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Which Dog Is Better For Guarding The Yard

Choosing a good dog in a private home: what breed to get

For residents of megalopolises and small towns, a dog is a family member and best friend, without having any responsibilities.

Another thing is a private country house, where the dog also serves as a guard. Therefore, when choosing a pet for a private house, it is necessary to focus on factors such as breed, character, abilities, size, etc. After all, the reliability of protection and the integrity of livestock and poultry will depend on this.

For example, in a private village courtyard, you should not get an evil, aggressive hunting dog with a well-developed hunting instinct.

What breeds are not suitable for guarding a private house?

As mentioned earlier, you should not choose hunting dogs to protect a country house, as they will constantly be distracted by domestic animals. Fighting dogs (pit bull terriers, bull terriers, etc.) are also unsuitable for guards. These breeds were originally bred to participate in dog fights, they are very aggressive towards other animals and at the same time are quite loyal to people. Therefore, they will not work as watchmen.

Dogs that do not have an undercoat also cannot perform the functions of a watchman in a country house, since in the winter season they will freeze, which is unacceptable in street conditions. And the last category is rescue dogs. Initially, the breed was bred specifically for the rescue service and the animals have practically no anger towards humans.


The Central Asian and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs can also rightfully be considered reliable watchmen. Dogs of these breeds have a well-developed instinct for personal territory from birth, so you won’t have to make any additional efforts to train them. However, one should take into account the fact that Central Asians and Caucasians are very freedom-loving animals, therefore, from an early age, they should be taught to obedience and order. Otherwise, the large size of the pet, coupled with its willfulness, can lead to sad consequences.

Immediately after purchasing a puppy, it is recommended to consult a specialist about the methods of raising.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a giant dog reaching 80 cm at the withers. The coat is dense, of medium length, with a good undercoat, capable of self-cleaning and does not require special care. Alabai easily tolerates both heat and cold. This is a dog-owner, he will carefully monitor all family property, be it any things or the territory of the yard. Domestic cattle, as well as the household themselves, will also not be left without the attention of the shepherd. On foreign territory, this “bear” is absolutely not aggressive, loyal to children. Is able to make decisions independently.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is no less large dog, “adoring” to protect its territory. She is silent and very independent, some individuals can show aggression, so you should not leave the Caucasian with children. It recognizes only one owner, treats the rest of the family exactly. A beautiful “fur coat” warms well in winter, but in the summer heat, overheating is possible. Requires strict education and training from an early age, otherwise you risk raising a monster.

The South Russian Shepherd Dog is a very large dog with a spectacular appearance and a snow-white length of hair that requires special care, since it is very quickly clogged with debris, gets dirty and tangles appear on it. As a result of illiterate training, the dog can become uncontrollable and aggressive. In relation to children, there are both vicious and friendly individuals.

Other breeds of guard dogs

Moscow watchdogs are also considered excellent watchdogs. Among the advantages of the breed should be noted an evil attitude towards strangers, unpretentiousness, endurance and excellent physical shape. However, it should be noted that the Moscow watchdog has a softer character compared to the breeds already listed, but proper education and training can make your pet a reliable guardian and friend.

Black Terriers are also guard dogs. The breed was bred on the territory of our country during the existence of the Soviet Union. Initially, black terriers have established themselves as excellent guards, but over time their character has changed and became softer. Therefore, today representatives of this breed are unlikely to be able to act as guards, they are rather good friends and companions for outdoor games. And another disadvantage is the presence of long hair that requires special care, so your pet will most likely not feel very comfortable on the street.

Rottweilers are another popular guard dog breed, even though they have a short, sleek coat. This is explained by the fact that Rottweilers have a well-developed undercoat, which serves as protection from the cold. Dogs of this breed have the most developed guarding qualities:

  • Unpretentious to the conditions of detention;
  • Distrustful;
  • Very attentive and alert.

However, Rottweilers are very stubborn, so raising a dog must be started from a very early age in order to avoid negative consequences in the future.

The Tibetan Mastiff, a breed rooted in antiquity, was bred specifically for protection. The absence of excessive aggression is perfectly combined with suspicion of strangers. This is a very independent and clean dog that lives well in outdoor conditions.

Dobermans. This breed of dog is rarely considered a guardian. Some find them too aggressive and not very obedient. But in fact, Dobermans are smart, docile and completely calm animals, which are not bad for training. However, improper upbringing can lead to serious problems. In addition, Dobermans are unlikely to be able to winter outdoors, so it is worth choosing a different breed to guard a private house.

Recently, the Cane Corso watchdog breed has begun to gain popularity. These four-legged animals have shown themselves to be obedient and friendly to children, while at the same time possessing the qualities of a true bodyguard. They are naturally endowed with independence and high intelligence and can become excellent watchmen. True, in winter, dogs need additional insulation of the enclosure and booth.

Giant Schnauzer. This is a very energetic and active dog, well amenable to training. It is necessary to do a lot with the Giant Schnauzer, preferably to the point of complete exhaustion, so that all the animal’s energy goes into a peaceful channel. In addition, it contributes to the physical development of the four-legged friend. The dog is easy to learn and accepts training well, and is also very loyal to children. They treat the owners with all their loyalty and are ready to protect them from any enemy, even if he is superior in strength and growth. But the Giant Schnauzers do not favor foreign uninvited guests. Representatives of this breed are happy owners of thick, long hair that requires some care.

A dog for guarding a private house: how to choose?

First of all, to provide better protection, the dog should be medium or large in size and tied only to the owner and the rest of the household. The dog must show distrust of strangers. In addition, a dog that is as unpretentious as possible in nutrition and maintenance will be an ideal guard. The presence of a woolen cover is encouraged, since the animal constantly lives on the street.

Among other things, a guard dog must be intelligent and easy to train.

Dog breeds for the protection of a private house

Of the many breeds of four-legged defenders, several of the most popular can be distinguished. First of all, this is a German shepherd dog, which has a number of advantages that make it possible to consider this breed as universal:

  • Excellent learning and training ability;
  • High intelligence and unsurpassed sensitivity;
  • Unpretentiousness to living conditions and maintenance;
  • Distrust of strangers.

Based on all this, the German Shepherd can rightfully be considered a leader in terms of the watchmen of a country house. There is an opinion among the people that dogs of this breed do not need any kind of education, since by nature they already have all the necessary qualities, but this is far from the case. German shepherds, as well as dogs of other breeds, need competent education and training. Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to sad consequences.

How to properly raise a guard dog?

There are several simple rules, following which, you can easily grow a real guard-bodyguard from a small funny lump. Here are the main ones:

  • Limit the puppy’s social circle with strangers, except for the closest friends and family members. This contributes to the formation of a gregarious feeling and suspicion in the dog, which play an important role in the protection of the territory.
  • Don’t let strangers play with your puppy or hand feed him.
  • In order for your puppy to grow up in self-confidence, do not hinder the development of leadership qualities. Let your baby win more often at games until 6-7 months.
  • Visit more new places for the puppy to socialize, that is, calmly perceived various situations.
  • If you have children or are planning a free dog. be sure to take a course of obedience.
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A watchdog is ideal for guarding and protecting you and your home from intruders. He will always faithfully wait for the return of the owner, rejoice and delight you. And intruders, hearing a formidable roar from behind the fence, will bypass your house.

Dogs for home security

Home security is a serious challenge, and despite the emergence of new security systems, many are in no hurry to replace the dog with “smart” electronic devices. At the same time, the choice of the breed and the education of a dog for guarding the house becomes a matter of primary importance. Of course, the protection of the territory that the dog considers his own, to some extent an instinctive need, but some dog breeds are more inclined to defend their territory, others are more peaceful, some dogs are aggressive towards representatives of their own species and will wag their tail at the same time when they see a person. The question of which dog to choose to protect a family with children or with the prospect of their appearance requires special attention. even if the dog will not contact children and play the role of a “nanny”, it is better to choose a breed that is loyal to children and provide for the problems of the dog’s relationship with children during training.

Age, gender and breed. what and when to take

Until the child is 13-15 years old, it is not worth buying a serious breed. It is better to opt for a small specimen for now. Regarding the sex of the dog, one can say only one thing, bitches give in to education much better. The age of the dog should be chosen based on your preferences, since some adult animals already have a certain character and will serve the baby as a faithful protector no worse than a puppy raised from the “cradle”. The breed is of great importance, but most yard dogs show themselves as the most reliable and loyal friends, ready to stand up for their owner.

Before adopting a dog, parents should get as much information as possible about its training. After all, it is the parents, not the child, who should raise the pet. Although certain information and tactics of behavior with a puppy should be conveyed to the baby.

Since each parent wants only the best for his baby, he chooses the dog breed based on his safety. There are certain breeds that are friendly to children, but still, the character of the dog and his contact with the baby completely depends on the upbringing that the animal receives from adults.

Arrangement of the territory. Child and dog. choosing a small breed

It is believed that small sobs

What breed of dog is best for children

Everyone knows that not all dogs can get along in a family with children. Therefore, parents often ask the question: “What dog to choose for a child?” Other questions are no less relevant, for example, at what age it is better to acquire a family friend, which breeds are easy to learn, which dog breeds are most optimal for children, what gender to get an individual, where it is better to keep it. within an apartment or your own house. You can answer these questions if you carefully study a number of breeds, listen to the recommendations and see the dogs in the photo.

Private house dog

We need a dog to guard a private house. So that she lived in the yard, guarded, chased cats, did not let strangers in, etc. Etc. Which breed is best suited for these purposes?

Any mongrel to guard a private house will suit you. Although of course they are different. Some come across as creepy idle talk. And there are smart ones. They bark only when necessary. They don’t play naughty in the yard.

For a dog to be a good guard, choose any breed that has protective qualities and educate it, train it. The best dog breeds for a private home: German Shepherds, Eastern European and Caucasian. But I emphasize again, it is necessary to take a full course of obedience with them (at least).

We want to put on a long chain in the booth so that she can run over a long distance on the chain. We thought about the mongrels, but also agreed that we did not want to listen to the constant barking. So we want a purebred dog.

I have a very good watchman and guard Largunya. Doesn’t bark for no reason. All so serious and noble. They weren’t particularly brought up to guard a private house. Lives constantly on the street. And by the way, we have a Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Lives in an aviary. Let us go to the yard for the night. He does not walk in the beds. Doesn’t smoke. Straight perfect dog.

Pedigree dogs are also different. Our neighbor, a Caucasian, is just horror. Maybe, of course, he’s just not bred. So if you take it, you will definitely need to be engaged in education. As with any domestic dog

Leonberger lives on the street with us. Also in the aviary. Very beautiful breed, but very good-natured. scares away only by its appearance.

Our friends constantly keep German Shepherds on the street. But they always raise their dogs to guard a private home. They are taking a course of obedience. AND

What breeds of dogs are suitable for guarding the house and children?

The best quality of the watchman is sensitivity, and if the animal is also brave and powerful, then, as they say, there is no price for it. At the same time, aggressiveness is pushed far into the background, because not only people, but also animals value professionalism, and not brute strength.

Such qualities are fully endowed with the German and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, Moscow Watchdog, Alabai, Rottweiler. Which one to choose?

A versatile breed that will suit even the most demanding dog breeder. Since she is very playful, it is perfect for people who find time to practice with her. The characteristics of the German Shepherd will appeal to those who lead an active lifestyle, love sports, are looking for a guard or a partner for service.

These animals are medium in size, agile and quick-witted, ideal for guarding the yard and home. What kind of dogs can I have to guard a private house? You can take a three-year-old dog from the kennel or raise an unintelligent puppy.

“The Germans” lend themselves well to training, they remember commands well, they are affectionate towards children and

We are on. Important topics

A fighting dog is called any dog ​​that takes part in battles, but there are specially bred fighting dog breeds in which the necessary qualities have been brought up over the centuries. Many fighting dogs were bred to participate not only in dog fights, they poisoned bulls, lions, bears, badgers, rats with dogs, fights with monkeys, horses and even people were not uncommon.

Choosing the right Amstaff puppy (American Staffordshire Terrier) is incredibly important, because the dog’s show career and not only will depend on it. It is best to become a future pet visible at birth, on the third day, and also in a month, which is why ask the breeder to show you photos and materials related to this age.

A boxer is not an athlete in shorts running around the ring, but a great dog. If you are looking for a dog that can guard your home and protect you, then the boxer breed is the best fit for these purposes. The boxer breed appeared in the 19th century, and already in the 20th century it was recognized by the international community of dog handlers. The ancestors of modern boxers were the Bulenbeiser dog and the English Bulldog, which were

Many people keep up with fashion, with clothing, mobile phones, shoes and dogs. recently, Rottweilers were one of the most fashionable dogs in the entire CIS, it was impossible to go outside without bumping into the Rottweiler and its owner. These dogs were everywhere, but, like everything else, the fashion for Rottweilers has slowly passed and now they are not the most common on the street.

It’s no secret that dogs can be not only our friends, but also guards. What is the best dog to choose to guard your home and your family? Let’s try to figure it out together on this issue, about which of the dogs is better for protection.

According to our good tradition, our conversation about the English Shepherd, we

At least medium, and preferably large, dog size

The size of the guard dog matters. Even a Yorkshire Terrier will be able to raise “on the ears” of household members, furiously barking at a stranger. But he is unlikely to be able to drive away and fight the attacker.

When choosing a puppy to guard, just critically evaluate an already adult dog of the same breed. If for you personally, such a dog does not cause any other emotions than the desire to cuddle it, most likely, it will not seem an obstacle to intruders.

Choose large breed dogs. German, Caucasian, Central Asian, South Russian, Belgian Shepherd Dogs, Black Terrier, Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Moscow Watchdog.

From medium-sized breeds, mittelschnauzers, airedale terriers can be good guards.

If you still have a weakness for small dogs, have small ones. but as “bells”. Then the second dog in the house you need a serious dog. When paired, they will be effective.

Which dog to choose for home protection

Despite the variety of modern electronic equipment, dogs traditionally remain the most common and fairly reliable way to protect home and territory from uninvited guests.

How to choose the right dog to guard your home and yard?

What requirements it must meet?

According to VashaSobaka.com.Ua, a guard dog must meet at least three criteria.

Private Home Guard Dogs: The 5 Best Dog Breeds to Protect Your Property

If for a city dweller a dog is first of all a friend and companion, then for rural residents a dog is, first of all, a guard of the yard and property of its owners.

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How to choose a dog to guard a private house, and what qualities it should have

The ideal yard guard dog. large or medium-large, distrustful of strangers, unpretentious in keeping, well trained, with a coat that allows you to live on the street all year round and indifferent to other animals.

So, these dogs are NOT suitable for guarding a private house:

  • Hunting (huskies, cops, hounds, greyhounds, burrows, hunting terriers). They have at the genetic level indifference and friendliness to humans. In addition, almost all representatives of hunting breeds have a pronounced hunting instinct. And for a farm that contains, for example, a bird or other living creature, this is a very undesirable quality.
  • Dogs of the so-called “fighting” breeds (bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, pit bull terriers). The fact is that these breeds were taken out for persecution on other animals, but such dogs are usually friendly to humans.
  • Dogs for guarding a private house that do not have an undercoat (Dobermans, Boxers, Cane Corso and other “bald” breeds) are also not suitable. Such dogs need a warm room in winter. If your plans do not include taking the animal into the house in the cold. Choose a breed with a thicker coat.
  • Rescue dogs (St. Bernard, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Newfoundland). Such breeds were created to help people, so they have a completely harmless disposition. A good-natured lumpy Newfoundland type can only scare off your neighbor, who will go into the yard without asking to borrow matches, but such a dog is unlikely to stop real intruders.

So what breed of dog should you choose so that you are not afraid for your farm? We recommend the following five, with them you can be afraid of nothing.

German Shepherd

Which dog is better for guarding a private house

Which dog to choose for protection

It is believed that the best dogs for protection are representatives of large breeds, powerful, strong, often vicious, in general, capable of protecting the owner and his property from the villains who have encroached on him. Usually these are representatives of true shepherd dogs (bred for herding work) and molossians. It is difficult to say how correct the choice as a dog for the protection of large breeds is. Of course, a large dog looks impressive, showing by its mere appearance that it is unsafe to encroach on its territory. But at the same time, she requires a decent diet, sufficient living space, needs physical activity and very serious work on education, otherwise your dog will turn from a friend of a guard into a monster that terrorizes all pets, and, most likely, it will end with euthanasia. at best, up to of how she will seriously injure someone. If you are ready to provide all this to the dog, feel free to choose:

Dogs for home security

Home security is a serious challenge, and despite the emergence of new security systems, many are in no hurry to replace the dog with “smart” electronic devices. At the same time, the choice of the breed and the education of a dog for guarding the house becomes a matter of primary importance. Of course, the protection of the territory that the dog considers his own, to some extent an instinctive need, but some dog breeds are more inclined to defend their territory, others are more peaceful, some dogs are aggressive towards representatives of their own species and will wag their tail at the same time when they see a person. The question of which dog to choose to protect a family with children or with the prospect of their appearance requires special attention. even if the dog will not contact children and play the role of a “nanny”, it is better to choose a breed that is loyal to children and provide for the problems of the dog’s relationship with children during training.

Overgrown coat or thick undercoat

A dog to guard the territory does not have to be very shaggy, but it must have a thick undercoat.

For this reason, Dobermans, boxers, Cane Corso and other “bald” dogs, devoid of undercoat, are not very suitable for guarding yards.

But such breeds will perfectly carry out the security service indoors. For example, your yard is guarded by a Caucasian Shepherd Dog, and in the house itself there is a “second circuit of defense”. a Doberman.

Distrustfulness and malice towards strangers

Any, even the largest and most frightening-looking dog, is absolutely useless as a watchdog if it is ready to kiss everyone it meets.

Which Dog Is Better For Guarding The Yard

Guard dog for a private house. How to choose and educate correctly?

Nikolai Tsvetkov, Shutterstock.com

1. There are breeds that are absolutely unsuitable for protection. For instance:

2. It is not recommended to keep the dog constantly on a chain or in an aviary. This can be done only temporarily, most of the time the dog must move freely around the yard. It is also simply unacceptable from puppyhood to artificially cause anger in her! Instead of a reliable friend who loves you, your family and is ready to intercede for you if necessary, you will get an uncontrollable beast rushing at all living things.

3. If there is a large yard, then you think that it is not necessary to walk with the dog. This is a mistake, your pet still needs walks, even if it does not live in a cramped apartment. An important point in the education of a guard dog is socialization. The concept of socialization includes training to calmly respond to various stimuli. to strangers, to other dogs, to cars. This does not mean that you should walk in crowded places and allow everyone to hug your dog. You just need to be in different territories and acquaint him with a diverse environment.

What breed of dog to choose for home protection?

A dog is not only a man’s friend, but also his loyal protector. Home guard dogs are distinguished by their devotion, sensitivity, attentiveness and special restraint. What are the best dog breeds for a private home??

A guard is a real profession for a four-legged friend, and not every dog ​​can cope with it. Most often, representatives of service breeds are taken on the role of defender. Protection of the territory is in their blood. The best qualities of character have been fixed by breeders at the genetic level for years.

German Shepherd
Active, cheerful and loyal to the whole family, the German Shepherd can confidently carry the title of the best dog for home security. She is smart, disciplined, calm, but at the same time energetic and playful. The advantages of this breed are appreciated all over the world: shepherd dogs serve in the army and the police, they look for people, help herd livestock and guard classified objects.

Another ideal dog for a private home is the Alabai. This strong and powerful dog will become an excellent watchdog and loyal friend to the whole family. When purchasing an alabay, keep in mind that he recognizes only respect and partnership. In no case should you shout and use physical strength in the process of raising him, this can spoil his character, and then serious difficulties may arise with the dog.

Giant Schnauzer
Shaggy nanny. so you could call the Giant Schnauzer. This is an amazing breed of dog that combines protective qualities and incredible friendliness, especially towards children. He is ready to tinker with them for hours and play, patiently enduring whatever the kids want. At the same time, the Giant Schnauzer is an excellent watchdog and protector who will not hurt any family member.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog
The intelligent Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a worthy candidate for the role of a family guard. Representatives of this breed, as a rule, have a strong character, therefore, the upbringing of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog should be supervised by professionals. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog tends to dominate, and the owner’s task is to show the dog who is the leader. But once the dog understands this, you will have the most loyal and devoted protector.

Cane Corso
Powerful and calm Cane Corso are also excellent defenders and are well suited for protecting a private home. They are not inclined to show aggression for no reason, get along well with other animals and are very loyal to all family members. Cane Corso is especially fond of children.

Moscow watchdog
As the name of the breed suggests, the Moscow Watchdog is a service dog that specializes in guarding. Representatives of this breed have a strong character, a balanced psyche and are not inclined to show aggression for no reason. Interesting fact: the Moscow watchdog does not choose a single owner, it is equally loyal to all family members.

Another contender for the role of watchman, guard and protector is the Doberman. Fearless, energetic and active dog is ready to stand up for its master to the last. True, you will have to try to show the dog who is in charge here. Without proper education, the Doberman becomes uncontrollable. Therefore, if you are a novice breeder or do not have a similar experience in animal training, it is better to contact a specialist.

These are the best dogs for protecting a private home, but there are other breeds that are also suitable for protecting family and property. Most importantly, remember that the best service dog is a well-mannered and trained pet who will protect his family from uninvited guests. And it’s not so important what kind of breed he is. To make the guard happy, take care of the conditions of his detention. Not all dogs can live outdoors in an enclosure, especially during the cold season. Many can only winter at home, in a warm place. Do not forget about this when choosing a pet.

The best dogs to guard a private house or apartment

Contrary to popular belief, not all breeds of four-legged friends are suitable for protection, regardless of the upbringing of pets. For example, hunting dogs are not suitable for this purpose, as well as varieties bred to save people. Bull Terriers and other fighting dogs will not work as an apartment guard.

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The ideal pet for ensuring the safety of its owners is a medium to large pet, distrustful of strangers and has a coat that allows it to doze outside. The best dog breeds for protection are described in this article.

  • What breed to choose for the protection of the territory?
  • Dog. apartment guard
  • Small dogs as guards
  • Raising dogs for protection

Small dogs as guards

The best guards of a city dwelling do not have to be large, there are unusual breeds in the world that also exhibit the described qualities.

Of course, a compact pet is not suitable for protecting a private house, however, it will feel great in a small apartment next to the owner. The list includes the best breeds, representatives of which are distinguished by determination and courage:

  • Miniature Schnauzer;
  • Boston Terrier;
  • Jagd terrier.

Small dogs for guarding an apartment are as active and loyal as their large relatives. For example, miniature schnauzers are best friends for children and adults who have good intuition and know how to identify danger in time. Keeping a dog is easy even for beginners, and learning a pet is a lot of joy.

What kind of dog to get for lovers of communication and an energetic lifestyle? The Boston Terrier is a smart and tough animal with short hair. This funny and smart pet will not let robbers in and will not allow strangers to rob an apartment.

What kind of dog to get for children? Jagdterrier has similar qualities, which will do everything permissible to protect its owner from attack and attract the attention of passers-by. Having passed rigorous training, the brave representative of the breed will cope with the wild beast and stop the criminal.

What breed to choose for the protection of the territory?

A yard guard dog should be sensitive, bold and powerful enough. But aggressiveness in this case is relegated to the background, since the animal must be safe for the people around.

Breeders recommend choosing a pet that is easy to train, healthy and has a positive attitude towards children. Few of the best breeds of four-legged friends are fully famous for these qualities, the top 10 includes the following list of dogs:

  • German Shepherd;
  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog;
  • Moscow Watchdog;
  • Alabai;
  • Rottweiler;
  • Black terrier;
  • Akita Inu;
  • Boxer;
  • Cane Corso;
  • Doberman.

It is important to know that it is unacceptable to keep a pet of any of the listed breeds on a chain. The tether is a temporary measure while guests are in the house or the gate on the site is open.

Restricting the freedom of the animal leads to negative consequences, and stress becomes the cause of mental disorders. An important point is walking a guard dog, which must be physically active.

Owners of private buildings are often interested in what kind of dog to get to protect the yard from strangers. In this case, the dog must be large enough, and also have thick hair.

A universal breed for every person is the German Shepherd. She loves games in the fresh air, and in the time allotted for serious activities, she regularly serves or defends the territory of a private house. In addition, such a pet is quite unpretentious and feels good both in the living room and in the aviary.

What kind of dog to take to a country house? The Caucasian Shepherd Dog, which is in the top 10 protection breeds, has been valued since ancient times as a protector of mountain herds of farm animals. Today, this amazing dog is distinguished by its resilience and aggression towards strangers, so you should devote maximum time to raising such a pet.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs treat children with care, however, they should not be allowed to play with a child, a large animal can injure or scare the baby, in fact, not wanting to harm him. But the sight of this dog instills fear even in daring intruders, which is why the breed is suitable for protecting a private house and yard.

The dog for guarding the yard in the countryside is the Moscow watchdog. A large pet with a powerful physique and increased stamina is excellent for this purpose.

The animal treats family members with love and devotion, and distrusts strangers and knows how to recognize an approaching danger in time. A strong person must walk the dog, otherwise the dog will be able to knock it down by pulling on the leash.

What kind of dog should a lonely person take? It is no secret that the best defenders of the yard, formed through natural selection, are the Alabai. Strong and brave pets are excellent guards, loyal friends and companions.

A puppy of this breed that appears in the house must undergo a mandatory course of professional training, otherwise an untrained dog will cause a lot of trouble to a person. A dog needs a strong leader to protect.

What kind of dog should a person living in the countryside get? Black Russian Terrier is also suitable for protecting a private home from intruders and burglars. His temperament is similar to that of the Moscow watchdog, however, the dog of this breed is more attached to the owner and loves children very much.

Raising such a dog requires patience and experience, but the end result exceeds all expectations. the pet will not lose sight of the intruders and will not cause trouble for the owners. According to farmers, this is the best dog breed for guarding a private home.

Such a dog is moderately calm, distrustful of strangers and perfectly fulfills its direct duties. However, he needs an experienced mentor.

The top 10 home guard dogs above listed common breeds that are familiar and accessible to most people. Pets such as bullmastiffs, Bordeaux mastiffs, the best South Russian shepherd dogs were bred in different countries to protect the yard.

The best representatives of these breeds successfully cope with the tasks and protect the owners’ property from the encroachments of robbers.

Dog. apartment guard

The best dog breeds for home guard are known, but many animal lovers live in the metropolis. It is no secret that a person’s dwelling in the city is also plundered, especially often in disadvantaged areas. If a large dog is suitable to protect a private house and yard, in other cases people find it difficult to answer the question of which dog to take to the apartment.

It is important to know that the pet should not be too active and large, otherwise it will be cramped in a closed room. And also the owner should devote a lot of time to him, as the best guard dogs love to walk.

So what kind of dog to take to a city dwelling? The boxer in the top 10 is familiar to many people since childhood. He treats children well, so such a dog often turns out to be a favorite in a large family.

The sleek pet is ideal for an apartment, and its cheerful disposition will appeal to all dog lovers. In addition, the animal is easy to learn and quickly remembers commands; on a walk, it will not hurt its owner.

Possessing external restraint and intelligence, the Akita Inu dog breed feels great in a city apartment. An adult animal is always ready to protect its owners and other pets living with it.

It is important to teach the dog all the necessary commands in a timely manner, and the four-legged friend also needs long walks and exercises on a special site. It is worth noting that the representatives of the breed are great about children and distrustful of strangers.

If you don’t know what kind of dog to get to guard children in the city, then take a closer look at a large black dog with a friendly character. The best representatives of the Cane Corso breed are decisive and strong pets, which, with proper upbringing, become incredibly quick-witted and insightful.

A properly trained animal feels good in an apartment, and is also suitable for protecting a private house, so such dogs are often taken with them to the country. The dog can be stubborn, it needs training from an early age.

Rounding out the top 10 are the Dobermans, who are famous for their determination and intransigence. In order to raise this dog correctly, you need to make the most of your strength and patience.

As a reward for hard work, the owner will receive an undaunted defender and a quick-reaction guard who is ready to live with the owner in a city apartment or private house.

All breeds are good in different ways, and which dog is better for protecting acquired property. everyone decides for himself. To protect the yard, you should choose a large and hardy pet, and a calm medium-sized dog is suitable for living in a small apartment.

Raising dogs for protection

Whichever breed you choose, training and education of the dog from an early age is of great importance. A puppy adopted into the family needs to be introduced to the household and pets that live in the house.

First of all, you should decide which dog to take and study all the features of the breed that you preferred. The animal should live in an aviary or living room, and only run in the yard and realize its direct duties.

The best dogs for guarding a private house need frequent walking, so a person should find free time for everyday walks with a large dog.
Small but determined pets also like to be active, they are happy to rush around and contact other animals. However, all four-legged friends with security skills must be trained and know the basic commands, otherwise they can cause a lot of trouble for the owners.