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What to do to keep the ears of the dog

Soft construction

This setting is suitable for small breed puppies. It provides for a gentle gluing without glue and difficult rigid fixations. It is not difficult to make gluing with a soft construction.

The necessary materials are adhesive plaster 3 cm wide and cotton swabs (for rigidity). As in the first case, you need to shave off the hair from the ears and wipe the ears with alcohol, otherwise the procedure for removing the adhesive tape will cause painful sensations to the puppy.

There are many options for gluing and setting ears. Any materials are used: hygienic tampons, cutouts from plastic cards, refills from fountain pens, plastic bottles and foam sponges.


“Silver Trace” Calcium Peptide is a little-known Russian brand. Its natural composition and nano-method of supplying calcium to the bone and cartilage tissue of animals receive the highest marks from specialists.

Why don’t get up. reasons and their solutions

Newborn puppies are born with small ears pressed to the head. As the animal grows, they straighten out, the cartilage strengthens and they take an upright position.

keep, ears

The time has come, and the ears of the dog are not standing. Why? The answer to this question is often of great concern to the owners. There are five main factors that influence the process of raising the ears:

  • Genetic inheritance.
  • Uncleanness (crossbred puppies).
  • Lack of calcium in the body.
  • Ears that are too thick (fleshy).
  • Thin and weakened.

The main thing is not to panic and not give up. Problematic ears need human help and can be delivered. The set of activities includes:

  • proper nutrition;
  • special vitamins;
  • manual massage;
  • gluing ears.

Is it possible to give a dog weak ears at home? Expert advice

A beautiful dog is the pride of the owner. Often it is the erect ears that are the symbol of the breed of the four-legged friend. It is sad, but true, that they do not always stand on their own in dogs. What to do in this case? Today, in this article, one of the dog show experts will tell you how to position your dog’s ears.

Why do they need to be installed

Putting ears to dogs is required so that the pet does not raise doubts about its elite. Erect ears give animals a more aesthetic and impressive appearance. This issue is especially important for show specimens.

Some dog owners do not consider it necessary to set their ears. over, the standard of many breeds allows them to be both standing and hanging. In any case, the choice remains with the person, and the dog is completely indifferent to what ears it has, because this will not affect its loyalty and love.

Staging methods

Dogs’ ears are set using a soft and rigid construction. Both methods have the same goals and similar execution technique, but differ from each other in the materials used.

Step-by-step instructions for setting uncropped ears for small dog breeds

All small and decorative breeds have the same way of setting problematic, uncropped ears. Let’s consider it on the example of the Chinese Crested dog, the setting of the ears of which, you can start on the 21st day of life. To do this, you will need:

There is a delicate septum at the base of the auricle. Work carefully, ask another family member to help you, fix the pet’s head. The noise and vibration of the car can scare him.

  • Shave the hair with a trimmer on both sides of the ears. This will reduce their severity and ensure painless removal of the adhesive tape. Remove excess wool around the edges with scissors.
  • Wipe the ear with rubbing alcohol or any degreasing agent so that the patch adheres better.
  • Cut a piece of the long ear from the adhesive plaster and place it on the table with the adhesive side down.
  • Cut half of a cotton swab and place it on the adhesive plaster.
  • On top of the cotton swab, stick the second and third layers of adhesive plaster.
  • We cut the resulting strong sizing in the shape of the ear with a cotton swab down, glue it to the ear sheet from the inside, so that the ear canal is visible.
  • We wrap the ears like a tube, but not too tight for the animal to be comfortable.
  • We wrap the folded eyelet at the base of the cartilage around the circumference with adhesive tape. Do not pull your ears close at the top of your head, as this can lead to incorrect positioning. The dressing should look natural.
  • To prevent the ears from falling apart in different directions and leaning forward, they will need to be horizontally fixed. They need to be connected to each other so that they are vertical. We connect them with adhesive plaster at the base.

The puppy needs to be in such a bandage for about 5 days. Then the plaster is removed, carefully untwisting it and trimming the hairs with scissors. It happens that after the first gluing procedure, the ears already stand up.

If the result of lifting was not achieved, then after 12 hours of rest, the ears are glued again according to the same scheme until they get stronger and take an upright position.

The Chinese crested dog has two varieties: hairless and downy. The ear setting pattern is the same for both. According to the standard, the naked variety must necessarily have erect ears, and in the puff, both standing and hanging are allowed. According to breeders, a puff with erect ears looks more impressive.

What are erect ears

The first step is to understand the concept of “erect ears“. So, they are divided into two types: cropped and not cropped.

Causes of blackness in the ears of a dog

If you stroke your dog’s head and look into its ears, the inside of the ear should look clean, pink, and healthy. If you notice something black in your ears, you may be alert, and for a good reason. discharge in your ears is a sign of an infection or a health problem. Even though dogs are known to be messy here and there, the inside of their ears must be kept clean and dry.

If you notice black ears in your dog, then you really need to worry, because this is most likely a serious problem called otodectic mange. It is caused by microscopic mites. In this case, it is necessary to urgently take treatment measures.

A little about otodecosis

Otodectic mange is the technical term for infection of ear mites in dogs caused by a mite known as Otodectes cynotis.

This tick can actually infect many other animals, including cats, foxes, and ferrets. These ear mites are highly infectious between animals! This is important to remember for later.

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But is it worth worrying as a person? Well, technically, Otodectes cynotis is a zoonosis. That is, these mites can be transmitted from an animal and cause problems in humans. Despite this, it is not common and human infections are usually temporary and may not require treatment. But you should always see a doctor just in case.


Dogs are treated for ear mites with an antiparasitic drug (in the form of ear drops), an oral or topical drug applied to the skin. It is important for owners to follow instructions and administer medication throughout treatment, as this ensures that the medication kills ticks at all stages of their life cycle so that dogs no longer have black ears.

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In most cases, your veterinarian recommends treating both ears, even if only one ear is black. This will prevent the spread of the mites. Your veterinarian may also suggest ear flushing to clear your dog’s ear canal as this will reduce irritation and remove debris. Additional follow-up visits and multiple cleaning may also be recommended.

Flushing and brushing can be painful for dogs. If your dog is sensitive or has ear pain, the veterinarian can calm him down during the office visit.

Diagnosis of ear mites in dogs

Your veterinarian diagnoses ear mites in dogs with a physical examination and diagnostic testing. The veterinarian will examine your dog’s ears with an otoscope for ticks and signs of ticks, usually black ears. To the naked eye, ticks look like white specks, and if your veterinarian suspects ticks are causing your dog’s symptoms, they will take a sample with an ear swab for identification under a microscope. In some cases, your veterinarian may also recommend additional diagnostic tests, such as a blood test, to rule out the possibility of an underlying medical condition.


As you can see, the disease of black ears in dogs can be easily cured, but it will take some time to fully recover. Controlling ear mites requires full compliance with your veterinarian’s instructions. Although the prognosis for complete recovery is good in most cases, you will need to administer the medications within a set period of time. Otherwise, some mites may survive and your dog will have black ears again.

You will need to disinfect your home. Home treatments for ear mites, like flea treatments. Thorough cleaning of the house and treatment of all other pets will help.

Ear mites are not fatal. However, if you do not treat otodecosis in a timely manner, your dog can damage the ear canal as well as possible complications such as secondary infections.

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The dog has itchy ears: what to do?

The phenomenon when a dog’s ears itch cannot be called rare. There can be a lot of reasons. Of course, in order to avoid this annoying ailment for the animal, you must follow the rules of hygiene: clean your pet’s ears with cotton swabs.

If, nevertheless, it is noticed that the dog shakes its head, tries to penetrate into the auricle with its paw, scratches its ears, makes some sounds, tilting its head to one side, then you should carefully study what this behavior can be caused, and it is better to bring the animal to the veterinary clinic.

Why does a dog scratch his ear?

The shape of the ears. It can be considered the most harmless cause of ear irritation. For example, the shape of the ears of terriers or poodles delays ear discharge, leading to redness and inflammation. In this case, it is possible that the ear will need to be thoroughly cleaned and in the future try to avoid contamination. It should be borne in mind that when walking, dust also gets into the ear, it lingers on sulfur, there can be pathogenic bacteria in the dust, so these dogs need to clean their ears more often.

Pathogenic bacterial infections. In most cases, the ailment occurs against the background of another disease, so the pet must be carefully examined immediately, and then a course of antibiotics will be prescribed to get rid of the primary infection and methods for treating ear inflammation will be indicated.

Allergy. In this case, a visit to the veterinarian is required. It is impossible to diagnose the disease without examination and analysis.

Fungal infection. It is not difficult to determine the presence of fungus in the ear on your own. A large amount of ear discharge and an unpleasant odor are usually symptoms. Treatment is carried out with medications prescribed by a veterinarian.

Foreign body. While frolicking on a walk in the park, among tall plants, grasses, the dog can involuntarily pick up seeds, stems or even insects in the ear. After walking, the dog will often shake its head and tilt it to one side, possibly trying to brush the ear with its paw. If a foreign body is not visible, then in no case should you look for it in the ear. Be sure to visit the veterinarian on the same day so that it does not sink even deeper.

Mite. Ticks can be transmitted to dogs even from cats, therefore, if there is a suspicion of ear mites, it is advisable to examine all animals living together. The tick is characterized by a constant almost never-ending itching, in which the dog actively scratches the ear, tilts its head, groans, and scratches the ear until it bleeds. Ticks are treated with pharmaceuticals prescribed by a veterinarian.

How to protect your dog from ear diseases?

Do not try to penetrate too deeply when cleaning your ear.
It is better to remove hair that grows inward from the ear.
Check your dog’s ears more often.
Brush the coat around the dog’s ears and keep it clean.
Dry the hair around the ears after bathing the pet.
Never try to heal your ears yourself.

Diseases of the ears in dogs cannot “go away on their own.” An animal suffering an illness experiences discomfort and the consequences are unpredictable. One infection can flow into another, complicate, in the end, the disease develops into a chronic one and it will be impossible to be near the animal, due to the unpleasant odor from the ears, not to mention the pet’s well-being. Therefore, having found signs of inflammation in the ear, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Treatment methods

Treatment should be prescribed only by a doctor, based on the results of diagnostics and the nature of the pathology. If a foreign object has fallen into your dog’s ear or a large amount of wax has accumulated, do not remove it yourself. There is a high risk of damage to the eardrum. This should be done by a doctor, and if necessary, tell you how to take care of your ears further.

Treating fungal infections

At the initial stage of development of otomycosis, you can resort to using antifungal drops. First, clean the ear canal of secretions and crusts. You can wash it with chlorhexidine 0.05%.

Effective drugs against fungus:

  • Tresaderm;
  • Oricin;
  • Nichlofem.

In advanced cases, treatment is supplemented with systemic drugs (Fluconazole, Ketoconazole). If there is an attachment of bacterial microflora, antibiotics are prescribed.


The disease is caused by an extracellular parasite called chlamydia. This microorganism can exist in the dog’s body for a long time and not manifest itself in any way. But under favorable conditions, when the animal’s immunity is weakened, chlamydia can be activated on the mucous membranes of the eyes, ears, genital tract.

Typical signs of chlamydia:

  • scratching the ears and eyes;
  • tearing;
  • sneeze.

Chlamydia is insidious in that it may not fully manifest itself, the dog may look healthy outwardly. But at the same time, orchitis is often observed in males, and involuntary abortions occur in females. These are all the consequences of the action of chlamydia.

Neurological disorders

The dog may shake its head due to head injuries due to bruises, falls. It is difficult for an animal to control its movements due to a possible concussion or hemorrhage. Neurological disorders in traumatic brain injuries do not always appear immediately. Complications of trauma can show themselves over time. Therefore, regardless of whether the pet has external injuries, after any blow or bruise, you need to show it to the veterinarian.

Fungal lesions

often in the ears of dogs parasitic fungi of the genus Malassezia, Candida. The whole body is gradually affected by Candida and Malassezia fungi. But the first source of infection is usually the head and muzzle. With any fungal infections, severe itching is always observed. Yeast also produces a characteristic aroma. Your dog may smell like old mold.

Other symptoms of a fungal infection:

  • increased anxiety;
  • copious discharge of sulfur from the ears;
  • redness of the visible part of the ear;
  • swelling;
  • thick dark bloom;
  • serous discharge from the ear.


If the dog begins to behave differently, waving his head constantly, you need to take him to the veterinarian and diagnose the cause. The doctor will conduct an initial examination, collect the necessary anamnesis. The specialist can see signs of inflammation, the presence of injury. After that, an earwax test should be done to understand the nature of the ear problem. The smear taken will be carefully examined under a microscope and may reveal the causative agent of the disease.

What to do if a dog has an ear ache and a pet shakes its head: how to treat negative symptoms at home

For every owner, a playful disposition and activity are signs of a dog’s health. There are times when a pet does not behave as usual. For example, he may constantly shake his head and scratch his ears. The dog becomes absent-minded, does not listen to commands, because he is forced to constantly be distracted.

An animal may shake its head due to pain in the ears. The reasons for this symptom can be different. Almost always (except for foreign objects getting into the ears). this is a sign of the presence of certain pathological conditions. Do not ignore the atypical behavior of the dog.

Help with otodectosis

In the presence of an ear mite, acaricidal agents are effectively used. First, the ears of the dog must be cleaned with a solution of Furacilin. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the eardrum.

Acaricides can be in the form of drops, ointments, aerosols. The most effective:

Doberman Ear Posting Tutorial

  • Surolan;
  • Leopard;
  • Stronghold;
  • Otodin.

Typically, these drugs are effective against adults. Therefore, the ear processing must be repeated after 1-1.5 weeks. Acaricides must be warmed to room temperature before application. Treat the inner surface of the ear, gently massage along the longitudinal axis so that the medicine is evenly distributed.

Ears need to be cleaned of dried crusts daily.


Incontinence encompasses all other conditions through which a dog’s urine drips. This is a common terminology that veterinarians will use when there are no other medical conditions.

What to do if your dog is dripping urine?

While it can be annoying when your dog is dripping urine, you need to get tested by your veterinarian. Dripping urine is not necessarily a sign that your dog is suffering from urinary incontinence. There are other possible reasons why your dog is dripping urine, such as submissive urination. Submissive urination usually affects young dogs that are scared or insecure, and they tend to outgrow it. Also, the infection can cause the dog to drip urine.

Dogs that continually drip urine may have a medical condition that will require treatment by a veterinarian. Rest assured that your veterinarian conducts a thorough physical examination and diagnostic examination of your dog to identify the cause of the problem.

Ear Taping by Dr. Bill. EarsbyDrBill.com

Possible reasons

  • submissive urination;
  • urinary tract infections;
  • bladder infection;
  • excessive water intake;
  • spinal cord injury or disease;
  • weak sphincter of the bladder;
  • incontinence.

Here is a list of the top reasons why your dog is dripping urine, now let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons.

Why does urine drip in dogs?

Excessive water intake.

Some dogs will drink large amounts of water and their bladder will not be able to hold all of the urine that is generated. These dogs will drip urine because they simply cannot hold it until they go outside. A urine test will show diluted urine if they drink too much water. Many times, when your dog drinks large amounts of water, there is an underlying cause, such as Cushing’s disease, diabetes, bladder infection, or kidney failure.

Weak bladder sphincter.

There are several factors that can contribute to a weak bladder sphincter. The most common cause is simply old age and tends to occur in older bitches. Obesity and decreased sensitivity of neurological receptors in the sphincter can also lead to a weakening of the sphincter. This is sometimes called sterile incontinence and can be caused by low estrogen levels.

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What to do if your dog is dripping urine

Even if you suspect your dog is dripping urine as it is submissive, it is still helpful to have your vet checked. Your veterinarian will perform a complete physical exam and order diagnostic tests such as urinalysis, urine culture, complete blood count, and chemistry panel to determine the cause.

Treat urinary tract and bladder infections with antibiotics. Your veterinarian will discuss with you the best antibiotic for your dog. After a few days of antibiotic treatment, you should see improvement in dripping urine, but you will still have to finish the prescribed medication to clear the infection completely.

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If your dog is drinking excessively water, the veterinarian will need to diagnose what is causing the excessive thirst. Once they have identified the cause of the excessive water intake, diagnosed and started treatment, you should notice a decrease in the amount of urine dripping.

Spinal cord injuries and diseases that affect bladder function may require surgery to slow or stop urine dripping. Your veterinarian may also prescribe medications to help prevent urinary incontinence.

Most dogs diagnosed with a weak bladder sphincter are older females. Estrogen and alpha-adrenergic agonists may be prescribed to support neuroreceptors and increase pressure on the bladder neck to keep urine in the bladder.

Submissive urination.

Submissive urination usually occurs in young dogs who lack confidence or are afraid. Your dog will show other signs of submissiveness, such as back ears, a bowed head, no eye contact, and a slow, low tail wobble. If your dog is dripping urine through obedience, do not despair, this will usually go away with time.

what to do to make the dog have ears

This story is from the Internet, but it so happened that my Bear and I witnessed a very similar story.

Bum. For me, these are people with whom I sympathized, after all, to live on the street, without the most elementary conditions you will not wish any living creature, not to mention.

Since childhood, I love animals, any, all! As my friend says, “you have to go to the zoo to work,” but for me it would be possible to start a zoo at home!

Since childhood, we have had animals at home. At first, my parents bought me a parrot, they thought they would get off. My green talkative Kesha. But he did not calm my thoughts about the dog or at least the kitten. I was 12, when I returned home, I saw a bowl of milk on the kitchen floor, the bowl was too large for the cat. I happily run into the bedroom and see a gray spotted miracle in the built-in linen closet, with ears like burdocks, one of which sticks out confidently, and the other hangs. Brown eyes look with fright, a skinny body squeezes into a corner.

Finally he leaves this terrible year! This year of the dog has brought so many grief, problems and minor troubles to our family. It began with the death of my beloved mother-in-law, my second mother (and these are not just words) on January 11, she left quietly and calmly, as she lived. Simple.

Following the example of Lisa, I built a sensor box on the theme “On the Farm”. I thought that now Dima would be able to match at least a couple of animals from the box and on the cards. But as a result, I only recognized the cat. Despite frequent viewing of cards and pictures from books of pets. Maybe he was crazy))

It was decided to go deeper and walk through each animal separately.

Actually, it was correct to call “The story of my cure from show-off”, but “the story of one cat” sounds more beautiful 🙂

Yesterday evening, Seryozha called me, who at that time was in an outfit, and said that a beautiful cat was picked up at our entrance, maybe who needs it? Meowed for a week, no one paid attention.

It’s really strange, usually I hear everyone who meows in our entrance, but I didn’t hear this lady. Okay. Sends me pictures of a cat in a vibe. And there is something super cute, gently peach, lop-eared, terribly pedigree, but it is clear that the animal, although pure, but haggard.

I guess she either ran away or thrown out. But if she ran away himself, then they would obviously rush to look for her, put up announcements at the entrances, as is our custom, etc. But no one looked for a cat for a week, so they threw it out all the same. The girl looks about 6-8 months old. Not a kitten anymore, but not an adult either.

I looked at the pictures, call Seryozha back and say. don’t worry, it’ll be taken away from you in five minutes. And for sure. Not even five minutes after my call, as the kitty was attached to what my husband told me.

And here I repent, I could not restrain myself and snapped. of course, such cats, with such eyes and such ears, are immediately disassembled, these are only dirty, outbred fleas no one needs.

Seryozha did not answer, but I think that he mentally agreed with me.

I do not judge people, I am used to the fact that the world is what it is. And you always have to start with yourself.

The grove had a willow tree. Don’t chop this willow. This willow is ours.

Nastya came after school. One mother was at home. Nastya

sat down at the table, took a book and read the story. Mom was glad.

You never know where a series of associations about some event in your life will lead you.

I thought about cleaning the playground under my windows, but came to.

I do not know. read it or not, but hopefully. what “yes. I need your advice. I’ll start from the very beginning, with my boyfriend we have been together for about 8 years, we began to live for about 4 years, we are already planning a pregnancy for 2 years, but unsuccessfully, and now around November 6, 2018. in the morning I wake up with the thought that I do not feel the same as before. Not even that, as before, as if EVERYTHING has changed in my body, right down to my character! I was so calm and so restrained that my loved ones, who communicated with me every day, did not recognize me! There was also excessive emotionality in terms of tearfulness, seriously. I cried. from emotion. It doesn’t sound like me at all. And yet I decided to take a test, I didn’t want to get upset, so I already set myself up for a negative result. but when I did the test without getting up from the toilet I saw how the second strip began to appear, I was fooled! I have never seen this. Even if you refer to the reagent, because the strip was very pale and it was difficult to notice it in me and this has never happened. so I was happy and even cried! From morning to evening, I felt heaviness and unusual overcrowding in the lower abdomen, the lower abdomen pulled no laughs, I have never had this. From this I then panicked, then I calmed down after sitting once again on the forums where they wrote a lot of different things from my experience. I also ran to donate blood for hCG, the first time I donated it on the 14th day after PA, I received a result of 0.1, I did not believe it and, referring to the fact that it was still a short time, I decided to go. After 2 days, I donate it again. And during the breaks she was engaged in test addiction. The first 3 days, nothing changed and I had to look at the second strip from different angles, then a few days later I saw a more penetrating 2 p. Then another still and nothing changed, she was as pale as she remained, she passed the hCG again and came again the same results. I lost heart, got nervous and started crying, I did not understand what was happening, “after all, I have all the signs: my chest was swollen. love for food. I felt sick in the evenings. I often had a headache, etc., I decided to look again this document that was sent to me from the clinic with the result and I was so shocked: they sent me the same document, that is, they sent my old document to me with analyzes! I did not know what to do. I decided on an ultrasound scan, but again after reading different forums. that very early, I decided to go after a week, What I soon regretted. Day X came which I am still afraid to remember, at first I sat watching TV without thinking about anything. The only thing worried me was that I had increased pain in the lower abdomen and gave in a dog lay next to me and whined sharply, I got up to take pity on her, and felt like something had fallen out of me, rather ran to the restroom.To say that I was horrified to say nothing, it was streaked with blood. make I didn’t know, my stomach was twisted very much. that night my blood began to flow. I am only 20 years old, I was even ashamed to call an ambulance, I did not want to listen to the discontent of doctors, about that. that there are still sick people besides me and they need help more than me. capricious girl. who is not even sure whether she is pregnant or not. all of a sudden it’s just a regular period. That menstruation was unusual. This I realized after 2 days it was flowing from me like a bucket I was getting worse and worse, I became pale, and my head was spinning. Everything is clear anemia. I called another private clinic in which I was often examined and agreed on an emergency ultrasound. Explaining the situation, I was accepted the very next day. When I started to enter the office at the request of the doctor, the doctor met me with the words “I already see you have serious problems” after examining me, she said that she would write me a referral for the operation. she didn’t really explain anything to me. and perhaps she explained, but I was so scared that I will not be cunning. I did not remember And I listened inattentively. I came home and realized. that I have never been in the hospital. Then I started to panic completely and overcame my fear. in the evening I called an ambulance. We arrived quickly. Without thinking for a long time, they immediately took me to the hospital. There they shook around the offices for a long time, it was Sunday, so they decided to put me in order to pass all the tests on Monday and undergo a medical examination, before arriving at the ward, a gynecologist examined me, did not explain anything, just said bleeding”. I naturally agreed to lie down in the hospital until all the circumstances were clarified. They put me in an empty ward, which made me very happy, in connection with all the circumstances I just needed to be Alone with myself, plus plus To the fact that I go to bed for the first time. The last time I lay with my aunt was 5 years old! They began to prick me such sore haemostatic injections into the gluteus muscle (2 injections a day), on Monday they examined me, I still took with me the results of the ultrasound scan, which they gave me in a private clinic, just in case. to my surprise, no one paid attention to them. I did not attach any importance to it. or rather did not go deeper and so there were enough problems. uzist young guy examined me quickly enough the results were taken to my doctor, and already somewhere after lunch he came with the words “do not eat anything tomorrow morning and do not drink”, my eyes went to my forehead, What’s going on? Seeing my reaction, he immediately explained “your polyp was the one that caused bleeding”, no one said anything about pregnancy, all the doctors were silent, the only thing he said was that the uterus opened and it was enlarged, the day of the operation came. I got hooked on girls. who came for an abortion and some for scraping out a dead fetus. With all the circumstances, I was completely uncomfortable, I began to communicate with the girls who came for an abortion. Communicating with them, there was only one thought in my head “I can’t. And they already had 10 abortions” it was insulting to the point of impossibility, it was mostly scary when, after hysteroscopy and abortions, the girls were brought to the ward to recover from anesthesia, it was unforgettable. I was shaking all over when I saw these defenseless girls, covered with a small cut off diaper, and there was blood on the couches in which they were being carried. It was my turn, I did not know how to reach the Small Operating Room without panties because my blood did not stop flowing, although for 3 days in a row they injected me with hemostatic! Still, I ran, lay down on the couch, there were many doctors, my head was shaking all over, out of the whole crowd of doctors I noticed only one young man, he stood in the same state as I was lying, the anesthesiologist who approached him asked “will you try yourself? ” He nodded and began to look for a vein in me, then I started to panic, I realized that he was an Intern, the thought immediately in my head was “how is my first operation so-called and then there’s an Intern who also has the first operation,” and even more so anesthetist. Somehow he found a vein, stuck a syringe in there, and what do you think, all the anesthesia just leaked out. And he was like “oh” and my heart began to pound in my ears. an experienced anesthesiologist began to calm me down and quickly look for a vein, finding a vein she quickly injected me and I don’t remember anything else, woke up in the ward, woke up with moans. my pain threshold was low so I was capricious. The doctor did not come in and did not say How the operation went, I was completely in the dark. The next day I was already discharged but told to come back in 10 days for the results. as usual, they said nothing heavy more than 3 kg should not be lifted. forget about sexual intercourse for about three weeks and, accordingly, rest for about a week. Having come 10 days later for the results, I met a nurse who gave me these very results, without explaining anything at all, but I never understood the doctor’s handwriting. At home, together with my brother and my boyfriend, I tried to disassemble their chronicle and came to the conclusion that it was easier to go to a private clinic, where I had previously been examined. postponed for a week. went: ultrasound and so on. I put these results on her table. After reading it, she informs me that the polyp was not confirmed! I’m shocked then. what they removed to me. She says. you removed the growth of the endometrium and the remnants of the fetus! It was very disappointing. that I didn’t know anything. Nobody told me or explained anything to me. Those. They treated me, they did the operation, and did not say “What they were treating from” and what kind of operation it was. On this day, the doctor made me happy with the fact that everything is perfect for me, I am Healthy. I’m in cycle 2 and M will come soon. So today is January 24, 2019. the young man and I did not give up, and when the doctor gave us the go-ahead, we continued to try. Taking ovulation tests and then doing them //. Excellent ovulation is practically calculated, and after the operation, I started to feel ovulation myself. Ovulation was 01/05/19. 01/06/19 was not protected by PA. Somewhere from the 18th, I had strange sensations in the lower abdomen and frequent heartburn. and even from where it does not come from severe itching in the intimate area and burning. I’m all on nerves And again on emotions, I made a negative test on the 19th. On the 20th I began to notice changes in the body, looked at the calendar to make sure that the menstruation was supposed to come on the 19th And yes, the delay is already 2 days, I do the test again on the 22nd, again negative, what happens after all, menstruation does not come, and the lower abdomen tingles and the ovaries make themselves felt! On the 23rd I decided to do a test in the evening and did not go to the toilet for about 5 hours. again negative. there was only one clearblue, waking up at 3:45 am I couldn’t stand it and did #Ochudo // long-awaited spruce is visible. went to bed got up after 3 hours decided to throw out all the boxes and saw the tests. on that which was done at 3:45, you can clearly see that the result is //. this afternoon I ran and bought more tests, but already cheap. the result is similar to the spruce reagent is noticeable. I do not know what to do. I’m terribly afraid that it all repeats itself.

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If we can say about many children’s problems that the child will outgrow them over time, then with fears the situation is by no means so comforting. The child grows, and very often the fears grow with him. The more his knowledge expands and his fantasy develops, the more he realizes the dangers that lie in wait for a person in our far from safe world. Especially now, when this world is unstable and charged with aggression. In recent years, experts have noted a significant increase in children’s fears, and this is very alarming. It is best to turn to a psychologist about childhood fears, but parents, too, can not stand aside. How parents can help their child?

I already wrote fragmentarily, but perhaps I will write separately.

In the first lines of the letter, my dear girls, mothers of yearlings, I want to congratulate you, whose children have already crossed the first line in their lives, on this wonderful holiday! Please forgive me for not being able to write to you in time. Tanya and Marik, Katya and Kiryusha, Helen and Ivar, Snezhanna and Bogdan, Tatiana and Anechka, Katyusha and Mishenka, Olya and Ivushka, Lilya and Timurchik, Alisa and her baby! (I have not forgotten anyone?) Happy holiday to you! Happy children’s holiday and their mothers’ holiday. Happiness was born in our life, burst into it and settled forever. The birth of the first child. this is a special occasion because we became mothers. And nothing, nothing will change this. Let your kids grow up healthy, smiling, smart, curious, passionate, cheerful, happy and active. May your every day be filled with joyful chores and wonderful moments of maternal happiness!

The story itself is under the cut Very hard. and why. but because yesterday it was similar with Eve. I saw (all I saw) that she kicked Sofa out of the room and closed the door. I scolded Eve. for a long time I read to her the information that force does not give rights. That we are one family, that we have everything in common. She was silent. eyes filled with tears. I gave a lecture and left. After about 5 minutes I go in, she cries. I am again. Like why are you crying, I have not done anything unfair. Cry, like I need to, because you offend your little sister. and blah blah blah. And then Eve through her tears. “AND THE BED HAS BEEN STAYED BY YOURSELF.”

Pancake! I understood everything instantly! At that moment, I was ready to sink into the ground! Eva made OUR double bed, and so that the Sofa did not interfere, put it outside the door for a while!

I apologized, hugged and asked for forgiveness. I gave out coins for housework (this is how we do it). Such a bitch, I haven’t felt myself for a long time.

In short, below is the story. Which, perhaps, will explain to many that what we consider to be pampering. not at all. And I’m so damn clever, I jammed it to the fullest! Forgetting a banal thing. you need to UNDERSTAND why, before counting. And then often, what we considered pampering, perhaps suddenly turn into a feat.

I STAND IN A CORNER (story through the eyes of a small child)

I was punished and I am standing in the corner. But I’m already big, I’m four whole years old, and I wanted to help my mother. But my mother did not understand anything at all, and did not even want to listen to me. And dad too.