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Why Does The Cat Sleep At Night At The Feet

Features of the behavior of cats

The behavior of these furry pets has always raised many questions. Why does the cat sleep at the feet? Why does she rub against pieces of furniture and a person? Why do cats like valerian? Why does a cat “bury” food in a bowl? And many more different “why” and “why”.

Psychological features of cats interested a person, probably from the very moment when the first wild cat “allowed” itself to be domesticated. Everyone knows that cats are highly individualistic, inclined to “walk by themselves.” Despite living together with a person, representatives of felines still remain freedom-loving and wayward predators. Which, however, does not prevent them from giving people an inexhaustible source of love and special energy.

Understanding a cat’s behavior prevents many problems from arising. Including reduces the risk of aggression from the animal. Anyone who decides to have a murka in his house should remember that, first of all, this is a living creature with its own character. Do not expect unrequited devotion and love from a cat. At best, she will treat you like an equal. Never physically punish a cat: she does not perceive force as an incentive to obedience, but sees in it only source of fear. A frightened animal will not miss the moment to “take revenge” on its abuser with wet slippers or torn furniture. Cats always need an alternative choice: sleep on the couch or with the owner, eat from their own bowl or with other pets, walk on the balcony or outside. Using the method of alternative choice, you can wean the cat from bad habits, since it ignores direct prohibitions.

Why does the cat sleep at the feet?

In ancient Egypt, they were revered on a par with the gods. In the Middle Ages, they were considered “devilish offspring” and accomplices of witches. In the modern world, they are idolized, and millions of people cannot imagine their life without these beautiful creatures. Of course, you have already guessed that we are talking about cats. the most mysterious and mystical pets.

A cat’s dream: why cats love to sleep at human feet?

From the outside, it seems that the murks spend most of their lives in a state of sleep. So it is: a healthy adult cat sleeps up to 16 hours a day. But feline sleep differs from human sleep, as it is divided into a nap and a stage of short deep sleep.

There are several explanations for why cats prefer to sleep at human feet. The first theory is energy. It is generally accepted that cats feed on negative energy. It would be more correct to say this: cats convert negative energy into positive, without harm to their health. A person receives positive energy from space, which, passing through the whole body, changes its charge to minus and goes out through the feet into the ground. Cats, choosing the owner’s bed for the night, lie on their feet and take the negative for themselves.

The second explanation is more prosaic. Cats are very heat-loving animals, and the human body is an excellent source of uninterrupted heating. Since the size of a person is several times larger than that of a feline, and in a dream a cat can be inadvertently crushed, the legs remain the safest place on the body. The maximum threat from such a location is to be thrown out of bed.

The third theory, explaining cats sleeping at the feet, is most popular among their owners. It is believed that with such behavior, the cat marks its owner and shows its love for him. Why does she sleep on her feet? Most likely, in order not to miss the moment when the beloved owner wakes up and goes to the kitchen for a delicious breakfast.

One thing is for sure: whatever the reason for sleep on the legs of a person, it must certainly be significant, because cats do nothing without a reason.

Why cats love to sleep at their feet

At first glance, ordinary pets like cats surprise their owners with their mysterious and even mysterious behavior. Therefore, people often wonder why a cat sleeps at its feet? Do they just like the place, or is this choice related to something specific? You should understand this in this article.

Why do cats sleep at their feet?

All cats want to be comfortable, warm, well fed, and not disturbed by rest in a calm environment. Due to their mysterious behavior, people try to understand their favorites. For example, many are wondering what is the reason that their cat likes to sleep in its feet.?

No scientist can say with certainty why the animal sleeps in this particular place. There is no scientifically substantiated explanation for this, only assumptions.

There are the following meanings that the cat is sleeping at the legs:

  • Energy theory. According to this theory, all cats are capable of converting the negative energy of other living beings into neutral. over, this process does not cause the slightest harm to pets. Due to the fact that the pet most of all encounters the energy of its owner when sleeping with him, then he mainly transforms only her.
  • Love for warmth. Zoologists and veterinarians strongly believe that cats sleep at the owner’s feet, because they love warmth very much. If you observe them, you will notice that these animals choose only cozy places to stay. Therefore, you can often see that the cat is sleeping near the heating battery, on the owner’s bed, many will even crawl under the blanket.
    These pets tend to find a warm and dry place for themselves to sleep, because their body is motionless throughout their sleep. In order to prevent hypothermia of the body, the pet always chooses a suitable place in advance. The kitten sleeps between the legs because it considers this place the safest.
  • The ability to identify painful areas of the human body. For a long time it was believed that these pets can find the diseased parts of their owner’s body and lie down on them. This assumption is not confirmed by science, but it is not refuted either.
    Scientists give the following explanation for this theory: many diseases are accompanied by inflammation, which causes an increase in the temperature of the human body. The owner himself may not notice this, and the pets are hypersensitive. Therefore, it is believed that a cat lies at its feet if it senses the development of a pathological process there.
  • Love for a person. This assumption is put forward by almost all cat owners. They believe that in this way pets, going to sleep at the feet of a person, try to show that they love and are grateful to their owners. After all, when, if not at night, you can be with your beloved owner nearby, at least at your feet.

Cats are quite smart animals, therefore they do not want to disturb a person during sleep. Therefore, they often choose a place near their feet. There it is most calm and safe for them, so the cat sleeps at the feet of a person. Why this actually happens, nobody knows.

Can i sleep with a cat?

There is no firm statement whether you can sleep with a cat in the same bed or not. On this issue, the opinions of specialists differ greatly. Some are sure that pets have nothing to do on the bed, even if in their legs, while others, on the contrary, welcome the presence of furry animals nearby.

But before you let the cat into its sleeping place, it is necessary to understand well that all street animals are potentially dangerous. After all, they are able to tolerate pathogens of various severe pathologies. Most often, they can become infected with parasites and deprive.

The downside of the fact that the cat sleeps with the owner is also a banal inconvenience. He takes a position that he likes best, and will be very unhappy if he is moved or shifted. He can also wake up when the person is still asleep and start playing with toes, hands, hair.

The advantage of such a dream is that the kitten’s purring has a calming effect on the owner’s nervous system, eliminates the feeling of loneliness, and also warms the pet in cold weather. In any case, only a person can decide whether to let the animals sleep at their feet or it is better to make him a separate bed.

Sleep features of cats

All people are surprised that a cat is constantly sleeping, saying that she is very lazy. But this is absolutely not the case. The sleep duration of this pet is inherent in nature. He sleeps an average of 16 hours a day.

Cats are predators, so they need a lot of strength in order to carry out intensive work in a short period of time. It lies in the fact that the animal follows the victim, carefully sneaks up on it and then sharply attacks.

It only takes a few minutes, but during them the cat expends a lot of energy, which it then restores when it sleeps. In the process of rest, the food of the predator is slowly processed in a state of rest and silence. That is why the pet’s body experiences a constant change of work and rest.

In these pets, sleep consists of two phases, which replace each other:

  • Slow. It differs in that muscle activity gradually decreases, blood pressure and body temperature also drop slightly, the heart begins to beat less frequently, and breathing slows down. At the same time, the eyes also move slowly at first, and then completely stop moving when deep sleep occurs.
  • Fast. In this case, when the cat is sleeping, the heart rate and respiration rate change regularly, the eyes make rapid movements, the pressure and body temperature rise slightly. You can notice that the animal at this moment jerks its paws or tail, releases its claws, wiggles its ears, sometimes it can even reproduce some sounds. Although the animal is asleep, it is still on full alert.

Scientists have done a lot of research into how cats sleep. Based on their results, they claim that pets have emotional and spectacular dreams during the fast phase. over, most often they dream about how they survey the surrounding places, hunt for prey, experience anger or fear.

How to organize a place for your pet

If a person believes that the cat has no place on the furniture, then it is worth making sure that she has her own secluded place to sleep. A pet may not get used to any place, therefore, to organize his bedroom, it is necessary to take into account some important points.

Firstly, all cats love to sleep in the legs, head or other parts of the human body, because it is warm there. Therefore, it is worth taking care of its provision and installing a sleeping place near the heating equipment. over, it should be with a spacious and open top. You can use a regular cardboard box or a not too deep basket.

But you can’t just cover a basket or box and forget about them. Cats love cleanliness, so you need to regularly clean the litter from wool, wash it with soap. It is advisable to use a household or children’s one so that there are no flavors.

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Thirdly, the cat, despite the fact that he is sleeping, should always be aware of everything that is happening around. In this regard, the sleeping place should be arranged in such a way that the pet can observe everything that happens. It is best to place the box on a raised platform, but not strong, otherwise it will be difficult for the cat to climb into it.

Considering all these important points, then you can build a cozy place to which your pet will quickly get used to. And the owner will free himself from constant cleaning of furniture from wool.

Feline psychology. motives and reasons

Cats are always looking for warmth. When the owner lies down in bed and takes cover, the pet looks for a comfortable, warmer and softer place. In winter, tailed beasts are partial to heating radiators, but the human body is always out of competition. It’s not just about temperature, but also about “naturalness”. Lying down on the owner, the cat catches the beating of the heart, which, according to zoopsychologists, pacifies the purr.

Another likely cause is an attractive scent. Cats sleep at a person’s feet, as the constant presence of their native scent soothes them. Quadrupeds have a keen sense of smell and a sensitive nervous system. It is believed that cats sleep most of the day, but in reality they doze. Adequate sleep is possible only in complete safety.

Cunning and entrepreneurial spirit taught cats to keep an eye on their owners. During deep sleep, the cat does not hear the surrounding sounds. Falling asleep on its feet, the pet is confident that it will not miss the moment when you get up for a glass of water or a “midnight sandwich”. and this increases the likelihood that the purr will beg for an extraordinary treat.

Some owners note that the cat began to constantly sleep in its legs after the birth of a child or other pets. The motivation is very simple. the purr claims sole ownership of the owner. Consider it a forced occupation. This approach combines several factors at once:

  • You cannot get up without the knowledge of the cat.
  • Wiping your feet with its muzzle, the pet leaves its scent.
  • While the cat is lying on you, no one else will climb. possessiveness with a slight tinge of self-centeredness.

Observe under what circumstances the cat climbs at your feet. If this happens during the day, when you lay down to rest, and in the evening, after a shower, the purr is indifferent to you, the point is in “pheromones”. The smell of human sweat contains so-called vibes that cannot go unnoticed by the cat’s scent. Cynologists conducted an experiment and proved that oxytocin is released in dogs upon close contact with the owner. The cat may enjoy smelling human skin or sweat.

The cat loves to sleep at the feet of the owner for the obvious reason. affection. The owners disappear at work all day long, the pet is bored, and at night, compensates for the lack of communication with close contact. The opposite version is also possible, with the appearance of the child, the cat moves to sleep in the playpen and ignores the owners. This behavior is associated with the instinct of custody of the weak and with the desire to “possess” the baby.

Why cats sleep at their feet: 7 probable reasons

Many cats sleep at the feet of their owners, and this behavior is rarely sought for an explanation. The pet’s desire to stay close to the owner is perceived as quite natural. In terms of feline psychology, when a cat lays down on a person’s feet, it pursues a benefit or shows its affection.

Medicated cat?

There is such a sign or opinion, or a saying: a cat heals its owner. From the point of view of spirituality, tailed beasts have a negative charge, that is, they feed their vitality with negative energy. Negative emotions, physical pain, the energy of the sick body are a breeding ground for replenishing the strength of the mustache-striped.

Adherents of the mystical version assign supernatural abilities to their cats and willingly share their successes with others. Many owners report that cats treat back pain, leg swelling, high blood pressure and panic attacks.

Skeptics tend to ignore the experience of “miraculous healing” and attribute it to the placebo effect, that is, the owner convinced himself that the cat is medicinal. and it helped. However, few can argue with the fact that pets always create a special atmosphere around them. The cat blows calm, positive and warmth.

How to wean a cat from sleeping at its feet?

If for some reason you are against sleeping together, you will have to work on your pet’s habits. Let’s make a reservation right away that the process is not fast and it is absolutely impossible to accelerate it. If the cat has always slept with you, but there are good reasons to change this algorithm, you need to proceed as follows:

  • Equip a comfortable cat bed in your bedroom.
  • At every opportunity, take the cat to the bed (after eating, with the arrival of guests, when you go to the bath, etc.).
  • Place a box of cat toys next to the lounger.
  • Populate the lounger with your old sweater or blanket.
  • Laying the cat on a bed, petting and soothing it every night before bed.
  • Do not drive the cat out of bed, even if she left the bed, at least for the first time.
  • If the cat comes to bed, and you do not intend to put up with these, gently transfer to the sunbed and stroke until it purrs or settles down.
  • If your pet responds adequately to snacks, be sure to back them up with praise.

You act gradually, cats are not stupid and perfectly understand what they want from them. However, it takes time to change habits, at least 15–20 days. When weaning a cat from sleeping together, you need to increase the time of play and communication outside the bedroom. The tailed beast must understand that you are not fencing off from him, but simply “changing the environment”.

Why Does The Cat Sleep At Night At The Feet

Can i sleep together?

A cat does not pose any danger to humans. Therefore, you should not worry that your pet is constantly sleeping next to you. As their pet, these pets choose one of them and always lie down next to him. Such love can be easily explained. The point is that cats like the smell of a certain person. He gets so used to him that he tries to constantly be with him at any time of the day or night.

You can sleep in the same bed with your pet, if it does not cause discomfort to you. Still, sometimes it’s best to avoid it. For example, if you sleep very restlessly, you often toss and turn in your sleep. In a dream, a person cannot control himself and can harm his pet. Many animals also sleep deeply and, in order not to injure the cat, it is better to arrange for him a separate sleeping place.

Such a neighborhood is undesirable for a pregnant woman. In order to protect yourself and the health of the unborn baby, you should sleep in your bed without a cat. If the cat is already accustomed to sleeping with the owner all the time, then you need to wean him from this habit. over, soon, when the baby is born, there will be a nursing baby next to the woman, so it is undesirable for a pet to be in the same bed.

Many pets have a very positive attitude towards the youngest family members and like to sleep in their beds.

Don’t let your cat sleep in a small child’s bed. The kid can choke, choke on the hairs of a fluffy animal. In addition, most children sleep very restlessly, shudder in their sleep, and turn and turn violently. Thus, the child can harm the cat or the pet to him. Many cats are frightened by sudden sounds, movements and can accidentally scratch a child from fright.

Since by nature all cats are awake at night, the pet may wake up and play with its toes, which will disrupt your sleep. And if the pet gets carried away, then it may scratch you.

In the event that your pet regularly goes outside, then you should not let him sleep in the same bed with you. He can bring any infection from the street, which will negatively affect the health of all family members.

Why do cats sleep at their owner’s feet??

  • Causes
  • Can i sleep together?
  • How to train to sleep separately?
  • Recommendations for organizing a bed

Cats have long been favorite pets for many people. These wayward animals surprise their owners every day with their unusual habits and their behavior. Many cats prefer to sleep at the feet of their owner. In doing so, they choose someone from the family. Why do animals like it so much? Should we wean a cat from this habit? Let’s figure it out today together in this matter.

Folk signs

Previously, there were many popular signs that said that a person should never sleep in the same bed with a cat, that this would have a bad effect on his health and destiny. But times change, and so do people. Therefore, for a long time no one believes in old omens, but they listen to new omens and versions with great interest.

Many people believe that in this way the animal shows its tenderness and love towards humans. By the way, not many cats are selfish, as is commonly believed. Often they cannot stand loneliness, and they always have their own favorite in the family, for whom they have tender feelings. Why, then, does the animal prefer to sleep at the feet? The fact is that these pets do not like to be annoying and do not want to occupy a leading position in the house.

In addition, there are several curious folk signs on this score. For example, they say that if a cat sleeps next to a person all the time, then this is a serious reason to see a doctor. According to popular belief, cats perfectly feel a person and thus try to warn him about a particular disease. Perhaps such a habit of a pet suggests that this is the onset of varicose veins or some other disease.

Also, cats often lie down not only at their feet. Sometimes they choose the area of ​​the abdomen or back. A popular omen says that a cat always finds the most problematic place on the human body and heals it with its warmth, its energy. During an inflammatory process, an area of ​​the human body becomes hotter. Cats feel it perfectly and lie there.

How to train to sleep separately?

In order to teach your beloved pet to sleep separately, you should arrange for him a comfortable sleeping place.

  • After you prepare a sleeping place for your pet, do not rush to install it in one or another corner of the room. Each cat has its own favorite places in the house. Therefore, it is best to place a house or a couch there.
  • Put your pet in a specially prepared place so that he can study everything thoroughly. Whether he liked the new place to sleep or not, it will be clear immediately. If the pet is still small, you can draw its attention to the sleeping place with the help of catnip. By the way, this bait is also perfect for adult animals.
  • If the pet already has a favorite litter, there should be no problems either. For example, he has long chosen your old scarf or T-shirt and constantly sleeps on it, then you can put this thing in the cat’s house.
  • Close your bedroom door at night. Of course, in the early days, the pet will absolutely not like it. But after that he will understand, get used to it and will no longer be indignant, and he will start packing for the night in his house.

Explanations from veterinarians

Surely, many owners of cats and cats often turned to professional veterinarians with this question. Like most doctors, veterinarians are also skeptics, so they do not believe in various folk omens, superstitions and all kinds of theories that bioenergetics put forward. They have a completely logical and simple explanation in this regard.

Since this animal loves warmth and prefers cozy and comfortable conditions during sleep, the cat always chooses the warmest place in the house. In the cold season, this is a place next to the radiator, a cozy sofa or a master’s bed. That is why, in order to relax in a comfortable environment, many cats crawl under their owners’ blankets and sleep at their feet.

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Professionals explain this love of warmth simply. The fact is that during sleep the animal does not move and begins to freeze a little. In order to prevent hypothermia of its body, the animal initially looks for a warm, cozy and safe place for itself.


Despite the fact that cats have been living next to people for a long time, mankind still fails to fully study the behavior of this pet. over, each pet has its own individual character. Therefore, for many people, cats are still mysterious animals, and sometimes it is difficult to assess the reasons for their behavior and understand what this really means.

These animals very quickly get used to their owners and instantly become family favorites. Each pet has a special place in the house where he loves to rest. For example, many cats love to lie at the feet of their owner. Someone is very positive about this, believing that in this way the animal relieves a person of diseases. And for some, this behavior is alarming and even frightening. What does this really mean and what are the reasons for this behavior of pets? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. But there are several popular versions that explain this behavior of pets.

Explanations of bioenergetics

Bioenergy specialists have their own version of this. Bioenergy scientists from different countries have been studying the characteristics and habits of these mysterious pets for many years. It has long been known to everyone that cats are very sensitive animals. In addition, they are credited with unusual abilities.

If you believe this theory, cats can easily find an accumulation of negative energy in the house. Their favorite place to rest and sleep is just a collection of such energy. As soon as the cat just lies down a little in this place, the negative energy is neutralized and no longer conceals any danger. At the same time, you should not worry about the health of the animal itself, since this does not harm it at all.

Often this energy accumulates in the corners of the room. But it often happens that the animal lies down exactly on that chair, the chair where the person recently sat, and at night prefers to sleep at his feet.

Please note that the cat chooses only one family member. This suggests that the pet feels the energy of the person and is trying to help him by neutralizing all the negativity. It is worth noting the fact that many bioenergetics are sure that the negative energy of a person accumulates precisely in the lower part of his body.

In addition, bioenergetics put forward another interesting version. They say that everyone draws energy from space. This process occurs unconsciously, and the person himself does not feel it and does not realize it. Initially, this energy carries a positive charge. But as soon as it passes through the body, it changes and becomes negative. Cats feel it very well and help a person to neutralize bad energy, thanks to which many people really manage to get rid of bad mood, headaches and even some diseases. Also, many fans of this theory are sure that in this way the animal relieves not only of negativity and disease, but also helps to prolong life.

Recommendations for organizing a bed

As mentioned above, cats are very positive about warm, comfortable places. In addition, they prefer to sleep in a clean place and it is for this reason that they choose their master’s bed, and sometimes they climb onto the shelf of the closet with clean linens.

In addition, it is important to consider the fact that most cats and cats do not like to sleep on the floor below, but on a raised place. This makes them feel completely safe. Also, pets try to choose dark and quiet places for the night. They prefer a quiet and cozy corner to an open space, which is hidden from prying eyes. For this reason, they are not indifferent to various boxes and love to sleep in them.

If you want your pet to love its sleeping place and constantly sleep there, then you should regularly monitor its cleanliness. Clean the mattress from wool and dust, wash it regularly. Do not use powder or scented soaps when washing. It is best to choose a neutral option, such as baby soap.

You will learn the answer to the question why cats sleep at human feet from the following:

Why do cats sleep at human feet??

Cats are probably the most popular pets along with dogs. It is believed that modern species descended from the so-called steppe cat, the first appearance of which occurred more than 130 thousand years ago. She lived in the mountains, in deserts, near various reservoirs. By the way, it is still found in North Africa.

As for the domestication of the animal, it happened about 10 thousand years ago and it happened somewhere in the Middle East. at that time the first human civilizations began to emerge in these places, people began to engage in agriculture and they had a need to protect their homes from rodents.

Despite the fact that the domestication of cats took place a huge number of years ago, they can still survive in Spartan conditions without human intervention. Some of them, born in apartments or houses, can run wild if they get outside. True, in this case, they usually live and hunt alone.

The average life span of an animal is about 12-14 years, but the age of the cat Lucy, who lives in one of the English families, is as much as 39 years. she, by the way, was awarded the entry into the Guinness Book of Records. If we translate her age into a human, then now Lucy is over 170 years old! But in this case we are talking about pets, but wandering cats rarely live up to ten years. over, in most cases they die, barely reaching the age of two.

But let’s get back to our main topic. Some of us are often faced with incomprehensible behavior of our beloved pet. We have already talked about why cats trample on the pages of our online magazine. But about why they like to sleep at their feet, we will tell, dear readers, right now.

Sleep features of cats

Scientists have shown that our lovely pets can sleep up to 16 hours a day or even more on average. The rest of the time they use for their “business”. But even while awake, they can doze. Why do cats sleep for so long? The answer is simple. they spend a huge amount of energy, and periodic sleep allows you to restore the body, the nervous system and ensures the functioning of all tissues. If you do not give your pet a good sleep, then after a while he will become very irritable, nervous, and may even get sick with something.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that even during sleep, the cat does not stop receiving information from the outside world. This means that the animal’s brain is almost always active. How can this be verified? Just take a look at your pet while he sleeps. Surely you will notice slight twitching of the antennae, wiggling legs, ears or nails. It is this state that allows a small lump of fur to instantly come to its senses and, in case of danger, leave this place. But, for example, pulling the cat’s tail while sleeping is extremely undesirable, since it can answer you. it will pick it up and scratch it. As for the stages of sleep, experts have found that about 30% of the time is occupied by the deep sleep phase, and the remaining 70%. by the superficial.

Well, after sleep, the cat will necessarily yawn and begin to stretch, as if stretching its body. Oddly enough, but many animals warm up after sleep, which cannot be said about us, humans. only a few do the warm-up.

Reasons why cats sleep at their feet

  • First of all, in this way, a pet expresses its love for its owner. Of course, you can say that cats, unlike dogs, are not so much attached to the owner, but they, nevertheless, still love him with all their hearts. In addition, in some cases, they only express their love for one of the family members.
  • According to another opinion, pets love to sleep at their feet because it is warm there. In fact, the cat tries to sleep directly on the owner’s body, where it is warmest, but often he does not take her to bed, so she decides to stay at her feet.
  • The third version says that a person feeds on energy from space, with the positive in the upper body, and in the lower, respectively, negative. Cats, on the other hand, feed on negative energy, so they prefer to lie down closer to the lower part of the body.
  • Also, do not forget that these animals are very smart and cunning. They are well aware that if the owner in a dream accidentally rolls over to the side of the pet, he can easily crush him with the weight of his body. Therefore, they lie down where they feel safer.
  • Another common version is that cats feel the sick “points” of a person. How true this is is unknown. Science, in any case, has denied this fact. However, many pet owners have probably noticed that they themselves choose the place to sleep that really hurts. It is possible that the pet really feels the pain of its owner, but this, we repeat, has not been proven

Where cats sleep?

Everywhere. Indeed, these cute creatures, sleeping for most of their lives, can fall asleep almost anywhere. However, even cats have their own preferences. So, they are not alien to warmth and comfort, so they are looking for a place where it would be warm enough (in winter, for example, near the radiator) and safe. In the summer, during the heat, they prefer to look for a cool corner.

Cats love to sleep with their owner in the same bed. To do this, they climb onto the bed and choose their place. Often. in the legs, a little less often. at the head, and sometimes even on it. However, many breeders do not like this feature of their favorites, so they arrange separate rookeries for them. A variety of hammocks, baskets, sofas and even stools are suitable. However, it is far from the fact that the pet will like his new place to sleep and he can simply ignore it.

Particular attention should be paid to the windowsill, where pets love to lie for hours, basking in the sun. In addition, the window shows the world around and, perhaps, it will even be possible to notice another representative of the feline.

And it is highly undesirable to force a pet to sleep in a place where people constantly walk. It is recommended to make the “bed” somewhere in the corner, away from the noise. Cats themselves often prefer a refrigerator. Probably, it is better to observe the family members from it, besides, heat from the compressor comes from behind.

Why do cats sleep at their feet, and is it good

Cats are perhaps the most mysterious and unknown of pets. Their attentive owners constantly have a huge number of questions. Why do pets trample on the owner’s lap? Why do cats sleep in their legs or in their heads? It is not always possible to find an answer, because sometimes it is simply impossible to understand furry household members.

How many centuries cats have been near a person is difficult to even imagine. Even at the dawn of civilizations in the countries of the East, they occupied a worthy place and even served as an object of worship. There is something mysterious in these animals that makes you not only love and admire them, but also respect them. As you know, every cat walks by itself. Unlike dogs, which do not think of their existence alone and in relations with their owners try to be in demand, cats do not need society. They love coziness, comfort, they are not averse to good and abundant food. But not a single owner can say for sure that his cat is devoted to him with all his body and soul. This animal leaves a piece of its complex feline soul only for itself. This is probably why the owners are so eager to understand their pet in order to get closer to him even better. And they try to understand the incomprehensible, at least why cats sleep at their feet.

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Cats are born hunters. over, their activity mainly occurs in nature at night. However, over the years of communication with people, these animals have changed their usual routine and sleep with them all night. But they also need to gain additional strength during the day, so they are ready to take a nap when they have a free minute. In total, cats sleep at least 16 hours a day. over, their sleep, like other predators, is very sensitive. An imperceptible sound is enough for the fluffy to jump up from a soft, warm place and start running. Even if the cat sleeps at the owner’s feet, and there seems to be no danger.

There is no single explanation for this feline habit. Some people think that the point here is simply that cats love warmth, and the warmest place in the house is near their beloved owner. However, not every person will allow their pet to climb on themselves in the middle of the night, which is why they settle at their feet. Here, natural caution also works: if a person turns around in a dream, he can accidentally crush a small animal. And there is no such danger in the legs. Another explanation for why cats sleep at their feet is of a more mystical nature. According to esotericists, any person is a conductor of cosmic energy. over, in the upper part of the body, light, positive energy is concentrated, and dark, negative energy just gathers closer to the legs. And cats just feed on negative energy, absorbing it, which, by the way, helps to improve the well-being of the owner. For this, she is located at his feet. Many people believe that cats have the ability to heal. To do this, they simply lie down on the sore spot and remove the accumulated negative energy from there. This is another reason to suggest why cats sleep at their feet.

A cat is a unique animal. She brings to the life of her owners not only warmth and affection, but also some variety. The cat will appreciate the love and care of her, she will sit on her knees to her beloved owner and purr gratefully, and at night sleep at his feet.

Where cats love to sleep?

Cats sleep differently depending on their temperament, breed and age. On average, it takes about 13-16 hours a day. They love to be comfortable, cozy and warm at this time. In the heat, cats look for a cool corner, and in winter they try to find a sunny spot or near a heat source (radiator, fireplace, stove), curling up in a ball. Very often you can find her on a sunny windowsill, especially if there is a heating battery below. Try to make her a bed in a secluded, quiet corner, so that people go there less, you can in the kitchen or in the living room.

Why do cats sleep at their feet?

Studying the behavior of your pets, sometimes you come to completely unexpected conclusions. They are capable of asking a lot of riddles. This is especially true for cats that were tamed relatively recently in relation to other animals, and still retained their independence and relative independence.

Why does a cat often sleep at its feet?

  • Many experts answer this question in completely different ways. There is an idea that animals are connected to their owners with energy that can even heal people. According to this theory, positive energy accumulates above the belt, and negative energy below the belt. So cats feed on it, absorbing all the negativity into themselves at night. So they relieve us of fatigue and pain.
  • The second option is more mundane. A cat sleeps at its feet simply because it needs control and the ability to quickly escape. People who do not believe in magic, cosmic energy and fortune-telling are prone to simple and understandable explanations, even if they do not sound very beautiful.
  • According to the third theory, cats thus show their devotion and love. Perhaps there is some truth in this statement, although cats are quite independent and sometimes selfish creatures. Most domestic cats do not need the constant presence of a person, but they will always have a little more sympathy for one of them. Lying down at his feet, they thereby seem to show their friendship and disposition.
  • There is also the opinion of scientists who explain everything very logically and simply. There is no need to prove to anyone that cats love warmth. So they try to lie down at their feet, which are much warmer than all other surrounding objects.
  • Cats are sensitive to changes in the mood of their owner. If he is very tired or sick, then the faithful creature rubs to him and tries to “comfort” in his own way. Maybe this is also the reason why your pet tries to go to bed near you.

The debate about why cats so often sleep at their feet will continue for a long time. But many people like this behavior of their pet. For most adults, a purring cat becomes like a teddy bear for a child, which helps them fall asleep quickly and sweetly. But keep in mind that cats very rarely sleep completely through the night and often wake up quite early. Already at 4 or 5 in the morning, they demand to eat or want to lose. If you accidentally disturb her while sleeping, then the cat can scratch, because he is sensitive to any movement. Don’t sleep with your cat if you are allergic. Despite the cleanliness, they still climb into the tray with their paws. This problem can be solved by washing the cat’s paws after the toilet or by laying a special small blanket over his bed.

If your beloved cat has decided to sleep in her legs for the night, maybe you shouldn’t chase her away? What if she is like a cosmic messenger who is able to absorb negative energy? Just stroke her and let her sit next to you, because she also loves you dearly in her own way and will help you fall asleep with her quiet purr.

Why do cats sleep at their feet

People have come up with many explanations for why cats sleep at their feet. Some believe that the pet relieves the owner of the negative. Others talk about the healing abilities of cats. Lying down near the feet, they warn of varicose veins or other pathologies. The real reasons are more prosaic.

Sitting at your feet is a practical solution

Cats are pragmatic animals. When choosing a place to sleep, they think about comfort as much as safety. The reason why a cat sleeps in its legs at night is the optimal combination of these characteristics. At the end of the bed, pet:

    Gets enough room to fall apart;

Less commonly disturbed by the owner’s restless sleep;

Has a good view of the door to the room or to the balcony (depending on the layout).

Having settled down at the foot, the pet maintains its personal boundaries, remaining in close contact with the owner. This combination is especially important in hot weather. A sleeping person can accidentally kick a cat at night. But, sitting close to its side, the animal runs the risk of being under an overturned body or playing the role of a hugged toy.

Cats are thermophilic creatures. People often wrap their legs more tightly. Having settled down with them, the pet gets the opportunity to sleep on a blanket or blanket. In a nook behind bent knees, the pet will receive a warm, cozy mink. The owner’s native smell will help him fall asleep faster. By staying in close contact with the owner, the cat will maintain its distance and will always know when the owner is up in the middle of the night. She will not miss the opportunity to beg for a treat once again.

Animals sleeping in the area of ​​the feet pursue the opposite goals. So the cat will maintain contact with the owner, and his sleep will not be disturbed.

A tribute to instinct

After domestication, the animals retained the habits developed by their wild ancestors. Instinct is one of the reasons why cats sleep at human feet. Defenders by nature, mouse-catchers know they are most vulnerable during rest. Sitting near the owner, they feel protected. For its part, lying at the feet, the cat protects the owner. This position allows you to quickly respond to a threat or hide.

Recognition or protection of property

A simple answer to the question of why cats sleep at the feet of the owner may be their desire to stay close to the beloved creature that satisfies her whims. The pet understands who:

    Gives him food and treats;

Even while remaining unapproachable, the animal feels grateful. Sitting on the edge of the bed, it shows that it appreciates a companion and looks forward to continued cooperation.
Protecting territory can be another reason why a cat sleeps at a person’s feet at night. In the case of mouse-catchers, it’s hard to say who owns whom. Cats are confident in their dominant role. Sitting at the feet, they claim the rights to the owner. This habit can develop after major changes in the pet’s life. For example, the birth of a child or the appearance of another animal.

Why do cats sleep at their feet?

Cats feel protected near the owner

The cat lies at the feet. beliefs

Few have not heard the stories of the supernatural powers of the mouse-catchers. It is believed that a cat lying on the doorstep communicates with brownies. Staring at one point, the pet observes the other world. Although, according to experts, he “freezes” when getting ready for bed.

The reason why cats love to sleep in their feet, some owners believe the desire of pets to rid them of negative energy. Pets take away the negative charge accumulated during the day. The legs, as the end point of the body, seem to be a good contact area. Adherents of the energy theory advise not to worry about the influence of negativity on pets. Cats are carriers of a powerful negative charge. “Bad” energy collected from a person helps them to feed their vitality.

Scientists have proven that purring frequencies have a calming, even healing effect on an animal. But people talked about the medicinal properties of cats even before such claims. It is believed that the animal finds a sore spot and settling on it (next to it) speeds up recovery. The owners can explain the desire of the cat to sit at the feet of the presence of:

Calluses or injuries.

Skeptics explain the desire of pets to settle in a sore spot with pragmatism. The inflammation leads to a local increase in temperature, and the cat is drawn to a warm place. The placebo effect attributed to the healing abilities of mouse-catchers.

Cats love to sleep with their owners. In the legs, the pet can settle with the greatest comfort. So the cat feels that it protects the owner and prevents encroachments on its territory. Energy theories should not be discounted either. Sitting at the feet of the owner, the pet can help get rid of daytime negativity. Although, more likely, the cat wants to stay close to the owner without risking that he will kick or cuddle her in the middle of the night.

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