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Yorkshire terrier ears when standing in puppies

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Causes of pathology

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question why the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier did not rise. Most often, provocateurs are:

  • Bad heredity. The genes of his distant ancestors can be reflected in modern puppies. Until 1990, the standard did not prohibit the half-overhanging position, which is why dogs with a similar trait were freely allowed to breed.
  • Abundance of wool. The canvas may not rise due to the fact that there is too much long and heavy wool on it.
  • Cartilage condition. Too thin cartilage of the ears does not hold the canvas in an upright position.
  • Stress. Even the slightest stress, fright, or too much emotional overexcitement can cause disruptions in the puppy’s body and development.
  • Diseases. Viral or bacterial infections and diseases of another kind transferred by a Yorkie can cause the dog to remain lop-eared for life.

Important! In addition to the above reasons, ear injuries can deprive a puppy of the chance to take part in a show or competition. Most often it concerns one ear.

At what age do they get up

According to the norms, the ears of a Yorkie puppy should fully rise up to 3 months. It also happens that they sag again or even completely lower, but over time they still take the correct position. Short-term changes are most often associated with tooth change or post-vaccination period.

Important! The deadline for self-lifting is 4 months.

If the puppy’s appearance has not become so “standard”, you need to think about an artificial setting. Lop-eared Yorkies are not allowed to exhibitions and competitions and are excluded from breeding.

Addition method

After the dog has been washed and dried, the hair on the ears is shaved or trimmed. Further, each ear is folded in half lengthwise so that there are no folds or creases. The ear canvases folded in half are connected at the crown and wrapped with adhesive plaster.

Important! After 3 days, the patch should be removed and the dog should be allowed to rest for a few days. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

Yorkshire terrier ears when standing in puppies

Yorkshire Terriers, like most guard and fighting dogs, according to the standard of appearance should be with erect ears. If time passes, and the puppy still remains lop-eared, its owner needs to seek help from a veterinarian who will help put the Yorkie ears correctly.

Removing excess hair

Sometimes the ears of a Yorkie fall due to the fact that they have too much wool on them. In this case, the shell will not bend completely, but only the tip of the ear.

You can shave the fur on the outside so that the lobe does not bend under the weight of the hairs.

Important! It is necessary to remove hair from the auricles themselves. Inside, in the ear canal, Yorkies have no nerve endings, so plucking hairs almost does not bring discomfort. This procedure will help maintain hygiene, which will also speed up the ear setting process.

Setting ears with cotton swabs

The most humane way to put a Yorkie’s ears is to stick it on a cotton swab:

  • A rounded petal is cut out of a fabric-based patch in the shape of an ear, glued to the shaved inner part.
  • On top of the plaster, a stick, cut to the desired size, is placed for cleaning the ears so that the cotton ball is at the ear canal.
  • The resulting structure is again covered with a plaster.
  • Important! To minimize pain when removing the patch, soak it for 3-5 minutes with vegetable oil.

    Why can’t the ears hold

    The reason for drooping ears in Yorkie puppies may lie in the pathologies of the body. The most common problem is an infectious or congenital disease. Also, poor care leads to such an external defect: rare grooming, inadequate cleaning.

    • physiologically large cartilage, the severity of which does not allow the ear to stand;
    • vitamin deficiency (malnutrition or weakened immunity due to difficult childbirth);
    • too thick and dense coat also pulls the earlobe down;
    • change of teeth (new incisors require a significant amount of calcium, which is why the cartilage receives less nutrition);
    • weak or impaired blood flow (congenital disease or complication caused by the owners’ love of tying bows on the ears).

    Important! Proper care of a Yorkie puppy and an adult dog excludes the possible occurrence of pathological diseases, contributes to the correct physical development of the animal. If the baby is kept in mud, eats poorly, is not bathed or examined, then his cartilage is unlikely to rise.


    The ears of a York puppy are also placed using the addition method. The method is named so because to determine the place of gluing, the eye must be folded in half to see the place of the crease (the connection of the lobe with the cartilage). This area is shaved and glued with a square of plaster.

    Important! 2 ears are always glued, even if one fell. This is necessary to fix and align both shells.

    After gluing two ears, they are fixed with strips of plaster, forming a “bridge” between them.

    Scotch tape

    York puppies are also glued to their ears with scotch tape. This method is unsafe in that the adhesive base of the adhesive tape can cause irritation. But it is believed that this material clings to hairs less and does not press on blood vessels.

    Taping a Yorkshire Terrier’s Ears up

    The gluing technique is no different from “folding”. attaching a wide and long (in the size of an ear) strip of adhesive tape to the shaved inner part, fixing two ears with a “bridge”.

    At what age do york ears stand up

    According to the international standard for the Yorkshire Terrier breed, the ears of a puppy older than six months should be:

    • v-shaped;
    • medium size (in relation to the head);
    • set not wide, but high;
    • overgrow with thin, light wool.

    However, Yorkies are born completely different: with thick heavy hair and semi-erect cartilage. But do not worry, because the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier stand up at the age of 1.5-4 months.

    This time is different for every Yorkie puppy. In some, the shells quickly grow stronger and rise on their own. Others develop for a long time and require assistance in staging.

    How to put the ears of a Yorkie: when they get up in terrier puppies

    Recently, Yorkshire Terrier puppies with weak ear cartilages are being born more and more often, because of which the ears do not rise in time or do not rise at all. And any difference from the standard is considered a vice and the Yorkie may not be allowed to mate. How to put the ears of a Yorkshire terrier and will be discussed in the article.


    This method of setting the auricles does not require any special structures with a rod or metal crowns.

  • Before the procedure, the Yorkie is bathed, his ear canals are cleaned and the lobes are shaved from the top from the inside by 1/3 of the length (you can pull out loose hairs with tweezers).
  • To seal the frame, a cylindrical piece of foam rubber can be placed inside.
  • The lobe is folded into a vertical tube and wrapped with a strip of tissue plaster in a circle (1 skein).
  • For a more secure fixation, you can put a bandage on top and fasten the two york ears with strips of plaster.
  • Breeder tips

    • Your pet is unlikely to endure everything you do with it and will try to remove the bandage. Consider this when securing the adhesive plaster. Try to prevent the animal from reaching it with its paws.
    • During the growth period, a special approach should be used to feed the pet. The diet should have enough calcium and phosphorus, which are found in cottage cheese, chicken broth, gelatin. During the period of tooth renewal, the dose of calcium should be prescribed by a veterinarian.
    • Do not let children play with the dog at this age, they can damage the cartilage by rubbing the Yorkie’s ears.
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    What to do if your ears haven’t raised by 6 months

    There are several reasons why a Yorkie’s ears do not rise. Identifying the cause will help you choose the right way to correct.

    Because of what the ears may not rise:

    • the dog has developed heavy or, conversely, too light and thin ears. This is due to the insufficient amount of calcium in the body;
    • ears will not rise if there is a large amount of long hair on them;
    • during the period of tooth renewal, the need for calcium increases, therefore, with a lack of it, even the raised ears can fall again;
    • impaired circulation.

    If you cannot deal with it yourself, contact your veterinarian and he will determine the most likely cause.

    There are several ways to help the ears return to their normal state.

    Take note of proper shell massage. Massage the Yorkie’s ears several times a day in a circular motion, going from the center to the tips. This will help get rid of the problem associated with poor circulation. The massage is done gently, without strong pressure.

    When york’s ears go up

    All Yorkshire Terrier puppies are born with hanging ears, as the cartilage is still soft and not strong enough. Ideally, the ears should get stronger and stand up in the period from 3 months to six months, depending on the characteristics of your dog’s body. There are also cases when the ears stand up confidently already at the age of 1.5 months. In others, on the contrary, full lifting is carried out by 6 months.

    Placing the ears of a Yorkie is a process that involves only light proofreading. Your pet will not be hurt. As soon as he is 1 month old, start trimming the growing hair from the outer and inner parts of the ears so that it does not weigh down the fragile cartilage. This makes it much easier to correct potential problems early.

    When the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier get up and what to do if they do not get up

    A dog with “wrong” ears in most cases loses its aesthetics of appearance. To a large extent, this applies to Yorkshire Terriers, which will participate in exhibitions and breeding. But even when the pet got to your home without any plans to participate in contests, its ears should look right.

    Methods for staging using a medical patch

    This group includes several of the most effective methods that will help eliminate even severe deformation. For their implementation, a hypoallergenic pharmacy plaster on a white fabric base is used. It does not injure the skin and minimizes the risk of the dog becoming restless or in pain.

    • Using a frame A frame is made of thin cardboard or a special tire, which serves as a support for the ear. The frames are glued at the very base, the ears should stand straight. Then the tips are connected to each other with a plaster.
    • The “tube” method. First, the ears are freed from long hair, rolled up with a tube and sealed with a plaster. The ear canal should remain open. The correct tubes stand upright and are connected to each other with a plaster so that there is a small distance between them. Until the ears are confidently holding on on their own, the procedure is repeated every week.
    • Method “cotton swab”. After removing the hair from the inner side of the ear, a piece of plaster is prepared corresponding to the size of the auricle. It is glued inside the ear, and a cotton swab with cut ends is glued on top with a plaster. The structure is fixed on top with an additional piece of adhesive plaster.

    It is necessary to glue both ears, even if one of them stands confidently. It is necessary to continue until both ears are correctly and securely positioned.

    “How To” tape get my puppies ears to stand. Yorkie taping ears

    Many veterinarians and experienced Yorkie owners recommend using the cotton swab method, as it is considered the most gentle and painless since there is no need to bend or fold the Yorkshire Terrier’s ear.

    It is not difficult to put ears on a Yorkshire terrier, but if the dog is stubborn and violent, then this can be a problem. In extremely rare cases, independent methods do not help, and surgical intervention is required. The reason is, as a rule, too much weight of the ears. a genetic feature of your pet. In other cases, to solve the problem, it is enough to revise the diet of the growing puppy.

    Why don’t get up

    Regardless of the sex of the baby, by the age of four months, their ears should already be raised. Sometimes it happens after changing teeth.

    But if four months have already passed, the teeth have changed, and the ears are still not standing, it is necessary first of all to determine the cause of this problem. It can be covered in the following:

    • Too big. It happens that cartilage in dogs develops ahead of time, so they become disproportionately large and cannot rise due to their weight.
    • Too much wool. The large amount of hair on the tips of the ears makes them too heavy to stand up.
    • Lack of calcium and vitamins. Most often, in all three cases, the Yorkie’s ears can be raised using several traditional methods.

    But the owners should know that if the pet’s ears are too big, then they may not rise. unfortunately, even the seller cannot predict such an outcome.

    In such cases, remember that the dog is primarily a friend and family member, not an exhibit. This means that the animal must be loved, despite its small flaws.

    How to put

    To begin with, we note that if a dog’s ears have risen and then fell off, then there is no need to worry. they often droop during the change of teeth. If they got up once, then nature will take its toll the second.

    And in cases where the ears do not rise at the age of three to four months, they often just need help.

    First of all, you need to establish the cause of what happened to the ears. If the problem lies in the abundance of wool on their ends, then the solution to the problem is quite simple. just cut the excess.

    It is not recommended to do this on your own, as the dog can be injured due to inexperience, and an unevenly clipped coat can seriously ruin its appearance.

    For the first haircut, you should contact a professional or use a special trimmer.

    If the problem is that the cartilage is too thin (this can be determined by palpation), it is better to contact your veterinarian who will prescribe the appropriate vitamins.

    It is not worth choosing a remedy on your own, because an excess of calcium will not bring health to the dog, in addition, it should not only be consumed in food, but also absorbed by the body.

    As measures that can be applied on their own, Yorkie owners indicate a change in diet. they recommend adding boiled beef tails and ears, as well as broth cooked on their basis. It will also help your ears get stronger.

    Photo gallery

    These cute dogs are quite unpretentious and modest. They easily adapt to any circumstances, let’s see a small photo selection of these beautiful creatures.

    “Crown” for erect ears

    The last recommendation is the creation of a “crown”, that is, fixing the ears in a standing position with an adhesive plaster.

    Already after a few days of wearing it, you can notice that the ears are standing. the main thing after that is to make sure that they do not fall again.

    For fixing in an upright state, you will need a not very hard plaster on a fabric base. The width should be about 1.5 centimeters, 6-8 centimeters long for one procedure.

    Before fastening, it is better to trim the ears short or trim them with a trimmer.

    Each ear must be “flattened” by the left and right sides to each other, and fixed in this state with a plaster, wrapping it several times in the middle of the ear at some distance from the base.

    When this task is completed, you need to fasten them together. as a result, the Yorkie will have a kind of “crown” on his head, which will keep his ears upright.

    You can walk with such a “decoration” from five days to a month, taking daily breaks once or twice a week.

    At the same time, observe whether the ears are standing without the plaster. if they start to “fall asleep” again, then the procedure must be continued.

    When the ears of a Yorkshire terrier stand up

    Taking a small puppy, we take on a great responsibility. it is important not only that he grows up healthy and beautiful, but also develops correctly.

    To do this, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of development, for example, to ensure that the ears of the puppy are on time and correctly.

    To do this, you need to know when the ears of Yorkies get up, why this may not happen, and how to put them if necessary.

    If you have a need to put your pet’s ears, and you do not know how, but everything seems so easy and simple. But you have never seen or done this. Then this video clip is especially for you.

    When the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier get up: 1 comment

    I liked your gentle method of setting the ears very much. You go home?

    Why don’t get up?

    • Heredity;
    • Change of teeth;
    • Vaccinations;
    • Excess hair on the ears;
    • Puppy-borne diseases;
    • Stress.

    Of these reasons, heredity can be considered the worst, because the owner has only two options: to reconcile or have plastic surgery.

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    How to fix hanging ears?

    First, you need to figure out why. The easiest way to solve the problem of excess hair on the ears is to trim with scissors. The owner decides whether to go to the make-up artist himself. If your Yorkie has weak ear cartilage, you should give your puppy a supplement that includes glucosamine and chondroitin. But before that you need to consult a veterinarian.

    After illnesses and stress of the puppy, the owner should give his pet a healthy diet that contains minerals and vitamins. You need to walk more often and give your dog a nurturing attitude. Ear massage, which is advised to do several times a day, can also help.

    The ears can also be raised with the help of gluing. There are several ways to properly glue the ears to make them stand up.

    When should the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier go up??

    If the Yorkie is normal, then the ears will rise in 2-2.5 months. The delay in ascent can be affected by vaccinations or during tooth changes. Maximum, the ears will rise at 4 months. If they continue to hang, then they need to be urgently lifted, as they may remain hanging.


    The Yorkshire Terrier breed has its own standard, which states that the ears should be small and erect. But in some puppies, for various reasons, the ears do not stand up or rise belatedly. This is mainly of concern to show dog owners. The ears of the Yorkshire Terrier can and even need to be raised, because if the ears are hanging, then the dog is threatened with exclusion from breeding. But not everyone knows how to put the ears of a Yorkie.

    Sticking in the form of a straw

    First, you need to wash your Yorkie well and dry it. In all these methods, you will need an adhesive plaster in a roll. You need to keep the dog so that it does not move and does not run away. For the patch to stick, you need to remove the hair from the ears. Next, you need to roll the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier into a tube, but so that the dog can hear. These tubes must be pasted over with adhesive plaster each separately. At the end, the ears are placed vertically and once again wrapped with a plaster for fixing. The puppy should walk with such ears no more than three days. The ears are unlikely to rise the first time, so this procedure must be repeated several times.

    Fold-over ears

    The second way is to fold in half and fix the ears. In this method, the beginning of the procedure is the same: wash, dry and fix the Yorkie. Further, without creases and folds, the ears are folded in half, they are connected at the crown and fixed with an adhesive plaster. This method of gluing must also be worn for no more than three days. After that, the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier should rest. If the ears still have not risen, we repeat this procedure again. In the end, the ears will stand.

    Sticking with a stick

    This is the best way to set your ears. So, the dog has no discomfort when wearing it or it is minimal. For this method, you will need two cotton swabs and all the tools that were used in previous methods: adhesive plaster and scissors. The length of the cotton swab must be reduced so that it is no larger than the ear itself. You need to cut off four pieces of the patch. A stick is placed on one piece, and the second is glued on top. Do the same with the second ear. Further, it is necessary to put this structure into the ears of the Yorkie, but the main thing is not deep, otherwise you can damage the dog’s hearing. If the dog has very weak ear cartilages, then it is advisable to replace the cotton swabs with tape, from which the tube is made. Wearing this design lasts no more than a week, after which you need to take it off. If the ears do not stand up, we repeat the procedure. At first, the dog will be unaccustomed, but then it will not pay attention. But he can also start to break the structure, so he needs to be answered, for example, with a game.

    For a while, you can put a special collar on the puppy. If no method helps the dog, then plastic surgery should be done. But this is not a pleasant and painful procedure, after which scars remain, and for exhibitions it is unacceptable and the dog is not allowed to this event.

    The main thing to remember is that there is no need to despair and give up if the ears did not become in the required time frame! With the help of setting methods, you can raise the ears of the Yorkie. To improve the cartilage on the ears, add food and increase the amount of vitamins in the dog’s diet. The desired result can be achieved in three months. Also, if nothing happens with the help of those methods, then the operation is done and the ears rise after it. But we must remember that any operation on an animal is a risk. It is better to have a disabled puppy than to lose it.

    Binding with a plaster

    For fastening in this way, you will need a plaster in a roll (sold at any pharmacy) and scissors. Procedure:

    • Trim your Yorkie a bit. How to do it. see above.
    • Take a piece of the patch and wrap it around your ear without twisting it into a tube. Don’t touch the wool. Do the same for the second ear.
    • After both ears are secured with tape, fix them in an upright position with duct tape.

    York is not allowed to wear this design for more than a week. After a week, everything should level out. If necessary, make a dressing.

    Tip: To avoid unnecessary pain when removing the patch, moisten the ends with vegetable oil before removing. Over the long term, the patch sticks to the puppy’s delicate skin. Discomfort or irritation may occur if not acted carefully.

    A haircut

    The easiest thing to do to lift your ears is to trim a little. For this:

    • Clean your work surface. You will need: scissors or a grass trimmer. tweezers, a towel (to hold the Yorkie), cotton swabs, peroxide (antibacterial agent).
    • Bathe york. gently remove the water from the ears with a cotton swab.
    • Dip a clean cotton swab lightly in the antibacterial solution. Disinfect the inside of the ear gently. Remove excess hairs with tweezers.
    • Grasp the outer edge of your ear. Comb the puppy lightly to define boundaries. Trim the coat from top to bottom, then go through the trimmer.

    Repeat trimming every few weeks to keep the coat from overgrowing. Remember, the procedure must be carried out carefully and under sterile conditions.

    Genetic defect

    An honest breeder immediately warns the future owner of the puppy’s defects. If you took a Yorkie from a non-professional breeder or from an acquaintance, the probability of a defect increases. Only the operation will help to put the ears correctly in case of deviation.

    We advise you not to stop the dog. She will not be able to take part in exhibitions anyway. Cupping will only bring torment to the animal.

    Genetic defects also include:

    • cartilage and / or circulation problem;
    • too big ears.

    According to breeders, vaccinations can be one of the reasons for drooping ears.

    What to do if they do not rise?

    If your puppy does not have raised ears, first contact your veterinarian to determine the exact cause and not harm the animal. After consultation, the veterinarian will give recommendations, and you will be able to do everything you need on your own.

    • fix the ears of a Yorkie no earlier than at the age of 4-5 months;
    • if the Yorkie starts to whine or behave strangely, remove the mounts;
    • do not keep the glue on the puppy for more than one week;
    • be sure to trim your coat before putting on the patch;
    • fix the structures better, because the Yorkie strives to pull off a foreign body.

    Why can’t the ears hold?

    There are several reasons why a Yorkie can’t hold his ears:

    Tips for breeders and dog owners

    Marina “Well, Betty and I are worn out! We were told to cut first, then glue. It is easier to trim the dog completely, there at the same time and the ears will be trimmed. And after that you can glue it. “

    Natalya “I know one breeder, she bought a dog for breeding and exhibitions in one of the kennels. By six months he had no ears. They went to exhibitions like this: two hours before the event, they glued their ears with adhesive plaster. They stood for a couple of hours, then again in a hanging position. Maybe they were teasing with something else, I don’t know for sure. For a dog, sheer torment. My opinion is this: before you start a Yorkie, read the literature, ask around other breeders. The puppy was definitely cheap, but that’s another topic ”

    Let’s go to practice

    All our actions boil down to three points:

    • Shave the ends with a typewriter;
    • Give the correct shape and position and fix the ears with a plaster;
    • Massage your cartilage daily.

    Let’s go to practice

    All our actions boil down to three points:

    • Shave the ends with a typewriter;
    • Give the correct shape and position and fix the ears with a plaster;
    • Massage cartilage daily.

    When the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier get up how to put the ears of a Yorkie

    Very often, with such super popular breeds as the Yorkshire Terrier, the new owner is left alone with the newly purchased puppy (the purchase was made under the influence of the moment and there is no connection with the breeder, or he disappears, turns off the phone, etc.). And if this is his first pet, and besides, there are no experienced dog breeders nearby, there is a danger of mistakes, and quite dangerous.

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    Ears that are not raised or set incorrectly, of course, do not pose a threat to life, but they can seriously darken the life of the owner. Especially if he was planning a show career for his puppy. We will tell the story of how to avoid this trouble.

    Addition method

    After the dog has been washed and dried, the hair on the ears is shaved or trimmed. Further, each ear is folded in half lengthwise so that there are no folds or creases. The ear canvases folded in half are connected at the crown and wrapped with adhesive plaster.

    Important! After 3 days, the patch should be removed and the dog should be allowed to rest for a few days. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

    How to put the ears of a Yorkie?

    If you suddenly find that your Yorkie’s ear is starting to break, you need to immediately help your pet in the correct positioning. Straightening your pet’s ears at home is not as difficult as it might seem at first. Patience and perseverance should be your assistants in this matter (video by Alena LOVE).

    A bit of theory

    To begin with, not everyone will need this procedure. And there is no exact time when you need to start gluing York’s ears. All puppies are born with hanging ears. there is not enough strength in the cartilage inside to lift them. Usually the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier rise by 3-6 months.

    However, everything is individual here: for some it happens by 1.5 months, for others. only by half a year, or in general it remains to dangle like rags.

    Nevertheless, in most cases, our task is only to help nature a little.

    yorkshire, terrier, ears, standing, puppies

    From the age of one month (or a little earlier), babies should shave the inner and outer surfaces of the ears once a week. Thus, we will make them lighter and it will be easier for them to take the desired shape.

    Therefore, if the ears are in the correct position by 8-10 weeks from the birth of the puppy, it is better to play it safe and take action.

    When ears stand up?

    As a rule, the ears of a Yorkie rise by the age of four months, but during the regrowth period, the tooth may fall again. Often, due to poor nutrition, weak cartilage or genetic tendencies, the ears may not rise at all or partially rise. In these cases, it is necessary to take measures.

    A massage has a good effect if the ears still do not rise. Gently massage them from the base to the ends, do not use force, do not press hard. the kutenik should not be hurt, he should be comfortable. This stimulates blood flow to these areas and helps to achieve the result, together with other means.

    Dog ear bending method

    There is a way to fix when the ears of the Jack Russell Terrier start to rise like a shepherd:

    • We bend the ear and determine the bend angle (the tip of the ear should be brought closer to the corner of the eye).
    • In this position, we glue the plaster to the outside of the ear and leave the edges free by 2 cm.It is important to ensure that there are no folds or irregularities on the plaster.
    • We repeat the same manipulation from the inside.

    The little fidget wants to get rid of the plaster and will peel it off in every possible way. Try to calm him down and distract him with toys, then the manipulation carried out will bear fruit.

    All about the peculiarities of setting the ears of toy terriers

    The ears of the dog are set high, thin, pointed, directed upwards. When breeding this breed, you need to know all the nuances and features. Let’s try to figure out what time a toy terrier has ears.

    The formation and development of these organs is influenced by the age of the pet. When puppies are born, they, along with food, receive various macro / microelements, minerals, vitamins, which are involved in the maturation and formation of bones of the skeleton, internal organs and systems. The ears of puppies are made of soft cartilaginous tissue, which avoids injury and damage, since in childhood they are active, mobile, and also clumsy. So, what features does a toy terrier have? At what age do ears rise?

    They begin to rise only in two to three months of life. The process reaches its end, as is commonly believed, by one year. It is in the first year of life that the development of the body is completely completed, the skeletal system becomes more solid and durable, the internal organs are fully formed. It is important to take into account the fact that each organism develops individually, therefore there is no exact time for formation.

    Monitoring your pet’s health

    When the ears of a toy terrier puppy stand up, its health and cheerfulness should be monitored. It is important to monitor nutrition, mood, and adequate intake of proteins, micro / macronutrients and minerals. After all, it is at a young age that there is an active growth of bones, cartilage, tissue. You can buy special vitamins for dogs, but it is better to consult a specialist before buying.

    In addition to the listed facts, when the ears of the Russian toy terrier stand up, special attention should be paid to the health of the auricles:

    • From an early age, monitor their condition and development.
    • If the puppy is 6 months old, and the ears are still lying, then the procedure for setting them should be performed.
    • If this process happened crookedly or with other deviations, it is important to make timely adjustments.

    Help if your ears are not raised

    When the ears of a toy terrier get up, the process can be irregular. In such cases, the puppy needs help. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

    Yorkshire Terrier

    Many dog ​​breeders are interested in what time the ears of Yorkshire terriers rise. Taking a small puppy, you should be responsible for him and carefully take care of his health from birth. Any breed of dog requires knowledge and skills. Thus, let’s try to answer the question. what time do the puppy’s ears start to rise?

    All dogs develop individually and depends not only on the breed, but also on other external and internal factors. However, by the standards of dog handlers, the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier rise by four to five months or after the change of milk teeth.

    If the pet is already five months old, the teeth have changed, and the ears are not yet standing, then this can be affected by:

    • Cartilage too large. In some dogs, they develop very quickly, the external proportions are disturbed. And because of their weight, they cannot climb up.
    • A large amount of hair makes the ears heavier, so the weight makes them unable to lift.
    • Lack of calcium and vitamins.

    “How to” assist puppy ears to stand up.

    In all three cases, the situation can be corrected by gluing the ears, replenishing vitamins and haircuts. The main thing is not to delay correcting the situation. It is important to remember that even a specialist cannot establish an accurate forecast. First of all, a pet must be loved, even with a small flaw, because he is a member of the family, and not an exhibition exhibit.

    It’s important to know!

    Before and after gluing, observe the first four points, otherwise the result may upset.

    It is important to remember that the listed actions may not affect the setting of the ears in any way. They can remain in their original position. Then the owners should accept it. The dog will not lose its cheerful mood and playfulness.

    When a toy terrier‘s ears get up: when they are cropped, rules and features

    At the moment, there are about 500 different breeds of dogs. Many people see them not just as watchdog or decorative animals, but as family members. It is important to monitor the growth and development of your pet. In some cases, do not postpone the visit to the veterinarian. It is better to prevent the appearance of any disease than to engage in treatment for a long time in the future.

    Jack Russell Terrier

    The ears of the Jack Russell Terrier are indicators of a pet’s mood. They are very mobile and, despite this, always return to their original position. In this case, the ears should hang down or resemble the shape of the letter V. There are situations when the ears of the Jack Russell Terrier stand up and do not want to go down. What to do?

    The age when the ears of the animal begin to rise is three or four months. If this happens, then try to find out the reason. Genetic predisposition is a common cause. This occurs when the puppy’s parents also had erect ears. In this case, nothing can be done, and erect ears will become the highlight of your pet.