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Which dog is suitable by date of birth

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Sagittarius dog

Sagittarius dogs (November 21.December 22)
The largest planet Jupiter, father However, Sagittarius discipline. This sign of fire prefers the color of the sky god, blue and wood, oak. Gem stone topaz.

Dog Sagittarius motto: “Don’t worry, be happy.” That is, these dogs. funny, playful and even a little clowns. They love to be loved. Are optimistic and love attention from others.

Sagittarius Dogs are always curious. They love their activity. They want to go somewhere, just to be and be there. Easy to learn and adventurous. The Sagittarius puppy is the perfect travel companion.

Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. best owners for a Sagittarius dog.

Dog horoscope by date of birth, which dog is suitable by date of birth

Dog horoscope by date of birth. is this a joke or not? What does the zodiac sign mean for every dog? Find out the maximum compatibility between a dog and its owner by zodiac sign!

All dog owners know that pets have their own personality and character, just like humans. Astrology is very well known among people, but horoscopes for pets are little studied.

which, suitable, date, birth

Taurus dog

Taurus dogs (April 20 May 20)
Gemstone emerald or agate. A bull by nature. Grounded, born under the sign of the earth.

The bull dog’s motto is: “I can sing.” It really depends on the dog. Most dogs love to bark.

Taurus puppies combine exciting shyness and tenacity. This creates difficulties for instructors. Sometimes Taurus seems to be stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. However, it is often true that puppies are shy of the trainer and simply do not know what to do. You need to make sure the puppy is safe to use at home and help him learn the basics needed to survive in the world.

Taurus dogs strive for loyalty, kindness and devotion. On the one hand, this is just fine. But, unfortunately, in some dogs this need goes over the edge. Depending on the breed and circumstances of birth, puppies may become too loyal.

Dog Taurus, however, are practical. They have a methodical, if not creative mind. The owner will need help with home teaching and other basic instructions. When a bull puppy makes a decision, it will be final.

Owners Capricorn, Virgo or Cancer are best for a Taurus dog.

Gemini dog

Gemini Dogs (May 21, June 20)
The planet Mercury rules the Gemini puppies. These air dogs. Their color is orange, and the gem is beryl, aquamarine, agate stone, or deep blue. Wood. hazel.

The Gemini Dog motto explains a lot in nature: “all to all creatures.” This indicates the duality of this dog. Basically, you don’t have one dog. You have two dog personalities.

As a result, born in Gemini, this dog is aggressive and passive at the same time; introvert and extrovert. Restless and demanding of change, the Gemini dog cannot finish what he or she has already begun. This is not a lack of intelligence. It is rather the presence of an impatient character.

The puppy can become quite resourceful to avoid doing things that he or she doesn’t like or wants to do. The Gemini dog wants new things, new places and stimulating smells. Puppies are varied, creative from an early age. They will find a way out of the situation. You have to hire a trainer or be smart to raise such a puppy.

Aquarius and Libra are the best owners for the Gemini dog.

Dog horoscope by date of birth

Aries dog

Dogs Aries (March 19. April 21)
Planet Mars, fire sign. Bright red color. You probably understand what character the Aries puppy has. The precious stone is a diamond. Aries is bright and very determined.

The Aries-Dog motto is quick and simple: “If you don’t succeed right away.” His approach to life is very specific. The character is firm and demanding. You have to be persistent when training such a puppy. In addition, choosing a training and education method is not an easy task.

Puppies learn quickly, but love to get ahead of the game. They miss. They crave change. Puppies are very excited about their new toy, new makeup, new team, they want to move.

If the Aries dog does not come running to your command, it is not because it is stupid or deaf. She heard. This will clearly create a problem for you. Are you ready for this?

Sagittarius and Leo. best Aries dog owners.

Dog horoscope by date of birth

Like people, dogs are related to some sign of the zodiac by birth. At birth, this can have an impact on their nature and character. Each zodiac sign describes a specific personality type. The Aquarius dog, for example, is different from the scorpion.

In combination with the breed, your puppy’s true temperament can be determined. A dog horoscope is more accurate when you know the exact time of birth, planets and other astrological data. And the following information is provided as a general guide.

Dog Aquarius

Dogs Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) The planet Uranus rules this sign of stagnant air. The colors are blue and purple. Gems are also blue and purple. aquamarine and amethyst.

The Aquarius dog motto is: “I just want to see how it works.” Because of this, they can get into trouble. From puppies to adults, Aquarius are curious right from the start. They should know everything.

Aquarius dogs. it’s just free spirits. They are confident, fearless and courageous. They can bark incessantly.

Aquarius Dogs are big food lovers, good athletes and independent in nature. They have one problem. find out earlier. In addition, Aquarius has their own idea of ​​how and when they should learn.

Aquarius dogs love people, but they just tolerate other pets. Be aware of this and take appropriate action when another person or animal enters the home.

Libra, Gemini and Aries. best people for an Aquarius dog.

What runes can be applied to the body

In order to enhance the influence of the rune given by the date of birth, you can make a talisman with its image, or you can apply it to yourself. But you need to be very careful when drawing a magic sign on yourself.

It is necessary to clearly know which runes can be applied to the body, otherwise you can cause an energy storm, since in this case they have a very powerful energetic effect. Because, being charged directly with your energy, they begin to manifest themselves quite actively, and by applying, for example, destructive runes to themselves, you can only harm yourself. In this case, the runes will not give you energy, but, on the contrary, will take away.

Therefore, one should apply signs of a softer nature, such as Soulu, Vuno, Inguz, Kano, Berkana, even Algiz and Dagaz.

Runes experts do not recommend tattoos with runes at all. Since their application should be done by a person who knows and understands, otherwise the master who gives you a tattoo may unconsciously program the action of the runes not the way you would like. And the situation when applying a runic formula or rune on oneself must be appropriate, with the use of at least a small ritual and with an appeal to the Gods.

Therefore, the best option is to apply runes on a photo or some kind of medium (a wooden die, a piece of paper, a stone, a mineral, etc.), or you can just draw in the air. But, in any case, remember that you should not draw runes if you do not understand anything about them, or do not fully understand the meaning of one or another rune.

Having comprehended and understood the meaning of runic signs, you can help yourself in finances, in love, when buying real estate, in getting a job and in many other areas. To do this, you can draw one rune, suitable for helping in the sphere of your choice, you can apply three times, increasing its effect. But, in most cases, in practice, formulas consisting of several different signs are used. Take, for example, runes that can help us protect ourselves from negativity.

The most powerful signs that help in protection from the evil eye, damage and other negative influences are Hagalaz, Nautiz, Isa. These runes protect from magical influences, energy attacks, various kinds of aggressive attacks, block and destroy them. And being part of one formula, they significantly increase their protective functions.

How to determine your rune by date of birth

Runes are not just signs of the writing of the Scandinavian peoples, but also magic signs, and the most ancient system of knowledge of the inner and outer world of a person. With the help of runes, you can guess, influence different areas of your life, and also use them as protective amulets and amulets. But in order for such a rune talisman to help and endow with special power, you need to know which energy of runes is in tune with you. To understand which rune suits me by date of birth, this article will help. Only a correctly chosen runic symbol can make your amulet a reliable assistant.

Runic horoscope

Therefore, in order to determine which runes are better to choose, you need to carefully read the runic horoscope. Since each sign of the Zodiac corresponds to two runes, therefore, they divide the Zodiac into 24 cycles of ten days. The runic horoscope begins the starting point from the day of the vernal equinox.

  • from March 23 to April 5. Fehu, livestock. It characterizes people who are active, light on their feet, big owners and endowed with great creative potential.
  • from 6 to 21 April. Uruz, strength. They are strong people who are ready to sacrifice everything in order to achieve their goal.
  • from April 22 to May 6. Turisaz, thorn. They are human fighters who overcome all their fears
  • from May 7 to May 21. divine Ansuz. Those born under the auspices of this rune are creative, sociable and artistic people.
  • May 22. June 6. Raido, road. Characterizes balanced people who know how to keep everything under control
  • June 7-22. Kenaz, torch, flame. Endows those born under this sign with creativity and clarity of thought
  • from June 23 to July 7. Gebo, gift, partnership. Those under the influence of this rune are contradictory and freedom-loving natures, but they are good friends, partners and assistants.
  • from 8 to 23 July. Vunyo. This joyful rune helps in the fulfillment of desires and endows a person with fantasy.
  • from July 24 to August 8. Hagalaz, hail. For people born under the auspices of the Hagalaz rune, it is simply necessary to destroy something old, so that in their life there will be the prospect of something new, changes have occurred
  • from 9 to 23 August. Nautiz, need, necessity. This rune helps to turn disadvantages into advantages and develop self-sufficiency.
  • from August 24 to September 8. Isa, ice. These are responsible people, for them leisurely and measuredness is their life credo.
  • September 9-23. Hyeres, cyclical. They are patient and consistent people in their actions.
  • from September 24 to October 8. Eyvaz, protection. She endows everyone born under her protection with perseverance and endurance
  • October 9-23. Perth. Characterizes secretive and principled people
  • from October 24 to November 7. Algiz. Endows those born during this period with tremendous vitality
  • November 8 to 23. Soulou, sun. They are surprisingly resilient people who can cope with any circumstance.
  • from November 24 to December 7. Teivaz, courage. These people are ready to fight for their ideals and principles.
  • from 8 to 22 December. Berkana, birch. She endows a person with the energy of calmness and creativity.
  • from December 23 to January 6. Eyvaz or horse. All who were born under the auspices of this rune are good teachers and mentors
  • January 7-21. Mannaz, integrity. These people are modest and do not like to draw attention to themselves.
  • from January 22 to February 5. Laguz or water. Those born during this period have good intuition, but are unpredictable
  • from 6 to 20 February. Inguz, fertility. They are pioneers, pioneers, creative people, people of mood
  • February 21 to March 5. Odal, Legacy. She endows a person with talents and helps to translate them into practice.
  • from 5 to 22 March. Dagaz, transformation. People born during this period are unpredictable and changeable.
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Matching the signs of the zodiac

  • Aries. Teyvaz, Uruz
  • Taurus. Fehu, Odal
  • Gemini. Raido, Eyvaz
  • Cancer. Thurisaz, Perth
  • Lev. Soulu, Dagaz
  • Virgo. Berkana, Hyera
  • Libra. Ansuz, Gebo
  • Scorpio. Hagalaz, Isa
  • Sagittarius. Kano, Nautiz
  • Capricorn. Inguz, Eyvaz
  • Aquarius. Mannaz, Vunyo
  • Pisces. Laguz, Algiz

The connection between the runes and the signs of the zodiac

You can also determine which rune suits me according to the horoscope, if we consider the connection between the runes and the signs of the zodiac. According to the World Tree, they are divided into three levels:

  • World of Gods (Ansuz, Teyvaz, Inguz and Turisaz)
  • The world of nature (Uruz, Hagalaz, Isa, Eyvaz, Perth, Algiz, Soulu, Berkana, Laguz and Dagaz)
  • The world of man (Fehu, Raido, Kano, Gebo, Vuno, Nautiz, Evaz, Yera, Mannaz and Odal)

Since each of the four runes of the Gods corresponds to four elements. Fire, Water, Earth and Air, then, therefore, each of them will be associated with one cardinal sign of the Zodiac:

  • Ansuz. the element of Air and the zodiac sign of Libra
  • Turisaz. the element of Water, the sign of Cancer
  • Inguz. the element of the Earth and the sign of Capricorn
  • Teyvaz. the element of Fire, the sign of Aries

Since there are 24 runes in Futhark, two runes will correspond to each sign of the zodiac.

Creation of the universe

Let’s plunge a little into the history of the Old Scandinavian people and figure out what genetics has to do with runes and the model of the Universe. The model of the Universe in the ancient Celtic runic system is the Tree, personified by the sacred Tree Yggdrasil. Each rune in this system is a matrix, and, folding in a certain sequence, as in the world of matter, they create a sequence of the Creation of the Universe.

This is how the process of Creation begins with the rune Uruz. an idea arose.

Runa Turisaz launched a program for the implementation of the plan. And at this stage, the World of Niflheim arose. the world of cold and formation.

Then a third world arose. the World of Jotunheim, in which three goddesses of Fate. Norns (past, present, future) rule. The rune Ansuz was responsible for the creation of this world, meaning word, sound.

During the fourth stage of creation, for which the Raido rune is responsible, as a result of cyclical movement, new planets begin to form around the stars. Passing the stages of birth, life and death, these stars extinguished and fell into the World of Muspelheim, and from it flowed down the Universal River to the World of Niflheim, where a new formation of matter took place.

During the fifth stage, the primary mind was formed, then Time, then multicellular organisms appeared. And so on until the twenty-fourth stage. the stage of completion and transition, that is, death and transition to an incorporeal state. This stage was characterized by the Fehu rune.

It is interesting! If you trace all the stages of the development of the runic Model of the Universe, then you can see its similarity with the model of the development of the DNA molecule. Hence the connection between genetics and runes.

The correspondence of the runes to the elements

  • Fire Release. Teivaz, Uruz, Soulu, Dagaz, Kano, Nautiz
  • Release of Water. Turisaz, Perth, Hagalaz, Isa, Laguz, Algiz
  • Air Release. Ansuz, Gebo, Raido, Eyvaz, Vuno, Mannaz
  • Earth Release. Inguz, Evaz, Fehu, Odal, Berkana, Hyera

An example of runic formulas for protection against negativity

These runescripts reflect the negative directed at you, and send it back to the one who brought it up:

  • Isa Kano Hagalaz Kano Isa
  • Hagalaz Laguz Eyvaz

You can see from the following formulas which runes destroy magical damage and the evil eye, they protect from witchcraft:

  • Eyvaz Algiz Otal
  • Eyvaz Algiz Isa
  • Eyvaz Hagalaz Otal
  • Hagalaz Laguz Eyvaz

How to Choose the Best Dog for YOU!

There are a lot of such runescripts on the Internet, but you can try to compose them yourself. But remember. before experimenting, you need to know the meaning and scope of each rune. Know how to activate them and which Gods to turn to for help, work on yourself and engage in energy practices. Treat magic signs with respect and reverence, and then they will answer you in kind.

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed Just for You

How to choose runes by date of birth? Symbols by calendar numbers and zodiacal signs

Using runes by date of birth, a person can strengthen his energy, protect himself from the evil eye, bad influence, attract good luck and luck. Each rune is suitable for a certain sign of the zodiac, enhances its strengths, protects and protects. The horoscope can be calculated by dates of birth, it differs from the astrological time frame, so the symbol can fit the zodiacal, but not be a totem by the time of birth.This must be taken into account when choosing a runic amulet.

An example of runic formulas for protection against negativity

These runescripts reflect the negative directed at you, and send it back to the one who brought it up:

  • Isa Kano Hagalaz Kano Isa
  • Hagalaz Laguz Eyvaz

You can see from the following formulas which runes destroy magical damage and the evil eye, they protect from witchcraft:

  • Eyvaz Algiz Otal
  • Eyvaz Algiz Isa
  • Eyvaz Hagalaz Otal
  • Hagalaz Laguz Eyvaz

There are a lot of such runescripts on the Internet, but you can try to compose them yourself. But remember. before experimenting, you need to know the meaning and scope of each rune. Know how to activate them and which Gods to turn to for help, work on yourself and engage in energy practices. Treat magic signs with respect and reverence, and then they will answer you in kind.

Runes horoscope

Runic astrology provides that there are 24 time periods in a year, each of which corresponds to a sign. The use of such a rune as an amulet or amulet makes protection more accurate, since the time frame for the rune’s work is more clearly delineated. In this type of horoscope, the year begins on March 23 and ends on March 22. Signs are not only amulets, but also describe the nature of the born, by them one can recognize his strengths and weaknesses. The table shows the time frames and the runes that correspond to them, a brief meaning is given, which determines the message of the character and actions of a person born at this time:

The Slavs

The Slavic peoples also used runes, only they had eighteen, not twenty-four. First of all, the runes were used by them for protection, they were applied to clothes, dishes, door frames, jewelry and amulets were made with their image.

By date of birth, people among the Slavs belonged to certain Halls of the Svarog Circle. Each Hall has its own symbol, which is made up of runes. You can see them in the image of the Circle.

But you can determine which Hall you belong to by the day you were born:

  • Virgo (08.30-22.11). these people strive to learn new things, love to be in charge and have a strong will. May often have supernatural powers.
  • Boar (from the end of the last period to 14.10). stubbornness, independence and the desire to decide for yourself what to believe in. these are the features of people born during this period.
  • Pike (until 6.11). such people want a calm traditional life and take a long time to make decisions. But they are able to feel like a fish in water anywhere.
  • Swan (until 11/27). these people are prone to excessive pride, they are wayward and windy.
  • The serpent (until 16.12) is selfish, cold and not tolerant of criticism.
  • Raven (until 10.01). active people who hate loneliness. Attach great importance to carnal love.
  • Bear (up to 3.02). courageous and persistent people who love to help others. they can find a way out of any situation.
  • Busel (until 28.02) is a stork. Such people are kind and want to help, they strive to have many children.
  • Wolf (until 25.03). warriors who strive for order. They are wary and strict.
  • Fox (until 17.04). they are always looking for meaning, and even in love. Curious and experimenting.
  • Tour (until 9.05). hardworking and persistent people, accustomed to achieving goals.
  • Elk (until 1.06). merry fellows and jokers, serene idealists.
  • Finist (until 23.06). prudent, purposeful people. Explore life empirically.
  • Horse (until 16.07). they want to be in time for everything at once, restless, maximalists.
  • Eagle (until 7.08). decisive people, dreamers.
  • Ras (until 30.08). good-natured people inclined to patronage. Sometimes they impose their opinion. Lazy.
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Correspondence of runes to zodiacal signs

Slavic runes correspond to the usual astrological signs of the zodiac. So, the symbols of Teivaz and Uruz are characteristic of Aries. For Taurus, Fehu and Odal are needed. For Gemini, Raido and Eyvaz are characteristic. Zodiac sign Cancer protects against Turisaz and Perth. The runes of Leo are Soulu and Dagaz. Virgo needs Berkana and Hyera for the amulet. Libra characterizes Ansuz and Gebo. Protection of the Scorpio sign in the symbols of Isa and Hagalaz. Sagittarius requires Kano and Nautiz. Capricorns are patronized by Eyvaz and Iguz. Mannaz and Vunyo are suitable for Aquarius. Pisces. Algiz and Laguz.

Which rune corresponds to you by date of birth

The rune is able to reveal the character of a person and become a powerful amulet for him. You can find out which rune matches you by date of birth.

The rune is not just a symbol of writing used by the peoples of Scandinavia, but also a sacred sign that allows you to know the inner and outside world. With the help of runes, you can predict your future, influence your destiny, and runes can also be used as powerful talismans.

For such an amulet to work, you need to choose a rune that will match you energetically. To do this, it is important to find out which rune is in harmony with your date of birth.

Correspondence of runes to zodiacal signs

Slavic runes correspond to the usual astrological signs of the zodiac. So, for Aries, the symbols Teivaz and Uruz are characteristic. For Taurus, Fehu and Odal are needed. For Gemini, Raido and Eyvaz are characteristic. Zodiac sign Cancer protects against Turisaz and Perth. The runes of Leo are Soulu and Dagaz. Virgo needs Berkana and Hyera for the amulet. Libra characterizes Ansuz and Gebo. Protection of the Scorpio sign in the symbols of Isa and Hagalaz. Sagittarius requires Kano and Nautiz. Capricorns are patronized by Eyvaz and Iguz. Mannaz and Vunyo are suitable for Aquarius. Pisces. Algiz and Laguz.

Which rune suits me by date of birth, horoscope

Which rune suits me by date of birth?

Those who become interested in runic Magic and deeply penetrate the meaning of these mysterious ancient symbols, often want to choose one, “their” rune, which can be used as a personal talisman. That is why the question “Which rune suits me by date of birth?” is one of the most popular with newbies. Well, let’s figure it out.

How to determine your rune by date of birth?

If for some reason the zodiacal correspondences did not suit you, and you are still wondering “Which rune suits me?”, Check out one more principle of correlating ancient symbols with the periods of birth. This is a kind of runic horoscope that begins on the day of the vernal equinox. This is how the runes are distributed in it.

Determination of your rune by horoscope

One of the most discussed questions on the forums of novice runologists sounds like this: “Which rune suits me according to the horoscope?” On the one hand, drawing parallels between the secret signs of the ancient Germanic writing and the temperament of people according to the sign of the zodiac does not seem like a very good idea, but on the other hand, such an analogy was nevertheless made.

Since there are only 12 zodiac constellations, and the Elder Futhark runes. 24, astrologers have distributed the number of symbols, two for each sign. Personally, as a person working with runes, I do not agree too much with this division, and I see slightly different parallels, but I have no evidence of my own theory, so we will still trust the version of professional astrologers.

The fiery and hot-tempered sign of Aries, according to this version, corresponds to the Teivaz and Uruz runes. Practical, down to earth Taurus “got” Fehu and Otala in his possession. The contradictory Gemini got a pair of Raido. Eyvaz. Sensitive Cancers “conquered” Turisaz and Perth. Blazing with creative energy, Leo “became akin” to Soulu and Dagaz. The self-sufficient Virgo was approached by Berkana and Yero. Ansuz and Gebo were “given” to the judicious Libra. The mysterious Scorpio was “awarded” with the Hagalaz, Isa runes. Jolly Sagittarius was credited with matching with Kenaz and Nautiz, and Capricorn’s hard work was “rewarded” by the Inguz-Evaz pair. Zodiac sign with a subtle mental organization. Aquarius among astrologers caused associations with Mannaz and Vunyo, and romantic and dreamy Pisces “got” Laguz and Algiz.

Genetics and runes

The title of this subheading may seem odd to you. And indeed, it would seem, what does genetics have to do with runes? It turns out that researchers of ancient magic signs have created a special runic model of the Universe, in which each rune takes a clearly assigned place and is responsible for one of the manifestations of the universe. Surprisingly, the runic model in its form repeats the structure of the DNA molecule.

Perhaps this information will never be useful to you in practice, but it is still worthwhile to briefly talk about the meaning of the runes and their connection with DNA. Each runic symbol, according to this theory, is responsible for one of the stages of the creation of the Universe. just as information particles were gradually realized in the DNA matrix. This proves once again that the runes appeared on earth for a reason, but were really created by the Higher Forces.

What runes can be applied to the body?

So, from the previous part of the article, you learned which runes are best to choose as personal talismans. Now let’s talk about whether to put these signs on the body. In general, professional runologists do not advise getting tattoos with runes, therefore, in most cases, the answer to the newbie’s question “What runes can be applied to the body?” will be unambiguous. no.

The fact is that each rune contains energies that come into our life only for a while, and then leave it, completing their work. Drawing magic signs on our body, we seem to delay them, do not let them go, and this is always fraught with serious consequences. Just imagine, for example, the impact of the Hagalaz rune is hail, destruction is instant, fast. When this happens in our personal life, cutting off unnecessary connections, freeing us from the accumulated and obsolete “trash”. this is great. But what will happen when such destruction will occur one after another for a long time? You start a relationship, hold on to it for a month, and then bam. Hagalaz is activated, considering that this is the wrong person, and breaks this connection. You meet another character, fall in love again, and after a month or two, this destructive hail falls on you again. And it will continue over and over again. There is little pleasant in this, agree? It’s better somehow, in the old fashioned way, to figure it out on the sly yourself, isn’t it?

Runes should act temporarily. that’s why, if you want to put some kind of sign on your body, do it with henna or wash-off paint. Separately, one more thing needs to be said. Many beginners wonder what runes destroy damage and the evil eye, and whether they can be worn as a tattoo. I also do not advise you to do this. it is better to find a proven cleaning brush, apply it to yourself or a photo, let the link work, and then destroy it with a clear conscience. Runes need to be thanked and released, and not kept with you. they are not domestic animals, but conductors of very powerful ancient energy, so you should not joke with them.

Runic model of the universe

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that runic symbols are embedded in us at the genetic level. And that is why it is so important to choose a rune for yourself, which, so to speak, will take root. But what does genetics have to do with runes? This is one of the most frequently asked questions for novice Masters. The thing is that there is a scheme of the runic model of the world. Interestingly, it resembles a DNA molecule, as well as the Sephiroth Tree, which is a kabbalistic model of the Universe.

We described this Tree in the article “Tarot and Kabbalah”, where we found out that the paths between the worlds of Kabbalah are directly connected with the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Here we are talking about the worlds themselves and the connections between them. There are nine in total, and they are located on the Yggdrasil Tree. Each connection corresponds to one of the 24 runes, and the worlds are nothing more than the stages of the creation of the Universe. You will not find the twenty-fifth rune of Odin on this diagram, because it symbolizes the emptiness from which everything arose. Therefore, it is often called the Blank Rune.

But we are more interested in how the runes relate to the DNA molecule and human genes. In ancient times, there was a legend that the runes are a gift from the god Odin, who for nine days was chained to the aforementioned Yggdrasil Tree (it is believed that it was actually an ash tree). During this period, Odin took poses, which are now imprinted in runic symbols. Nine days later, nine sticks fell to the ground, and they formed the matrix of the universe. And each rune is nothing more than a part of this matrix.

The same matrix is ​​found in all living organisms. This, of course, is about the DNA molecule. Just as in the runic scheme the sequence of the creations of the Universe depends on the sequence of symbols, so in our DNA the sequence of bases determines what a person will be. We presented only a diagram of the legendary Tree, but try to see it in three dimensions. you will be surprised how much it resembles the aforementioned molecule.

How runes are related to the signs of the zodiac

Since there are twice as many runes as zodiacal signs, astrologers have identified a pair of basic symbols for each sign.

  • Aries. Teyvaz, Uruz
  • Taurus. Fehu, Otala
  • Gemini. Raido, Eyvaz
  • Cancer. Thurisaz, Perth
  • Lev. Soulu, Dagaz
  • Virgo. Berkana, Hyera
  • Libra. Ansuz, Gebo
  • Scorpio. Hagalaz, Isa
  • Sagittarius. Kenaz, Nautiz
  • Capricorn. Inguz, Evaz
  • Aquarius. Mannaz, Vunyo
  • Pisces. Laguz, Algiz

How to define your rune

We cannot find the right rune for each of our readers, but we can tell you how to choose the right sign for you. Here we will talk about astrological and runic correspondences, and also answer one of the most popular questions: “Which rune suits me?” A lot can be determined by date of birth, for example, character traits, behavior patterns in difficult situations, and of course, the most suitable talisman.

There are at least two ways to define your rune. Both astrologers and runologists were engaged in determining the correspondences. We will describe both options, and start with the relationship between the signs of the zodiac and the runic model of the world. But in order to understand what this model is, you should first tell about it in more detail.

How runes are related to the elements

  • Air: Ansuz. Gebo, Raido, Eyvaz, Vuno, Mannaz
  • Fire: Teivaz, Uruz, Soulu, Dagaz, Kenaz, Nautiz
  • Water: Turisaz, Perth, Hagalaz, Isa, Laguz, Algiz
  • Land: Inguz, Evaz, Fehu, Otala, Berkana, Yera
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Runic horoscope

Now let’s see which runes are better to choose as a talisman from the point of view of runologists. Everything is somewhat simpler here. the zodiacal circle is divided into 24 periods. That is, you should find those few days in which you were lucky enough to be born and correlate them with the specified rune. The starting point is not the New Year, but the vernal equinox.

If, after all the above information, you still cannot find the answer to the question: “Which rune suits me by date of birth?”, Then in this case, only one can be advised. Take those symbols that suit you according to astrological and runic horoscopes. Read about each rune, compare its meaning with your character, think about what good it can bring to your life. After a while, you will definitely feel which of the symbols is closer to your attitude.

Which rune suits me by date of birth

Astrological horoscope

To answer the question: “Which rune suits me according to the horoscope?” it is necessary to figure out what is the correspondence of the Yggdrasil Tree and the signs of the zodiac. According to the Old Norse system, 24 runes are divided into three worlds: Gods, nature and man. We are interested in the world of the Gods, since it contains only four runes, which in turn correspond to the elements. And for each of them, only one zodiac sign is most characteristic here.

  • The Air Release is personified by the rune Ansuz, it also corresponds to the zodiac sign of Libra
  • Teyvaz symbolizes the element of Fire, and the sign of Aries belongs to it.
  • The rune Turisaz is associated with the element of Water and the zodiac sign Cancer.
  • Inguz is responsible for the Earth element, as well as the sign of Capricorn

But the rest of the signs also found a place in this system. To do this, let’s see the correspondence of the elements and all other runic symbols.


Scorpios are considered connoisseurs of everything mysterious firsthand. They are not averse to comprehending the laws of the universe, they are often carried away by esotericism and are inclined to believe in mystical events. They will be able to develop their natural abilities for extrasensory perception with four-legged pets. Ideal companions for representatives of this constellation can be Newfoundlands, Grunendals, East European Shepherds, Great Danes, Black Terriers. Exceptions are small dogs, which the Scorpios may simply not notice “in space.” Scorpions are suitable for animals of a dark, or better black color.


Representatives of this zodiac constellation will like good-natured dogs of the Sheltie, Collie, Labrador, Spaniel breeds. The curiosity and cheerful disposition of four-legged friends will help Gemini maintain an active lifestyle. The twins will love to train their pet and relax during long walks in the parks. Gemini are not prone to negative thoughts and experiences, so furry friends with loud barks and sparkle in their eyes will complement them to the fullest. In addition, Gemini love everything new and unusual, so they can pay attention to beautiful setters or Dalmatians.

Cancers are prone to frequent mood swings, which is not surprising. They are ruled by the Moon, bringing insecurity, nervousness and excessive sensitivity into the life of the representatives of this Sign. Therefore, astrologers recommend opting for dogs, whose behavior and equanimity will give Cancers the opportunity to calm down and relax. When choosing a pet, size does not matter. Your choice can fall both on a huge Caucasian Shepherd Dog, St. Bernard, Bobtail, and on a Sky Terrier, Poodle or lapdog. The qualities of the animal are important. And these breeds have natural calmness and balanced character.

Lions are used to luxury and fame. They love attention to their person, fearless and full of determination. Aristocratic dogs are suitable for such strong-willed individuals: Russian or Afghan hound, Royal or Great Dane, Mastiff, Setter. Graceful animals will satisfy the most capricious representatives of the Sign, conquer them with their grace and proud gait. Self-confident animals require strict upbringing, because their equanimity can be replaced by merciless anger if they are faced with danger. However, Lions know how to educate.

Restrained Virgos are able to control any animals, and they prefer dogs of devotees as a pet. The favorites of the representatives of this Sign must clearly follow the commands, so the Virgo will have to pay attention to the puppies from an early age. However, this will not be a problem, because Virgos are sensitive to the behavior of any animals and are able to be “on the same wavelength” with them. The choice should be made in favor of dachshunds, bassets, terriers. Noble Irish wolfhounds and drathhaars will be excellent pets for the stronger sex.

Libras are characterized by frequent changes in mood, therefore, to develop stamina and inner harmony, they should pay attention to Great Danes, Whippets, Rieser Schnauzers, Greyhounds. These dogs are harmoniously built, so even a simple look at their perfect forms will give Taurus a sense of harmony and comfort. And so that there is no place for negative emotions in your life, pair a cat with your dog. Their friendship will help you cope with anxiety and teach you how to live in harmony with the world around you.


Peaceful and good-natured Taurus will like dogs who need affection and care. At the same time, the animal should not be stubborn, because the representatives of this Sign prefer to watch the pet’s walks, and not actively participate in games. For this, dogs of the Scotch Terrier, Sky Terrier, Chow Chow, Pug, English Bulldog breeds are perfect. These dogs perfectly understand the mood of the owner and will not bother him, preferring to explore the world around them. Taurus will be able to safely walk with four-legged friends, having fun.


Capricorns often lack restraint, despite the fact that this Sign is considered calm. The representatives of this constellation can cope with the feelings raging inside the representatives of this constellation, the wayward Basset Hound or Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Stafford, Bloodhound, Boston Terrier, Bullmastiff, Weimaraner can help. They will become source of self-confidence for you, and raising serious dogs will bring true pleasure to Capricorns. Do not forget that discipline and obedience should come first for you so that your four-legged friend does not give you trouble in the future.

Which dog is right for you according to your zodiac sign

Each person is unique, however, many character traits depend on which star he was born under. The characteristics of animals also depend on the location of the stars, so when choosing a pet, be guided by the advice of astrologers.

In the Year of the Dog, many decide to make a four-legged friend, but they do not know which breed to choose. The experts of the site dailyhoro.ru present you with the recommendations of the best astrologers to help you make the right choice. Remember that such a crucial step requires preparation. Be prepared not only to enjoy the company of your beloved dog, but also to care for it for a long time. Evaluate all the pros and cons, talk to dog breeders, especially if you have no experience of keeping animals.

Hardy large dogs with a similar temperament are suitable for active representatives of this Sign. Aries will be able to get along well with such breeds as Malinois, German and East European Shepherd Dogs, Doberman Pinschers. Sports animals will help Aries to lead an active lifestyle and enjoy every walk. However, Aries should not forget about rest. You can relieve stress and enjoy the silence in the company of miniature companion dogs, for example, Poodle, Pekingese, Chihuahua.


Sagittarians are known for being adventurous. They are cheerful and companionable, so a stray dog ​​can become their four-legged friend. Representatives of this Sign will be able to establish a spiritual connection with them. However, most often Sagittarius tend to “work for the public”, so they may be interested in the following breeds: Afghan, Foxhound, Airedale Terrier, Russian or English Spaniel, Schnauzer, Rhodesian Ridgeback. But communication with outbred animals will accelerate the spiritual development of Sagittarius. They will teach him to be spontaneous in relationships and direct him to find the meaning of life.


Aquarians are original people, they have a unique charisma and love everything out of the ordinary. The desire to stand out from the crowd can be satisfied with the help of rare dog breeds that are little known to the general public. For example, Basset Griffon Vendée, Chinese Crested Dog, Papillon, Mexican Hairless Dog, Wire-haired Fox Terrier, Bernese Mountain Dog, Pointer, English Setter. Active and noticeable dogs will allow Aquarius to start every day with a smile.

Pisces are impressionable and often dreamy. Dogs with an excess of energy are unlikely to suit them. Overly mobile animals can knock Pisces off balance, which will negatively affect physical health. In this regard, representatives of your Sign may be interested in Cocker Spaniels, Malteses, Golden Retrievers, Welsh Corgi, Dalmatians, Pekingese. Walking in deserted places with your beloved pet will allow Pisces to relax and enjoy life.

Comfort for each sign of the Zodiac is presented differently, therefore, in the choice of animals, everyone should be guided by their own preferences. If you follow the tastes of fashion, you may be wrong with the choice of a dog. After all, there is nothing worse than unjustified expectations.

Fate by date of birth

Is it possible to determine the fate and character of a person by date of birth? Yes, the science of astrology allows us to do this. The character and habits of a person directly depend on the date of his birth. Some are born stubborn, and some are shy. Give some extreme and skydiving, while others prefer a quiet and safe home.

We are all different! And each person is unique in their own way. In this section you will find a description of your birthday: your personal qualities, work and vocation, love and partnership.

Correspondence of date of birth and zodiac sign:

Gemini’s birth dates. May 21 to June 21

Gemini Release. Air. He brings liveliness, sociability, intellectuality, lightness, charm and the ability to have fun to the character. Gemini planet. Mercury, messenger of the gods.

Scorpio’s dates of birth are from October 24 to November 22

Scorpio is protected by the element of Water. She gives depth and intensity of feelings, heightened perception of the world and intuition. Planet Scorpio. mysterious Pluto.

Leo’s birth dates. from July 23 to August 22

Leo belongs to the element Fire. it is brightness, creative power, inspiration and an abundance of talents. Leo’s fire is even, unshakable, which gives a self-confident character. Leo planet. shining sun.

Virgo birth dates. from August 23 to September 22

Virgo is under the auspices of the element Earth. this is realism, critical mind, craving for the earth and everyday ingenuity. The planet patronizing Virgo. intellectual Mercury.

Libra birth dates. September 23rd to October 23rd

The Libra element is Air, which gives lightness, sociability, a good-natured disposition and a mobile mind. The planet that rules the sign of Libra is the refined and exquisite Venus.

Taurus birth dates. from April 20 to May 20

Taurus belongs to the element Earth, which endows with practicality, patience, responsibility, reliability and craving for nature. Planet Taurus. pretty and elegant Venus.