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Why does the dog lick the owner’s hands and feet

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This is what he learned as a puppy

Mother dogs lick their puppies to groom them, remove the placenta and encourage them to breathe, move, and go to the bathroom. She also licks them to show them love and affection. As puppies grow up, they adopt the behavior they learned from their mothers and apply it to their owners. When your dog licks your feet, he uses his instincts and shows the same affection.

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Is it bad that the dog licks his feet?

In most cases, this is not a problem. However, if she does this all the time, she may be worried about something. She may be worried and demand your help. If you’ve just moved into a new home or brought home a different pet, or someone new has moved, your dog may become stressed and lick his feet more often. Over time, she should tune in to a new shift, but you can always give her favorite toys, cuddle with her as much as possible and leave her a comfortable bed to sleep when you are not at home so that she feels better.

It is harmful for your dog to lick his feet if you have any chemicals on your feet, such as from lotion or medication. Let’s say you have a mosquito bite on your feet and you apply an anti-itch cream to it. The ingredients in it can be harmful to dogs. If your dog licks your feet and then starts to puke or sluggish, or has diarrhea, then you should take him to the vet immediately.

Also, you might just not like it when your dog licks your feet. If so, ignore your dog (or even walk away) when he licks your feet, and reward with treats and praises when he is at your feet, but not licking them. You can also redirect him by giving him something to lick appropriately, like a kong full of goodies or peanut butter. (Just make sure the peanut butter is free of xylitol, which is toxic to dogs.)

The dog shows obedience

Sometimes it is submissive behavior when a dog licks your feet. In feral dogs, the subordinate members of the pack always licked the most dominant members. This behavior helps wild dogs maintain the harmony of the pack. Although we now know that dogs do not perceive us as their pack leaders, sometimes the dog recalls natural instincts by licking your feet. Plus, if you compliment him or otherwise react positively when he licks your feet, he will continue to do so because he likes the reaction it caused.

Your dog is collecting information

Dogs gather information by licking their feet (and other things too). Your dog uses millions of odor receptors located in the mouth and nose to collect and process information. Yes, your sweaty feet, which contain sweat glands made from salt, waste and water, give your dog information about you.

When he licks his feet, your dog is using his Jakobson organ, the olfactory receptor, which allows him to detect subtle odors, such as those in your sweat, of course. She can also use this organ in a dog park when sniffing other puppies, or when sniffing the ground to figure out where to pee.

Licking relieves stress

Do you notice that your dog has a licking habit? Perhaps she licks more than just your feet. It can also lick your hands, face, and floors and walls. This can work as a form of stress relief as licking releases endorphins and makes them feel better. If your dog is stressed or anxious, he will most likely start licking your feet.

Why is my dog ​​licking my feet?

While observing my dog, I noticed that one of the many things he does with great fervor on a daily basis is to lick his feet. This is a cause for concern?

Ah, our four-legged friends. They often do things that annoy us many times. This could be licking the floor, eating leftover food, or simply licking our feet or hands. However, we forget that dogs try to communicate with us through actions.

Understanding why your dog is doing what it is doing is critical to keeping your dog connected, healthy, and well-being. That’s what a friend is for! To help.

I have met by chance people who complain about their dogs licking the feet of their owners or strangers. A person might be ticklish, okay, that might be an understandable reason why we don’t like it. The dog definitely doesn’t do it to tickle us.

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Remember, you should never yell or hit an animal in order to stop an activity that tetrapods are doing. If your dog is in the habit of licking his feet, it is worth considering the issue and approaching him with patience and kindness. There can be many reasons for this behavior, and therefore we cannot ask the dog “what are you doing?” we can only guess. Each dog may approach leg licking differently.

Your dog may lick your feet to gather information, to show you love and affection, to demonstrate submission, or to relieve stress. This is mostly a harmless habit and is only a problem if your dog is intrusive or licks toxic lotion or cream off his feet. If you don’t like it when your dog licks your feet, ignore him when he does, and reward when he’s at your feet, but don’t lick them.

Possible reasons

The habit of licking a person is not always an indicator of love and affection on the part of a dog or a manifestation of a natural instinct. The reasons for this behavior may be:

  • Boredom, loneliness. If the pet does not receive enough attention, he can touch his nose, lick the owner when he is sitting quietly or about to sleep.
  • Washing. Dogs have a sharper sense of smell, so they smell odors that are not always perceptible to humans. If he does not like them, or, on the contrary, are very attractive, the dog will try to “remove” them by licking the person.
  • Subordination. It is customary for wolves to demonstrate obedience when they crawl up to the leader and lick his paw. In pets, this behavior can be associated with harsh punishments: the dog begins to be afraid of a person, showing in this way his obedience and fear.
  • Ownership instinct. It manifests itself especially vividly in the presence of strangers, when the dog, with its demonstrative licks, puts a kind of “mark” with its smell. Thus, he declares that he belongs to the same “flock” with the owner and that he is allowed to so closely invade a person’s personal space. If at the same time friction on the legs is added, then the dog is jealous and believes that other applicants have appeared on its owner.
  • Chagrin, stressful situations. Whining, trying to get into bed at night, licking a family member is a sign of anxiety or excitement. This could be due to a thunderstorm, fireworks, or other stressors.
  • Maternal care. This version is associated with puppy age, when females lick their puppies to maintain clean coat, maintain hygiene, and promote normal development. Even later, she continues to lick the offspring to maintain family feelings. Thus, from childhood, the habit of licking a beloved object is formed, demonstrating belonging to the same “family”.
  • Hunger. In fox cubs, wolf cubs, and some dog breeds, the cubs may lick the face of only the mother who has eaten and asks to share food, so this behavior can be a reminder to fill the bowl with food.
  • To attract attention. After all, when a dog approaches a person and starts his “conversation” this way, it often causes affection, a desire to stroke or go to play with the pet.

Why does a dog lick its owner

There are no definite reasons why a dog licks its owner. For some pets, this is a manifestation of love, for others. a biological instinct inherent in nature. But this habit has other justifications, and in some cases it gives a person significant discomfort, from which he wants to get rid of.

About individual parts of the body

From the way a dog licks different parts of a person’s body, you can also draw certain conclusions about its condition and emotions:

  • Legs. they have a specific smell, especially when the owner just took off his outdoor shoes and did not have time to take a shower. For the dog, it is perceived as a dangerous sign that attracts the attention of other animals, so it is important to remove it as quickly as possible in order to “protect” the owner. Another version of why the dog licks the owner’s feet is due to a possible deficiency in its body of chlorine and sodium, which are necessary for the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the production of hydrochloric acid. By licking the sweat on the legs, the animal tries to compensate for the lack of these substances.
  • Hands. They can also have a delicious scent, especially when they’ve recently had goodies in them. It is from the hands that the pet often receives tasty “rewards”, so the dog licks the “pleasant smell”. In addition, there are abrasions on the hands, which the dog heals with the only remedy available to him. his own saliva.
  • Face. By analogy with hands, it often smells like food, especially after a recent lunch or dinner. If the dog is hungry, it may try to lick its owner’s cheeks or lips. But if there is food in the bowl, perhaps the dog just missed it, shows his joy, trying to lick from forehead to chin.

How to wean?

A dog that licks its owner seems to be a cute sight from the outside. But when this happens regularly, and the size of the pet is large, it will cause discomfort to many. In this case, first of all, you need to eliminate the cause:

  • with jealousy. often stroke the dog, walk with him;
  • when alone. spend more time together, be sure to give toys when you have to leave home;
  • in case of stress. remove the source of stress or show that it is not dangerous;
  • in case of fear, change the approach to education without using harsh methods of punishment;
  • if you feel hungry, review the diet for balance and possible nutritional deficiencies;

If constant licking is already becoming a bad habit, you will have to make an effort to get rid of it. This will require consistency, patience, and knowledge of an important rule of training: the animal reinforces behaviors that humans encourage. If she is not allowed to lick her face or hands, then it should not be done by anyone, under any circumstances. To be successful, the educational process must be supported by every family member. Ignoring is a good fit for this situation, but you shouldn’t use shouting or hitting. When your pet begins to show excessive love, you should stop paying attention to him. If this is not enough, you can go to another room. For animals that are familiar with the commands, you can say “no” or “fu!”, Which will also be effective.

At the same time, do not forget that even a trained dog is not alien to emotions. After a long separation from the owner, she probably will not be able to control herself, she will rush to lick him from head to toe in joy.


The puppy licks its owner in order to remember his scent. Re-licking is necessary for the baby to recognize its owner. This is quite normal behavior for puppies and it is undesirable to limit the outburst of his feelings, because the more emotions the puppy shows in childhood, the more balanced the adult will grow.

Why Does Your Dog Lick You?

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Why does a dog lick his feet and what does it mean?

People and animals perceive the world in different ways. A person is used to expressing his feelings with words, gestures, facial expressions. The animal cannot afford this such actions, so the dog has to express emotions with his behavior. Many pet owners wonder why a dog licks his feet. The reasons to look for in the psychology of your pet.

Show of love

The most common reason for licking human body parts is the positive emotions the dog tries to share with its owner. Expressing feelings by licking is quite natural, as the mother does when she wants to calm the puppy. Missing, the pet licks the person from head to toe, wagging its tail. This is how the dog expresses its violent feelings.

Lack of attention

In the middle of the night, a dog can wake up the owner with a loud bark, which means not only a warning of danger, but also a lack of attention. A dog is not an animal that will bark for no reason at night. She is most likely suffering from stress and uses barking and licking as a way to attract attention.

If the attacks of tenderness occur at the wrong time, then the dog may be suffering from loneliness.

Personal motives

Most dogs get pleasure from licking the hands, fingers, face of the owner. Why are they doing that? The pet gets pleasure from the process itself, realizing that he is loved, he is not alone and is in the same bundle with you. This is one of the dog’s ways of self-affirmation, and if you limit the actions of the animal, he may develop a complex.


In the wild, where dogs came to us, strong smells attract predators. The pet can lick the owner’s feet, trying to protect itself and you from a possible attack from other larger animals. For a dog, any unnatural smell will be regarded as a threat to the pack, no matter what it is, the smell of scented soap or sweat.


A puppy who has licked its owner receives positive emotions in the form of praise, delicious food, etc. As it grows up, the dog receives less and less attention and tries to compensate with simple blackmail. She licks the owner on every occasion, trying in this way to lure out of him an additional portion of delicious food and attention. This animal does not come from a good life, so you need to think about why the dog licks the feet, hands and face of the owner.

How to wean a dog from licking

Many owners are still against this expression of their feelings by a pet. Also, most people do not like it when their pet licks not only the owners, but also the guests. It will not be possible to completely wean a dog from such behavior, since it is laid down at the level of instincts.

Experienced dog breeders recommend weaning a four-legged friend from unwanted behavior from early childhood. Animal training can help with this. Success will depend on how clearly the dog has learned and follows the forbidding commands. Do not allow your pet to lick your hands, feet, etc. If the dog begins to show affection, make a loud or harsh sound, such as a clap, that will scare the pet away. Every time you try to lick your feet or hands, make a sharp sound until the animal realizes that such an expression of feelings is unacceptable for you.

Why does a dog lick his hands and what does it mean

Dogs are not known to be able to talk. Therefore, when communicating with people, they express their feelings, experiences or emotions in other ways available to them. For example, a dog begins to lick the owner’s hands, face, legs, while faithfully looking into the eyes. over, sometimes animals do this, even if strangers are trying to feed or pet them. In the latter case, everything is clear. in this way the dog is trying to express its gratitude. Meanwhile, the pet licks the owner for many other reasons, and many want to understand.

The dog licks his hands. what does it mean

So, let’s see what meaning the animal puts in by performing such a “rite”. Here are the most common reasons a dog licks its owner:

  • a demonstration of love or gratitude;
  • lack of attention signal;
  • getting pleasure;
  • desire to eat something.

Of course, more often than not, licking is a demonstration of love. If the dog stays alone at home long enough, then, meeting the owner, it expresses its joy and love in all available ways. In addition to the traditional wagging of its tail, the pet will also try to lick your hand, and if it gets it, then your face. Another possible option is gratitude, for example, for affection shown in relation to the dog, or a treat. The animal is simply expressing its gratitude to you.

However, licking is often a signal of a lack of attention. Dogs in this regard are quite sensitive. Probably, many have come across a situation when they woke up at night from the fact that the dog licks their hands or feet. Meanwhile, these animals, unlike cats, wake a person up on very rare occasions. Accordingly, if in a dream the owner felt that the animal began to lick him, you should give the pet a little attention, no matter how much you want to sleep. 5 minutes will not play a special role here, but by doing so you will calm your pet. After all, the animal understands that by violating the peace of the owner, it may well be punished. Nevertheless, the pet is ready to take a chance, just to get the much-coveted attention.

According to a fairly widespread theory, many dogs take pleasure in licking a person. She has a lot of both supporters and opponents. According to the former, dogs simply love the texture of the skin and the taste of human sweat. However, no weighty evidence is given here, and opponents of this theory draw attention to this.

Why Does My DOG LICK ME? ���� (Face, Feet, Hand and Ear Licking)

In addition, licking the owner’s hands may also indicate that the dog just wants to eat something tasty. Surely many at first gave the pet some kind of delicacy in response to such actions. The animal remembers this well, and is now trying to get a “tasty treat” in a proven way, doing it at the first opportunity. If this has acquired a regular character, the owner should think about whether he has deprived his pet of something? Indeed, in most cases, dogs do not go to such questioning because of a good life. Therefore, try to make sure that the animal does not feel left out and does not resort to inquiring

There is another answer to the question of why a dog licks its owner. natural instincts. In the wild, as you know, smell is very important. A weaker individual, exuding a strong aroma, will attract the attention of a predator, and will inevitably die. Therefore, the dog thereby tries to protect the owner, removing his smell with the help of licking.

If we talk about licking strangers, then in this case the dog is simply trying to get to know them better. The thing is that these animals try to remember not only the smell of a person, but also his taste. Therefore, in this case, we can talk about a kind of additional identification.

However, such petting from the animal is not always appropriate. Accordingly, the question arises. what to do in order to minimize them. There are many options. First of all, strictness is required from the owner. you need to show that you do not like it. And, of course, do not forget about the attention to your pet.

Why the dog licks the owner

You also do not know why the dog licks the owner? In fact, a reliable reason for this behavior of our tails has not yet been established. Many dog ​​breeders believe that this is a manifestation of love and devotion. And someone believes that this is a purely biological phenomenon, inherent in nature.

Let’s talk about the possible reasons why the dog licks the hands, feet and face of the owner.

Ownership instinct

Very often, in the presence of strangers, the tailed beast demonstratively begins to lick its owner. And he does not “kiss” at all, as many think. In this way, the four-legged declares its ownership of the person. Licking the owner’s palms, face, the animal thereby demonstrates that only he can invade the owner‘s personal space, that only he is the closest creature to the owner.

Natural instincts

Surely many people know that a mother dog licks her puppies for a long time. In the first months of life, the immunity of babies has not yet been formed, and they can easily pick up some kind of infection. Licking the puppies, the mother dog maintains the cleanliness of the coat, maintains hygiene, thereby preventing the possibility of infection. This contributes to the normal growth and development of babies. Even when the puppies have grown up, the dog still continues to lick them, reinforcing related feelings. Observing this behavior of the mother, puppies copy her behavior when they become adults.

When a dog licks its owner, it demonstrates that you are one pack. Puppies, on the other hand, lick their mother’s face to ask for help, in the hope of attracting attention, ask to share food.

The dog licks the owner, begging for attention, or if he is trying to say something. After all, when the dog approaches the owner and thus begins to “address” him, it will certainly cause a smile and affection. Well, how can you not pet your beloved four-legged in response and go to play with him?

Expression of love and devotion

Some believe that the dog licks the owner, thus expressing his emotional state, love and devotion. After all, just like us, animals experience different emotions.

And if in an aggressive state the dog can growl and even bite, then in a state of good spirits, licking you, your pet shows how happy and devoted he is to you. By the way, you may be interested in reading about how to wean a dog from biting.

Method of acquaintance

Probably, all pet owners noticed that when meeting a new person, the dog always sniffs, and sometimes even licks the people who came to visit you. Thus, receptors located in the nose and in the tongue of the animal accumulate and store unique information about the stranger and help to immediately recognize him at the next meeting.

There is also an assumption that animals like the taste and smell of the human body (especially a little sweat), the texture of the skin. Many are sure that the four-legged lacks some trace elements or salt, which are excreted in sweat. This has not been scientifically proven, but it may well be one of the reasons for the dog licking the owner.

If your dog licks you all the time

You cannot completely wean the dog not to lick you. This instinct is laid in our furry by nature. However, if the dog licks you all the time, it certainly causes some discomfort.

Try to identify the reasons why the animal does this. Maybe something worries him, or maybe thereby it shows how devoted to you and how afraid that it will become unnecessary. Or maybe he just lacks your attention and affection.

What if the dog licks the owner constantly? Try to make sure that your four-legged does not feel lonely. Take care of him, devote more time to him. Play various games with him. How to keep your pet occupied, I talk about playing with a dog.

Well, if the habit of licking the owner is already becoming “harmful”, then try to wean the tailed beast from it. Don’t let your pet do this, don’t reward him. Try to make a harsh sound, clap your hands when your pet starts bothering you. Make this sound every time the fuzzy tries to do it. This will teach your dog to hear this sound as a signal to stop this behavior.

And be sure to train your four-legged friend so that he unquestioningly fulfills all your commands. What do I need to do? Read about how to teach your dog commands yourself.

Here is our Jackie licks us exclusively in the following cases:

  • When I leave for work, he convulsively begins to lick Artyom, who remains at home. Apparently, Dzhekushka is afraid to be left alone and thereby tries to say: Well, at least you don’t leave!
  • When guests come to us, he begins to lick the guests, especially one of them. our friend from Moscow. Seryoga. Apparently he shows him that he is taking him to the flock.
  • When Jack demands to be played with, he tries exclusively to lick my nose or lips. It’s so ticklish and funny that I start to laugh, and he regards my laughter as a call to start the game and immediately drags me all his favorite balls so that I can throw them to him.
  • When Jekusik is in a relaxed, peaceful mood, and I start stroking him, he begins to lick my hand out of gratitude.

Why the dog licks the owner

Today we will reveal the answer to the question that dog owners want to know: why do dogs lick the owner or his child. Let’s talk about why tailed friends tend to lick different parts of the body: face, hands or feet, what emotions they can express with their behavior and what they want to say to people. We will also touch on the topic of how can dog saliva is useful in wound healing and what causes form certain behavioral reactions.

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The pleasure of taste

Some versions say that dogs experience pleasure from the taste and smell of human sweat. The fact is that with sweat, salts are released onto the body. This is especially true for parts such as the bend of the joints of an arm or leg. It is believed that this is how dogs make up for micronutrient deficiencies in the body. This fact has not been scientifically proven.

Hunger and withdrawal

Unlimited love and care is far from the only reason why pets are ready to lick their owners for a long time and thoroughly. Sometimes dogs are very stressed or just worried about something. As a rule, in such situations, they piteously look into the eyes, press their ears. With their behavior, animals want to attract attention and say how much they need your company now. This is due to the fact that puppies get used to asking for help from their mother in this way and expect to receive food and care. Therefore, in some cases, such a gesture can be regarded as hunger or other physiological need.

Dogs may lick the wound from time to time. Painful sensations, itching from allergies or foreign objects instinctively cause dogs to lick the inflammation. This is due to the m in the saliva of a natural antiseptic. lysozyme. Licked wounds, heal much faster and fester less often.

In this case, it is worth distinguishing between licking wounds and bad habits. If a paw or other part of the body is constantly biting or licking, then perhaps your pet is experiencing boredom and lack of movement. In other cases, it is always worth the first thing to show the pet to a specialist.

For unsterilized females, it is considered normal to lick the discharge under the tail during estrus, this only indicates its cleanliness. But your pet’s overexposure to body parts such as the anus or genitals after estrus is over could be a sign of disease. This behavior indicates reproductive diseases or helminths.

Acquaintance and collection of information

When meeting a new person, dogs sometimes not only sniff, but lightly lick their skin. They do this in order to better memorize information about a person, since the receptors of the nose and tongue are able to constantly collect and accumulate knowledge about the world around them, people and animals.

If your dog licks you all the time

First of all, do not forget that this habit is inherent in dogs at the genetic level. Many owners deliberately reinforce this behavior of the pet since childhood, because it is difficult not to be moved when the puppy responds with mutual feelings and delight. After that, an adult dog cannot resist not to lick someone on the cheek or lips once again. Often the owners turn a blind eye to this, but this is absolutely impossible to do. The mouth of dogs can contain many pathogenic microorganisms dangerous to humans.

Instead of weaning an adult dog from the habit of licking you, teach it to the rules of behavior from childhood. Experts advise reporting unwanted behavior in a firm, calm tone. One solution would be to switch the dog’s attention to the toy and to ensure regular physical activity. Physical exercise and the impressions of walking will help your pet to fulfill its needs, and, in addition, the pet does not need to draw additional attention to its person. The dog is guaranteed to be happy, and your soul is calm.

Another reason why a dog cannot stop licking someone or something (floor, toys, furniture) is the onset of the disease. At best, these traits represent behavioral problems that the animal behaviorist is addressing. At worst, there is a pathology that needs to be treated by a veterinarian. Therefore, be attentive to your pet and try to solve problems at the stage of their early appearance.

What does it say


Often dogs try to stand on their hind legs, lick a person’s face, and if they cannot reach, then they lick their hand. This all speaks of an extreme degree of admiration and respect for the stronger member of the pack. The instinct was preserved in pets from their distant wild ancestors.

Demonstrative licking of the owner in the presence of strangers. says that the dog shows the instinct of ownership. By this, the four-legged friend shows its importance and that it is a creature close to the owner.

Collection of information

It is difficult for a person to imagine how many receptors are on the dog’s tongue. With their help, she learns the world around her. She also reads information from a person. The dog can:

  • Meet the owner, remember him. Animals in their perception are not guided by the picture, they define a familiar person with the help of smell.
  • Determine extraneous odors. Your pet will find out where you have been and with whom you talked.
  • Check the well-being of the owner. With illness, body temperature, skin taste changes.


In the world of fauna, animals give themselves first aid. They lick the wounds to disinfect, to promote the fastest tightening. Lick paws when in pain or itching. They show similar behavior with a person. If the dog noticed small scratches or abrasions on the body, he will “heal” them. Dog saliva really contains lysozyme. this is an antibacterial enzyme, it destroys the cell walls of bacteria, preventing them from spreading.

Also, pets are sensitive to your inner state. They may feel an approaching ailment before you, start treatment where inflammation appears or you feel pain.

Why does a dog lick its owner, and whether it is necessary to wean him from this habit?

Situations when a pet licks its owner are common. We are used to associating this behavior with emotions, but why does the dog lick its owner: hands, feet, face really?

What are the reasons for the behavior? Is it necessary to wean a pet from the habit, and can it be dangerous?

Bad Education

The owner decides for himself how much his pet can show emotions. Someone is allowed to touch the face, others only to the hands. Boundaries should be set at puppyhood, because when the dog constantly licks the owner, it starts to cause discomfort. It is difficult to re-educate an adult animal, you will have to meet with a misunderstanding why it was possible before, and now it is impossible.

Why does the dog lick its owner? 6 main reasons

We are accustomed to the fact that dogs lick their owners, this is a manifestation of love and devotion, joy. But you can’t attribute all human emotions to animals. First of all, they are guided by instincts. In the pack, the female licks the puppies to keep them clean and protect them from infections. Soon, babies begin to adopt habits, they “kiss” each other, showing care, lick their mother, begging for attention or food. They take this model of behavior into the human family.

Why does a dog lick his owner’s feet?

The legs are the most accessible part for the animal, which is why they are a popular object for licking. The dog can:

  • “Kiss” or express joy. Then he will happily wag his tail, bounce, run around you.
  • Treat. Small scratches most often appear on the legs.
  • Lick sweat, human smell. We have already talked about the reasons for this: the dog may like or interfere with the scent, the smell on the legs is especially pronounced.
  • Be afraid. This is the only factor requiring serious attention. If the animal approaches you timidly, touches it slightly with its tongue, then increases the distance, it fears you, shows submission. Such behavior indicates increased aggression on the part of a person, broken contact with a pet. You need to think about your behavior, try to solve the problem yourself, or contact a dog psychologist.

The smell that attracts a dog

Dogs’ sense of smell is hundreds of times more sensitive than humans. You may not be able to smell the smells on you, but the animal will detect them. Licking in this case may mean that the dog likes the smell, the four-legged have a weakness for creams and cosmetics, or that they do not like the smell, then they try to “wash” it from the owner. It is unacceptable for a pet to smell another person or animal on the owner’s skin. He begins to worry that “his man” can be taken away and marks him with his saliva.

Is it necessary to wean the dog from this habit?

If you are licked by a little puppy who learns the world, do not swear at him, this will cause fear and self-doubt. Let him get to know you, only then begin to engage in education, marking the boundaries of what is permitted. For example, you are allowed to lick your hands, but you keep the dog away from your face. When your baby tries to get close to him, just say fu or clap your hands. The puppy will quickly learn the lesson.

With an adult pet, things are more complicated. Do not scold him if he licked your hand to say hello or ask for food, but suppress excessive love. Firstly, everything around will be in saliva, it is unpleasant and unhygienic, and secondly, think about what happens when a dog licks a person’s face?

The fact that the mouth of a dog is cleaner than the mouth of a person or a cat is a myth. It also contains many pathogenic microorganisms, which coincide by 15% with the human microflora. When your pet touches your mucous membranes, all bacteria are passed on to you. It is not known how they will behave in a particular situation, in particular, stomatitis, periodontal disease may occur. Porphyromonas gulae has been shown to cause inflammation of the gums and lives in the saliva of most dogs.

This is Love

There is another version among dog breeders. They believe that the licking process is a way to express emotional affection and love for a particular person. That is, the dog licks the owner’s face because he loves him, but does not know how to say. Therefore, she expresses love with the methods available to her. Some owners noted that the animal is especially active in the presence of other people.

Dogs do not have access to the methods by which people show their love. An animal cannot say “I love you,” so it licks a person. In a similar way, the puppies lick their mother and each other. This is an expression of feelings.

Why does a dog lick its owner all the time??

Constant licking can have various reasons. This is not always normal and sometimes it is worth focusing on this. The dog licks the owner because:

  • Something worries her. If this behavior is not inherent in a particular animal, then this may be a symptom of a disease. In such a situation, you need to show your pet to the veterinarian.
  • She has nothing to do. In other words, this is the only activity that is available to her. The dog licks the owner out of boredom. In this case, you need to organize her leisure time. buy toys, walk with her more often.
  • There is not enough education. If the puppy is allowed everything, then he grows into a dog that behaves as she pleases. For example, if the puppy is constantly squeezed and allowed to lick himself from head to toe, then he gets used to and perceives this behavior as normal.
  • Jealous. If a new pet appears in the house, the dog may be jealous. And with her licking, she checks whether the owner has stopped loving her. Similar behavior can occur when a new family member appears, for example, a child.

The constant licking of a person by a dog is not considered the norm. After all, it is unhygienic. Therefore, when changing habitual behavior, it is worth identifying the cause. If the animal is healthy, then this is a behavioral problem and it is solved by education.

Dating option

When a person comes close to a dog, its first reaction in most cases is to sniff the person. Some animals do it carefully, timidly, while others, on the contrary, are too active. At the next stage of dating, the dog licks his hands or face. That is, for an animal, this is a way of obtaining information about a person standing in front of him.

The dog’s nose is perhaps its main organ. The smell affects the receptors not only in the nose, but also in the mouth. Therefore, the smell and “taste” of a person gives an idea of ​​how to treat him. There is also a version (scientifically not proven by anyone or anything) that the animal just likes to lick a person. The structure of human skin and the taste of sweat can be to the liking of a four-legged pet.


Property issue

There is a version that the dog, licking the palms of a person from the back in the presence of other people, wants to demonstrate its connection with this person. Or as if it claims rights. As if showing “this person is mine, he is busy.” When other people are around the owner, the dog may begin to show his feelings even more actively. She shows that she has weight in this house and for this person.

By these actions, the animal tries to show everyone that it is allowed to invade where others are not allowed. into personal space. Like, “look, I can lick him, and he does not drive me away”.

Palm licking

Laid by nature

Dogs are relatives of wolves and coyotes. It is customary for these schooling wild animals to lick the leader. For them, this is a kind of recognition of power. Dogs have similar instincts. The dog licks its lips when it sees the main thing in the owner. This is what is inherent in animal nature. That is, licking a person with the tongue can be translated as “I admit that you are my master, you are more important, I am grateful for taking care of me”.

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For a pet, this can be a way to deal with stress. For example, the owner was away for a long time, and the dog was homesick or was frightened by something. The causes of stress in animals are slightly less than in humans. Therefore, licking the owner for her as a way to calm down.

If you observe the behavior of the bitch with the puppies and the puppies’ games, you will notice that a lot of time is devoted to the licking process in the joint pastime. Mother licks her puppies for a long time.

This is an expression of love for your baby. For puppies, this is a sign that mom is around and everything is fine. Also, nature has laid down that kids lick their parents’ face, hoping that they will share food with them. This connection is later transferred to the owners, because now the puppy is fed and looked after by a person.

There is no scientific evidence for this behavior. But most breeders believe that a dog licks its feet (or other body parts) when it needs help, attention, food, or water. That is, it is an expression of a request. Especially if at the same time he looks pitifully into the eyes. Many owners noted that they noticed a connection. the pet comes up and licks if he needs something.

Reasons why a dog licks a person

A dog is an animal devoted and loyal to its owner. One of the most common habits of dogs of any breed is to lick a person when they meet.

Why do dogs like to lick? There are certain reasons for this impulse. Usually, these actions take place on the hands and face. If you want to understand why a dog licks a person, you need to know a little about the nature of your pet.

A dog is primarily an animal. She has natural instincts, in addition to this, she communicates with a person in the way she knows how to do it. Observe your pet and understand why he licks the owner (or someone else). Finding a causal relationship isn’t that hard.

Replenishing the lack of salts in the diet

Also, if the animal licks the owner’s feet, then this may indicate that the diet does not have enough sodium and chlorine salts.

Many people think that salt is contraindicated for dogs and do not give it to pets. But table salt in small doses is even necessary for the animal. With its participation, the production of hydrochloric acid by the stomach improves, and digestion improves. But in large doses, salt is really dangerous. Lethal amount. 3 g per kg of dog weight.

The animal licks exactly the legs as the most salty of the available parts of the owner’s body (sweat has a salty taste).

Feeling fear

If the dog licks the owner’s legs and whines and cuddles against them, then this may indicate that she is scared. So the dog seeks protection from a person, it is possible that from himself (for example, if the owner treats the pet too harshly or just strictly reprimands him for inappropriate behavior).

If the dog feels guilty, he may whine and lick the owner’s feet, admitting his guilt.

Why does a dog lick his owner’s feet

The reasons a dog licks its owner’s feet may differ for each pet. Sometimes such attention from the four-legged friend becomes excessive. To take any action, you need to understand the driving motives of the dog. To do this, you will have to carefully observe him.

The dog licks the feet of the owner: the reasons for showing attention from the pet

Our pets understand everything, but they cannot express their feelings in words. Voiced barking is not enough for dogs, and they use other techniques. To answer the question why an animal licks the feet of its owner, you need to delve into the psychology of the pet.

Remembering the smell of the owner

If an animal licks its owner, it may be just trying to remember its scent. This is especially true for small puppies or pets that have recently appeared in the house. This is normal behavior for dogs, so don’t try to stop it right away.

For puppies, licking the owner’s feet is a way to remember him faster.

Show of concern

The most common reason a dog licks its owner’s feet is because of the animal’s positive emotions. With the help of licking, the pet expresses its care and love. This is especially true of those cases when he did not see the owner for a long time and got bored.

Also, an animal can lick the feet of its owner for a reason that lies deep in his subconscious. In childhood, puppies were carefully licked by their mother. So she showed her care and love. These were pleasant sensations that were firmly entrenched in the memory of the animal. When the dog grows up, it tries to repeat the behavior of its mother and thus express love and affection for its owner.

The behavior of his mother, licking the offspring, in adulthood, the dog can transfer to the owner, trying to emphasize his love for him

Attention demand

A dog whose owner is constantly busy and cannot give it enough attention may ask for affection by licking a person’s feet. Sometimes an animal can wake up its owner right in the middle of the night, when the feeling of loneliness can turn into melancholy. Such a sign should not be ignored. After all, the dog can find another way to attract attention, for example, by gnawing furniture or shoes.

Licking as a way to calm down

Dogs, like all living things, are characterized by anxiety and stress. Nature took care of the four-legged, endowing them with the ability to complacency. The entire body of dogs (even naked ones) is covered with hair follicles, which, in turn, are connected to nerve endings.

When the dog is nervous, it stimulates the skin to calm down. Pets insist on being petted. If the owner is not nearby, the dog strokes itself on the end of the sofa or on the tabletop (if growth allows). Stray animals scratch themselves on bushes and benches. Self-massage stimulates many nerve endings, the dog feels a pleasant tickling, the body responds with the release of endorphins, and they, in turn, reduce stress.

Licking is also a way of self-massage, but there is a nuance. If the dog is constantly stressed, he licks his front paws. A protracted situation leads to an obsessive state, that is, the pet licks the same place, no longer understanding why. This disorder ends with a licked granuloma. a wound of varying depth, up to the “opening” of the bone.

An obsessive desire to lick the owner and do it regularly means that intuitively, the dog suspects a problem. You may not get enough sleep or are sick, worried about something, or have a psychosomatic disorder. If the kidneys or liver function is impaired, the person’s sweat changes the smell, which can also be the cause of the pet’s compulsive state.

Psychology and body language of dogs

For centuries, animals have adapted to survive next to humans. It so happened that the needs of the “crown of evolution” do not spare anyone. Dogs had to become useful, docile and obedient otherwise, they would not have found a place in the developing world.

Every gesture, posture and action of a four-legged person in relation to a person has some meaning. Some postures indicate a positive disposition, others express fear or anxiety. In relationships between dogs, grooming plays a communicative and broader role.

Newborn puppies lack the sense of the world. They feel hungry and cold, breathe (since the process is an unconditioned reflex) and squeak to get the mother’s attention. All that they can feel from the outside is the taste and dull smell of mother’s milk, warmth and mother’s tongue licking them.

The mother dog thoroughly licks each puppy immediately after birth. Stroking stimulation helps babies to open their lungs and take their first breath. In addition, the dog licks the amniotic fluid from the babies. After that, the puppies warm up and eat. This is followed by another licking ritual that stimulates the gastrointestinal tract.

It is interesting! The dog licks each puppy’s crotch until he goes to the toilet. This procedure has several functions at once: stimulating the intestines and sphincters, maintaining cleanliness, eliminating odors that can attract predators.

The puppies on their paws actively communicate with each other, lick the faces of the brothers and sisters, continuing to suck their mother. Toddlers are constantly licking new objects and trying food. By three months, the dog moves to a new home, loses the usual company and care of the mother. However, the skills imparted to the puppy from the first days do not go away. The tailed beast instinctively seeks warmth, power, protection, and someone to fool around with.

Grown-up dogs often lick the palms and face of the owner. Thus, the puppy will strive to get closer to the guardian and feel protected. When raising some dog breeds, experts recommend encouraging face licking as it brings the owner and the pet closer together.

Adult dogs can act unexpectedly. In addition to the habitual licking of the hands, the pet can become addicted to the owner’s hair, legs, armpits or elbows. The reason is the smell of sweat (or other foreign smell) that the dog is trying to wash off or replace with his own. Quadrupeds are characterized by a sharp reaction to the smells of personal hygiene products. Perfume, in the opinion of dogs, is too dangerous (do not forget that the sense of smell of four-legged at times sharper than yours), because they “can be heard a mile away.”.

A special portion of saliva and caresses is intended for children. Even serious dog breeds, more often than not, distinguish adults from children, and have tender feelings for the latter. The four-legged does not try to adopt a two-legged cub, but instinctively does what the parent should do. wash, regret, calm down, etc.

Important! Dogs tend to lick adults and children, so take care of the prevention of worms in advance. By the way, you can also infect a ward with parasites, so you should not forget about your health.

The dog licks his hands: a sign of trust in the owner or something else?

Wild animals that have to communicate with each other find dozens of methods to show their mood and emotions. Dogs have lived with people for more than 10 thousand years, for such a long period, tetrapods have learned to talk with their owners and show their experiences. It is generally believed that a dog licks his hands, showing loyalty and trust, but there may be something else behind this gesture.

How to stop a dog from licking people

The owner of the dog does not always like slobbering caresses and this is logical. When going to work or visiting, you don’t really want to get your outfit dirty with saliva or leave the house in wool. The owner’s task is to teach the dog to restrain its impulses, and it does not matter if they concern licking or trying to jump into their arms.

A four-legged from early childhood should receive non (!) Ambiguous signals about your reaction to certain actions. If you do not want an adult dog to slobber your hair, you do not need to be moved by this while the pet is in a child’s return. Never let the ward lick other people’s hands. Strangers shouldn’t feed your pet!

Guard dogs, traditionally, are not even allowed to pet. From the point of view of socialization, this is overkill. The four-legged must understand that not all humans are a threat. However, the right to order, punish and feed the tailed beast remains only with the owner.

If you decide to shelter an adult dog and unexpectedly discovered a bad habit, you need to work on the pet’s behavior gradually. To reduce stress, in the early days, any unwanted actions are ignored. That is, you should not scold the dog, but you do not need to reward it (even with a smile). After the initial adaptation, the new pet is introduced to toys that will become the first educational tool. With the help of your favorite toy, you can provoke the dog to the actions you need or knock him down for stopping them. Any tweeter allows you to sharply “switch” the attention of the ward.

After the adaptation period (10-14 days) has elapsed, the dog should be shown what the punishment for a misdemeanor looks like, namely, the order will go to the place, without praise and emotion. If ignored, the command is brought to execution, that is, you take the dog by the collar, take it to the bed and lay it down.

Important! Before you punish your dog, try to make sure that he is not stressed and is not trying to “treat” you. In the first case, you will only aggravate the situation, in the second, you will rudely react to an attempt to take care.