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What to do to prevent the puppy from whining

How to stop your puppy from whining at night: 8 ways

It’s a great joy in your house, you have a puppy! This is a truly important event, but also a great responsibility. When deciding to tame a puppy, you need to understand that from now on you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for this little creature. You must provide him with warmth, food, comfort and mental calmness. And this does not always work, and the little puppy whines at night.

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The fact is that the whole world of a dog after its birth is its mother, brothers and sisters. In an instant, the world around him changed. mom was not around, and instead of the usual place of residence, a new bedding and owner. In this position, not only the animal will whine, but also the person. However, in order to wean your baby from whining at night, you need to familiarize yourself with the main reasons why he may howl.

Why does a puppy whine at night

  • One of the biggest reasons he misses his mom. Until recently, he slept under her warm side and did not worry about anything. And now he has to sleep alone on a cold mat. As cruel as it sounds, it will pass. Usually, after 4-6 days, the baby gets used to the new environment. this is normal.
  • Sometimes a puppy may whine about a stomach ache. This can be triggered by overeating. If, after weaning from mother’s milk, you immediately began to feed him with “adult” food, the baby’s body might not be ready for this. The transition from milk to solid foods should be gradual. And if you tore your baby away from breast milk, feed him from the nipple with cow milk for the first time.
  • Sometimes the puppy cries because he is scared. Avoid harsh noises at night, talk to him lovingly, calm him down.

How to stop your puppy from whining at night

Whimpering at night is quite unpleasant. Especially in an apartment building, where neighbors hear the lingering songs of your new pet. Of course, you want to calm down the baby as soon as possible, but how to do it correctly, without flaws in upbringing?

  • The very first and foremost rule is that you should not run to your puppy when he whines. In this case, he will think that he can call you that way and will whine even more. No matter how difficult it is, ignore the whine.
  • In order for the puppy to sleep at night and not whine, he must be taken out for a walk before going to bed. Having run enough, the baby will sleep all night, not remembering his distance from his mother.
  • You don’t really want to whine on a full stomach, so feed your dog well before bed. This should be a nutritious diet such as meat (but only if the puppy is already eating solid food). Leave the drinking bowl within walking distance of the puppy so he can drink at night if he wants.
  • If the puppy does not stop whining, you need to tell him in a stern voice “Fu!”. This is one of the first commands a dog needs to learn. If the whining continues, the command should be repeated. The dog does not understand the words of the person, but perfectly understands the tone addressed to it. And if the puppy is silent, it should be praised.
  • Some breeders claim that a dog whines at night if it lacks attention and care during the day. Try to devote as much time as possible to your baby. Walk and play with him more often, or just be around. At night, when the baby whines from separation from you, put any of your things on the bedding. The baby will smell your scent and calm down.
  • Sometimes a puppy doesn’t sleep, simply because he cannot sleep. In this case, you need to put toys and tooth sharpeners next to his place. Perhaps the baby will be interested in them and distract from the whining.
  • If the baby is about one month old, it means that he is still too young to be absent from his mother. But if this has already happened, put his bedding next to your bed. As soon as the puppy whines, lower your hand, pet and calm the dog. This should be done every time. The next night, the dog’s sleeping place should be moved a little further away from the bed. This should be done every night until the bedding is in its rightful place.
  • It so happens that a dog whines not only when it gets into a new house. An adult dog may whine alone while you are at work. To avoid this, take a longer walk in the morning with the dog, feed him tightly, leave him toys. A tired and satisfied dog will sleep all day.
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And remember, the dog cannot be locked in a separate room. Give her freedom of movement. the dog is exploring his new place of residence. And do not try to beat the dog. physical strength will not lead to anything good. The puppy will sooner or later stop whining when it gets used to the new place. And then he will sleep soundly all night to please you in the morning with his sonorous bark and cheerful twisting of his little tail.!

Method 2. when you don’t have free space for a dog in your bedroom

This option is for a situation where you have a large dog crate, say, on the ground floor of a house (or in another room), but you don’t have room for a large dog in the upstairs bedroom. The fact is that German Shepherd or Malamute puppies need a lot more cage than Chihuahuas. And some people have a rather small and cramped bedroom, in which there is simply no room for a four-legged.

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If you want your pet to start sleeping well and not whine at night, spend 3-5 days next to him in another room where there is his cage (booth or something similar).

Yes, for this time you will have to forget about your cozy bed and spend the night in the living room (or where you decide to justify a place for the puppy). Yes, you will need to wake up every 2 hours and calm your dog at night if he whines. But this is the only way you can get rid of the constant barking and squealing at night.

On the 5th day, start going to your room as soon as your pet falls asleep. So, by the 2nd week, he will get used to falling asleep without your presence, and the cozy atmosphere in the house will improve.

How to stop your puppy from whining at night. 2 effective methods

What to do if your puppy whines at night and how to wean him?

Puppy Crying In The Crate [9 Ways To Stop It]

Every person who has undertaken the obligation to maintain an animal faces the problems of raising and caring for him. Today we will consider one of the most common situations that arise when living together with a four-legged friend. barking, whining and howling.

Let’s look at the reasons why this happens and tell you 2 effective methods that will help remove unwanted puppy behavior. So let’s get started.

Method 1. Take the dog to your bedroom in the first 2-3 weeks

Place a large and fairly tall pet basket next to your own bed (or buy a crate for your puppy to sleep in). Thanks to this, the dog will be next to you, but will not sleep in your bed.

Gradually, the puppy will begin to sleep better and better at night (after all, he feels safe with the owner). Then you can gradually increase the distance of the cage from your bed. so that the dog eventually starts to be one in another room and does not whine.

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Tip: in the place where your pet will sleep, put a bottle of hot water wrapped in a towel. this will give the four-legged a feeling of closeness and help to fall asleep faster.

Dos and Don’ts for the First Few Nights with a Puppy?

When you leave a dog in a cage and sleep in another room, when you hear a whining, do not run to calm the dog right away.

Ignore him when he whines and barks. Wait for the dog to calm down for at least 1-2 seconds, and then, when it becomes quiet, say loudly: “I have come”, and then calm the dog down and wait until it falls asleep.

How to Get Your Puppy To Stop Crying and Whining!

Don’t yell at your dog to calm it down. Even if the four-legged wakes you up, do not show aggression. So you will only aggravate the situation by destroying the psyche of the dog and lowering confidence in you. Be patient and the first week (or maybe a month) get ready for sleepless nights.

Why does the puppy whine at night?

The answer is simple. puppies live together with their brothers and sisters in a group. And with their squeak (bark, howl), they tell their mother that they need something.

They do the same thing when they feel something bad, thereby, as it were, warning others about the danger. A month-old puppy that whines at night is just instinctive. that’s okay. However, by doing so, he greatly violates the peace of the owners. Therefore, let’s take a look at 3 methods that will help wean a puppy from constantly squealing.

Why You Can’t Calm Your Dog When It Whines

The fact is that when you say something to your four-legged friend when he whines (or run to calm him down), you are teaching him that you can draw attention to yourself by screeching. This should not be allowed, otherwise your pet will begin tough manimulations with the help of its bark when it grows up.

Remember, you need to catch the moment when the dog is silent for a second and only then run to him and say “well done, good dog”, and then go about your business.

So the four-legged will understand that when he stops talking, you come and rejoice, and over time it will stop screaming.

Important: do not worry about the dog barking all night or all day. This usually lasts only 5 minutes, and then there is 1–2 minutes of silence. Seize this moment and take action.