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Why dogs love to have their belly scratched

Your tick removal kit

Before attempting to remove the tick, prepare yourself to do so safely and carefully. Do not try to remove the tick from the ear canal yourself; such removal is only recommended if the tick is in the outer part of the ear. Getting close to the parasite is important to minimize the risk to both your dog and you.

You will need the following set of items to remove:

  • pincer hook
  • 2 pairs of gloves
  • container with lid
  • alcohol
  • cotton swabs
  • antiseptic for animals
  • old newspaper

Using a tick hook is the best way to remove a tick, as it is designed to remove an entire tick in one smooth motion and is much more effective than tweezers. Never try to burn the tick or apply petroleum jelly to it, these methods do not work and can be dangerous.

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Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs?

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How to remove a tick from a dog’s ear

You can try to remove those mites that are visible on the outside of the ear yourself. If a tick has entered your ear canal, see your veterinarian as trying to insert the hook into your ear canal can do more harm than good. Mites have very strong mouth organs, which help them to firmly attach themselves to the host’s skin. This means removing the tick from your dog must be done carefully so that the entire tick is removed. You can ask a family member or friend for help to help the dog stay calm throughout the process.

How to get rid of mites on your dog’s ears

If you find a tick in the ear, next to it, or anywhere else on your dog’s body, it must be removed as soon as possible to reduce the risk of tick-borne infections. The ears are a sensitive area for dogs, so removing ticks from there can be difficult. This step-by-step guide will tell you how to remove a tick, but you should only do this if you can see it well and your dog will let you do it, but if the tick has got into the ear canal and it is so easy to get it out, get help. to the vet.

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Step by step guide

Step 1. Make sure your dog is relaxed and comfortable before attempting to remove the tick. You can only remove mites around the ears if they are clearly visible and accessible, to remove parasites that are inside the ear canal, contact your veterinarian for help.

Why Do Dogs Love Belly Rubs?

Step 2. Put on gloves and try to stretch out the tick without causing discomfort to your pet. Slide the hook under the tick at an angle and follow the instructions, gently twisting and pulling it upward to remove the bloodsucker. Tick ​​hooks are specially designed to remove ticks without squeezing.

Tweezers are not recommended because they are less effective and can crush the tick or tear off only the body. If the mouth organs remain in the skin, it could lead to infection.

Step 3. Once you remove the tick, put it in a container, fill it with rubbing alcohol and seal immediately. Alcohol will kill the tick. Discard the entire container. Then place the hook on the old newspaper, being careful not to touch it with your bare hands.

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Step 4. Next, treat the area of ​​the bite to prevent infection using a cotton swab dipped in animal antiseptic. Tick ​​bites can be painful, so be careful, especially when touching your ear.

Step 5. Remove and discard gloves and wash your hands thoroughly. Put on clean gloves and treat the hook with disinfectant, then remove the gloves again and wash your hands.

Step 6. Observe the dog for the next few weeks. If you notice any unusual symptoms such as lethargy, lack of appetite, or just unusual behavior, see your veterinarian.

If your dog does not allow you to remove the tick, you should seek help from your veterinarian as soon as possible.