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Yorkshire terrier ears when standing in puppies

What to do if your ears haven’t raised by 6 months

There are several reasons why a Yorkie’s ears do not rise. Identifying the cause will help you choose the right way to correct.

Because of what the ears may not rise:

  • the dog has developed heavy or, conversely, too light and thin ears. This is due to the insufficient amount of calcium in the body;
  • ears will not rise if there is a large amount of long hair on them;
  • during the period of tooth renewal, the need for calcium increases, therefore, with its lack, even the raised ears can fall again;
  • impaired circulation.

If you cannot deal with it yourself, contact your veterinarian and he will determine the most likely cause.

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There are several ways to help the ears return to their normal state.

Take note of proper shell massage. Massage the Yorkie’s ears several times a day in a circular motion, going from the center to the tips. This will help get rid of the problem associated with poor circulation. The massage is done gently, without strong pressure.

Staging methods using a medical patch

This group includes several of the most effective methods that will help eliminate even severe deformation. For their implementation, a hypoallergenic pharmacy plaster on a white fabric base is used. It does not injure the skin and minimizes the risk of the dog becoming restless or in pain.

  • Using a frame A frame is made of thin cardboard or a special tire, which serves as a support for the ear. The frames are glued at the very base, the ears should stand straight. Then the tips are connected to each other with a plaster.
  • The “tube” method. First, the ears are freed from long hair, rolled up with a tube and sealed with a plaster. The ear canal should remain open. The correct tubes stand upright and are connected to each other with a plaster so that there is a small distance between them. Until the ears are confidently holding on their own, the procedure is repeated every week.
  • Method “cotton swab”. After removing the hair from the inner side of the ear, a piece of plaster is prepared corresponding to the size of the auricle. It is glued inside the ear, and a cotton swab with cut ends is glued on top with a plaster. From above, fix the structure with an additional piece of adhesive plaster.

It is necessary to glue both ears, even if one of them stands confidently. It is necessary to continue until both ears are correctly and securely positioned.

Many veterinarians and experienced Yorkie owners recommend using the cotton swab method, as it is considered the most gentle and painless since there is no need to bend or fold the Yorkshire Terrier’s ear.

When the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier get up and what to do if they do not get up

A dog with “wrong” ears in most cases loses its aesthetics of appearance. To a large extent, this applies to Yorkshire Terriers, which will participate in exhibitions and breeding. But even when the pet came to your home without any plans to participate in competitions, its ears should look right.

Breeder tips

  • The pet is unlikely to steadfastly endure everything that you do with it, and will try to remove the bandage. Consider this when securing the adhesive plaster. Try to prevent the animal from reaching it with its paws.
  • During the growth period, a special approach should be taken to the diet of the pet. The diet should have enough calcium and phosphorus, which are found in cottage cheese, chicken broth, gelatin. During the period of tooth renewal, the dose of calcium should be prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • Do not let children play with the dog at this age, they can damage the cartilage by rubbing the Yorkie’s ears.

“How to” assist puppy ears to stand up.

When york’s ears go up

All Yorkshire Terrier puppies are born with hanging ears, as the cartilage is still soft and not strong enough. Ideally, the ears should get stronger and stand up in the period from 3 months to six months, depending on the characteristics of your dog’s body. There are also cases when the ears stand up confidently already at the age of 1.5 months. In others, on the contrary, full lifting is carried out by 6 months.

Placing the ears of a Yorkie is a process that involves only light proofreading. Your pet will not be hurt. As soon as he is 1 month old, start trimming the growing hair from the outer and inner parts of the ears so that it does not weigh down the fragile cartilage. This makes it much easier to correct potential problems early.

It is not difficult to put ears on a Yorkshire terrier, but if the dog is stubborn and violent, then this can be a problem. In extremely rare cases, independent methods do not help, and surgical intervention is required. The reason is, as a rule, too much weight of the ears. a genetic feature of your pet. In other cases, to solve the problem, it is enough to revise the diet of the growing puppy.

If you have a need to put your pet’s ears, and you do not know how, but everything seems so easy and simple. But you have never seen or done this. Then this video clip is especially for you.

Why don’t get up

Regardless of the sex of the baby, by the age of four months, their ears should already be raised. Sometimes it happens after changing teeth.

But if four months have already passed, the teeth have changed, and the ears are still not standing, it is necessary first of all to determine the cause of this problem. It can be covered in the following:

  • Too big. It happens that cartilage in dogs develops ahead of time, so they become disproportionately large and cannot rise due to their weight.
  • Too much wool. The large amount of hair on the tips of the ears makes them too heavy to stand up.
  • Lack of calcium and vitamins. Most often, in all three cases, the Yorkie’s ears can be raised using several traditional methods.

But the owners should know that if the pet’s ears are too large, then they may not rise. unfortunately, even the seller cannot predict such an outcome.

In such cases, remember that the dog is primarily a friend and family member, not an exhibit. This means that the animal must be loved, despite its small flaws.

When the ears of a Yorkshire terrier stand up

Taking a small puppy, we take on a great responsibility. it is important not only that he grows up healthy and beautiful, but also develops correctly.

To do this, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of development, for example, to ensure that the ears of the puppy are on time and correctly.

To do this, you need to know when the ears of Yorkies get up, why this may not happen, and how to put them if necessary.

How to put

To begin with, we note that if a dog’s ears have risen and then fell off, then there is no need to worry. they often droop during the change of teeth. If they got up once, then nature will take its toll the second.

And in cases where the ears do not rise at the age of three to four months, they often just need help.

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First of all, you need to establish the cause of what happened to the ears. If the problem lies in the abundance of wool at their ends, then the solution to the problem is quite simple. just cut the excess.

It is not recommended to do this on your own, as the dog can be injured due to inexperience, and an unevenly clipped coat can seriously ruin its appearance.

For the first haircut, you should contact a professional or use a special trimmer.

If the problem is that the cartilage is too thin (this can be determined by palpation), it is better to contact your veterinarian who will prescribe the appropriate vitamins.

It is not worth choosing a remedy on your own, because an excess of calcium will not bring health to the dog, in addition, it should not only be consumed in food, but also absorbed by the body.

As measures that can be applied independently, Yorkie owners indicate a change in diet. they recommend adding boiled beef tails and ears, as well as broth cooked on their basis. It will also help your ears get stronger.

Photo gallery

These cute dogs are quite unpretentious and modest. They easily adapt to any circumstances, let’s see a small photo selection of these beautiful creatures.

“Crown” for erect ears

The last recommendation is the creation of a “crown”, that is, fixing the ears in a standing position with an adhesive plaster.

Already after a few days of wearing it, you can notice that the ears are standing. the main thing after that is to make sure that they do not fall again.

For fixing in an upright state, you will need a not very hard plaster on a fabric base. The width should be about 1.5 centimeters, 6-8 centimeters long for one procedure.

Before fastening, it is better to trim the ears short or trim them with a trimmer.

Each ear must be “flattened” with the left and right sides to each other, and fixed in this state with a plaster, wrapping it several times in the middle of the ear at some distance from the base.

When this task is completed, you need to fasten them together. as a result, the Yorkie will have a kind of “crown” on his head, which will keep his ears upright.

“How To” get my puppies ears to stand. Yorkie taping ears

You can walk with such a “decoration” from five days to a month, taking daily breaks once or twice a week.

At the same time, observe whether the ears are standing without the plaster. if they start to “fall asleep” again, then the procedure must be continued.

When the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier get up: 1 comment

I liked your gentle method of setting the ears very much. You go home?

Why the ears don’t hold?

There are several reasons why a Yorkie can’t hold his ears:

Ear setting techniques

Experienced breeders recommend trying haircuts and massage as the most gentle methods. If it doesn’t help, proceed to gluing.

Tips for breeders and dog owners

“Well, Betty and I are worn out! We were told to cut first, then glue. It is easier to trim the dog completely, there at the same time and the ears will be trimmed. And after that you can glue it. “

“I know one breeder, she bought a dog for breeding and exhibitions in one of the kennels. By six months he had no ears. They went to exhibitions like this: two hours before the event, they glued their ears with adhesive plaster. They stood for a couple of hours, then again in a hanging position. Maybe they were teasing with something else, I don’t know for sure. For a dog, sheer torment. My opinion is this: before you start a Yorkie, read the literature, ask around other breeders. The puppy was definitely cheap, but that’s another topic. ”

Binding with a plaster

For fastening in this way, you will need a plaster in a roll (sold at any pharmacy) and scissors. Procedure:

  • Trim your Yorkie a bit. How to do it. see above.
  • Take a piece of the patch and wrap it around your ear without twisting it into a tube. Don’t touch the wool. Do the same for the second ear.
  • After both ears are secured with tape, fix them in an upright position with duct tape.

York is not allowed to wear this design for more than a week. After a week, everything should level out. If necessary, make a dressing.

Tip: To avoid unnecessary pain when removing the patch, moisten the ends with vegetable oil before removing. Over the long term, the patch sticks to the puppy’s delicate skin. Discomfort or irritation may occur if you do not act carefully.

Lack of calcium

Often the time when the puppy’s ears should rise coincides with the change of milk teeth. For the simultaneous strengthening of cartilage and the growth of molars. your pet needs double the amount of calcium. In case of calcium deficiency, add vitamins and supplements to your pet’s diet.

If you feed your puppy straight. feed every day a spoonful of cottage cheese. Gelatin is rich in calcium: it must be added in small quantities to food.

When york’s ears get up

For each pet, this process occurs individually. In some puppies, the ears rise from 10 weeks, in some after six months. If they remain hanging after 4, something is probably wrong. Before making any hasty decisions, we advise you to consult with your veterinarian.

Cases are not excluded when one ear has risen, and the other hangs. Also, sometimes they can fall after a while. For example, due to vaccination.

A bit of theory

To begin with, not everyone will need this procedure. And there is no exact time when you need to start gluing York’s ears. All puppies are born with hanging ears. there is not enough strength in the cartilage inside to lift them. Usually the ears of the Yorkshire Terrier rise by 3-6 months.

  • However, everything is individual here: for some it happens by 1.5 months, for others. only by six months, or even remain dangling like rags.
  • Nevertheless, in most cases, our task is only to help nature a little.

From the age of one month (or a little earlier), babies should shave the inner and outer surfaces of the ears once a week. Thus, we will make them lighter and it will be easier for them to take the desired shape.

Therefore, if the ears are in the correct position by 8-10 weeks from the birth of the puppy, it is better to play it safe and take action.

Cause and investigation

Often the ears stand up by themselves by 2 months, but during the change of teeth, on the contrary, they fall, in this case there is no need to worry, the ears will rise again if they are cut in time. Please note that the ears of the dogs are very delicate, and if you pick up the typewriter, you can injure the puppy.

It is best to cut with sharp, long-bladed scissors. When doing this, you need to act carefully, but persistently.

There are many helpful videos where the owners themselves carefully trim the excess hair. The dog at this moment can whine and spin, the main thing is not to hurt its ears and not injure.

Talk to your dog and reassure him, it is best to do the procedure on a table in good light.

You can use a special machine. a trimmer, or contact an experienced professional who will do everything for you and give your ears a delightful look. Remember, it is not advised to give any food supplements without a veterinarian’s prescription. You can harm your dog’s health.

The veterinarian will immediately notice if the cartilage tissue on the ears is too thin and will prescribe the right drugs and vitamins. Something you can give yourself, to strengthen the tissue. these are cartilage, boiled beef ears and tails, gelatin, chicken broths, dairy products.

Features of the breed

Yorkshire Terrier is a small decorative dog with beautiful fur. The coat, like the dog itself, needs to be looked after in time. After all, when you took a puppy for upbringing, you are fully responsible for his health.

By combing the coat thoroughly every day, you build blood circulation, and soon the dog will have a delightful shiny coat. Such a stunning view guarantees you not only victories at exhibitions, but also the admiration of others. The final step in caring for a Yorkie is a beautiful haircut.

Yorkies are naturally erect-eared when crossed with the same officially registered breed. If a Yorkie was crossed with a dog that did not receive enough calcium, then the ears may subsequently fall.

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This does not mean that you made the wrong choice or that everything is lost and the dog will not be taken to the show. Everything is fixable, as is the case with the setting of the ears.

In this matter, it is important to consider proper nutrition and food supplements with m calcium.

In addition to the lack of calcium in the body, there are several other reasons when the ears do not rise. When the dog’s cartilage develops too quickly and outstrips the growth of other parts of the body, that is, when the ears are too large.

Even in dogs, hair on the ears can grow strongly and make them heavier. Therefore, it is always necessary to trim the ears in a timely manner. Without waiting for the moment when there is nowhere to go.

When do Yorkshire Terrier ears rise? With proper care, the ears should stand up by 4 months, when the teeth change, but this may not happen, do not be alarmed.

Do not rush to carry the dog to the veterinarian, ways of caring for such ears are quite feasible at home. How to put the dog’s ears correctly.

Further actions

Having placed the ears correctly, we leave them in this position for a week. If the retaining strip accidentally breaks in the game, it’s okay, just repair the structure.

It is important to hold both ears in your hands every day and massage them gently to improve blood flow.

After 7 days, you need to remove the tape for a day to give the cartilage a chance to gain a foothold. If the ears are still bad (or, more often, one sometimes lies down), the procedure should be repeated and wait another week.

Removing wool from the ends

For this job, you will need a quality dog ​​clipper. In no case do not use “human”: you are dealing with a puppy, he is not ready for their vibration and noise! The best option is German Moser, or American Andis. They are quiet, do not tremble in their hands, their knives do not heat up as much as in Chinese consumer goods.

If you are not considering such a purchase for yourself, ask your friends or on the forum of your city, good people will be found without problems.

Once a week, shave off both sides of your hair as shown in the photo on the left. This procedure is especially useful because the puppy gets used to the clipper and in the future will be more relaxed when clipping.

How to put

Experts recommend using the following ear-setting methods:

Description of the breed

These dogs are compact in size and have a beautiful blue-gray coat. On the face and legs, it is golden, in the sun it is visible that with red tips, the eyes are small and shiny. Here are some other features they have:

  • size from fifteen to eighteen centimeters at the withers. Females are smaller than males.,
  • weight no more than three and a half kilograms. Sometimes there are individuals weighing two kilograms.,
  • the coat is straight, smooth and silky, without waviness,
  • no undercoat, sparse and thin hair,
  • puppies are born completely black, and only with age become the standard color. Fur can turn gray in summer.

Such animals need special care. they should be regularly washed, combed and cut, mats should be cut out of the fur coat. In winter they are dressed in warm overalls, and in summer they have short haircuts. At home, they need a warm place not near a battery and not in a draft, a large number of toys and the attention of the owner.

The time has come

How many months should this great event take place? Based on the knowledge of experienced dog breeders, the ear formation period begins at a month and a half and ends at five.

By strengthening the cartilage, the ear gradually grows in size, becoming larger and heavier. Since the stage of changing teeth is directly interconnected with the phase of formation of the ears, they can get up in two months and, not having time to fully get stronger, fall again by three months. This is how the body of a German shepherd works and there is nothing wrong with that.

Between five and six months, you need to be extremely careful and constantly monitor your ears. If they do not get up again by six months, then you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Putting the ears back after seven months is an extremely difficult task, and sometimes impossible.

There are several reasons why a puppy’s ears won’t rise:

  • fright;
  • unclean pedigree;
  • poor mother’s nutrition during pregnancy;
  • lack of calcium, phosphorus in the body.

When the German Shepherd’s ears stand up

In this article, we will tell you about when the ears of the German Shepherd get up and what to do if this did not happen in time. If you took a puppy from an experienced breeder, then you are already familiar with the basic rules of care, education and feeding. You know what the standard and exterior of this breed should be. But some issues need to be given special attention and be approached with full responsibility.

Necessary prevention

If the ears do not rise by themselves after five to six months, then some procedures must be performed to prevent a possible defect.

What to do? It’s not that difficult. During the period of active growth, the puppy’s body is especially lacking in vitamins and minerals. Bone meal, kefir, fish should be added to the diet. Along with the correct feeding regimen, massage the muscles of the cartilage tissue, thereby providing the puppy’s ear with the necessary blood circulation. Also, the natural formation can be helped by various sounds that you should suddenly make. Thanks to this, the ears are tense every time and they themselves are vertically fixed.

If there is no proper care and attention for the auricles, then no matter how hard you try, there will be no good result. In addition to regular cleaning, you should monitor the health of each ear. For any redness or discharge, see your veterinarian urgently.

Nothing helped? So it’s time for drastic measures.

Before starting winding

The best way to get your ears set is to see an experienced professional. But if you are confident in yourself and your strengths, you can do this procedure yourself. Below are some important tips to help you.

Firstly, do not rush with this process, it is better to wait six months when the change of teeth is over. In a hurry, you will only harm the German Shepherd and in the worst case, the ears may not stand up.

Second, don’t overuse calcium. Fifty grams of yogurt or kefir is much better than nutritional supplements. The excess will be deposited in the dog’s bones and lead to orthopedic problems in the future.

Thirdly, follow the schedule of vaccinations and worms. Puppy health is directly related to ear muscle strength.

Fifth, don’t forget about special toys and bones. Gnawing them, the pet strengthens the muscles of the ears.

Sixth, do not allow other dogs to drag their pet by the ears to avoid injury.

According to the standard

A purebred German Shepherd should have medium-sized, upright ears with pointed tips. The auricle is set forward. When your dog has them hanging on the sides or broken, it means that the path to all kinds of exhibitions and competitions, unfortunately, is closed.

But while your puppy is still small, don’t be in a hurry to worry. Even if your baby has one ear already standing and the other is still hanging. After all, each shepherd is individual and the exact day when the ears stand up cannot be predicted. Your best bet is to relax and watch your puppy grow into a teen very quickly.

We start to reel

Before starting the process, remember that you cannot use adhesive materials: tape, electrical tape. They will only hurt the German Shepherd.

First thing you need is the correct size foam curlers. Then we purchase a surgical patch. You will also need two pencils and medical glue. To connect the ears, you need to find a suitable stick, for example, from ice cream.

To begin with, remove the plastic axle from the center of the curler, instead, insert the pencil to a depth of two centimeters. Apply glue to the surface of the curler circumference so that it does not drip. Otherwise, it will fall into the auricle and cause irritation.

They must be placed in the lower part of the auricle so that the auditory canal remains open. In order for the ear to stick, you should lightly press it against the curlers.

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Tape the ear tightly to the curler while holding the pencil. Be sure to remove it before finishing the process. In order not to disrupt the blood circulation of the ear, the plaster should not be applied too tightly.

Use an ice cream stick to fix the standing position of your ears. attach it to the back with glue.

What to do after winding

German Shepherd puppies are very active and it is difficult to guess how long it will take for the baby to pull off the coiled structure, if given the opportunity. Therefore, you need to distract the baby with play in order to allow the glue to seize.

It is necessary to hold the homemade device for about two weeks. This is enough time to put the pet’s ears. Carefully monitor the condition of the winding and correct shortcomings in time.

After the expiration of the prescribed period, carefully remove the patch using a special solvent for the glue. Do not abruptly perform actions. you will hurt the puppy.

Yorkshire Terrier

Many dog ​​breeders are interested in what time the ears of Yorkshire terriers rise. Taking a small puppy, you should be responsible for him and carefully take care of his health from birth. Any breed of dog requires knowledge and skills. Thus, let’s try to answer the question. what time do the puppy’s ears start to rise?

All dogs develop individually and depends not only on the breed, but also on other external and internal factors. However, by the standards of dog handlers, the ears of a Yorkshire Terrier rise by four to five months or after changing milk teeth.

If the pet is already five months old, the teeth have changed, and the ears are not yet standing, then this can be affected by:

  • Cartilage too large. In some dogs, they develop very quickly, the external proportions are disturbed. And because of their weight, they cannot climb up.
  • A large amount of hair makes the ears heavier, so the weight makes them unable to lift.
  • Lack of calcium and vitamins.

In all three cases, the situation can be corrected by gluing the ears, replenishing vitamins and haircuts. The main thing is not to delay correcting the situation. It is important to remember that even a specialist cannot establish an accurate forecast. First of all, you need to love a pet even with a small flaw, because he is a member of the family, and not an exhibition exhibit.

Jack Russell Terrier

The ears of the Jack Russell Terrier are indicators of a pet’s mood. They are very mobile and, despite this, always return to their original position. In this case, the ears should hang down or resemble the shape of the letter V. There are situations when the ears of the Jack Russell Terrier stand up and do not want to go down. What to do?

The age when the ears of the animal begin to rise is three or four months. If this happens, then try to find out the reason. Genetic predisposition is a common cause. This occurs when the puppy’s parents also had erect ears. In this case, nothing can be done, and erect ears will become the highlight of your pet.

Monitoring your pet’s health

When the ears of a toy terrier puppy stand up, its health and cheerfulness should be monitored. It is important to monitor nutrition, mood, and adequate intake of proteins, micro / macronutrients and minerals. After all, it is at a young age that there is an active growth of bones, cartilage, tissue. You can buy special vitamins for dogs, but it is better to consult with a specialist before buying.

In addition to the listed facts, when the ears of the Russian toy terrier stand up, special attention should be paid to the health of the ears:

  • From an early age, monitor their condition and development.
  • If the puppy is 6 months old, and the ears are still lying, then the procedure for setting them should be performed.
  • If this process happened crookedly or with other deviations, it is important to make timely adjustments.

It is important to know!

Before and after gluing, observe the first four points, otherwise the result may upset.

It is important to remember that the listed actions may not affect the setting of the ears in any way. They can remain in their original position. Then the owners should accept it. The dog will not lose its cheerful mood and playfulness.

Feature of the breed

The peculiarities of toy terriers are: small stature, easy training, ease of care, cheerful appearance. However, the most important difference between these dogs and other breeds is the erect ears, which give them an important look.

For what reasons the ears of the dog do not rise

At a certain age, the ears of a toy terrier rise, but there are several options why they may not rise. For instance:

  • Heredity. If the parents’ ears were not fully set, or not at all set, then this symptom can also be observed in the puppy.
  • The pet’s mother had health problems. It is possible that the puppy was getting poor nutrition due to insufficient milk supply. And since the baby needs special feeding, this affected his body (lack of nutrients). If the mother received poor nutrition from the owners, this is also one of the factors for which the ears do not rise.
  • The breeder fed the little toy terrier unbalanced. the lack of useful nutrients could affect the maturation of the body, musculoskeletal structure.
  • Toy Terrier is not purebred. this means that it came from mating a short-haired or long-haired terrier. Heredity is an important factor in dog breeding. Breeders should know all the nuances, secrets and peculiarities of breeding.
  • Lack of calcium in the body. This element is found in the body of all living things. Its largest is in the teeth and bones. 99%, and 1% spreads to muscles, organs, tissues, the central nervous system, cartilage, joints, etc. When it is lacking, the body’s work is disrupted. the bones become less stable, pliable and quickly destroyed. The same goes for teeth. they crumble. Thus, when the ears of a toy terrier stand up, a sufficient amount of calcium must enter its body. If your dog starts to have health problems, you should immediately contact your veterinarian for help.
  • Injuries during or after birth. Some dog births can be unsuccessful, with certain disruptions. You should be ready for the process and know at the right time how to help the dog, if necessary.
  • Stressful situations. In dogs, the nervous system is very sensitive to external factors. Any mental trauma can affect the health and development of the puppy. The death of the mother of the dog or one of the family members, beatings, abuse, etc. all this can leave a significant imprint on the life of a toy terrier.

All about the peculiarities of setting the ears of toy terriers

The ears of the dog are set high, thin, pointed, directed upwards. When breeding this breed, you need to know all the nuances and features. Let’s try to figure out what time a toy terrier has ears.

The formation and development of these organs is influenced by the age of the pet. When puppies are born, together with food they receive various macro / microelements, minerals, vitamins, which are involved in the maturation and formation of bones of the skeleton, internal organs and systems. The ears of puppies are made of soft cartilaginous tissue, which avoids injury and damage, since in childhood they are active, mobile, and also clumsy. So, what features does a toy terrier have? At what age do ears rise?

They begin to rise only in two to three months of life. The process reaches its end, as is commonly believed, by one year. It is in the first year of life that the development of the body is completely completed, the skeletal system becomes more solid and durable, the internal organs are fully formed. It is important to take into account the fact that each organism develops individually, therefore there is no exact time for formation.

Help if your ears are not raised

When the ears of a toy terrier get up, the process can be irregular. In such cases, the puppy needs help. The algorithm of actions is as follows: