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Why does a cat lick and then bite

The magic of pheromones

Some plastics contain chemicals that can have pheromone-like effects, which explains why some plastic bags act like a cat magnet. If, in addition, we notice that our cat, when he sniffs a plastic bag or other plastic thing, has its mouth ajar, we can almost be sure that this is exactly what we are talking about.

does, lick, then, bite

Why does the cat lick my hair on my head??

Cat eating soap?

does, lick, then, bite
    Your cat licks plastic, bags or foil for a reason Some cats like to bite and lick shopping bags and other plastic items. why do they??

Shopping foil, pen, laptop sleeve. obsessions can be all sorts of things. However, when the cat licks the plastic, there is no need to look at it with pity or even anger. There are specific reasons why this is happening. check it out!

Tempting cornstarch

Probably, every cat owner has witnessed how his beloved was unceremoniously packed in a shopping bag, after which he began to tug and eagerly lick it. And it’s not just about the game and the fun!

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One of the reasons may be the smell of cornstarch, which the cat smells. The starch is increasingly being used to make biodegradable carrier bags. Although we don’t think about it in our lives, some cats find its smell (and taste) very attractive.

Why does my Cat Lick and then Bite Me?

Loss of appetite

that is, a cat appetite disorder that makes the cat appetite for inedible items. plastic and bags are common among them. The causes of this disease can be different, but when we see that our cat regularly tries to eat non-food, let’s take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

An appetite disorder can be deadly for our pet for obvious reasons. it is better to seek advice from a specialist who will help fix the problem.

The cat licks and eats packages?

The cat just likes to lick the bag

Some experts say that licking the smooth surface of plastic objects with a cat’s rough, warty tongue makes the animal happy.

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Why does my cat LICK ME and then BITE ME? �� (Strange Behavior EXPLAINED)