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What to do if your dog ate glass

Foreign body in the intestine of a dog

Ingestion of an object in the intestines causes the most pronounced symptoms. As a rule, they appear almost immediately after a foreign body has entered the body.

Often there is a lack of stool, which should alert the owner. Weakness and lethargy are often observed. The dog may also try to go to the toilet, but it fails. In this case, the help of specialists is required.


What to do: first aid at home

The main problem is the small amount of time allotted for a timely visit to the doctor. As a rule, the owner has only a couple of hours after he noticed the symptoms of a foreign body entering the animal’s body.

Eaten objects often constrict blood vessels and block breathing, which is the cause of death of the dog before first aid is given.

If the object is shallow and clearly visible in the throat, you can try to reach it with your hand or tweezers. This must be done carefully so that the foreign body does not pass further.

In the event that the owner witnessed how his dog ate something, it is worth trying to induce vomiting with a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide solution. Peroxide irritates the stomach wall, allowing the object to escape.

In the event that the dog has eaten a needle, it is necessary to let the pet swallow ordinary cotton wool. It will wrap around sharp edges to prevent damage to internal organs.

If your dog has eaten mouse poison, the first step is to induce vomiting with salt. It will also not be superfluous to put a cleansing enema. It is advisable to give the dog a laxative. It will work well if there is salt in the composition.

If your dog has eaten a mercury thermometer, the first step is to try to induce vomiting. A laxative is also a good solution. After all the measures taken, you must immediately visit a doctor. Many veterinarians advise soldering with milk.

Foreign body in a dog’s stomach

Sometimes the eaten items can stay for months without showing themselves in any way. Sharp edges can easily injure the thin walls of the stomach. This threatens not only the health, but also the life of the dog.

Lipsticks are often a treat for dogs, and can be found on the shelves of many women. If your dog ate lipstick, it can lead to an upset stomach.

What to do if a foreign body is swallowed by a dog

Dogs are very curious animals, especially during walks, when the animal tries to taste an unknown object. A foreign body in a dog that somehow ended up in the body causes discomfort. In some cases, such items can threaten with serious consequences, up to death.

Dangerous situation

In most cases, dogs with foreign bodies that do not cause blockages have a good prognosis. However, it all depends on the case and the object that ended up in the body. Only a doctor can adequately assess the danger of the situation that has occurred.

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Situations are often observed when a dog, after swallowing an object, begins to choke. An animal may die due to lack of oxygen.

Ruptures of the esophagus are also possible, leading to internal bleeding. In this case, it is quite difficult to save the dog, especially if the doctor’s help was provided at the wrong time.

The most common areas of the alimentary canal in which foreign bodies “get stuck” are: the thoracic part of the esophagus just before the sphincter into the stomach, the body of the stomach and the pyloric canal, the duodenum.

The following items are especially dangerous for dogs:

  • cat litter;
  • batteries;
  • cotton swabs;
  • sharp objects (needles, knives, scissors, nails);
  • rubber bands;
  • threads;
  • tinsel;
  • magnets.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the well-being and behavior of the pet in time. It is the owner who knows all the habits of his pet. Any deviations should alert and cause a visit to a specialist in a veterinary clinic.

Foreign body in the esophagus of a dog

Walking the dog can be a problem. Anything can be scattered on the ground. Any item the dog can taste.

ATTENTION! Foreign objects entering the esophagus can cause many problems.

Most often, pet owners are faced with the fact that their dog ate chewing gum. Take a look at the composition of any chewing gum. It contains almost the entire periodic table, which affects the health and well-being of the pet. The greatest danger is posed by the sweetener xylitol. If this substance is present in the composition, then you must immediately take the dog to the veterinary clinic.

Most often, small breeds of dogs encounter a foreign body in the esophagus. Fragments of bones, parts of teeth, branches and other objects that are not able to digest can get stuck. Pain is a characteristic feature of esophageal obstruction in dogs.

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In the throat, larynx, trachea

Foreign bodies in the throat of dogs can be bones, glass, needles, hooks, burdock, pins. Profuse salivation may occur. For diagnosis, rabies is ruled out first.

Often the dog suffers from severe coughing, shortness of breath, choking.

A small operation is performed with local anesthesia, which is aimed at removing a foreign body. After surgery, the dog must follow a special diet.

If help is not provided in time, the animal may die.


In most cases, the owner may not notice how and when a foreign object was in the dog’s mouth. Signs that indicate a possible obstruction should be alerted:

  • Vomiting. It occurs immediately after eating or drinking. It is associated with obstruction and blockage. The most important thing that should really alert is the regularity of vomiting and the very eruption of food eaten.
  • Diarrhea. In liquid feces, blood streaks can often be seen. In the event that the dog’s feces have turned black, this may indicate damage to the walls of the stomach and intestines. Black stools are a sign of internal bleeding. This symptom is especially observed if the dog has swallowed a needle.
  • Painful sensations in the abdomen. You can find out about this by looking at your pet. As a rule, the dog assumes a hunched position. The dog begins to whine when they touch the belly.
  • Lack of appetite. When a dog is not feeling well, it cannot eat normally. Especially it is worth paying attention to those dogs that previously had an increased appetite. Most often, the animal may not even come up to the bowl and not react to favorite treats.
  • Weakness. Of course, fluid loss leads to dehydration. The owner knows his dog’s behavior very well. The previously playful dog becomes lethargic. The dog is constantly lying and does not even want to go outside.
  • Behavior. There is a lack of interest in those things that were previously enjoyable. The dog no longer wants to play with a favorite toy or is not active.
  • Cough. A healthy dog ‚Äč‚Äčnever coughs. This can only be observed if a foreign object is stuck in the pharynx and interferes with breathing.
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The main thing to remember is that the dog’s behavior will change in any case. This factor is hard to miss.

What to do if a dog ate a bone?

Why is eaten bone dangerous for your dog? First of all, the fact that the bone, like any other foreign object, can get stuck in the esophagus and clog it. At the same time, the animal has the following symptoms: cough, anxiety, shortness of breath, increased salivation, lack of appetite, or regurgitation of undigested food with retained appetite.

The result will be the rapid development of inflammatory processes with subsequent tissue necrosis and perforation of the esophageal wall. In the future, this threatens with peritonitis, dangerous internal infections caused by bacteria entering the abdominal cavity, and without providing timely and qualified assistance. to the death of the pet.

How to avoid danger, and what should be the actions of the owner if the dog has swallowed a bone, especially with a sharp edge? So, it is forbidden to try to provoke vomiting in a pet, since spasms and a sharp contraction of the walls of the gastrointestinal tract can lead to scratches, damage to the stomach or pharynx. For a similar reason, it is contraindicated to give the animal laxatives. In addition, damage to the digestive tract can lead to bloody diarrhea in the dog. In this case, self-medication is useless, you urgently need to take the animal to a veterinary hospital.

Swallowed bone: first aid for a pet at home

In the event that you still did not keep track of the dog, and she just swallowed a chicken bone or any other sharp object, you can try to help her on the advice of a practicing veterinarian. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • take a wax candle, as an option. a church one. A paraffin candle bought at the nearest supermarket will not work, since paraffin melts only at a high temperature, unlike wax, which has enough body temperature to melt;
  • with a sharp knife, cut the candle into small plates, approximately the size of the tablets, and carefully pull out the wick;
  • persuade the dog to eat the wax plates, and the faster the better. At body temperature, the wax will melt and envelop a sharp bone in a film.
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The amount of wax depends on the size of the animal. For example, for a small dog, you can literally cut off 2-3 centimeters from a candle, and for a large dog. at least half. It is recommended to repeat a similar procedure several times throughout the day.

After taking such “pills”, you need to wait 46-60 minutes for the wax to melt and form a film around the bone, and then feed the animal without changing the usual diet. It is forbidden to keep the dog hungry, because in this case the bone will go through the empty intestines, and the likelihood of injury will increase significantly.

Nevertheless, even if you reacted quickly and provided first aid to your pet, you should soon contact the veterinary clinic and show the animal to a specialist for examination, X-ray or ultrasound examination. If the bone is stuck in the stomach or esophagus, then endoscopic technique is often used to remove it.

And in order to avoid such situations and not endanger the life and health of your beloved pet, it is important not to forget to adhere to a few basic rules:

  • all toys must fit the size of the dog, and it is not recommended to purchase small and / or fragile items. The size of the toy should be noticeably larger than those parts that your animal can swallow;
  • treats or items made from dried and pressed tendons must also be of the appropriate size, and it is better to discard the remaining pieces;
  • do not give the animal bones, and if during the walking the dog can pick up food, then you should definitely wear a muzzle in order to protect the pet from swallowing any foreign objects and to avoid possible poisoning.

For any problems and questions, please contact the network of veterinary clinics “Aibolit Plus”. We work 24/7 and offer modern methods of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of animals that will help make your pet’s life healthy, long and happy.

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