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The negative attitude towards birds knocking on the window was formed due to the belief of our ancestors that it is the souls of deceased relatives who fly to warn their relatives about the impending misfortune.

There is also a sign that a bird, out of nowhere, appeared at the house, is a harbinger of an imminent illness of one of the household. In this case, it was necessary to take a closer look at her. If the bird was old, then health problems await the older member of the family. If a chick beats into the glass, then the disease can overtake the child.


The dove is known among the people as a symbol of faith and God’s Grace. In addition, he is considered the messenger of the Afterlife, carrying on his wings important information from deceased relatives.

A calm bird promises a long and happy marriage and, on the contrary, if she behaves in a frightened way, it means that the newlyweds will not be able to avoid problems in family life.

Also, a dove sitting on a windowsill may be a foreshadowing of the arrival of unexpected guests.

When a pigeon persistently beats through the window, this is a clear sign that one of your deceased relatives is trying to warn you about something important or to warn you against rash steps.

If a pigeon hit the glass and flew away, then a sign means that everything in your life will go on as usual.

Other signs about birds

which, birds, beat, window

The outcome depends on the breed of bird

To understand why the birds are fighting through the window, you should pay attention to other birds:

  • If a swallow beats against your window glass, it means that soon you will receive good news or a pleasant meeting awaits you. The arrival of a swallow can be an omen of a long-awaited addition to the family or success in work.
  • Oddly enough, but a little sparrow sitting on your windowsill and knocking on the glass can be a harbinger of big trouble. over, they will be connected with the monetary sphere. In this regard, anything can happen: you can get robbed, you can lose money or make a bad deal. If the sparrow just hit the glass and flew away, then the monetary losses promise to be insignificant.
  • A bad omen is the knock on the glass of a wagtail. The arrival of this bird means that the threat of losing one of your relatives is hanging over your house.
  • The appearance of a crow is a bad omen. These birds are considered harbingers of all kinds of troubles and misfortunes.


Our ancestors considered the titmouse. a bird of happiness. Her knock on the window was regarded as an omen of an early replenishment of the family or an improvement in welfare.

If an unmarried girl lived in the house, then the arrival of the titmouse was associated with the imminent appearance of a potential groom. The bird promised an enviable bride for a lonely guy.

Sign meaning if a bird beats out the window

Among the many different folk superstitions, the belief about a bird knocking on a window is considered the most sinister. But can a little bird really be a harbinger of great trouble? Let’s try to figure out why the bird is beating out the window and whether it is possible to avoid trouble by witnessing a similar phenomenon.

How to protect yourself

What to do if birds are constantly beating out your window, foreshadowing all sorts of troubles? Is it possible to protect yourself and your loved ones from the impending threat? In this regard, there are several ways of self-defense.

Firstly, if a bird is beating at your window, and there is a small child in the house, then observe his behavior. If the baby is calm, then you should not worry. When a child at the sight of a “feathered guest” is frightened and cries, then, trying not to frighten the bird, throw it loaf of crumbs or grains and say:

You can also hang a red ribbon outside the window, which neutralizes possible negativity and will scare away the arriving feathered guests.


It is believed that the white dove is a symbol of hope, peace and good news. Most often, it is the dove that is associated with the soul of a deceased ancestor. Perhaps, in this way, the deceased remind of themselves, missed, want to communicate.

Feed the bird and commemorate deceased loved ones.

The bird crashed on glass

Such a phenomenon may indicate a series of negative events that will occur in the house. It can be both financial problems and quarrels, fires, severe illness or the death of a family member.

You can neutralize the omen. But the main thing is to start monitoring your health, try to protect yourself and your loved ones as much as possible, be attentive and improve relationships with loved ones.

You can carry out such a ritual. immediately after the bird crashed against the window (or the next morning), collect the entire loaf that is in the house. You don’t need to buy it specially. Go to the nearest church or temple and feed the whole loaf to the birds. Thus, you will buy off misfortune and the birds will give it to someone else.

An event can warn tenants about damage or evil eye. It is impossible to say exactly which of the relatives, or maybe even the house, is cursed. Therefore, it is better to clean both all family members and the room.


There are a lot of beliefs about crows. Most of them are negative. Unfortunately, the appearance of a crow on your doorstep or windowsill is not a good sign. As in the case of the titmouse, it is better to clean the room and protect yourself from evil and negativity.

Why is knocking on the window

The bird beats out the window

However, there are signs that regard such an incident as a favorable sign. In some regions of Russia, there is an opinion that this is about meeting with old friends, getting good news and getting married. A dove is knocking on the window, a relative will come to visit you soon.

In the old days, people believed that only birds of prey could fight against the window, portending illness. If this happened with different houses in the village, then an epidemic must have occurred. The age of the bird also depended on which family member dies (young or adult).

As in the case of superstitions about bats, omens will be irrelevant if there is a bird’s nest next to the window. It is possible that the bird accidentally flew in, saw itself in the reflection, and does not transmit a message from deceased relatives.


On the one hand, this bird symbolizes the beginning of spring, birth, happiness. But the rare white is associated with tears of grief. Especially the omen is not good for pregnant women. The rituals described above will help to avoid negativity. But if you meet a motley wagtail, wait for a pleasant meeting with friends, joy and good luck.

Why the bird beats out the window according to folk signs

The most common interpretation of a bird beating through a window is that in a similar way the soul of a deceased person is trying to warn about some problems or illness. But there are also positive folk signs. Also, the type of bird is also important. a dove, a titmouse, a swallow, often this indicates a probable severe illness of someone close to you or even death.


An uninvited guest of forty. grief awaits, but you can avoid them. Throw a few crumbs out the window, feed the bird. Then cleanse the house of negative energy.

Walk around the room with a lit church candle and read the prayer Our Father. You can call a brownie for help, if you have one. Leave food for him for three days in a row and ask grandfather to drive away evil.


If a titmouse knocks on the window, this phenomenon can be interpreted in different ways. On the one hand, it is considered a bluebird of happiness, bringing good luck, joy, well-being. Her appearance alone portends a meeting with a couple, childless child, beggar wealth, unhappy joy.

On the other hand, there are beliefs where the titmouse is a bird that brings death. By knocking on the window, she will warn of illness, but also losses, financial difficulties.

Of course, you shouldn’t believe in absolutely all interpretations, because many contradict each other. Everyone chooses which sign is most acceptable for him.


This bird usually brings news.

  • If someone recently fell ill, then a forty knock on the window notifies of recovery. A visit of close friends with whom you have not seen for a very long time is possible.
  • When the bird beats and chirps at the same time, get ready to meet an unpleasant person who loves to gossip. But do not be discouraged, as it will be possible to end this communication rather quickly.
  • If the magpie behaves intrusively and knocks continuously, the news will be sad.


When a crow is beating through the window, it’s a bad omen. The bird wants to inform about the approach of bad events, about the trouble that is about to happen.

Interpretation of signs depending on the type of bird

If the bird that beats out the window is small, for example, a sparrow, then this is a warning of a serious illness, possibly, again, of death.

A dark feathery knocks on the glass. listen to your inner feelings. And if you suddenly feel anxious, be sure to call your loved ones and inquire about their state of health. As a rule, the person whose name you remember in the first place will need help. But even here there may be options, since each specific bird promises certain events.

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  • According to the sign, if a pigeon beats through the window, it means that the soul of a deceased relative or a good friend came with a warning.
  • This behavior of the bird may also indicate that close people will soon appear on the doorstep.
  • If a pigeon knocks on the glass in the afternoon, troubles await, which will result in great grief.

In this situation, you should not drive the bird away. To appease the world of the dead, feed the messenger. And also treat a loaf of pigeons at the nearest church.

Why is the bird beating against the window?

People say that if a bird beats out the window, it warns of an impending disaster. a messenger from the world of the dead wants to take one of the inhabitants of the house. And this is due to the fact that earlier the dead were carried out through the window. In such a situation, it is recommended to feed the guest and say the following words: “Come for food, do not come for your soul.”.

Perhaps you haven’t visited your relatives for a long time, or you forgot to visit the burial place of those who left on the last memorial day. But when a feathered bird leaves feathers or a crack on the glass after a blow, it will not bring good.

If the bird, hitting the window, remains and continues to knock, then soon an unmarried girl living in this house will find her happiness and create a family. over, for single guys, this sign is empty.


  • Ancient beliefs claim that the titmouse brings joy, luck and happiness to the house. And if she suddenly knocked on your window. wait for good news.
  • For a lonely person, such an incident means positive changes. soon he will meet his soul mate.
  • If a titmouse beats out the window, then a long-awaited replenishment may soon occur in this family.
  • Another sign promises an increase in income and, as a result, material wealth or a good harvest.
  • Some beliefs claim that the titmouse, like other birds, is the personification of a deceased person, whose soul returned to this world to take with it one of your loved ones.

Why is the bird beating out the window?

Since ancient times, the appearance of birds has been associated with news from departed relatives. And for the most part, such signs predicted trouble. But not all interpretations are negative, and if we talk about why the bird is beating through the window, then superstitious people recommend paying attention to its size, color and subsequent behavior.

The bird crashed on glass

A very bad omen is when the birds beat through the window and fall dead. This is a clear signal of the death of one of the inhabitants of the house or their close relative. In addition, such behavior of birds sometimes indicates the approach of a natural cataclysm.

If you are very worried about the first interpretation, then remember that you can try to take it away. invite a couple of close friends to your place and organize the holiday yourself. Thus, it will be possible to fulfill the second sign.


The sign of a wagtail banging out a window is controversial. There are three interpretations:

  • If a white wagtail knocks on the glass. this is a symbol of resentment and quarrels with loved ones.
  • This same bird brings trouble to pregnant women.
  • Feathered, painted in bright colors, is considered a messenger of joy and fun.

If pigeons fight

The dove is the bird of the world. Usually they promise only good things to a person. It is important to pay attention to exactly when the pigeon begins to beat, because each time of the day has its own meaning in the field of signs. Pay attention to certain factors.

  • If the bird strikes before lunch. Most likely, a wedding will be played in your house, because this bird is often associated with this important celebration. The same interpretation sounds in the event that a pigeon flew into the house. In this case, it is worth observing the behavior of the animal. Calmness does not bode well.
  • If the knock is after lunch, then you should be on your guard. You may have to go through trouble and grief. If she sat down on the windowsill and does nothing, then everything will work out in your life.

The pigeon can fight into the guest house. It is better to prepare treats for guests than to think that something bad is coming soon.

What a bird beating through a window might indicate

Bird omens are contradictory. Each region interpreted this sign in its own way, and saw a special meaning in it. In ancient Russia, people believed that in this way a bird brings negative events into the house. In those days, the bird was presented as the bearer of the soul of the deceased. And by her actions, she either brought important news, or wanted to take a living relative with her.

That is why, if a bird beats out the window, then the irreparable will happen in your home. death. Quite often, this can mean that bad news awaits you. There has never been a situation in which a dead person brings good news. It’s not for nothing that if a dead man dreams, it means there will be bad weather.

Another part of the ancient world claimed that a bird beating through a window promised good news. This could mean that a wedding will soon be in the house, or long-awaited guests will arrive. It can also indicate an improvement in work. A dangerous moment if the bird flew into the house. This sign must be treated with extreme caution. If the animal hits the glass, or begins to beat against it, then nothing bad should be expected, because in order to bring bad news, the bird must get inside the house. Only in this case will trouble and grief await you.

Perhaps there is a bird’s nest near the window

If you begin to notice that a bird has built a house for itself near the window, then you should not pay special attention to various signs and superstitions. It is possible that the bird was simply mistaken or did not calculate its flight speed. Such an interpretation is more likely than the fact that the bird carries only bad news. If she hit and flew away again, then she was a little mistaken.

Why can a bird fight out the window

Why is the bird beating out the window? People cannot give a definite answer to this question. Some believe that this is an auspicious sign indicating many good events. Another part of the planet’s population is sure that the bird brings negative news that can make a not entirely pleasant correction in life. You must remember that panic is not a solution. Even if you had to see this unpleasant sight, you should not panic and expect problems. You need to calm down, and try to answer yourself to the question, why would it?

Why is the bird beating out the window

The interpretation of the signs depends on what kind of bird you had to see. It is the appearance of the animal that will allow you to correctly interpret its actions. Sometimes the bird can beat out the window due to the fact that she built her nest near it.

Little bird knocking

A little bird promises only bad news. It is possible that your relative will soon die. But all the interpretations also depend on the type of bird, so do not immediately panic.

A titmouse can knock and promise an early pregnancy. To an unmarried girl, she indicates that the girl will soon marry. If you are a gardener, expect a good harvest. The swallow knocks in order to indicate the imminent replenishment in the family, or that soon you will have guests. The wagtail promises death. If sparrows are fighting, it means they flew to point out unforeseen expenses, leading to losses, and temporary poverty.

Bad news

  • If a dove knocks on the window of an apartment or house, no need to expect good. People have known for a long time that such a bird became a kind of postman between the world of the living and those who have already left this world. Therefore, the sound of this bird must be taken carefully, seriously approaching such a sign. After all, the dove brings the most important information from the world of the dead that someone will die in the house in the near future.
  • Regarding forest dwellers, namely owls or cuckoos, their knocking was most terrible in ancient times. It denoted the rapid spread of human epidemics or severe infections and diseases.
  • If a small sparrow hit the window, it means a loss in the money sphere. After all, human ancestors called the sparrow the main thief among birds. Therefore, if a sparrow knocked on the glass, it means that he came with the aim of stealing something. But don’t take it too directly and expect robbers to come soon. This can be a monetary loss of a different nature, for example, a bad investment, the loss of a wallet or a deception of the seller.

Double-digit signs

  • In general, very two-digit signs are associated with a sparrow. This little bird is a true fighter and adventurer who can steal a tidbit right out from under the nose of a much more imposing feathered brother. If a bright visit of a sparrow made the owner smile, he can expect a big win in the lottery. If the owner feels the excitement at the same time, he may be deceived. In addition, a person may be threatened with meanness on the part of the one to whom he entrusted his innermost secrets. You can recall the legend of the sparrow, who, jumping on the crucified Christ, joyfully shouted: “alive and alive”, dooming him to unnecessary bloody torture.
  • The main carrier of news is the dove. It can signify not only death. It’s great if the window was open at the time he arrived. The omen says that if a pigeon knocks on the window, you can wait for guests. And when there is a blade of grass in its beak, the guest will come with gifts.
  • The people believe that a white bird that knocks on the window promises a marriageable girl to become a bride in the near future.
  • And if a dark bird is knocking on the window, you need to listen to your inner state. It’s scary. you need to contact your family and find out how they are doing. Usually, the one whose name comes to mind first requires special protection. You urgently need to visit this person or just dial his number, then grief will leave him aside.
  • The same must be done if the pigeon not only knocks for a long time, but precisely asks or beats out the window. The first one who came to mind at this moment faces a severe illness or even death. It can be taken away. The words will help in such a situation: “Each time has its own hour, but such a misfortune is not for us. Amen”. You can treat the birds by taking a loaf or pastry out of the house (without purchasing). Better to do it near the church.
  • An excellent omen if a magpie is knocking on the window. This means good news and possibly a visit from guests; besides, if someone is very ill at home, he will definitely recover. Magpie just won’t make noise.
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Sign: why the bird beats out the window?

There are many signs associated with animals, natural phenomena and weather that have come down from antiquity to our time. By studying the signs, you can guess all sorts of events, positive and negative, and even try to change their course. But the most curious omens are associated with birds, since most nationalities associate them with the mystical sphere. At the same time, some even have a scientific explanation. Some of them may have a positive meaning, and some negative. Why, according to signs, the bird hits the window with its beak?

When it happens that the birds are beating out the window, different nationalities give their own explanation, both negative and positive. Although, in general, this signals that trouble will overtake the family or someone will die. Many peoples are convinced that if a bird hits a window, then this is very bad news. But this version cannot be called the only correct one. Many people call the omen good, associating birds with light forces and calling them relatives of the Blue Bird. She has long become a legendary heroine of different beliefs and a symbol of a happy life.

Good news

Taking into account the fact that the signs about birds are quite diverse, it is worth studying this issue based on which particular bird knocked on the window.

  • A swallow that beats against glass is certainly a good sign. The visit of such a bird promises good news from loved ones. over, any news that awaits the owner of the house will become rosy. The same can be attributed to a small swifts that beat out the window. Such a bird carries not only pleasant news and dates, but also, probably, long-awaited children.
  • If a titmouse knocks on the window, this also symbolizes a good sign. Previously, people believed that such a bird with a visit and a knock on the window would bring the long-awaited well-deserved joy. This means that great happiness and good luck are coming into the house. And if a titmouse flies through an open window, this promises the owners of the house enormous wealth and good luck in business for the year ahead.
  • If we are concerned with the stork, that this bird brings only warm and good news. The owners of an apartment or house, after a visit of such birds, will definitely replenish their family, prosperity and happiness in all endeavors. Therefore, when asking the question of why the bird beats out the window, you need to remember which particular bird we are talking about.

Scientific explanation

Studying the question of what a bird is knocking on the window and what is it for, we can say that science has long had its own explanation. A person, according to the degree of development of the surrounding world, gradually displaces birds from their ordinary habitat. Therefore, birds, adjusting to changing conditions, build nests near houses and often find themselves just at the windows.

Seeing the reflection of themselves in the glass, the birds think that this is an individual similar to them, and by knocking on the window try to attract her attention.

The bird knocks on the window. what to expect

Signs, if a bird knocks on the window, are considered bad by the people. Below we will tell you about the different interpretations of this sign, as well as what to do to ward off trouble.

Bad omens: a bird knocks on the window

What if a bird knocks on the window? Pay attention to the behavior of the children. Our ancestors believed they could see the dead.

The kid reacts joyfully to the feathered alien. which means he did not bring bad news. Crying when a sparrow knocks on the window. the omen works, you need to take action.

The bird knocked on the window: for better or worse

A bird knocking on the window is a bad omen. It is believed that the souls of the dead inhabit the birds. And the arrival of a dead man in the house is always bad. He either calls with him or wants to warn of impending disaster.

This is how signs appear. First, the bird flies to the windows, and then people notice that something bad is happening to them. Our ancestors collected such coincidences.

There is another explanation as well. In ancient times, the dead were carried out through the windows, and not through the door. That is why a bad omen appeared: a bird knocked on the window. a messenger from the world of the dead came to the house.

Biologists object to folk wisdom. often birds approach a person and his home for food. If a pigeon knocks on the window, this means that it does not have enough food, and not imminent troubles for your house.

Magpie knocks on the window. a sign

Do not drive the bird from the windowsill, but offer it a treat and say:

Another way is to tie a red ribbon to the window. It is believed that she will scare away the negativity that feathered creatures carry into the house.

Interestingly, you can tie the red thread both in advance and when you saw the bird. You don’t need to drive her away.

We should also mention the visitors themselves.

Since ancient times, pigeons have symbolized hope, good news, peace. The very sign says that one of the deceased friends or relatives is worried about you. Do not chase the bird away, feed it and remember the deceased loved ones.

Another option is to crush a stale loaf of pigeons outside the church. It was believed that in this way you appease the world of the dead.

A wagtail knocking on the window is a contradictory omen. On the one hand, this bird is considered a harbinger of spring, and on the other. is a symbol of tears. This applies to the white wagtail. The arrival of such a bird speaks of imminent quarrels, resentments with a loved one. It is also a bad omen for pregnant women. Colored wagtail brings joy and fun to the house.

What to do in this case, you ask. Clean up the house, of course. It is meant as a conventional wet cleaning, and bypass with a candle and a prayer. Church is recommended.

There are also popular pagan ways. For example, the youngest member of the family, but over seven years old, must collect all the small change in the house and take it to the intersection. There he leaves money with the words:

The child should return back without turning around and without talking to anyone.

The brownie is also called for help. To do this, he is left with a treat for three days in a row with the words:

When a crow appears at the window, it is not advised to start a new business, make large purchases and make plans for the future.

Tit knocks on the window. a sign

In the old days, this bird was associated with the Blue Bird of Happiness, bringing good luck and good news. A lonely person will find a chosen one, there will be a long-awaited replenishment in the family, and the income of the head of the family may increase. In the old days, the list was supplemented with a good harvest, but now this part of the omen is not so relevant.

Some beliefs call the tit not the messenger of happiness, but the bird of death. It embodies the soul of a deceased relative who had come for someone from the family. Some people still believe that if a titmouse knocks on the window, this is a sign of the death of one of the relatives. There is also a more optimistic version of this superstition. a titmouse knocks on the window to material losses.

It is difficult to say which signs should be believed. Most people prefer to show themselves skeptical when it comes to bad predictions, and rejoice when there are good signs. Expecting the death of relatives or worrying about losses in advance is a bad idea anyway, so you can set yourself up for negativity. This phenomenon is sometimes called self-corruption. a person tunes in to bad things, which is what happens.

It is important to understand that omens often come true if you believe in them. You will think about the bird knocking on the window and tell everyone about your doubts and fears. the omen will definitely come true.

It’s another matter if you don’t pay attention to it and forget. then the omen won’t work either. Always remember to adequately assess what is happening. In the city, many birds every day sit on the windowsills of residential buildings, and this does not bring misfortune to the owners of the apartments.

Our ancestors did not believe in such things for nothing, and the signs themselves have been tested for centuries. In any case, the choice is yours: believe it or not.

The bird hit the window. a sign

There are many signs associated with various animals, natural phenomena, plants that have survived from ancient times to the present day. Knowing the signs, you can predict some events, both positive and negative, and, perhaps, try to change their course or avoid altogether. However, the most interesting signs are associated with birds, because many peoples associate birds with rituals and mysticism. over, some of the signs have scientific confirmation. At the same time, part of the accepts carries a good meaning, and part. bad. Most important of all is the luck when a bird hit the window and flew away. It can be interpreted from several angles.

When it happens that a bird knocks on the window, different peoples have their own explanation for this phenomenon, both negative and positive. Although, in general, it is generally accepted that this is a signal that grief will soon befall the family and someone will die. Most nationalities are sure that if a bird hits the window of an apartment, house, dacha or car, then this is bad news. But this version is not the only correct one. Some nationalities consider this omen to be good and kind, associating the bird with light power and considering it a relative of the famous Blue Bird. She, with a howl, is a legendary bird, a heroine of various beliefs and a symbol of happiness.

Birds that warn of possible adversity

Therefore, the knock of a dove on the window should be taken with caution and taken seriously in this sign. After all, the dove, according to legend, brought important news from the world of the dead that someone in the house must soon die.

As for forest birds, in particular, we are talking about an owl, cuckoo or eagle owl, this knocking was the most terrible in ancient times. He signaled the spread of epidemics or serious viral infections and diseases.

What birds carry the good news

Given the fact that the signs about birds are multifaceted and diverse, this issue should be considered on the basis of which bird hit the window.

A swallow that hits a window is undoubtedly a good sign. The visit of this bird promises good news from relatives and friends. At the same time, any news that awaits the owners of the house will only be positive. The same applies to the swifts that knock on the window. This bird is a symbol not only of good news and pleasant visits, but also, possibly, a long-awaited pregnancy.

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If we are talking about a swallow or a stork, then these birds carry only good and good news. After visiting these birds, the owners of the premises are guaranteed a possible replenishment in the family, profit and happiness in general. Therefore, when wondering why birds hit the window, you should know what kind of bird we are talking about.

Scientific explanation

Considering the question of what a bird is beating through a window and what this can lead to, science has its own explanation. As the territories are developed, humans gradually displace birds from their usual habitat. Therefore, birds, adapting to the surrounding conditions, build their nests near houses and often find themselves at the windows. Seeing their reflection in the glass, the birds perceive it as a similar individual and with their knock on the glass are just trying to attract her attention.

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Hit and keep knocking

The most popular interpretations of this sign are highlighted:

  • In the presence of the child’s home, it is recommended to bring him to the window and observe the behavior. If the baby is frightened and burst into tears, a sign promises misfortune. If your reaction is calm or happy, expect good news soon.
  • And also the prolonged knock of a bird on the window indicates the danger that lies in wait during a long trip.
  • For young girls planning marriage, this sign means the need to study a potential husband in more detail.
  • A one-time knock indicates the arrival of guests. In turn, the size of the bird symbolizes the degree of the feast, and the number of birds indicates the number of expected guests.

If the feathered messenger flew through the window after being hit, this is considered an omen of imminent misfortunes in the family. To avoid disaster, feed and water the bird, and then set it free.

Hit the window and crashed

The decoding of the meaning of the sign differs depending on which window the bird hit:

  • If the blow fell into the car window, it indicates a possible danger to the life of the driver or passengers;
  • The bird crashed against the window of the house. portends serious illness, death or abrupt changes in the fate of the one who heard the knock.

Birds that crash to death more often predict illness or death of a relative, but they can also indicate an imminent feast.

Interpretation of signs. a bird hit the window and crashed

Beliefs are often associated with the animal world, especially with birds. They are believed to convey news or warnings from deceased close relatives. There is a well-known omen when a bird hits the window and breaks. It has many meanings that directly depend on the time of day and the type of feathered individual.

Each bird with its own meaning

The meaning of the signs also depends on the bird that beats through the window:

  • A crow and a jackdaw. an omen of misfortune and illness in the family, possible death.
  • Dove. indicates the need to remember loved ones who are not with you in order to avoid failures and serious diseases. It is also believed that a pigeon that beats against the window many times means that deceased relatives are waiting for them. Pay attention to the state of health, try to avoid physical and mental stress.
  • Sparrow. indicates imminent financial problems, possible theft of money and problems at work. It is recommended to refuse rash investments. For people who devote a lot of time to work, this sign means quick career advancement.
  • Swallow. to good news from loved ones. Perhaps, in the near future, news will be received from distant relatives. If the swallow hit the window of the children’s room, the child will have good health.
  • Forty is an accusation of libel. You should carefully monitor the statements when communicating with friends and coworkers. If there are sick people in the house, the arrival of a magpie means their speedy recovery.
  • Stork and swift. predict an early pregnancy.
  • Tit. is considered a good sign indicating the fulfillment of desires, great joy, success in endeavors and unexpected profits. The family is waiting for financial well-being, it will turn out to accumulate start-up capital to start their own business.
  • Nightingale. herald of inheritance or other unexpected profit.
  • Wagtail. a white bird indicates imminent tears, and a yellow one portends imminent joyful events.

Forest birds are considered the most dangerous. If an owl, cuckoo or eagle owl hit the window, this indicates imminent mass disasters, such as natural disasters or epidemics.

Hit the window and flew away

This sign has two opposite meanings:

  • Indicates illness or near death of a loved one;
  • Portends a positive outcome in solving a serious problem.

If the bird slightly hit the window and flew away, this softens the meaning of the omen. It is recommended to be careful, avoid extreme rest and give up travel for a while.

If, after the impact, the bird flew away, but a crack remained in the glass, this is unfortunately for the family and business.

Interpretation of signs by time of day

The time of day at which the bird hit the window is of great importance:

  • Morning. good news, financial well-being, positive progress in a relationship with a soul mate;
  • Day. an early quarrel, trouble at home and in business;
  • Evening. danger to life, deterioration of health, the presence of traitors in a close environment.

Is it possible to neutralize a sign?

If a sign promises misfortune, it is recommended:

  • Throw out 2-3 silver coins at the crossroads. the metal will absorb negative energy and save you from misfortunes;
  • Bury a bird that has crashed to death as far from home as possible;
  • Try to save the affected bird. this will help to avoid the negative consequences of belief;
  • Feed a live bird. this will help increase the chance of a positive outcome.

If after the impact a crack remains, replace the glass with a new one as soon as possible and discard the old one. In addition, it is recommended to visit the church and light candles for the health of loved ones.

Signs, regardless of interpretation, indicate imminent changes in life. It is important to concentrate and prepare for possible consequences. to undergo a medical examination, visit relatives, replenish a home first-aid kit, pay more attention to spending money and traveling.


The dove refers to birds that do not bode well. Like the raven, many associate these birds with the dead, but only the dove does not carry good news, but rather speaks of someone’s imminent death.

Belief and birds

Common beliefs about birds include both good omens and bad omens. From time immemorial, among different peoples of the world, these feathered creatures have been associated with mystical rituals used in all types of spells, fortune-telling and other occultisms.

From an esoteric point of view, the bird is a symbol of the human soul. It is assumed that these creatures are directly related to the afterlife, so many consider them to be some kind of heavenly messengers. Simply put, a bird knocking on a window wants to convey a message from relatives who have already died.

A negative factor is that these messages, as a rule, are fatal in nature: through the bird, the already deceased allegedly seek to reunite with their relatives, which is why the popular omen says: “a bird beating against a window is a dead man in the house.”.

But it is also important to always pay attention to the bird itself, maybe it does not promise misfortune, but, on the contrary, brings only good things with its knocking. Among the birds that are mentioned in various signs, the following should be highlighted:

  • Sparrow;
  • Tit;
  • Crow;
  • Dove;
  • Swallow;
  • Magpie.

Let’s sort everything out in order.


The swallow is definitely a messenger of extremely good news. Ancient people considered this bird almost a saint. Usually, any omen associated with this bird is positive, therefore, if the swallow knocked on someone’s window, it means that this person will soon expect pleasant changes.

Why is this happening?

Looking from the scientific point of view, the birds fly up and beat against the window, because they want to eat, they thus ask people to feed them, to give them some crumbs of loaf. But it happens that the bird simply does not notice the glass in front of it and crashes into it.


From time immemorial, people believed that the titmouse was a bird of well-being, therefore, when it knocked or crashed into the window, there was an opinion that soon there would be a replenishment in this family (the knock of a titmouse signified an imminent pregnancy). But not necessarily. Cash replenishment or a successful find is also possible. As a result, if a tit knocked on your window, then something good will definitely happen.

Is it good or bad for a bird to hit the window? Why such a sign that he portends?

Even in our time, when technology prevails in everything, people continue to believe in omens, and the knock of a bird on the window is no exception. Many are afraid of this, since our ancestors believed that a bird knocking on a window will certainly have negative consequences for the owners of the house. But if we analyze this event from a scientific point of view, then everything is quite simple and banal, and now we will understand why.

What does it mean when the bird hits the window glass and flies away?

It is impossible to give an exact answer to the question: “why is the bird beating out the window?” Some people think this is a bad sign that will bring a negative outcome. Others think that the bird’s blow at the window is a hint of good news in the not too distant future. One way or another, the beliefs say that if the bird flies away after the impact, then any consequences can be avoided.

It is important to understand that you should not panic in such a situation. Even if someone had to observe a similar picture, you need to calm down and ask the question: why is this?


The knock of a magpie is a great sign. The sound of this bird definitely leads to something good, perhaps to a visit from guests or a cash addition. In the old days, they thought that the knock of a magpie on the window spoke of the recovery of a person who was very ill. We can say that the magpie carries only good news, it just won’t make noise.


The ancestors considered the crow a messenger of the dead. It was believed that if a crow knocks on the window, it means that someone close to him needs help, it is also likely that the crow warns of the imminent death of one of the residents. optimistic people believe that crow’s knocking is a sign of change, which can be positive or negative.