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What you need to know when buying a kitten

Watch this before buying a kitten!

Choosing a kitten in 10 steps (what you need to know when shopping)

So, you have decided to get serious about buying a purebred kitten and want to know how it should be done. Below I will give a few key points that must be taken into account so that the purchase does not cause disappointment.

Pick and buy a kitten personally. The kitten should be chosen by the future owner himself, or owners, if the family consists of several people. Remember that you are choosing not only a kitten, but also a breeder to whom you will have to communicate after purchase for advice. Before going to the bridegroom, put on non-marking clothes to which wool does not adhere well. you go to a house where cats live, you will sit there and take them in your arms. Do not use any perfumes, cats hate strong strong smells, so they will avoid communication with you and you will not be able to communicate with them properly.

Buy a kitten from home. only in this case you will see what exactly you are taking. You can look after the kitten at the show, but the final decision should be made only after observing the kitten in a calm home environment.

Outwardly, the kitten must be absolutely healthy. Refuse to buy, if the kitten is carried out in your hands for five minutes in the semi-dark hallway, the Breeder must show how the kitten plays and moves around the room, watch him for half an hour. this time is enough to see if the kitten is something is wrong.

The kitten must be at least 3 months old. Physical development of the kitten and the full course of primary vaccinations is completed by three months, but not earlier. Kittens are younger, under-vaccinated, you cannot buy, but you can reserve by making a prepayment. The deposit is usually 1 / 5-1 / 3 of the amount and a written agreement must be drawn up for it or a receipt for receipt of money must be issued.

The kitten must not only be vaccinated and revaccinated, but also have a veterinary passport with all the vaccinations affixed.If a kitten is bought in another city / country, then, in addition to the polyvalent antiviral vaccination, he must also have rabies, certified in a state veterinary clinic, affixed no later than a month before departure, as well as a certificate for removal from the veterinary clinic, taken on the eve of departure.

The Breeder must have documents confirming the seriousness of his activity. a certificate of registration of the cattery in a serious felinological system, pedigrees for the parents of kittens and certificates of obtaining titles by them, the results of animal examinations for viral and genetic diseases.

The kitten must have a document of origin. This can be a metric by which you can get a pedigree or a ready-made pedigree, depending on the conditions on which the kitten is bought. For example, obtaining a pedigree is possible in exchange for a metric after neutering an animal sold as a pet.

All conditions of purchase must be supported by a written agreement in 2 copies, one remains for the breeder, the other you receive. A written agreement is necessary to settle the relationship between the breeder and the new owner of the kitten, because conditions can be forgotten or misunderstood when explained verbally. In case of possible problems, it is the written agreement that will serve as a reason for the proceedings, but not what was said orally.

The kitten should be given a dowry. food and filler, to which the kitten is accustomed at home, calculated for several days, as well as detailed recommendations on the procedure for feeding and keeping the kitten in the new home. This is very important so that the stress of the move does not overlap with the stress of changing food and toilet.

Ask the breeder for a recommendation of a good veterinarian Unfortunately, there are very few good veterinarians who know the specific physiology of cats. Veterinary academies teach how to treat agricultural animals, not pets, so only the presence of positive practical experience in treating cats with a veterinarian can serve as a reason for contacting him for advice.

What you need to know about the breed

Ragdoll (English Ragdoll. rag doll). a breed of semi-long-haired cats, bred in the 60s of the last century in the United States. Ragdolls got their unusual name because of a gene mutation, as a result of which their muscle tone is reduced. As a result, they are extremely flexible and soft to the touch, but they should be handled with care: unlike other cats, they are not able to land on their paws, and even falling off the couch is fraught with serious injuries for them. Due to their physical characteristics, ragdolls are never aggressive, on the contrary, the owners, on whom they completely depend, are for them the center of the universe, and it is hardly possible to find anywhere more docile and loyal cats.

Ragdolls require constant care, but at the same time they are not capricious and very phlegmatic. They get along well with other animals and, if they show aggression towards them, they simply leave and do not get involved in a fight.

Representatives of this breed prefer to communicate with people. They have high intelligence, quickly become accustomed to the tray and perfectly understand human speech.

How to choose a real ragdoll

When choosing Ragdoll kittens, it is extremely important to remember that they are all born completely white, and the true color of the cat will appear only at the age of two. In newborns, the eyes open only after two weeks, the sucking period also lasts quite a long time, and it is not worth taking babies away from cats prematurely.

Very often, a representative of ragdolls is passed off as their close relative. a Burmese cat. The reason for this is the similar color with dark markings. Meanwhile, the ragdoll standard is quite strict: its distinctive features, along with a peaceful character, are rich blue wide-set eyes, a wedge-shaped muzzle with chubby cheeks and a middle chin, rounded ears (sometimes with tassels), a long muscular body with a long, slightly pointed tail. Despite some stockiness and muscularity, muscle tone in these cats is always reduced. By and large, to distinguish a real ragdoll, you just need to pick it up.

There are only three color options: color-point (standard), mitted (with white “socks”, chin and chest) and bicolor (two-tone). Each of the colors can be one of four varieties: “sio”, blue, purple or chocolate.


“Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Heavenly Father, You said with your pure lips that nothing can be done without You. I ask for your help! Start every business with You, for Your glory and the salvation of my soul. And now, and ever, and forever and ever. Amen”.

“Nicholas, the saint of God, the helper of God. You are in the field, you are in the house, on the way, and on the road, in heaven and on earth: intercede and keep from all evil “.

“Our Father, Who art in heaven! Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in heaven and on earth. give us our daily loaf this day; and leave us our debts, as we also leave our debtors; and do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one “.

Circle the purchased animal around you, hold the bridle or rope not with your bare hands, but in mittens and say, turning to the housekeeper:

“Here’s a shaggy beast for you, hostess, in a rich yard. Sing, feed and smooth surface with a mitten “.

“The breadwinner is father, as I love these cows (sheep, pigs, etc.), so do you love them and holi”.

When buying an animal, give money for it so that there is change, then livestock will be kept. This change is hidden above the barn entrance. Or to the house if it’s dogs or cats.

“Lord, bless our milk, butter, cheese and meat for the home. Amen”.

These words are spoken by giving money for cattle.

Sweep it with a birch broom and say:

“Be your body meaty smooth, milk white and sweet, sour cream, fatty and tasty. And you, little brownie, take her home to the barn. Protect day and night, do not let the jinx of my cow. Key, lock, tongue. Amen”.

Conspiracy when buying pet food

In order for the animals to be safe and tenacious, when buying food for them, do not forget to say:

“I buy, I bless in the name of Christ. Amen”.

Take a cup of salt water, walk three times around the animal and say, splashing on the animal:

I cut and salt and don’t give. I will not let you spoil your own, or someone else’s, or stupid. Not out of stupidity, not out of greed, not out of envy, not out of self-interest, not out of anger. My leg will rise forward, my hand will overturn, and the damage will disappear. Amen”.

Speak festering eyes in animals

Look directly into the eyes of the animal and say three times:

Clean water, clean eyes, wash away the disease, a tear. Amen”.

Cut the apple into two halves above the sick animal’s head. Rub the lichen with one half of an apple. Put them together and take the apple to the bridge over the river. Put halves of apples on the railing of the bridge from different sides with the words:

How this apple was whole, but it became divided, how I put its two sides opposite each other, so that it would not deprive my cattle. Amen”.

“There is a dry shalga in the open field. As on that shalga, neither grass grows, nor a flower blooms, so that my cattle have no fistula, no wound, no bleeding, no abscesses, no sick growths, no serious ailment. I lock it with my strength, my will, my word. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

Raise an animal that has fallen from its feet (horse, cow, etc.)

Before you go to treat an animal, light a candle or an icon lamp in the house and open the window. Stand at the animal’s feet and say in an undertone 12 times without interruption:

Rejoice and hello. The Lord gave you to us for food, but it’s not time for you to die, get up “.

Take three heaps of hay on any of the days from 18 to 31 August from three heaps with the words:

Frol and Laurus, come to feed my cattle in winter “.

Hide this hay, and on the day of the Intercession of the Mother of God you need to give this hay to the animals. The cattle will be strong and tenacious.

Cure a sore ear in an animal.

Stand next to the animal and whisper in his ear:

The corner is chopped and the cross of oak trees, so that the ear does not ache and does not twist, neither in the day, nor at night, nor in the morning dawn, nor in the evening. Not in the new, not in the wind, not in the calm. Forever and ever. Amen”.

Animal birth conspiracy

You can give relief to animals during childbirth with this conspiracy:

“Opening the golden gates, I remove heavy attempts, birth cramps, drive away torments. both original and all-born. Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

Thief, become a pillar. As the pillar does not see and as the pillar does not hear, so you go deaf and go blind and do not steal my cattle. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

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Take a knife, in the field or in the forest, draw a circle and, jabbing a knife into the circle, read:

“I ask you, Yuri, Yegoriy, I ask you as God, stop your field, forest and pine forest horts, clamp their teeth and lips with them. So that they do not see with their own eyes, with their ears they do not hear my cattle (nickname) in the field, in the forest and in any place. And you put it, Lord, in such a place that my cattle (nickname) would seem to your hortam as a dry stump, a rotten deck “.

Then leave the knife stuck in the circle overnight until the brute returns home.

Prerequisite: no one should see or hear your actions. And to brag that the spell helped the cattle return unharmed is by no means.

So that not a single cattle in the herd is lost

They take a whip to the full moon, hitting it, go counterclockwise around the herd and shout:

“Wolves don’t tear, people don’t steal, don’t kill ticks, don’t suck blood. As when he led, he took away, as he took, so he gave. Get out, you are black, speckled, white, black, curly and all the same as you are. God will give me all to count. Amen. Amen. Amen”.

Tear the red rag into three pieces. Then tie them together and leave in the place where the missing cattle usually spend the night. Throwing away the strings, say:

“As soon as I twisted three red knots, so soon that I found the missing cattle”.

In the middle of the yard, light a bedding from under the stolen cattle and read the spell three times:

“As this place burns, let the thief’s bone, brain, blood burn. Let fear and forty illnesses attack him. It pinches and breaks, gnaws and throws, shakes and crushes, knots veins. As this fire goes out, the thief will feel bad. Amen”.

“Thief, become a pillar. As the pillar does not see and as the pillar does not hear, so you go deaf and go blind and do not steal my cattle. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

Amulet so that no one spoils the animal

On Maundy Thursday you need to put on a sheepskin coat backwards. Approach all the cattle you have in turn, shake the bucket and say:

“On the eastern side, in a distant country, Blasius and Theodosius walk. They have golden keys in their holy hands. Oh, you saints, lock my bodies of meat, rivers of milk, so that no one approaches these rivers, so that no one ruins my economy. Run, milk, along the veins, from the veins straight to the udder, from the tenderloin to the milk-box, from the milk-box to the milk-box. Find, zhor, on my cattle, and you, zhor, go to fat, shine, get meat. Chur, my deeds, amen to my words. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen”.

So that your animals are never spoiled

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During Holy Week, on Wednesday from twelve to one in the afternoon, when the service is in the church, go around your household, holding a nail in one hand and a hammer in the other. As you go around everything three times, drive a nail under your porch with the words:

“As a nail submits to a hammer, so all sorcerers bow down before me. As the nail entered the board and as my eyes see it, so no sorcerer of my court will offend. Amen”.

The fluff is furious, fluff. As the month changes, is reborn, so let the fluff grow and fluff on my goats. I comb, comb, rake, slander, bless. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

To keep the cow calm during milking.

Remember, Lord, King David and all his meekness. Tame, Lord, the cow with your fortresses. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

The conspiracy is read into water, with which the udder is washed:

Lord God bless. As I speak, so it will be. So my cow (name of the cow) would not move. Do not give her, Lord, no kicking, no tail waving, no horn butting. Stands like a mountain. drink it with a river: a lake of sour cream, a river of milk Key and lock to my words. Amen”.

Words to say after calving

So that all animals are always healthy. As soon as the cow calves, you need to run your hand along the wall from the bottom up, and then along the cow’s back with the words:

“The walls will stand, and you will bear offspring. How strong are the walls, so tight is your insides “.

On the calf so as not to run away from the cow

Dip the tail of the cow in colostrum, read the plot three times:

“You will be with the calf, and we will be with your milk. Sisters of Christ, give my cow a drink, so that she can water and feed us, as you do. “.

This slander should be read on Thursdays in the spring when driving the animal out to the pasture. And then there will always be plenty of fat milk, thick sour cream, good cheese and cottage cheese.

“Black color (or another), on green arable land, on spring waters, on dairy shores, on steep cheese, on thick sour cream, on fatty butter. Break away from the enemies with your horns, get rid of them with your hooves, brush them off with your tail, come and bring me all the benefits. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

Buy a new milk pan, on a full moon, in the morning. Buying it, do not take change from the purchase, but overpay. Before you milk a cow for the first time in this milk bin, do not forget to say while looking into it:

“There is a golden throne on the okiyan-sea, on this throne the Mother of God sits, looking at me with kind eyes. I will get up, cross myself, go up to her, bowing low. Mother, Mother of God, wish to give milk to my cow, three top, three top and top three top. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen”.

Ask to put the cow on its feet, move your hand clockwise along the stomach and say three times:

“My word will prevail, the cow will give birth now. Abraham, Panteleimon, Moses. Amen”.

To do this, you need to stock up on rainwater from a thunderstorm in advance. They store such water in cellars. To give the cow water, which was collected immediately after the thunder, during the rain during difficult labor.

Ask the shepherd who tended your cow for the whip. Go to the barn where the cow lies and holding the whip over the cow say:

Clear field, free expanse. Go forty saints that field, that free expanse. Find my cattle in the middle of the herd. Baptize her with your finger, chase her with this whip. Lift her up from the worst of trouble. Cross of the Lord, shepherd’s whip. Amen, amen, amen. This should be done three times. “.

Pour the very first milk of a cow on the wall and say:

“Mother heifer, stand like a wall, milk like a river, so that the buckets of cream are full and the jars of sour cream are greasy. The key to my words, the lock to my deeds. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen”.

If the cow has lost milk, you need to take a strainer, put it in a pot, fill it with water consecrated in the temple, put the pot in the oven and cook, stirring with a consecrated willow twig on Palm Sunday. When the water in the pot boils, the one who made the damage will come running to ask for forgiveness, the fire in her chest will burn so much, and the milk will return to your cow.

“Just as a viper cannot understand a whale, a witch cannot take milk from a cow. As the viper does not bite the iron, so that the witch does not bite my ladybug “.

If the cow is spoiled and she does not give milk, or her milk flows completely to the ground while she goes home, you need to sprinkle the back of the cow with Thursday salt at sunset, saying:

“I forbid you, damned demon, unclean spirit, to be in this place. Go to your place, and your place is hell. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

Take a piece of hay out of the mouth of the chewing cow, speak at it, and immediately give it to her again. Make sure that the cow chews the hay completely. They say hay like this:

“In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I unlock, the servant of God (name), 77 lived, 77 veins, 77 roads, 77 paths. Go, milk, these paths, these paths to the cow’s udder. As the water in the river runs, hurries, does not linger, so the milk cannot be taken away from my cow and is not kept now, forever and endlessly. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

If you bought a cow from other owners and she is reluctant to go to your house. And some cows are simply lascivious. they never go to the yard! When you see a cow out to pasture, tell her after:

“As ants go home, so would my cow go home.”.

To easily succeed. You need to read on the water and water the horse with this water.

“King David, King Solomon, you were meek and meek. So even my herd of hooves would not wave, I would not be thrown to the ground from my back. Lips, teeth, key, lock, tongue. Amen. Amen. Amen”.

If the rabbits are constantly dying or the rabbit crushes them, then you need to do the following. Take a piece of loaf, bite off three family members from it, and give the rest of the loaf to the rabbits with the words:

As it is true that three ate from one piece, it is true that not a single rabbit will die anymore. Amen”.

They draw 12 crosses with a knife on the cages where the animals live and say:

How the Christian world is multiplying. so you also be fruitful. As the steel of the knife is strong, so you will be strong and tenacious. Twelve crosses, one knife, me and my prayer. Amen”.

“Piging home, on his bones. meat, on meat. lard. God grant good luck in your purchase “.

Do not be afraid that the piglet will suddenly die or get sick. He will be healthy, voracious, cheerful.

To prevent the pig from tearing up its piglets.

A pig chosen for breeding should not be beaten and scratch its belly as often as possible so that it gets used to tickling and does not drive away piglets that will suckle milk. The hex is read for swill three days at dawn three times, while holding the little finger on the little finger clasped:

Morning dawn Marya, dawn evening Daria. Zarya-zarynitsa, the pig is suckling. As the morning dawn does not catch up with the evening dawn, so the pig will not touch its pig with its teeth. Amen”.

For pigs to gain weight quickly

In order for the pig to gain weight well, they tell her about food and drink:

“Just as people eagerly eat after fasting, so my pigs would eat too, and get better every minute. To my words. a mouth, teeth. a lock, tongue. a key. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

When you brew food for pigs, throw in handfuls of what you are cooking, and say this:

“As bad, crazy, eats and as it rushes from it, so would my pig and ate and get fat. Amen”.

Oh, Saint Joseph, you who had a dog, the one she saved from the Chaldeans in your sleep. You who have acquired the holy rank and the holy crown. Save my dog ​​from death. May one tear resurrect him. Amen”.

First, read the conspiracy to stop bleeding three times:

“A black raven flies through the waters of the sea, carries a silk thread in its beak; you, thread, break off, and you, krovushka, stop “.

Stop and blow on a wound or cut.

Then read 3 nights in a row the wound healing conspiracy:

“Two brothers are whipping a stone, two sisters are looking out the window, two mothers-in-law are standing at the gate. You, sister, turn away, and you, blood, calm down. You, brother, humble yourself, and you, blood, lock yourself up. The brother runs, the sister screams, the mother-in-law grumbles. And be my word strong on the abatement of blood, to this hour, to this minute. To close the wound, edge with edge, skin on skin, wool on wool, everything should be overgrown. Amen”.

As soon as the dog walks out the door into the street in the morning, tell her in the trail:

As you go beyond the threshold, let all the devils leave you. As it is true that you will now dry up, it is also true that the worms will leave you. Amen”.

“Bees swarm, bees breed, bees will humble themselves. I stand on the wax against the far side and hear the noise and hum of bees. I take a swarm bee, emboss it, put it in a hive. I’m not planting you, planting white stars, horn-footed month, red sun. They plant you, shorten you. You, bee, swarm, sit down at (such and such) on the district. I lock you, mother, all the roads with a key, a lock. And I throw my keys into the ocean-sea, under the green bush. And in a green bush sits to all the queens, the eldest queen, holds a sting, stings the recalcitrant bees; but if you will not obey my words, I will send you into the ocean-sea, under the green bush, where the queen is sitting, all the queen bees are the eldest. And it will sting you with stings for your disobedience. My word is strong. Amen”.

Read in the spring on the hive, when the bees begin to swarm:

In the church of heaven there is a crystal table, on the table there is a wedding bowl, in this bowl honey is poured. Whoever drinks it, does not drink to the bottom, the honey in the bowl does not decrease, but more still arrives. So the bees would drag honey into my hives, fill the honeycombs, pour the cups. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

On the full moon. standing by the house say 3 times:

Brownie, stay here, guard my birds from ferrets and foxes and wolves. Amen”.

So that the kite does not steal chickens, goslings, etc.

Light a candle outside the house with the words:

Fly the kite’s way by, guard Saint Thomas of the chickens. Amen”.

When you go to buy pigeons, take a handful of millet with you. Ask the owner of the pigeons to hold this millet in his hand. When you come home, give the pigeons this millet.

On Easter, dedicate millet and sprinkle it with a cross in the dovecote, saying:

I am baptized with a finger, sprinkled with a cross. My pigeons cannot be enticed, my slander cannot be interrupted. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

On the new moon, pour grain to the pigeons and say:

Lord, watch with your eye the bird of God, my doves. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

Hold the first gosling that hatches or the first one you buy with both hands and say:

It is found, it is not translated, it does not reproduce, it does not reproduce, how many feathers your mother has, so many geese for my grazing. Amen”.

To read “Theotokos” and go towards the geese.

Sprinkle wheat and peas when feeding the rooster from both hands at once and say:

I, God’s servant, feed the rooster. I forbid you, bird, to throw yourself and get mad. My word is strong and stucco. Amen”.

Before planting chickens in one cage, you need to say:

Just as an egg doesn’t bite a chicken, you won’t bite each other. Amen”.

As you, mother, you will not fit back into an egg, so you will not even throw an egg. “.

When the pullets begin to lay, let the eldest in the family eat the thirteenth egg, while making the sign of the cross:

The chicken is from the egg, and the egg is from the chicken. Amen”.

At night, looking to collect water, put it under the moonlight and say so:

“I will become blessed, crossing myself three times, spit over my left shoulder, a pig duna on a candle. I will go to the blue sea, on the blue sea there are gates, stone gates, carved gates, golden gates. Gold-silver glitters, below the white-combustible stone Alatyr stands, on the stone Alatyr Praskovya sits, holding a white cat-cat, a handsome cat, in white little hands. Praskovya cat strokes, strokes, words, cherished words, speaks. Words are spoken, words are spoken. Fly into the sea, the ocean, fly, do not twist my cat-kitty: fires, fevers, fevers, all ailments-sores. Come from the water. go to the water, sleep tama. Sleep in winter and summer. Do not be in trouble. Word on key. Praskovya, the girl’s water, has the key. Praskovya keeps that key, does not order anyone to take it. From century to century. From circle to circle. Now and ever. Yes, wake it up. Amen. Amen. Amen”.

Water your pet with spoken water.

“Go black, white, flesh, bloody, consumptive, ocular, watery, uterine, bone and meat ailments away from my cat. There is no place for it in the head, in the tail, in the paws, or in the body. Get out the disease. Amen”.

So that your beloved pet does not run away, take him in your arms and, stroking, whisper a conspiracy at him 7 times:

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“I bind you with love and affection, I hold you with care. Do not disappear, do not run away yourself, the place, and know your home. From a thief, from an enemy, from any misfortune of you, (nickname), I speak. Truly “!

Read on the street where the animal is lost. 2 times a day for a week. then a break of 7 days is needed and you can read again.

“Get ready, my dear beast (name, color of the animal’s fur, breed, who is a cat, a dog, another kind of animal), to every night to your house, as the Orthodox world gathers for the ringing of the bell and the church singing. As Ant children serve and obey their ant king, and like honey bees they flock to their nests and do not forget their children and do not leave them. And as fast rivers, both small and large, flock to the glorious ocean-sea, so would you, my beast (name, color of the animal’s fur, breed, name who. cat, dog, other type of animal), flowed to my voice from all sides : because of the lakes, from the quick-moving mosses, from the black swamps, because of the rivers, because of the streams, because of the forests, flowed into my house the night to spend the night, to live forever. Amen”.

For a cat or dog to take root in a new home

Cut off a few hairs from their head, back and tail, fold them together and insert into which one. neither be a crack, in the doorway or in the floor, next to the exit from the house. Then say these words:

Things to Know Before You Get a Kitten! Checklist of Things You Should Know Before You Adopt a Cat!

“As a dog’s (cat’s) hair will keep in the threshold, so the dog (cat) will keep to this threshold. May it be so”!

Lubricate your pet’s paws with butter. It’s good if the cat starts licking it. At this time, read the conspiracy:

“As oil sticks to its paws, so the cat will stick to the house. As a cat loves its paws, so will my house be dear to her and will be loved. Amen”.

Place the animal in front of a large mirror so that it sees its reflection in it, and say:

“As the reflection of its master always finds, so this cat (dog) will always find its home. Truly “.

It is necessary to transfer the animal through a belt laid across the entrance or a strap removed from the clothes in which you often walk. This is done once, when the pet is first brought into your home. Also drive around the pole so that you can come home well.

Speak water and wash your doors and threshold with it.

how you blessed the house of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen”.

To make a wild animal tame and obedient

Take the animal to the intersection of two footpaths. Cut off a clump of his wool there, throw this wool to the ground and say:

“Crossroads to crossroads, from corner to corner, trail on trail, all in different directions, and my dog ​​(cat) is with me. Amen”.

To protect your pet from theft

Take him to an open place and walk around him three times clockwise, uttering a conspiracy and clapping your hands in time to your words and steps:

“Not to see with your eyes, not to hear with your ears, not to take with your hands, not to step from the yard, not to welcome someone else’s, only to recognize me. Anyone who plans to steal should not let go of his hands, not open his eyes, go to someone else’s court. Words are strong, spoken and fulfilled. Amen”.

If the animal does not agree to stand in one place for a minute, then it is better to tie it.

In the middle of the yard, light the bedding from under the stolen pet and recite the spell three times:

“As this place burns, let the thief’s bone, brain, blood burn. Let fear and forty illnesses attack him. It pinches and breaks, gnaws and throws, shakes and crushes, knits veins on knots. As this fire goes out, the thief will feel bad. Amen”.

A conspiracy to sell puppies or kittens

For all offspring that is to be sold, you need to wear charmed strings or ribbons around the neck. This is especially true for puppies. Attention! You cannot put strings on kittens! But you can read the conspiracy on them. So, at the beginning, from a new skein of red thread or ribbon, unwind an arbitrary number of threads or ribbon and cut. Read the plot over the cut thread or ribbon three times:

“I cut it off, cut it off, got an unclean eye, saved it to name a living creature (for example, a puppy, a kitten), protected it from damage”.

After that, put a charmed thread on the neck of each animal. When the buyer arrives, read over the animals three times, or as you carry them to the market:

“Puppies. puppies (pigs. pigs; seals. kittens. That is, first call your animals), dear guys, leave my hands, serve the new owner faithfully. They will take you beautiful, they will take you home. And I’ll get a profit, I don’t worry about you anymore ”.

When you need to sell, but you can’t

Stand next to the kittens or others you want to sell, close your eyes and say:

“As I easily closed my eyes, so I would easily (this and that) come off. The key to my words, the lock to my deeds. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

To pet the offspring at dawn, say this:

“As my hands stroke and cherish you, so that after you every hand will dove. You should be satiated, do not know sorrow, blessed masters, warmth of home. Amen”.

After that, try not to stroke kittens or puppies or take them in your arms.

Do not believe your eyes! Or what you need to pay attention to when buying a thoroughbred kitten according to an ad

Bulletin boards in the world network are full of advertisements for the sale of pedigree kittens. In every more or less large city there are hundreds of such proposals. This is especially true for the most “fashionable”, common, favorite cat breeds. How not to get confused in this variety and choose a kitten without being deceived in its quality and health and buying it for its real value? Let’s try to figure out what to pay special attention to when studying the text of the ads. The first thing to pay attention to is the age of the child. If the kitten on sale was born less than 2 months ago, and it is already being sold, and not reserved in order to give it away at a decent age, then it is better not to contact such sellers at all. No self-respecting breeder will give a kitten under 2 months old to a new home! Until this age, the child should live at home, with a mother cat, learn from her what can and cannot be done in the house, finally switch to adult food, socialize and learn to communicate with people. Kittens that are early separated from their mother and littermates quite often have various deviations in behavior, they are less accustomed to the tray and scratching posts, and their games with a person can be too intrusive and aggressive. In addition, the age of 1.5-2.5 months is the most dangerous for the beginning of an independent life for a kitten, since this is the so-called period of the “immune hole”, when the kitten’s maternal immunity is no longer sufficient, and its own is still practically not working in the kitten; a baby, barely finding himself in a new house, can simply die from a viral infection In other words, only a person who obviously does not care (to put it mildly) about this kitten, his health, life in a new house and relationship with new owners. No sane person will sign up for such a purchase, knowing what it threatens him.

If you are looking for a truly thoroughbred animal, and not a mestizo of unknown origin, remotely resembling what breed is unknown, then when choosing a kitten, you should pay attention to the child’s pedigree. This is the only document that guarantees that your chosen kitten is really a British Shorthair or Abyssinian, and not a purebred “nobleman”, vaguely similar to such a color and in general has nothing to do with the declared breed. Actually, both mestizo and “noblemen” are no less sweet, smart and loved than purebred animals, but in their case the question arises whether it is worth paying tangible money for a kitten with an unknown origin, when they are often given into good hands for free

Another important point is vaccinations. In fact, vaccinating a kitten is an excellent characteristic for its breeder. Self-respecting catteries and breeders generally sell kittens only fully vaccinated and quarantined after vaccinations (immunity is not formed in the first half hour after the vaccine injection, but within about 2 weeks after it, and during this period the kitten should remain healthy and avoid stress) If the kitten is given to the unvaccinated, the new owner should think about whether he is ready to risk the health and life of a barely bought baby. After all, moving to a new home is a tremendous stress for the baby, and against the background of such stress, little kittens fall ill with both infectious and non-infectious diseases much faster and easier However, everything is not as simple as we would like. Vaccination schedules for different manufacturers of vaccines have a lot in common, especially the recommended age of kittens. A kitten under the age of eleven weeks (2.5 months) cannot be fully vaccinated, no matter what songs its seller sings to you! An “under-vaccinated” kitten is not protected from infections, and vaccines against dermatophytosis (Vakderm, Microderm, Polivak) have nothing to do with viral infections, and their effectiveness in relation to fungal skin diseases is highly questionable. If the health of your future little pet is dear to you, pay maximum attention to the issue of its vaccination.

You should also listen carefully to the words of the breeder about the breeding prospects of a kitten sold with the right to breed. A kitten with the right to breeding is always more expensive than a kitten “on a pillow”, so many not very conscientious breeders tend to sell literally everything that moves for breeding. The owners give fabulous money for the kitten, and after a few months they come to the exhibition, where they listen with surprise and horror as the expert tries to gently explain to them that their pet is only remotely similar to its breed, and such an animal simply cannot be breeding Any loud The breeder’s statements regarding the prospects of his kitten must be documented! If the breeder shouts that the kitten being sold is a show class, but the kitten has never been at any exhibition and has no evaluators, awards and nominations, then all the statements of this breeder are empty boasting, and this child, at best, is not bad. But is it worth the money that the breeder wants to get for it is, again, a big question.

Finally, when buying a kitten, you should always pay attention to the conditions in which it grew up with previous owners. And here it doesn’t matter whether you decide to have a thoroughbred animal, a cute mestizo, or take a nice “nobleman” in good hands. Poor nutrition in the first months of life can leave its negative imprint on the health of a kitten easier than it seems to a person from the outside. Sometimes. and reward him with chronic diseases, with which the new owner will have to fight his whole future life. So, if the breeder says that the kitten ate his food from the table (borscht, fried potatoes, sausage) or economy-class food with an unfortunate 4% meat in the composition (Kitecat, Whiskas, Friskies, Darling, Felix, CatChow), then, having bought this kitten, you with no small probability run the risk of having an animal at home not only with disturbed gastronomic addictions, but also with chronic gastritis, pancreatitis, liver pathologies. It is unlikely that an adequate person can dream of a pet with such a dowry.

If the breeders do not have a single scratching post at home, the kitten cannot be accustomed to it. If a cat with kittens is used to walking through the window of the first floor, then in the new house the kitten will try to walk in the same way (which is fraught with the death of the baby if its new owners live above the second floor). In other words, when deciding whether to take a particular cute kitten, find out as many details as possible about its nutrition, maintenance and habits and consider them from the point of view of possible problems in your future life together. In the end, you choose not a toy for several months, but an animal with which you have to live together for the next fifteen years. And your choice of a kitten largely depends on how happy and cloudless these years of marriage will be.

The article is taken from the official site of the Saratov cattery of Scottish and British cats feantary.

What is important when buying a purebred kitten?

It may seem that there is nothing difficult in acquiring a purebred feline. However, this is not at all the case. Buying a thoroughbred kitten contains a lot of nuances that must be taken into account. It is important to note that the breeding of thoroughbred animals is not an easy task, it seems simple Therefore, in this area there are many random and unscrupulous people who sell “not very thoroughbred” animals, passing them off as thoroughbred and, what is more tragic, not very healthy or even terminally ill animals for healthy. So, what should you pay special attention to when purchasing a purebred kitten??

When choosing a cat breed, it is important to be based not only on its visual perception, i.e. exterior characteristics, but also on the qualities that are inherent in a particular breed. The fact is that each breed of cats has special characteristics inherent in it by nature. By paying attention to this factor, you can avoid problems that may appear in the future. You should decide for yourself if you can get along with a cat that has certain habits.


For example, Oriental and Siamese cat breeds are characterized by excessive activity, which does not make sense to tame. This does not depend on the upbringing or character of a particular cat, these are breed features that cannot be avoided.

There are different representatives of felines: calm, energetic and very energetic, talkative and not very, well and badly tolerating the temporary absence of the owner, for example, during the working day, etc. It is important to choose the right breed, the one that is close to you and your family.

There is such a term as the breed of an animal. And this is not just the attribution of an animal to a particular breed, which is necessarily confirmed by the pedigree. The breed of an animal is the quality of the breed characteristics, i.e. compliance of the external characteristics of the cat with breed standards. It is important that the kitten’s parents have excellent breed data, as evidenced by their titles. Ask if the kitten’s parents took part in exhibitions, and this is not just idle information

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The breed of an animal is determined by experts at exhibitions by a certain system of assessing and assigning titles to animals. The most initial title in adult animals. it is the Champion of the breed (Ch), which opens the show career and the path to breeding for the animal. The presence of this title is mandatory for parents of kittens, at least for a cat, unless of course you want a purebred kitten, and not like a purebred one. The final and most significant title is Champion of the World (W.Ch). Each title given to an animal is accompanied by a title certificate and an assessment sheet, which you can see from the breeder. All titles of ancestors are marked in the pedigree of the animal and the more there are, the higher its potential breed.

Sale of kittens “without documents”. Kittens “similar to pedigree”.

You can often find advertisements for the sale of pedigree kittens without documents, allegedly because the kitten is being sold as a pet. Needless to say that the presence of documents is precisely the confirmation that the animal is purebred.

When buying a kitten, the breeder gives the new owner a metric about the origin of the animal. It is issued for each kitten by the club’s felinologist when registering a litter, based on the pedigree of the parents and the examination of the kitten. The metric contains basic information about the kitten: breed, date of birth, sex of the animal, color, breed of parents, numbers of their pedigrees, their color and titles, if any. If a kitten is sold (for various reasons) as a pet, then in the metric the breeder makes a note: “without the right of breeding”. Based on the metric of a kitten, you can purchase its pedigree in the club where the breeder is or the cattery is registered. Most often, undocumented kittens are sold in the following cases:

  • The documents are not completed, tk. the litter is not registered in the club, for example, mating between the British and Scottish breeds is now prohibited, and the pedigrees of its parents can serve as conditional proof of the kitten’s belonging to the breed.
  • Lack of pedigree in one or both parents of a kitten, which most often happens when they were acquired at one time. without breeding rights. Litter in this case cannot be registered. A certain part of “similar” animals are born from thoroughbred animals acquired without the right to breed. The lack of such a right may be due to genetic abnormalities incompatible with breeding.

The sale of undocumented kittens is the absence of any responsibility of the so-called amateur breeders. By purchasing an undocumented kitten, in addition to the absence of a true belonging to the breed, you can acquire a bunch of problems: from health problems to anomalies in the development of an animal, which can appear in the first year of its life.

You should worry about the health of your future pet already at the stage of its acquisition. The optimal age for weaning a kitten from its mother is 10.12 weeks, which is associated with the kitten’s immune system, the period of vaccination and normal socialization.

Weaning a kitten early from its mother can seriously affect its immunity. Until this period, you can get acquainted with the kitten and, if desired, reserve it to leave it with you.

What does a healthy kitten look like? A healthy kitten makes a very pleasant impression. The kitten has shiny fur, clear eyes, clean ears, pink mouth. Everything is clean under the tail, the skin around the anus should not look sore pink. The kitten should not sneeze, suffer from watery eyes, have any discharge, or smell bad. A healthy kitten’s tummy should be soft enough. The kitten must be active and playful.

If a kitten has some peculiarities in development, this happens sometimes, then a conscientious breeder must inform about it.

Unfortunately, often the acquisition of a kitten in a random place, at a symbolic price, from the so-called “lovers” is fraught with serious diseases in animals, the treatment of which requires a lot of time, material and emotional costs, and is not always successful And these are the risks that it would be good to estimate in advance.

Any sales agreement implies the ability to independently examine a kitten in the clinic. Do not neglect this opportunity, it can be of significant benefit. According to the rules specified in the contract, the survey can be performed within 3-5 days after purchase. If viral diseases are found, the kitten can be returned to the breeder.

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The personality of the breeder and the conditions for raising a kitten

A breeder is not just a stranger, it is the first educator of your little pet. A lot in the character and life of a kitten will be determined by the conditions of existence in the first weeks. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these very conditions: the impression that the breeder made on you, the room in which the animals live, its general cleanliness and cleanliness of the toilet space, places for food, the presence of a play area, the grooming and fatness of the animals in the room.

It is important that the breeder advises you on nutrition, care, further maintenance, as well as the necessary purchases for the future pet. A conscientious breeder who loves his pupils will do everything in his power to make the animal in the new family as comfortable as possible.

It is advisable that the breeder inspires confidence in you and is available for contact. Indeed, after acquiring a kitten, a number of questions may arise, with the solution of which the breeder can help. It would be great if he offered this help to you himself, asking you to inform him about the kitten’s condition at first and not hesitate to call if you have any questions. A good breeder perceives his pupils as his own children, because so much work and moral strength has been invested in them.!

The formal side of the issue

Often, the process of buying and selling an animal is not supported by any documents. Both the breeder and the buyer may find this a waste of time. However, buying a thoroughbred animal should be taken more seriously. Don’t neglect paperwork!

Despite the fact that the contract is formal in nature, it regulates the rights and obligations of each party and is disciplinary in nature. The contract must be read carefully, it is better to familiarize yourself with it in advance at home, if you need to ask the breeder to make clarifications or amendments.

Veterinary passport. one might say, the main document of the animal. The breeder must, with the kitten, give you his veterinary passport. It should contain marks about deworming and vaccination. over, the breeder must explain what each mark means, and inform about the need and time for the following preventive procedures.

need, know, buying, kitten

Documents of origin are a mandatory attribute when buying a purebred kitten. The document of origin can be presented in two versions. The first is the kitten’s metric. It contains basic information about the pet and its parents, as well as information about the possibility or prohibition of breeding the animal. A kitten that is sold with the right to breed will cost much more for the price. If you want to purchase a pet without the right to breed, then in due time you will need to castrate the animal.

If necessary, using the animal’s metrics, you can draw up a pedigree. This is exactly the second document. The pedigree, in contrast to the metric, contains extended information about the ancestors of the animal to the mowing line of the great-great-grandfathers. When buying an animal “without the right of breeding”, the pedigree can also be issued, it will differ only in the absence of numbers of ancestors’ pedigrees. As a rule, the pedigree is drawn up at will.

Here you can meet our well-fed and well-bred adorable kittens and choose your favorite pet.

What you need to know when buying a reefer container

In order not to become a victim of fraud when buying containers and to operate it correctly, it is necessary to understand several important points. What you need to know when buying a reefer container?

The side and end walls of such a container are made of sandwich panels. Outside, it is sheathed with duralumin or stainless steel, and inside with profile sheets of food-grade steel. There is an insulating material between the layers. polyurethane foam. An aluminum T-profile is used as a floor covering, designed for the strength of a warehouse forklift. The doors are also made of sandwich panels and are equipped with a locking mechanism to ensure a good seal. The stainless steel case is stronger and more weather-resistant than aluminum, but also more expensive. For the stationary version, the aluminum version is quite suitable.

Such a container is equipped with climatic units that constantly conduct self-diagnostics. The results are displayed on the product screen. The explanation of the error codes is given on the cover of the controller.

During loading, the walls of the refrigerated container can be accidentally damaged. At the place of the dent formation, the polyurethane foam peels off and, as a result, the thermal insulation is disturbed. In case of minor damage, this does not affect the operation of the installation, but still, the places of damage should always be carefully inspected.

Compressors are used in two types: reciprocating (copeland) and scroll (sroll). Spiral-type units are more modern and are characterized by compactness, low power consumption, but they are not repairable. In the event of a breakdown of such compressors, they are completely replaced, which saves time, especially when operating at sea. Pistons are more reliable, they are easy to disassemble for repair or replacement of parts. When using a refrigerated container as a warehouse, the type of compressor is not important.

Climatic units for operation are filled with freon 134, less often 404 with increased cooling capacity. Some models are equipped with an automatic carbon dioxide supply system, which extends the shelf life of perishable food.

Several models of containers are popular on the Russian market. Themoking (USA) is cheaper and comes with an extended controller panel. A similar German Carrier with almost the same characteristics is 10% more expensive. Japanese Daikins are used less often, spare parts can be purchased from our company Eurocont, as an official representative. Structurally, they differ in the use of gas instead of heating elements for heating. Earlier models are not efficient for operation in the High North.

When choosing used containers, the difference of several years is not significant, because its technical condition is important. Containers, which were used as a stationary warehouse, have much less wear and tear than when used for rail transportation. The year of manufacture is easy to fake, but if you involve an experienced specialist, he can easily determine the age of the container.

In terms of dimensions, refrigerated containers are classified into 20, 40 and 45 feet. The climatic equipment is the same for all types of containers and makes up a significant part of the total cost of the container.

Operating tips

A level platform is required to install the container, or four secure points of support must be provided under the fittings. You can significantly extend the life of the container if you put Euro pallets on it in the summer and cover it with a tarpaulin made of thick fabric to reduce external heating.

The ice defrosting mode is switched on and performed automatically, therefore it is allowed to open the doors only when absolutely necessary. After this, the unit must be restarted. When carrying out loading / unloading work, the unit is recommended to be switched off. Start-up is carried out after the end of work and only with closed doors.

If it is necessary to keep the doors of the switched on container in the open position for some time, then a special thermal curtain made of PVC is used, which prevents the penetration of warm air into the interior. In the event that a large amount of heated air still gets into the system, it is necessary to start the defrost mode. Otherwise, condensation will form, which can damage the equipment.

The temperature inside the container is maintained in the range from 25 ° C to 25 ° C. Some newer models have an extended range from 30 ° C to 40 ° C. The unit is powered by a three-phase voltage network of 380 V. At maximum load, it consumes about 5.0. 8.0 kW of electricity. The service life of refrigerated containers is at least 30 years, even when used in sea conditions.

Feeding at first

Briefly touching on the issue, the criteria that are adhered to are as follows:

  • Food must be appropriate for the kitten‘s age.
  • The number and volume of feedings are selected according to the instructions on the package.
  • Try different food options to determine your taste preferences.
  • Change water frequently (3 times a day).
  • Food residues should be removed in time so as not to lead to poisoning.
  • The food from the owner’s menu is not suitable for the animal. Having made the decision to feed with natural products, the owner should know the peculiarities of its preparation, taking into account the breed, age and diet of cats.
  • Dry food is recommended to be introduced from 2 months of age.

A place to sleep

  • cleanliness, warmth and dryness;
  • softness;
  • naturalness of materials;
  • convenient entrance;
  • the possibility of washing, airing and warming up in the sun.

Educational toys

A kitten is the same naughty child. He has a high need for games. He is attracted to everything that moves and makes sounds. For the appearance of hunting behavior, mice, balls, anything tied, swinging on a stick, everything that you can catch on to are suitable. It is not necessary to buy toys for kittens, it is advisable to replace them with different objects, if you “turn on” your imagination. It is important to remember that knickknacks must be safe. If the pet can bite off, tear off, fragment and swallow something, then the consequences will turn into a big problem, right up to surgery.

Scratching post and clipper

To save wallpaper, furniture, doors from the sharp claws of your pet, it is better to purchase a scratching post in advance. If you teach a fluffy to trim claws from early childhood, the problem of damage to property will also be solved. To do this, use a special tool that will prevent injury to the foot. Scratching posts are vertical, flat, such that they are attached to the surface. It is recommended to stock up on several and place them in different corners of the house. The device must meet the following requirements:

  • consist of natural materials;
  • do not smell;
  • be durable, withstand the mass of an adult;
  • ensure safety, do not have sharp, stabbing elements that could injure the cat.

Care products

From an early age, the baby should be taught to hygienic procedures. scratching, bathing, clipping. Therefore, the owner must prepare the necessary care products in advance: combs, shampoos, towels. You can comb your hair every day. it’s nice for cats. Shampoos include antiparasitic additives, coat and skin conditioners.