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When does estrus begin in small breed dogs?

When a dog starts to heat

The first estrus for a dog, at what age. this question is of interest to many owners. Typically, the onset falls within a period of six months to two years. This is normal. Usually, the first estrus begins after the period of tooth change. Nobody knows the exact time. In animals of small breeds, blood begins to flow at the age of 6 to 10 months. In representatives of medium and large breeds, the timing is slightly different. the first estrus in a dog can begin in a period of time from six months to 13 months.

When a dog is in heat for the first time, it is not difficult to notice it. The beginning takes place in conjunction with the following symptoms:

  • frequent urination;
  • change in behavior;
  • interest in the pet from males;
  • the appearance of bloody discharge;
  • sometimes females are prone to molt during this period.

Heat is often quite noticeable in small breeds. But sometimes the first estrus begins imperceptibly and passes inactively, without noticeable signs. But even in this case, you must not lose your vigilance. it’s still a full heat.

An owner wishing to breed offspring should remember when the female starts bleeding. Puberty occurs in the third period, it is for the third time that you can knit a pet. In order to choose the most favorable days for mating in the future, the owner should record the behavior of the animal during this period of time.

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The period of a dog’s sexual cycle consists of several parts. Let’s consider each of them in more detail:

  • Proestrus is a period that takes from a week to 10 days in which the behavior of the female changes noticeably. The pet is excited, playful and active. During walks, she marks the territory, listens poorly to the owner and more often pays attention to males.
  • Estrus itself. Ovulation occurs. The female allows the dog to come closer to her, takes away the tail.
  • Metaestrus is the third period lasting several days. The flow ends, the blood stops flowing, and the female loses interest in the males and stops letting them in.
  • During anestrus (the fourth cycle), sexual rest occurs, lasting up to 150 days.

First estrus in dogs: duration and characteristics

Estrus, scientifically or simply, estrus is a process that indicates the onset of the female’s puberty. He says that the dog is ready to mate and bear offspring. The first blood occurs already at the age of six months to a year. Normally. up to two years. It happens once or twice a year. frequent bleeding may indicate a hormonal imbalance in the dog. How many days does it bleed, when estrus begins in representatives of different breeds, what measures should be taken by the owner during estrus in dogs. more on this in more detail.

Owner rules

What should the owner do when the dog’s first estrus begins? It should be remembered when the beginning was, note how many days it lasts, as well as the peculiarities of the pet’s behavior during this period of time. This data will help predict the approximate time of the next estrus, as well as determine the favorable time for mating, if further breeding of the offspring is planned.

If the owner does not want to mate the bitch with the dog, the main rule for him is not to let the dog off the leash for the time being in heat. Even if the pet knows all the commands and obeys the owner, during this period of time it can become uncontrollable, run away, not approach on command. And pulling the dog away, in which case, it will be very difficult from the bitch.

While estrus lasts, the owner should restrict his pet from participating in exhibitions for two reasons: firstly, at this time the dog’s behavior changes, and the owner cannot predict what she will do; and secondly, it can be dangerous due to the risk of accidental mating.

During the period when the dog is estrus, it should be protected from infections. Their animal can pick up, for example, after swimming in a pond.

Techka: main features

How long dogs are in heat. the answer to this question is not very different for representatives of different breeds. Both in representatives of large and medium-sized breeds, and in small breeds, its duration is on average 20-30 days. Blood comes at intervals of 1-2 times a year.

During this period, the owner should be more careful about his pet. Only joint efforts can ease this difficult period.

Hygiene rules during estrus

Many owners wonder if their pet needs special underpants for the estrus period. In their use, both pros and cons can be distinguished.

So, experts do not recommend using this hygienic device during estrus, since the animal must lick itself at this time.

But in some cases, owners use dog shorts during estrus. For example, if the dog is used to sleeping on the bed, or when traveling on public transport. to protect the dog from dirt during the period when it is most vulnerable.

When choosing hygienic panties, you should pay attention to the material: they must be sewn from natural fabrics, have a hole for the tail, and also be adjustable in volume. There should be no seams on the panties so that they do not irritate the skin of the animal. Also, the thing should fit in size. the dog should be comfortable in it. There are options with Velcro, fasteners, and even overalls or suspenders. Depending on whether the dog is used to wearing clothes, the choice of model also depends. For girls-dogs, shorts are sewn with a special on the inside. It is designed for special gaskets.

Sometimes, in order to save money and if necessary, you can make such panties yourself, using cropped sliders or children’s shorts.

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Problems during estrus

Some owners, having waited for the period when the dog’s first estrus is about to begin, do not notice it. Often in decorative dogs (sometimes in representatives of large breeds) bloodless estrus begins. During such a period, there are all the signs of estrus, except for discharge: they are either not, or they are invisible. It also happens: there are no signs of heat, but it is coming.

In this case, the owner also needs to be on the lookout. Even if there is no discharge, the dog is ready for mating, and the males around him feel it.

Special tests will help determine if an animal is in bloodless estrus. In any case, the animal should be shown to the veterinarian, as heat without blood is unnatural. The specialist will determine if the dog’s hormonal background is normal, and, if necessary, will prescribe a course of treatment.

Unusual estrus (longer than usual, no discharge, onset at the wrong time) in older dogs may be indicative of a tumor or disease.

Duration and frequency of estrus in a dog

How many times a year does a dog have estrus, how long does it last and what are its features. every dog ​​breeder thinks about this. Heat usually occurs twice a year or three times in 14 months. For some breeds, it is individual and does not happen so often, but only once a year.

It is bad if the animal does not bleed for more than 8 months, or vice versa. it appears too often, with interruptions of less than 4 months. This may indicate the development of an animal’s disease. Therefore, in this case, it is better to show the four-legged pet to the veterinarian.

Canine Estrous Cycle (Veterinary Technician Education)

The exact cycle of a dog of large or medium breeds is determined by 2 years. Ornamental breeds a little earlier. at about the age of 18 months.

When a pet grows (up to a period of 1.5-2 years), different periods between estrus are the norm. Older dogs have a clearer cycle, although it may deviate by several weeks.

The dates when estrus begins and ends are shifted throughout the year, since its duration is not exactly one month. Therefore, the owner must record the beginning and end of estrus every time.

The frequency of estrus in dogs may differ depending on whether they are courtyards or domesticated. So, for the former, it takes place once a year, more often in early spring. The latter can have blood once or twice a year: in winter and autumn.

How long dogs are in heat. there is no one answer to this question. The duration may vary depending on a number of factors. For example, the conditions of detention. So, if the bitch lives with animals of the opposite sex, the duration of estrus may be longer. If the pet is too loaded (training, training, physical exercise), then this period ends earlier than usual.

The duration of estrus in dogs may vary depending on the time of year. It often ends earlier in winter, while in summer its duration increases. But this does not apply to animals living in the apartment.

How long estrus lasts can be influenced by the general well-being of the girl. Various diseases, pathologies, chronic diseases can affect the duration of the cycle.

In aged animals, the duration of the cycle is reduced, the “resting phase” increases from year to year. At the same time, estrus does not stop at all, even in older bitches. In young people, the cycle lasts longer.

During this period, the owner should record all manifestations: the beginning, how long it takes, what behavior the pet demonstrates. This data will help you notice any changes at some point.

When to wait for your first heat

The timing of the onset of the first estrus depends on the age and breed of the dog. In small breed bitches (rabbit and dwarf dachshunds, Pomeranian, German and Wolfspitz), discharge appears at 7-9 months, in bitches of medium breeds (cocker spaniel, golden retriever, wire-haired and smooth-haired fox terriers) they may linger and begin no earlier than 12.15 months.

When planning to mate a bitch, you should not really count on the first heat. It may come a little earlier, or, on the contrary, later, its symptoms may be completely invisible to an unprofessional eye, which in some cases leads to errors associated with the falsity of this phenomenon.

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False discharge is often diagnosed in young bitches.

In this case, the symptoms may appear for a short time, after which they fade away in order to return with renewed vigor, also for a short period of time.

It is very difficult to guess when exactly such a bitch will be ready to accept a dog, any attempt to do this can lead to unwanted and even false pregnancy.

The intensity and time of the onset of discharge largely depend on the individual characteristics of the bitch, therefore, only a veterinarian can say exactly when the first estrus, for example, in a Labrador or in a dachshund, can only be done by a veterinarian when conducting a thorough study.

You shouldn’t make diagnoses and panic on your own.

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Stage 2. Estrus

From the 9th to the 17th day of estrus, a very active period. The bitch shows a desire for mating, and in fact, only during this period mating is possible.

Many dog ​​breeders define the readiness of a bitch to accept a dog this way: if the bitch moves her tail and exposes the noose, then she is ready to mate.

Heat in dogs

The dog marks: what to do and how to avoid the difficulties of estrus?

In order to cope with the manifestations of estrus in a dog, breeders and owners of dogs recommend the use of drugs to regulate sexual heat.

Preparations of the KontrSek Neo trademark. modern hormonal preparations for the regulation of sexual desire and prevention of unwanted pregnancy in case of accidental mating.

Many breeders and owners of dogs use CounterSex Neo for the following reasons:

How to prevent unwanted effects of estrus

One of the undesirable consequences of the first discharge is an unplanned pregnancy of the bitch.

To prevent this, bitch owners are advised to:

  • Before every walk of large and small dogs on the street, put on special panties. They are able not only to save the owner from the unpleasant duty of wiping the floors and other surfaces behind the dog, but also to prevent unwanted covering of it by the dog that has met during the walk.
  • Monitor estrus regularly, especially in dachshunds and small breed dogs. From the first heat, you should start keeping a calendar, marking the first and last days of heat. Such a calendar will help you to prepare in advance for estrus also in small breeds by finding a suitable male. In addition, keeping a calendar will help to timely detect health problems of the dog.

If estrus occurs more than 2 times a year, or is delayed indefinitely, it is recommended to contact your veterinarian

Your dog is restless during estrus?

4 simple rules for keeping a dog in heat

An important factor is dogs during estrus. If you do not plan to breed a dog and get puppies from it, at the first sign of estrus, you need to start taking precautions:

  • Watch the dog closely while walking, exclude all contact with dogs of the opposite sex;
  • Walk the dog on a short leash: even the most well-mannered and docile pet can run away during heat, not paying attention to any commands;
  • Do not allow the dog to mate. it is almost impossible to take animals apart during intercourse;
  • Do not take your dog during estrus to competitions and shows. This will cause concern among the males present at the show. In addition, during heat, the dog is poorly receptive to commands and can be disobedient.

Why a dog is not in heat. reasons

Your dog may not be in heat for several reasons. The main ones are:

  • young age up to six months;
  • depletion or obesity;
  • the use of hormonal drugs that prevent ovulation;
  • severe or prolonged stress previously experienced.

If estrus does not occur during the annual cycle, then this may indicate diseases of the internal organs: cyst, oncology, endometritis, pyometra, vaginitis and other hormonal pathologies.

What to do for the owner during estrus?

The owner’s task is to remember that during estrus the female cannot think sensibly. It is controlled by hormones. She can ignore all the rules and norms of behavior, refuse to obey commands. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a number of rules in relation to it:

  • Do not let the female off the leash during outdoor walks. This can lead to undesirable consequences, for example, she will run away after a dog, mate with a stray dog, and show aggression.
  • Walking in a secluded area from other dogs to prevent them from behaving inappropriately.
  • It is recommended to spray the back of the female’s body with a special spray that will help reduce the interest of the males. The spray interrupts the smell of pheromones.
  • Wear underwear for your dog to protect it from unwanted mating.
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During estrus, try to talk more with the dog, stroke it, show tenderness, comb the coat. This will allow her to be more calm and balanced. It is recommended to pay more attention to active games, throw a stick or a toy at her. Physical activity will allow her to relax and throw off the accumulated energy.

How old is a dog in heat??

Animals age over time. over, age is significantly different by human standards. Therefore, physiological aging occurs earlier than in humans.

Estrous cycle of Dogs/Heat or estrous detection methods in bitches/Heat cycle in canines

However, unlike other mammals, dogs do not have a period like menopause. With good maintenance, the absence of diseases of internal organs, ovulation in the female can occur until old age.

The only change that the owner of the puberty calendar may notice is the frequency and duration of estrus in the female. It occurs less frequently and becomes less intense, with less discharge. For example, after the age of 8-10 years, a dog is in heat once every two years.

On a note! Rare periods of ovulation do not prevent the dog from successfully getting pregnant and bearing offspring. However, the older the female, the harder the pregnancy will be for her, which will affect the quality of the puppies.

Discharge after heat

Discharge from the loop in a dog after ovulation and the end of the estrus period can be both natural and as a result of some kind of disease. Natural discharge is transparent, without a pungent odor, without admixture of blood or any other color.

  • White discharge after heat. They appear as a result of infection with infectious diseases, for example, vaginitis. Color. from milky to green (purulent) admixture. Most often accompanied by an unpleasant odor, itching. The dog tries to ride the pope, licks itself to relieve itching.
  • Bloody discharge after heat. Bloody discharge is normal during estrus and after childbirth. At any other time. this is an important symptom of a dangerous disease occurring in the body. It can be pyometra, neoplasia, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, foreign body ingestion, or trauma to internal organs.
  • Purulent discharge indicates the presence of an inflammatory process in the reproductive and genitourinary organs.

Important! If any kind of discharge appears in a dog after estrus, it is necessary to urgently consult a veterinarian, undergo examination and treatment of the animal.

Phases of estrus

The time during which a dog is in heat can be conditionally divided into 4 main phases. Each of them has its own characteristics, duration and characteristic symptoms. In order not to miss each of them, a dog breeder who is engaged in breeding the breed must keep an ovulation diary.

Consider the phases of the dog’s menstrual cycle in the table:

The dog owner should keep a journal of every ovulation and menstrual cycle in his dog. If the interval between cycles decreases and does not even make up 4 months, or vice versa, there is a delay of up to 9-10 months, then this is a reason to show the dog to the veterinarian.

Important! Failure of the ovulation cycle in an animal can signal a malfunction of the internal organs or hormonal problems.

Heat in dogs. when it starts, how long does it last, signs of heat

Heat in dogs is a normal physiological process in the body of an animal. He says that the female reproductive organs are ripe for the reproduction of offspring. In order not to miss this moment, properly prepare for it and help the dog survive it, the owner must know all the features of the bitch’s estrus.

Why does my dog ​​keep in heat?

Normally, if the dog is in heat 2 times a year. If the menstrual cycle is shortened and estrus occurs more often or longer, then this indicates a violation of the hormonal system. The reasons may be the transferred stress, illness, hormonal drugs, inflammation in the ovaries or in the uterus. To establish an accurate diagnosis and adjust the cycle, you must consult a doctor, give the dog special medications.

Pampers for dogs in heat

Animal diapers are a more common accessory among dog breeders. They can be used not only during estrus, like underpants, but also for various diseases, for example, incontinence or when moving to another city for a long time.

Pampers are selected for dogs, as well as for small children, in size and weight. These parameters are indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. A more accurate way to determine the correct size is to measure the girth of the animal’s belly. So the owner will be sure that the dog will not pull off the diaper.