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Who can a cockerel fish live with?


There are many varieties of barbs. By nature, everyone is very mobile, they like a fast current, they require space for swimming. This is a schooling fish, and in a spacious aquarium it can coexist with almost any non-aggressive neighbors. For large predators, this is food.

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Compatibility types

With the first two, everything is clear. What is the third category, and how to deal with it?

Much depends on the conditions, experience of the owner and his attentiveness. For example, if the fish are not quite suitable for each other in character, but they live in a large aquarium, where there is enough space for everyone, their neighborhood is considered acceptable.

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Another indicator of conditional compatibility is life in different layers of water. Some fish live mainly near the surface, others. at the bottom. Still others occupy the middle layer. Bottom fish almost never touch those who live near the surface. Even if the catfish are predatory, and their neighbors are peaceful and small.

Intraspecific compatibility. For some species, it is important that there are fewer males than females. If this condition is not met, the fish will fight until their number becomes comfortable.


There is no aggression towards schooling fish, with the exception of species with long veil fins, which males can pluck. Outwardly, the combination of these fish is attractive, and starting the classic zebrafish shape, you can easily combine it with a cockerel.

Catfish and bottom fish: compatibility

It is believed that the catfish will not bother anyone, but will take care of the aquarium. It is not known by whom and when this bike was invented. In practice, everything is somewhat different.


It is quite probable that there are cockerels together with rasbora. These fish are more buoyant and maneuverable, therefore, even when attacked by an aggressive neighbor, they can escape from him. Algae or shelter is required to restrict movement.


Peaceful, popular fish for the aquarium, which needs the same water parameters as this species. Not aggressive and not interested in these neighbors.


Also, cockerels can be adjacent to cardinals. The fish are small and inconspicuous. Males simply do not consider them to be rivals, so they can move around in the aquarium as they please.

Settlement rules in a shared aquarium

Neons are distinguished by calm behavior, and only during the spawning period they become overly active and cocky. Therefore, choose as neighbors for them fish, not predatory, but omnivorous or herbivorous, balanced and not very playful. There are a number of rules that are important to ensure that the compatibility of neons with other fish in the aquarium is as successful as possible.

Check out this neon shared aquarium.

  • Compatibility is possible between fish that live in a similar environment in the wild. Neon fish live in water with a temperature of 18-24 ° C, an acidity of 5.5-7.5 pH, and a hardness of 8-20 °. Therefore, their neighbors in the aquarium must be adapted to similar parameters.
  • You can not settle neons with large predators that feed exclusively on meat and carrion. Otherwise, peaceful neons will become prey for them. the fins can be cut off, at least.
  • You can not settle small and large fish in a common aquarium, such incompatibility can cause severe stress, or loss of bright body color.
  • Choose neighbors that are similar in temperament. Small and nimble fish will feel comfortable in the company of calm and not fast fish. What is it for? The fact is that the activity of fish can provoke water fluctuations, which can lead to stress.
  • Neons are schooling fish, not loners. They feel good in the company of the same relatives, the fish alone will not live long.
  • A territorial niche should be installed in the aquarium. That is, all types of fish must swim in certain layers of water. in the lower, middle or upper. So they will not interfere with each other. Neons, like the catfish of the corridor, float in the bottom layer of the aquatic environment.
  • Neons love plants not as a treat, but as decorations or shelters, among which you can swim or hide. If other aquarium fish chew on the leaves, or are prone to such pests, neons can be severely affected.
  • During illness, all fish need to be treated, and treatment options may not be the same for all fish. Some people tolerate treatment with salt, copper, while others do not. Neons are not particularly sensitive to copper-based drugs. Therefore, fish with the same tolerance can become their neighbors. Then the treatment can take place in the general aquarium.
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    What fish can a red cock get along with.

    it all depends on the cock and on his temperament. Seriously.
    I had a rooster, he rushed at everyone indiscriminately, two fish simply threw themselves out of the aquarium because of his persecution, he knocked out the eyes of the catfish and he died. True, justice nevertheless triumphed, and this rooster was then banged by a chicken specially bought for him for breeding. First she cut off his fins, and then beat him to death. that’s the story.
    and a girlfriend has a rooster, none of the inhabitants of the aquarium in the year of his life in it has not yet offended.
    Better not to keep a male and a female in the same aquarium, and even in such a small one. If you come across normal fish, and not such psychos as I got, soon the male will build a nest from the bubbles, and after mating he will start chasing the female from the nest, so much so that he will simply kill her if she does not hide anywhere ( which is quite problematic in three liters). The male very jealously guards the nest and his offspring and will not let anyone near him.

    For one cock, an aquarium of 3 liters is enough. Just keep an eye on the purity and temperature of the water, otherwise the cockerel can quickly start semolina (a very harmful disease that you will be tortured to treat, if, of course, you still detect it at an early stage)

    With none. He loves to fight, and you can’t do anything about it. Cockerels should be kept in the aquarium at least 40 liters if the fish are heterosexual. then you need shelters for females. And it is better not to put two males in an aquarium at all, unless, of course, you are not a fan of fish fights.

    Ooooh! What a “cool” fish !!))) if he is such a fighter, let one swim)). ABOUT! a female to him! more fun together). But seriously: plant such a fish only with those who are larger than him)) why such a small aquarium? and why a cockerel? in this only guppies are possible. 🙂

    with piranhas! joke! and you can still buy those !! in fact, cockerels with character and will fight with any fish. It is better not to plant males together, otherwise the “cock” fights will be.
    Although golden, gourami, swordtails, scalars, changeling catfish, neons, dunks, cockerels, barbs, these fish get along, but the chances are small.
    Keep no more than one pair in the aquarium (adults). since they are territorial fish and having chosen a place for themselves. drive away other individuals of the same sex from him. Leaving them in the aquarium will not lead to anything good. The dominant couple will constantly oppress the others and the result will be disastrous.
    Together as a pair. always get along normally, only once there was a case. could not divide the fry and as a result, the fry got it (I had to plant one for a while) and everything returned to normal.

    Рыбки “Тернеция” и “Петушок” в одном аквариуме. terneczeia fish lives amicably with fish Cockerel

    You do not need to have academic knowledge or special conditions in order to get a rooster fish. This species thrives even in a small aquarium. Some owners manage to keep one individual in a regular three-liter jar. But two males in one “reservoir” cannot get along. True, some owners share long aquariums with glasses, settling their pets one at a time in different compartments. Many do this also because, seeing a rival, the cockerels begin to become brighter, more colorful, they take warlike poses, trying to intimidate and intimidate their counterpart. Females are not so aggressive, they can be kept several individuals at a time.

    A cockerel fish at home can live in an aquarium at the same time as other species. However, neighbors with veil fins should be avoided. Otherwise, the “fighters” will certainly cut them off. It is better to settle larger fish with short fins, for example, barbs, to the cockerels.

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    For tropical cockerels, it is desirable to keep the water temperature between 24 and 28 degrees. Periodic reduction of it to 18 degrees is allowed. On the surface of the water, open areas should be left without floating vegetation. Fish need atmospheric air. Special aeration of water is not required, but it is desirable to pass water through a filter. It is recommended to set up the aquarium so that the sun gets on it for several hours during the day. It is undesirable to put it in a draft.

    The reservoir should be thoroughly cleaned periodically. To do this, you should either partially or completely change the water. The fish are pre-caught with a special net and placed in a jar. Sanitation is carried out without the use of powders.

    Who can a cockerel fish live with??

    It is advisable to keep the cockerels one at a time, even with their females they are kept through the glass. If the temperature is not higher than 24 ° C, the cockerels suck, they are inactive, you can keep with those who cannot devour and peel them. I do not see the point in such content, I do not see all the beauty of this beautiful fish.

    Despite their fame as a fighting fish, cockerels are very peaceful. Only males show strong aggression towards each other. Of. for this character trait, they began to be deduced as a fighting fish. And often they are not dangerous for other fish, but vice versa. True, sometimes they can attack a male guppy, confusing him with their relative. Lovely long fins and tails are the main reason why other aquarium fish attack cockerels.

    In my aquarium there is a fish called Cockerel, a male. Of course, they keep him one at a time, since his name is BOYTSOVSKAYA, do not plant anyone better, they will eat everyone. The aquarium is 5-7 liters, the room temperature is 22-23 degrees, there is a heater in the aquarium, it is normal, it has been living for 3 weeks already (I don’t remember). without a filter. Active: 33333

    Summing up

    Bright and eccentric cockerels can decorate any home or office. Caring for them is simple. In return, they will give many pleasant minutes to their owner.

    With whom neons can and cannot get along

    Neons get along well in a home pond with such aquarium fish: Peciliaceae (guppies, swordtails, mollies, petsilia), speckled catfish and panda catfish, tetras, danio rerio, labeo, rasbora, minors, gourami, rainbows, pulcheras, shrimps, minors. Let’s consider compatibility with some fish in more detail.

    See how well scalars and neons get along in one aquarium.

    Catfish corridor are excellent neighbors for small characinids, they live together in the bottom layers of the aquarium, and collect the remains of uneaten food. Corridors. harmless fish, also small and peaceful, like to watch their neighbors without harming them.

    Rasboring. can make a great company for neons. Among them: actually rasbor, boraras, microrass and trigonustigma, some of them belong to the Carp family.

    Fish of the Pecilia family (guppies, mollies, swordtails, platies). peacefully cohabit with the haracin. Swordsmen are also small in size, but males can be overly active. It should be borne in mind that more than two male swordtails sometimes pursue smaller neighbors, especially during the spawning period. With insufficient feeding, in cramped conditions, a small swimming place, swordtails become unbearable. To prevent these fish from terrorizing small neons, the aquarium should be spacious, with a sufficient number of plants and shelters.

    Neons are poorly compatible with such fish:

    • Large catfish, cichlids, barbs, astronotuses, cockerels, koi carps. those who live in cool water, or have a predatory, aggressive behavior.
    • Goldfish. they live in cool water, and are aggressive towards bright fish and their offspring.
    • Scalarians. can live with neons only on condition that they all grew up with the age of the young. But the scalars will perceive neon strangers as food. Also, during the mating season, scalars will be aggressive towards everyone, including these small fish.


    How to feed the cockerel fish? These aquatic inhabitants are picky. They can eat both dry food and live food. Most of all, cockerels love bloodworms. You can give tubifex, cyclops, daphnia. Earthworms will do. To prevent fish from overeating, remove uneaten leftovers 15 minutes after starting feeding. Food should be given once or twice a day.

    If you see pets are overeating, arrange for them one fasting day per week.

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    Fish cockerel: compatibility

    As mentioned earlier, male cockerels cannot be kept together. It is also undesirable to keep individuals of different sexes together. The male will constantly chase and bully the female.

    Did you have a cockerel fish for the first time in your home? “Who does this species get along with?” this question is often asked by newbies. Despite the “fighting” glory, the cockerels behave quite peacefully in relation to their neighbors. Sometimes, however, the male can attack the male guppy, mistaking him for a relative.

    It is undesirable to add a cock to the owners of beautiful long fins and tails. This will surely provoke the fighting fish, and it will start attacking. It is unlikely that the cockerel will bring the opponent to death, but he can bite or cut off the tails and fins.

    Often, aquarium owners add snails to their pets. Fighting fish can eat small specimens (for this they are usually planted). In larger individuals, males may bite the antennae. Keep this in mind for those planning to decorate their aquarium with large snails.

    Who do the bettas get along with and is it possible to keep a male and a female in the same aquarium

    In fact, keeping cockerels in a shared aquarium with other fish is not the easiest thing to do, and there are many factors that need to be considered and which can make it very easy for cockerels to share with other fish.

    Therefore, I decided to write this article so that it serves as a starting point for you in understanding the joint keeping of cockerels in a common aquarium.

    As you already know, it is generally not advisable to keep your bettas with each other and other fish. But, there are some content rules that allow you to do this.

    several cockerels in one common aquarium

    I would not recommend keeping more than one cock in the same tank due to their extreme aggressiveness towards their relatives. However, if you are still considering this option, then you should read the information below.

    Cockerels and snails

    Snails can be absolutely safely kept in the same aquarium with cockerels because of their shell, which reliably protects snails from the encroachments of curious or hungry cockerels.

    The big advantage of snails is that they are scavengers and actively eat algae.

    Nerite snails are especially good because they are small in size and their shell can look quite bizarre.

    However, one should be very careful when treating cockerels with drugs in the same tank as snails. Nerita snails can be sensitive to drug components. However, like any other snails.

    Ember Tetra / Hyphessobrycon amandae

    These aquarium fish are completely devoid of any aggressiveness and are able to get along completely with males. If we add the beautiful color of these fish to the scales, then their choice becomes obvious.

    It is also known that these fish do not suffer from a love of fraying the planes of other fish and wide fins of cockerels, including.

    These fish live in the same conditions as the cockerels and their dull color can well set off and emphasize the bright color of the cockerels. In addition, these fish are very fast and small, so the cockerel will not be able to catch them, even if he really wants to.

    Rasbora Harlequin / Trigonostigma heteromorpha

    Rasbora Harlequins get along well in the same aquarium with cockerels for a number of reasons. And the main reason is the fact that in the wild, these two species of fish live side by side in peace and harmony.

    Accordingly, their food and conditions of detention are similar.

    two male cockerels in one aquarium

    In the wild, when two cockerels are fighting, the loser can always flee the battlefield. In the aquarium, there is no such possibility and the fight will continue until the death of one of the males. It’s no options.

    Never try to keep two male bettas in the same tank.

    Who do the cockerels get along with in the same common aquarium??!

    As I said before, it can be a very bad idea to have several cockerels in the same tank and the next question is whether it is possible to keep cockerels with other aquarium fish.?!

    Surprisingly, you can. There are aquarium fish with which the cockerels are quite capable of getting along in the same aquarium. So this: