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Why Doesn’T The Kitten Eat All Day

The kitten does not eat or drink, he constantly sleeps. what to do?

People who have recently become the owners of a pet often face a problem: the kitten does not eat or drink, constantly sleeps. What to do in such a situation, and how dangerous is it? It is necessary not to panic and take some fairly simple and understandable measures for everyone.

What does it mean for a pet to refuse food and drink??

There are situations when a cat does not eat or drink for several days, but only sleeps for no reason. If the cat does not eat, therefore, it loses its appetite, it can be called anorexia. However, an animal’s appetite is determined by psychological factors, as opposed to hunger, which is a physiological phenomenon.

There can be many reasons why a cat does not eat for several days, but only sleeps. Often, a kitten does not eat due to the fact that some harmful processes have begun in its body, that is, a disease arises. As a rule, if a cat is lethargic, does not even drink water for a long time and lies in one place most of the day, then this indicates diseases of the stomach or other main organs. Indeed, when experiencing severe pain, the animal will not have time to eat.

Note that if the pet is very lethargic during the day and does not even drink water, this may indicate the first heat. Owners think their pet is sick, but they are not. In this case, the animal begins to get acquainted with new natural urges, and this can lead him to confusion. This behavior and refusal of water and food can go away for several days, and then return to normal.

If a kitten does not eat anything for a long time and does not even drink water throughout the day, he is lethargic and does not want to do anything, then your pet is probably sick. Infectious diseases such as worms are often the cause of a lack of appetite. So that the pet does not lose weight and is sluggish, it is necessary

The kitten sleeps all day

Send a photo of the animal. There can be quite a few reasons for the symptoms you describe. Describe in detail the diet of the animal, indicating the ingredients included in it. When did you perform routine deworming? When was the animal vaccinated and with what vaccine? What vitamin preparations do you use additionally? This is very important diagnostic information. Provide it soon.

Please note that feeding with Whiskas, Friskas, Meow, Felix and Kitiket is not recommended for feeding cats. Neither dry nor wet. These are very harmful feeds that can sooner or later provoke gastrointestinal diseases and quite often lead to the death of the animal. Sausages, milk, soups, borscht and everything else “what we eat ourselves” not suitable for feeding cats. This rule is. Feed your animal either quality commercial food: Acana, Gina, Orijen, Hills, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Go Natural, or Now Fresh. Or natural products: rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, beef, turkey, rabbit (but not in the form of minced meat) and stewed vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, beets). The percentage of meat in the main diet. Minimum 70%. Also remember that you should never mix natural food and industrial feed. Vitamins must be used for any type of food, for 1-1.5 months. 2 p. In year. A small kitten at this age is recommended to eat Royal Canin Baby Сat or Hills Science Plan Kitten Healthy Development.

Unfortunately, our veterinarians are not available at the moment. You can ask a question in the group “Veterinary practice” social network .

Among subscribers “Veterinary practices” not only pet owners, but also veterinary medicine specialists. These are experienced veterinarians, professional breeders, aquarists and terrariumists, groomers. We are sure that with their help you will definitely get an answer to your question.

Why doesn‘t the kitten eat, drink and sleep all the time?

Fortunately, the reasons for a kitten’s lack of appetite and constant sleep are most often not dangerous to his health. Basically, this behavior is due to stress, which develops in the animal under the influence of all sorts of factors surrounding it in the early period of life. It is quite understandable that a kitten is weaned very early from its mother, and the earlier this happens, the more stress it can experience. If you brought a new pet into the house, which is barely 1-1.5 months old, be prepared for the fact that at first he will be crammed into the far corner, and then, tired and exhausted, he will go to bed there.

If the kitten is hungry and thirsty, it is unlikely that at first he will be able to find plates of food and water on his own, even if you place them in a prominent place. Young animals still do not have a very good sense of smell. At the same time, kittens are lost in a new apartment for them, and even without the help of their mother, who used to provide them with food. In a new place, in the first few weeks, the animal must be fed with the help of the owner, and we will talk about how to do this correctly.

Kittens are very active and mobile creatures, and due to their underdevelopment and inexperience, they do not immediately understand what fatigue is and when it occurs. Often, the owners allow their little pets to create whatever they want, and at the same time are touched by pranks. In fact, excessive activity has a very negative effect on the animal’s well-being. Sometimes a cat or cat gets tired so much that

Why does the kitten sleep all day and not eat. Cat world

A long-awaited pet has appeared in your house. a small kitten. Of course, it requires care and attention. You need to closely monitor the condition of the kitten, especially in the first days and weeks.

It happens that the kitten does not eat or drink during the first 2-3 days in the new house. He is lethargic, does not want to play and sleeps most of the time. This can be due to the stress the baby feels in the new environment. Sometimes try to smear his mouth with milk, this will help him start lapping from the saucer. Of course, this does not apply to very tiny kittens who still do not know how to lap. These need to be fed from a pipette. Usually the habituation period lasts 2-3 days.

So try not to worry if your pet refuses to eat at first. Try to treat him with something tasty, but don’t put a ton of stuff on a plate and wait until everything goes bad. If the kitten hasn’t eaten in a short time, remove it. Better to give warm, warmed food (but not hot) or food at room temperature. Eating directly from the refrigerator will not be good for the kitten. If your kitten is not 4 months old, it is better to feed him 4-5 times a day, and from 4 to 8 months. 3 times a day. It is recommended to feed adult cats and cats (after 8 months) 2 times a day, but it is possible more often (this is individual, it depends on your pet). It happens that the kitten does not eat simply because he does not like the food. This is especially true for special food for kittens. It often happens that a kitten starts eating when they buy a different type of food or are treated to regular food (meat; dairy products; boiled sea fish without bones no more than 2-3 times a month; porridge. semolina, rice, oatmeal; grated vegetables. carrots. cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin with a small amount of unrefined vegetable oil).

As for cat food, it is better not to give it to a small kitten. Dry food is strictly contraindicated! Allowed

The cat doesn‘t eat anything.

For the first time I create a theme about cats. My cat hasn’t eaten anything for two days. And even refuses to drink. He rarely goes to the toilet. They took me to the veterinarian and said that everything was fine, but we doubt it. The cat is completely exhausted, sleeps only and walks a little. Tell me what happened?

The she-wolf, what’s the matter with the cat, write. I haven’t eaten for three days. He died, it turned out gamobartenellosis. Immediately take it for tests. An external examination of the cat will hardly give anything. Ours also did not eat, he was still sick, the doctors said bullshit, give him glucose. As a result. He had worms. Only when he began to puke worms, we all understood.

My cat does not eat for 4 days, even though she used to drink water. She is 16 years old, Siamese. She was always mobile, affectionate. It’s not given in the hands, screams, hides from everyone, sits in a dark place, does not even sleep with me, and before that she recognized me alone. I searched the sites for similar cases, I found it. All the cats are dead. Tomorrow we are going to the doctor, I don’t know what to do. I sit and cry, because she means much more to me than a pet. I do not know what to do.

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We visited the doctor, passed the tests, etc., the result. Kidneys have failed. I had to put him to sleep. Poor, how she suffered, yesterday said goodbye to me, came to sleep with me. I just can’t get back to normal

Today I came home from work, the cat is lying on the couch, a bowl of whole food, I didn’t eat anything, I take it in my arms, she screams and tries to bite so weakly, there’s no strength at all (((((I can’t understand what she hurts, at first I thought with a paw what, she was limping, but screaming when I feel all the paws. What could it be? I’m very afraid

My cat had a ball of hair in its stomach, she didn’t eat anything, at first we thought she was mischievous, but when we went to the doctor, it was too late, the operation was done, but it did not help, now we have another cat, but she is also now Something does not eat anything, tomorrow we go to the doctor!!

Tell me, the cat does not eat almost anything for 2 months

Why does the kitten constantly sleep?

Cats are especially famous for their love of extended sleep. They are ready to sleep 19 hours a day, especially for those cats who live at home and do not care about finding an upcoming lunch.

Newborn kittens keep up with their older compatriots and spend 90% of the first days of their lives in a dream. But such a long sleep plays an important role in the further development of the kitten.

In the vicinity of the mother’s breast, which is source of food and warmth for a defenseless lump, the kitten sleeps day and night. During sleep, the baby can wiggle its legs, flinch and squeak. There is nothing strange about this. Such movements in a dream are still the only opportunity for a kitten to move. These very movements contribute to the development and strengthening of his muscular system.

To explain why a kitten is constantly sleeping is very simple. sleep for a newborn kitten is just as important as for a small child. During sleep, the kitten‘s organ systems develop at a faster pace, and the body as a whole gains strength. In addition, it is during sleep that hormones necessary for growth are produced.

It is not worth worrying about such a passive behavior of a kitten, and even more so, trying to wake him up is not worth it, a little time will pass, the baby’s body will get stronger and the kitten will become more active.

It is quite another matter if an already grown kitten sleeps all day. This should not be the case, since by about two months of age the kitten’s sleep is normalized, and the number of hours of sleep approaches the amount of sleep of an adult cat.

Passive behavior can be one of the signs of the manifestation of what. Either disease. It is worth taking a closer look at the condition of the kitten’s body. In addition to drowsiness, loose stools are a clear sign of the onset of the disease.

In such a situation, you should immediately contact a veterinary clinic, where qualified specialists

If the cat is sluggish, does not eat or drink, what to do?

Often a pet’s refusal to eat can scare the owner. When a cat is lethargic and spends most of the time in the same position, this is undoubtedly not a good sign. If the cat does not eat or drink. only sleeps, it is necessary to understand the reasons for this behavior, because it is quite possible that your cat is sick and needs to be treated.

How much should a kitten sleep

Mustached babies are usually active “rarely, but accurately”: during infrequent waking hours, kittens prefer to run, jump and explore the territory.

There is no single answer to this question. The duration of a kitten’s sleep depends on its breed, nature and physiological characteristics.

Another ancient breed from Asia. Akita Inu is described in this material on our website.

Healthy kittens can sleep up to 22 hours a day. And this should not alarm you. Rest time depends a lot on the age of the toddler:

  • Newborn lumps wake up only for eating;
  • Having got a little stronger, they try to crawl near their mother, start waking up and fidgeting when she is not around, respectively, they sleep less;
  • Mature kittens spend a lot of time playing with their brothers and mother. Usually during this period, the kitten‘s sleep schedule is determined by the cat, but often the babies are awake more often than the mother.

A kitten’s many hours of sleep can be assessed as a sign of illness if other symptoms appear: a sharp change in rest regimen, decreased appetite and activity.

How much should an adult cat sleep?

An adult pet usually spends less time sleeping than a kitten.

And, nevertheless, if your cat is completely healthy, and sleeps more than 20 hours a day, do not worry. For adult cats, everything is also individual.

An aging cat can go into long hibernation. it seems to turn into a baby again.

Don’t discount your pet’s peace of mind. If the cat practically does not sleep and all the time “keeps his ears open”, most likely, he is under stress and is clearly not disposed to the household. In this case, the cat will not fall asleep until all the owners have gone to sleep. he is simply afraid.

Faced with such a situation, you need to urgently take action, otherwise:

How to understand your kitten

It is very important to learn to understand how your pet thinks and why he does what he does. Then you can make your relationship even closer and stronger. In addition, it will help you teach him how to behave and raise a good friend.

How does your kitten learn?

Kittens learn from their own experience. If the experience is positive, the kitten will want to repeat it. If negative, he will try to avoid this situation in the future. When it comes to training your kitten, it’s important to remember that the incentive is reward. Shouting and punishing won’t work. They will only scare your pet.

In order to disaccustom your kitten to do something, create favorable conditions for what he is allowed to do. For example, if you want to wean him to tear apart your furniture with his claws, teach him how to use a scratching post. Try to put an entertainment complex for your pet; put his toys and some catnip next to it and be sure to praise the kitten when he plays with what is allowed.

If your kitten is having fun, if you spend a lot of time with him and bring a variety of educational toys that will keep him busy all day, he will not even think about getting naughty. Bad behavior is often the result of boredom.

Why does he do it ?

Much has been said about good behavior. But sometimes your kitten does things that seem abnormal. Here are some explanations for this behavior.

Why does the kitten suck on objects??

You may notice that your kitten is sucking on, for example, a blanket or a toy; some people even wake up with their pet sucking on their ears! There is no unambiguous explanation for this phenomenon, but it is possible that those kittens that were taken early from their mother, thus replace what they lost. Or maybe he is bored. Try changing toys to keep him interested.

The cat does not eat, does not drink, sleeps all day

Thank you said: 2 times

Why Doesn'T The Kitten Eat All Day

Hmm, in the directory I found only this about the flu: “.9. CAT FLU

A disease that is little studied so far, which has recently become quite widespread in our country. With this viral infection, the nasopharynx is first affected, and then the pathological process quickly captures the lungs. As a rule, only 2-3 days pass from the moment of infection to lung damage. If untreated, mortality reaches 90% in adult animals and 100% in kittens.

Symptoms: serous and then purulent nasal discharge, sneezing, swelling of the nasopharyngeal mucosa, the cat sits with an open mouth. The temperature rises to 40-41 ° C.

Treatment: fosprenil in combination with symptomatic therapy, antibiotics (albipen LA, clamoxil, cephalosporins) and gamavit (or vitamins).

Prevention: Avoid drafts and hypothermia, contact with sick cats or with animal carriers. At the slightest suspicion of such contact, give the cat phos-prenil according to the instructions. Fosprenil will also protect the cat from infection at a cat show. Disinfect the area where cats are kept in a timely manner. Virkon is well suited for this purpose, but in no case can you use chlorine, since chlorine vapors are poisonous.”

Or do you have some other flu?

Topic: The kitten sleeps almost all the time. Why does the cat sleep so much

In the conditions of modern time pressure, the dream of almost every working person is sleep. Did you know that in this regard you can envy cats? It’s about time, because the cat “pours” your two work shifts a day!

Why does the kitten sleep all day

Advertising. Why isn’t the cat eating? 15.12.2011

Pets are like children. They are playful, cheerful, eat well. But sometimes it happens that cats refuse to eat. Then the owners start to sound the alarm, and some try to force feed the animal.

This should never be done. First you need to find out why the fluffy ball has lost its appetite, and only then take action. In general, healthy animals may stop eating everything for some reason.

First, it can be stress related. If your pet is very sensitive to the changes that are happening around her, be prepared that she will refuse food as soon as you change her bowl. Moving is another stressor. Because of it, even more stable and cheerful cats refuse food. Even the appearance of new animals in the house is already a reason to get depressed and stop eating.

Secondly, the period of estrus in cats is also accompanied by refusal to eat. At this time, adult cats who are in the same house with a running cat stop thinking about food. It is clear what their thoughts are doing. The same happens to them during the rutting season, usually in March. Such jokes with cats happen regularly.

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Third, it is worth checking to see if someone is feeding the cat while you are away. And if the animal can freely walk along the street, interruptions in appetite can be regular. these are predators. While walking, the cat can catch a mouse or even a bird. Her and get enough.

In any case, first of all, try to diversify the animal’s diet as much as possible. Change food, it may have an unpleasant odor that only a cat can smell. Be gentle with the animal, especially if the cat is under stress. You look, and the fuzzy’s appetite will wake up.

Why doesn‘t the cat eat?

A healthy appetite is one of the main indicators of your pet’s well-being. But refusal to eat is not always a behavior disorder or a sign of illness, in some cases it is the norm. It is important to know why the cat does not eat in order to be able to correctly assess the condition of the pet and provide her with help in time if such a need arises.


Cats are famous conservatives. Some pets hate change so much that they get stressed even after rearranging furniture. What can we say about changing the diet? It is not unusual for a cat to refuse food if it is not the usual food in front of it, but something unfamiliar: a different consistency, temperature, a different form of granules, a new smell and taste. For this reason, you should not transfer your pet to a new food immediately, but for at least a week, gradually mixing it into your usual food.

If you are worried about the health of your pet and do not know how much a cat can not eat, striking against a change in diet, proceed from the following parameters:

A pet suffering from any chronic disease, regardless of the stage and degree of manifestation of the disease, should not fast for more than two days.

These deadlines can only be met if the cat does not eat anything in protest, but drinks enough liquid. Clean water should always be freely available.

In addition to changing food, your pet may go on strike because of a change in feeding place or replacement of old bowls with new dishes. Cats with a labile nervous system refuse to eat for less serious reasons: they put a tub with a plant next to the bowls, changed the rug under the bowls, washed the bowls with a cleaning agent, etc.

Fasting day

Sometimes the cat refuses to eat for about a day for no apparent reason. Some veterinarians believe that cats voluntarily have

Help! The cat eats nothing = ((

He is by nature not too large, other cats are larger than him. And he ate little all his life. Unektrated. Lately we don’t know how to feed him. Grandmother buys all sorts of canned food, cooks fish, and feed him raw liver (the only thing he ate a little ), every month we buy him new canned food for cats. Just at least ate. He gnaws a little and that’s all. dry food. Sometimes you have to run after him to eat. There is no appetite at all ((skinny horror. Scary to watch. We go with him to the vet, analyzes of norms. Yes, and he does not come out of the house, home. We do not know what to do. Some bones, not a cat. On the street, and then cats are thicker.

The author, if the veterinarian says that everything is normal, then it is so. Animals themselves know how much they eat. Do not worry when you get hungry. it will chew on something)

But in general. It is necessary to feed with something one. If you feed dry food, do not add anything else. Or don’t feed them at all. By the way, my cat is terribly fond of beets, cabbage, herbs and cucumbers))

My cat also eats little, I feed it with dry food, so she eats it quite a bit and is also thin, poisoned worms, lives at home, everything is normal, but thin and eats little, by nature it must be like that-)

The author does not eat anything and eats little. Different things. If you do not eat at all within 3 days, feed forcibly as follows: loosen the yolk in a cup (you do not need protein), draw it into a syringe and slowly pour it over the cat’s cheek. The doctor taught me this when my cat after castration did not eat for 3 days.

Your cat may have urolithiasis. It hurts him to go to the toilet and he refuses food. Dry food should not be given to cats at all. We saved ours only with a few visits to the doctor, where a catheter was inserted, a spectacle

The cat does not eat. what to do?

Sometimes a situation arises when your love

Why doesn‘t the cat eat all day. Why does a cat eat poorly and sleep a lot?

Possible reasons

The reasons why the kitten does not want to eat may not be associated with diseases:

  • Stressful state. When the baby is suddenly taken away from the mother, it is not surprising that the kitten does not eat well. he is experiencing the first separation in his life.
  • A kitten eats little if food is unfamiliar to him. Some cat breeds are famous for their capricious disposition in relation to food. they will literally starve to death, but will not touch the food that they do not like or turn out to be unusual.
  • Weaning too early is one of the common reasons a kitten has no appetite. Usually, unscrupulous breeders do this, striving with all their might to increase the number of matings and offspring for profit. When a kitten is tiny, it is used to cat milk with a special composition. If he has not yet been accustomed to complementary foods, then it is not at all surprising that the kitten does not eat or drink. he simply does not know how yet. Dealing with such a situation is difficult, but possible. It is much easier to make sure in advance that the animal is already taking complementary foods and will not cause additional trouble.
  • Sometimes the reason for the kitten to stop eating can be completely commonplace. a new bowl for food or drink. Sometimes plastic products in the first days of use have a very pungent and unpleasant odor, which is why cats with a delicate scent simply do not smell food. it is “clogged” by an unpleasant “aroma” emanating from plastic. Babies should be given food not in plastic, but in glass or ceramic dishes, it does not contain volatile flavors and is highly hygienic. Before use, it is good to pour over such utensils with boiling water. this will both disinfect it and “kill” foreign odors.
  • Similar to a disgusting-smelling bowl, dirt and debris around the place where cats are usually fed can scare an animal away from food.
  • The presence of helminths is a common reason for refusing to eat kittens taken from the street or on occasion. The worms cause severe intoxication of the whole body, so the baby begins to have digestive problems. He vomits and vomits, he breathes heavily, does not eat or eats very little, but drinks a lot. The kitten is lethargic and thin, sometimes refusal to eat can alternate with unexpected bouts of gluttony. Helminthiasis are dangerous, especially if it is a small kitten, so such symptoms should alarm the owners.
  • Internal infections or diseases. A kitten under the age of 6 months does not have strong immunity and can easily get sick. With infectious diseases, he sleeps all the time and lies all day, does not touch food, only drinks water, breathes heavily, often he is sick even from drinking water. These signs indicate that the baby is sick and needs urgent help.

The most dangerous symptom is the animal’s unwillingness to drink. There can be various reasons for this, from a cold to a dangerous infection and even rabies. If this condition lasts longer than 2 days, the kitten constantly lies, sleeps a lot, breathes heavily, does not eat or drink, you should immediately go to the veterinary clinic with it.

What to do if the kitten does not eat or drink

Taking a tiny cute creature into the house, we do not think about whether it is ready for an independent life, how it will endure separation from its mother and moving, meeting new people and conditions. Sometimes this becomes the reason for refusing food.

Pet owners need to keep in mind that signs of illness can also be accompanied by loss of appetite, so you need to be able to distinguish symptoms of the disease from the manifestation of other conditions. It is very important to figure out why a small kitten does not eat, because with its symbolic weight, it will quickly weaken and may die.

Ways to deal with the problem

Confused owners of a fluffy who find themselves in such a situation ask what to do if the kitten does not eat anything. First of all, you need to make sure that he is not sick, and that the kitten does not have worms. Absence of stool or liquid excrement, blood in feces or traces of worms, mucus, as well as severe vomiting, cloudy “sour” eyes, nasal discharge, an unpleasant odor from the mouth, complete refusal of food and water may indicate a bad condition.

If nothing threatens the kitten, he feels quite normal, sleeps and drinks water, you need to find out why he so stubbornly ignores what he is offered:

  • If the baby is too young to eat on its own, the owners will have to work hard. It is necessary to purchase a special substitute for cat milk, drink it from the nipple, and give it to the crumbs drop by drop from a finger or a cotton swab. You shouldn’t give cow’s milk. it is too fat. You can try to dilute it in half with water and watch how the baby digests it. Ideally, you need to find a lactating cat who can become a nurse or milk donor.
  • A good way to get a kitten to eat is to hand-feed the food. It should be fresh, tasty and soft, soft enough for a small creature. The habit of eating it from a flat saucer will gradually form. Likewise, a cat is taught to drink water.
  • If the kitten is protesting against the new food, you should call the breeder or previous owners. Seeing the usual food, the baby will begin to eat, then it will be possible to gradually change his diet.
  • To find out why the kitten does not eat anything, and how to get him to give up his hunger strike, it is worth checking the dishes. If it is dirty or has an unpleasant odor, it must be replaced with a new one or thoroughly washed and disinfected.
  • The feeding area must be clean.
  • Food should be laid out in small portions and removed immediately as soon as the cat is full.
  • Meals should be adjusted in time. Kittens quickly get used to the regimen.
  • Provide the new pet with calmness and solitude in the first days of stay in the new home, forbid children to squeeze it and make a lot of noise.
  • If the kitten eats, but refuses to water, maybe he still does not know how to lap or is not familiar with the bowl. It needs to be given water from a nipple and gradually taught to a saucer.
  • Babies learn to eat and drink on their own faster if a pet lives in the house that is older than their age. He will serve as a role model.
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If you do not miss a serious illness, you can deal with any feeding problems on your own. When the owner does not understand what is happening with the pet, it is best to just take him to the veterinary clinic. There they will examine him, check his health and explain in detail what to do.

What to do if a lethargic kitten sleeps all the time?

If your kitten is lethargic and sleeps all the time, you don’t always need to panic. A healthy pet sleeps almost all day for the first month of life, waking up to eat and play a little. Adult cats are already awake 7-9 hours a day. Spend time playing, hunting and chatting with the owners.

A cat can sleep constantly, not only because of soreness or loss of strength. Factors that affect sleep duration:

  • Heat, low atmospheric pressure;
  • Home comfort and calm atmosphere;
  • High activity while awake;
  • Dense pet feeding;
  • Age: older cats and small kittens can sleep up to 20 hours a day.

If the kitten is active and eats well when it wakes up, don’t worry. Prolonged sleep is physiologically normal, since the protein nutrition of animals requires prolonged digestion.

Causes of lethargy

When an animal is sick, it becomes drowsy, aggressive, lethargic. This state is immediately noticeable in babies, because when nothing bothers them, they like to jump and play.

There are several explanations why the kitten is lethargic:

  • Disturbed sleep mode, when the animal sleeps during the day and plays at night;
  • Sterilization;
  • Taking pills for worms;
  • Tick ​​bite;
  • A viral or infectious disease;
  • Taking antibiotics;
  • Heat;
  • Full stomach;
  • Poisoning;
  • Concussion.

Any medication, injections and operations can side effect on the condition of the animal. Often the kitten is lethargic after deworming, which indicates an incorrectly selected dosage or an advanced disease. If the cat has been feeling unwell for more than two days, see your veterinarian. Gastric lavage may be required.

After sterilization

In the first days after sterilization, the kitten is lethargic, eats little and constantly sleeps due to a lack of strength and the effect of anesthesia. The animal needs to rest and gain strength after the stress experienced. Therefore, do not wake your pet, even if you think he needs to eat.

If the condition does not change for two days, you should consult your veterinarian. Perhaps the kitten has an increased sensitivity to the components of anesthesia or an infection was introduced during sterilization.

If your cat tries to move and run after surgery, try to help and comfort her. Excessive activity can lead to injury and deterioration.

Dangerous symptoms

A kitten that sleeps a lot, does not like to play active games, eats poorly and little, may be seriously ill. Pay attention to your pet and the presence of other pathological symptoms. Signs of the disease:

  • Dry and hot spout;
  • Refuses to drink;
  • Temperature, body trembling;
  • Loose stools;
  • Vomiting;
  • Pallor of the mucous membranes;
  • Dull coat;
  • Impaired coordination;
  • Refusal of favorite treats;
  • Lack of reaction to people, loud sounds, light;
  • Dilated pupils;
  • Rapid breathing.

Any of the listed symptoms is considered abnormal. To understand why your pet stopped playing, eating and drinking, you need to consult a veterinarian.

If you know that poisoning is the reason for the poor health, wash the kitten‘s stomach and give activated charcoal. After these steps, go to the veterinary clinic.

Strong smell from food or bowl

Some bowls made of polymers, especially in the early days of their use, have a strong unpleasant odor. Cats have a keen sense of smell. And such a “bright” chemical smell will repel the pet from food. In addition, food can smell like plastic and have an unpleasant aftertaste. But even if the bowl (in your opinion) no longer smells, the detergents you use to clean the cat bowl may have a pungent odor. Do not forget that they also have a fairly diverse chemical composition. However, it is best not to use chemicals when washing dishes for feeding the animal. If you want to kill the infection, then just pour boiling water over the bowl (if the manufacturer and the material of the dishes allow this).

No fatty foods

Many people drink broth. However, this is not the best option, since the body of the meowing furry is not yet ready to digest fatty foods. Especially when the hunger strike lasted for several days. A weakened organism needs very light food. Yes, when the kitten does not eat food for only one day, and the animal is more than 2-3 months old, then you can try to give him broth through a bottle. Just do not salt, do not add any seasonings. Do not take pork or lamb as meat, it is too fatty meat.


Some types of parasites, on the contrary, awaken a brutal appetite in the baby. But still, in most cases, a tiny organism is not able to fight worms. All the strength of the immune system is spent solely on the fight. Therefore, they do not remain at all for food consumption. Modern veterinary drugs can be given to tiny kittens. Some anthelmintics can only be given once, but it is usually recommended to repeat the procedure after 10-14 days.

This is due to the fact that during this time those parasites that were not affected by the first dose reach a different stage of development. And now on it they become sensitive to the active substance of the anthelmintic. Be sure to carry out 2 procedures for expelling parasites, even if you did not find any worms in the feces or vomit of the kitten. Perhaps, in his body there is just the larval stage, which is covered with a dense membrane that does not allow the drug to kill the helminth.

When a kitten is not eating, it should at least drink.

Therefore, put a plate with clean (filtered or boiled) water. If the baby does not know how to lap on his own, then he will have to drink water either through a pipette or through a nipple, at least in small portions.


As proud as cats are, they are very sensitive. It would seem, well, what is it about moving or changing surroundings? But such little things can affect the psychological state of the animal. The animal needs a couple of days to adapt to the changed conditions. If possible, eliminate all possible sources of stress, provide the baby with peace. Keep the water fresh and some food in his field of vision, but away from people. Perhaps the kitten needs a calm environment and privacy.

Nipple bottle, pipette, or nurse cat

A bottle with a pacifier, a dropper or a nurse-cat is a way out for very tiny kittens. If the kitten is very small, then buy a bottle with a nipple of a small diameter to fit in the kitten’s mouth, and a cat milk substitute. Or find a nurse cat. Perhaps one of your friends recently lambed a pet, so you can try to attach your starving baby to it. Just let them sniff each other first. Some adult animals defend themselves against other people’s children.

Try finger feeding

Alternatively, try finger giving. Drop a little on your finger (water, milk, low-fat sour cream, broth) and bring it to the baby’s nose. If he stubbornly turns away, do not “force” him. Try a little later (in half an hour or an hour). If a kitten that does not eat from a bowl suddenly licks food from his finger, then drip more. Gradually bring your finger closer to the bowl, perhaps the kitten will taste the food from your hands and try to eat from the bowl on its own. It is preferable to use soft food so that you do not have to chew for a long time, it would be enough to just lick from a bowl. A good option is canned meat for children. They are without salt, the meat is finely chopped, and often cereals are also included.

Reasons why the kitten does not eat food

Let’s figure out why the kitten doesn‘t eat anything? What made the baby starve?

Too young age

Some get kittens that are too small. Unscrupulous breeders are trying to “fuse” the kittens as soon as possible so that the cat starts estrus faster and get offspring from her again. As a result, the kittens do not yet know how to eat on their own. Hence the hunger strike.

The kid would be happy to have a hearty meal, but he cannot, does not know how. To prevent the baby from starving to death, you will have to purchase a special cat milk substitute (it costs a lot, but ideal for kittens) and a bottle. Cow or goat milk is not suitable because the kitten’s intestines cannot digest such fatty milk.