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Which Muzzle Is Best For A German Shepherd

Before pairing, you need

Without fail, both the girl and the boy will need:

  • It’s good to take a walk in the street, play;
  • It is not recommended to feed earlier than 4 hours before the process;
  • Treatment for parasites in 2 weeks;
  • Anthelmintic agent no later than 10 days;
  • Fully inoculate in 14 days.

Immediately after. it is not recommended to let the bitch go free-range, only under control, not to let her jump. Girls change their behavior almost immediately. They become more accurate, thrifty, do not allow strangers dogs. But behavior can change with age, after each birth in different directions.

Search for mating partners

Mating in German Shepherds is a prerequisite for breeding. Many breeders, before giving a puppy, say in advance whether the shepherd will be used in breeding.

  • You need to untie the dog by the age of 2 years, and then participate in breeding regularly.

The first mating for a girl’s German Shepherd and the first time for a male is equally important. Boys, with incorrect mating, may stop showing themselves, therefore, it is not recommended to allow young dogs to act independently, it is better to control the process.

They select a pair according to exteriors, a competent choice will remove flaws and preserve the already existing advantage. It is important to pay attention not only to externally data, but also to service characteristics, as well as the state of the psyche.

Each dog must meet the following criteria:

  • Age not less than 1.5 years;
  • All vaccinations are available;
  • Screening for genetic diseases;
  • Stable psyche, without aggressiveness or fearfulness.

A good option is if the animals know each other. If they are not familiar, give time to get used to and get comfortable. The main thing is not to interfere, get ready to observe and help if needed.

  • The pet will feel comfortable only in the presence of the owner. Be calm and do not raise your voice, you can praise him or her approvingly when the process has already begun.

If from the first time the dog does not fall into the loop, that’s okay. He needs to be given time to rest, or with help on his own. Hold the bitch, move her tail and even direct her hand. The main thing is that the animal does not have time to get tired and get very excited.

Even if the bitch snaps, don’t panic. You need to calm her down, hold her by the collar or even fix her head, wait for the lock.

External indicators and how the process takes place

The male tries at the beginning to adhere to the bitch a couple of times (makes a cage), if everything is in order, the girl does not resist, then he tries to consolidate his position, holds her with his paws on his back. Trying to get into the loop, he can make several movements. past, and after several attempts to get inside.

After the dog is inside, the corresponding characteristic movements take place, after the end of the process, ejaculate is released, after which you will see how the dog begins to “dance in place” as if it is going to leave on two hind legs.

After completion, a “lock” is formed, preventing the boy from getting off the bitch. The penis swells, and the walls of the bitch’s vagina close, not allowing it to come to the surface. In this position, they will stand for 5 to 10 minutes, after which the swelling will subside and the penis can come out. In this position, they cannot be touched, everything will go away on its own.

What day to knit a bitch

The first mating for a German Shepherd can be difficult, the owner must prepare and accurately time the onset of estrus. The day of mating will be counted from this time.

  • From the onset of estrus, there are days. in which the dog is most likely to become pregnant. the days of ovulation, occur on days 10-14. For the first time, you can donate blood for hormones at the clinic, where ovulation will be accurately determined.

The girl can behave revealingly, “substitute” and behave a little strange. If you press on the area of ​​the cross, as when teaching the dog to “sit”, it obediently stands in the appropriate position and lifts its tail.

What needs to be done and preparation for mating

In a German shepherd in an older age, the whole process takes place independently, it depends on the experience of the dog and the external parameters of the animals.

In order to properly mate dogs, you can ask the instructor to supervise the process. Or just guide and help on your own, many dog ​​owners even direct him into a loop if he cannot get inside for a long time.

  • At the moment of “lock”, if one of the dogs starts to walk aside, usually it is a girl, it is necessary to hold her, the boy will be hurt. In this case, it is better to control the bitches in advance, if mating is the first.

After the process, check the dog to see if it has been damaged, if the swelling has subsided and if it has returned to its natural position. If the swelling persists, immerse the organ in cool water. If the decline has not occurred for a long time, it is better to consult a doctor, perhaps the dog was injured.

Mating in a German shepherd: when and how to do, timing

Mating for a German shepherd should only be carried out in accordance with all established rules, as well as with careful selection of a dog.

Mating German Shepherds is allowed under certain conditions: age threshold, breed indicators necessary for matching a pair. The offspring should be planned, animals should be with all vaccinations, and also be suitable for exteriors.

How should mating go

The girl comes to the dog’s home, where, in his usual conditions, he feels more relaxed. After arrival, it is necessary to give the dogs some time to be in their natural environment. In this case, the owner should be near, there should be no strangers.

  • For the convenience of the boy, they lay a non-slip coating, or overexpose his paws from behind, putting his foot. as a stop.

If the bitch does not allow the dog, or tries to escape: the owner will need to hold her from the side of the head. Dogs are also helped if it is not possible to gain a foothold the first time, the bitch can take her tail off on her own, then it will be easier for him.

Signs of pregnancy

  • Swelling of the nipples;
  • Enlargement of the abdomen;
  • Light discharge from the loop;
  • Increased appetite;
  • Behavior change. neatness, decreased activity;
  • Lethargy;
  • Possible toxicosis;
  • How often can you knit.

Sheepdog is knitted through heat, after pregnancy it must recover physically and get stronger. Recommended frequency of mating. once a year.

Male. knits regularly, but also requires recovery. If the mating goes one after the other, he needs time to rest, after 2 days. If the dog is unleashed, he regularly participates in breeding up to 8. 9 years.

The same is with the bitch. they are used in breeding up to 6 years of age, after which there will be the last mating and planned sterilization. It is better if, with late mating, there is a cesarean section, then two operations occur simultaneously.

In older dogs after 5 years, pathology may develop: large puppies in smaller numbers, the development of a postpartum inflammatory process, various hormonal disorders.

What time can you knit German shepherds for the first time

For the first time, the best time is from 18 m. To 2 years. Usually, the first mating occurs on the 3rd heat, when the dog is fully formed and matured. The same recommendations for males, mating age from 18 m.

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Age threshold at which you should not knit for the first time: 3 years. If before this time there were no mating, then there is the likelihood of stillbirth or pregnancy will not occur at all. With age, pathologies can develop: the risk of a large fetus increases, which will cause the inability to give birth on its own. Increased risk of endometritis and insufficient milk supply for puppies.

  • The first birth is recommended to be carried out under the supervision of a doctor or a breeder, as well as to agree in advance about assistance, a possible arrival of a doctor at home in case of problems.

Early mating is highly undesirable on the first and second estrus, it is important to remember that you should not let the dog off the leash, otherwise an accidental meeting may occur. Remember that girls may not behave as usual. they often deliberately run away from the owner at this time.

What is the best muzzle for a German shepherd

The wide variety of dog muzzles can be confusing. Answers to the main questions can be a guide for the owner of a shepherd dog.

German shepherd puppy muzzle

To pick up ammunition so that it fits for any age will not work. Babies need their own muzzle. As the puppy grows, it will have to be changed. To begin with, choose a soft construction that does not interfere with the puppy’s breathing. There is a category of muzzles that can only be formally ranked as protective ammunition. They are a loop of a leather belt wound around the face. This could be the first model for a growing German Shepherd.

Plastic ammunition

Plastic has some of the advantages of metal, in particular, you can breathe normally in it with your tongue out.

Which Muzzle Is Best For A German Shepherd

The muzzle is lightweight and inexpensive. Its disadvantage is low strength. It is easy to break in the game, in addition, some dogs easily pull it off the muzzle.

Broken plastic can injure the dog and its playmate. In severe frosts, the muzzle can behave unpredictably, for example, crack. Hard edges touch the skin and sometimes chafe.

This ammunition can be recommended:

  • For a warm season for a short walk around the city;
  • For use in public transport;
  • For walking near garbage dumps.

It is almost impossible to pick up something inedible through a small grate.

How to train an adult dog

A mature dog is unlikely to be delighted if you immediately pull an incomprehensible structure over his face, so this must be done in stages:

  • Introduce the animal to a new subject. Let the dog sniff it and get used to it.
  • Put a treat in the design. Let the pet stick its face there. Don’t try for
  • To lash the harness or keep the dog there, otherwise the process will be delayed. The number of approaches for a treat should be at least 10-15.
  • Hold your hand with a treat in front of the muzzle, treating the shepherd when she shoves her muzzle into it. You can immediately give a specific command, which will be further associated with this action.
  • Give a command, according to which the animal sticks its muzzle into the ammunition. Treat her with a treat. At the same time, carefully fasten the belts for a few seconds, or better, put them on quickly over your ears and immediately take them off.

If you do this three times a day, then in 2-3 days you can accustom the shepherd to ammunition.

How to choose a muzzle for a German shepherd. Metal muzzle for a shepherd

The advantages of such an item include:

  • Reliability;
  • Strength;
  • Dog friendly.

Correctly selected ammunition does not touch the muzzle, is well fixed and serves for a long time. It allows the dog to open its mouth inside the “cage”, which allows the animal to breathe normally in the heat.

There are several disadvantages of this design. The metal body on a massive dog can injure another dog while playing. The owner can receive a tangible blow to the leg with this construction.

You can recommend such a muzzle to a shepherd dog for a warm season for quiet walks or trips on public transport. It is better to choose those designs in which there is a fabric pad between the dog’s muzzle and the metal grill.

Leather muzzle

Leather ammunition can be closed. solid or open, which is made of riveted leather belts. These devices have a common advantage. naturalness, but this is also a disadvantage.

After playing in wet snow, the leather of the accessory dries up and deforms. The muzzle loses its attractiveness. If it is made of belts, then the gaps between them can become wider, which affects the main function. protection.

The main difference between the two types of leather muzzles is that the closed version prevents the animal from opening its mouth, which can lead to heatstroke. The belts are breathable and do not chafe the skin of the shepherd.

A closed leather muzzle should be worn for a short time and make sure that the dog does not overheat. Proper harness ammunition is a great choice:

  • For long walks;
  • Games with harmless animals;
  • Transport trips.

Stretched straps will not protect against poisoned bait or outdoor debris, so this muzzle should be updated frequently. This is one of the most comfortable models for a shepherd.

How to choose a muzzle to fit

However, it is not always possible to force an unprepared animal to appear in an unfamiliar place, and sometimes it is simply difficult to take out a large dog. In this case, you need to understand how to find out the size of the required ammunition. Main settings:

  • Girth of the muzzle. measured with a measuring tape, stepping back 1 cm from the line of the eyes.
  • Muzzle length. measured from the nose to the 1 cm mark from the eyes.

This distance of 1 cm is necessary for the shepherd, so that the structure does not interfere with looking, i.e. Wouldn’t touch the eyes. The girth of the muzzle should be measured with the mouth closed, but then add to the size from 3 to 7 cm.This will allow the animal to breathe.

How to properly muzzle a shepherd

In order to put on the muzzle, you must first place the dog’s face in the “basket” of the structure. If the muzzle fits comfortably, secure the structure with straps at the back of the head and neck. In the future, you can get rid of the fasteners by placing rivets on the adjusted length of the belts. In this case, by placing the “basket”, you can pull the belts over the ears. A carabiner can be welded to the straps on the back of the head, which will fix the structure on the collar. This will prevent the animal from removing ammunition on its own.

How to choose a muzzle for a dog: types and materials

There are several varieties of this popular accessory. each model is good in its own way, however, almost all options have disadvantages:

  • From leather. there are two options. a deaf, tightly covering the mouth, and a basket, assembled from soft strips connected to a mesh. The first should not be used in the summer or used during long training and training. the dog cannot breathe, sticking out his tongue and quickly becomes exhausted. However, this model also has advantages: among them reliable protection against animal bites and ventilation provided by holes made in the product. The second muzzle is ideal for owners of Labradors, Terriers and Collies. In it, your pet will be able to drink and will feel as comfortable as possible. the flexible design does not press on the animal’s nose as much as the deaf cover of a fully closed model.
  • Made of metal. it is a mesh basket that covers the dog’s face up to the eyes. Wire mesh reliably protects passers-by and becomes an effective means of protection against aggressive dogs of fighting breeds. Some models are equipped with a special leather lining located at the nose. it does not allow the frame to rub the face. However, in most designs, such an insert is absent. this option is suitable for dogs with thick hair: Chow-Chow, Bobtail, Newfoundland. Rottweilers, Great Danes and Dobermans are better off buying a model with a special layer of fabric or leather.
  • Made of plastic. the design is the same. a basket or a net. The dog’s muzzle is relatively free: the animal can lick or stick out its tongue during deep breaths. The disadvantages of this option are low wear resistance and the need for regular cleaning. Plastic can crack from mechanical stress or low temperatures. Often, such material painfully rubs the pet’s face.

Another species that is especially popular among owners of good-natured and calm dogs is a bridle or loop. A cloth or leather strap fixes the animal’s jaw and is attached to the back of the head. This option is ideal for walking in public places and can be used by dog ​​owners who are stressed from wearing a metal or plastic net.

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Features of use and types: how to choose a muzzle for a dog

What is this important accessory for? It turns out that it is simply necessary for:

  • Transportation of an animal in transport. not all passengers are ready to ride in a full bus with a dog, even if he is relatively peaceful;
  • Training an adult dog (provided that you took the dog at a conscious age, and he can resist during commands);
  • Protecting your pet from poisoning. very often, four-legged friends pull from the ground everything that only catches their eye. The muzzle does not allow picking up a “tidbit” that can be deadly.
  • A visit to the veterinarian. if an animal is hurt, even if unintentionally, it will immediately react and try to take revenge on the offender. So to protect the doctor during the examination is the task of every caring owner.

In addition, a muzzle is a guarantee of good relations with neighbors, which will never harm, but only improve the owner’s reputation and allow the dog to live peacefully in the house. It is much more pleasant to be confident of understanding on the part of the tenants than to expect the worst from them, meeting sidelong glances and undisguised anger during each walk. So the purchase of this harmless accessory is not a whim and whim, but a real necessity for most owners.

  • When choosing, remember about the breed of the pet and its size. Models that are ideal for boxers and shepherds will be completely unsuitable for Spitz and Welsh Corgi and vice versa.
  • The cost of the product depends on the brand, country of origin and the material from which the accessory is made. If you want to save money, do not forget: the main thing is comfortable wear and structural strength.
  • The muzzle should not put pressure on the pet’s nose and eye area. Try on an accessory and see if the animal can lick its lips, breathe deeply, open its mouth? This factor is especially important when walking in the heat, when mastiffs, lapdogs and pit bulls are exhausted from the heat.

How many mounts should there be? For calm dogs, one is enough. as a rule, it is located behind the ears. If your four-legged fidget can easily pull off a leather or fabric protective “mask”, look for a more reliable option.

How to choose the right muzzle size

  • Length. (from eyes to nose and from occiput to eyes);
  • Girth. (to measure, you need to move the tape just below the eye line);
  • Face width.

Dimensional grids of different brands may differ, so it is simply necessary to take measurements. so you can find the ideal option without spending money and time buying a “pig in a poke”.

Muzzles for small dogs: design features

Chihuahuas, poodles or pugs require a special design. most often they are made of nylon. A soft or hard frame (in the event that the product is made of plastic) wraps around the pet’s face and prevents him from pulling something inedible, but so seductive, from the ground. Another variant of cat muzzles, used for small dogs: in the photo of such cone-shaped structures, it is clearly visible. the animal will not be able to open its mouth to bite someone or eat something deadly. However, this advantage also contains a significant drawback of such a model. the dog cannot quench his thirst or lick his lips.

Remember: the protective “mask” should not interfere with the animal drinking, breathing with a tongue sticking out and opening its mouth. This condition applies to all options: grid, node, basket. Deaf models are an exception.

How to muzzle a dog: don’t forget about safety

If you took your measurements correctly, the dog should not feel discomfort even in the wire basket. However, a precaution never hurts: carefully check if your pet is not compressed by a solid frame. Be sure to see if you have fastened the straps too tight. If, after a walk, you find deep traces from the net on the dog’s nose and face, loosen the fastener or buy another product. there is always a possibility that the chosen model will be too tight and small for your pet.

How to choose a muzzle for a dog

Metal, nylon, leather muzzle for a dog, models of all sizes and shapes from domestic and European manufacturers. what is it and why buy a protective “mask” for your pet? Most owners will refuse such a purchase, motivating their decision with concern for the freedom of the animal and the unwillingness to cause the pet the discomfort associated with wearing this accessory. However, the prospect of a conflict is more than unenviable: on a walk, your dog may bark at a child, a mother with a stroller or an elderly neighbor, and public peace will immediately end.

It would seem that you should not worry: the pet was on a leash and did no harm to anyone. But people who are afraid at the sight of dogs have a different opinion. if a small Yorkie cannot escape from the hands of a vigilant owner, then a huge German Shepherd or Great Dane becomes a real threat in the eyes of frightened neighbors. Can’t convince the residents of the house of the safety of living and walking next to such a giant? Then you have to think about buying a muzzle.

Those who believe that muzzles are a sign of large and formidable animals are mistaken: very often representatives of small breeds hide their teeth behind such a mask. And it’s not even that the dog scares the people who meet him during the daily promenade. accessories made of leather, fabric, metal and plastic can come in handy in many situations when an animal can cause harm without wanting to. for example, during going to the veterinarian.

How to train your dog to muzzle unopposed

Training should be done at home or in an environment that does not stress the dog.

  • To begin with, you can put a treat in the “basket” of the product and feed it to a puppy or adult animal. Then praise your pet and repeat the exercise.
  • After a few days, try putting a strap or strap over your head while pushing food through the holes in the basket. As soon as the dog has eaten all the pieces offered to it, remove the muzzle.

In our country, walking dogs more than 40 cm tall at the withers and weighing over 5 kg without special “protection” can lead to a fine (from 1 to 5 thousand rubles). Do not tempt fate: even the calmest dogs can show aggression at the most inopportune moment, and curiosity during a walk often causes serious poisoning. Take care of the calmness and health of your animal and those around you. Believe me, it’s not that difficult, and most importantly, it’s very important!

Types of muzzles

The main materials from which this item of ammunition is made are leather, metal, plastic. The following types of muzzles for shepherd dogs are presented on the pet accessories market:

  • Police officer training. It is used to train the German Shepherd in protective guard service. Features. durability and safety. Made of leather with metal inserts that provide reliable protection against animal attacks. A sufficient number of holes allows the dog to breathe freely. A special nose pad inside the item protects the animal from injury. Metal plates, located vertically on the front panel and on the sides (additional), help to maintain the muzzle shape, contribute to a secure fit. With aggressive behavior, the dog will not be able to remove it. The only drawback is the most expensive of all muzzles.
  • Leather mesh. Made from strips of leather or leatherette, fastened with metal rivets. Leather is a soft, pliable material, does not freeze or overheat, does not cause allergies. A popular type of muzzle at an affordable price. Dressing it on a dog, you can be sure of its comfort and safety. The disadvantages include fragility, since the skin dries out and cracks when it gets wet, and the rivets rust. When choosing, you should carefully examine the object, pay attention to the quality of the material. Rivets must not contain traces of rust, nicks that can injure the dog.
  • Leather deaf. Securely fixes the mouth, closing it to the very eyes, there are ventilation holes. The straps for fixing on the back of the head and an additional one on the forehead prevent the dog from removing the muzzle. It is recommended to choose this type of muzzle for training, it can be used in any weather, it does not rub the animal’s face. Among the shortcomings. tight fixation, which does not allow the dog to breathe with an open mouth, therefore, it is not recommended to wear for a long time in the hot season, air exchange may be disrupted, and the pet will receive heatstroke.
  • Metallic mesh. Provides the best air access for the pet, it is possible to drink water and take food in it. Well suited for cases when the dog has to spend a long time in the muzzle. It is advisable to select an item for purchase equipped with special linings. This will prevent the metal from traumatizing the dog’s face. The disadvantage of this type of accessory is that the dog can accidentally injure people and other animals. Cannot be used for training, in rainy and cold weather.
  • Plastic. The lightest, it is very easy to train, easy to use and maintain. The basket design allows the animal to breathe freely. With prolonged wear, it may chafe the skin, is not strong enough, and cracks may appear on impact and low temperatures.
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How to choose the right muzzle for a shepherd dog

With the appearance of a dog in the house, you should take care of suitable ammunition for her.

  • Lightweight;
  • Durable;
  • Convenient;
  • Safe;
  • Well ventilated.

The sizes are taken into account in accordance with the structure of the skull in a particular breed of dog. To choose the right muzzle for your German Shepherd, you need to measure:

  • The circumference of the muzzle is below the line of the eyes;
  • Length from the nose to the line of the eyes;
  • The height of the muzzle from the chin to the nose (plus a few centimeters to account for the open mouth);
  • Neck circumference directly behind the ears;
  • Distance between back of head and eyes.

For adult German Shepherds, as a rule, the length is 10 cm, the circumference is 28 cm, the neck girth can be up to 64 cm. The correct size of the accessory ensures its comfortable use. After removing the muzzle, the pet’s skin must be carefully examined, the presence of traces from the belts indicate that the size of the object was chosen incorrectly.

Circumstances in which the muzzle must be worn:

  • Passing a general course of training, protective guard service.
  • Treatment of injured dogs, performing manipulations accompanied by pain. Even a calm dog may show signs of aggression when in pain.
  • Walking in public places, transportation in transport.
  • The appearance in the house of a new animal or a stranger.
  • To prevent conflict situations between the owner and others, even if the owner is sure that the dog will not bite.
  • Adult dog, just brought into the house.
  • So that the pet does not pick up edible items from the ground, does not spoil property.

Muzzle training

From 5-6 months of age, an adult dog or puppy should be taught to muzzle gradually. At first, the correctly chosen accessory can be worn for a few minutes, each time increasing the time the pet is in the muzzle. When trying to remove the muzzle, the animal is distracted with a favorite toy, a treat. You cannot use the item as a punishment. In order for the pet to quickly get used to the muzzle, you need to use such positive methods (play, walk).

The muzzle is a mandatory item of ammunition, therefore, its choice and the subsequent training of the animal must be taken with responsibility.

German shepherd muzzle

Have you already taken the first walks with your pet? So, you know that you just need to put on a collar and leash for your German Shepherd before a hike. But do not forget about a very important attribute for walking, especially for such a large breed. the muzzle.

Many people believe that this need is not justified, for each owner his beloved dog is the kindest, but this is not so. In this article, we will tell you why you need a muzzle and which type is best for your dog in any given case of her life.


This muzzle is very convenient for frequent and strenuous workouts due to its lightness. It is designed in the shape of a basket and allows the German Shepherd to breathe freely.

Advantages: it is used in all weather conditions, it is good to swim in it. Through this product, the pet will not be able to bite anyone. Such a muzzle is easy to care for. It only needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Disadvantages: may crack from sudden impact or low temperatures. Rubs over the skin when worn for too long.

Soft nylon

This view completely fits the face, it is not possible to lift anything dirty on the street, drink from puddles. The pet’s nose can be either open or closed with a special insert, thereby preventing him from breathing with his tongue out. With the necessary manipulations, such as cleaning your ears or clipping your nails, this accessory can save you from being bitten by a disgruntled animal.

When walking in the hot season, for the convenience of the dog, you can use a nylon mesh muzzle. If your shepherd loves to gnaw on objects, it is better to choose another accessory. nylon is fragile and will quickly deteriorate.

We teach the dog to new clothes

After you put the collar on the shepherd dog and fasten the leash, you should use the command “Sit” to put it near the left leg and put on the muzzle. Watch closely the behavior of the dog, if she is unhappy and tries to pull off a new thing, give the order “Fu”. Make your pet sit like this for at least 15. 20 seconds, then praise him and cheer him up with stroking. Gradually increase the time to a minute, with a calm reaction, say the command “Near” and go outside. Whenever you try to get rid of a new accessory, stop immediately and issue a prohibiting order.

Leather basket

If your pet has a balanced character, then this accessory is just for you. Free mouth closes with soft leather stripes intertwined into a mesh.

Advantages: in such a muzzle the dog feels comfortable, as its design allows you to breathe freely with the tongue out and can drink at a convenient moment. Used in all weather conditions, allowing you to look completely non-aggressive.

Disadvantages: this type wears out quickly and requires constant cleaning. In addition, some animals manage to pull it over the head with a paw.

Varieties of accessory

Many people prefer practical and comfortable fabric muzzles. Besides this type, there are other types:

  • Soft nylon;
  • Mesh metal;
  • Deaf leather;
  • Leather baskets;
  • Plastic;
  • Loops or bridles;
  • Police training.

Let’s consider in detail the pros and cons of these types of muzzles.

What is it for

The muzzle is designed primarily to protect others from the dog’s aggression. over, the degree of aggressiveness of the dog does not matter, since a person subconsciously feels a threat from an unfamiliar large dog, which includes the German Shepherd.

Let’s describe the main situations in which a muzzle can be useful:

  • While in transport, especially public transport;
  • When going to the vet;
  • During care, training, training;
  • It is necessary to prevent the dog picking up objects from the ground;
  • Avoiding damage to property.

A muzzle helps maintain a calm relationship with people around you. Most of them have a negative attitude towards dogs without a muzzle when they meet them on the street, especially large breeds. They can not only quarrel with the pet owner, but also try to poison the animal. In order to avoid all possible problems in the future, it is better to equip a German Shepherd.

Let’s consider in more detail what types of muzzles exist.

Mesh metal

This species is one of the most suitable muzzles for the German Shepherd. It is made in the form of a lattice that completely covers the mouth up to the eyes, but allows the muzzle to be free inside. In some types of this accessory there is a lining that prevents the metal from rubbing the skin of the animal.

Advantages: in addition to being durable and does not require daily maintenance, another huge plus is that it is suitable for hot weather, since the dog breathes freely in it. And the grill protects against possible pet bites.

Disadvantages: Due to certain weather conditions (frost, rain) it cannot be used. Also, be prepared for all kinds of bruises and bruises. an accidental blow with a metal muzzle is extremely painful. If the lining is attached to the grill, then due to the accumulation of moisture, diaper rash on the dog’s skin may occur.