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What you need to take care of your dog

Hair care

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the pet’s coat from puppyhood. Small dogs are combed out and bathed with care, since their skin is still quite sensitive and thin.

Dogs that live in a city apartment or private house shed almost all year round. This is due to temperature changes, because houses, unlike the street, are always warm and dry.

The frequency of the brushing procedure depends on the type of wool. It is much easier to handle the coat of dogs of short-haired and smooth-haired breeds. Wool processing is carried out 3-4 times a month using a brush with hard natural bristles.

The process of caring for the coat of long-haired dogs is more time consuming. Breeds such as Chow Chow, Briard, St. Bernard require daily brushing using a comb or brush. The procedure allows you to clean the wool from dirt, remove the keratinized layer of the skin, remove the hairs that have fallen out, and prevent the wool from rolling.

At the same time, combing improves the nutrition of the hair follicles, since the skin is massaged in parallel. Comb the dog using a special comb with long, sparse and blunt teeth.

In those breeds that have a coarse coat, as a rule, there is practically no shedding. Such dogs are trimmed every six months, that is, a hand pinch. Specialists give a certain shape to the coat, provided for by the breed standard.

Before you start bathing your pet, you should check that there are no drafts in the room, as dogs are very sensitive to them.

Washing should not bring negative emotions to the animal. It is strictly forbidden to keep the dog in the bathroom by force. It is important to calm down the alarmed animal, cheer him up by saying gentle words, and after water procedures, reward him with your favorite delicacy.

A short-haired dog is wiped off with a soft towel, and a long-haired dog is dried with a hairdryer. In order not to spoil the coat, the device is not turned on at maximum power.

For owners of soft-haired and long-haired pets, the question arises: how to cut your dog. Those who want to see their pet beautiful and well-groomed can turn to a dog grooming specialist, since it is not difficult to find such a thing nowadays. Again, it all depends on the type of coat. Owners of soft coats are clipped much more often. In these dogs, the coat tends to clump and clog the auricle. Uncombed mats can cause parasites and skin diseases.

Eye care

The correct coat is far from the only question regarding dog grooming. It is also important to closely monitor the condition of the animal’s eyes. A healthy pet will never have cloudy eyes. If traces of purulent exudate are visible along the edges of the eyes, this means that an infection has entered the dog’s body. It may also indicate an allergy. Whatever it is, the pet needs to be urgently shown to the veterinarian. If the dog often walks in areas where tall grass grows, he should rinse his eyeballs with warm water or tea leaves. By rinsing, pollen or plant seeds accidentally caught in the eyes are removed.

Feeding rules

  • Puppies, starting from the 8th week and ending with the 12th, are fed up to four times a day in small portions.
  • Babies three to six months old should eat three meals a day.
  • 6 to 12 months. twice a day.
  • It is enough to feed a one-year-old dog once a day.
  • Some large breeds, pets leading an active lifestyle (participation in competitions, protection of territories, hunting), as well as breeds prone to increased gas production (French, English Bulldog), must be fed twice a day, and the total diet is divided into two parts.

Instead of natural products, your pet can be fed premium dry food. High-quality and balanced food fully provides the animal with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, however, its constant use as the main source of food can lead to allergies, which are often severe in dogs.

Water is given to the dog without restrictions. The animal must have constant access to clean drinking water.

How to take care of your dog: maintaining hygiene

How to take care of a dog: basic grooming principles

Since time immemorial, the dog has been the most popular and beloved pet. There are a large number of different dog breeds these days. Choosing a suitable four-legged friend for himself, each person takes into account the size of the dog, its character and other indicators. Someone gets a tiny spitz, and someone needs a reliable watchman, so the choice falls on a huge English mastiff.

A dog in the house is always a big responsibility. Of course, no one cancels fun games on the street, participation in competitions and exhibitions, hunting. However, the owner is primarily responsible for taking care of his pet. Regardless of the characteristics of the breed, the animal requires daily comprehensive care. What activities include caring for a dog at home?


Pets, which live within four walls for most of their lives, certainly need daily walking. The duration of being in the fresh air mainly depends on the physical data of the animal, that is, the larger the dog, the longer it needs to be walked, allowing it to use up its stored energy. Small puppies are initially bred for 10-15 minutes several times a day. Large adult dogs can be walked for more than an hour a day.

Foul weather should not be frightening, because this is a good workout for immunity. It should be noted that the crowded area is not the best place for walking especially large dogs. If there is no other way out, then the dog must be muzzled and kept on a leash. It is recommended to combine walking with training. On an open lawn, playing with your pet, you can simultaneously teach him various commands. The frequency and time of walks, of course, are directly related to the life schedule of the owner, however, it is better that a certain time is allocated for them.

  • It is important that your pet gets enough physical activity. A dog will be cheerful and healthy only if it regularly frolics, runs and plays. In general, your pet should be taken outside at least once a day so that he can properly disperse the blood through the veins.
  • It is not enough to leave the house with the dog for a few minutes so that it can relieve itself. You should return home when the dog is a little tired.
  • Exercise should be appropriate for the age, breed, health status and general energy level of the animal. Young and energetic pets should receive more stress than old and sick pets. It must be borne in mind that some breeds do not withstand as many loads as others.
  • It will be good if there is a place where the dog can scoff and jump without a leash.
  • To avoid damage to developing bones and ligaments in puppies, they are generally not allowed to run too much and do multiple repetitions of difficult exercises, such as jumping from a height.

Ear care

How to take care of a dog at home in an apartment?

Caring for a dog is not limited to the issue of the correct maintenance of its coat, the eyes of the dog also require attention.

In a healthy dog, the eyes should be clear, if you notice purulent discharge from the eyes, this means that the dog may be sick. This can be either a sign of an allergy or a symptom of an infectious eye disease. In any case, be sure to show the dog to the veterinarian.

If your dog is walking in tall grass, flush the dog’s eyes with water or tea leaves from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner (towards the nose). After all, pollen, seeds and other particles of dirt can get into the eyes.

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Ear care should be done weekly. To do this, pluck the hair inside the ear canal. If the ears are not very dirty, they are wiped with a swab dipped in vegetable oil. In addition, a huge number of special products are now produced for maintaining the hygiene of ears in dogs, which have a soft composition and can be used weekly, which is especially important for dogs of fold breeds. These dogs are more prone to ear infections. therefore, it is necessary to monitor the condition of their ears especially carefully.

How to take proper care of your dog?

Caring for a dog consists of many factors, in the article “Caring for a puppy” we talked about what conditions your pet needs to create for a full life. Be sure to read the materials of this article, in it you will receive a lot of useful tips.

In this article, we will discuss in more detail the topic of caring for a dog’s hair, and also talk about the issue of sterilization, whether this procedure is necessary, how it affects the well-being and health of dogs.

Bathing dogs

Dog grooming includes bathing. Bathing frequency also depends on the dog’s coat.

For long-haired dogs with a coat prone to mats, more frequent bathing and careful brushing is desirable, for short-haired dogs bathing is less frequent, about once a month. Bathing water should correspond to the dog’s body temperature and vary between 37.5-39 ° C.

Dry with a hairdryer is necessary for long-haired dogs, short-haired dogs should be thoroughly wiped with a terry towel.

Care of teeth and gums.

When chewing on solid food, the dog’s teeth are mechanically cleaned of plaque, thereby preventing the formation of tartar. If it was not possible to prevent the formation of tartar, then you need to contact your veterinarian to solve this problem. To avoid the formation of calculus, you can brush your dog’s teeth with a special tooth powder and toothpaste for dogs, and wipe the polished teeth with a soft cloth.

How to take care of your dog?

Clipping your dog’s nails

In addition to hair, it is also necessary to trim the dog’s nails, about once every 7-10 days, while it is important not to touch the blood vessel in the nail cavity, which is located at the base. Excess hair is also clipped on the paws, while the style of the haircut corresponds to the breed of the dog. Mats are often formed on the paws, they need to be combed out and cut. You also need to inspect the paws daily for dirt, glass, gum and other contaminants. If the dog has walked on fresh asphalt, tar, and other chemicals, it is necessary to abundantly smear the paws with vegetable oil and rinse with abundant soapy water or a special agent to remove this substance. In winter, the streets and roads are sprinkled with reagents, so after a walk you need to wash your paws with water and soap. In summer, it is enough to wipe the dog’s paws after walking with a dry, clean cloth. If the skin on the pads of the paws is cracking, then lubricate them with vegetable oil or fat cream.

Dog grooming

Caring for a dog’s coat requires some effort on your part, but this procedure is simply necessary for your pet to feel good and comfortable.

Caring for the coat of dogs of different breeds depends on the characteristics of the coat, the density and length of the coat, the softness and capriciousness of the hairs. It would seem that the usual procedures for bathing and brushing should be the same for everyone, however, there are some nuances in caring for a dog’s coat in each case.

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There are four groups of dogs according to the degree of difficulty in grooming the coat.

The first group of dogs is represented by the breeds that require the most attention in the care of the coat of these breeds. This group includes dogs whose hair must be cut and plucked. This includes breeds such as Terriers, Cocker. spaniels, poodles, schnauzers.

In second place in terms of the difficulty in grooming the coat are breeds of long-haired dogs. The coat of these dogs should be brushed regularly. This is a fairly large group of breeds, for example, Collie, Pekingese, Bobtail, etc.

Next are the short-haired breeds, also a fairly large group, which includes Dobermans, Rottweilers, Boxers and many others.

Finally, this classification is completed by dogs that do not have a coat, such as the Mexican Hairless, the Chinese Crested, etc. Despite the fact that these dogs do not have hair, this does not mean that they do not need attention, since these dogs need special care behind their skin.

Daily grooming of your dog’s coat is essential. After all, not only the appearance of the dog depends on this, combing allows you to get rid of dirt, dandruff, dead skin cells, prevents the fur from falling off, improves the blood supply of the hairs due to a slight massage of the skin with a comb.

In order to take care of your pet’s coat as efficiently and correctly as possible, it is advisable for you to visit professional dog hairdressing salons. grooming salons. There you will be given professional advice on caring for your pet, help you choose the right brushes and shampoos, and tell you how to take care of your pet at home.

In our article, we give general average recommendations for caring for dog hair.

So, if you are the owner of a short-haired dog breed, then you will not have any special problems with caring for the dog’s coat. For daily grooming you need a terry towel or a special mitten, twice a week you need to brush the dog with a brush with hard natural bristles.

If your dog is of a long-haired breed, then for grooming you will need a comb with long and blunt teeth at the ends. Another tool is a slicker, wire brush, or something else. slicker. It is the slicker that helps to prevent wool from falling into tangles. However, often the slicker cannot be used, otherwise your dog will become bald. Use the slicker once or twice a month and it won’t harm your dog. The slicker and comb can be used daily only during molting periods. You may also need a special comb. mats cutter, mats are mainly formed on the paws, behind the ears and in the armpits.

Dogs with very coarse coats need annual haircuts and plucking. trimming. Haircuts are held twice a year, according to an individually developed program. Such a dog is determined not only by the standards of its appearance, but also by elementary necessity. After all, if you do not pluck and shear dogs with such a hard coat, they will overgrow very much and become unkempt in appearance. However, appearance flaws are not the main problem in this case, if you do not cut and pluck certain parts of the body, then the old hairs will prevent the growth of new ones, the dog will experience constant itching and irritation. Infection can get into combs and microcracks and provoke skin diseases that are very difficult to treat. The style of haircuts for different breeds changes slightly every year. If you want to participate in exhibitions with your pet, then you need to take into account such fashion trends. Today on sale you can find a wide variety of different types of scissors, however, it is not easy for a dog to make the correct haircut on its own, it is better to turn to professionals.

For the daily grooming of coarse-coated dogs, use combs with hard metal teeth. In schnauzers and terriers, you need to wipe your beard after feeding with a mitten and periodically comb it with a comb.

Breeding or neutering dogs

An important decision in providing quality maintenance for your pet is the sterilization of dogs, care also addresses this issue.

If you are not planning to breed dogs, and you would not like to deal with an unwanted pregnancy of your dog, then the question of neutering is important.

It’s all about how a dog’s body works, be it a bitch or a cable, they are primarily animals that are not able to control their instincts, including the procreation instinct.

The unrealized instinct of procreation imposes harmful consequences on the health of the dog. It’s all about the hormonal background, which is completely lost in dogs living in an inferior lifestyle. An unrealized instinct from time to time increases the hormonal disruption in the animal’s body, which ultimately leads to numerous serious diseases in the form of cancer and neoplasms of the genital organs and mammary glands.

If you cannot or do not want to provide your pet with the opportunity to fully realize your sexual instinct, then free him from these torments.

Numerous studies show that there are many more advantages to sterilization than disadvantages.

So spayed dogs become more affectionate and obedient, relate more calmly to other animals, are not prone to escapes and live longer. They have a lower risk of chronic diseases such as pyometra or transmissible sarcoma. No risk of sexually transmitted diseases in dogs.

Sterilization takes place in two ways: endoscopic sterilization and laparoscopic sterilization. The most commonly used is laparoscopic surgery with complete or partial removal of the reproductive organs. For cables, this procedure is easier, by removing the testes, for bitches, sterilization is more difficult, it takes place with a strip operation. During the operation, either the uterus, the ovaries, or both are removed. This is a very important operation, since it is important that during the operation the reproductive organs are completely removed, without residues, otherwise complications will arise after the operation. It is important to remember that if only the uterus is removed from the bitches, and the ovaries remain, she loses the ability to bear children, but hormones continue to be produced, the behavior of the bitch does not change and there is a high risk of developing diseases of the reproductive system, including the development of breast tumors.

In addition to surgery, there is chemical sterilization. The disadvantages of this method are the risk of developing numerous diseases caused by hormonal disruption in the dog’s body, under the influence of these medications. Among these diseases: breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometritis, inflammatory processes in the uterus, etc.

The optimal age for sterilization has not been fully established; some experts agree that it is 6 months. this is the best age for sterilization. Other experts say that you need to wait for the first heat, and only after that sterilization is carried out. According to some reports, it is believed that it is sterilization before the onset of the first estrus that can preserve the dog’s health for many years.

After the dogs have been neutered, caring for the animals requires that the dogs not lick the stitches. You can not wet the seams, you must wipe the seams with a special antiseptic for 10 days, it is forbidden to feed dogs with bones, only soft food, and not give a lot of liquid.

For more information on the conditions for ensuring your dog’s well-being, see the article “Dog Health”.

Features of keeping a beagle in an apartment

Bigley is a breed that was developed for hunting hares. Dogs are stubborn and hardy, they took the trail even when it rained, and did not leave it until the prey was caught. Despite the fact that these animals are born hunters, they feel quite comfortable in the apartment. One has only to take proper care of them and do not forget about the decent upbringing of puppies.

Content rules

Before the puppy arrives at the new home, it is necessary to organize its own place for it. It can be done in a bright corner of a room where people are often. It is better to choose places without drafts and those that are located far from the battery. A comfortable bed is placed there or a comfortable house is placed that would fit the dog in size.

You should purchase a mattress, the cover of which can be removed, since at first a small pet can go to the toilet on its bed.

It is not too easy to accustom your pet to any one place. Most often, he rushes around the house, and then falls asleep where he is tired. If the dog has chosen a place on its own, it is necessary to place its bed there. And also a small amount of toys is purchased for the pet. Some of them are placed on the couch, others are distributed throughout the apartment. They are needed so that, in the absence of the owners, the dog does not try various things.

You can keep beagles in a cage if the apartment is quite large. The dog will not mind such a “home”, as in kennels, small puppies are in the aviary. You can close your pet in a cage before leaving the house for a long time. But do not forget to put all toys and a bowl filled with water inside.

So that the curiosity of the animal does not harm the owner’s things, they should be removed away to places that are inaccessible to the dog. Medicine, cosmetics, food and any gadgets should be placed in cabinets that should be closed. It is also important to hide the wires in cable channels. The dog should not get on an unglazed balcony.

There are some basic rules for keeping dogs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other breed of dog, the beagle has both positive and negative qualities. There are several advantages.

  • Dogs are extremely friendly and treat any person well. They will rejoice at the arrival of guests, they will become the best friend of children. If the person who came to visit the owner of the beagle has food with him, the pet will adore him. Animals of this breed will not bark when they hear the sound of a door opening. If there are other dogs in the house, the new pet will only be glad of this fact, quickly make friends with them.
  • If there are children in the family who need a nanny, the dog will be able to take on this responsibility. Beagle, like a small child, loves games, so they will find a common language without any problems. Dogs do not offend little owners, allow them to do whatever they want.
  • Animals are very much attached to their owners, they constantly follow them, as they want to see what exactly family members are doing. Therefore, their owners will never feel lonely if they are left alone in the apartment.
  • Most often, dogs are neat and tidy, so they will not spread unpleasant odors. But for this you should pay attention to the health of the animal, as well as monitor its hygiene.

But there are also downsides to keep in mind.

  • Puppies are very hyperactive and inquisitive, trying to try everything that is around them. Bigley and in adulthood remain so, if the owner can not wean them from this habit. If you do not put things away, they will be gnawed.
  • Pets suffer from loneliness, so it is not recommended to leave them alone in the apartment for a long time. They need care and often dogs need attention. If you do not take into account this fact, the animal is able to turn the house into a real nightmare. Wallpaper will be ripped off, baseboards will be torn off, and furniture will be gnawed with strong teeth.
  • Dogs have coarse hair that constantly falls out, so you will often have to do general cleaning, during which a large amount of hair is collected. If you don’t sweep the floor every day, you might see a not-so-beautiful “wool” carpet. This also applies to sofas and other furniture.
  • The stubborn breed is incredibly vindictive, animals always get what they want. If the owner offends his pet in any way, the pet can chew on his shoes, furniture or go to the toilet where this cannot be done.
  • Despite the fact that beagles are quite friendly to people, they really do not like small animals. They are aggressive towards cats, hamsters and other rodents, birds and other small pets. Dogs consider them easy prey.
  • The beagle loves to eat. If the owner only once gives the dog something from the table, she will constantly beg for treats not only from him, but also from the guests who come.
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How to walk your dog?

To prevent the pet from destroying the apartment, you need to walk it for about 2-3 hours a day. He not only goes to the toilet, but also throws out the energy that he has accumulated. In order for the dog to walk fully, you need to participate in games with it. It is better if the owner can take his pet out of town (to the forest or to the dacha) once a week, where the animal can run.

Do not trust the children to walk the beagle: if he sees something interesting for himself, the child will not be able to keep the dog on a leash.

On the street, the pet will not remember the commands that the owner taught him, since in the hands of a person there is no reward treat. Hunter instinct will prevail over training. If the dog walks up and runs around an open space, it will behave more calmly indoors.

Parenting rules

It is worth teaching the puppy not to sleep on the owner’s bed. If you just take pity on the dog and take it to your bed, it will constantly climb onto the bed and will not even look at its own place. Even if you feel sorry for your pet, looking into his sad eyes, you need to send the dog to his place.

Dogs are quite smart, easily amenable to training, but only if the owner gives some kind of treat for the execution of commands. If a person does not have yummy in his hands, the dog pretends that he is very stupid and does not understand anything. And if there are children nearby, he will not listen to the owner and pay attention to other, more interesting things for him.

You need to educate the dog from the first day. From 3 to 6 months, a small pet must clearly learn what exactly he can do, and for what he can be punished.

It is important to teach him to be neat, to observe hygiene and to wean the animal from spoiling furniture and clothing. Puppies learn only if the owner has a firm, moderately stern voice. Do not scream and scold the dog too much, as it can do the opposite, because stubbornness is the main trait of its character.

Hosts should be prepared for the most difficult period from 5 months in upbringing. At this age, puppies are very capricious, therefore, before this period, it is better to make it clear to the animals who is the boss in the house and whose commands must be followed. It is quite difficult to educate dogs of this breed, you should stock up on a lot of strength and iron endurance.

If there is no experience in animal training, it is better to contact a specialist.

Bigleys cannot concentrate on training, as there are many more interesting things around. In order for a pet to be interested in training, it is necessary to train it in a game format. Education should be given 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a day.

If the puppies are active and obedient, they should be given a treat, but not sweet or salty. First, the dog must learn basic commands, for example, “Fu!”, “Toilet!” and “Place!” They will help your pet learn how to behave indoors. Later, the owner can move on to more complex instructions: “Give your paw!” and so on. This will help keep your dog clean after walking.

Beagles will not be friends with a cat or a cat. Therefore, if there are felines in the house, it is better not to have a dog of this breed. Pets will constantly fight, run around the rooms and will definitely ruin something.

Dog owners recommend that you walk your pets regularly, otherwise you will have to come to terms with the fact that the beagle will arrange a real end of the world in the apartment.

The animals are friendly and incredibly loyal. But in order for a pet to bring only positive emotions, you need to properly train and educate him. If the dog does not clearly know where it belongs, what it can and cannot do, living together with it may not be very pleasant.

In the next video you can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the beagle breed.

Preparing a house / apartment for the appearance of a puppy

Before purchasing a puppy, you need to create a safe environment for the baby. As the pet grows, the requirements for housing conditions may change.

General activities that are carried out before the appearance of a new resident:

  • Choose a feeding location and place 2 bowls there: for water and food. Their size must correspond to the breed of the animal. The material from which the bowls are made can be different: metal, plastic, ceramic.
  • It is also necessary to find a place for the dog to rest. This should be a space where your pet can relax in a relaxed environment. There should be no direct sunlight, humidity, draft and constant movement of people.
  • Remove all small, breakable and sharp objects.
  • All household chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides should be hidden in inaccessible places.
  • Do not create sterile conditions. Before the puppy appears, it is enough to carry out the usual wet cleaning. Disinfection is required only if an animal with a viral infection was previously kept in the house.
  • Purchase in advance the ammunition and all the necessary items for caring for the dog: nail clipper, comb (brush, furminator), shampoo, leash (of different lengths), collar, muzzle.

Rules for caring for a puppy and an adult dog at home

The purchase of a pet is a crucial step, so you need to familiarize yourself in advance on how to care for a dog (puppy): ears, eyes, hair? General recommendations may differ depending on the size of the animal, the conditions of keeping and the breed.

The owner needs to follow the basic rules of caring for a dog at any age, provide quality food and spend time with the pet. And then the animal will respond with its affection and devotion.

Walking and physical activity

  • You can only walk a puppy for the first time after quarantine after all vaccinations (from about 4 months of age).
  • They gradually accustom themselves to the street. The first walk is carried out on a short leash, if the pet is afraid, you can pick it up.
  • Talk to the animal, give him the opportunity to get acquainted with the world around him. At the same time, make sure that the baby does not pick up food leftovers, feces of other animals.
  • As you grow and adapt to the street, the duration of walks is increased, physical activity, elements of training, games are added.
  • An adult dog is walked 2-3 times a day. First, the animal must relieve itself and only then they begin to play and exercise.
  • Feeding is carried out only after a walk.
  • The intensity of physical activity depends a lot on the breed of your pet. For example, huskies, samoyeds, huskies require a lot of work. With representatives of small breeds, as well as brachycephalic, they walk in a more relaxed mode.

How to care for a puppy and adult dog?

The condition of the pet must be monitored every day. Recommendations on how to care for a puppy and an adult dog in an apartment are reduced to simple, routine manipulations.

Feeding rules

Puppies under 6 months of age are fed 5-6 times a day. Further, the multiplicity is gradually reduced and by the year the pet should receive food twice a day.

How to TAKE CARE of a PUPPY? �� Complete Guide to Puppy Care

It is worth deciding what type of feeding a puppy and an adult pet will receive: industrial feed or a home diet.

What you should pay attention to when choosing an industrial type of feeding:

  • It is advisable to choose a diet of at least premium class.
  • Food for puppies is more nutritious, they take into account all the needs of a growing organism. Therefore, animals up to a year are fed with just such rations. The exception is puppies of giant breeds (Newfoundland, St. Bernard, etc.), which eat puppy food up to 18 months.
  • Observe the manufacturer’s recommendations for daily ration.
  • The brand of feed consumed must be the same. You can change the taste (the main source of protein) within the same company.
  • Wet diets are best used as a treat rather than the main source of nutrients.

Natural feeding for many owners is not a very convenient option, as it requires time and effort to prepare. However, most dogs are more likely to eat homemade food. The main requirement for such feeding is its balance. All ingredients included in the diet must meet the requirements of the growing body. The veterinarian will help you to formulate the diet with the highest quality, since in different periods of growth, the ratio of ingredients and additives changes.


Normally, a small amount of discharge accumulates daily in the inner corner of the eye. Their color can be from light gray to brownish. When caring for the eyes of dogs, the outflows are removed as they form with the help of a cotton pad dipped in tea leaves or saline.

How and how to properly rinse a dog’s eyes in our article.

Dog Teeth Care

The condition of the teeth is very important for the health of the dog. The formation of tartar can lead to purulent abscesses in the nasal and ear cavities, liver and stomach disease. To prevent this, it is recommended to brush your teeth about once every 1-2 months. This can be done with a special brush and paste, or gauze and baking soda. The main thing is not to damage the tooth enamel. If tartar appears, then you need to contact your veterinarian. Solid food also contributes to cleaning teeth, but not dry food, which quickly soaks and does not remove plaque.

Dog grooming

Before you buy a dog, you need to find out how to properly care for the dog, how to educate it and what are the features of the content of the selected breed. In addition to general recommendations for each breed of dog, the rules of grooming will differ, and the future owner should find out all the details in advance. When caring for a large dog, special attention should be paid to its education and training. Small and decorative dogs have an excitable nervous system, and are also more demanding in terms of nutrition and health. Keeping a show dog requires specific knowledge and experience with the breed.

Taking care of domestic dogs differs significantly from taking care of dogs that are kept outdoors or in an enclosure.

How to take care of your dog

Having found out what kind of care is needed for the selected breed of dog, you need to purchase equipment for caring for the animal. First of all, these are brushes for combing, special scissors for cutting nails, a leash or harness, bedding, dishes for food and water, preferably ceramic, shampoo for bathing. Don’t forget about toys that are especially useful during teething. It is best to purchase care products from manufacturers with good recommendations. In addition to the necessary devices, you need to collect a first-aid kit, which should contain drugs for first aid in case of poisoning, injuries, burns.

The dogs are fed at the same time every day. This is due to the fact that by a certain time, gastric juice is produced, which is necessary for the digestion of food. The food should contain the necessary vitamins, nutrients and meet the needs of a particular dog. When feeding dry food, it is necessary to ensure that the dog always has clean water available. The quality and regularity of feeding also plays a big role in the care of the dog.

Dog ear care

Periodically it is required to clean the dirt from the ears. Some breeds require regular hair clipping in the ear area. Before washing the dog, so that water does not get into the ears, cotton swabs soaked in oil are put into the ears. After walking, it is necessary to examine the ears for the presence of parasites, especially mites, which can cause inflammation and injure the auditory canal.

Dog claw care

Dogs living in an apartment do not grind their claws properly. Therefore, the owner of the dog must control the growth of the claws and cut them off in time. To do this, use a claw cutter, a special device that fixes the claw and cuts off evenly, avoiding delamination. It is impossible to cut with ordinary scissors, so that the claw does not crack, and the infection does not get into the cracks. When caring for a Chinese Crested dog, you need to pay special attention to the condition of the claws, which grow much faster in them than in other breeds.

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Dog eye care

The eyes of healthy dogs should be clear, without crusts. In case of discharge, redness, and other violations, you need to contact your veterinarian.

How to wash your dog

There are many opinions about how often you can wash your dog. Some breeders recommend bathing dogs more often, 1-2 times a month, especially during show time, others insist on more rare bathing. Much depends on the breed and lifestyle of the animal. Hosts should be aware that bathing removes the protective layer of grease from the coat and dries out the skin. Bathing too often can cause dysfunction of the sebaceous glands, resulting in faster contamination of the coat and an unpleasant odor. With daily brushing and dry cleaning, it is enough to bathe the dog 1-2 times a year. For bathing, you need to use only specialized products so as not to dry the skin.

Caring for a pregnant dog

How to care for a pregnant dog should be figured out in advance in order to avoid difficulties during gestation and childbirth. In the first half of pregnancy, no special changes in care are required. On walks, you need to carefully monitor so that the dog is not injured.

In the second half of a dog’s pregnancy, the rules of care and feeding change. In food, it is necessary to increase the amount of proteins (70% should be meat, dairy and fish products) and switch to 3 meals a day. The time for walking and physical activity is reduced. How the childbirth will go and how healthy and strong the puppies will be born depends on the correct care.


Dogs have a smooth tongue, unlike cats with rough papillae that act as a brush. They cannot remove excess dead hair on their own, and the owners must help their pets. This procedure is carried out with all dogs, regardless of the length of the coat.

It is required to comb the dog: during the molting period, in order to get rid of excess dead hairs; get rid of accumulated dirt particles; to distribute the grease evenly over the coat; prevent the formation of tangles; a kind of massage is performed.

The auxiliary tool for manipulation is selected individually, depending on the type of coat of your pet. For short-haired dogs without undercoat, a special rubber glove-comb or a brush with thick natural bristles is perfect. For long-haired pets. a brush with iron teeth to untangle tangles and comb the coat properly. For dogs with a very thick undercoat, it is better to purchase a slicker comb. The pet is combed out only in the direction of hair growth, starting from the head and ending with the tail. You can carry out this procedure on a walk, it will save you from unnecessary cleaning of wool at home.

How to train your dog for grooming procedures?

So that hygiene procedures are not stressful for you and your dog, you need to teach him to care from childhood. The beast must obey you and obey. If you don’t pay enough attention to raising your pet, this is likely to become a serious problem. After all, a dog, even a small one, has teeth, and with the wrong upbringing, it can use them against you. There are two methods to teach to obey the will of the owner: some love the owner’s praise, others like to eat.

You can use both, but physically you can never punish. You risk ruining the dog’s psyche, and it may become inadequate. Such animals are called aggressively shy. When they sense danger, they attack their masters. It is very difficult to correct the neuropsychic activity of such an animal later, and in some cases it is impossible.

Every time you want to do some kind of manipulation with the dog, do it not intrusively. gradually. For example, when cleaning the auricles. Call your pet to you, stroke, touch the ears with your hand, massage. If he resists, do not insist, postpone the session until next time. Increase contact time and variety of interventions. Give a sniff, and examine the auxiliary tool. Always praise the dog with the right reaction, give her something tasty.

So gradually your friend should understand that you and your actions do not pose any danger to him. Naturally, each dog has its own individual time for getting used to. It also depends on the owner’s contact with his pet. The principle applies to all procedures: bathing, washing paws, trimming nails, brushing ears and teeth. You should always be attentive and observant to your pet. Notice in time if something is wrong. this will sometimes prevent serious diseases.


In order for the dog’s coat to look neat and beautiful, it must be washed regularly. This is a simple procedure, but it must be done correctly. Basically, the frequency of bathing depends on the time of year and the type of coat of your pet. In the cold season, this is rarely done, and for puppies or pregnant bitches, only when urgently needed. Well, if you look closely, on average, the bathing operation is performed approximately once every four months, before being shown at an exhibition, after heat, or when your “dirty” one just got dirty. In the warm season, you can pamper your pet with a swim in the lake or river.

Before the procedure, the dog is walked and combed out properly. The container is filled with warm water no higher than 30-35 degrees to the level of the pet’s abdomen. To prevent moisture from entering the animal’s ears, they are plugged with cotton swabs. Special shampoos for dogs are diluted with water and applied from tail to head on wet hair, the muzzle is left alone. Then all the dirty foam is thoroughly washed off under a running stream of water. After the end of washing, excess moisture from the dog is well blotted with a cotton towel, and sent to a warm place without drafts on a bedding for further drying. Some owners dry their pets with a hairdryer, but it is also necessary to gradually accustom the animal to this.

Dog ears

Different breeds of dogs have their own shape, length and hairline of the ears. they need to be taken care of in different ways. Usually healthy ears do not need to be cleaned, and many brushes are rarely cleaned. The inside of the sink is covered with small hairs that protect it from dirt and dust. Manipulations should not be performed once again, since they are jammed and do not fulfill their purpose. Water procedures should be carried out so that water does not enter the ear. Excess moisture also contributes to the development of acute otitis media. It happens that pets become infected with ear mites.

If we need this procedure, then it must be carried out correctly. There are special lotions that help soften and remove impurities from the outer ear. All drugs that are used to clean the external auditory canal should be heated to a dog’s body temperature. 38–39 degrees. The patient’s head is held, it is necessary to completely fill the ear with the agent and massage its base for better penetration. Then the dog is released, it shakes its head, and naturally removes the accumulated dirt. Remains are wiped up with a clean cotton pad. The procedure must be repeated until the ear is clear.

How To Take Care of Your Dog

In some long-haired breeds, the auricle is very densely overgrown with long hair, which changes and, accumulating, clogs the ear canal. Therefore, you need to pluck the hairs periodically. If you just cut it with scissors, they will grow thicker and thicker, later sulfur will accumulate inside, there will be poor ventilation, and ear diseases may occur. To relieve this procedure a little, you first need to apply a special powder to clean the ears, and then remove the hairs.

If the dog is ill with acute otitis media, or has caught an ear mite, then it is better not to self-medicate. You will not be able to correctly diagnose and prescribe the necessary procedures. You do not have the experience and the appropriate tools for this. Better go to the veterinary clinic to an experienced doctor.

Methods for the prevention of dental diseases

Many pets suffer from diseases of the oral cavity and teeth with age.

To prevent the development of these diseases, it is necessary to regularly carry out the corresponding very simple procedures:

    teeth cleansing with pastes;

gum treatment with special medications;

A well-chosen, balanced, individual diet for a particular animal is also important for the prevention of dental calculus. If the pet is prone to such diseases, it is better to feed it with solid food. When the dog absorbs solid particles of food, a mechanical effect is exerted on the teeth. this helps to remove plaque. At the same time, the gums are massaged. prevention of periodontal disease.

To prevent dental and gum problems, it is very important what your family friend has fun with. Many people ignore this point. When an animal plays with debris of trees, objects that are too hard, it runs the risk of grinding off faster, or even breaking teeth, and getting injuries to the oral cavity.

Specialized items for fun will not cause unpleasant damage, but on the contrary will be very useful. Professionals, through careful research, have invented many toys and tasty treats designed to prevent dental diseases. These funds should only be from well-known manufacturers.

Eye care

Some breeds have a special structure of the eye sockets (roll-out) and they require individual care. For example, breeds such as pug and Pekingese. They need to regularly wipe and bury their eyes with special pharmacy products. Make sure that they do not get dirt and dust. The eyes are always wiped towards the inner corner while holding the pet’s head. If the dog’s eyes turn sour or discharge appears in them due to the ingress of dirt and dust, then the first remedy may be to wipe the pet’s eyes with a strong brew of tea. The temperature of the solution should be room temperature. At the slightest suspicion of something serious, contact your doctor at the veterinary clinic.

Dog grooming


  • How to accustom to procedures
  • Bathing rules and hair care
  • Walks and accessories
  • Vaccination and disease treatments

If you have or already have a puppy, now all responsibility for its well-being lies with you. You must timely feed, walk, vaccinate, and carry out hygiene procedures for your friend. Some owners give their pets manicures and glamorous haircuts, and even paint in trendy pet salons. Now you will not surprise anyone with a variety of wardrobe for dogs, collars with rhinestones and various accessories.

A haircut

There are breeds of dogs with very long and thick, soft and hard, and even curly hair. She gets confused, closes her eyes, and in the summer, the animal is hot. In a dirty and matted coat, parasites grow faster. Therefore, the pet must be cut. Wire-haired four-legged dogs are supposed to be trimmed on the exterior. to pull out the wool. As a rule, no one will do a better hairstyle than a grooming specialist.

The main types of haircuts and trimmings for dog breeds:

    Clipperwork is the shortest haircut. Clipped with an electric clipper, both in direction and against the grain.

Flatwek. The coat must be of the same length. Performed with an electric clipper or scissors.

Top note. the coat on the head, paws, and tail is longer. Hair on the head is pinned with hairpins or rubber bands collected in ponytails.

Blending. smooth transitions are cut between long and short hair. Cut with thinning scissors.

Show Trim is a multi-stage hairstyle for show only. Performed exclusively by groomers.

Stripping. trimming for wire-haired dogs, done with a special knife. Before the procedure, the dog is combed out and the hair is plucked in the direction of its growth.

  • Plucking. plucking hair using the index and thumb.