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Which Bird Is Considered Fastest

Top 10 fastest birds in the world

Birds are rightfully classified as the fastest living creatures on the planet. Moving in the air, flyers can develop tremendous speed. Some species of birds can compete in aerial flight with the first created aircraft.

The rating includes the fastest birds in the world. Some of them develop maximum speed during level flight, while others. during diving.

Gray-headed albatross

Gray-headed albatrosses are also very fast birds. They live on islands near Antarctica. Most of the time, these birds soar over the ocean, hunting fish, squid and other aquatic life.

Gray-headed albatrosses live in the Southern Hemisphere

Gray-headed albatrosses can fly a very long distance, reaching speeds of up to 150 km / h. In addition, they can dive to a depth of 7 m.

Gray-headed albatrosses spend most of their life in the open ocean.


The ranking of the fastest birds in the world is closed by blackbirds, or rather, fieldbirds. These peaceful small birds prefer to settle in flocks. They are widespread throughout Eurasia and North Africa, and they got their name due to the fact that they like to eat mountain ash.

Fieldbirds feed on plants and small insects

Fieldbirds fly at speeds up to 70 km / h. They have another unusual feature. they defend themselves by firing droppings at enemies. Therefore, it is better to stay away from this bird.

Fieldbirds live in flocks

The peregrine falcon is the fastest in the world, and not only among birds. But even among the birds we are accustomed to, some fly at great speed.

Blackbird-fieldfare. 70 km / h

It nests in areas with forest vegetation and up to the steppe belt, as well as in Siberia. It differs from its counterparts in atypical plumage, voluminous size, schooling colonies of up to 40 pairs and love for mountain ash. Migrates to warmer regions every winter. It protects itself from enemies with its own droppings, firing at possible danger. The damage is serious, because of the enzyme. the wings of other birds stick together.

Hobbyist | speed 160 km / h

The hobby is a small bird of prey of the falcon family and is one of the fastest birds in the world in terms of flight speed. With a wingspan of 80 cm, the hobbyist is capable of speeds up to 160 km / h. Outwardly, it looks like a peregrine falcon, but differs in size, which is 28-36 cm. The flaps of its wings are fast and maneuverable, alternating with sliding, acquiring the shape of a sickle. The flyer is widespread throughout the continent of Eurasia and prefers to settle in forests and forest-steppe zones. Since it is a predator, it feeds on small birds, as well as large insects. beetles, butterflies and dragonflies. Less often, mice and other small animals become its delicacy.

Common Kestrel. 63 km / h

The distribution area is Central Europe, where flat reliefs are spread. A distant relative of the peregrine falcon; when hunting, it falls from above onto rodents. Prefers to fly slowly or replaces fast flight with glide. Sometimes it hovers, hovering in the sky, making frequent “vibrating” flaps with its wings. If necessary, folds them or does not fully open them, is able to move unconsciously.

Red-headed dive. 116 km / h

Duck waterfowl from North America. It invariably settles near fresh sources. Due to the peculiar way of getting food, the name “canvasback” stuck. Dives into water for aquatic plants, insects, small fish.

Medium merganser

The fastest duck in the world is the middle merganser. She lives in the Northern Hemisphere: both in America and in Eurasia. These birds eat only insects, fish, amphibians.

The middle merganser can be identified by the crest on the head

Despite the fact that the mergansers are water birds, their flight speed is high, about 130 km / h.

The middle merganser is the fastest of the ducks

The ninth place in the rating is the dive. This bird also belongs to ducks, it lives almost throughout Eurasia. Compared to other duck dives, they are rather large, weigh up to 1.5 kg, and can reach half a meter in length.

A distinctive feature of male diving is a red-brown head

Diving are peaceful birds, they eat only plant foods. They are distinguished by their elegant color and high flight speed. up to 115 km / h.

which, bird, considered, fastest

Diving speeds up to 115 km / h

And again in the ranking is a duck, but this time a sea duck. Eiders settle in the North of America and Eurasia. They are very large, weighing up to 3 kg, up to 80 cm long.

Eiderdown is highly prized by people

Clumsy on land, the eider swims and flies perfectly, reaching speeds of up to 90 km / h.

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The female eider looks like a common duck

Eiders dive deeper than all birds on Earth. up to 50 m deep.

Dive | speed 116 km / h

Dive. a large waterfowl opens the rating of the fastest birds on the planet. With a body length of 48 to 56 cm and a weight of up to 1.5 kg, the dive is capable of speeds up to 116 km / h in the air. Its flight is notable for its lightness and longer duration among other duck family. In addition, the duck runs pretty fast and swims well. This species is widespread in Central, Central Asia and Western Siberia. These birds prefer to settle near fresh reservoirs overgrown with reeds. The main food of the duck is seeds, aquatic plants, molluscs, as well as fish.

Which bird is the smartest? The smartest bird in the world

Many curious people are interested in the question of which bird is the smartest. Scientists distinguish several species from the world of birds, but nevertheless, it is the crow that takes the lead. Even though she cannot imitate human speech as much as parrots, her mental abilities are much higher than that of other birds.

Experiments on crows

Scientists have conducted many experiments on crows in an attempt to figure out which bird is the smartest. For example, they found out how different species of birds could get food from a vessel half filled with water. Pieces of food floated on the surface. Stones of various weights were scattered nearby. After several unsuccessful attempts to get to food only with the help of a beak, the New Caledonian crows came up with another option. They began to throw stones into the water, thereby raising the water in the vessel. Accordingly, the food rose higher. over, they chose the stones that are heavier.

The smartest bird in the world, which is considered a crow, often chooses the most alternative options for solving a particular life task. As a result of experiments, scientists have found that these birds are able to assess the shape, mass and distinguish between types of substances (water, air, sand, etc.). The crows made decisions consciously. For example, in order to get a piece of food, the birds even bent the wire with their beak, forming a hook, with which they then took out food.

Raven abilities

Which bird is the smartest among the tamed? If you take a crow home, it will be no worse than a guard dog. Even can sometimes imitate a human voice. Her vocabulary sometimes includes up to 150 words. Ravens lend themselves well to training. For example, only this bird can be taught to serve cutlery, remove hats from guests. No other can do this.

Crows also know how to have fun. They love to tease not only people but also animals. For example, it has been noticed that they often sit on the backs of cows and pinch them with their beaks until the animal starts jumping and kicking. Then the crows fly off and enjoy watching the kicking from the side.

The development of the mental abilities of crows

Ravens live in flocks, which allows them to constantly learn from their relatives and learn from their experience. They are not alien to mutual assistance. If the chicks are in danger, then the whole flock rushes to protection. Ravens even hide their prey without “witnesses”. These birds are very cunning, almost never fall into traps, and if they find themselves there, they often find ways to get out of them.

Ravens are able to distinguish between the colors of traffic lights, adults and children, a weapon or a stick in the hands of a person. They do not eat food together with the package, always pre-unfold it, and first soak the dry loaf crust in water.


This bird is popularly considered stupid. But this is far from the case. They are very smart. They understand well what is happening around. Turkeys are distinguished by high individuality, these birds are endowed with a peculiar character.


The smartest bird in the world is the crow. Scientists claim that birds of this species are much smarter than four-year-old children. The intelligence of these birds can be compared with that of a human. In tests of intelligence, they often overtake not only all their feathered counterparts, but also many animals. The smartest bird on earth is the New Caledonian crow. Even among her direct relatives, she is the most intelligent in appearance. These ravens can not only use some of the tools, but even make them on their own. At the same time, they have a great mind and many other abilities.


What is the smartest bird besides the crow? Parrots are in second place. There are over 300 species in total. But not everyone is smart, unlike the crows. Only a few species show tremendous intelligence and intelligence.

One of the amazing abilities of these birds is the imitation of human speech. Parrots are able not only to repeat words after a person, but also often understand their meaning. These birds can warn the owner about danger, call to themselves, and specifically indicate their desires (often with the help of words). These birds are quite vindictive and jealous. But they can also love with the same passion. Quickly adapt to the environment.

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Which bird is considered the smartest among parrots? They vary greatly in intelligence. For example, in Grays it is higher than in Amazons. Scientists from Vienna conducted many experiments and found that parrots, like crows, can use various objects. For example, in one of the experiments, a bird, not reaching for food with its beak, took a stick into it, with which it pushed a piece of food towards itself. Another parrot in the same way took out a pebble that had fallen out of the enclosure, with which he had previously played.

What are the smartest birds among parrots? Scientists highlight the mental abilities of the Grays. One of the representatives of this species even became a world champion in a row. This is the only bird in the world that has learned to count to eight. And the six-year-old Grace from New York can conjugate verbs fluently in different tenses, has a great sense of humor, and can even describe photographs. At the same time, he perfectly distinguishes chimpanzees from humans on them and unmistakably recognizes the people who are depicted on them.

Making and using tools

What are the smartest birds in the world? As mentioned above, these are crows. Another interesting question. What kind of birds can make and adapt certain items to their needs? These include only a few species. Of course, the crows are in the lead. But there are some other birds that are distinguished by their intelligence and ingenuity.

Parrots, as it turned out, are even capable of making tools. For example, in order to get a nut through the bars, the bird chopped off a chip of the required size from a wooden beam with its beak, which then rolled it to itself. The ability to use and craft the right tools is very rare in birds. Only crows, parrots, finches, vultures and some herons can boast of her.

The reel for the extraction of an insect knows how to select a cactus needle of the desired length. Then, using it, he extracts food from the wood. Vultures select stones of the right weight in order to break the eggs of an African ostrich and feast on their contents.

This bird is considered one of the smartest, and it was even made a symbol of the well-known club “What? Where? When?”. The owl has symbolized wisdom since ancient times. Among the Romans and Greeks, she was considered very intelligent and, according to legend, was a companion of the goddess Minerva. The Indians of North America were of the same opinion. Although scientists still argue about the wisdom of an owl.

What are the smartest birds there are still

There are many birds in nature that have unique abilities. So how do you determine which bird is the smartest? It is impossible to single out only one of the many types. Almost all birds have intelligence, but they also have varying degrees of intelligence and quick wits. The primacy is still given to the crows. But besides them, there are other, however, less intelligent birds.

Jays are able to show amazing ingenuity in the process of finding and obtaining food. Falcons are in second place in intelligence. Woodpeckers and herons are also highly rated by scientists. Many of these species use a variety of tools to get food.

Needle-tailed swift

The needle-tailed swift, also named the keytail, is in third place on our list of the fastest in the world. Its speed can reach 160 km / h, and its lifestyle is not well understood. The weight of this bird does not exceed one hundred and seventy-five grams, and the body length is twenty-two centimeters. The needle-tailed swift has chosen Siberia and the Far East as its habitat in the territory of the Russian Federation, and for the winter, representatives of this family fly to Australia. This small bird got its name because of the shape of its tail. not bifurcated, like most swifts, but collected in one sharp end or needle.


This relatively medium-sized bird (about twenty-eight to thirty-six centimeters in size) is also a predator and belongs to the falcon family, like our record holder. a peregrine falcon, which, by the way, looks very much like a hobby. But, unlike him, the flight speed of a hobbyist is approximately 150 km / h. Also, this feathered predator is famous for never building its nests, and for breeding chicks prefers to occupy the old dwellings of other birds, for example, a sparrowhawk, crow or magpie.

Which bird is considered the fastest


The falcon is undemanding to climatic conditions, therefore, its distribution area is limited only by Antarctica. It is found both in the hot tropics and in the cold regions. In the wild, the peregrine falcon makes nests in places inaccessible to humans. He especially loves rocky and mountainous areas.

In forest thickets, the predator prefers to settle in tree hollows or high above the ground, evicting previous inhabitants from their homes. An important condition for the survival of peregrine falcons is the presence of a reservoir near the nest. Some individuals prefer urban conditions. So, in the USA, peregrine falcons settle on the roofs of cathedrals and high-rise buildings.

Today, there are about 5 thousand individuals, which is relatively less than a few decades ago. Therefore, the Red Book bird is under the protection of the state.

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Having answered the question which bird flies the fastest, ornithologists began to study the lifestyle of the record holders, thanks to which a curious man in the street can learn many interesting facts about the life of peregrine falcons. It turns out that these predators are real conservatives.!

Falcons are sedentary. Their territories are inherited and belong to the same family for several generations. It is curious that peregrine falcons prefer to nest at a considerable distance from their fellows. about 2–5 km. Birds protect their possessions aggressively and actively, fearlessly attacking even such large enemies as an eagle or a hooded crow. When a person appears, predators behave restlessly, circle overhead, scream loudly.

Feathered monogamous. Their pairs are formed for several years. The female lays eggs once a year and incubates them with the future father of the family. The hatched chicks are absolutely helpless. They will be able to fly only after a month and a half after birth.

Golden eagle

The golden eagle quite deservedly takes the honorable second place in our list of the fastest in the world, because the speed of its flight can reach 240-320 km / h, which is not much lower than the speed of its predecessor. The golden eagle belongs to very large birds of the genus of eagles, because its wingspan can reach two hundred and forty centimeters, and its height varies from seventy-six to ninety-three centimeters.

The golden eagle is a predator, it hunts both medium-sized birds and rodents, and small mammals, for example, it can take a sheep. Due to its dark color with golden feathers on the neck and nape, this bird received the name Golden Eagle, which in English means “golden eagle”.


The frigate is a bright and unusual bird that prefers to live in hot climates, for example, in the Seychelles or Australia. The speed of its movements is also impressive. it can reach 150 km / h, while the frigate can spend quite a lot of time in the air. The appearance of the males is very impressive. on the chest of each of them there is a bright red throat sac, by the size of which the females determine the most promising male. The frigates got their name in honor of the warships of the same name, as they have a habit of taking food from other birds by attacking them.

White-breasted American Swift

In fact, there are a lot of American swifts. as many as eight varieties. But it is the white-breasted American swift that is among them the record holder for the fastest flight. it can fly within 124 km / h. The swift feeds on various insects, thanks to the hunt for which it spends most of its life in the air.

Peregrine Falcon: the fastest carnivore in the world

Probably few people know that the speed of the fastest bird in the world in a dive flight reaches three hundred twenty two kilometers per hour. For comparison, this equals 90 meters per second! No animal in the world can reach this speed anymore.

For those who want to know the top 10 fastest animals in the world, we have prepared another interesting article on our website.

Meet the peregrine falcon, the world’s fastest flyer. This handsome man from the falcon family stands out from the whole animal world not only for his super speed, but also for his extremely high intelligence. Since ancient times, people have tamed the fastest birds in the world and used for the popular game in the Middle Ages. falconry.

Unfortunately, it is because of human negligence that the fastest creatures in the world almost disappeared from the face of the Earth as a species. In the forties of the last century, when pesticides, including DDT, began to be used most widely, the already few peregrine falcons were literally on the verge of extinction. These chemicals, which were sprayed in the fields, had an extremely detrimental effect on this species of birds, due to which their population began to decline rapidly. And only in 1970, when the use of these pesticides in agriculture was banned, the population of the world’s fastest flyers began to grow again.

The size of an adult bird can vary from thirty-five to fifty centimeters, and females are always larger than males. The color of the upper body is gray, the abdomen is light. The beak is short, bent (like all falcons), and its blow is so strong that when meeting with it, the head of the victim often flies off. It feeds on birds such as pigeons or duck, and small mammals such as mice, ground squirrels, hares and squirrels.

Peregrine Falcon is mentioned in the appendix to the CITES convention, where it is strictly forbidden to use it for sale in any part of the planet. Also, the fastest bird in the world is listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation as an extremely small species.