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When does estrus begin in small breed dogs?

Problematic estrus

Sometimes the owners of the dogs do not notice the onset of the first estrus. In ornamental bitches, bloodless estrus may be observed. All its signs appear except for discharge. They may be present, but not visible.

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Bloodless estrus can be in decorative dog breeds.

Sometimes it’s the other way around. The flow occurs, but no specific symptoms are observed. At this time, the owner must be on the alert.

Small breed dogs

Estrus in small dogs begins at 6-7 months.

Sometimes the time of the first estrus falls on a period of 7-12 months. For Yorkies, it begins closer to the year.

Yorkshire terriers have a period of estrus between 7-12 months.

But there are no strict deadlines for small dogs either. It all depends on the individual indicators of the body.

Infection protection

The dog should not be allowed to swim in the pond.

It is very important to protect the body of the animal from the penetration of infections.

Therefore, swimming in bodies of water should not be allowed.

When dogs first heat

Usually, the first estrus occurs at 6-9 months of age. Less often it happens at 10–12 months. In exceptional cases, the time of estrus begins when the pet is one and a half years old.

A dog’s first estrus begins at 6-9 months.

The duration of estrus varies from 20 to 23 days. This condition occurs twice at 12 months. The most favorable time for mating is considered to be 9-18 days.


In dogs of this breed, estrus begins both at six months and at 2 years. During this time, the bitches become irritable and hyperactive. The most favorable time for the first mating is considered to be 9, 11, 13 days.

Labradors become hyperactive during estrus.

Delay or not

The resting phase in dogs begins in winter.

Sometimes the estrus cycle in dogs is disrupted. But before visiting the veterinarian, you need to clarify how correctly the date of the “hunt” was determined.

It is not the same amount of time that often elapses between estrus, but 2 different periods.

The resting phases alternate as follows:

  • short;
  • long;
  • short.

For the absence of estrus, many owners often accept a prolonged resting phase. Most often it occurs in March-April, winter months or November.

Have khasok

In animals of this breed, the time of estrus begins closer to 6 months. and lasts about a year. There may be short periods of time between estrus. It is the bitch that is responsible for carrying a healthy litter. Full readiness for mating comes only by the 3rd heat.

You can knit a husky dog ​​only for the 3rd estrus.

In large dogs

The time of estrus in animals of large breeds occurs at 12-18 months.

The estrus period in large dog breeds begins at the age of one year.

But there is no specific time frame. The best time for mating is 10-15 days. The bitch is very active. It is recommended to mix her with a dog at this time.

How early is too early to breed a female dog?

What is the owner to do?

The first heat in a dog does not mean that it is ready to mate. over, it is strictly forbidden to knit an animal at this time. Early mating will only slow down the development of the body. over, the mammary glands are not yet formed, so puppies from young mothers will not receive proper nutrition.

You need to watch the animal very carefully while walking. Accidental mating should not be allowed. This can cause the ward not only physical trauma, but also psychological. The dog must not be released from the leash. You can protect her from the pursuit of cables by wearing special diapers so that they do not smell her secretions.

If the dog is a show dog, then during the hunting period it is better not to attend exhibitions or to use during this period medicinal preparations in the form of sprays that beat off the smell.

During estrus, the bitch must be protected from hypothermia. Reduce walking time in rainy, cold weather. Do not burden with vigorous exercise.

Dog breeders, breeders and veterinarians are divided over whether it is okay to bathe a dog during estrus. Some believe that estrus is a completely normal and normal physiological process, the loop is open no more than in a calm state, and therefore there is no need to change the life of the animal. Others argue that swimming, especially in open water, can lead to genital tract infections.

Also, the question remains open regarding sterilization during estrus. Some veterinarians believe that the sterilization operation does not pose a threat to the animal. The other part indicates a possible risk of bleeding and further hormonal disruption.

If the owner decides to mate the dog, then 2 months before mating it should be deworming. Veterinarians and livestock specialists recommend feeding the animal with vitamins and minerals miners 1–2 months before the third estrus. This will strengthen not only her immunity, but also future puppies.

After intercourse, continue walking on a leash, as dogs are still in heat and will still attract males.

How to tell if you’re in heat?

It is possible to establish the exact duration of the sexual cycle, the start time and the end time only by laboratory methods. For this, blood is taken for the level of the hormone progesterone and a smear. But the owner, who knows his dog well, will not be difficult to determine that he has begun a hunt.

  • behavior changes, the animal becomes more active, playful, and the behavior can change from aggressive to lethargic;
  • discipline decreases, a once obedient pet may not follow commands, obey poorly;
  • frequent urination, very often leaves marks on a walk;
  • interest in the opposite sex, increasing day by day;
  • bleeding appears, traces of which can be found in the dog’s resting place;
  • when gently touching the noose, the bitch takes her tail to the side and freezes;
  • bitches of some breeds begin to molt.

When a dog is in heat?

The owner of the dog cannot prepare in advance, and determine the moment when estrus will begin (puddle, hunting). For different breeds, the time when they are ready to bear children comes at different ages. Heat in small dogs can occur at the age of 6 months, in larger dogs from 1 to 2 years.

How and when to breed your dogs

At the age of six months, small dogs are not yet ready for offspring. The puddle can manifest itself in different ways and last only a few days. It can appear as suddenly and as suddenly disappear, and without even causing the reaction of the males.

In representatives of large breeds, puberty occurs at the age of one to one and a half years and can also be inexpressive. Formation of the body of large dogs ends by 2-3 years.

Cycle disturbances

The reproductive cycle is the main indicator of the health of an animal. Because dogs are in heat, the owners can judge their health. Any deviations signal the presence of diseases.

  • Pusting occurs more often or less often than 2 times a year (excluding breed predisposition).
  • The protracted phase of the beginning of the hunt. the discharge lasts more than 3 weeks, but the bitch is not yet ready for fertilization. Most often, the reason is associated with a lack of hormones that regulate the work of the sex glands.
  • Split heat is characteristic of recurrent symptoms. The bitch shows all signs of estrus and quickly disappears, but reappears after a few days. This is due to the lack of synthesis of a hormone that stimulates the release of eggs from the ovaries. This phenomenon is characteristic of young animals up to 2 years old. But it can also be a consequence of inflammatory diseases.
  • Aggressive behavior with males while hunting.
  • Prolonged stage of estrus for more than 3 weeks, when ovulation does not occur and pregnancy does not occur.
  • There is such a thing as dry or hidden heat. At the same time, there are no manifestations of external signs of readiness for mating: bleeding and a swollen genital loop. But the bitch can still get pregnant safely.
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If the discharge is prolonged (more than 30 days), and even more so if it contains greenish blotches, and the dog has lost its appetite and there is an increase in temperature, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Everything an owner needs to know about dog estrus

The onset of estrus in a dog is a new period in her life when she is ready to bear puppies. The time of estrus will require maximum attention and care from the owner to his pet.

Phases of the sexual cycle

Heat in dogs (sexual cycle) is divided into 4 periods:

  • Phase 1. Onset of estrus (proestrus). the phase averages 6-9 days. During this period, the bitch changes her behavior, she shows interest in the males, but she does not let them close to her. Dogs try to lick off the bleeding, so it can be difficult to track it down.
  • Phase 2. Hunting (estrus). this stage, which lasts from 4 to 9 days, is characterized by the complete readiness of the dog for intercourse. Bitches with copious bleeding in the first phase become weaker and thinner during the estrus phase. Ovulation can occur at the beginning of this phase or on days 2-4.
  • Phase 3. Recovery (diestrus). This period takes 8 to 10 days. This is the time when the bitch does not want to accept the male anymore. The swelling of the vulva is declining. The bleeding stops, but mucous secretions may appear. It is during this period, whether the animal is fertilized or not, its level of progesterone, the so-called pregnancy hormone, rises. In this regard, some bitches show signs of false pregnancy, which usually disappear on their own after a few days.
  • Phase 4. Period of sexual rest (anestrus). It continues until the next start of the hunt. Its duration depends on many factors: season, feeding conditions, maintenance, the breed itself, etc. In most cases, hunting takes place with a break of 6 months.

The intervals between the phases of the sexual cycle are stable for 6 years, then the rest period and the time interval between estrus increase.

After eight years of age, dogs already do not tolerate pregnancy and raising puppies. For a breeding bitch, the eighth year of her life is the last when she is knitted for offspring. Frequent childbirth is harmful, so it is believed that she should have no more than 6 litters.

As a rule, a puff lasts 3 weeks and includes the first 3 phases of the cycle, but cases from 9 to 30 days are possible.

Hunt suppression

When kept in an apartment, dogs in heat can cause significant inconvenience to the owners. They see pills that prevent or stop hunting as the best way to eliminate inconvenience. But only hormonal drugs will help to prevent puddlement or stop it. There are phytotherapeutic and homeopathic remedies on the market, but they are ineffective.

Tablets, injections saturate the body with synthetic sex hormones and suppress the processes that cause estrus. There is an effect, but you need to remember about the consequences. Giving a dog such contraceptives means bringing diseases of the liver, kidneys, ovaries closer, provoking various tumors, cysts.

Hormonal pills, as a one-time measure, implying that the animal will still have offspring, can lead to disruption of the reproductive cycle, infertility, difficult childbirth, stillborn puppies.

But still, if a dog is started not for breeding work, but as a pet, then the owner should think about sterilization.

  • ligation of the fallopian tubes;
  • removal of the uterus and ovaries.

In the first case, dogs are in heat in the usual cycle: there will be a puddle, mating, but they will not be able to get pregnant. In the second case, heat stops completely.

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What is estrus in dogs

Heat in dogs is a physiological process that takes place in the body of a bitch, during which she shows readiness to reproduce. Occurs at the age of 6 months to a year. depends on the specific breed (read more below).

  • proestrus;
  • estrus;
  • metaestrus (diestrus);
  • anestrus.

Proestrus or forerunner is accompanied by a thickening of the uterine lining. In this phase, the first signs of estrus appear in the dog: there are spotting, the loop looks swollen and tense. The bitch becomes playful, but does not let the males near her. The duration of proestrus is 1-1.5 weeks.

Estrus, or heat, is the phase of the estrous cycle when the uterus is ready to receive an embryo. The color of the selection changes from red to yellow. The swollen loop noticeably increases in size, becomes lethargic (see photo). The female is ready to mate.

The estrus stage in dogs lasts on average 2-4 days. Sometimes it lasts from 9 to 16 days, which is the norm. There is a high probability of puberty in the case of mating.

Metaestrus or post-flow is accompanied by attenuation of sexual activity. The uterus at this time is waiting for the embryo, the loop becomes smaller. The female loses interest in the opposite sex, but she can still attract males to her. The bitch does not allow males to approach her and is aggressive towards them. Post-production ends after 8-12 weeks.

Most often, during the metaestrus phase, a false pregnancy is ascertained in dogs, which is associated with an increased amount of progesterone in the blood.

Anestrus, or sexual rest, lasts 3 to 6 months. Its duration largely depends on factors such as the time of the year, health status, conditions of detention, and nutrition of the animal. The estrous cycle then resumes.

Techka in dogs: what a pet owner should know

Techka (also: estrus, pushover, hunting) in dogs, regardless of breed, takes place 2 times a year. It is most often seen in bitches in the autumn-spring seasons. The body of the animal during this period undergoes physiological and mental changes. Therefore, during the sexual hunt, the pet requires increased attention and care. However, novice dog breeders usually do not know what to do with a bitch in heat. How to help a dog during this period, choose the right mating time, and not harm its health, this article is devoted to.

How many days do dogs have estrus?

Signs of sexual desire begin to appear 2 weeks before the onset of the estrus cycle, when the dog is ready to mate and may become pregnant.

The duration of the heat itself is from 2 to 4 days. In some cases, estrus lasts up to 14-16 days. How long hunting lasts also largely depends on the length of daylight hours, age, care and nutrition.

In time, the cycle takes no more than 1 month, after which sexual rest occurs. The “rest” phase lasts from 4 to 8 months. For the first time, the sexual hunt can last as little as 1 week.

The fact that the heat has passed is indicated by the calm behavior of the pet, the restoration of appetite and the lack of interest in the opposite sex.

Prolonged estrus is considered when estrus occurs for more than a month. The condition is often caused by hormonal disorders or internal pathologies. In this case, it is necessary to examine the dog in a veterinary clinic.

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When dogs are in heat

The time of the onset of the first estrus in dogs depends on such nuances as breed, conditions of detention, nutrition, heredity.

Small breed dogs (Yorkies, Chihuhua, Toy Terrier, Spitz, Pekingese, French Bulldog) first begin to show readiness for reproduction at 7-8 months. Sometimes the symptoms of sexual desire may start sooner or later.

In medium-sized breeds (spaniels, American bulldogs, pit bull terriers, etc.), the puddle begins a little later than in small or dwarf breeds. The optimal onset time is 7-10 months. If the female is not in heat by the age of 1 year, she should be shown to the veterinarian.

The first estrus in dogs of large breeds (alabai, husky, husky, shepherd, labrador) occurs at 1-1.5 years.

Despite the fact that young bitches show a desire for mating, their body is not yet ready to bear puppies. Mental and physiological maturation, when the dog is ready to become a mother, he comes on 2 or 3 estrus, regardless of breed.

At what age to knit an animal depends on its breed and the time of the onset of the first estrus. For representatives of small and medium-sized breeds, it is advisable to carry out the first mating only on the 3rd heat. By this time, animals have reached the age of 18-20 months.

Large pets can be knitted with the onset of 2 pets. It is important that by this time the dog is at least 18 months old. Experienced breeders recommend mating bitches of large breeds no earlier than the age of 2.5 years.

It is important for the owner of the pet not to miss the beginning of the first estrus, if in the future he wants to receive offspring from the dog. It is sometimes very difficult to determine the beginning of a puddle for the first time. an animal may not show obvious signs of sexual heat.

You can find out about the onset of estrus by symptoms such as frequent licking of the noose, a playful mood. During the first heat, bitches often experience so-called juvenile vaginitis, in which scanty purulent discharge flows from the vulva.

How often bitches are in heat

The frequency of leaks is 1 time in 6-8 months. A deviation from the norm is considered to be the absence of estrus for more than 9 months.

If estrus is frequent (once every 12-16 weeks), the female should be shown to the veterinarian.

How to help your dog

If the owner does not plan to mate the dog, medications are used to interrupt estrus:

  • Sex barrier;
  • Stop-Intimacy;
  • Contrary;
  • Sex Control;
  • Countersex.

4 Stages of Dog Heat Cycle (may be graphic)

To interrupt estrus, the remedy is given no later than the second day after the start of sexual estrus within 5-7 days. You cannot give drugs in the first pause.

To delay estrus before the expected onset of sexual heat, sex barrier agents are given in 1-2 weeks.

Veterinarians do not recommend abuse of hormonal drugs and advise using them in extreme cases. Regular use of remedies for estrus leads to hormonal disruptions in the dog and the development of pathologies of the reproductive system: polycystic ovaries, neoplasms, inflammatory diseases of the endometrium, etc.

The use of sex barrier drugs will be relevant when visiting exhibitions during the onset of estrus, or if the dog behaves very restlessly these days: whines, completely refuses to eat, behaves inadequately during walks.

How to tell if a dog is in heat

The behavior of the dog before estrus (proestrus) changes. She urinates frequently and is restless. The animal’s appetite increases. An additional sign of the onset of sexual heat is excessive molting.

During proestrus, the female flirts with males and even with other bitches, wags her tail, crouches her chest to the ground, presses her ears. However, he does not admit males to himself. Discharge from the loop (especially in small breeds), the owner may not notice, since a clean animal often licks them.

The behavior of a dog during estrus (estrus phase) also has its own characteristics. The female looks active, but at the same time loses her appetite (eats poorly or refuses to eat at all), may whine.

If they touch the rump of the animal (near the root of the tail) and move the finger of the other hand in the vulva, the bitch assumes a posture typical for mating:

  • falls on the front legs;
  • takes the tail to the side;
  • a wave of muscle contractions passes along the back.

The animal stands firmly on its hind limbs and twitches the loop, lifting it up. With estrus, the discharge is pale pink or colorless. The female allows the males to come to her and is ready to mate. During this period, there is a high probability of pregnancy.

Sometimes bitches have hidden estrus, in which the animal does not have a discharge. Often arises in the first puddle. In this case, the female is capable of conceiving.

You can understand that the dog is out of heat by the following signs: the animal becomes calm, does not allow males to come near, appetite returns, the discharge completely stops.

Dog’s mammary glands are swollen after estrus

This is normal in dogs after estrus. If a bitch has swollen mammary glands, then this indicates several factors:

  • After mating with a dog. A clear sign of pregnancy. The dog’s body prepares to feed the offspring.
  • If there was no mating with a dog. A sign of the appearance of a false pregnancy, the appearance of a tumor in the body. In any case, it is recommended to see a doctor.

Why does a dog have a fever during heat?

It is normal if during estrus the temperature of the dog rises by no more than 0.5 C. This indicates the natural process of egg maturation and its release from the ovaries.

If during this period you observe lethargy in the animal, the temperature rises higher, the dog refuses to eat, discharge with a pungent odor is clearly visible, then you should consult a doctor. Such symptoms indicate an infectious disease requiring surgery.

How old is a dog in heat??

Animals age over time. over, age is significantly different by human standards. Therefore, physiological aging occurs earlier than in humans.

However, unlike other mammals, dogs do not have a period like menopause. With good maintenance, the absence of diseases of internal organs, ovulation in the female can occur until old age.

The only change that the owner of the puberty calendar may notice is the frequency and duration of estrus in the female. It occurs less frequently and becomes less intense, with less discharge. For example, after the age of 8-10 years, a dog is in heat once every two years.

On a note! Rare periods of ovulation do not prevent the dog from successfully getting pregnant and bearing offspring. However, the older the female, the harder the pregnancy will be for her, which will affect the quality of the puppies.

Signs of the onset of heat

It is not difficult to understand that the dog is in heat. The main symptom is bloody discharge from the genitals of the knot. As a rule, they appear after a couple of days from the beginning of the cycle.

The onset of the period suitable for mating can be determined by the behavior of the animal. Signs preceding the onset of estrus:

  • Change in behavior and mood. The female shows great playfulness, activity, more often she approaches other animals in the house, especially male dogs, sniffs them and allows herself to be sniffed. The dog stops responding to the owner’s commands. If you show strength or severity to her, then she will respond with aggression.
  • Frequent urination. Hormonal changes in your dog’s body cause him to urinate frequently. This happens in the wrong places, past the tray or without waiting for a walk. Female urine contains special pheromones that make it clear to males that she is ready to mate.
  • Change in taste preferences, lack of appetite, or, conversely, constant hunger.

On a note! The intensity and amount of spotting may vary from dog to dog.

Signs of heat in an animal are also manifested at the physiological level:

  • the female’s body temperature rises by 0.5 C;
  • the vulvar ring swells, bloody discharge is visible;
  • on the floor, on the litter or in other favorite places where the dog lies, you can see characteristic red spots;
  • the female often licks herself under the tail.
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Important! Some individuals may develop an unpleasant odor from under the tail during estrus.

On what day of heat should you knit a dog

To determine the best time to mate, you need to make the right calculation. Count 10-12 days from the first day of heat. On day 13 is the optimal time.

It is also worth remembering that small breeds have a slightly shorter heat period than large pedigree dogs. Therefore, the day of mating with a dog is best spent 8-9 days from the onset of estrus.

Is the spayed dog in heat?

The presence or absence of estrus in a spayed dog depends on the method of castration chosen earlier:

  • Complete castration of the internal reproductive system. never again in heat.
  • Ligation of the fallopian tubes without removing the uterus and ovaries. the menstrual cycle will continue throughout the dog’s life, but without the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Pampers for dogs in heat

Animal diapers are a more common accessory among dog breeders. They can be used not only during estrus, like underpants, but also for various diseases, for example, incontinence or when moving to another city for a long time.

Pampers are selected for dogs, as well as for small children, in size and weight. These parameters are indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. A more accurate way to determine the correct size is to measure the girth of the animal’s belly. So the owner will be sure that the dog will not pull off the diaper.


The cleanliness of the environment in which the dog lives is a guarantee that it will not pick up any infection. It is very important to do daily cleaning in the room where the female lives.

In addition, during estrus, the dog has a discharge that stains everything that surrounds it. Therefore, the owner is advised:

  • remove all carpets or fabric coverings on furniture, on the floor for the period of heat;
  • it is better to cover upholstered furniture where the dog likes to sleep with old bedspreads or towels. To drive her out of these places means to inflict psychological trauma on her;
  • remove stains of secretions with a damp cloth soaked in a disinfectant solution;
  • to carry out wet cleaning in the room more often.


At this stage, blood flow to the genitals increases. At this time, spotting from the loop appears. This is due to the fact that due to the flow of blood in the uterus, small vessels begin to burst, which leads to slight bleeding. Buy underpants if you decide to use them. If not, remove the rugs. This suggests that the preparation of the body for pregnancy and childbirth begins.

At the same time, at this stage it is still too early to make any encounters with the dog. There is still no egg cell ready for fertilization, which means that pregnancy will not occur, and the dog will hardly let the dog go. It is especially noticeable at this stage how the pet’s behavior changes. It is possible to determine that estrus is beginning only by the fact that during walks the animal often sniffs the territory and shows attention to the opposite sex. That’s why right now your pet can throw itself at other female animals.

An important question is how long this period lasts. As a rule, estrus lasts 7-10 days. During the entire period, you can use panties and get ready for the planned knitting.

Smell and blood are normal?

The physiological process is accompanied, as a rule, by minor secretions from the external genital organs. During the proestrus phase, the owner may observe spotting. Large animals can leave behind even small pools of blood. Such discharge is due to hormonal changes in the body and preparation for the fertilization process. Owners may notice an unpleasant odor due to hormonal changes in the body.

When a dog is in heat for the first time?

For each dog, everything comes individually. In small breeds, the period of estrus (puddle) begins at 6-9 months. But in large representatives, this stage of puberty begins in a year and a half. Bitches of large breeds have more abundant discharge.

Signs that accompany this period:

  • the dog becomes more nervous;
  • increased appetite;
  • obedience is understated or disappears altogether;
  • the loop swells;
  • frequent urination;
  • red spots on the floor and wherever the bitch walks and especially rests.

If the owner is attentive, he will notice these changes in the pet and take action in time. First of all, don’t let her get pregnant. For a long time and everywhere it has been said that the age of a dog during this period corresponds to the age of a girl of 10-12 years. Pregnancy will have an extremely negative effect on the health of the pet. And will she be able to inform the puppies?

So the main task of the owner is to protect the dog from the encroachments of males. You can’t take your eyes off her for a minute. Drive outside only on a leash. After all, the young lady is possessed by hormones and she completely forgets all the commands “To me”. Walk your pet for a short time during these difficult days.

During heat, the bitch is not always sluggish. On the contrary, she can be active and playful. Especially friendly with males. And not only with dogs. With a male owner it will be more affectionate than ever.

Features of caring for a bitch in heat

On the eve of the first estrus, the female may experience discharge from the loop, the so-called juvenile vaginitis, which contains a small amount of pus. There is no need to worry, as this phenomenon is quite normal. Everything will return to normal as soon as heat passes. If this did not happen, then it is worth being examined to identify various pathologies.

To make the estrus period more hygienic (especially for leaks in dogs kept in an apartment), you can purchase special elastic panties for single use. They will allow the dog to not leave bloody spots around the house. But still, you should not wear them all the time, as veterinarians advise allowing the female to remove the secretions on her own, licking them.

At the first heat, the dog may not understand how to behave, so it is worth teaching it to clean up stains after itself. And for this, it is imperative to remove carpets and carpets from the floor.

During estrus, the dog requires special care:

  • long walks in the cold season should be avoided so that the pet does not catch a cold;
  • you do not need to take her to places where other dogs congregate;
  • walks must be carried out strictly on a leash.

If suddenly it was not possible to prevent unwanted mating, then it is strictly forbidden to give the dog funds that contribute to the termination of pregnancy. This can cause significant health problems for your pet, which often lead to infertility in your dog.

Heat incontinence

In some cases, the owner may experience such an unpleasant phenomenon in the animal during estrus as urinary incontinence. Violation of the process of urination has its own physiological reasons. The high level of estrogen in the blood during sexual intercourse (especially during the first estrus) causes a decrease in the sensitivity of the bladder sphincter, which leads to uncontrolled urination. As a rule, after the cessation of estrus, the physiological function of the excretory process is restored completely.

Features of the natural process

Faced with such a physiological phenomenon as estrus in dogs, not only novice dog breeders, but also experienced owners often ask questions regarding the state and behavior of pets during this period.