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When a scottish cat starts begging for a cat

What to do to keep the cat from walking?

Some owners do not plan to knit a pet and, so that it does not disturb the calm atmosphere in the house, they use special preparations. Today there are various pills for cats from walking, which regulate the processes of sexual arousal, prevent unwanted pregnancies, calm the animal and make the behavior normal.

But opinions differ regarding the safety of such drugs. Some believe that it is necessary to use pills for walking if mating is not planned. Others are sure that hormonal pills or drops for cats during estrus are harmful to the health of the pet. If, nevertheless, the owner is going to give drugs for estrus, only an experienced veterinarian should prescribe the remedy.

Competently selected, suitable drops or tablets gently normalize hormonal levels and will not harm the animal.

Manufacturers offer a variety of medications to address the problems of increased sexual activity in cats. For example, the tablets “Gestrenol” are quite effective and gentle for the body. In its composition, the product contains analogs of natural hormones. In addition, when Gestrenol is canceled, the reproductive function is restored after a couple of months.

Among the effective contraceptives are also “Anti sex”, “Contra-sex” and “Sex barrier”. But these funds are hormonal. To quickly calm the cat down, Covinan injections are used. The reasonable price for Covinan for cats makes this drug quite popular among the owners of representatives of the feline family. But it is worth remembering that this remedy, like any other hormonal one, has contraindications. For example, it is not recommended to use Covinan injections for young individuals and over 5 years of age.

How to recognize that your pet is asking for a cat?

The age at which cats begin to walk is understandable. But how to recognize this period? It’s actually very simple. The owner cannot confuse this with anything else. The greatest sexual activity of cats is observed in the first months of the year: from February to April. But in October-November, the readiness for mating of the cat is less pronounced. You can understand that a cat is asking for a cat by certain signs.

scottish, starts, begging
  • Often, representatives of the feline family have a decrease in appetite during this period. And some individuals completely lose interest in food. Of course, this may also indicate that the pet is sick. Therefore, this sign separately as an indicator that the animal is walking should not be considered. The techka is necessarily accompanied by other symptoms.
  • The pet begins to scream and meow loudly. This may look very strange at first. Therefore, when a cat starts asking for a cat for the first time, it may seem strange to the owner. But this is all natural. the cat’s instinct is triggered. Thus, a pet attracts a potential cat to mating.
  • The animal begins to leave marks all over the house. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether cats mark territory like cats can be firmly answered “yes”. During estrus, the pet begins to have special secretions. Some believe that the cat leaves the marks on the floor involuntarily. Others are convinced that in this way she attracts the male. But there is also an opinion that a cat during estrus marks the boundaries in this way, fearing that cats will claim its territory. Regardless of the true cause, a cat’s discharge during estrus is normal.
  • The pet becomes overly affectionate: it purrs loudly and rubs against the owner’s legs. True, in some cases aggression can also be observed in her behavior.
  • The pet often begins to go to the toilet in a small way. But why did the cat start peeing anywhere during estrus? This is due to physiological changes in the body.
  • The animal begins to take characteristic poses for mating: it descends on its front legs, and raises the back of the body, pulling its tail to the side. Thus, the cat makes it clear to the male that it is ready for mating.

All these signs indicate that the pet has started to walk. This is why the cat meows for no reason, rubs against its legs and eats poorly. But soon this period will end, and the darling will become calm again.

Determining the duration of estrus can be done simply by observing the cat. But, as a rule, this process lasts about 10 days. Of course, this period can be influenced by some factors, reducing or increasing the time of estrus. It should be noted that if you do not bring the cat down or do not take measures to calm it down, after 2 weeks estrus may recur again. Read the article “How many days does a cat ask for a cat and how to calm it down?”.

When a cat starts asking for a cat for the first time and how to understand it?

The cat is a mystical creature. For a long time, people believed that these unique animals are able not only to give warmth and love to their owner, but also to protect them from any negativity. Having acquired a fluffy kitty, you must remember that, having matured, she will begin to walk. Always affectionate and calm, one day she will behave very strange: meow loudly, calling on the cat. But after a while, the “cat concert” will pass, and the pet’s behavior will again be commonplace. This article will tell you about the age at which the cat begins to ask the cat, how to understand it and what to do.

Cat mating

It is important to know how to properly mate a cat with a cat so that the whole process is successful. First you need to find a partner. It is advisable to do this in advance, but it is better to introduce the animals in advance. You can find a suitable cat in a cat club by visiting an exhibition or by placing an advertisement in a newspaper or on the Internet. So that mating does not harm, it should be carried out after reaching a certain age, and both animals should be checked for the presence of fungal, viral, infectious and other diseases. Also, before mating. 2 weeks in advance. experts advise to carry out deworming.

Before you mix a cat with a cat for the first time, it is recommended to trim her nails. This is to ensure that she does not cause injury during the mating process. Bathing the animal before mating is not worth it. Because it can wash off the bride’s natural and cat-like scent. It is better to bring a pet with a male on 3-5 days of estrus.

It happens that the cat does not allow the male to come to him. And this is not surprising, because these creatures are very capricious and willful. If the situation or the male is not to your liking, problems with mating are provided. There are also such individuals that never allow males to come near them. Most likely, the reason for this behavior lies in an incorrectly formed sexual instinct. But this may also be due to problems with the uterus or ovaries. If the cat liked the pet, it is better not to change it. After all, representatives of the cat family are monogamous. It is recommended to give birth to a cat no more than 3 times every 2 years.

Many experts-felinologists, if the cat does not let the cat around during mating, advise:

  • Pour the mint solution into a bowl. Or sprinkle mint herb around the room.
  • If mating is planned on the territory of the cat, leave the cat for a couple of days in a carrier or cage. This is necessary for the pet to get used to the cat, to start communicating with him. In this case, it is advisable to take the groom out of the room sometimes.
  • Aggressive cats should look for cats with similar temperaments.
  • Give your cat a drug that induces ovulation.

When to mate?

When cats start asking for a cat for the first time, everything is clear. But when are they ready for pregnancy? Physiologically, the pet will be ready to bear, give birth and feed offspring only by 16-20 months. This is due to the fact that puberty is completed by about 1-1.5 years. It is important for the cat to get stronger, to form the pelvic bones. Otherwise, there is a high probability of miscarriage or the birth of ugly and undeveloped kittens. The load on the fragile spine can lead to disability of the pet itself. But it’s too late to have a cat with a cat, too, is not worth it. After all, late pregnancy can be harmful to health.

Consider when cats start wanting a cat for the first time. Their puberty is complete by about 10 months. But, of course, everything is individual: in some individuals it may be even earlier, at about 6 months. The following signs indicate that the pet began to ask for a cat: enlargement of the genitals, frequent urination, the presence of colorless discharge.

The age at which a cat can fertilize a cat directly depends on its puberty. It is advisable to take the cat after he turns one year old. The cat must mate at least 9 times a year. Otherwise, the hormonal system will fail, the animal will begin to mark the territory. Unlike cats, cats are ready to mate for a whole year.

When a cat starts asking for a cat?

Many owners are interested in the question of what time cats begin to walk and how long this period lasts. Naturally, all animals are individual and each has a given moment at a different time. As a rule, a furry creature begins to ask a cat at about 6 months. But no later than 10 months.

There are a number of factors that affect what time a cat starts begging for a cat:

  • breed;
  • feeding features and food quality;
  • conditions of detention.
scottish, starts, begging

Felines reach sexual maturity by 7-9 months. True, in some breeds this happens before. During puberty, the pet develops the ability to produce mature eggs. But this does not mean that from the first estrus the animal is ready for conception. It is necessary for the animal to grow up a little more, to get stronger.

If not hormones, then what?

Since hormonal drugs can be harmful, it is better to use more forgiving options. For example, “Fitx” or “Cat Bayun”. These are herbal preparations, so they are the safest for feline health. Palladium, Bromine and Ignatia have also proven themselves quite well. These are homeopathic remedies that have a mild effect on the body and do not cause side effects. In addition, the result is achieved almost immediately after use.

Many veterinarians advise neutering if the owner does not want the cat to give birth to kittens. After performing the operation, the pet will no longer walk and will not be able to get pregnant. The pills temporarily suppress her arousal. And besides, they can cause irreparable harm to health. It makes sense to use such drugs if mating is not planned now, but in the future the owner is going to bring the cat with the cat. What exactly to choose, sterilization or taking sedative hormonal drugs, it all depends on the decision of the owner of the pet, as well as the health and age of the animal. Read more about the use of sedatives here.

This article looked at how to understand what a cat wants a cat, when it is recommended to mate and how to do it correctly. Each cat has its own character and preferences. And it is important to learn to understand your pet. If the owner does not want the cat to give birth, it is better to perform a sterilization operation. Of course, you can use various drugs to suppress the sexual arousal of your pet, but many of them, especially hormonal ones, can harm your health.

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At what age does a cat ask for a cat for the first time??

At a certain age, the cat’s body begins to prepare for reproduction, females begin to estrus. At this point, follicles mature in the ovaries. The hormonal background of the animal is changing. The hormone estrogen is released in large quantities, as a result of which the blood supply to the genitals is increased, transparent vaginal discharge appears.

Duration of estrus in cats

Active heat usually lasts 5 to 10 days. The duration of the process depends on age, breed, season, health status and living conditions. The first heat can be faster. In adult cats, hormones change, so estrus lasts longer.

If the owner closely observes his pet, then he can determine exactly how many days the estrus lasted. In the future, the duration will remain the same. This information is necessary for breeders who breed purebred animals.

Leak frequency

The average frequency of estrus in cats is 2 to 4 times a year. The frequency of ovulation is influenced by the peculiarities of physiology, genetics and the presence of a pregnancy in the past. Females who have given birth usually walk less often. They have estrus once every 3-4 months, sometimes once every six months. After childbirth, sexual desire resumes after about a month. Cats that have not given birth ask for a cat monthly. With age, the frequency of leaks decreases, they proceed faster, and the symptoms become less pronounced.

Signs of estrus

When the female is walking, you can notice this by the characteristic features. They are most pronounced in the second stage of estrus. However, the beginning of the sexual hunt process can also be determined by some changes:

  • the pet often visits the tray;
  • there is a change in mood, an affectionate cat may suddenly become aggressive;
  • decreases, and sometimes completely disappears appetite;
  • vaginal discharge appears.

High hormone levels affect the behavior of the female. In the active phase of estrus, the following symptoms can be observed:

  • Obsessive affection. The pet literally does not leave the owner, constantly rubs against his legs, requires attention.
  • Mating poses. The cat, at any touch, takes a pose indicating its readiness for mating. She flexes and lifts the back of her body, extending her tail.
  • Screams. Luring the cat, the female screams loudly. Screams during the sexual hunt cannot be confused with anything.
  • Desire to get out of the house. Following the sexual instinct, the animal seeks to go outside the apartment to find a partner.

Periods of the estrous cycle

The estrus process in cats is divided into four stages. Each of them lasts a certain time and has its own distinctive features:

  • Proestrus. This is the first stage, which lasts up to 4 days. Anxiety is characteristic of proestrus. The pet rubs against interior items, becomes more affectionate, obsessively demands that the owner stroked her, makes soft sounds.
  • Estrus. The duration of this stage is about 10 days. Estrus is manifested by louder meows. The female is actively looking for a male for mating; when stroking, she presses herself to the floor, bends her hind legs and stretches her tail. If it is necessary for the female to become pregnant, she is taken to the cat at this very time.
  • Metestrus. During this period, the cat’s libido decreases. If fertilization has occurred, then she becomes indifferent to the males, and sometimes even shows aggression towards them. Duration of metestrus. from 3 to 12 days.
  • Anestrus. The last stage of estrus. Hunting ends, pet’s behavior remains the same.

What determines the period of the first heat?

At what age a teenage cat begins to ask for a cat depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and some external conditions. The following factors have the greatest influence on puberty:

Sedatives for cats

The safest for the health of cats are sedatives. They help reduce the female’s arousal and reduce the intensity of estrus symptoms. In order to correct the behavior of the pet, the following drugs are used:

  • “Cat Baiyun”. Available in tablets and liquid form. It is used in cases where cats are stressed, as well as to suppress sexual desire.
  • Fitex. A sedative drug in drops. The basis of the medicine is made up of extracts of various plants that have an anti-stress effect.
  • Cat mint. The scent of this herb soothes cats. It can be put in places where the animal spends most of the time. Catnip is also available as a spray.
  • Stop stress. A powerful sedative for cats. Available in tablets and drops. The drug quickly suppresses sex drive and makes the cat less active.


The drug is available in the form of drops. This is the most comfortable form for cats to use. Gestrenol drops contain catnip, which attracts animals with its smell and taste. This allows cat drops to be used effortlessly.

Problem Solution with Gestrenol
territory marking Use of the drug from 3 to 7 days
aggression For cats weighing up to 5 kg. 4 drops
loud screams For cats weighing 6-10 kg. 5-8 drops
Prevention of sexual heat Application of the drug once a week, regardless of the body weight of the animal. 4 drops

In 2-3 months after discontinuation of the drug, the animal will be able to continue the race, the reproductive function is fully restored.

The cat asks for the cat. Features of sexual hunting in cats and ways to solve the problem. What is the owner to do when a cat wants a cat??

Always ready! The cat wants a cat all year round

Many owners choose a cat when starting a pet. It is believed that keeping a male animal is much easier than a cat, mainly because there is no need to solve the problem of finding owners for the kittens that are born. However, another problem arises associated with his sexual activity. Not everyone knows that a cat is ready to meet a cat at any time of the year.

Puberty in cats ends at the age of 8-10 months. The time of onset of puberty depends on the breed of the animal and the conditions of its keeping. After the end of the puberty process, the cat can mate the cat at any time and will exhibit demanding behavior.

When a cat shows readiness to mate, his body obeys natural instincts. Therefore, it is impossible to re-educate a cat that requires a cat.


The drug Gestrenol effectively reduces sexual arousal in cats: it eliminates the problems of territory marking, aggressive and demanding behavior. With regular use of the drug, the animal’s sexual calmness is ensured.

How to tell if a cat wants a cat?

The owner of the animal can immediately understand when the cat starts asking for the cat, because the pet’s behavior becomes completely different. The onset of puberty in a cat can be determined by the following criteria:

  • Territory marking. Cats that have reached puberty leave marks in the apartment: on walls, doors, upholstered furniture. Thus, they attract females for mating and make it clear to possible rivals that the territory is occupied;
  • Aggressive behavior towards owners and other animals. Unfriendly behavior in cats during sex hunting can sometimes be dangerous to household members. The owners run the risk of being scratched or bitten. Such a cat can hardly be called cute and fluffy; it will not be possible to change its behavior with the help of educational measures;
  • Calling shouts. The cat tries to attract the cat’s attention with loud cries. In this case, a piercing meow can continue for hours, day and night. It is also almost impossible to influence such behavior with educational measures;
  • Constant urge to run out into the street. Driven by the reproductive instinct, the cat always keeps the doors and windows in mind. At the first convenient opportunity, the pet is ready to jump out of the apartment in search of a cat.

The cat asks the cat: what to do and what means to choose to calm the pet?

Calming a cat desperately seeking a cat is possible by using two methods. One of them is the use of modern drugs for the regulation of sexual heat. Many breeders and owners of cats trust Gestrenol to solve the problems of their pets’ behavior. This drug is able to effectively solve all problems associated with the behavior of cats during sexual activity.

It is important that Gestrenol is designed specifically for cats and cats, it takes into account the hormonal background of these animals.

Another method of solving the problem of sexual activity in a cat is the removal of the genital glands. castration. During and after the operation, the animal experiences severe stress. As a result of castration, the entire body of the pet suffers: due to increased appetite, a castrated cat often gains excess weight, the mobility of the animal decreases, this can shorten its life span.

Owners need to be aware that even after surgery, the cat’s habits may remain the same. Many castrated cats continue to mark territory and behave aggressively.


Gestrenol is a bihormonal drug. Due to the use of two new generation hormones in its composition, the concentration of active substances in the preparation is reduced tenfold. Gestrenol is specially formulated for cats. It takes into account the fact that animals of different species and sex have different amounts of sex hormones in the body.

Your cat asks for a cat, leaving scent marks in the apartment?

Drops for cats

Since very often the desire of the cat develops into aggression, and the animal begins to behave inappropriately with household members or other pets in the house, you can try to start by using sedatives in the form of drops. There are a huge number of manufacturers and brands, you can find an effective one based on any budget. However, it is worth remembering the dosage indicated on the drug. Since many sell a “dummy”, you need to look in the composition. FSH and LH. These substances are a hormone of the corpus luteum, which suppresses the action of hormones. Among the known options are:

  • Sex Barrier “Skif”;
  • Ovostop;
  • Ex-5. for dogs and cats.

Additionally, you need to indicate the contraindications. You cannot just add drops to food and wait for the effect if you are not sure that the animal does not suffer from:

  • diabetes mellitus. according to statistics, more than 40% of pets already have this problem by the age of 4;
  • the cat has not yet reached puberty. that is, the drug is given by mistake, and she has signs of a completely different disease;
  • hormonal balance was disrupted after unsuccessful childbirth;
  • the cat is already pregnant;
  • first heat.

By the way, it is very dangerous to give such hormonal agents if the cat is in heat for the first time. Ultimately, this can break the cycle and disrupt the pet’s psyche.

Important! Veterinarians recommend just waiting out this period, watching the food, not allowing sexual intercourse if she is not 12 months old.

How a cat asks for a cat

A cat’s personality can change dramatically. Not everyone becomes affectionate and kind during this period. There are other indicators that can explain the pet’s strange behavior. What you should pay attention to first of all:

  • loss of appetite. This indicator can mislead the owners, because it also indicates the presence of other problems;
  • the cat rubs against its legs, meows a lot. Of course, this can be a signal that the pet is bored or just trying to attract attention. During estrus, the animal is too affectionate and “talkative”. If earlier it was impossible to get a pet out from under the sofa, then at the time of “wanting”, it is impossible to get rid of it;
  • increased interest and love for men. Whatever one may say, but cats feel the gender difference among owners. If at a certain period the pet became more interested in a strong representative of the house, then she goes through a period of maturation;
  • house tags. even the most trained cat will put small marks around the apartment. It is useless to scold and punish for this. It is useless to fight against instincts with simple words and beating;
  • began to go to the toilet more often. the excited hormonal system affects urination, so if the cat begins to visit the litter box more often, it is highly likely that she has begun a period of growing up. This fact is relevant if other indicators are additionally present. It can also turn out to be kidney disease;
  • the cat bends over and shows unusual postures. the most understandable and visible sign that the cat wants a cat.
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All these indicators will help you understand in a timely manner what kind of strange phenomena are happening to your beloved pet. You can’t just ignore it. Such a position will lead to damage to property, to a mental disorder of the animal.

How to calm your cat at home

There are not many effective ways to calm your pet. Experts recommend paying attention to the tips below, which will greatly facilitate the condition of the pet and the owner himself.

Folk remedies

As practice has shown, among folk remedies there are still effective methods of dealing with screaming at night and constant “molestation” to household members. To facilitate this period will help:

Decoctions from these funds have not yet become the causes of allergies. You can even make it from pharmacy powder, which is available in every city and district. If the cat asks the cat what to do?

  • wet the pet with warm water. while the cat is in order, household members will be able to forget about screaming for several hours;
  • lock in the back room. effectively at night, you first need to give a decoction of herbs.

You cannot create a stressful atmosphere, the screams will not decrease, on the contrary, the cat will be even more excited. Little-known drugs and tinctures are easy to poison. You can try to keep her busy with games.


Herbal sedatives are no less effective. There will be no harm to the pet from them, experts distinguish:

19 Warning Signs That Your Cat Is Begging For Help

  • Bayun cat is a worthy remedy that is given even to dogs. The dosage is measured by weight, it is advisable to start giving at the beginning of estrus, since they have a cumulative effect;
  • Stop stress. available in pills and drops;
  • Stop-sex. if the owners do not intend to receive kittens in the future, then this tool is ideal in order to forget about screaming at night.

Important! If we are talking about the first estrus, then it is advisable to show the pet to the veterinarian. Only he will be able to give a correct assessment of the state, and timely detect deviations.

At what age do they start asking for the first time

The average age of puberty depends on conditions and breed. Speaking of statistics, a cat starts wanting for the first time at 6-8 months. In rare cases, heat can be delayed and come at 12 months. It all depends on her physical and emotional health. If the nutrition is correct, the situation is positive, the cat may begin to require reproduction even at 5 months. Especially when it comes to small breeds.

  • estrus is not affected by the weather, climate and other nuances associated with the conditions of the region;
  • as soon as the body gets stronger, and all body parameters return to normal, instincts will give a signal that the cat is a pair to mate.

It is impossible to predict the first heat, but going to the veterinarian can significantly alleviate the situation. For example, many are immediately recommended to remove the appendages.

How often does estrus occur?

As mentioned earlier, the average frequency is about 3-4 times a year. However, experts say that a cat is not always ready for offspring from a physical point of view. She should not be allowed to bring kittens more than 2 times a year. Ultimately, the pet’s strength will end, it will wither and die completely by 3-4 years.

How many times a year does a cat ask for a cat?

When it comes to the frequency of estrus, even the best veterinarian in the city will not be able to give an exact answer. It all depends on the breed and the health of the pet. Larger representatives of felines flow 2 times a year. Small cats. 3-4 times.

For those who are engaged in breeding or just want to plunge into this area, you need to know a few facts:

  • it is impossible to have a cat under 1 year old. Despite the fact that she is instinctively ready for mating, the pet’s pelvis is not yet fully developed due to the “greenhouse content”;
  • using unverified home methods is extremely dangerous. Many people recommend feeding pets with bromine or catnip. All these methods in 90% of cases negatively affect the state of the animal, which leads to death or loss of control over them.

What period of time lasts?

The estrus cycle consists of four stages:

  • proestrus. Lasts 1-2 days, the cat shows anxiety, but does not allow the cat to come to him;
  • estrus. actually estrus, expressed by frequent urination and loss of appetite, lasts 5-7 days;
  • metestrus, the extinction of the reproductive instinct, lasts up to 8 days;
  • anestrus. a period of rest, which occurs if mating has not occurred, lasts until the beginning of the next cycle

Thus, the average duration of estrus reaches two weeks. At the same time, the “hunting” time increases with age.

One of the ways to solve the problem of a restless cat who wants to continue the race is to mate with a cat. Despite the apparent simplicity, this process requires serious preparation.

The first mating can be carried out not earlier than the cat reaches the age of one and a half years, when the body is fully formed, and the animal has received all the necessary vaccinations. Early pregnancy in cats is often ineffective, posing a health risk to the animal.

Acquaintance of a cat with a partner occurs on the 3-5th day of estrus, although in some breeds favorable days come only in the second week. An animal that finds itself in a foreign territory for mating must be provided with a comfortable stay, you can take a bed, a tray, a bowl, your favorite toy with you. This will provide a reduction in stress levels.

The readiness of the cat is guessed by the characteristic flirtation with the cat. Mating does not always happen on the first try, in case the animal is excited, the owner needs to be nearby in order to be able to calm him down.

Unfortunately, mating is not always successful, the reason can be both psychological and physical incompatibility of partners. In this case, you can contact a specialist breeder or find another partner for the cat.

Also known is the practice of mating not for the purpose of giving birth to kittens, but to satisfy the cat’s sexual instinct. In this case, a castrated cat is used, fertilization cannot occur, and the cat may not experience sexual desire for up to two months.

Pheromone therapy

Pheromone is a naturally occurring volatile chemical that animals use to communicate. These substances are released from the body into the environment and can cause one or another reaction in the behavior of the individual who received the signal. For example, with the help of pheromones, marking the territory, males “guard” their territory or warn of danger.

Pheromones can both excite the nervous system and calm the animal, including during estrus. These drugs are sprayed into the air, which makes the procedure for taking such a “drug” humane.

The disadvantage of this therapy is the lack of guarantees of its effectiveness.

Cat asks for a cat

Each owner is familiar with the situation when a cat asks for a cat. We answered questions about how long heat lasts and at what age begins, whether sterilization is harmful. In the article you will also find a list of sedatives: herbal and hormonal. Learn what pheromone therapy is.

With the onset of the first warm March days, cat cries are heard from the street, from which earplugs or a tightly closed window will save. But these methods are completely ineffective when your cat asks for a cat in your immediate vicinity. You can wait until she gets bored, but there are more effective ways to take control of the situation.

Traditional methods of sedation

Many owners agree that being physically active can help your cat cope with the symptoms of estrus more easily. It is also recommended to reduce the amount of food, feed more often and in small portions, then the cat will be able to shift Focus attention to more basic needs for a while.

To exclude external stimuli, it is best to temporarily isolate the cat from other animals during estrus, if possible.

How often does estrus occur?

In theory, cats can breed up to six litters per year by nature, with estrus being much more frequent.

Cats can look for a mate every three weeks for a week. If mating does not occur, her body will continue to repeat the estrous cycle until pregnancy or sterilization. By the way, after childbirth in many animals, estrus begins after a month and a half.

The female cycle is directly related to the length of daylight hours. For outdoor cats, the frequency of leaks increases from late spring to autumn, and decreases as daylight decreases.

Domestic cats live year-round under artificial lighting and can experience almost constant hormone activity.

Calming your cat in heat

What should the owner do if the cat asks for a cat, but he is not ready for the birth of kittens, and surgical intervention is not considered. The solution can be one of three ways, which we will consider next.

Signs that your cat is walking

Often, the signs are pronounced, restrained individuals are found, and it seems only after pregnancy to learn about puberty.

So, during estrus, the characteristic behavior is manifested:

  • friction on objects, more often and longer than usual;
  • increased urination, especially when the cat approaches;
  • transparent vaginal discharge, left not only in the tray;
  • the desire to get out into the street;
  • loud screams with uncharacteristic howling;
  • refusal to eat;
  • unusually persistent affection towards the owner;
  • unusual rolling on the floor, moving the tail to the side, bending the legs.

The cat yells for the first time

The first desire to continue the race in cats and cats comes at different times. Traditionally, cats start walking at the age of half a year. Males go in search of the chosen one a little later. in the period from seven to eight months.

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Often, sexual activity begins to manifest itself a little later. Such a “shift” can be caused by the characteristics of the breed, keeping conditions, climate and other external factors.

In any case, felines reach puberty early. The pet starts looking for a pair, while still a kitten. Therefore, the owner needs to decide in advance what he will do when the kitty is asked to “marry”.

If the kittens in the house are welcome guests, it is necessary to wait for the full sexual maturity of the animal, and only then allow the pet to procreate. Therefore, veterinarians strongly recommend not to breed cats and cats at their first request. Reproduction during the period of physical and mental development can entail inhibition of this very development.

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If the owner does not plan to breed kittens, it is necessary to decide what to do with the “walking” pet. This problem becomes especially acute when the cat begins to yell around the clock, exhausting all household members mentally, and himself. physically.

What the owner should do

Since the owner has taken responsibility for keeping the pet, it means that he must also solve the cat’s “problems” for her. Restricting your pet in contact with the opposite sex, you need to take care that the period of “falling in love” is as less exhausting as possible for the animal.

There are several methods to smooth out the mating season.


There are also drugs that are not aimed at relieving heat, but at stopping it. The therapy is based on the intake of hormonal agents that suppress the natural instinct of procreation.

  • Stop Sex;
  • “Ex-5”;
  • “Sex Barrier”.

These drugs are produced based on the sex of the animal. There are hormonal pills for cats and cats.

Sexual cycle

In order to prepare for the onset of the next mating season in a cat, the owner needs to know how the reproductive cycle of the animal occurs. The cycle has several phases:

  • Proestrus. At this stage, the cat’s sex drive is absent, however, the body is actively preparing for procreation. A cat’s mammary glands swell. Discharge from the genitals is also observed. Epat can last from one to three days.
  • Estrus. Heat itself. The animal shows maximum activity and is ready to reproduce. The duration of this stage directly depends on whether mating occurs. If a cat meets a cat, estrus will end on the fifth or sixth day. If you isolate the murka, then it can scream for up to ten days.
  • Metaestrus. The cat stops trying to establish a relationship. If there is a cat in her field of vision, she shows aggression towards him. This period lasts from one day to three days.
  • Anestrus. The time when the animal is calm. The duration of this period depends on whether ovulation has started. If it occurs, then the resting stage will continue for six weeks. If ovulation does not happen, the cycle will start over after a week. You need to understand that ovulation and fertilization are two different things.

The opinion of veterinarians

What do doctors say about the sexual activity of animals? Veterinarians agree: if you do not plan to breed kittens, neuter your pet.

When it comes to cats, it is important to understand that unfulfilled estrus can cause enormous harm to the body. In addition, the use of hormone therapy to calm the pet over time can result in health problems.

Leaving the animal in a “suspended” state, that is, not allowing mating, but not sterilizing it, the owner takes on a huge responsibility for the life of the pet. Whether he has the right to decide the fate of the four-legged friend in this way, the question remains open.

If the owner does not plan to breed kittens, it is necessary to neuter the cat as soon as possible. It is advisable to do this as soon as the veterinarian concludes that the animal is fully physically mature.

The opinion that it is impossible to neuter a nulliparous cat is erroneous. Both young animals and those with experience of motherhood are operated on.


Veterinary medicine has long created sedatives that help calm a sex-agitated animal. Such preparations are based on natural substances, so they do not harm the body.

Herbal sedatives calm the animal during estrus, but do not prevent it from occurring. As a result of taking such a pill, the animal tolerates “falling in love” much easier and calmer. Among these drugs:

There are also chemical-based sedatives. Their action is a little more aggressive: the cat becomes lethargic and lethargic, sleeps more. The action of the drug is based on an increase in the period of rest, and, therefore, the cessation of “songs”.

Among the chemicals it is worth noting “Stop Stress”.

Pheromone therapy

In order for the cat to stop harassing with seven screams, there are also very “cunning” methods. The remedy, which is based on synthetically obtained cat pheromones, can induce a state of euphoria in a cat, thereby calming its raging temper.

It is advised to spray the drug around the room or treat the room with this drug using a diffuser. According to the instructions, the pet will calm down, sniffing “cat’s joy”.

It is noted that not all pets are subject to such methods. On some cats, such pheromones do not work.

What to do to calm your cat

The discomfort that accompanies the natural need for the animal’s reproductive function can be easily eliminated. For this, the following measures are taken:

  • some owners simply lock the animal for the period of heat in a separate room. a bathroom;
  • limit her stay in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen;
  • trying to calm down a cat who wants a cat with folk remedies;
  • trying to solve the issue with the help of a cat;
  • direct the animal’s excess energy into games;
  • resort to the help of veterinary drugs.

It is difficult to say unequivocally which method is the best. it all depends on the specific situation.

How your pet’s behavior changes when she needs a partner

Fuzzies become very active at this time, as the level of hormones increases sharply. In a confined space, a cat has nowhere to do with excess energy. She may show aggression towards other pets, with whom she previously had a completely even relationship.

Especially many problems arise when dogs and cats live together in a family. Large animals can injure her in case of aggression from the pussy. During such a period, a lot depends on the position of the owners. If they manage to calm their passions, to separate potentially conflicting animals, then problems can be avoided.

In case of significant excitability, the mustachioed beauty begins to mark the territory not only by rubbing her muzzle on objects, but also with urine. In addition, the animal can begin to scratch furniture. and this is already a significant damage to home comfort. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to take care of the animal.

What to do if a cat wants a cat. how to calm down

Professional cat breeders and simple lovers of these cute pussies sooner or later face a problem when the animal needs to walk. If a cat asks a cat how to calm it down at home and is it worth doing? At this time, the animal begins to behave quite actively. it often calls for a cat, begins to swing on the floor, there are frequent urges to urinate. This behavior of the pet brings discomfort to the owners. In addition, there is a need to clean the cat’s toilet more often, and the pet’s night chants banally do not allow sleep.

The period when the cat wants and asks for a cat lasts 2 weeks. An adult female feels the need for mating 3 times a year.

Some pet lovers let things take their course. Leave nature to solve problems as it pleases. If the cat continues to live the same life as always, looking for a cat itself, then the owners are forced to then solve the problem of growing kittens. After the birth of the babies, they are attached in all possible ways.

Veterinary methods

Modern science suggests not to injure the mustache and not rack your brains with the question of where to give the kittens. There are several ways to calm a cat that asks for a cat. These are drugs that reduce the level of hormones, have a calming effect on the animal. radical measures are used when such methods of calming the animal do not have the desired effect.

Medicines for solving the problem of estrus in pets include:

Before deciding on the choice of a remedy, it should be borne in mind that they all have side effects on the animal’s body. Making a decision on such an issue on your own is dangerous to the health of a pet.

In some cases, veterinarians recommend neutering the cat. Before deciding on such a step, you should weigh all the pros and cons.

Folk ways to help the animal

Long experience of cohabitation of cats and people allowed to define folk remedies for calming cats. Herbs that help a pet to calm down during a difficult period include:

  • Mint;
  • Chamomile;
  • Melissa;
  • Motherwort.

Some experts recommend using valerian in such situations. However, this question is rather controversial. Given the effect this plant has on an animal, such a remedy is unlikely to help calm the cat.

Herbal decoctions are given to the pet 2 times a day. frequent use of products can make the cat lethargic, lethargic. Such methods are acceptable for relatively calm animals. Animals of eastern breeds are more temperamental, they can be in heat 4 times a year. Behavior in a specific period in such cats is more aggressive. Accordingly, a more significant problem requires drastic action. Veterinary drugs help out in such cases. For maximum effect, show your pet to a specialist. He will prescribe the necessary means in order to calm the animal.

Pros and cons of sterilization

The positive aspects of such an operation include:

  • solving the problem of estrus once and for all;
  • 100% result.
  • Comfortable conditions for the operation.

Problems that may accompany surgery include:

  • Financial expenses for the operation;
  • Irreversible changes take place in the animal’s organism;
  • If you want to have a kitten, it will no longer be possible.

For many people, the cost of neutering an animal is substantial. Therefore, for all the reliability, not all mustache owners resort to this method.

After surgery, hormones are no longer produced in the body of the fluffy. The character of the animal changes. The cat becomes lazy, sleeps and eats a lot. The playful animal transforms into a slow domestic sloth. The sedentary lifestyle, which the pet begins to lead, turns it into a cat that has greatly gained weight. Metabolism is disturbed. Obesity, liver and heart problems appear as concomitant diseases.

In addition, if you want to have a kitten from your pet and continue the race after her death (and the cat’s age is not long), such an opportunity will no longer be real.

What to do to avoid using medication

The option when the fuzzy is isolated in the room is controversial. For a pet that is constantly indoors, such an exit will not bring significant inconvenience. In the absence of attention, she begins to behave more calmly. If the cat is used to constant walks on the street, this is a rather stressful situation.

Many owners try to help the cat when she wants a cat, involving her in outdoor games. Fluffy beauties are distracted from the problem, consume excess energy. Children take part in such games. The pleasure is mutual.

Hygiene factors should not be disregarded. Cats, being neat animals by nature, become even more demanding to external conditions during estrus. A toilet cleaned at the wrong time can provoke irritation and aggression in pets. She can find herself a place for a toilet not in the usual place, but where she herself sees fit. In order not to create additional problems, you should clean the tray more often.

For breeders, estrus is dealt with professionally. A cat of the same breed is selected, an acquaintance occurs, and after the allotted time, cute pedigree babies are born.