and noisy jumps and running, if they do not flow into round-the-clock games. They are quite ready to walk daily with the dog together for 2-3 hours. For such people, you can advise any dachshunds, terriers (Jack Russell, Fox, Toy, York, Airedale and others) or spaniels. If there is a suitable walking area near the house, where the dog can be given the missing load, allowing it to jump and run freely, then you can get poodles and Labradors. Dogs of these breeds get along well with children, do not spoil objects in the house, do not disturb the peace. of course, provided that they are well educated and are given regular walks. They are the best choice for novice dog breeders, as they learn the rules very easily when training and almost do not strive for dominance.

What kind of dog to get in the apartment? Selection criteria, suitable breeds

Before solving the difficult task of what breed of dog is better to have in an apartment, future owners need to soberly assess their capabilities, correlate them with their desires and how much time they are willing to devote to raising it. After all, even dogs suitable for keeping in an apartment require a very responsible approach, because in any case, the possibilities here are much more modest than in a country house.

Large dogs

Of the large, the best dog breeds for keeping in an apartment and most adapted to it, which are recommended by breeders, are as follows:

Perhaps the Labrador is the best “family” dog, sociable, with a cheerful disposition, so in many families they become universal favorites.

This dog only on the street turns into a mobile and very active dog, while in a small apartment he shows intelligence and intelligence. Thanks to these qualities, Airedale terriers have become excellent companions for children and adults.

He has a rather stern appearance, under which a playful mood and surprising good nature are hidden. The breed is easy to train, can work as a guide, caring for it is simple. The boxer will find his favorite place in the apartment and will guard it anxiously.

This dog is very temperamental and active. This is more suitable for easy-going owners. A Doberman can have difficulties with children, but already with adolescents, finding a common language is usually not a problem.

He looks very harsh, even scary, but he is very smart and easily gets used to the situation. The Rottweiler’s quick-wittedness somewhat compensates for his willfulness and perseverance.

Does the size of the dog influence its choice??

Basically, city apartments are not too large, in this regard, when thinking about what kind of dog it is better to have in an apartment, people first of all estimate the size of the dog. They are most often worried about whether a big dog will feel uncomfortable in a cramped apartment.

Video about what kind of dog to get in the apartment

If we talk about the ideal companion dog, then it should be characterized not only by calmness, but also by good manners and understanding of the current situation. Of course, size matters in this case, but the character of the dog should still be more important: it will be easier to get along with a calm large Labrador than with a small poodle, which has a bad temper and loves to gnaw wallpaper. That is, when choosing a pet, the well-being of the animal should prevail in conditions of loneliness and limited space.

Medium-sized dogs

Medium-sized dogs are still more suitable for keeping in an apartment. Dachshund, pug, English and French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Laika, Boston Terrier, Shar Pei, Chow Chow, Basenji. these small breeds of dogs can get along well in a small apartment. They are all good friends, but they demand to walk twice a day, which will undoubtedly benefit the owner.

Medium breeds include dogs weighing no more than 25 kg and less than 55 cm at the withers. Their color can be any, as well as the length of the coat and the proportions of the exterior. The versatility of such dogs makes them especially popular: it is easier to care for a small dog, but at the same time, they continue to remain guards and protectors, because their appearance can not only frighten an unfortunate passer-by, but also an intruder who has entered the house, and this is a significant plus when choosing which dog to have in the apartment.

Indoor dogs

But maximum comfort can be achieved only with small dogs bred specifically for living in apartments: Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Maltese lapdog, Chinese Crested. But even the fact that the dog is inferior to the cat in size, and it is easy to lose it between the cushions, does not guarantee that there will be no problems with its upbringing. Naturally, due to its small size, the animal does not take up much space. Such a creature can be completely taught to walk in the tray at home, which is very appealing to those who like to sleep, and not to drag the dog outside in any bad weather. People take such a micro-dog with them on vacation and in general everywhere. And she eats very little in accordance with her size. you don’t have to cook meat porridges in huge pans or buy bags of dry food.

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True, there may be no less problems with such dogs than with large breeds. more thorough care is required for small purebred dogs: here you can get a model haircut from a specialist and brush your teeth. Their health is rather frail, and in order to maintain it and an attractive appearance, the owner will need pedantry and angelic patience. Another known disadvantage of small breeds is their vociferousness, which is completely disproportionate to the size of the dogs themselves. In the slightest uncertain situation, the doggie willingly goes in with a sonorous bark, which annoys many. both the owners themselves and the neighbors behind the wall.

If you don’t want to walk your dog. do you need it at all?

For those who need a simple sofa dog that does not require any walks at all, which you can not see or hear until you sit on it, it is best to advise such people to completely abandon the idea of ​​having any kind of dog. If the child’s birthday is approaching, and the question is being decided what kind of dog to have for the child in the apartment as a gift, then it is better to change your mind in time and instead of a dog offer him a turtle or a hamster. All this means that every day it is necessary to walk with any. large or small. dog, any dog ​​needs regular care throughout its life.

In addition, any dog ​​necessarily requires appropriate upbringing. The child, of course, is simply not able to cope with all these difficult tasks. After all, when buying a dog exclusively for a child, adults will inevitably have to take on most of the worries about it.

What breed of dog do you prefer for keeping in an apartment, and why? Share your opinion in the comments.

What kind of dog to get in the apartment?

Are you thinking about a dog ?! Then our article will be a great help in choosing the perfect breed for your family. The main thing before buying is to understand its character and to understand whether it can correspond to the lifestyle of your family.

  • Pay attention to the size of the dog, since the larger the dog, the more it requires care, food and physical strength (after all, it is very difficult for a fragile girl or child to keep an animal of 40 kilograms).
  • Active dogs require an active and long walk.
  • They are not afraid of kind and cute dogs, but they are very fond of neighbors and relatives. Perhaps you still need a loyal defender, and not a cute “sweetheart”?!
  • The behavior of the dog largely depends on your upbringing, and not only on the chosen breed.
  • A dog of any breed will be fine at home if you can provide it with decent conditions for care, walking and attention.

Among hundreds of existing breeds, we have identified the 10 best of them, which will surely suit most families. After all, all these adult dogs will be not only beautiful, but also very loyal, and most importantly they will love your children. So, it’s time to find out which breeds are in this top ten.

TOP 10 best breeds

The Golden Retriever is a great friend for an active family

Golden Retrievers are among the friendliest, most reliable and loyal dogs. They are very well suited for families with children of all ages, because this breed is very patient with them. As you know, retrievers are very active. they will gladly go with you to the beach, to the mountains and just play in the yard. Not only is the Golden Retriever a great and loyal friend, it is also a very beautiful dog.

The Beagle, or as it is also called, the Hound, is a breed that is suitable for large families, since this four-legged friend is always playful and full of energy. If you are looking for a medium sized pet, then the beagle is just right for these requirements. Beagles are very curious by nature, are not afraid of changes (change of residence, lifestyle, etc.) and especially like to walk in the fresh air, where they can sniff everything. Such a hound dog will get along well with other, even adult dogs, as it is quite friendly.

Border Collie for a family full of energy

Border Collies are very popular as family pets. They are full of energy and love to be around older children. These dogs need free space as they like to run and play a lot, in return they will be very friendly and affectionate with their pets. over, they are easy to train. I also want to note that Border Collies are great friends for a close-knit family.

Adorable english bulldog

English Bulldogs are known for being very loyal dogs that get along well with children and other pets. These dogs are family, because they love to play with children and be an integral part of family life. English Bulldogs are also known to be gentle, calm and adorable doggies. even when they drool and snore. The English Bulldog will be a great addition to any family.

Labrador retrievers are very cute and gentle dogs. They fit into any family due to their sincere love and kind character. However, they are always ready to play and delight their family. They are very intelligent and gentle, which makes them best friends with young children. The Labrador Retriever is a loyal animal that always wants fun and attention.

Goldendoodle. affectionate mongrel

The Goldendoodle is a mixed breed: a combination of a golden retriever and a poodle. Both breeds are known for their love for children, and if you add their qualities together, we get an amazing animal for the family. The Goldendoodle dog is smart, cute and easy to train. She is also known for her sociability and ability to get along with other pets. Goldendoodle is delightful and affectionate. the perfect addition to any home. Such a dog will be a great choice for a family.!

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Keeping a Doberman in an apartment? WATCH THIS

Active family dog ​​- Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are some of the most active, fun pets around. They are loyal to their family and enjoy receiving attention from their owners. These dogs are brave and smart, so the shepherd dog will make an excellent guard for the family. At the same time, “Australians” are wonderful to children, as they themselves love to play. They are also easy to train. The Australian Shepherd is a fun loyal friend. And this breed will fit perfectly into your family.

Pug is a happy family friend

Pugs are known for their adorable personality. This breed gets along well with other animals and children, because Pugs have a calm disposition and easy demeanor. Naturally, they also love the attention of the owners and get great pleasure when playing with them and stroking their faces. The pug will be a great friend in families where love and friendship are valued. I would also like to note that caring for such a dog is minimal, unlike large dogs, such as the Labrador Retriever, who comes home dirty as a devil after every walk, so if you decide to have a four-legged in your apartment that will cause a minimum of trouble, then this is the breed that you need.

Schnoodle is a mixture of schnauzer and poodle. The Schnoodl is known to be a very kind and cheerful breed. Of the features: with such a long and thick coat, it does not shed much and gives a minimum of hassle when cleaning the apartment, therefore the Schnoodle is considered a clean dog, which is also confirmed by its character, which contains the best qualities of the Schnauzer and Poodle.

Courageous Defender. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are very loyal and loyal dogs. They are large in size, but don’t let that fool you. they love their masters and always obey them. Dogs of this breed are very smart, they completely trust their household members, following any commands. German Shepherds love to be close to their owner, and they are ready to protect their family in any case. Always strive to please all of their family members.

So, these were ten of the best dog breeds that should be kept in an apartment, since these are exactly the animals that will be loyal to their owners, will love their children and always protect them.

English cocker spaniel

If you have a cheerful and cheerful English Cocker, get in the habit of regularly examining and cleaning his hanging long ears.
English cocker spaniel.

Other features

May they not be a surprise to you either.


It is not for nothing that the opinion is widespread that many dog ​​owners are similar to their pets. Of course, this similarity manifests itself over the years of strong friendship between man and animal and depends on the similarity of their characters. Yes, everyone tends to change and the dog is no exception, but you should not expect a radical change in the pet’s temperament compared to many of its ancestors.

When breeding breeds, not only the external data of the dogs were taken into account, but also their working qualities, therefore, the main character traits are genetically inherent in dogs. This must be taken into account when choosing your future pet.

So, active dogs, for example, hunting dogs, must be given a release of ebullient energy. They need long walks and games. If you cannot regularly provide such a dog with an intense exercise in the fresh air, the pet will have no choice but to turn your joint housing into a playground on its own.

What an active dog will do at home when he is bored

Companion and service dogs are usually less active.

Before the dachshund, we had big dogs: the Napolitano mastino, and before him two Great Dane. We have never felt a lack of space, but now a three-room apartment is clearly not enough for our dachshund, he is so active. He sleeps in the same bed with us, manipulates the household, chases our cats. The times of the huge mastino are remembered as the most trouble-free days. (Marina, owner of the dachshund)

If you do not plan to walk with the dog for hours and in the rain and cold. get a pug, he will gladly indulge your laziness or even set an example for you, going out into the street only on urgent dog business. Many lapdogs can easily learn to relieve themselves of an apartment in a designated area (for example, absorbent diapers).

Shih tzu

Caring for the coat of these decorative dogs is quite difficult and includes not only frequent bathing, but also a regular haircut, preferably professional.
Shih tzu.


Those who decide to have a Chinese Crested, Peruvian Hairless or Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless Dog) puppy do not have to worry about molting (but they will have to learn a lot about caring for the skin of such dogs).

The rest will have to get used to the presence of wool in their home.

over, the length of your pet’s “fur coat” will not matter much. the fallen out fur of short-haired breeds is chopping and often causes no less inconvenience than the hair of their long-haired counterparts. Long hair can be a real challenge for home cleaners.

Provided the dog is properly fed and cared for, and spends enough time for a walk, the renewal of its coat will occur seasonally, during moulting in the spring and fall. Off-season molting, including permanent molt, occurs due to violations of the conditions of keeping the dog.

Get ready to take care of your pet’s coat by combing and bathing it in time. Otherwise, you will be surprised at what unexpected places the dog’s hair may already be.

We know from early childhood that dogs bark. This is natural: in this way the animal expresses its emotions, informs the owner about something that requires his attention, etc. Do not think that the dog itself will behave differently in the apartment.
The dog can loudly inform the entire entrance about the return of the owner, or vice versa, share his howl with all the loneliness and sadness. This behavior usually causes inconvenience to others.

Large dog breeds

Very large dogs. their height at the withers is more than 60 centimeters.

Medium sized dogs

We classified dogs as “medium” breeds, the height of which is within 40-60 centimeters.


Loyal, good-natured (sometimes too much), balanced and quick-witted. many consider the Labrador the ideal companion dog.

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Basenji is a cat in the body of a dog. She is clean, curious, loves to climb high surfaces and does not like water.

Due to the average size (40. 43 cm in height, weight up to 12 kg), dogs feel great even in a small apartment. They also get along with children. Get along well with pets, but only if they grew up with them.

Basenji care is not difficult. They take care of their own hygiene, avoid puddles and mud. A short coat is also not a hassle. It is enough to comb the animal once a week and bathe every month.

However, there are a number of features to consider:

  • a large amount of physical activity is needed, preferably sports;
  • the amount of food is carefully regulated, otherwise the dog will quickly gain excess weight;
  • Basenji are thermophilic, so they buy clothes for autumn and winter;
  • beginners are not recommended to have dogs of this breed. they have a proud, stubborn character, they tend to make decisions themselves.

Due to the structure of the throat, the Basenji cannot bark. Generally. But this does not mean that she will be silent. The dog is “talkative”: constantly howls, squeals, “grumbles” and makes a whole series of sounds similar to croaking or meowing.

Yorkshire Terrier

In recent years, Yorkies have become more popular than another “domestic” breed. the Pekingese. The pygmy terrier almost does not shed, eats little, does not need long walks.

The structure of a dog’s coat is similar to human hair. Therefore, it is often turned on by allergy sufferers.

Yorkshire Terrier is docile, obedient, he easily recognizes the authority of the owner and familiar people. There are no problems with training. Since Yorkies are companion dogs, it is enough for them to remember a few main commands.

It’s not worth starting a Yorkie with a small child. The dog is small, fragile, the baby can accidentally harm him. The pet is ideal for children from 7 to 10 years old.

Like all small dogs, the Yorkie suffers from the “Napoleon complex”. He can attack a bird, cat or dog, even if they are several times larger.

Caring for a Yorkshire Terrier is quite difficult. It is necessary:

  • comb daily;
  • bathe every few weeks;
  • do grooming;
  • trim claws;
  • clean your ears and wipe your eyes every day;
  • dress and shoe in cold weather.

Feeding dry food will not cause problems. The main thing is to choose a special line of a good manufacturer. But natural nutrition will have to be carefully thought out: even a slight deviation from the diet will immediately affect the appearance and health of the dog.

Golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is an intelligent, obedient dog. Parenting problems are rare. However, do not expect an instant reaction from the animal. Before executing a command, he needs to think carefully about everything.

The retriever gets along well with other pets. But he still remains a hunter. Can perceive unfamiliar animals as prey.

The Golden Retriever is calm, he needs medium-intensity physical activity. Enough will be two walks a day for an hour. On weekends, it is advisable to get out into nature so that the dog splashes out energy.

The Golden Retriever is unpretentious. Caring for him is standard. Only long hair with a thick undercoat requires increased attention.


Dalmatians are suitable for housing, but only if you do a lot with them. The breed is active and needs a lot of attention. You need active walks for at least 1.5. 2 hours every day.

The Dalmatian is clean and rarely sick. However, it is prone to allergies and obesity, so the menu is regulated.

Although the Dalmatian’s coat is short, it sheds all year round. Therefore, the dog is combed out at least every other day.

A dog of this breed does not show aggression towards children, is loyal to other pets. He is wary of strangers. She makes a good guard.

Dalmatians are not recommended for beginners. The breed is difficult to train. Education must be consistent, firm, without cruelty. Otherwise, the dog will withdraw into itself, become aggressive.


Collies are large dogs, with a height of 50 to 60 cm at the withers. They are intelligent, loyal animals with a balanced character. Puppies are playful, mischievous, and often make riots. However, adult dogs are reserved and calm.

Collie has many positive qualities:

  • easy to train, remember both commands from the general course and everyday ones (bring a newspaper, slippers);
  • will never harm children, so they can be started with children of any age;
  • obedient, do not try to dominate;
  • they like to participate in all household chores and often imitate people in everyday life, for example, they can carry a rag on the floor, take a garbage bag to the tank, knock dust out of pillows;
  • do not show aggression towards strangers and animals, however, in case of danger, they stand up for the protection of the owner.

The only problem is the long, dense coat with a dense undercoat. It must be combed out at least once every two days, regardless of whether the animal is kept at home or in an aviary. You also have to cut tangles.

Keeping a fluffy collie coat clean is easier when the dog lives in an apartment.

TOP-10 dog breeds for an apartment. choose from the best

Conditions of detention are one of the key factors in the correct development and education of a dog. In a private house, any breed will feel good. But not every four-legged pet will take root in the apartment.

When deciding which dog is better to have in the apartment, pay attention to the character, size and purpose of the pet.


  • hypoallergenic wool, no shedding;
  • sharp mind and complaisance: the poodle is easy to train, remembers tricks;
  • versatility: dogs are used for hunting birds, in the search and rescue service, at customs, for protection, as a “circus performer”;
  • friendly character: the dog easily finds a common language with babies and other animals.

The poodle is considered one of the smartest dogs. He is second only to the border collie in intelligence.

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The poodle is suitable for active people. A dog requires a lot of attention and energy. Even Toy people need frequent active walks.

Grooming is simple, with the exception of grooming. The poodle will have to be bathed every 2 weeks and trimmed regularly.