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Which dogs live longer big or small


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A magnificent guardian of Turkish blood, a large and calm dog seems to be destined for life outside the city. This white giant suffocates in a city apartment. He needs his own house and a spacious yard, where he can play active games with the master’s children. A non-aggressive animal is friendly enough, but is wary of strangers.

The breed, which is more than three millennia old, has historically been bred in Turkey, but has recently gained popularity around the world. In America, the Akbash dog is used on rural ranches as a shepherd and companion. Medium-length snow-white wool should be brushed weekly. Bathe the dog as the coat becomes dirty.

Hungarian kuvasz

Kuvasz was bred in Hungary for the protection of livestock in the 13th century. If the dog is not used as a shepherd, then it needs daily long vigorous walks. The dog will be happy to accompany you on a jog or easily run after the bike. The dog is born to be a guard and watchman. he does not need to be taught to guard the house. However, it should be borne in mind that the dog needs professional training. the animal can act independently without a command.

The apartment is not recommended. The best place for Hungarian kuvas is a country house with a spacious yard, ranch or farm. There are two varieties of color: pure white and ivory. In the warm season, the dog sheds. a luxurious long coat has a seasonal character. Grooming for white hair involves regular brushing, bathing as needed, and grooming.


The Pomeranian is a compact decorative dog for indoor keeping. There are three growth varieties: small, medium and miniature. A fluffy doggie with a small sly muzzle evokes constant affection among others. Differs in playfulness, cheerful disposition, natural curiosity and devoted character. He does not get tired of playing with the master’s children, he can realize his activity within the confined space. Energetic but obedient.

The Pomeranian is absolutely friendly towards both family members and strangers. It gets along well with other pets. The Pomeranian’s coat is soft and wadded. it must be brushed weekly. With proper care, they hardly shed. Dogs can be used for exhibitions. in this case, they will need professional grooming in grooming salons.

Hungarian shepherd

A large, long-haired, snow-white dog with a head similar to a mop is the Komondor or Hungarian Shepherd Dog. Behind the funny and unusual appearance is a personality. an intelligent independent defender. The breed was bred as a shepherd, so the commander protects and guards everything that he considers the object of protection. This can be a flock or family members. The dog constantly keeps a protected object in his field of vision. some are annoyed.

The dog needs professional training and early socialization. When a dog senses danger, it instantly turns into a fearless protector and a tool for driving out intruders. The uncontrollable commander will violently lash out at anyone he perceives as a threat. Thanks to its thick and long coat, the dog looks even more massive and large. Special care is needed for wool. it is not combed, but divided into strands (cords) as it grows.

Samoyed dog

The Samoyed Laika (Samoyed) is a large strong white dog with very thick coat and an adorable smile. “Laughing Angel”. this is sometimes called this breed. The dogs were bred in the most ancient northern tribes and are currently helping explorers of the polar territories and the Arctic. Their coat keeps warm well, dogs can work in low temperatures. Heat is not tolerated well.

When kept in an apartment, dogs need physical activity, training and many hours of daily walking. Lack of activity negatively affects the behavior of the animal. Country houses with their own courtyard are best suited for breeding Samoyeds. Kind, intelligent, active, loving dogs need constant interaction with the owner. Playful until old age, adore children, but can be stubborn.


The popular breed of decorative dogs is ranked second in terms of intelligence in the ranking of psychology professor Stanley Coren (Dog Intelligence, 1994). This ability of poodles has been used since ancient times in circuses. However, do not forget that poodles were bred as dogs for hunting game. The poodle family is represented by three types: standard, miniature and dwarf. They differ from each other only in size, all species have the same curly elastic white wool.

An attentive, intelligent, active dog is easy to train, can carry out standard commands and special difficult tricks. Will be a great companion for adults and children, but do not try to make a guard out of her. A dog can bark at a stranger, but will never attack him. it is too peaceful. Elegant artistic appearance requires special professional care. get ready to visit groomers all the time.

English bulldog

The short-haired breed of dogs of English origin has absorbed aristocratic habits and gentlemanly behavior. It is famous for its courage and devoted attitude towards all family members. The coat of English Bulldogs has various colors, but there are also pure white dogs. Small animal great for keeping in urban environments.

The English Bulldog is a kind phlegmatic person with a huge loving heart. He is able to express true devotion to his family without hiding his love. They take care of children and other pets, show them patience and understanding. If you need a snow-white companion and protector, this is the best choice.

Which dogs live longer big or small

Dear visitor! This site is about dogs. You need to know everything about dogs. And it doesn’t matter what they are: large dogs of service breeds, medium dogs or small dogs. The main thing. we must remember that the dog is our friend. The site about dogs was conceived and created by me in order to accumulate, study, and also share information with its visitors. And if you find yourself on this page, most likely you are. a novice dog breeder or just deciding to become the owner of a dog, and therefore want to receive up-to-date information “about dogs” and need advice on choosing a breed. Or maybe you are interested in dogs, their upbringing or any secrets of dog training.

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At the same time, some of you are interested in large dogs of service breeds, others like an average dog, for example, a hunting dog, and still others like it when small dogs are near them. As a rule, large dogs are necessary for solving certain official tasks. protecting an apartment, house or territory, or even the owner himself or his family members.

However, you shouldn’t get an aggressive large dog just because you are not confident and think to hide behind it in case of danger. Some dog lovers want to have a large dog next to them, which could become not only a good family dog, but, for example, a reliable nanny for children. But if you start for these purposes, for example, a St. Bernard or Newfoundland, then you probably should not expect them to become reliable watchmen at the same time. Some people like average dogs. They are popular with middle-income families. Owners of medium-sized dogs do not have to think about how to provide their pets with dignity. Medium dogs do not need such a living space as large dogs, and they can easily live in a small ordinary apartment, while not embarrassing the owners. Medium dogs, as well as some large dogs, can be great watchmen and great companions.

And for someone the best friend. little dog. Small dogs live longer than large dogs or their medium sized counterparts. They are extremely brave and can be excellent watchmen. Small dogs are easier to feed, and a small dog does not need a lot of space. Finally, small dogs are easier to travel.

For example, I was always surrounded by big dogs. The first dog that I had a Newfoundland. Then two Caucasian Shepherd Dogs lived and died in extreme old age. Now my house is guarded by three Central Asian Shepherds and one small dog, the breed of which is unknown to me. They are all equally loyal to me and my family members, and we reciprocate them.

Not only about dogs of different sizes, their advantages and disadvantages are discussed on the pages of this site. However, I think you will agree that it really doesn’t matter what size the dog is. It is important to find mutual understanding with her. And only then will you acquire a devoted and selfless friend.

The nature of the Maltese lapdogs

This breed has very affectionate, loving, fun and playful character traits. Maltese lapdogs are extremely energetic, active and full of enthusiasm, which makes them ideal for children from 8 years old. these dogs simply adore their owners and always protect them, despite their modest size. With a potential threat from strangers or other animals, Maltese lapdogs are filled with barking and even rush at the intruder with bared teeth.

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These little centenarians will also make great companions for the elderly and people with disabilities.

In addition, Maltese lapdogs have a lively mind, thanks to which they can easily learn various commands and tricks. However, it depends on the nature of the particular dog. they are often stubborn and a little spoiled. Another advantage of Maltese lapdogs is their friendly attitude towards cats, other dogs and small animals. They are very picky about their food, and also suffer greatly from anxiety if the owner leaves them alone for quite a long time.

Caring for a lapdog

In order for the Maltese lapdog to live as long as possible, its health must be closely monitored. In general, this breed is quite healthy, but you need to know that lapdogs are prone to dislocation of the kneecaps, chronic heart valve disease, hypoglycemia, cryptorchidism, pyloric stenosis and yeast dermatitis. In addition, Maltese lapdogs often suffer from glaucoma, dystichiasis, progressive retinal atrophy, deafness, blindness, and clogged tear ducts.

Maltese lapdogs do not need fanatical care. it is enough to regularly bathe and brush their hair, avoiding tangling.

Most owners prefer a very short haircut for the entire body of the Maltese lapdogs. The short coat greatly facilitates the care of the dog and does not make the animal suffer on hot days. Those who love long-haired elegant lapdogs will have to take care of the animal much more carefully, so that it always looks well-groomed and tidy. Since Maltese lapdogs practically do not shed, the owner must get rid of the old wool on his own. otherwise it will get tangled and form tangles. They will pull on the skin of the lapdog, causing it painful sensations and giving an ugly appearance.

Dog Years: Why Do Small Dogs Live Longer Lives than Larger Breeds. Animal Facts

Shih tzu

Although these dogs are Chinese, they are of Tibetan origin. If we translate the name of the breed “Shih Tzu” into Russian, then we get “lion cub”. It is not known for certain what animals and what breeds are parental for Shih Tzu dogs. If you believe the existing legends and theories, then we can conclude that the Chinese emperor a puppy of this breed was presented by the famous public figure Dalai Lama.

Especially dog ​​breeders and breeders are attracted by the pleasant appearance and hair of the four-legged animal. The coat is quite pleasant to the touch, reminiscent of silk. The Shih Tzu has a docile nature, the breed is friendly towards people and other animals. Shih Tzu dogs are considered decorative.

By their nature, they are long-livers, their average life expectancy is 15 years.

Miniature breeds of Chinese dogs sometimes do not look like live animals, but like toys. There is a huge variety of breeds (such as the Fold-eared Pekingese) that are popular all over the world. Sometimes Chinese dogs are confused with Japanese varieties, so it is important to be careful when buying and choosing an animal.

Chow Chow

To begin with, I must say that Chow Chow dogs are popular not only among ordinary citizens, but even in the imperial family. The peculiarity of the animals of this breed is the tongue painted in a dark blue color. In appearance, the animals resemble lions due to the fact that they are rather shaggy.

The character and behavioral patterns of animals that belong to the Chow Chow breed deserve special attention. First of all, it should be noted that animals are quite calm, and even to some extent regal in their behavior. Chow-chow dogs are leaders by nature, so it’s not easy to find a common language with them. Nevertheless, if you really made friends with a representative of this species of tetrapods, then the pet will feel your mood, as well as literally “read” the situation in the whole house.

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A chow-chow dog needs a special diet, as it is prone to allergies. She should not eat too much meat, the main emphasis is on cereals and dairy products.

Miniature breeds overview

In general, there is a huge variety of dog breeds in China. As mentioned above, four-legged pets, which are small in size, are in special honor. Today in our material we will consider the most popular breeds of small dogs.

Chinese crested dog

The Chinese Crested dog is also a larger breed of dog. These animals have a very unusual appearance that attracts the attention of many. The skin of the animal is smooth, but in some areas there is long hair, mainly on the forehead, paws and tail.

Initially, this breed was bred by breeders with a very specific purpose. for catching rats on sea vessels.

The character and behavioral patterns of the Chinese crested dog deserve special attention. So, animals do not tolerate loneliness and love company. The Chinese Crested dog has a strong sense of loyalty and loyalty, it has a negative attitude towards changing owners.

At the same time, animals are very friendly and make good contact (not only with people, but also with other animals). They don’t show aggression for no reason. The crested dog is playful and energetic, which is why it is important to pay a lot of attention to the dog, play with it, walk and take care.

Types of large dogs

Despite the fact that miniature dog breeds are more popular in China, animals of a larger size can be found in the country. Consider the common breeds of large four-legged animals.

Chinese dog breeds

Many dog ​​lovers give their preference to the Chinese four-legged breeds. Dogs from China differ from their brethren in a number of characteristics that attract many breeders. These animals include both miniature individuals and larger breeds.

What are the features of Chinese dogs, and what miniature and large breeds of four-legged pets are most popular among breeders, we will consider in our material.

Features of the

First of all, it is important to note that Chinese dog breeds differ from any other in their appearance. Many breeders note that four-legged animals look quite unusual, and to some extent even exotic. Smooth-haired dogs are distinguished by their appearance, as well as four-legged pets with long hair, folds and other unusual distinctive features.

Such a variety of animals can be explained not only by natural features and natural selection, but also by great selection work. However, even despite the large and large-scale work on the development of new breeds, many varieties of Chinese dogs remained unchanged and retained their original appearance and natural physiological and mental characteristics.

Due to the demographic characteristics of China (in particular, with a large overpopulation of the country), animals are in special honor here, which are small in size and do not have an unpleasant odor.

While all Chinese dog breeds are different and each has its own distinctive characteristics and unique characteristics, there are still some common and universal trends. So, it is noted that many Chinese dogs have rather developed intellectual and mental abilities, their character is stubborn, and feelings such as devotion and loyalty to one owner are also expressed.


The Chongqing breed is larger in comparison with other varieties. An interesting fact is that the animal is considered one of the most ancient not only among Chinese breeds, but throughout the entire globe.

Dogs of this breed cannot imagine life without their owner, but in relation to strangers and unfamiliar people, they are wary and suspicious. You cannot keep the animal together with other dogs and cats, as such a neighborhood can lead to conflicts and aggression. However, they treat children well, easily find contact with them. Animals can live for quite a long time. up to 20 years.

To maintain health and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to pay great attention to the diet: you cannot feed dogs with dry food, such dogs can only eat natural products.

It is important to note that many Chinese dogs are sacred and of great value. Small dogs are popular among Chinese breeds, however, there are also huge varieties. Dog’s coat colors can be very different: from standard black, white and red to exclusive and unusual (for example, red).

Medium dogs

Medium-sized dogs typically live 10 to 14 years. Of course, this category also includes its long-livers who live longer lives.

How many years do dogs live

Some experts argue that the size of the dog, as well as the genes that it received from its parents, play a key role in its longevity. Small dogs are believed to live longer than their larger counterparts. From these considerations, the average age of the pet is calculated.

Do not forget that the lifespan of a pooch depends largely on you. A loving owner will not only monitor the health and nutrition of his puppy, but also treat him in such a way that his faithful dog stays with him as long as possible.

Small dogs

Small dogs usually live between 11 and 16 years old, some can live up to 18 years.

How many years do mongrel dogs live??

All loving owners sooner or later thought about how long mongrel dogs live. After all, usually all family members are strongly attached to their pets. Animal owners want their beloved and faithful friends to be around as long as possible, and also to please everyone with a cheerful look.

It is believed that the average life span of dogs is 9. 12 years. If you take good care of what your pooch eats, and in what conditions it lives, then it is quite possible that your pet will live up to 20.

How long do mongrel dogs live??

Many people prefer to have purebred dogs at home and exclude the possibility of an ordinary mongrel in their home. But few people thought about the fact that the latter are one of the most loyal and grateful animals. It is they who, like no one else, know how to appreciate the role of a person in their life. After all, the fate of these pets consists of many difficulties.

Often a dog’s life is cut short by some common disease, such as distemper. In order for an animal to become infected, all just one contact is enough. If it has its own home, then the owners will take care of vaccinating the ward. But if the puppy lives on the street, one can only guess what will happen to him if this disease enters the baby’s body.

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Life expectancy of dogs at home

Earlier it was accepted to calculate the canine age, in comparison with the human, from a ratio of 1: 7. However, a more or less careful study of the issue makes it possible to disagree with such arithmetic. It is incorrect to assume that a one-year-old dog corresponds to a seven-year-old human.

A seven-year-old child is a fool, while a one-year-old dog is entering puberty and can already produce offspring, as well as serve the owner. It turns out that the age ratio should be at least 1:14. But this is only in the first period. Further, the gradation changes in the direction of decreasing. A twenty-year-old long-living dog is equated to a person of a very respectable age, approximately 85-86 years.

There is a statement that the life span of a dog directly depends on its size. It is believed that small dogs live longer than large ones. From the same considerations, it is concluded how many mongrel dogs live on average. As already mentioned, mongrels are mestizos from different breeds.

And from what genes they receive from their parents, external data, and health, and life expectancy, and intellectual characteristics of the dog depend.

Canine intelligence is a topic for another conversation. In this question, one cannot say which dog is the smartest and which is not. We’ve all seen lazy, naughty and poorly trained dogs of a good breed. and smart, loyal mongrels with talking eyes. And this did not depend in any way on the height or beauty of the dog.

The author of these lines had a small dog with a fluffy tail, which was playful and friendly in the presence of the owners, and in their absence sat on the porch. and at least someone try to enter the yard.

Another mongrel, a large spotted dog, was distinguished by exquisite tastes: he disgustedly picked the onions from food with his fingernail, as children do, and when tulips bloomed in the yard, he came up and smelled each flower in turn.

Alas, both dogs died tragically: the first was shot during a dog wedding, the second died of the plague. And each of them was mourned by the household no less than the most expensive thoroughbred specimen.

How did Boyarsky sing there in the cartoon about the Musketeers? “I am outbred. this is a minus, but I love you. this is a plus.” Better to say about mongrels no one could.

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Large and very large dogs

The lifespan of large dogs usually ranges from 10 to 13 years, and very large dogs from 7 to 10 years.

How many years do dogs live?

For many, dogs become real family members. And the owners of the dogs, of course, think how long their pet will live. Average lifespan of dogs. 12 years. But the maximum age of a pet depends on the breed, and on the living conditions and environment.

Another factor affecting the lifespan of a pet. this is its size. Exactly how many large dogs live, it is impossible to say for sure, but their life length is definitely shorter than that of smaller dogs. This is due to the fact that the heart does a lot of work in large breed dogs. Internal organs of large dogs wear out quickly or cannot withstand stress.

To compare how small dogs live longer than large dogs, a few examples can be given. The Miniature Pinscher and Pekingese live on average more than 15 years, and German Shepherds and Mastiffs from 8 to 12. That is, dogs of small breeds live about one and a half times longer than their large counterparts.

How long do mongrel dogs live??

Unfortunately, dogs that live outdoors are more likely to get sick and usually die before they reach old age. They eat from garbage containers and landfills, which is bad for their health. Summer heat and winter frosts, which overtake mongrels on the street, also do not add years to their life.

Rootless dogs are often susceptible to such a deadly disease as the distemper. For infection, just one contact is enough. Domestic dogs are usually vaccinated against this disease, and no one is engaged in prophylaxis in mongrels.

Usually a mongrel. these are mestizo of different breeds. The average life span of dogs of different breeds is different. Therefore, the lifespan of a yard dog depends on the breed of the parents too.

So how long a yard dog will live on average depends on the living conditions, as well as on the breed of its parents. But purely physiologically, mongrels can live longer than those breeds that were artificially bred.

Life expectancy of dogs of different breeds

  • Chihuahuas. These small dogs are long-livers. Their average life expectancy is 12-15 years. But some dogs lived to be 20. How long your Chihuahua dog will live depends on what conditions you give it and how you will take care of it.
  • Akita Inu. A dog named Hachiko, the hero of a touching film, was of this particular breed. Those who wanted to make themselves the same faithful friend probably wondered: how many years do dogs like Hachiko live? So, the average life expectancy of dogs of the Akita Inu breed. 10-14 years old.
  • Toy Terrier. How many dogs of the breed of that terrier live is difficult to say for sure. Their average life span is 10-15 years. But some individuals lived up to 25.
  • Chinese Crested. Although they are small in size, these dogs do not live as long as their owners would like. The lifespan of Chinese Crested dogs is 10-12 years.
  • Husky. These beautiful dogs retain excellent physical qualities even at the age of 10-14. But up to how old can husky dogs live. amazing. Many live to be 20-25 years old.
  • Boxer. The key to the long life of these dogs. regular physical activity. But the life expectancy of boxer dogs is short, rarely when they live up to 10 years.

To prolong the life of your dog, carefully monitor its diet and do not forget about pet training. All dogs, regardless of breed, require regular outdoor walks. Large dogs age by 7-8 years. Many of them are losing their former knack, so be more lenient towards them. Elderly pets require attention no less than puppies.