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What you need to transport animals on the train

What you need to consider when traveling abroad with an animal:

In a veterinary clinic, on the basis of all the above documents, a veterinary certificate is issued.Each time before each trip, a veterinarian writes it out, indicating where you are going. All this is duplicated in the passport.

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Travelers follow through the point where the veterinary control point is organized. A veterinarian on the Ukrainian side, takes the form (valid for 5 days), issued in Ukrainian, and issues a health card in a foreign language, approved by EU regulation 576/2013 (document for EU countries).

It should be noted that different countries have their own specific requirements. For example, a cat or dog that is less than 6 months old cannot be brought to the EU countries, and cats, dogs and birds can be transported to the UAE only as a declared cargo through permitted airports; more than two animals cannot be taken to Turkey. Fighting dogs cannot be brought to Italy, Spain, Denmark and Sweden.

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Often there are bans on traveling with parrots, turtles, monkeys and the like. To transport such animals, you need to obtain permission from the State Committee of Ukraine for Environmental Protection.

When going abroad, you need to carefully study the rules of the country you plan to visit, and directly the rules of the carrier whose services you decided to use.

How to transport animals across the border. rules

To issue a veterinary and sanitary passport, you need to conduct a clinical examination of the animal, as well as make appropriate diagnostic, preventive treatment treatments, including research and vaccinations.

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Such passports are issued only by the State Food Service and institutions that belong to the sphere of its management. The cost of obtaining a passport is 51 UAH. 29 kopecks.

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In order to travel abroad with a pet, you need to prepare in advance.

Transportation of animals on the plane

If you decide to travel by plane, you need to know in advance the rules for the carriage of the airline you have chosen, since not all airlines can provide services for the carriage of animals, and in some, the general rules simply differ.

In any case, animals travel in the luggage compartment, and their ticket is paid for a certain amount of luggage with a surcharge. The only exceptions are guide dogs, who can accompany their owner in the cabin and fly free of charge.

Also, small animals weighing up to 8 kg can travel in the cabin.

The website of the Ukrainian airline UIA states that they carry only dogs and cats, animals up to 8 kg can fly in the cabin, and up to 75 kg in the luggage compartment along with a container.

The container should be free and not cramped for your pet, and it is forbidden to transport more than one container, as well as letting the animal go for a walk in the cabin. But in a container, you can transport two animals at once, if they peacefully coexist with each other and do not exceed the established weight limits.

Almost the same requirements apply to the carriage of animals in the hold.

Step-by-step list of actions and required documents:

Transportation of animals on the train

To travel by train, you will also need to purchase a special container and obtain a certificate (it must be presented at the checkout, after which you will be given a receipt for payment of transportation of the animal. The cost will depend on the distance of travel and the weight of the animal).

When traveling abroad by train, an animal can only be taken in a compartment carriage.

To transport animals on international trains, you need to issue a baggage check for additional carry-on baggage with the inscription Baggage on the passenger’s hands. Transportation is paid for each individual or each piece of baggage. It should be noted that if the weight of the animal does not exceed 20 kg, transportation is paid as for 20 kg of baggage, and if the weight exceeds 20 kg, then the actual weight is paid.

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New 2020 rules on the transportation of dogs on Russian Railways trains inside and outside Russia

Planning long trips to the countryside is a painful topic for pet owners. There are two ways out. to leave the pet for overexposure to strangers or to take it with you. However, there is no time to find a temporary shelter, especially for dogs, and not everyone has those familiar with suitable conditions and a willingness to help out. In case of unforeseen travel, there may simply not be enough time to transfer the animal. In such cases, the only way out is to transport dogs on the train, which has its own subtleties.

Transportation features

It should be borne in mind that these rules also apply to guide dogs.

Long distance routes

For Russian Railways trains, there are general transportation rules related to the size of the pet and the type of carriage. Animals are divided into small and large.

The first includes those who fit in containers not exceeding 180 cm in terms of the sum of length, width and height. For large breeds. all the rest. Each passenger can take one container for transportation. The cage or carrier is transported in accordance with the rules for carry-on baggage in the appropriate places.

The very possibility of delivery depends on the type of carriage.

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This point should be paid attention to in advance, since if its class does not provide for the transportation of animals, it will not be possible to transport them even for money:

  • transportation is prohibited. class 1D (SV), 2D (compartment), 3E, 3T, 3L, 3P, 1P, 2P, 3P, 1C, 2C, 2E, 2M, 3C (seated), 3B (general);
  • allowed, free of charge. 1A, 1I, 1M (lux), 1E, 1B (SV), 1B;
  • allows, but for a fee. 2K, 2U, 2L (compartment), 3D, 3U (reserved seat), 2B, 2ZH, 3ZH, 3O;
  • when buying out all places. 1E, 1U, 1L (SV), 2E, 2B.

For your information: regardless of the type of carriage, transportation according to the law does not require accompanying documentation in the form of certificates from a veterinary clinic.

Accompanying papers

Veterinary certificates are required only when the owner of the animal changes. The main document for a trip through the territory of the Russian Federation is a travel ticket. No other papers are required.

See “Documents for transporting dogs.”

Exceptional case if the animal is used for profit (business). Therefore, you must have a full package of accompanying documents with you.

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The main paper for an animal in such a situation is a veterinary certificate issued after examination in a licensed clinic. Due to the short period of validity of the document, you need to draw up it immediately before the trip.

About cost

Since January 2020, Russian Railways has been increasing the price for the transportation of small animals in reserved seats and long-distance seated coaches. A list of tariff zones with updated is available on the official website of the carrier. Minimum.

The combination of a number of factors will determine how much the ticket costs in the end. For example, transporting a large dog may require payment for all the remaining seats in a compartment. the difference with the situation when the last unoccupied seat is bought is significant. The absence of an additional fee does not play a big role.

Note: It is good practice to find companions with pets. This can be done in advance, on thematic forums or in groups of social networks.

If the trip is planned for a long time, you can find travelers who are also going to bring animals with them. In this case, the problem with the redemption of all places and possible conflicts with neighbors disappears.

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Do I need a ticket?

You will have to buy a ticket in all cases when the opposite is not indicated. this is a general condition for transporting small animals during train journeys. Therefore, you should once again check the list of wagons and their classification.

The need for a ticket is indicated for each separately. If the number of animals transported exceeds the stipulated norms, then in addition to the ticket you will have to buy an additional seat.

Electric trains

The main difference between transporting animals in electric trains is the optional presence of a special container. Small dogs can be carried by hand if they have a leash and a muzzle. Large breeds ride in the vestibule under the supervision of the owners, while no more than two such dogs are allowed per carriage.