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When Puppy Ears Stand

At what age do Chihuahuas have ears

Your Chihuahua’s erect ears indicate the quality of the breed, an element of beauty.

A lot of difficulties can arise with the position of the ears.

There is no definite answer to the question of the exact age when the Chihuahua’s ears should be erect.

This age ranges from one month to five months. Each puppy may experience differently.

The normal when the ears stand up in a smooth-haired species is one month old, and in a long-haired one. two months.

If, upon reaching the indicated age, the ears still fall, then the breeders perform gluing, which allows them to be placed vertically, then by two to three months the baby can already move the oar with its standing ears.

If you get a half-year-old puppy with hanging ears, then this is already a much more serious problem.

The description of the breed standard says that the ears should be large, clearly erect, widened at the base, smoothly tapering and rounded at the tip.

A significant drawback when the ears are half, and completely drooping is a sign of disqualification.

Ways to correct ear defects

Depending on the reason, it is necessary to select various options for restoring protruding ears. With timely intervention, major troubles can be avoided.

One of the tricks when you need to make a Chihuahua, the so-called gluing.

The process needs the following items:

  • Pharmacy plaster with a fabric base in a skein 20-25 mm wide;
  • Regular scissors;
  • An ear splint (you can adapt a match, a toothpick, the shaft of a ballpoint pen), the main thing is that it is light, slightly less than the ear.

Next, you should proceed in this way:

  • Measure the linear parameters of the ear to cut two petals from the patch of the same size. The length of the petals should be slightly smaller than the puppy’s ear, but repeat its shape;
  • Disinfect and degrease the ear with rubbing alcohol;
  • Glue the splint in the center of the petal. Then, on the inside of the ear, attach the entire structure with a plaster;
  • Be careful that the pet does not remove the splint.

The main causes of problem ears

Breaking the rules of keeping a bitch waiting for lamb.

Inadequate nutrition of a pregnant or lactating dog and babies.

Creases form when the ear cartilage is weak. In the long-haired Chihuahua, due to the heaviness of the ears with the long dressing hair on the outside, soft ears are more common.

Sometimes ears break due to their own weight and with a strong but heavy ear.

During the change of teeth with ears, negative processes can also occur. And before that the ear can stand well, after that the cartilage grows stronger again, but the creases remain forever.

Ears may fall for a while after vaccination, but then they get up themselves.

Ear care

Due to its shape, Chihuahua ears are often dirty, so it is necessary to regularly clean the ears from dirt and dust.

You can do it with a special hygienic stick if you are sure that the dog will behave calmly, and if you are not sure, then it is better to clean with a napkin.

It is not recommended to disrupt the microflora of the auricle daily and completely remove the sulfur, but it must be done periodically, otherwise an unpleasant odor or discharge from the auricles, irritation may occur.

In such cases, you should definitely contact your veterinarian. You need to start cleaning your ears from puppyhood.

After bathing, be sure to blot your ears with a towel to avoid getting water.

Preventive measures

An effective way to raise your ears is to maintain a healthy Chihuahua diet.

It must contain foods with calcium: cottage cheese, special calcined vitamin supplements.

It is recommended to add gelatin steamed in water in the amount at the tip of a knife to food.

Also massage your ears regularly with your fingers. About six times a day. It perfectly stimulates blood circulation.

The thumb is on the outside of the ear, the index and middle finger are on the inside. It is especially effective in places of fracture. But not with pulling movements, but stroking.

Walking outdoors in sunny weather requires care so as not to overheat your puppy. They are necessary because the sun’s rays are useful for the development and strength of bones.

Features of the development of the organ of vision in puppies

They are born blind. The eye slit in offspring begins to open from the inner corner to the outer. This happens gradually, not overnight. In most cases, the eyes open at the same time. It also happens that one eye opens a day, and the second opens in a day or two. When this happens, it is important to prevent bright light sources from entering the puppies’ eyes. This rule must be observed for at least a few days. Do not be alarmed if the puppy does not react to light at all. In infancy, offspring of dogs may not distinguish between darkness and light. It will take several days or even weeks for babies to see the way adults do.

Most owners are interested in the exact age at which the eyes of the dogs open. On average, this important developmental process takes place 10-15 days from birth. By the way, hearing organs begin to function simultaneously with the eyes in dogs. Many puppies open their ears on 15-17 days. But dogs begin to hear well by the end of the first month of life. These indicators are averaged, so they can only be guided by. In every dog, the process of full opening of the palpebral fissure may occur a little earlier or later. But when on the 18th day the eyes of young pets are still closed, it is worth helping. It is recommended to rinse them with boiled water. Sometimes it happens that the puppy begins to actively move around the box, while still being blind

Reading annotations to feeds, we often come across the word biotin, that is, vitamin H. Much attention has been paid to this vitamin relatively recently, and now we will try to find out: what is it for? Biotin belongs to micro-vitamins, that is, its normal concentrations in the body are extremely small.

Soluble in water. A relatively new member of the family of B vitamins. Measured in μg. Can be synthesized by intestinal bacteria. Raw eggs interfere with its absorption by the body. Synergistic with vitamins B2, B6, niacin, A, keeps the skin healthy, reduces the appearance of eczema and dermatitis. Diseases caused by biotin deficiency: impaired fat metabolism. Natural Sources: Nuts, fruits, brewer’s yeast, beef liver, milk, kidney and brown rice, egg yolk. Toxicity: no. Incompatibility: raw egg white (avidin interferes with the absorption of biotin), sulfa drugs, estrogens.

In the process of digestion, the vitamin is released from food proteins and enters the bloodstream. However, it can be synthesized on its own in the intestine using a special enzyme. Biotonidase. This protein is probably also the “vehicle” through which the vitamin enters the bloodstream and cells.

Biotin molecules deliver sulfur to the cells of the body. And there is hardly another vitamin that would be so one-sidedly specialized in somatic processes, that is, it would only affect physiology. Biotin plays an important role in supplying energy to nerve cells, while it does not affect mental processes. Biotin plays a significant role in the synthesis and assimilation of glycogen. Carbohydrates accumulated in the liver and muscles, as well as in the so-called gluconeogenesis, during which 16 out of 22 amino acids are converted into glucose. This process is critical to maintaining stable blood sugar levels and biotin contributes to this.

At what age do puppies have mongrel ears? Krukover V.I. 300 practical tips for dog owners. Typical mistakes. What time do puppies open their eyes

The appearance of the first offspring in a bitch is a test for many owners. Dogs’ immunity and their future health depend on how the puppies are treated, how they react to developmental problems and the first signals of trouble. The owner should be aware of the milestones of puppies, including eye opening.

Why did the puppy’s ears fall?

Funny lop-eared puppies are very cute, but if you plan to show a dog at exhibitions and get offspring from it, you need to remember that there are high requirements for appearance, and, in particular, for the ears of purebred dogs. They must be straight, symmetrical and erect.

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In order to raise a beautiful and healthy dog, you need to closely monitor its development, and do not miss the moment when you can still correct the deficiency that has appeared.

Ideally, the ears should stand up and take shape in about 2.5-3 months. If this does not happen, you need to understand why the defect occurred and solve the problem. By the way, even fully formed and beautiful ears can fall unexpectedly for various reasons.

Change of teeth. Puppies’ teeth change to molars at an average age of 3 to 6 months

When the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier rise

Taking a small puppy, we take on a great responsibility. it is important not only that he grows up healthy and beautiful, but also develops correctly.

To do this, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of development, for example, to ensure that the ears of the puppy are on time and correctly.

To do this, you need to know when the ears of Yorkies get up, why this may not happen, and how to put them if necessary.

How to put

To begin with, we note that if a dog’s ears rose and then fell off, then you should not worry. they often droop during the change of teeth. If they got up once, then nature will take its toll the second.

And in cases where the ears do not rise at the age of three to four months, they often just need help.

First of all, you need to establish the cause of what happened to the ears. If the problem lies in the abundance of wool on their ends, then the solution to the problem is quite simple. just cut the excess.

It is not recommended to do this on your own, as the dog can be injured due to inexperience, and unevenly clipped coat can seriously ruin its appearance.

For the first haircut, you should contact a professional or use a special trimmer.

If the problem is that the cartilage is too thin (this can be determined by palpation), it is better to contact your veterinarian who will prescribe the appropriate vitamins.

It is not worth choosing a remedy on your own, because an excess of calcium will not bring health to the dog, in addition, it should not only be consumed in food, but also absorbed by the body.

As measures that can be applied independently, Yorkie owners indicate a change in diet. they recommend adding boiled beef tails and ears, as well as broth cooked on their basis. It will also help your ears get stronger.

“Crown” for erect ears

The last recommendation is the creation of a “crown”, that is, fixing the ears in a standing position with an adhesive plaster.

Already after a few days of wearing it, you can see that the ears are standing. the main thing after that is to make sure that they do not fall again.

For fixing in an upright state, you will need a not very hard plaster on a fabric base. The width should be about 1.5 centimeters, 6-8 centimeters long for one procedure.

Before fastening, it is better to cut the ears short or trim them with a trimmer.

Each ear must be “flattened” with the left and right sides to each other, and secured in this state with a plaster, wrapping it several times in the middle of the ear at some distance from the base.

When this task is completed, you need to fasten them together. as a result, the Yorkie will have a kind of “crown” on his head that will keep his ears upright.

You can walk with such a “decoration” from five days to a month, taking daily breaks once or twice a week.

At the same time, observe whether the ears are standing without the plaster. if they begin to “fall asleep” again, then the procedure must be continued.

Why don’t get up

Regardless of the sex of the baby, by the age of four months, their ears should already be raised. Sometimes it happens after changing teeth.

But if four months have already passed, the teeth have changed, and the ears are still not standing, it is necessary first of all to determine the cause of this problem. It can be covered in the following:

  • Too big. It happens that cartilage in dogs develops ahead of time, so they become disproportionately large and cannot rise due to their weight.
  • Too much wool. The large amount of hair on the tips of the ears makes them too heavy to stand up.
  • Lack of calcium and vitamins. Most often, in all three cases, Yorkie’s ears can be raised using several traditional methods.

But the owners should know that if the pet’s ears are too big, then they may not rise. unfortunately, even the seller cannot predict such an outcome.

In such cases, remember that the dog is primarily a friend and family member, not an exhibit. This means that the animal must be loved, despite its small flaws.

If you have a need to put your pet’s ears, and you do not know how, but everything seems so easy and simple. But you’ve never seen it or done it.

At what time do the ears start to rise?

This breed of dog, like all others, is born with incompletely formed ears. As a rule, they fit quite tightly to the baby’s head. Thus, the ear canal begins to open only after three weeks. In a month old puppy, the cartilage in the ears begins to grow stronger, but due to weak muscles, they still hang.

puppy, ears, stand

The formation and lifting of the ears is completed at the age of nine months. If you did not manage to fix this defect, then there is nothing you can do.

The reasons

One of the main causes of droopy ears is heredity. When choosing a partner, you should pay attention to the cartilage, if they are not strong enough, the probability of having such offspring is very high. Another reason for unstable ears is inappropriate mother feeding during pregnancy. Not having enough essential vitamins and minerals negatively affects future puppies.

At about four months of age, the puppy’s teeth begin to change, as a result of which the minerals of the body are mostly directed there, and not to strengthen the cartilage.

Other main causes of the defect may be the following:

  • Stressful situations experienced by the puppy;
  • Food contains little calcium;
  • Lack of phosphorus, which is responsible for the formation of cartilage;
  • Large or too long dog ears;
  • The puppy has insufficiently developed muscles.

Before you panic, you should identify the cause of your drooping ears. As a rule, the problem arises from one of the above problems, which can be solved quite simply if you pay attention to it in time.

When Chihuahua’s ears stand up and how to put them?

It is not uncommon to find a dog whose ears are not standing up. Of course, this is uncritical, you can even ignore this phenomenon if you do not have a show dog, which is what a Chihuahua is. The owner of a promising dog, who did not pay attention to this kind of problem at the very beginning, can forget about the participation of his pet in the inserts. But for what reasons the Chihuahua’s ears may not rise and how to fix this defect, we propose to consider together below.

What should be done?

There are such effective ways of setting your ears as:

  • The presence of long hair means excess weight, which in turn prevents the ears from rising, if you cut off the excess, the problem will be solved;
  • In the absence of vitamins necessary for the normal development of vitamins in the dog’s body, it is advisable to contact a qualified veterinarian, he will prescribe a course of vitamins, after which everything will return to normal;
  • It will be useful to use food additives that contain chondroitin and glucosamine, but you should not purchase them without prior consultation with a specialist;
  • It is useful to introduce jellied meat made on beef legs into the diet;
  • Most people faced with a similar problem advise to give drinking water with gelatin in a consistency of 5 grams per quarter liter of warm liquid;
  • When changing teeth, it will be wise to use food supplements;
  • Massages can help a lot; starting from the base to the very tip, it is required to perform circular movements with the fingers, which in turn will improve blood flow and strengthen the cartilage;
  • Suturing the ears is not the best way, but it does take place, in this case the skin is sutured behind the auricle, whereby they no longer fall due to tension.

I want to pay special attention to the gluing method. In this case, the puppy’s ears are fixed in a given, correct position with the correct construction, after which the dog must walk for several days. This is rightfully the most gentle method for a pet. We propose to consider the implementation of this method in more detail.

  • It is necessary to clean the inside of the ear with a cotton pad moistened with alcohol. Do not go too deep, just wipe the visible part and let the treated area dry.
  • The next step is to cut with a plastic strip about 7-10 mm, after which you should align the piece with the ear and give its corners a round shape like an ice cream stick. It is also important that the plastic is less than the length of the ear.
  • After that, you should glue the strip with a plaster. It is worth noting that its width should go beyond the plastic from absolutely any width. Such a structure is glued to the fabric side of the adhesive plaster, after which it is cut to the required size, and the corners are rounded according to the above method. You should have two wireframes.
  • Ready-made structures must be glued to the ears. It is necessary to ensure that there are no folds or creases, as this is fraught with defects.
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With such a frame, the puppy must stay for at least five days, and preferably all seven, then it is removed so that the ears can rest. If there is no effect, after a week it is necessary to glue it again.

Typically, puppies will have raised ears in the second or third month. But sometimes there may be problems associated with the weakness of cartilage or muscle tissue. For the best result, experts advise not to be limited to one method, but to combine several. By right, the most effective method of gluing is recognized, which in turn is ideally combined with massage, as well as the introduction of vitamins into the diet that are responsible for strengthening cartilage. This combination will help put your ears.

Before starting winding

It is best to consult an experienced professional to position your ears. But if you are confident in yourself and your strengths, you can do this procedure yourself. Below are some important tips to help you.

Firstly, do not rush with this process, it is better to wait six months when the change of teeth is over. In a hurry, you will only harm the German Shepherd and in the worst case, the ears may not stand up.

Second, don’t overuse calcium. Fifty grams of yogurt or kefir is much better than supplements. The excess will be deposited in the dog’s bones and lead to orthopedic problems in the future.

Third, keep track of the schedule for vaccinations and worms. Puppy health is directly related to ear muscle strength.

Fifth, don’t forget about special toys and bones. Gnawing them, the pet strengthens the muscles of the ears.

Sixth, do not allow other dogs to drag their pet by the ears to avoid injury.

When the German Shepherd’s ears stand up

In this article, we will tell you about when the ears of the German Shepherd get up and what to do if this did not happen in time. If you took a puppy from an experienced breeder, it means that you are already familiar with the basic rules of care, education and feeding. You know what the standard and the exterior of this breed should be. But some issues need to be given special attention and be approached with full responsibility.

According to the standard

A purebred German Shepherd should have medium-sized, upright ears with pointed tips. The auricle is set forward. When your dog has them hanging on the sides or broken, it means that the path to all kinds of exhibitions and competitions, unfortunately, is closed.

But while your puppy is still small, do not rush to worry. Even if your baby has one ear already standing and the other is still hanging. After all, each shepherd is individual and the exact day when the ears stand up cannot be predicted. Your best bet is to relax and watch your puppy grow into a teen very quickly.

Necessary prevention

If the ears have not risen on their own after five to six months, then some procedures must be performed to prevent a possible defect.

What to do? It’s not that hard. During the period of active growth, the puppy’s body is especially lacking in vitamins and minerals. Bone meal, kefir, fish should be added to the diet. Along with the correct feeding regimen, massage the muscles of the cartilage tissue, thereby providing the puppy’s ear with the necessary blood circulation. Also, the natural formation can be helped by various sounds that you should suddenly make. Thanks to this, the ears are tense every time and they themselves are vertically fixed.

Nothing helped? So it’s time for drastic measures.

The time has come

In how many months should this great event take place? Based on the knowledge of experienced dog breeders, the ear formation period begins at a month and a half and ends at five.

Thanks to the strengthening of cartilage, the ear gradually grows in size, becoming larger and heavier. Since the stage of changing teeth is directly related to the phase of formation of the ears, they can get up in two months and, not having time to fully get stronger, fall again by three months. This is how the body of the German Shepherd works and there is nothing wrong with that.

Between five and six months, you need to be extremely careful and constantly monitor your ears. If they do not get up again by six months, then you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Putting the ears back after seven months is an extremely difficult task, and sometimes impossible.

There are several reasons why a puppy’s ears won’t rise:

  • Fright;
  • Unclean bloodline;
  • Poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy;
  • Lack of calcium, phosphorus in the body.

What to do after rewinding

German Shepherd puppies are very active and it is difficult to guess how long it will take for the baby to pull off the coiled structure, if given the opportunity. Therefore, you need to distract the baby with a game to allow the glue to grab.

You need to hold the homemade device for about two weeks. This time is enough to put the pet’s ears. Carefully monitor the condition of the winding and correct shortcomings in time.

After the due date, carefully remove the patch using a special solvent for glue. Do not abruptly perform actions. you will hurt the puppy.

We start to reel

Before starting the process, remember that you cannot use adhesive materials: tape, electrical tape. They will only hurt the German Shepherd.

The first thing you need to do is use the correct size foam curlers. Then we purchase a surgical patch. You will also need two pencils and medical glue. To connect the ears, you need to find a suitable stick, for example, from ice cream.

To begin with, remove the plastic axle from the center of the curler, instead, insert the pencil to a depth of two centimeters. Apply glue to the surface of the curler circumference so that it does not drip. Otherwise, it will fall into the auricle and cause irritation.

They must be placed in the lower part of the auricle so that the auditory canal remains open. To make the ear stick, you should lightly press it against the curlers.

Tape your ear tightly to the curler while holding the pencil. Remember to remove it before finishing the process. In order not to disrupt blood circulation in the ear, the patch should not be applied too tightly.

Use an ice cream stick to fix the standing position of your ears. attach it to the back with glue.

Latest recommendations

If all else fails, then if you wish, you can go to extreme measures and have your German Shepherd Dog have ear implantation surgery. You won’t solve the problem, but you can adjust the dog to the standard.

To prevent radical procedures, take care of the puppy correctly and follow the diet. Your dog’s health is entirely up to you. Everything else is genetic.

Did you like the article? Tell us about your dog’s ear formation?

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier ears are indicators of a pet’s mood. They are very mobile and, despite this, always return to their original position. In this case, the ears should hang down or resemble the shape of the letter V. There are situations when the ears of the Jack Russell Terrier stand up and do not want to go down. What to do?

The age when the ears of the animal begin to rise is three or four months. If this happens, then try to find out the reason. Genetic predisposition is a common cause. This occurs when the puppy’s parents also had erect ears. In this case, nothing will work, and the erect ears will become the highlight of your pet.

Feature of the breed

The peculiarities of toy terriers are: small stature, easy training, easy care, cheerful appearance. However, the main difference between these dogs and other breeds is the erect ears, which give them an important look.

Yorkshire Terrier

Many dog ​​breeders are interested in what time the ears of Yorkshire terriers rise. Taking a small puppy, you should be responsible for him and carefully take care of his health from birth. Any breed of dog requires knowledge and skills. Thus, let’s try to answer the question. what time do the puppy’s ears start to rise.

All dogs develop individually and depends not only on the breed, but also on other external and internal factors. However, according to the standards of dog handlers, the ears of a Yorkshire Terrier rise by four to five months or after changing milk teeth.

If the pet is already five months old, the teeth have changed, and the ears are not yet standing, then this can be affected by:

  • Cartilage too large. In some dogs, they develop very quickly, outward proportions are disturbed. And because of their weight they cannot climb up.
  • A large amount of wool makes the ears heavier, so the weight cannot lift them.
  • Lack of calcium and vitamins.

In all three cases, the situation can be corrected by gluing the ears, replenishing vitamins and haircuts. The main thing is not to delay correcting the situation. It is important to remember that even a specialist cannot establish an accurate forecast. First of all, a pet must be loved, even with a small flaw, because he is a member of the family, and not an exhibition exhibit.

Dog ear bending method

There is a way to fix when the ears of the Jack Russell Terrier start to rise like a shepherd:

  • We bend the ear and determine the bend angle (the tip of the ear should be brought closer to the corner of the eye).
  • In this position, we glue the plaster on the outside of the ear and leave the edges free by 2 cm.It is important to ensure that there are no folds or irregularities on the plaster.
  • We repeat the same manipulation from the inside.
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The little fidget wants to get rid of the plaster and will peel it off in every possible way. Try to calm him down and distract him with toys, then the manipulation carried out will bear fruit.

When a toy terrier’s ears get up: when they are cropped, rules and features

At the moment there are about 500 different breeds of dogs. Many people see them not just as watchdog or decorative animals, but as family members. It is important to monitor the growth and development of your pet. In some cases, do not postpone the visit to the vet. It is better to prevent the appearance of any disease than to engage in treatment for a long time.

Help if your ears are not raised

When the ears of a toy terrier get up, the process can be irregular. In such cases, the puppy needs help. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

Monitoring your pet’s health

When the ears of a toy terrier puppy stand up, you should monitor its health and cheerfulness. It is important to monitor nutrition, mood, and adequate intake of proteins, micro / macronutrients and minerals. After all, it is at a young age that there is an active growth of bones, cartilage, tissue. It is possible to purchase special vitamins for dogs, but it is better to consult a specialist before buying.

In addition to the listed facts, when the ears of the Russian Toy Terrier stand up, special attention should be paid to the health of the ears:

  • From an early age, monitor their condition and development.
  • If the puppy is 6 months old, and the ears are still lying, then the procedure for setting them should be performed.
  • If this process happened crookedly or with other deviations, it is important to make timely adjustments.

All about the peculiarities of setting the ears of toy terriers

The ears of the dog are set high, thin, pointed, directed upwards. When breeding this breed, you need to know all the nuances and features. Let’s try to figure out what time a toy terrier has ears.

The formation and development of these organs is influenced by the age of the pet. When puppies are born, together with food they receive various macro / microelements, minerals, vitamins, which are involved in the maturation and formation of bones of the skeleton, internal organs and systems. The ears of puppies are made of soft cartilaginous tissue, which avoids injury and damage, since in childhood they are active, mobile, and also clumsy. So, what features does a toy terrier have? At what age do ears rise?

They begin to rise only in two to three months of life. The process reaches its end, as is commonly believed, by one year. It is in the first year of life that the development of the body is completely completed, the skeletal system becomes more solid and durable, the internal organs are fully formed. It is important to take into account the fact that each organism develops individually, so there is no exact timing of formation.

It is important to know!

Before and after gluing, observe the first four points, otherwise the result may upset.

It is important to remember that these actions may not affect the position of the ears in any way. They can remain in their original position. Then the owners should accept it. The dog will not lose its cheerful mood and playfulness.

What to do if the ears did not rise

If the puppy does not get his ears up to six months, measures should be taken. To determine the reasons, the puppy must be taken to the doctor.

Depending on the factors due to which the ears do not rise, there are several ways to solve the problem:

Why don’t the ears rise

Chihuahua ears do not rise for the following reasons:

  • Poor female nutrition during pregnancy.
  • Lack of calcium and phosphorus in the puppy’s body.
  • Severe stress.
  • Weak ear muscles.
  • Reduced immunity.
  • Bad heredity.
  • Metabolic disease.
  • Admixture of blood of other breeds.
  • Ears are too big.
  • When Chihuahua’s ears get up: timing and possible problems

    It often happens that the Chihuahua’s large ears do not fully stand up. Sometimes they rise, but after a while they fall. Chihuahuas with recumbent ears cannot participate in exhibitions and should not be allowed to breed. That is why when buying a puppy it is important to know at what age Chihuahua ears stand up, and how to put them at home.

    Gluing ears

    Any owner at home is able to glue the ears of a Chihuahua. This will require the following tools and materials:

    How is gluing:

    At first, the puppy will feel uncomfortable and will try to remove the patch. He should be distracted by a game or a treat.

    The puppy will soon get used to it and will not notice any inconvenience. Chihuahua should walk with glued ears for 7-8 days. After that, the plaster is removed. To make it easier to come off, you can moisten it with oil or petroleum jelly.

    If the ears still do not stand up, they need to be glued again after 10 days. It happens that the dog has to glue the ears for several months.

    If the puppy is 8 months old, and gluing has not worked, you should stop. There is no more chance that the ears will rise.

    What ears should be

    Chihuahuas have large, triangular ears. This is what the standard says: the setting is wide, the tips are slightly rounded, well open. The base is wide. When the dog is at rest, an angle of 45 degrees is formed between them.

    The Chihuahua has deviations from breed standards if the ears:

    • Do not get up;
    • Small in size;
    • Have large lobes;
    • Are overly pointed or rounded;
    • Their tips are directed upwards;
    • Set high.

    Ears stood, but fell. what to do

    It happens that the raised ears of a Chihuahua suddenly fall. There may be several reasons for this:

  • Change of deciduous teeth to molars. Occurs at 4-6 months. All minerals of the body go to the growth of new teeth.
  • Vaccination. With the vaccination, weakened viruses of various infections are introduced into the puppy’s body, because of this, immunity decreases.
  • Stress.
  • Inadequate diet.
  • If the reason was a change of teeth, the pet should be given more fermented milk products. After all the molars grow in the dog, the ears will rise again.

    When it comes to vaccination, you need to follow the rules for caring for a dog during the quarantine period. As soon as the body copes with the infection, everything will return to normal.

    The kid should be protected from worries and worries. You cannot beat him or shout at him. It is necessary to explain to children how to behave correctly with a pet. The dog’s bedding place should be in an impassable quiet place.

    If the puppy is not in the mood for communication, it is better not to pester him with obsessive attention.

    It is necessary to monitor the diet of the dog. It must be balanced. If the pet eats dry food, then preference is given to a diet for puppies, which contains more vitamins and minerals. cartilage and joints are added to natural food, as well as veal jelly. Thanks to this nutrition, the ears will soon rise.

    At what age do Chihuahuas have ears?

    Dogs are born with undeveloped cartilage. Their ears are soft to the touch, they are pressed against the head. By three weeks of age, the puppies have an ear canal. Chihuahuas get their ears up at 2-3 months. And at first one can get up, and after a few days another.

    Long-haired and big-eared Chihuahuas may have ears that come up later.

    Sometimes they remain lying, or the tips do not stand up. The body of each animal is individual, therefore small delays are possible.

    But if at the age of 8 months the puppy’s ears are still lying, they will not stand up.

    Recommendations and prevention

    Before buying a Chihuahua puppy, you should take a look at its parents. If the female or male has ear problems, the chances are high that the puppy will inherit this feature. The baby must have documents confirming his origin.

    It is better to purchase a pet in the nursery, and not from hand. So you can be sure that the female received good nutrition during pregnancy, and the baby received proper care in the first days of her life.

    Some negligent breeders cut their ears to Chihuahua puppies to hide the defect. Breed standards do not imply docking for this breed. It is better to refuse to buy a docked puppy, because he will not be able to participate either in exhibitions or in breeding.

    In the new home, the pet should receive a balanced and nutritious diet. He needs to get all the mandatory vaccinations. Chihuahuas should be protected from stress.

    Chihuahua is a small dog. Therefore, the pet should be kept only indoors. It is not allowed to keep the dog outdoors in an enclosure or on a chain. In winter weather, the pet must be dressed to avoid freezing and colds.

    Chihuahuas have huge, erect ears, which gives the breed additional charm. It often happens that the ears of the puppy do not rise.

    Unfortunately, this problem cannot always be solved. Lying ears are able to cross out the doggie’s career at exhibitions, while the Chihuahua will remain an excellent companion and pet.