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What Week Do Kittens Open Their Eyes

What Week Do Kittens Open Their Eyes

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Kitten development

The development of each fluffy ball is individual. We can see that some of them are more active and mobile, while some are very lazy and passive in their actions. Of course, each crumb has its own character. There is no need to worry about this. The eyes, as usually happens, are opened by the first kittens that appear, then with a lag of a couple of hours to several days, the eyes of the rest open. Don’t worry if the eyes don’t open even after 2 weeks of age. You just need to make sure that mucus does not form under the eyelids, and when you see it, you need to wipe your eyes with a cotton swab dipped in tea.

Kittens are weighed at birth and until they are one month old every week. Usually kittens at birth weigh 90-110 g and gain 50-100 g every week until they reach six months of age.

When kittens should open their eyes

Nowadays, a cat in the house is the most common pet. She is kept not so much as a mouse catcher, so much in order to have a pet, friend and even a new family member. And, of course, taking care of the new family member is entirely your responsibility. When does a kitten’s eyes open? This is the most common cat grooming question we will cover below.

When these tiny creatures are born, they need your protection and many questions often arise, from diet to caring for them. The first 20 days, their mother takes care of the crumbs. In doing so, remember the following:

  • Since the body temperature of a kitten is lower than that of an adult cat (35, not 37.5), the babies are trying to warm up near their mother;
  • 6 days after birth, the kitten develops a trembling reflex, which allows maintaining a constant body temperature;
  • In the period 2-4 weeks of age, the body temperature of the crumbs fluctuates around 36-37 degrees Celsius;
  • After 4 weeks of age, the baby’s body temperature is the same as that of an adult cat.

The only thing you should do is keep the “cat’s nest” clean. it could be a separate box or cage that needs to be spread. If the cat feels that this place is unclean or unsafe, then she can herself transfer her child to a cleaner place that you do not like. So it is very important to keep this place clean. After all, a newborn baby is very sensitive to the environment and can pick up some infectious disease.

Newborn cats have closed eyes and auditory canals, but they have an excellent sense of smell and touch. So when do kittens eyes open? The eyes open from about 10 days after birth, and the auditory organs are restored somewhere around 2 weeks of age. But it should also be remembered that the exact time when the eyes open depends on the breed.

Short-haired pets develop faster than long-haired ones. So, Persian cats open their eyes on 12-18 days after birth, and Siamese breeds and Sphynxes already on 2-3 days of life. The eyes open gradually. Kittens up to 3 weeks of age do not yet distinguish silhouettes, but fully react to light. And at this time it is better to keep the kitten in the dark so as not to damage the pupils of the eyes.

Kitten Eye Care

A newborn baby always has wet eyes. It can cause various infectious diseases. The baby has a very weak immunity and therefore the baby’s hygiene must be observed. You can regularly clean your eyes with a cotton swab dipped in tea infusion, but there are also special veterinary drops for the care of the eyes of a newborn kitten. Such drops are more effective in the fight against various eye diseases and can help the baby at the most crucial moment in life.

Starting at 14.15 days of age, kittens begin to move, while stimulating body temperature and metabolism. The kitten:

  • Eyes open;
  • The auditory canals open;
  • Milk teeth begin to erupt.

From the 4th month, the milk incisors are replaced with permanent ones.

From 5 weeks of age, the kitten can be taught to eat normal food. You can start with cat food, give in portions crushing. Starting from the 6th week, the kitten already needs less breast milk. So you can reduce your milk intake. Already starting from 8 weeks of age, the baby has a certain diet and does not need milk. You need to choose a special diet for feeding kittens. Dry food can also be included in the diet, but it should be given after moistening with water.

Accelerating development

From 2 weeks of age, the crumbs begin to actively develop, acquire additional skills. Mom is already starting to spend a little time away from the child. And, of course, we all want our pets to grow up as soon as possible and start eating or running on their own. Can this process be accelerated? Experts recommend taking more pets in your arms every day. When you do this, the cat begins to lick him more and more intensely in order to get rid of someone else’s smell. This massage helps the baby to develop faster than usual. You can also pet the kitten more. This kind of massage also helps the development of the baby.

But you should also pay attention to the reaction of the mother cat. If you notice that the cat is nervous when you take the kittens in your arms, then you need to leave them alone so as not to suffer from maternal anger.

When kittens open their eyes

Newborn kittens are small blind and deaf lumps that cannot fully move, except crawl weakly and turn their heads from side to side. However, it is still impossible to call even such crumbs completely helpless, since kittens from birth have relatively well developed senses of smell and touch. But until the ear canals and eyes open, the babies will not remain too active, depending entirely on the mother cat.

How many days do kittens open their eyes after birth?? Most often, the process of opening the eye begins in cats at 10-12 days of life., but at the same time some pets see their sight a little earlier, while others can remain blind up to 3 weeks of life. So, in Siamese cats, representatives of the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex breeds, as well as in hairless sphinxes, eyes can open as early as 2-5 days of life, but in Ragdolls and Maine Coons. on 16-19 days. By the way, kittens start hearing at about the same time they begin to see (i.e., on average, after 12 days of life). Thus, kittens do not stay in the silent darkness for so long.

Based on the following data, you can roughly predict when kittens will have their eyes open:

    Mother’s age. Young first-born cats and very elderly cats often have very weak kittens. They begin to see relatively late, slowly gain weight, are susceptible to various diseases due to weak immunity. First of all, kittens grow stronger and become sighted from healthy middle-aged cats;

Length of pregnancy in a cat. The less time a cat spends carrying kittens, the later they will begin to open their eyes. On average, the duration of bearing offspring in females is about 63 days, but sometimes premature babies are born in cats;

Kitten gender. In females, the eyes begin to open a couple of days earlier than in males from the same litter;

  • Coat length. Short-haired kittens begin to open their eyes a little earlier than their long-haired counterparts (for example, almost bald sphinxes are sometimes even born with their eyes slightly open, while the same fluffy Persians remain blind for the first two weeks of life).
  • We have already found out that kittens open their eyes after birth on average for 10-14 days. Blind eyelids do not open completely immediately. First, a small slit appears between the lower and upper eyelids, but after about a week it will be possible to see what the baby’s eyes will look like.

    In all kittens in the first week after the beginning of the opening of the eyelids, the eyes remain cloudy, their color is gray-blue. During this period, small animals do not clearly see everything that is happening around them. But they can already distinguish light from darkness, large objects from small. The approximate permanent (adult) color of the eyes of a kitten is established only by the 3rd month of life. And already at 6 months you can find out with accuracy what color your pet’s eyes will be.

    When kittens open their eyes

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    Good eyesight is the main weapon of any cat. Most purrs retain vigilant vision until old age. But almost all kittens are born completely blind. In exceptional cases, babies can be born with their eyes ajar, but this is extremely rare. In this article, we will discuss on what day kittens open their eyes after birth.

    What the owner of a mole rat kitten should know about

    The first weeks of life, kittens are completely dependent on their mother. The cat not only feeds the cubs with milk, but also warms them with the warmth of its body, protects them from danger and licks the fur of the babies. And the owner can become an assistant to the mother cat, providing her and her children with comfortable conditions:

      In the nest, where kittens spend all their time with a cat, it must certainly be clean. Very often, babies’ eyes become inflamed precisely because of dirty beds;

    The bed with kittens and a cat should be placed in a warm, moderately drafty room. It is important that the sun’s rays do not fall on the resting place of animals. Only the opening eyes of kittens must be protected from sunburn;

    To prevent the development of conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye) kittens’ eyes can be wiped from the outer corner to the inner corner with a cotton swab dipped in cooled and strained chamomile or calendula broth. Freshly brewed strong tea is also suitable (you can use green or black strained and unheated tea without additives). Instead of herbal decoctions and tea, you can use Furacilin solution or Diamond Eyes veterinary drops. If the kitten has purulent discharge from the eyes, you need to seek help from a veterinarian. The uncontrolled use of antibiotic eye drops to treat kittens can lead to undesirable consequences;

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  • Usually, opening a peephole in tailed babies is a simple and fairly quick matter. Today the eyelids of the little cat are tightly squeezed, tomorrow his eyes look like small slits, and in a few days they are already open completely. But in some situations, a mole rat may need help. What to do if kittens don’t open their eyes? First of all, you need to think about whether the panic was raised early? So, in representatives of long-haired breeds, eyes can easily open only by 18-22 days of life, as already mentioned a little above. However, if all the deadlines have passed, and the kitten still remains blind, then the owner will either have to carefully try to glue the pet’s eyelids with clean hands on their own, or seek help from a doctor. The specialist will prescribe to the kitten the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and eye massage, which will eliminate the problem of adhered eyelids. Surgical intervention is usually rare.
  • What week do kittens open their eyes

    The birth of kittens is a joyful event not only for the cat, but also for the owners. The development of babies is very fast. Daily observation of how a helpless pink squeaking lump gradually turns into a cute and playful kitten is not only very exciting, but also a necessary activity. During the first three weeks of kittens’ life, all the hassle associated with feeding and caring falls on the shoulders of the cat, but control over the full and timely development of the babies is the responsibility of the owners. To do this, it is necessary to regularly weigh kittens, as well as to know when kittens open their eyes after birth, when their first teeth erupt, when they begin to hear, walk and take solid food.

    What day do kittens open their eyes

    At birth, the main senses of kittens, thanks to which they orient themselves in space and find a mother-cat, are the sense of smell and touch. The kitten feels the warm side of the mother and can find the nipple on the body by the smell of milk, however, the auditory canals and eyelids are still closed and the baby cannot yet use his sight and hearing.

    Usually the eyes of small fluffies open on the 10-14th day of life, however, the exact date of the event depends on many factors:

    • Genetic inheritance. Not only the appearance of the kitten depends on heredity, but also the pace of its development.
    • Floor. Female kittens develop a little faster and their eyes may open several days earlier than male kittens from the same litter.
    • The course of pregnancy in a cat. Premature kittens develop more slowly, their eyes open later, but the premature kittens will see the world a little ahead of time.
    • Breed. Kittens of “oriental” short-haired breeds (Siamese, Orientals), as well as Sphynxes and Devon-Rexes, open their eyes as early as 4-6 days of life, while in representatives of long-haired breeds the process can take 14 or even more days.
    • Illumination of the nest. If you place the nest in a dark place, kittens will open their eyes a little earlier.

    It is not a cause for concern if the eyes open 2-3 days later, but for longer delays, the help of the owner or veterinarian is required. The owner’s duties include carrying out regular hygiene procedures: wiping the eyelids with a cotton pad moistened with a weak solution of boric acid or strong tea leaves, as well as instilling special antibacterial drops, which can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy.

    How kittens eyes open

    Kittens’ eyes do not open in one day, but gradually. Initially, a narrow slit appears between the eyelids along the entire length or in one of the corners. After one or two days, the lower eyelid separates from the upper eyelid and the eyes open completely, but the look is still dull, meaningless and the kitten can only react to the level of light. The kitten begins to distinguish objects at a distance of up to three meters simultaneously with the appearance of the first milk teeth, and sharper vision is formed only in the fifth week. The eyes of all babies, regardless of breed, have a gray-blue tint and acquire their final color only at the age of about six months.

    With the opening of the eyes, the behavior of the baby changes radically, from a small, helpless lump, he turns into a curious fidget, actively getting acquainted with the world around him.

    Features of the development of different breeds

    As a rule, kittens of long-haired breeds open their eyes much faster than babies of short-haired cats. However, this is not entirely true. Above, I have already said that the life span during which kittens open their eyes will depend, among other things, on the breed of your furry. The above norms concern mainly the so-called street or mongrel purrs. If you have acquired a fluffy with a pedigree, it is important to find out the distinctive features of the development of the whole organism, including with respect to the period when kittens’ eyes open.

    • Maine Coons. Large fluffy cats have long stood out among their relatives. In adulthood, some animals can reach over 10 kg. However, as far as the early stages of development are concerned, the Maine Coon has a little lag behind the usual yard cat. And this is not surprising, because the body needs more time to grow and develop due to the large size of the purr. For the first time, kittens open their eyes 12-15 days after birth.
    • Sphinxes. Noble hairless breeds of purr open their eyes 3-4 days after birth.
    • The Scottish and Persian breeds are slightly behind some of their relatives. Because of this, many furry owners are interested in how many days kittens’ eyes open. Here you will have to wait a little. the kittens’ vision finishes forming about 8-10 days after birth.
    • Bobtail. Like Maine Coons, this breed of cats develops more slowly than some other fluffy cats. Their kittens open their eyes 10-12 days after birth.
    • Ragdolls require special attention. the cat should not leave the babies for at least two weeks. After all, kittens’ eyes begin to open only 15-17 days after birth.
    • Siamese cats do not differ from the standard. Fuzzies open their eyes 4-5 days after birth.

    Why are cats born blind??

    Many purr owners are interested in two questions: after how many days do kittens open their eyes, and why pussies are born blind. In fact, the kittens are not blind at all. their eyelids are just too tightly closed.

    Why is it so conceived? Even if you see a cute purring animal in front of you, remember that cats are predators. Nature came up with everything as accurately as possible. The fact is that a cat’s pregnancy is proceeding too quickly. This is designed so that the animal can hunt normally, chasing prey and fleeing from ill-wishers. If the pregnancy in cats would have lasted longer, it is unlikely that they could normally search for food.

    Since kittens are born at a short time, they are not yet fully developed organism. Vision continues to develop after the fluffy lumps were born.

    What day do kittens open their eyes

    The day when newborn kittens begin to be seen does not come immediately after the birth of fluffies. At first, they vitally need a mother, whose task is to take care and protect their offspring.

    By and large, the moment when kittens’ eyes open depends on the general development of the animal. Some purrs grow up quite quickly, but some delay in the process. So it is obvious that all the frameworks and norms that exist in this matter are rather subjective. Each animal is individual and develops at its own pace.

    Veterinarians have highlighted the average values ​​- it is believed that kittens open their eyes between 5 and 15 days of age. This does not happen overnight, but gradually. At first, babies open their eyes slightly. Through narrow slits, they learn to analyze the brightness of the light around. At the same time, the pupils remain completely immobile, since the nervous system of animals and the speed of transmission of what they see to the brain are not yet fully developed.

    However, after a couple of days, kittens begin to clearly understand the difference between light and shadow. During this period, their eyes acquire a pale blue tint. Many veterinarians advise limiting the movement of animals during this time, leaving them only in a slightly lit room. Bright light can damage the fuzzy’s not yet strong vision.

    After about 10-12 days, kittens open their eyes and begin to explore the world around them. Since then, they have already sensed movement, showed an interest in objects and, in general, were quite active. However, this does not mean at all that vision has completed its formation. The eyes of animals continue to develop for several more weeks. This can be seen by the change in shade on the pet’s iris.

    When kittens open their eyes?

    Nature has an interesting thing in mind. little kittens are born with tightly closed eyes. And from the first days of life, these cute lumps learn to perceive this world through hearing and smell. feelings that will be so useful to them for adult life. That is why in the first days of life they need a cat so much. She should take care of the kids until they open their eyes. When does this happen? Everything will depend mainly on the breed, sex and heredity. Let’s figure out when kittens eyes open, and what to do if this process takes a little longer.

    • Why are cats born blind??
    • What day do kittens open their eyes
    • Features of the development of different breeds
    • What to do if the kitten won’t open its eyes?

    What to do if the kitten won’t open its eyes?

    Do not panic and rush the kittens ahead of time. If the eyes of the animal do not open in the first two weeks after birth, your task is simply to carefully observe the furry, paying attention to other symptoms and ailments. If, after two weeks, the kitten’s eyes do not open, this is a serious reason to think.

    The first thing you can try to do is rinse the eyes of the animal with black tea (no additives, flavors or sugar). Just soak a cotton ball in the tea and then try to open your eyes very gently and gently. Of course, you can’t show strength here. If there is still no progress, it is best to seek help from an experienced veterinarian.

    What can be the reasons that the kitten does not open his eyes?

    • Fusion of the eyelids. In addition to closed eyes, it is also characterized by the presence of abscesses. You can get rid of this ailment by washing the eyes with strong tea. If this procedure does not help, you will have to take the furry to the operation.
    • Conjunctivitis. The kitten does not open his eyes, which are very watery? He may have conjunctivitis. You can get rid of this disease with a special solution. Talk to your veterinarian about choosing the right medication.

    As you can see, the period when kittens begin to see comes pretty quickly. In some cases, animals open their eyes as early as the third day after birth. Next, your task is to help the pussies maintain their visual acuity. Try to keep the animals in a room that is not brightly lit and if necessary rinse the eyes with clean water. This way you can avoid infection.

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    How kittens are born?

    All newborn kittens look almost the same. they are small smooth lumps with pressed ears and thin tails weighing only about 100 g. They are helpless and completely dependent on the mother. they cannot see or hear, cannot empty themselves and regulate body temperature, which is why it is so important, to keep them warm. Babies only sleep, squeak and suck nutritious milk, drinking 5-10 ml at a time. They search for their mother, focusing on the smell, and are able to find her within 60 cm of themselves.

    Feline pregnancy is short-lived. This is how nature has foreseen, because a cat is a predator, hunting for food, and hunting with a huge belly is not easy. By the time of birth, many organs, including the visual ones, have not yet had time to complete their formation.

    The eyes of newborn babies are very sensitive to light. The eyelids protect the eyes from its effects. They only open when the little ones are ready to see the light. When the cubs are still in the womb, closed eyelids protect the organs of vision from infections, because the amniotic fluid in which they exist is far from sterile.

    When kittens open their eyes, how many days after birth do they begin to see?

    Newborn kittens have a minimum of skills: they cannot hear and walk, they can only crawl and suck milk, orienting themselves in space by smell. Babies are born with closed eyes, and they begin to see only some time after birth. How many days do kittens open their eyes? What does it depend on? What are the signs of pathology?

    When kittens that open their eyes begin to see their surroundings?

    Kittens’ eyes open within a few days. First, small cracks appear on the inside. They gradually disperse and reveal dull blue eyes, which will acquire a permanent color only after a few months. At first, animals are only able to distinguish between light and shadow, so they continue to search for their mother by smell and bump into each other.

    A little later, babies begin to see the vague outlines of objects, after 5-10 days they can already distinguish their shape. Visual function almost completely returns to normal at 4-5 weeks, but the gaze is not immediately focused, and the pupils do not respond quickly enough to light. the organs of vision continue to form.

    On what day do kittens normally open their eyes, whether the timing depends on the breed?

    Healthy, active babies will open their eyes earlier, and for girls, the opening process is faster. Plays a role and how long the pregnancy lasted. In case of overmaturity, an earlier opening takes place, with undermaturity. later. In young cats that have undergone parasitic diseases, this process is usually delayed. If kittens live in a place with poor lighting, eyes open faster.

    Newborn Sphynx kitten

    Representatives of short-haired and bald breeds see their sight earlier than long-haired ones. Sphinxes open their eyelids already for 3 days, and sometimes they are even born sighted, Thais, Siamese, Devon Rexes. for 3-6 days. Persians, British and Siberians remain blind for a little longer (about a week). Ragdoll kittens are slow in development and open their eyes only at 2–3 weeks of age. It is difficult to predict the duration of this process in yard cats. it all depends on heredity and individual characteristics.

    Do I need to do something with the eyes while they are closed?

    Immediately after birth, babies are very vulnerable to infections, so if a mother cat does not cope with their hygiene on her own, she needs help. The eyes are kept clean by rubbing them with a piece of bandage or soft cloth dipped in tea leaves. You can also use a decoction of chamomile, a weak solution of furacilin or potassium permanganate. This simple measure will help to avoid inflammation and suppuration even after the eyes have opened.

    Particular attention should be paid to the eyes of the Persians, exotics, the British. due to the proximity to the nose of the lacrimal canals, they often have inflammatory processes.

    Why a kitten’s eyes don’t open on time?

    If the kitten’s eyes have not opened 2 weeks after birth, this may indicate pathologies:

    • Infectious conjunctivitis. Pathogens can get on the mucous membrane through small scratches or small cracks if the eyes have already begun to open. The eyes begin to swell, turn red and fester, a crust appears that sticks together the eyelids. This can be observed if the cat has had a viral disease during pregnancy.

    How to understand that a kitten is blind?

    It is impossible to notice signs of blindness in a kitten immediately after the eyes have opened, because the eyes of the cubs are still so weak that they all continue to behave like the blind for some time. You can suspect vision problems towards the end of the 1st month. A blind kitten walks uncertainly, often bumping into obstacles. Blurred eyes are also a sign of vision problems.

    You can check your guess by conducting a simple test: bring a finger or any object to the kitten’s face and start moving it in different directions. A healthy baby will follow him, the sight of a blind kitten will remain motionless. The reaction of the pupils to light is also indicative. with an increase in the intensity of illumination, their diameter decreases, with a decrease, it increases. In a blind animal, there is no pupillary reaction. If you suspect that the kitten is blind, you need to see the veterinarian. Diagnostic measures to check vision and diagnose:

    • Visual examination of the organs of vision;
    • Determination of the state of the internal structures of the eye using an ophthalmoscope;
    • Ultrasound of the eyeball to determine the position of the lens, identify pathologies in the tissues of the eyes, assess the work of muscles and blood vessels;
    • Electroretinography to assess the condition of the retina;
    • MRI to determine the integrity of structures, to detect inflammatory processes, neoplasms, blood flow disturbances.

    Blindness is not a death sentence for a cat. The behavior of a kitten, born blind, practically does not differ from the behavior of a healthy one, because in blind animals other senses are exacerbated. smell, touch, hearing, which allows them to navigate well in space and lead a full life. These kittens usually make excellent companions, everywhere following their owner.

    When kittens eyes open?

    Many cat owners will have to go through an exciting moment when little kittens are born. But there are many questions and concerns behind this. For example, when kittens’ eyes open and what to do if it seems that the kitten is “late” in learning about the world?

    Kittens are born completely helpless, blind, deaf. In the first days of life, this is justified, since the newborn sleeps up to 95% of the time. However, the kitten is growing up, its main task is to study the world where it will live. And for this he needs sight and hearing.

    According to unwritten laws, the owners are always looking forward to this important moment when the kittens’ eyes open. From this time on, the kitten becomes more active, more independent, makes contact with the owner, examines the world around him. Then he begins to learn to walk, keeps balance more easily, learns to distinguish light.

    Usually the eyes are opened on the 5-10th day of life, however, there are factors that can significantly change this time frame. Such factors include the breed, the duration of the cat’s pregnancy and even the living conditions of the kittens.

    How long were the kittens born??

    Another important indicator is the gestation period for kittens. If the kittens are walking around and the kittens are born on the 68-71 days, then it is possible that the kittens will be born with their eyes already open or will open them in a much shorter time.

    How eyes open?

    Kittens’ eyes open gradually, the process takes 1 to 3 days. The opening starts from the inner corner of the eye, and gradually a small crack gradually enlarges, opening the iris. But the process is not over yet.

    Only after 5-10 days kittens begin to distinguish the outlines of objects, but this does not happen before the end of the first two weeks of life. Until this moment, you need to take care of the stay of the kittens in a dark place so that the bright light does not damage the delicate pupil.

    Much depends on the breed

    It is known that in most cases short-haired breeds develop faster than long-haired cats, and oriental cats develop much faster than other cat breeds.

    So, for example, sphinxes (Don, Canadian, Peterbald) are often born with already slightly open eyes, and on days 2-3, the eyes open completely; Siamese and Thais become sighted on days 3-6, Siberian and Persian cats on days 5-9, and British cats on days 6-10.

    Health status of mom and kittens

    If the kittens are healthy, eat well and the cat devotes enough time to caring for them, then the eyes, as a rule, open in a timely manner. A delay may indicate that there are viruses. Also, the reason for the delay in opening the eyes can be a disease or developmental disorders of the kitten.

    What to do when the kitten’s eyes won’t open?

    The development of a kitten is completely individual. Even in one litter, some kittens develop more actively, others prefer to stay at their mother’s side for a longer time and seem to be inhibited, lazy, smaller in size.

    It often happens (although this is not a regularity) that the first born kitten is the first to open its eyes.

    If more than 10 days have passed and the eyes are closed, take a good look at the kitten. Alertness should cause traces of suppuration, mucus, eyelid discharge.

    If such signs occur, you should immediately contact a specialist. breeder or veterinarian.

    If everything is in order and there are no signs of inflammation, you should wait. Through the kitten he wants to see the world.

    When kittens’ eyes should open?

    The first week for the “Fuzzy” will be completely silent and dark. Although, from the very first days, kittens begin to make squeaky sounds. A newborn kitten will begin to open its eyes between the 5th and 14th days of its life. On average, an event occurs 7-10 days.

    After the first opening, the eyeballs may be cloudy, light, the pupils are motionless. It’s just that the nerves of the optic organ have not yet learned how to properly respond to external signals and transmit them to the animal’s brain.

    After 2-3 days, the gaze of the baby begins to move, react to light and other external factors. The lining of the eye becomes clean, transparent.

    When kittens’ eyes open, they become more mobile, various objects and movements begin to attract their attention. Around the same period, babies develop hearing.

    The time when a kitten starts to open its eyes depends largely on the breed:

    • The Ragdoll breed is slow in development. Kittens begin to see clearly only by 15-18 days of life, sometimes even later.
    • In sphinxes, kittens begin to open their eyes already on day 3. Sometimes the babies of these cats are born with their eyelids open.
    • Maine Coons remain blind for up to 2 weeks.
    • British and Persian cats see their eyes about 8-10 days.
    • The Siamese breed is also considered early maturing. Kittens begin to open their eyes early, 4-5 days.

    Interesting Facts:

    • Shorthaired cats develop and grow faster than longhaired cats.
    • Female cats start to open their eyes earlier than boys.
    • The older the mother cat is, the more active her offspring.
    • The period of gestation also affects the activation of the senses. The longer it is, the faster babies mature after birth.

    Features of newborn kittens

    Tiny animals are born deaf, blind, with barely noticeable signs of life. This is completely normal and you should not be afraid if the “lump” does not react to you in any way.

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    A cat, even if this is her first birth, is endowed with all the instincts to raise her offspring. The crumbs will begin to hear and open their eyes soon enough, you need to be patient and wait.

    How to care for a kitten before he opens his eyes

    Until the period when the kitten begins to see, it is necessary to keep it in the twilight. The place should be secluded, protected from sunlight, better, harsh light flashes.

    Usually a mother cat is well-off to keep the family nest clean. Do not worry about the kittens’ bowel movements at this time, the mother will take care of this. But it is important to monitor the condition of the eyes. It is recommended to wipe the eyelids and eyes of the kittens 1-2 times a day with a strong tea infusion or another alcohol-free antiseptic (solution of potassium permanganate, furacilin). This will prevent harmful bacteria from entering the mucous membrane and suppuration.

    Such care should be continued even when the kitten’s eyes are already opening. Like children, fluffy babies can have detachable secretions in their eyes, which should be removed by rubbing the eyelids. Careful care is recommended to observe the first month of life of the offspring.


    Conjunctivitis is an infectious disease that affects the eyes. It is provoked by harmful bacteria trapped in the mucous membrane.

    The infection can manifest itself even before the kittens’ eyes open, because of which the animal will not be able to start using its vision in time.


    • Swelling, swelling of the eyelids.
    • Abundant discharge of a purulent character from the eye.
    • Lachrymation.

    What to do:

    Special medications (drops, ointments) will help get rid of conjunctivitis. These can be purchased at your veterinary pharmacy. At the first stage, the baby can be helped by rubbing his eyes with tea or an antiseptic solution without alcohol.

    What day do kittens open their eyes

    Cats are cute, affectionate creatures that get along well next to people. The birth of offspring in a cat is a real miracle. When do kittens open their eyes? This question is asked by many who first encountered the appearance of small squeaking lumps in their home. Any kitten owner needs to know the answer to this question in order to properly care for pets.

    Possible problems with opening eyes

    Unfortunately, sometimes baleen babies can develop eye problems. Let’s consider the most common.

    Splicing the eyelids

    Occasionally, kittens have eyelid adhesion. It is worth checking the cub for a problem if 3 weeks have passed and the eyes do not open. It is necessary to pull slightly on both eyelids, but very carefully. If they do not break apart, you will need the help of a veterinarian.

    The problem is usually solved with surgery or regular massage. Do not worry about the pet, the eyelid dissection is done under anesthesia, and the subsequent use of medications will help the eyes heal quickly.

    So, we learned that a kitten after birth opens its eyes in the period from 3 to 15 days. How long it will take to wait for an interesting event depends on the breed, the age of the mother cat and some other features.

    Kittens. When kittens eyes open and others “cat dates

    If your cat has kittens, you will surely have many questions about their development and care. About it. In today’s note of the Menagerie section on www.Vse-dni.Ru.

    When kittens eyes open?

    So a small and helpless little lump was born. Only after a while will he turn into a proud and independent cat or into a beautiful graceful kitty. And now this tiny creature has not even opened its eyes yet, relying on the protection of its mother and the help of a caring mistress. It will take about 10 days for the kitten to develop hearing. He almost does not respond to external stimuli. Many people, watching these defenseless creatures, even worry when they will begin to see daylight. How does kitten eyes open? What problems can lie in wait for these pussies in the first month of life?

    Let’s try to answer some common questions that bother cat lovers who first took to caring for newborn kittens. It is impossible to reveal all the topics in a small note, so we tried to highlight only those of them that are associated with eye diseases.

    What time do kittens open their eyes? If one needs 5 days or even two weeks, then other babies begin to see the world already on the 2nd or 3rd day (sphinxes, rexes). The time when kittens’ eyes open depends a little on the breed of the pet. Long-haired pets open their eyes later than short-haired ones. But even if the crumbs’ eyelids have opened, then he still sees very little. Most likely, the baby can only distinguish between vague light and darkness, and his real vision will appear only after a while, when it begins to move more independently and metabolic processes will accelerate. At first, you should keep the baby in a dark place, do not bother him in vain. Some researchers note that animals that are in a dark place for the first two weeks open their eyes a little faster than babies that spend time in bright light.

    The kitten has a bad eye opening. If this process is a little

    When a kitten’s eyes open?

    Your cat has brought some small squeaking lumps into this world. When does a newborn kitten open its eyes? How vision is formed in kittens.

    Newborn kittens are born completely helpless: absolutely blind and deaf babies who are guided only by the smell of mother’s milk and its warmth. in the first days of life they don’t need more. The kittens’ eyelids are glued together at this time and look like small slits. The owners, being touched by the addition to the family, usually look forward to the moment when the kittens open their eyes. This usually occurs between the 5th and 16th day of life. There are a number of factors that affect how many days kittens’ eyes open:

    First of all, this occurs in Devon Rex. their kittens open their eyes after 4-5 days, and sometimes already literally on the second day. For sphinxes. on the sixth day. But ragdoll pussies can remain blind for up to two weeks or even more, which is completely normal for them. In general, the trend is this: in short-haired and hairless breeds, kittens open their eyes after a shorter period of time than in long-haired.

    On what day the kittens’ eyes open depends also on the gestational age of their mother. If the cat has had an early birth, it may happen a little later than usual. Conversely, if the cat is “in position”, it will happen faster.

    Even gender can influence how long it takes kittens to open their eyes. This usually happens earlier in kitties than in male kittens.

    When kittens open their eyes and other stages of their development from birth to a month

    So, in your house now, instead of one fluffy miracle, there are many. Two? Three? Six? Your cat has lambed and, being a happy mom, she spends her days in a box with her family. And the owner had more trouble and, of course, questions. Those of them who had never dealt with newborn kittens before, of course, thought least of all about how newborn “babies” look and what they can do: when they open their eyes, at what age they begin to hear, etc. Let’s figure it out together in what changes occur with babies from birth to independence.

    A newly born kitten cannot see, hear, and cannot walk. Even crawling is extremely difficult for him, and he does it very slowly. But what he knows how to do very well is to eat. Yes, yes, this is very important, because in order to grow, develop and gain strength, it is necessary first of all. A newborn kitten in the first days drinks about 5-10 ml of milk for one meal, the number of feedings can reach 10-12 times a day.

    By the way, such senses as touch and smell in babies are developed from birth. The body temperature of kittens is lower than that of adult animals, and thermoregulation is imperfect, which is why they really need warmth from the body of a mother-cat.

    This time is a turning point in the life of the baby. It. The period when kittens open their eyes, but not only. In the same week, babies begin to hear, their ear canals also open. Most often this happens on the 9-10th day. When do kittens open their eyes specifically? This usually happens on the 7-12th day. It has been noticed that in cats the eyelids begin to part a little earlier than in cats. Also, experts say that short-haired animals begin to see earlier.

    Cat world

    Starting a cat in a city apartment, a person wants to find not so much a rodent hunter as a general favorite, a little friend or even a new family member.

    When this little lump is born, it is completely defenseless. The first three weeks of a baby’s life, all the care of them lies with their mother. A new cat family needs to build a separate place: for example, a spacious box or a cage with soft bedding. Newborn kittens have a body temperature below normal. 36, not 37.5 degrees. In addition, their tiny body is very sensitive to ambient temperature and can easily hypothermia. Therefore, for the first weeks, babies keep warm, snuggling to their mother.

    Kittens are born with closed eyes and auditory canals, but from birth they have a well-developed sense of smell and touch. Kittens open their eyes on the 10-16th day after birth (although kittens of short-haired breeds open their eyes a little earlier than in long-haired ones), and hearing appears from 15-17 days of age. They still cannot stand on their paws, but they can successfully crawl on their nest.

    During this period, the owners only need to maintain cleanliness in the place where the kittens are kept. The cat itself cannot change the litter, but if she determines that the “house” is not clean enough, she will start dragging the kittens to a more favorable place, which may not be to the taste of either the kittens or the owners.

    By the age of 2-3 weeks, kittens begin to move independently, which more actively stimulates metabolic processes and heat production. During this period, the kitten opens its eyes (at this stage, they are gray-blue in color in all kittens), begins to perceive sounds, and the first milk incisors begin to appear. Milk teeth are replaced by permanent ones at the age from 4 to 6 months.

    From the 5th week it is necessary to accustom the kitten to solid food. Start sl

    Pages. When to start hand training kittens:

    Do not be afraid to take newborn kittens in your arms. So they quickly get used to a person, and their mother will lick them afterwards from someone else’s smell. Just do not do this very often and for a long time, since it is still stress for a newborn kitten. If a kitten does not get used to a person before one and a half months of age, he “runs wild”.

    Recommend to friends: When kittens have hearing:

    Hearing in newborn kittens is also absent, and appears only on day 10, but the ears fully develop only by 9-11 weeks.

    As soon as the kitten has vision, by about 2 weeks, they become noticeably more animated and begin to study the world around them.