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When a pregnant dog has milk

First pregnancy

This is an especially difficult test for a young dog. The first pregnancy may last longer than subsequent pregnancies and may be more difficult.

The owner of a young bitch should not rely on “nature”, since domesticated animals are not at all the same as in natural conditions. And not everyone survives in the forest, but only the healthiest and strongest.

Therefore, you need to plan your first pregnancy for three to four months.

During this time, the animal should have well-developed muscles, drive off excess fat, carefully select a diet, make all vaccinations and destroy fleas and worms in time.

After the first birth, the dog may behave too restlessly: jump up, run around the room or enclosure, as if “not knowing” what to do with the puppies. The owner does not need to worry, it will go away in 7-10 days. It is necessary to put the dog to the puppies and make sure that it does not accidentally injure the kids.

The anxiety of a dog who has given birth for the first time is often associated with the fact that she has a lot of milk, and too small puppies are not able to suck it all off. When they get stronger the dog will calm down.

How long does pregnancy last in dogs??

Normal pregnancy in dogs lasts 60-62 days. However, viable puppies can be born earlier. from day 58, or later. up to 72 days. This may be due to the individual characteristics of the bitch’s body.

The cause of premature birth before the 58th day may be trauma, latent disease, poor readiness of the bitch for pregnancy: exhaustion, excessive obesity, too young or too old an organism.

If the bitch has not given birth on her own before 72 days, then she will need prompt help (caesarean section).

Dog pregnancy by day: signs and symptoms

How to tell if a dog is pregnant? The signs of pregnancy depend on the length of time. So until the third week, practically no changes are noticeable, except, perhaps, drowsiness and apathy.

  • By 25-30 days in the area of ​​the mammary glands, the skin swells and the glands themselves become clearly visible or pink in dogs with light skin. In the area behind the ribs, there may be a noticeable increase in the abdomen.
  • With the help of ultrasound, pregnancy is diagnosed from 21-24 days. It is already possible to see amniotic bubbles with embryos on the screen of the ultrasound machine.
  • Signs of pregnancy become apparent after the 29th day. The mammary glands are greatly enlarged, and 7-10 days before childbirth, experienced mothers have milk. Only a dog with a first pregnancy can produce milk during childbirth or a few hours before.
  • From the 33rd day, the weight of the expectant mother begins to increase dramatically.
  • At the 6-7th week of pregnancy (between 38-45 days), individual fetuses are probed in the uterus, the ribs and bones of the skull of the embryos are different. During this period, using X-rays, you can accurately determine the number of puppies. This is especially important for large litters.

False pregnancy in dogs: symptoms and treatment

This is a syndrome of physiological and mental disorders in the female’s body, which are caused by abnormalities in the activity of the gonads.

Outwardly, a false pregnancy is very similar to a normal one: the pigmentation of the mammary glands changes, the belly grows, and colostrum appears. However, in reality, there is no pregnancy.

The only sign by which an inexperienced dog breeder can distinguish a false pregnancy is the absence of fetal movement in the dog’s belly. Experienced cinematographers also notice the bitch’s excessive agitation. She’s going crazy. With special enthusiasm, he builds a “nest” for himself, with special care takes care of pseudo-puppies: soft toys, etc.

She goes to the street reluctantly, and upon her return she immediately rushes to look after her “puppies”.

With such manifestations of motherhood, you must contact your veterinarian. However, the owner can also hasten the end of the imaginary pregnancy. To do this, you cannot express milk from the mammary glands, you need to exclude dairy products from the diet, more often distract the bitch from her “maternal concerns”, give sedatives.

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Dog pregnancy: everything an owner needs to know

Pregnancy of a dog is the period of development of a fertilized egg in a future puppy, right up to the moment of his birth. For the animal’s body, this is always stress and during this period chronic diseases may worsen or new health problems arise.

The load on the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys increases.

Termination of pregnancy in a dog

As for the consequences of unplanned mating and the possibility of abortion, veterinarians in this matter are divided into two camps. Some believe that it is better to get rid of unnecessary puppies, others that for a bitch a healthier process is childbirth, and not termination of pregnancy.

For interruption, the drug Mesalin is used. It is an estrogenic drug or a steroid hormone with an active substance. estradiol benzoate. It is injected intramuscularly on the 3rd and 5th day after mating, and if the mating time is unknown, then also on the 7th day.

BC Videos #4. Mastitis

Contraindications for this drug have not been established officially, but it has long been noted that after its use, inflammation of the uterus, bleeding, frozen pregnancies, prolongation of estrus duration, various hormonal disruptions are possible.

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Therefore, many veterinarians still advise giving birth to a dog, and placing puppies in good hands.

Dog pregnancy by day

Consider what happens in the process of carrying puppies:

  • At the 3rd week, the main signs are refusal to eat, the presence of vomiting. At this stage, hearts form in the puppies. It is very important during this period to monitor the bitch’s diet and constantly increase its daily amount.
  • After 24 days, the doctor can feel the embryos during the examination.
  • On the 29th day, the final formation of the appearance of the embryos occurs, without the formation of a wool cover.
  • At the 6th week, an increase in the abdomen becomes visually noticeable, the nipples turn pink, and the skin around them brightens.
  • For 30-35 days, ultrasound diagnostics can be carried out, and also these days the formation of all the main body systems ends in babies.
  • 8th week (54-58th day). the bitch has frequent licks, and she is also looking for a future birthplace. Before the immediate birth, the temperature of the dog drops sharply to 35 degrees. This happens approximately 6 to 32 hours before the onset of labor. At this moment, the owner must constantly be with the animal next to him in order to provide his pet with the necessary help in time.

Pregnancy in large dogs

In large breeds of animals, pregnancy lasts 65 days, although sometimes there are cases that puppies are born on the 54th or 75th day. If there are a large number of puppies in the womb, then the pregnancy time will decrease, and with a small number, accordingly, it will increase.

In the early stages of gestation, the dog leads a familiar lifestyle, the same active and mobile. In the next steps, it is important to limit the female’s over-activity. Quite often, they themselves feel it perfectly and become calmer.

Pregnancy in dogs

Pregnancy in dogs is a very crucial period during which the development of the future adorable puppy takes place. During these periods, the animal requires special attention, appropriate care and nutrition. Every owner of a female dog should know everything about the features of feeding his bitch and proper care for her throughout her pregnancy.

How long does pregnancy last in dogs?

The average gestation period for a dog can be 55 to 70 days. Sometimes there are cases when babies can be born on the 60th or 75th day of pregnancy. This is due to the individual physiological characteristics of the female.

One of the reasons for untimely birth is any injury that the dog has received earlier. In addition, premature birth can occur due to any hidden diseases, as well as be the result of depletion of the body, age characteristics: too old or too young age.

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy in dogs

Many of the dog owners ask the same question: “How do you know if a bitch is pregnant or not?” This requires, first of all, to know the signs and symptoms of pregnancy in dogs. The main manifestations of this condition directly depend on how long the female is. In most cases, if the period is less than three weeks, then almost no changes occur to the animal, only increased drowsiness and some apathy are observed.

Starting from 20-26 days, in the area where the mammary glands are located, the skin gradually swells, and the glands themselves acquire a pinkish tint. An increase in the volume of the abdomen is also clearly manifested, especially in the area of ​​the ribs.

Diagnosis using ultrasound is usually carried out from the 20th to 25th day. The amniotic sacs with embryos will already be visible on the screen of the device. The most obvious signs of pregnancy become after the 30th day. At this stage, the bitch’s mammary glands are significantly enlarged, and already 5-8 days before giving birth, experienced women in labor have milk. If we talk about dogs that are pregnant for the first time, then milk in most cases arrives right before childbirth or during direct labor.

Starting from the 35th day, the weight of the pregnant female increases rapidly every day. At the 8th week of pregnancy, it becomes possible to probe individual fruits in the uterus. At this stage, using X-ray images, you can determine which offspring is expected.

Symptoms of a false pregnancy

False pregnancy in dogs is a disorder that occurs in the body of an animal and has a physiological and mental nature. They can be caused as a result of any abnormalities in the activity of the gonads.

The external signs of a false pregnancy are quite similar to the usual one. There is a change in the pigments of the mammary glands, the belly increases, colostrum appears, but in reality the fetus is absent. The only sign by which a false pregnancy can be determined is the absence of movement of the embryos in the animal’s abdomen.

All signs of a false pregnancy are associated with a sharp change in the behavior of the bitch:

  • The female with special love equips her den for future puppies.
  • He constantly plays and does not part with soft toys, licks them and behaves as if he were alive.
  • There is a certain lethargy about walking.
  • In most cases, behaves agitated and sometimes even aggressive.

If such signs appear, you should immediately seek help from your veterinarian. Also, an imaginary pregnancy can be eliminated by the owner himself. To do this, you need to exclude all dairy products from the animal’s diet, try to distract the animal as often as possible and give it various sedatives.

Pregnancy in small dogs

The normal gestation period in small breed dogs is 60 days. In order to find out how many offspring will be born, ultrasound can be done in the early stages of pregnancy, and at later stages they can be felt.

Before the start of pregnancy in small-breed individuals, the body temperature decreases by several degrees. They are very sensitive to hypothermia or overheating, so it is necessary to ensure that there is an appropriate temperature regime in the room where the pregnant dog lives.

Small dogs have a similarly small stomach, which in turn affects feeding during pregnancy. Indeed, with the growth of the uterus, the stomach shifts and squeezes a little. Therefore, food should be light, but high in calories.

pregnant, milk

Termination of the pregnancy process

If we talk about the consequences of an unplanned mating, then in this case the opinion of veterinarians is divided. Most of them believe that the best way out of this situation is to get rid of the puppies, while others, on the contrary, consider childbirth a healthy process and are categorically against the termination of an unplanned pregnancy.

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In order to interrupt gestation, various drugs are used. They contain a steroid hormone, which includes the active substance estradiol benzoate. This drug is administered to the animal by intramuscular injection on the 2nd and 4th day after mating, and if this time is unknown, then the procedure is repeated on the 6th day.

Most of the drugs used to interrupt pregnancy have a large number of different contraindications, which quite often include:

  • Inflammation of the uterus.
  • Discovery of bleeding.
  • Increased estrus.
  • Hormonal disruptions.

Therefore, you should not prescribe medications on your own so as not to harm your beloved pet.

In order for the birth to take place in an absolute norm, and the puppies are born healthy, you need to monitor the condition of your pet throughout the pregnancy. If there are any changes in the behavior of the animal or it refuses to walk and eat, then you should seek help from a veterinarian as soon as possible.

There is no need to leave your pet unattended during childbirth. Usually this process proceeds normally, but the cases are different and at any time the animal may need the help or intervention of a veterinarian. Remember, your beloved dog becomes a mom!

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The first weeks after the “date

If a dog mated with a “groom”, this does not mean that conception has taken place. It’s no secret that many bitches, after unsuccessful mating (and even without contact with a male), develop a false pregnancy. The appearance of the pet changes (the dog’s belly is rounded, the nipples swell). The animal’s behavior also undergoes strong changes: the dog equips a “nest”, drags soft objects (mittens, toys) there that resemble puppies. The owner will unravel the deceitfulness of his dog’s “pregnant status” only after consulting a veterinarian.

Meanwhile, successful mating may not affect the dog’s mental state in any way. over, many bitches continue estrus for a few days after conception.

The animal, of course, will not tell you about its interesting position. The fact that a dog is carrying offspring, you will learn by physiological signs. One of them is discharge from the animal’s loop. These secretions (or rather, their color, density, smell) can not only inform you about the pregnancy of the bitch, but also warn about a serious illness or. about abortion of fetuses.

Caring for the mother-to-be

During the period of gestation, protect your pet from stressful factors. Eliminate new acquaintances and stay in noisy places.

Remember that any cold will be harder than usual. Do not let your pet sleep on a cold floor and make sure that its place is protected from drafts.

Particular attention will have to be paid to feeding and physical activity. Also, do not forget to prepare a “nest”, that is, a future place for childbirth.

Condition of the dog before childbirth

The imminent appearance of offspring can be recognized by the sudden aggression towards strangers, the arrangement of the “nest” and the creation of caches with food supplies. A few days before giving birth, the pet has milk and appetite disappears.

On the last day, the body temperature drops by 1-1.5 ° C. The expectant mother becomes very restless, digs holes in the floor and sits down in them. At this stage, take it to the “nest”, since there will be no more than 1.5 hours left until new family members appear.


Small breeds (Chihuahuas, Pekingese, Yorkies) carry their young for 55-60 days. Their offspring are always the most numerous.

Due to the modest size, future women in labor often face gastrointestinal problems. Their enlarged uterus begins to squeeze the stomach, so the food is made as high-calorie as possible, but small in volume.


Blood is a bad signal. Normally, the secret is very meager, it soon stops. The discharge is not bloody, with red streaks. Scarlet, dripping blood. a reason to immediately contact the veterinarian.

At any stage, blood impurities can indicate serious pathologies:

  • death of one or more fetuses;
  • miscarriage;
  • ruptured uterus;
  • premature birth.

The problem leads to a general deterioration in the condition of the dog, which should be an additional alarm signal.

How to identify pathology

Pathological processes are accompanied by a number of unpleasant moments.

Dark, persistent mucus oozing from the loop.

  • Unsatisfactory condition of the dog (whines, worries, hides, refuses to eat, drink).
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Fetid odor emanating from a secret.
  • Lack of movement of puppies in the womb.
  • If you notice one of the symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor. Only an experienced specialist will make an accurate diagnosis. By eye, no doctor can determine the problem.

    • Biochemistry blood test, routine.
    • Ultrasound.
    • Blood test for infections.

    A timely visit to the doctor is an opportunity to save not only the mother, but also the babies.

    In no case should you self-medicate, trying to find the problem and fix.


    For full development, embryos need vitamins A, B, D and E. They can be added directly to food by checking the brand name with your veterinarian. For the formation of bone structure, the diet is enriched with calcium. You will also need to increase the amount of proteins that perform a building function. You need to return to the previous volume of protein food 10 days before childbirth, and completely abandon it 5 days before.

    In the first month, feeding is carried out 2 times a day, in the second. 3 times a day, and shortly before childbirth. 4-5 times a day. Try to keep carbs to a minimum to prevent obesity. The easiest way to feed your pet with maternity food.

    Signs of pregnancy in dogs

    Immediately after mating, it is impossible to determine whether the bitch is pregnant or not, since the animal practically does not change in behavioral reactions, it is just as active. After two weeks, some bitches may experience depression, loss of appetite and drowsiness. This is an absolutely normal condition, provided that the spotting from the loop has stopped.

    In the period up to four weeks in a puppy bitch, the nipples swell: they become larger, bright pink. Otherwise, the behavior and appearance of the animal does not change, it has an excellent appetite and sleep, it is happy to study and play. At this time, the owner must increase the number of feedings to three per day, increasing the amount of protein in the food due to meat and dairy products.

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    Starting from the second month of pregnancy, an experienced owner can already notice an increase in the dog’s belly in the rib area. This is especially noticeable when the animal is sitting. The mammary glands continue to enlarge, swell, the bitch becomes less mobile, avoids sudden jumps.

    Two to three weeks before the expected due date, the bitch begins to rapidly increase in volume, the belly grows right before our eyes. In the supine position, it is already noticeable how the puppies push in the stomach. It is necessary to feed the dog fractionally, in small portions, without overfeeding. Walks are necessary, but only at a step, without stress.

    Differences in the course of pregnancy in dogs

    Pregnancy in different breeds
    dogs proceeds the same

    • The first pregnancy of a dog is almost the same as the subsequent ones, only signs of puberty appear a little later than in bitches that have given birth. A bitch who has given birth for the first time also has milk only the day before giving birth, or on the same day.
    • Pregnancy in dogs of small breeds proceeds in the same way as in representatives of large and medium breeds, differences can only be in the behavior of animals. Dogs of small breeds have a more fragile and delicate nervous organization, so all behavioral reactions in them may be more pronounced.
    • Older animals walk more often, they have more pronounced signs of malaise in the later stages, such as shortness of breath and swelling of the paws, so they need special nutrition and care.

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    How and how long is pregnancy in dogs

    Pregnancy in dogs usually lasts sixty days on average, but this figure is not accurate, since the physiological processes are purely individual, and in different individuals, the duration of bearing puppies can range from fifty-six to seventy-three days. A longer period of time is dangerous for the occurrence of complications, therefore, a dog rearing a pregnancy needs a medical examination, and possibly surgery.

    False pregnancy in dogs

    Sometimes it happens that after mating or the next estrus, in which the dog did not mate, it develops signs of pregnancy such as breast enlargement, lactation and behavioral changes. This is due to a violation of the hormonal background of the animal, and is called false pregnancy or imaginary (false) pregnancy.

    Symptoms and signs of false pregnancy in dogs in the first weeks after estrus are somewhat similar to signs of real puberty: the bitch has a change in behavior and an increase in nipples. Change in appetite, lethargy and thoughtfulness. these signs tell the owner that the animal is pregnant. Accordingly, the owner increases the diet and limits the bitch’s workload.

    But after six weeks, the expected increase in the abdomen does not occur, as well as childbirth after sixty days, but the behavior of the dog suggests that she has become a mother: the bitch builds nests from the litter, carries toys there and licks the nipples for a long time. In some cases, the dog sucks milk on its own, which further exacerbates the situation.

    With false puppies, the bitch builds
    litter nest

    If the pregnancy is actually false, which can be checked by doing an ultrasound to the bitch in the fourth week of gestation, then urgent measures must be taken. Physical activity is increased for the animal, long walks are arranged, the diet is cut. All dairy products are removed from the diet, the amount of protein is reduced, and fluid intake is limited.

    For the treatment of false pregnancies in dogs, you can use drugs that normalize hormones, such as Bromocriptine. If the bitch is not of breeding value, it is best to sterilize, as constant periods of lactation can lead to the formation of breast tumors.

    Pregnancy calendar in dogs, pregnancy by day

    • 1-14 days from the first mating. the embryos are attached to the walls of the uterus, the placenta is formed.
    • 15-20 days. the most important stage: the internal organs of the fetus, the nervous system and the formation of the spine are formed. The most crucial time when any use of drugs or drugs for fleas can cause fetal deformities, and severe stress can provoke a miscarriage.
    • 21-29 days. time for ultrasound diagnostics of puberty, when the formation of the placenta is over, and puppies of large breeds reach the size of one to two centimeters.
    • 30-40 days. the beginning of the second half of pregnancy, the doctor and experienced breeders can determine the pregnancy of the bitch by palpating the abdomen.
    • 40-45 days. the internal organs of the puppies are fully formed, they begin to grow intensively, so the bitch’s diet should be sufficient to meet all the needs of growing children. She is transferred to fractional meals with a large amount of dairy and meat products.
    • 45-50 days. the belly of a pregnant dog is clearly visible and increases every day, you can already feel the puppies through the abdominal wall. By this time they grow up to twelve centimeters, and are already covered with wool.
    • Days 51-58. the dog begins to have milk, she rests a lot, eats with pleasure. Puppies grow up to fifteen centimeters.
    • 59-64 days. the bitch begins to worry, periodically there are small spasms of the uterine muscles, the dog can tear the bedding, making a nest. Puppies are already fully ready for birth.

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    Pregnancy in healthy dogs usually proceeds normally without disturbing the owners, and two months after mating, the bitches usually give birth to healthy puppies.

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