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Which kitten is better for a child?

What kind of kitten to get. pedigree or ordinary?

She promised her son a kitten. I really like the Maine Coon breed. But the husband considers it inexpedient to spend that kind of money on a cat. Now I am thinking. Is it really worth buying an expensive purebred cat? Or take the usual one? I am also considering the Scottish Straight breed (Scottish Straight).

a matter of taste, but all cats are so cute! I personally took a cat from the street and am very happy, I do not regret it, no thoroughbred is needed! In general, the Maine Coon breed is cool, if you want, look at Avito, maybe someone gives the kittens cheaper, sometimes there are also cute hybrids, there is practically nothing. Well, these breeds that you wrote are not so expensive, in the range of 15-20 thousand, probably. You can spend it once. He will eat the same way as an ordinary cat, pick up food, and that’s all. God grant that there are still no health problems, then you will not have any special expenses.

Meikun is very difficult. Do you have a large apartment ?? Is it possible to vacuum it constantly? Are ready to spend serious money on food?

I would have got an ordinary kitten. he is still home, except for you only your guests will see him. and if you like cats in principle, then I think that the breed of a cat is not important at all.

Breeds are good because each has a certain appearance and character. You can pick up a cat “for communication, games”, or you can choose one that will not get bored alone, if you are at work all the time, etc. There are breeds that are very tame and playful, there are important and independent ones :))

I am for the fact that all cats would be sold exclusively through kennels, for breeding specialists, and sterilized “pets” for joy in the house 🙂 But this, of course, is utopia, so far there is nowhere to go from “cute, playful kittens” thrown out like trash You can take a “noble” kitten, but keep in mind. with health, and with character this is a roulette. With looks easier.

And Maine Coons are cool cats, always admire them at exhibitions!

Meikun is very difficult. Do you have a large apartment ?? Is it possible to vacuum it constantly? Are ready to spend serious money on food?

Do you think there is no wool from an ordinary cat? And how is Maine Coon feeding different from other cat breeds? Or if the cat is a mongrel, then it can be fed with yesterday’s soup and sausage scraps.?

I would have a normal one, Scottish are scary, and Maine Coons are huge.

I have two cats, I know what I’m talking about. Friends have a Mainecoon. Wool is many times more food. he needs at least half a chicken a day. I have 2 cats eat less. Plus, they love to jump, for this the apartment must be half empty, everything breaks and falls with their weight.

She promised her son a kitten. I really like the Maine Coon breed. But the husband considers it inexpedient to spend that kind of money on a cat. Now I am thinking. Is it really worth buying an expensive purebred cat? Or take the usual one? I am also considering the Scottish Straight breed (Scottish Straight).

I took mine from the street, is the breed really so important. Everyone needs a house, do a good deed, you will not regret) God sees everything) good luck!

Take better than usual, their health is stronger, immunity. The pedigree must be handled very carefully. Some cats, for example, purebred cats themselves cannot even give birth.

I took mine from the street, is the breed really so important. Everyone needs a house, do a good deed, you will not regret) God sees everything) good luck!

There are many shelters in Moscow! It will make you happy and bring good luck! They are the kindest and. Affectionate!)

Is it possible to leave a 1.5 month old kitten alone for a long time? And how will he bear it?

Thank you very much for your answers! I love cats, but I don’t understand breeds and characters. I like large, black and gray for some reason))) that’s why I talked about these two breeds.

I have two cats, I know what I’m talking about. Friends have a Mainecoon. Wool is many times more food. he needs at least half a chicken a day. I have 2 cats eat less. Plus, they love to jump, for this the apartment must be half empty, everything breaks and falls with their weight.

I have only one cat) But I live with cats all my life, first with my parents, then I started my own. This I mean that I am not out of nowhere saying. Why feed the cat with “half a chicken” ?! With bones or what? Raw? No, tell me what I misunderstood. Premium food is what I think is the best option for cats. Hair will be a mountain from any “shaggy” cat. Yes, I have a Scottish Straight (well, okay, she’s not a purebred, but the undercoat is there. Mom’s dear.) The wool flies. Despite the fact that I scratch it with a furminator. And if I hadn’t scratched, then in general.

The fact that the cat knocks down something. I don’t know, I don’t have any figurine vases. But for cats there is a “cat tree”, they are happy to climb, jump.

which, kitten, better, child

The apartment is one-room. But his house is being completed. Therefore, in the future, there will be more space. Ready to spend money on food) A cat is needed not for breeding, but exclusively as a pet. Will not walk on the street.

Take the usual one. We also thought about taking a Maine Coon or an ordinary one. As a result, we read about Maine Coons and realized that it was too hard with a thoroughbred. they often have heart problems, they often undergo eye surgeries, and so that no one speaks, they eat more. And kayut too)) As a result, we took an ordinary mongrel, beautiful to the point of insanity, we feed him premium food, he still does not eat everything. gourmet) in general, did not regret.

Why don’t you want an oriental? It’s just lovely! Like a dog, smart, affectionate, loyal. We have been living for a year now and have no problems: neat, does not spoil anything, does not fade. The only minus he needs constantly society, this is not a cat, which in itself.

And where do you live with me now 6 kittens, smart girls know the tray

Why don’t you want an oriental? It’s just lovely! Like a dog, smart, affectionate, loyal. We have been living for a year now and have no problems: neat, does not spoil anything, does not fade. The only minus he needs constantly society, this is not a cat, which in itself.

Orientals oh what kind in appearance 🙂 As well as the Canadian sphinxes. The latter are affectionate, playful, sociable, sooo tame in character.

We had several cats, all from the street. However, if I ever decide on another one, I will start a purebred) I want to have such a cat at least once.

Take from a shelter or from the street. The son will be glad and you will be pleased that you saved one life. Pedigree cats will always find their owners)

from the street. Healthier if he doesn’t die right away, and smarter fools don’t survive on the street. 2nd found, we will not get enough, The cat from the street, walked around the apartment, went to the toilet and went to the tray, as if it had always lived here. She was 5 months old, the doctor said. She squeaked only strongly when she wanted to eat, now quieter. Touchy. spanked me for playing with wires, followed me all day and complained, however, she now does not pay attention to wires at all

I have only one cat) But I live with cats all my life, first with my parents, then I started my own. This I mean that I am not out of nowhere saying. Why feed the cat with “half a chicken” ?! With bones or what? Raw? No, tell me what I misunderstood. Premium food is what I think is the best option for cats. Hair will be a mountain from any “shaggy” cat. Yes, I have from Scottish Straight (well, okay, she’s not a purebred, but the undercoat is there. Mom’s dear.) The wool flies. Despite the fact that I scratch it with a furminator. And if I hadn’t scratched, then in general.

The fact that the cat knocks down something. I don’t know, I don’t have any figurine vases. But for cats there is a “cat tree”, they are happy to climb, jump.

I have a Siberian. wool is there only two months of the year. in April and October (just now it is starting to shed) the rest of the time there is no fur at all, we don’t even have a furminator, I scratch with an ordinary dog ​​comb, and even then only my back, my belly does not allow to scratch. Eats, ksati chicken offal and chicken fillet. I regularly add buckwheat and carrots to the meat. only he does not eat them, carefully takes out pieces of meat, eats them and spits out the buckwheat. After his meal, I immediately wash my floor. all in buckwheat and carrots. But despite the “wrong” nutrition, the cat’s coat is gorgeous, long, thick. it all shimmers in the sun like a diamond. We regularly pass tests. Everything is okay. By the way, his brother, who is fed Akana neither in height, nor in our coat, and in soles, is not suitable. Our wool has three times more, and it sheds five times less than this brother.

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What animal is better to have in an apartment for a child?

Many parents and psychologists believe that a child simply needs a pet. But which animal is better to have in the apartment? After all, an animal in the house is an additional burden on parents.

What animal is better to have in the apartment?

For children over two years old, it is better to have a pet in an apartment with which tactile contact is possible. Stroking and touching for guys and animals means attention and affection.

A land turtle, for example, is a good choice if you don’t need the hassle. She can go without food for six months and hibernate in a cool place.

It is difficult for a turtle to squeeze, it reliably hides in its shell. Meanwhile, the turtle is not at all sluggish, you can communicate with it, talk and stroke it.

An animal that is not deprived of attention may even respond to a nickname. Clattering claws runs up to the owner, eats from his hands and substitutes his head for affection.

Pets such as small rodents can also be kept in the apartment. Provided that the child is not allergic. Mice are not very suitable for keeping in an apartment because of an unpleasant, ineradicable smell.

But such animals as hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, dwarf rabbits are a more suitable variant of animals for keeping in an apartment. They are cute. Pleasant to the touch and unpretentious in content.

Many keep rats as pets in their apartment. Some zoologists consider them smarter than even dogs. Rats in the apartment will require more attention, but not in care. it is enough to regularly clean the cage and feed.

The rat is active and intelligent, and it needs to be played with, taken in your arms, talked to it. Even trained. She can suffer without attention.

If you are not ready to give all your free time to communication with a rat, then you can make her a same-sex friend.

Then it is better to buy two at once and put them in a cage at the same time, then there will be no bloody conflicts. You should not keep heterosexual rodents in the apartment, unless you decide to start breeding them.

The most popular pets that are best kept in an apartment are of course dogs and cats. It is better to take a kitten or puppy into the house for children over 3-4 years old. But remember that the fluffier a cat or dog is, the more allergenic its coat is.

Of the cats, the most allergenic is the Persian breed. Least allergenic. Siamese, Sphynx, Russian blue, Abyssinian.

Birds and fish as pets

Babies, while still lying in the cradle, are able to observe the fish in the aquarium or listen to the singing of birds. Fish can be the very first and safest option for a child to get acquainted with wildlife.

There is no allergy to fish, caring for them is quite simple. At the age of two, the child is able to feed the fish, daily pouring the feed rate prepared by the parents into the water.

You can start with the simplest fish. Guppies, swordtails, malinesia live well in small aquariums. It requires a cleaning pump, compressor and lighting. The water can be changed once a week by draining ¼ part of the aquarium and adding new water directly from the tap.

Right after the baby is born, songbirds are just as good. Forest goldfinch, siskin and crossbill with their unobtrusive and native Russian chirping pacify not only the baby, but also all family members.

Budgerigars are very sociable, so they are suitable for an older child who can feed them, and even teach them to speak.

Large parrots are birds with character and are not harmless for the baby. Their beaks are large and strong and are capable of deliberately injuring a child.

The nature of the pets living in the apartment

To form the character of a pet in the right direction, you need to take the animal to the apartment as a cub, just weaned from its mother. But some animals do not lend themselves to training or education.

Exotic animals for an apartment, especially with a small child, are not very suitable.

First, many of them, such as snakes, are carnivorous. That is, they will periodically consume live food in front of the child. mice and frogs.

Secondly, for example, monkeys are distinguished by inappropriate behavior, sometimes you need to take care of them even more than about a child. And lizards and crocodiles are able to attack.

The most child-tolerant dogs are St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, Spaniels, German Shepherds, Labradors, Boxers, Schnauzers, Airedale terriers and pooch.

Badly adorable toy terriers, dachshunds, greyhounds and greyhounds, bulldogs, bull terriers, South Russian shepherds get along with children.

Among cats, experts consider the most friendly Angora, Burmese, Himalayan, Manx, Korat, Burmese, Ragdoll, Burmilla, Russian blue.

It is up to you to decide which animal is better to have in the apartment, but remember some rules.

After two years, the baby is able to learn the rules of behavior with animals.

Forbid the child to take food from the animal, pull its paws, ears and tail, do not lie on it.

Teach your child to follow the rules of hygiene: do not kiss the animal, especially in the nose where there are a lot of bacteria.

Choose an animal to live in an apartment with your children. Everything is a collar, a leash. try to buy a cage with your child. So the child will immediately feel responsible for the pet.

Child’s age

The veterinarian is also supported by the child psychologist Anna Tsepa: she also believes that it is better to start a pet when the child is 4.5 years old. Your child needs pets to improve communication skills and empathize with others.

If teenagers ask for a cat or dog, it should be borne in mind that they will not be able to fully take care of animals.

Temperament of baby and animal

The most interesting animals for children can be a cat and a dog, because they have more intelligence than, for example, rodents. If your child is hyperactive and moves a lot, the psychologist advises getting a dog with a companion character. You can run and play with her. With such a pet, your livestock will definitely not get bored.!

A dog is also suitable for a calm and uncommunicative child. it will liberate him and help him move more. You can also have a kitten, he will vigorously jump around the apartment and carry the baby along.

Of the dog breeds that will be loyal to the child, the Retriever, Labrador, Corgi, Beagle or Spaniel are suitable.

Birds can get bored quickly. Small parrots for the most part scream, children are not fascinated by this. Those species of birds that are trainable are more interesting for adults: they can be taught to speak, sit on the shoulder.


Birds do not take up space, but they are very noisy pets! Therefore, you should immediately calculate your strength (and nerves): will there be a room in your house where a parrot can calmly chirp and ring a bell? If so, then this is a very attractive choice for a child. After all, you can talk with such a pet, and over time you can even count on an answer! It is better to clean the cage daily, and if the child is not quite a baby already, then he will be able to cope with it on his own. During the general cleaning, which needs to be done once a month, he, of course, may need the help of an adult. Parrots live for a long time. depending on the species, from 10-15 years or more. But at the same time they are rather painful creatures. they can quickly and irreversibly get sick from a draft or accidental improper food. It happens that they fly out through open windows. and if a child accidentally becomes the culprit of such an opportunity, then he can blame himself for a very long time: after all, there is practically no chance of the return of the prodigal parrot.


Many parents believe that the aquarium is the perfect solution to the problem. And living creatures appeared in the house, and the child’s request was satisfied, and the house is quiet, and nobody violates the cleanliness and order. But nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that it is necessary to clean the aquarium at least twice a month, otherwise it is bad for the fish, and an unpleasant smell of rotten water will appear in the apartment. In addition, fish are fragile creatures and, if abandoned by their owners, easily get sick and die. There is one more thing: a child, alas, will not be able to play and communicate with swordtails, goldfish and the like. And emotional attachment to such pets is more difficult to form.

Another thing is that children who are hyperactive, suffering from a lack of attention syndrome, psychologists strongly recommend starting an aquarium with fish: the calm multidirectional movement of fish has a beneficial effect on the child’s psyche. And in adults, contemplation of the aquarium will be useful: for example, scientists have proven that if you observe floating creatures before visiting the dentist, the level of anxiety and even pain will be much lower!


In case you have a cat for a child, its most significant disadvantage is unpredictability. Taking a kitten into the house, one cannot predict what character the grown beast will have. will he resignedly endure constant gripping? Of course, the chances increase if the kitten, so to speak, knows its no less young owner from its youngest claws. Nevertheless, cats are not particularly patient and you need to be prepared for this. That is, the child’s age should be such that he could understand and realize that a cat is not a plush toy.

What kind of animal to get for a child?

If your child asks for a pet, and you can’t decide on the choice. read our top 5 best pets.!


Most parents stop having to walk the dog at least 2 times a day. But if you seriously count on the fact that a pet will change your child‘s life for the better. make him more responsible, relieve emotional stress, help to learn compassion, then in this sense the dog will leave far behind all other “competitors”.

The level of psycho-emotional development of the dog is so high that a small person can easily find a common language with her. At the same time, if the dog is properly brought up, then its obedience and devotion to the child will surely awaken in him such qualities as self-esteem and self-confidence. Of course, you will have to make certain efforts for this, in no case giving the puppy training to your son or daughter.

Another significant plus of dogs is a relatively long life path. for about 15 years, a loyal, affectionate and vigilant (which, alas, is important in our time) friend will be next to your child!


Today’s pet market offers a huge selection of rodents. from traditional hamsters to thoroughbred chinchillas. Hamsters are traditional because they are good for almost everyone. they live their interesting life in and out of the cage (they can run around the room in a ball), require constant, but simple care and, with attention to their person, they begin to distinguish the owner.

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It is the same with rats, only the last point can be strengthened. they not only recognize the owner, but also consider him their friend, go to their hands and respond to the call. This is very important for a child! But such rodents usually live for a short time. on average 2-3 years. And the death of a pet can be a real tragedy for a kid.

Chinchilla in this sense, perhaps, looks more advantageous. with proper care, these animals live up to 15 years. over, they also do not have a specific “mouse” smell and have a soft skin. it’s nice to take it in your hands! But this is precisely the problem: the nervous system of chinchillas is very fragile, they are shy. In addition, and because of the peculiarities of their fur, frequent touching of the animals is undesirable. If you can explain this to the child, then the chinchilla is an excellent choice.!

But no matter which pet you choose, make sure that none of the family members are allergic to it. After all, there is no greater drama for a child than first gaining and then losing a pet, even if for the most good reason.!

What animal is better for a child: advice from a psychologist 5

Does the kid ask for a dog, a kitten or a hamster? Do not rush to say no, because the pet can become a real friend to him. But don’t agree right away. Consider this step well before introducing a pet for your child.

What should you consider when considering adopting a pet for your daughter or son? Writes about this jv.ru

Financial expenses. Even the smallest animal is a cost item, and sometimes significant. Estimate how much money will have to be spent on food, care, and possibly treatment of the chosen pet. It will immediately become clear to you whether you can afford it or is it better to choose a cheaper option?

Care. Of course, you are aware that you cannot put it on the shoulders of a child. Walks, hygiene measures, training. you will do all this. Do you have enough time and energy to raise a puppy or kitten? Or is it easier to take an already grown animal? Or maybe completely limit yourself to someone small, a hamster or a canary?

Life style. Think about your habits and family life. For example, if even a tiny candy wrapper on the living room floor annoys you, then any living creature that sows wool or feathers everywhere will very soon become the cause of your constant bad mood.

Indisputably. one of the best four-legged friends for a child.

A dog of almost any breed can make a pleasant company for a child, provided that it is mentally healthy and properly raised. It will not be superfluous to ask the breeders of the puppy about the character of his parents: four-legged pets often, like people, inherit certain character traits from their ancestors, including pugnaciousness, nervousness (and a nervous, fearful dog can bite out of fear), aggression.

Consider. You should walk the dog, not the child. Even if your dog is small and seemingly harmless. On the street, in contact with other animals and people, he can behave unpredictably. And even for an adult it is difficult to keep a medium-sized dog in a snatch, for example, a Dalmatian or a boxer, not like representatives of larger breeds.

A small graceful animal can make the house truly cozy and improve the psychological climate in the family.

The company of “mustachioed, striped” is especially useful for capricious, touchy kids, prone to ostentatious tantrums. Stroking a fluffy animal, the baby calms down, a wonderful mood returns to him. Plus, the cat is a very clean creature. It is quite possible to set it as an example for a little dirty.

There are a great many cat breeds, and some of them are less suitable for a child than others. Siamese cats, for example, are often vengeful. Fashionable nowadays “Norwegian Forest” breeds are unsociable, and “British” are too lazy to play.

Consider. The cat is independent, willful and almost impossible to train. If a child bothers her, pulls her tail, mustache, it doesn’t cost her anything to show her claws. In order for the baby to develop good neighborly relations with her, convince him to treat his mustachioed friend with respect.

Small animals are very cute, do not take up much space, and are inexpensive. They can be left for several days without the care of the owners, if, of course, you put enough food and water.

The child can easily cope with caring for such a pet. Taking care of a little friend, the kid learns to be attentive and responsible. Rodents are ideal for anxious, nervous children: communication with cute animals helps to overcome isolation and complexes. Thanks to the fluffy fur, they are very pleasant to the touch. Tactile contact with them relaxes small muscles, reduces anxiety and aggression.

It is better to acquire rodents when they are 5 weeks old. Before this period, they are very weak, without maternal care they easily die.

Consider. All rodents are different. Some of them, like rats, are more tame and human-oriented than, say, mice or degus. Someone feels better in a flock or in a pair (the same rats), while someone needs loneliness and can very harshly, up to killing a brother, defend their territory (Syrian hamsters). Some only rustle at night, others are extremely noisy. Some live for ten years, others, having already reached three, are considered centenarians (and the death of a child’s pet is inevitably traumatic). In a word, deciding to get a rodent, collect more information about it. And keep in mind that it is better not to buy small rodents for a small child. It is difficult for a baby to calculate his strength: by squeezing his hand a little tighter, he will harm the animal, and may be badly bitten by it.

The birds are very sociable. Some species, such as parrots, are also able to perfectly imitate the human voice. You can communicate with them verbally, teach them to speak, sing.

Birds are ideal friends for children with speech delays. Also, singing and chirping is wonderful to relieve tension and stress. When choosing a feathered pet for your baby, take a look at budgerigars or other small birds, such as canaries. They are perky and mobile. We do not recommend buying large parrots such as cockatoos in a house where there are children. These exotic birds have a difficult character, it can be difficult even for an adult to get along with them.

Consider. It can be problematic for a bird (especially a large one) to move around an apartment (especially a small one), there are many dangerous places for it. Being in “free flight”, birds often fly out through windows and vents, bang against furniture and walls and, of course, leave marks everywhere. So, most likely, your winged friend will spend most of the time in the cage. over, in some cases (for example, if the bird is aggressive). in a place inaccessible to the child. He will be able to watch her, talk to her, but not touch. To a small bird, a baby is able, unwillingly, to cause harm, for example, by slapping his palm on it. But with proper care and feeding, most birds, especially large ones, live long enough.

We wish your pet to become a real friend for your child, and for you. source of joy and good mood.


Sphinxes are unique not only for their appearance, but also for their special temperament and character. Cats are incredibly smart, moderately energetic, very attached to their home, in need of constant affection and care. For children become loyal friends, ideal for people with allergies. Sphynxes are best for children after the age of five. Given the specifics of the breed, the complete absence of hair, children can accidentally harm or injure a pet.

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Which kitten to choose for a child

Kitten boy is the lightest of all Kittens. Animals are friends for children.

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Mongrel cats.

A popular choice among the population is the appearance of mongrel kittens in the apartment. Surprisingly, even street animals produce amazing offspring, which includes the character and habits of noble pedigree animals. Among other things, such kittens are absolutely harmless: they are kind, not vindictive and do not show aggression.

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What breed of cats to choose for children

When planning to have a little fluffy ball of happiness, you need to keep in mind that cats are quite independent creatures. Each animal is individual, has its own temperament, disposition, habits. In many ways, the nature of the animals is determined by the breed. Not all of them have an agreeable, good-natured disposition, therefore, the choice of a domestic cat for a child should be approached with special responsibility, taking into account the characteristics of a particular breed.

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Before deciding on a particular breed, you need to find out as much information as possible about the features of behavior. It will not be superfluous to ask the breeders how to properly care for the selected breed. Cats with a calm, balanced disposition and temperament should be preferred.

What kind of cat is better to have

So, what kind of cat is better to have if there are small children in the family? The future pet should be kind, affectionate and harmless, because the health of babies is a primary concern for every parent. It is also necessary to build on such moments as the ability to easily train the kitten to the toilet, so that it does not mark the territory and does not cause problems for the owners in terms of cleaning furniture and carpets.

First you need to decide what you are looking for a pet for. Parents and the baby should be explained that the kitten is not a toy, it will become a full member of the family, like parents and children. By bringing an animal into the house, you take responsibility for a living creature, and only when you realize this factor, you can proceed to the stage of choosing a future four-legged pet.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are rather large cats with long beautiful hair, have irrepressible energy, playful, cheerful, get along well with children and can take part in active games for hours. Animals get along well with other pets, are undemanding, but they need systematic care of their hair.

How to choose a kitten for a child?

Cats are truly unique pets that give a lot of positive emotions and joy. Despite the independent nature of fluffy purrs, the desire for freedom, cats, like any living creatures, are attached to their family members, to their home, need affection, care and proper care.

In addition, these animals are ideal for families with small children. The cat will become a faithful friend to the child, will gladly take part in joint games, bringing joy to the children. Taking care of pets helps to develop in children a sense of responsibility, love, kindness, instills the right skills for communicating with animals.

Kitten in the house: pros and cons

A kitten is a small, fluffy, playful and cute bundle of happiness that will bring a sea of ​​joy and positive emotions into your life. However, not everything is as rosy as it might seem. A tiny and harmless kitten can cause many difficulties that the owner will have to face from the first days of the pet’s stay in the house.

which, kitten, better, child

Cons of an adult cat:

he may have habits that are unpleasant to you, brought up by past owners (but with desire and diligence, almost everything can be fixed);

often gets along badly with existing cats in the house (however, if you introduce them correctly, then there should not be any special problems);

at first, it may be bad to make contact;

Is it Better to Adopt a MALE or FEMALE CAT? �� DIFFERENCES

may be picky about food, as eating habits are already formed.

The stereotype that you need to have kittens

Often people make a choice, guided by stereotypes from a number: small kittens will love their owners more, and adult cats are boring, proud and mischievous. Therefore, in most cases, kittens are born under the age of 1 year. But these stereotypes, like the overwhelming majority of others, strongly distort the overall picture, speak more not about reality, but about the preferences of those who turn to them, and in some cases they turn out to be completely erroneous.

To begin with, it should be said that kittens under the age of 2 years are considered to be small. Because after that the animal is considered physically developed and fully formed.

The stereotype that it is better to take a small kitten is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

People understand that having an adult cat is the same as suddenly finding an adult smart companion friend.

Cat or kitten: how old to get a cat?

If you decide to have a cat, then congratulations! This is a great idea that can change your life for the better. “An adult cat or a kitten?”. one of the most important questions that the future owners face. This decision must be taken seriously, weighing the pros and cons.

Unfortunately, often people who took the process of choosing a pet lightly, quickly become disappointed in it or are not ready for the difficulties that arise. As a result, the pet may even end up on the street.

It is impossible to answer who is better to have. a kitten or an adult cat. Surprises await all owners, regardless of the age of the cat. Especially for those who face this difficult choice, the Murkoshi team will tell you everything you need to keep in mind.

Cons of a kitten:

irrepressible energy, constant desire to move and play;

the first two to three months, you need six meals a day, which is difficult to comply with if you go to work or school

if there is a child in the house, then a small kitten can severely scratch the baby while playing (the cat itself can also suffer, since small children do not regulate strength well)

his upbringing requires a lot of time and nerves (training to the tray and scratching posts, setting the framework for what is allowed in the house)

you can’t leave home alone for a long time

The best cat breeds for kids

Do you want to bring something new into your life. something that would please you, wake you up in the morning and sometimes do some little pranks? Then the kitten is exactly the animal that you need. And below, read about the 11 best cat breeds for kids and home.

Cats, on the other hand, live long enough, are trained to use the toilet, a place to eat and sleep, have healing abilities, please with their “gags”.

If you, after thinking, calculating all the pros and cons, nevertheless decided to take a kitten, then it remains to decide on its breed and nickname (read how to name a white, ginger kitten).

How to choose the best cat breed for your child?

There is no unambiguous answer to these questions, since the choice of a kitten can be influenced by various factors: character, its coat, its appearance. However, if you consider the characteristics of the breeds, then it will be much easier for you to choose from them. Try to evaluate all the advantages and some disadvantages of the photo and description of each breed and understand which breed of cats to choose.

The best cat breeds

Cats without a breed can give completely unpredictable offspring, with the characters of the most different, both purebred and outbred cats. They can have a variety of colors, short or long legs, they can be fluffy or not very fluffy, they are different. However, mongrel kittens are united by the fact that they are very friendly, do not show aggression and are not vindictive.

Cats of this breed are cheerful and love to play, in addition, they will not bother with their “meow”, as they are not particularly “talkative”. These cats adapt well to a new environment, easily “find a common language” with children and other animals. Their wool is large enough, more like down, so sometimes you have to clean carpets and furniture.

Cats of this breed are distinguished by their extraordinary ears. Their color can be different, but the ears always remain of an unusual shape. They have a silky coat of medium fluffiness. These cats are very gentle and good-natured. Aggression is shown extremely rarely and does not hold grudges.

British cat is the best breed of cats for kids.

Kids love these pussies that you can cuddle without worrying about your finger. These cats are calm and confident, and their patient and kind nature makes them quite lazy (they are inactive). They can make friends with a dog or other pet. Their coat does not require much maintenance. Cats are susceptible to diseases, so it is worth monitoring their health, protecting them from diseases.

These cats are very mobile, like small children. They are very inquisitive, stick their nose everywhere. We do not recommend purchasing this kitten for small children, as he loves respectful attitude towards himself and can scratch. The coat is short and low maintenance.

The Burmese cat is an excellent “nanny” from the feline family.

These cats have unusual patience and do not show aggression at all. They are very active and inquisitive, but not overly so, so don’t worry. They meow only on business. Their coat is short and does not require special care.

Bengal cat. funny and mischievous.

She is able to put things in order in a matter of minutes, so you shouldn’t leave her unattended where there is a lot of interesting things for her. Bengals are good for friendship, but cannot become a toy (they can sharpen their claws).

Scottish cats are very friendly. They are silent, do not bite or scratch, but do not like to be on their hands for a long time and may be afraid of loud sounds (noisy games). Read how to name a Scottish cat.

They are very reminiscent of a toy, as their faces depict cute images, and the fluff makes them soft and fluffy, like teddy bears. They are in good contact with children: they do not offend and are not afraid to play with them. Their coat requires constant brushing and special care.

Cats of this breed are called “rag dolls”, as they allow you to do whatever you want with them. They do not scratch or bite, but, like a tail, follow the owner on the heels. This calm breed is one of the best cat choices for kids.

Refined cats with extraordinary facial features and body shape. They, lop-eared, slender and long-legged, so graceful, with an elongated nose, resemble small dogs. Their character is quite flexible, they are affectionate, sociable and mobile. They, like dogs, can bring you something: a ball, a mouse. Their peculiarity is sensitivity to cold, so it is worth monitoring the temperature in which they live.

There are other cat breeds that you might like. We advise you to consider all the arguments in favor of any of them and choose the best cat that will delight you.!