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Why did the cat leave and never come back?

The cat left home. a folk omen

Despite their affection for the home, felines can disappear for a time or forever. When the cat has left home, the omen can have the following meanings:

  • A pet who has lived in a family for a long time, by leaving it averts misfortune, misfortune. If there is a great danger on the doorstep of the house, the representatives of the feline disappear as if they did not exist at all. You won’t be able to find them.
  • The cat left and did not return. a sign promises a deterioration in health, death. In order to find out whether a sick person will recover or not, you can put a cat with him. If she sits next to her, then the patient will soon recover.
  • Another popular belief portends an addition to the family. the birth of a child.
  • According to some beliefs, the departure of the energy defender of the house (the cat) is associated with his expulsion by an angry brownie.
  • The ill-wishers have damaged or cursed the dwelling. This is one of the main reasons why cats do not take root in the house and constantly disappear.
  • Purrs are very sensitive to hostility and can leave the place where they are not welcome. Therefore, if the cat has left home, there is a possibility that one of the household members did not like him.
  • Another rationale for the reason for the disappearance of furry is interpreted based on the desire of the animal to leave the world far from everyone. They move away from their homes, feeling the approach of their death.
  • If you drive a cat out of the house, protection from negativity and evil eye will disappear along with it.

Why do cats (cats) leave home and do not return

It is believed that cats are mystical creatures. They are endowed with natural sensitivity, developed intuition, and a freedom-loving disposition. Our ancestors believed that purrs have a connection with the other world. They have the ability to sense bad energy. If the cat has left home, the sign calls for caution. Of course, it becomes sad when a beloved animal disappears. But maybe the time has come to stand up for his beloved master and take the blow of dark forces on himself.

leave, never, come, back

Signs of brownie hate

If the animal has left home, signs suggest that the Brownie (Domozhil, Veles, Bestiary, Dobrokhot, Susedko) does not want to accept it. It is worth getting a pet of a different color (black, red or gray).

An interesting story has a legend where the spirit of a witch can settle in a representative of a feline breed, whose energy is aimed at destroying the family hearth. Therefore, in general, the Brownie, who is friendly to cats, can drive away a fluffy in order to protect against evil.

If you are sure that your cat has nothing to do with the dark forces and its color fully satisfies the mystical creature, then the reason may be in some other object thrown into the house by envious people. There are times when the brownie, angry with the owner of the house, tries to survive all its inhabitants, starting with the cat.

Superstitions about a runaway cat returning home

Feline pets are distinguished by their devotion and affection, so you should not be surprised if, after a while, the cat returned home. Suspicious people begin to think that she brought trouble back. But far from it.

The sign when the cat left home and returned carries a positive aspect. She took away all the misfortunes and returned with good. Be sure that your pet is a real talisman at home, able to protect and protect from all adversity.

Scientific rationale

Scientists associate the loss of pets with their natural instincts and unforeseen circumstances that arose in their path. Here are the main theories about the disappearance of a cat from home:

  • being on the street for the first time, the cat may not find his way back;
  • the pet may be the victim of an attack by stray dogs or a collision with a vehicle;
  • during the mating season. the reason for the absence of cats for several weeks, or even months;
  • a pregnant cat leaves home in search of a secluded place for the safe birth of kittens;
  • under the influence of jealous feelings, cats can leave the house, for example, if the owner has another pet. They rarely tolerate competition in the house;
  • cats do not really like it when small children play with them, so there is no need to be surprised at the disappearance of a cat tortured by children.

Rituals for the return of a pet

When figuring out how to return the cat home, you can resort to the following ritual. Put a glass of clean water on the doorstep and say, imagining how your pet is going home: “To my house, to my doorstep.”.

Effectively approach an open window with a lit candle and shout: “Smoke mountain, (cat’s name) home!”. This method has helped to return pets that have gone on a spree more than once.

For a person who piously believes in God, the only correct solution to the question of returning the cat will be to go to church. Light a candle and ask to bring your pet back home. Will definitely help.

Having an animal in the house is a big job. He must be treated with respect, like a family member. Cats have healing abilities, protect the house from the evil eye and negative energy, and give positive emotions. They love their owner, and if the cat leaves the house, signs speak of her desire to save the person and his family from harm. Do not be upset in advance, the pet may return after a while. If it doesn’t, mentally release it. After all, it is not for nothing that there is a popular saying: “The cat left. do not regret it, but came. do not drive away”.

Dream interpretation. Cat as a symbol

According to Indian myths, a cat is an animal that belongs to the great goddess, the guardian of all newborns.

Usually this goddess is depicted galloping on a cat, therefore in India she is revered as a sacred animal.

According to the beliefs of the ancient Germans, a person who loves cats will be happy in marriage, the one who disgusts cats will marry a grumpy and angry woman. In any case, he will not have children.

In all fairy tales, myths and legends, cats accompany witches, goddesses and fairies.

The cat personifies the femininity, softness and charm.

However, later (in the Middle Ages) this animal began to be considered a companion of witches, so cats were persecuted.

In dreams, a cat symbolizes feminine attractiveness, magnetism and sensuality.

In Indian mythology, and in the tales of different peoples of the world, the forest is the habitat of the creator god.

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In Vishnuism and Krishnaism, the world is a “forest of eternal joys”, a place of mystical experience.

Symbols have a similar interpretation in dreams.

Look into any dream book. the forest has many meanings, but we are interested in a different interpretation.

There are many dangers in the forest, but one who goes through it to the end can know sensual joys, love and desire.

Dream interpretation. Cats

These cute animals do not dream well. They. harbingers of deception and betrayal.

If a girl dreamed of a cat. it means that her chosen one is cunning and unreliable.

A cat or a cat, dreamed of by a young man, will also not bring him happiness. The girl he loves will become a real shrew in the future and will not bring him to good.

It is bad when cats come to a merchant in a dream. it means that his servants are worthless, they are deceitful and stealing.

You can also use a combined dream book.

A large family is promised to you by a dream about a feline family. But at the same time your life will be empty and vain.

A dream in which you kill a cat means that soon you will reveal the nefarious designs of your enemies.

Have you ever had prophetic dreams?

Dream interpretation. Cat

Seeing is a failure, unless you can kill her or drive her out of sight;

Do Cats Come Back Home If They Run Away?

It rushes at you. you will have enemies who will do anything to tarnish your reputation and deprive you of your property;

Drive her away. overcoming huge obstacles, fate and reputation will take off;
a skinny, miserable and dirty cat is bad news: one of your friends is very sick, but if you manage to drive the cat away in a dream, then your friend will recover;

Hearing the screeching and meowing of cats. your false friend is doing everything to harm you;

The cat scratched you. the enemies will successfully deprive you of part of the profit from the deal, on the implementation of which you spent a lot of time and effort;

For a young woman. holding a cat or kitten in your arms: you will be involved in some unseemly deeds;

Seeing a pure white cat is confusion, uncertainty, which can cause grief and deprivation of state;

For a merchant to see a cat. You should work with maximum efficiency, as competitors are destroying your business ventures;

Seeing a cat and a snake friendly to each other is the beginning of a fierce struggle; You support the enemy in order to use him and scout out some secret that relates to you.

Dream interpretation. Cat

White cat in a dream. a sign that a close friend will change.

Do Cats Come Back Home If They Run Away?

If you dreamed about a black cat, a woman will betray you.

Seeing a cat fight in a dream. warning of a possible night robbery.

If you saw your wife’s transformation into a cat in a dream, the dream warns you about her frivolous behavior.

Dream interpretation. Cat

To see a cat in a dream is unfavorable, even if it is white; a sign of anxious activity of the “anticipatory” organs of the soul.

A cat is walking towards you, running across the road. a meeting with the enemy, a fake person; adultery, debauchery and bad consequences from them.

A caressing cat (cat). an insidious temptress (seducer) and her intrigues; misfortune in the cat owner’s house.

She meows hysterically. a request for help that will be difficult to fulfill; your soul, exhausted by all sorts of attractions.

To hear the meow of a cat, but not to see it is a deception.

Being bitten or scratched by a cat is a disease; slander; evil intrigues or resentment of its owners against you.

To see how it happened to another is to experience a slight malaise; be offended by this person.

Catching a cat is the source of gossip to discover.

Cat games. damage from debauchery; reveal the intrigues of intruders. Cat fight. mental suffering from conflicting and unbridled aspirations.

To see a frightening or unnatural color of a cat or a cat. false ideas about oneself, perverted self-knowledge; slutty personality.

Black cat. evil from an unknown enemy; any evil acting from the outside as a result of weakness and disharmony of mental life; evil spell, in the power of which is a person, demonic personality.

The black cat is something personified: a hole in being, behaving like a person; the dark double of a person, with decisive cruelty opposing his Self.

Dead cat. removal of an unpleasant personality.

Strangled. bad consequences of your lifestyle, fateful future.

To hurt, hurt a cat is to have an unclean conscience.

The cat left the house and did not return

Dream Interpretation Cat left home and did not return dreamed of why in a dream the Cat left home and did not return? To select the interpretation of a dream, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing a dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a Cat in a dream left home and did not return by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Dream interpretation. Cats

Saw a cat in a dream and did not drive it away. expect trouble.

If the cat rushed at you and scratched you, enemies will appear who will do anything to denigrate your name, to deprive you of your property. But if you chased the cat away, you will overcome all obstacles.

A skinny, pitiful and dirty cat dreams of bad news: one of your friends will get sick. I managed to drive the cat away. my friend will recover.

The screeching and meowing of cats means that your false friend is doing everything to harm you.

If a young woman sees in a dream that she is holding a cat or kitten in her arms, then she will be involved in some unseemly deeds.

A pure white cat portends confusion and uncertainty.

Escape Prevention

Leaving the house of a beloved cat is accompanied by worries and worries on the part of the owners. Anxiety increases even more if the pet is absent for a long time. Escape can be prevented in most cases.

  • In order not to lose your beloved pet during the mating season, you can resort to sterilization (castration). This operation is harmless and is performed in a veterinary clinic under general anesthesia. It makes it possible to rid the animal of attraction to the opposite sex.
  • There are special medications (drops and tablets) for cats and cats that interrupt sexual desire. But contraceptives do not always justify themselves. Also, it is worth considering that all medications have side effects. Therefore, before giving the drug, you should consult your veterinarian.
  • Try to create conditions so that the pet cannot leave the house. Strictly monitor the front door; it is advisable to install a protective mesh on the windows.
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Why does a cat or cat leave home??

There are several reasons for cats to leave the house. The most common reasons are:

  • Premonition of death. If the pet is already elderly and has a presentiment of the end, then, as a rule, he retires, no longer coming home. In the wild, old and sick cats behave this way. they go to die.
  • Continuation of the family. If March is approaching and the cat or cat suddenly left their home, then you should not be upset. The pet will return soon. In these cases, a cat that has gone on a walk returns pregnant and, closer to childbirth, disappears from home again in search of a secluded place for lambing. A couple of weeks later she returns, but not alone, but with her offspring.
  • Negative attitude. Cats are very sensitive to the atmosphere in the house. Negativeness from one of the family members, poor care, screaming, assault. all this provokes the cat to run away from home. And if in the future she meets new caring owners, then the owner should prepare for the fact that she will not return to her previous house.
  • The cat is lost. By their nature, cats are very inquisitive. Literally everything attracts their attention. a dragonfly or butterfly flying past the window, a leaf wobbling in the wind, another animal and much more. In a fit of its curiosity, the animal forgets about caution and can jump out of the window or jump out into the open door. Once on the street, a domestic cat finds itself in a hostile environment. She is unable to defend herself against attacks from street cats and dogs, hooligans and evil people. Also, it can get hit by the wheels of the car. The domestic cat has no skills to survive in the wild.
  • Replacement. After a certain time, the owners can have another pet, switching all attention to him. Or a child appears in the family and the cat is left unattended. She begins to feel lonely and unnecessary. The reason for the disappearance of a furry pet is simple jealousy. In this case, the cat leaves and does not come back.

Why cats leave home and don’t come back?

When starting a cat or a cat, the owner must understand that he is responsible for their safety. When loved pets disappear from home, it is perceived as a disaster. It happens that after a certain period of time they return, but this, unfortunately, does not always happen. The reasons for the disappearance of animals can be different. In some cases, you need to immediately start looking for a pet. You need to take precautions to keep your cat from running away.

When starting a cat or a cat, the owner must understand that he is responsible for their safety. When loved pets disappear from home, it is perceived as a disaster. It happens that after a certain period of time they return, but this, unfortunately, does not always happen. The reasons for the disappearance of animals can be different. In some cases, you need to immediately start looking for a pet. You need to take precautions to keep your cat from running away.

What to do if the pet still escaped?

If the cat left home and did not return, then there is no need to panic and waste precious time. You should not wait for the pet to walk up and after a few days decides to come home on its own. This may not happen, so you need to do the following as soon as possible:

  • Contact your neighbors at the entrance. Perhaps one of them saw the cat or sheltered it for a while. Also, it does not hurt to ask around passers-by or children walking in the yard. After all, a cat can be close to home, and “hot on the trail” you can find witnesses of its escape.
  • Post a missing pet announcement at the same time as the search. This can be done via the Internet, television (creeping line) or a simple way of pasting printed leaflets. It is advisable to indicate as many signs of the wanted animal as possible. Ideally, a photo of the animal should be attached to the lost announcement.

If the cat’s leaving the house is systematic, then for such cases the best solution would be to purchase a special collar. It has a sign with the address, telephone number and name of the owner of the animal. Thanks to this, the animals are faster.

Another modern know-how is pet chipping. A special microchip is injected into the cat subcutaneously. Thanks to the chip, you can find out everything about the animal, including the contact information of its owner. Many people think that chipping will bring pain and suffering to the cat, but this opinion is wrong. It is absolutely painless, and the ability to subsequently quickly find your pet increases significantly.

In order to return your furry pet home, you must use all possible methods, in no case give up and not get depressed. The main thing is to draw the appropriate conclusions after finding him and try never to lose your four-legged friend again.

The cat is gone, I can’t calm down

Well, yes, of course, only for this reason. No, mlyn, we should have a sacred mystical meaning in any open stupidity, inattention and indifference. Either they are looking for conspiracies to pass the exam, then cats tunnel through glass into a bright future.

no need to be nervous, the author asked. people answered. the easiest. offend, I didn’t expect from you.

the fact that cats really smell their demise and go off to die. This is the version of ubiquitous distribution, I did not come up with.

and you yourself will think with your brains how many dangers a cat is incited on the street! if the young still manage to run away / hide, then the old do not already have that dexterity, so they fall under the car or in the dog’s teeth. and many think that the cat left to die of old age. just went for a walk as usual and killed her. this is the reality.

But caring and responsible owners do not have this with cats, because they love and protect their animals. they are not allowed on the street because they want to. for the cat to live a long life. they treat her if she gets sick, and do not wait for everything to heal by itself, sterilize her so as not to reproduce unnecessary kittens.

Katya, well, my, it’s you who live in the metropolis, and my husband’s grandmother has lived in the village all her life and there have always been cats, but not alone. they, imagine, outside the city it is not customary to limit them with some kind of framework.

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My cat came out of the balcony a year ago. Before that, I was very careful, I performed such acrobatic stunts. I flew from the balcony to the window sill of the next room, defiled along the narrow fence of the balcony, the balance was perfect, we didn’t even bother. Either he jumped after the bird, who knows. 3rd low floor (old Khrushchev), grass under the balcony. I didn’t even hurt myself, I think. We searched for 2 weeks, advertisements were posted all over the yard and neighboring ones. to no avail. A couple of times we saw a dark silhouette flashing through the basement window or under the car. I don’t know, maybe he was.

Most likely (I really hope so) they picked it up. The cat was fantastic. huge, black, thick and shiny coat, demonic green eyes, natural Hippopotamus 🙂 well, you can see that it is home, well-groomed, castrated. And our courtyards are very calm, there are no stray dogs, and the busy roads are also very far away (and the scared cats that run away do not go far from home, so the car is unlikely to be hit).

A year has passed, and I still remember and feel sad. I will not have more animals, you become very attached and suffer. I still blame myself. did not keep track of, did not control, did not look well. Sad.

16, damn it, why are everyone so angry? I didn’t even live there, my friend’s cat, not mine. Here, what topic do not create. peck, scribe, mlyn (((((((all such straight angels in the flesh

20, he always left the vents, it was damp in the basement, which is why it was damp in the apartment, he dried it with the vents, so to speak. there is no crime there, a closed town

And the answer to your question is simple. they do not return, because they died! And it’s only the owners’ fault.

And you didn’t look for her, you’re gone and okay. PPC

it’s true. Old cats / cats, when they feel the approach of death, leave the house, never die in the house (well, only if there was absolutely no opportunity to run out into the street).

A young girl ran out for a walk. Now a pregnant woman sits somewhere in the basement and is afraid to go home, it’s a shame 🙂

This is not true, not all at any rate. Our Murchik spent whole days dragging around the neighborhood, and died at home behind the sofa.

    You are strange people. Do you think that only city residents keep cats? How can you keep a cat out of the street if it lives in a country house??

    yes, die. Cyrillic is not right about connivance. In a country house, where the cat walks by itself, they go off to die. A mewing will come, rub it on your feet and leave for always

    Usually she might not have been for a week, but she didn’t come at all. After her, I don’t want to turn on anyone.

    And if about mysticism, then after she left, I became pregnant, after 10 years of infertility.

    The neighbors have a breeding Siberian cat, they were given a cat for mating for money. The cat and the cat were closed on the glassed-in loggia, one door was slightly opened and the cat ran away! The cat fucked up. They helped to look for everyone by the entrance, found a day later in the basement. And the owners of the cat do not know anything. They settled and took the cat. Now the neighbors are worried, all of a sudden some daring cat in the basement has registered and there will be no kittens.

    Offended by the daughter-in-law, the son is on her side

    Why cats leave home and don’t come back?

    The question is in the subject. Why do you think? than 2 months ago the cat left my boyfriend, they were waiting for her very much, but she did not return ((((They loved her, she was a super cat. She was domestic, she was afraid to show her nose on the street. there was no one (first floor)

    Well, when the cat feels that death is near, it runs away from home. All my old cats and cats are gone.

    I think something is happening to them. Or dogs, or get hit by a car

    it’s true. Old cats / cats, when they feel the approach of death, leave the house, never die in the house (well, only if there was absolutely no opportunity to run out into the street).

    Another option (but this is if the cat was young). could just jump out into the street so to speak “out of interest.” Maybe a cat, maybe a bird. and then who knows what happened to her. domestic animal, not adapted to street life.

    she was young, a little over a year, but we also decided that she wanted spiers in the spring and could not stand it, went after the cat (((the dogs probably broke

    I know that when cats leave the house, it’s in trouble

    I also heard that cats take trouble with them from home. at that time we had problems with the MCh just in the relationship, the former began to drive him crazy again, almost broke up with him, and everything was fine. And it was during this period that the cat left

    we also have a cat, it was already old, beautiful, Siberian, they pulled it up, lay at home, then left

    strong, he always went for a walk, so he went, scratched badly. he was treated, he seemed to be cured, but he was already old, I was little, but I remember him

    No, mlyn, we should have a sacred mystical meaning in any outright stupidity, inattention and indifference. Either they are looking for conspiracies to pass the exam, then cats tunnel through glass into a bright future.

    Who loves birds

    Fish man! How to break up? Why doesn’t go away?

    I want a monkey

    Why does he not leave his wife