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Your dog is in heat what to do to calm it down


Tablet preparations. “Four with a tail”, “EKS-5T”. are used to delay and interrupt estrus. The tablets are small, they can be crushed and hidden in a piece of treats, and for non-aggressive dogs, simply put on the root of the tongue, close the mouth and make a few stroking movements along the throat. Usually the drug is given 1-2 hours before meals.

Hormonal drugs

It should be understood that the dog cannot constantly take hormonal drugs, and estrus will resume as soon as the pharmacological effect passes. Therefore, contraceptives are given to the dog only if estrus should come at the wrong time, for example, during your vacation, when the dog is overexposed, the dates of estrus coincide with the show or competition. Sometimes hormones are prescribed by a veterinarian to regulate the sexual cycle or for other purposes. Before using contraceptives, you should consult a specialist.

Hormonal contraceptives are available in three dosage forms: tablets, suspensions, and injections. Recently, a new form has been developed. drops on the withers.

  • decrease in sexual arousal and manifestations of aggression;
  • decrease in the level of gonadotropic hormones, cessation of estrus;
  • lengthening the stage of anestrus (sexual rest) up to 6 months.

How to avoid unwanted pregnancy in your dog

It should be noted that the bitch is able to become pregnant within only one week, sometimes 12 days. The rest of the time, males may be interested in the female, even try to mate her, but coitus outside of estrus is impossible.

With the onset of heat, the always calm dog becomes nervous and disobedient, runs away during a walk and gladly lets the males in. How to avoid unwanted pregnancy?

And of course, contraception plays an important role in preventing unwanted pregnancies. It can be irreversible and reversible. Irreversible contraception is sterilization, reversible (temporary). the use of hormonal drugs.

Sterilization (castration) of a bitch is an abdominal operation performed under general anesthesia. Most often the uterus and ovaries are removed. This completely saves the dog from the manifestations of estrus, the possibility of pregnancy, and also significantly reduces the risk of breast diseases.

Stages of the sexual cycle

Leaks in dogs are observed twice a year, and the older the dog, the greater the interval between estrus. The first estrus occurs at the age of 6–12 months. Duration is about 18–20 days. In general, a dog’s sexual cycle consists of four stages.

Forerunner (proestrus). During this period, the eggs are actively ripening. The average duration of proestrus is 10 days. The dog becomes restless and disobedient, begins to mark the territory, excreting urine often and in small quantities. The flow of blood to the external genital organs increases, the vulva (genital loop) increases in size, bloody discharge of varying intensity appears. The vestibule of the vagina is edematous and hyperemic. The bitch does not admit males during this period.

Techka (estrus). At this time, ovulation occurs. the release of eggs from the ovaries into the horns of the uterus. The duration of estrus is on average 7 days, sometimes 2–12 days. The bitch is ready for mating, she lets the males near her. When touching the back, it pulls up the genital loop and takes the tail to the side. The discharge brightens, becomes mucous and transparent. The vulva is maximized.

Postlet (diestrus, metestrus). All signs of estrus and excitement gradually disappear, the dog calms down. Lasts about 60–65 days. During this period, the development of pregnancy or false pregnancy is possible if there was no mating.

The period of sexual rest (anestrus). During the period of sexual rest, recovery processes take place in the uterus, the ovaries are inactive, preparations are underway for a new cycle. Duration varies from 60 to 180 days.

Heat characterizes the sexual maturity of the animal, readiness for mating and bearing offspring. However, it does not always coincide with the physiological one. It is not recommended to knit a dog in the first heat, because its body is not yet physically developed, it is not ready for such increased loads as pregnancy, childbirth and feeding of puppies.

Does the dog need mating?

If you decide to mate your bitch with a male, remember: mating is not necessary to maintain the health of the animal. It is carried out with the aim of producing offspring. This process is justified within the framework of the kennel, when the breed is improved by systematic, thoughtful mating.

If your pet cannot boast of a pedigree exterior and a long pedigree, you do not visit exhibitions and other cynological events with her, think about whether you need puppies and whether you intend to search for their future owners.

Drops on the withers “Ovostop

This drug has a unique three-component composition: megestrol, proxan, melatonin.

  • Megestrol acetate. Promotes the transition of proestrus immediately to the stage of sexual rest (anestrus) without estrus and the stage after it.
  • Proproxan. Thanks to the effect on the receptors responsible for the behavioral manifestations of estrus, it blocks unpleasant manifestations of estrus: excessive vocalization, search for a sexual partner, aggressive behavior, and the development of stress. This substance does not directly affect the reproductive system.
  • Melatonin. The hormone adaptogen is responsible for the seasonal and daily rhythm of the body. Improves the quality of wool, normalizes shedding. Also, this active ingredient helps to slow down the aging process of the body and has a sedative effect.

The drug “Ovostop”. drops on the withers. is packaged in convenient plastic pipettes. Available in two types: for bitches weighing less than 5 kg (2 pipettes of 1 ml) and for bitches weighing from 5 to 15 kg (2 pipettes of 2 ml).

Advantages: single application with a duration of up to 6 months, a convenient way to apply to the skin in the withers area.

How to cope with a dog’s heat

You have decided to have a puppy, but you cannot decide who to take. a boy or a girl. Numerous advisers scare that a girl is difficult, a girl is in heat! What is heat and how to survive it?

Heat in dogs: what to do for owners

Dogs nowadays are kept even in city apartments. Of course, like any other animal, they need to be carefully looked after. One of the most important periods in a bitch’s life is her estrus. In this article, we will analyze in detail when this happens and what the owners of the animal should do.

Techka in dogs: what to do and how to care for a pet during this period

  • the walls of the vulva swell and become soft;
  • the dog starts urinating more often;
  • bloody discharge from the vulva is noticeable;
  • males show an increased interest in the bitch.

Usually the first estrus begins in dogs at six months of age. During this period, the female is already, in fact, ready for motherhood. However, mating is most often done in the second heat. By this time, the female’s body becomes more prepared for bearing puppies and childbirth. Owners of bitches often have a question about how many times a dog’s estrus occurs in a year. This usually happens twice. in autumn and spring. During this period, the animal requires special attention and careful care.

Heat in dogs: what to do to prevent unwanted mating

This question is especially important for owners of purebred bitches purchased for breeding. Of course, first of all, you need to carefully monitor the animal during walks, not letting neighbor dogs approach it.

Heat in dogs: what to do to get a bitch pregnant

In the event that the dogs are acquired purebred and specifically in order to breed puppies, it is during this period that mating is carried out. Usually, the owners already have a suitable dog in mind before the onset of heat. Mating is always carried out on its territory. In this case, a positive result is more likely.

The duration of estrus in a dog, depending on the breed, can be about 18-30 days. The average is three weeks. In the first period. for about nine days. the bitch has a swelling of the loop and the appearance of bloody discharge. However, ovulation does not occur yet, so the dog “flirts” with the males, but does not let them near him. Mating can be carried out on the 10-19th day. During this period, pregnancy is likely. Usually two days after the first mating, the second is done. control. If pregnancy still does not occur, the dog’s genitals remain swollen over the next few days, but she loses interest in males.

Let’s summarize. So, when your pet turns six months old, you will have to take measures to prevent unwanted mating. In the second estrus, the owners of purebred animals usually mate to obtain offspring.

How to identify estrus in dogs

To know if a dog is in heat, you need to roughly imagine the signs of heat in a dog. And for this you need to know the heat cycle.

A dog’s estrus cycle includes 4 stages. Each cycle has its own signs of estrus in a dog, and the behavior of the dog during estrus varies depending on the cycle.

  • Proestrus is the forerunner period. Signs of heat in a dog at this stage are fairly easy to recognize. The bitch has swelling of the external genitals (loop), dark spotting from the vagina appears, the dog begins to actively lick. The behavior of the bitch also changes: she is actively flirting with the males, but does not let them near her. Dogs begin to mark territory, become more aggressive towards other bitches. At the stage of the forerunner, the bitch is not ready for mating. The forerunner in a dog lasts 7. 10 days.
  • Estrus (hunting) is the second stage of estrus in a dog. During this period the bitch is ready for mating. On average, the estrus period lasts 4 to 12 days. During this period, the bitch admits a dog. Signs of this stage of estrus in a dog: at the sight of a dog, the bitch freezes, arching her back and pulling her tail to the side. During this period, the discharge becomes lighter (pale pink)
  • Metestrus is the third phase of a dog’s estrus cycle. During this period, the active phase of estrus in the dog ends and the recovery period begins. You can determine this period of estrus in a dog by the following signs: bloody discharge disappears, edema of the genitals subsides. During this period, the onset of a false pregnancy is possible. On average, this period lasts 60. 105 days.
  • Anetrus is the fourth phase of the cycle. The period of sexual rest, which lasts 100. 150 days.

How often dogs are in heat

The second popular question from owners is how often dogs are in heat.?

How often a dog is in heat is also very individual. Some dogs are in heat once every 4 months, but most often dogs are in heat once every six months or once a year.

Heat, pregnancy and childbirth in dogs

Sometimes owners ask if a dog can get pregnant without estrus. In this case, the unequivocal answer is no. A dog can only get pregnant while in heat.

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On average, a dog can become pregnant between 10 and 14 days of estrus.

Read more about pregnancy and childbirth in dogs here.

How to calm a male dog when a female is in heat.12 methods

At what age do dogs end in heat

We figured out the onset of estrus, now let’s answer the question at what age does estrus end in dogs. Leak in dogs is present throughout life.

Discharge in dogs during estrus

It is possible for a dog to go into estrus without discharge. the so-called hidden estrus. A leak in a dog without discharge may be normal and not a sign of any abnormalities or irregularities in the cycle. During estrus in a dog without discharge, the necessary process in the ovaries still occurs (the formation of follicles and the release of eggs from them). If a bitch is mated in time, she will bear and give birth to healthy and full-fledged offspring. The causes of leaks in dogs without discharge have not yet been clarified. Hidden heat is extremely rare.

How to Calm a Dog in Heat! Top 5 Tips to Help Your Dog Stay Calm and Happy During Heat Cycle!

However, heat in dogs without discharge may have another cause. hypothyroidism. This can be the reason for the sluggish manifestation or the absence of symptoms of estrus at all. Hypothyroidism is associated with decreased thyroid function. Bitches suffer from this disease 2.5 times more often than males.

Typically, the color of the discharge during estrus in a dog changes depending on the cycle. At the beginning of estrus, the discharge is dark red, and in the second half of estrus, the dog’s discharge lightens to a pale pink color.

How long does estrus last for dogs?

Inexperienced dog owners often ask how many days a dog is in heat.

On average, dogs are in heat for 20 to 22 days. But there are many factors that affect the duration of estrus: breed, age, housing conditions, nutrition.

Your dog’s estrus cycle returns to normal by the age of two, and only based on the individual characteristics of your dog, you can calculate the cycle and duration of estrus.

A dog’s heat: what to do

If you are not planning to mate a dog, you should be careful during estrus. What should an owner do when a dog is in heat??

First of all, keep the bitch on a leash. Even the calmest dog’s behavior changes during estrus, and it may suddenly take flight.

Keep males out of the bitch. If the dog makes a cage, it is no longer possible to pull the dogs apart.

Do not visit exhibitions and other events. This is fraught with trouble not only for you and your dog, but also for those around you.

Do not let your dog swim in water. a possible genital tract infection.

What problems related to estrus may be faced by owners

As mentioned above, dogs in heat are accompanied by bloody discharge. Animals can leave marks on floors or furniture. If you do not want the dog to stain carpets and furniture during this period, either use special underpants, or limit its movement around the house to such an area where it will be easy to clean up after it.

The behavior of an animal during estrus can vary significantly. Some animals become more lethargic, passive, eat worse. Others become less controllable, aggressive towards other animals, agitated.

In any case, it is not recommended to let go of the dog during this period. This will help to avoid unpleasant consequences, such as the manifestation of aggression towards other animals and people, possible injuries (an animal in a state of excitement can run out onto the road and get hit by a car) and unwanted mating.

your, heat, calm, down

As a result of unplanned mating, the dog may become pregnant. If the male was larger, problems may arise during childbirth. If the fruits are very large, the dog will not be able to give birth on its own, and surgical intervention (caesarean section) will be required.

Another consequence of unplanned mating may be inflammation of the uterus (endometritis, pyometra), which will require treatment, and possibly even surgery. There are a number of sexually transmitted infections that can lead to inflammation and even infertility.

It is not recommended to allow the dog to swim in open water during estrus, to give it the opportunity to sit on the ground or in contaminated areas. During this period, the female genital tract is more open, as a result of which bacteria penetrate there more easily, which in turn can lead to inflammation in the organs of the genitourinary system (cystitis, endometritis).

Signs of cystitis. frequent urination in small portions, urine may acquire a pungent specific odor, blood may appear in the urine.

Endometritis is an inflammation of the lining of the uterus. This disease can be manifested by the appearance of mucous, mucopurulent or bloody discharge from the external genital tract. If treatment is not carried out on time, endometritis can lead to the development of pyometra. a purulent inflammation of the uterus. This is a very serious systemic disease. If at the same time the cervix remains closed, then all this pus accumulates in the uterine cavity, toxic substances are absorbed into the bloodstream and affect the entire body. If the cervix remains open, then you may notice a purulent or bloody discharge from the loop, sometimes with an unpleasant odor, the fur around the loop, the tail area and inner thighs may be stained with these secretions. The animal may become more lethargic, apathetic, drink more, refuse to eat, he may have a fever. This is a serious medical condition that can threaten your pet’s life! If you notice such symptoms, this is a reason to see a doctor immediately! Inflammation of the uterus can occur a few days after the end of heat, or a month or two.

During estrus, it is recommended to avoid visiting exhibitions, walking on dog grounds, where a large number of animals may accumulate, for the reasons mentioned above.

It is not recommended to carry out routine vaccination during estrus, it is recommended to wait until it ends.

When keeping opposite-sex animals in the same apartment, it is better to separate them for the period of estrus. Placing animals in separate rooms is not enough. Males can smell a bitch in heat several kilometers away. The best option is to take one of the animals to another house for a while. The presence of a female in heat in the house is very stressful for the dog. The animal becomes uncontrollable, can refuse food, whine, scratch the door and try in every possible way to get to the female.

Heat in dogs

Techka, or scientifically, estrus, is the period of a dog’s sexual cycle, during which it is ready for mating and fertilization. That is, this is the period when you can mate a dog if you want to get puppies from it, or, on the contrary, take additional precautions to avoid unscheduled mating.

How long does estrus last for dogs?

On average, estrus lasts 3 weeks. The estrus period can be divided into several phases.

Proestrus (forerunner) lasts 7-10 days. During this period, a change in the behavior of the dog can be observed. The animal becomes less controllable, can show aggression, actively mark the territory, not follow commands that usually did not cause difficulties. Some animals, on the contrary, become more lethargic, apathetic, fearful. Also, females can actively respond to males, but at the same time do not allow them to come near them, and when they try to get closer they will snap and move to the side.

The external genitals also undergo changes during this period. The vulva (loop) swells due to the rush of blood, and the mucous membranes of the external genital organs may acquire a more intense color (bright pink or even bluish). Bloody discharge from the loop appears. Often, it is by the presence of bloody discharge that the owner can determine that the dog is in heat.

If possible, it is recommended to do without such devices. Dogs are constantly licked, and thus, carry out hygienic care of themselves, and the presence of underpants will prevent this. To avoid unwanted contamination of floors and sofas, carpets can be rolled up during estrus and do not allow the animal to jump on the sofa, but lie only in its place.

The next phase is estrus, the phase of sexual heat itself. It lasts 7-9 days. This is the phase during which ovulation occurs, and therefore, pregnancy is possible. Usually it is 11-13 days from the time of the onset of heat. The behavior of the dog during this period also changes. She becomes more affectionate and friendly, willingly allows males to approach her, takes her tail aside and freezes, demonstrating readiness for mating with such behavior. Discharge from the loop acquires a lighter shade, becomes almost transparent, the loop becomes softer, but remains swollen and increased in volume.

The third phase of the cycle is diestrus (metestrus). It lasts approximately 60 days. During this period, the discharge stops, the puffiness of the loop subsides, and it acquires its usual color and size. At this time, the onset of falsehood is possible. Usually, this condition is manifested by swelling of the mammary glands and secretion from them (it can be transparent or whitish, like milk; if the secret becomes brown, this may be a sign of mastitis, in which case it is recommended to consult a doctor). The dog may be more lethargic, apathetic, refuse to eat. Sometimes the animal begins to look for a place, as if preparing for childbirth, digging a bedding, and carrying toys. If you notice these symptoms, it is recommended to contact your veterinarian.

The next phase of the cycle is anestrus. This is the period of sexual rest, which lasts until the next heat begins, and can last from 4 to 6 months.

With age, the period between estrus may increase. Symptoms of estrus in older dogs may be less severe, but this does not rule out the possibility of pregnancy.

There is also such a thing as split heat. The animal has symptoms characteristic of the first phase. spotting, swelling of the vulva, and so on, but after a few days these signs disappear and resume after a few weeks. Owners may think the animal has been in heat two times in a row. For a young animal up to two years old, this is a variant of the norm; at an older age, this may be a sign of a malfunction of the ovaries. In this case, it is better to consult a specialist.

Some animals experience so-called latent estrus. At the same time, the dog has no or mild symptoms of estrus, such as swelling of the vulva, spotting, attractiveness to males. At the same time, the ovaries are functioning normally and ovulation also occurs. Therefore, if you are planning to breed a dog, it is better to focus not on the external signs of estrus, but on the test results.

At what age does the first heat start

The first heat begins between 6 and 18 months of age. This can depend on the breed and size of the dog. Small breed dogs tend to be in heat earlier, at the age of 6-9 months. In dogs of medium and large breeds. closer to a year, and sometimes after a year. If your dog is not in estrus until 1.5 years old, do not be afraid, this is also a variant of the norm, in some dogs the first estrus begins closer to 2 years old. If estrus has not started even after this time, you should contact your veterinarian. Perhaps the animal has some kind of hormonal disorders or pathology in the development of the organs of the reproductive system. In this case, you should consult a fertility specialist.

How to get rid of male attention during estrus

Of course, the most effective and efficient way is to spay the dog. After the operation, heat stops as the uterus and ovaries are removed.

If this option is unacceptable for the owners, or it is a breeding animal, there are various sprays that mask or eliminate the odor during estrus. The animal must be processed several times a day before each walk. It is recommended to start treatment a few days before the expected date of onset of estrus. Treat the area of ​​the croup, tail, inner thighs of the dog. Avoid contact with the spray directly on the mucous membranes. Also, some manufacturers recommend processing the owner’s clothes, as they may retain odor.

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The drug KontrSeks Neo is available in the form of drops and tablets. Each owner can choose the most comfortable form of the drug for his dog, in which it will be convenient for him to give the drug to the animal.

The dog marks: what to do and how to avoid the difficulties of estrus?

In order to cope with the manifestations of estrus in a dog, breeders and dog owners recommend the use of drugs to regulate sexual desire.

Preparations of the KontrSeks Neo trademark. modern hormonal preparations for the regulation of sexual desire and prevention of unwanted pregnancy in case of accidental mating.

Many breeders and owners of dogs use CounterSex Neo for the following reasons:

Heat in a dog: pet behavior problems during this period

Female dogs are very attached to their owner, they are distinguished by an agreeable and friendly character. However, dogs are often associated with some inconvenience for which you need to be prepared.

One of these inconveniences is the natural and inevitable process of estrus in a dog, during this period a calm and obedient pet marks and becomes simply uncontrollable. The pet does not respond to commands, constantly strives to break off the leash and run away, and walks in the yard turn into a difficult process of scaring off annoying males from the dog.

In order to avoid troubles during special periods of your dog’s life, you need to know exactly when the dog begins to estrus, the symptoms and the duration of this process.


Countersex Neo. bihormonal drug of a new generation. The drug is safe due to the minimum content of two modern active ingredients

Reversibility of action: in the future, animals can have offspring

The owner can independently use the drug on the dog without further consultation with a veterinarian

High efficiency

With the help of KontrSeks Neo preparations, it is possible to effectively correct the behavior of a dog, to solve the problems of aggression, marks in dogs during estrus; prevent unwanted pregnancy.

simple rules for keeping a dog during estrus

An important factor is dogs during estrus. If you do not plan to breed a dog and get puppies from it, at the first sign of estrus, you need to start taking precautions:

  • Watch the dog closely while walking, exclude all contact with dogs of the opposite sex;
  • Walk the dog on a short leash: even the most well-mannered and docile pet can run away during heat, not paying attention to any commands;
  • Do not allow the dog to mate. it is almost impossible to take animals apart during intercourse;
  • Do not take your dog during estrus to competitions and shows. This will cause concern among the males present at the show. In addition, during heat, the dog is poorly receptive to commands and can be disobedient.


What is heat and how to deal with it?

Every dog ​​owner knows if bitches are in heat. save yourself who can! Girls dream of love and strive to surrender to almost any dog. And the males run away from home, disappear for several days, fight for life and death, starve, wait for their beloved in the cold. And all for her sake. love!

So what happens to a dog during puberty.

  • estrus in dogs is a natural psychophysiological process characteristic of most female mammals in nature.
  • the age of the onset of the first estrus. 6-12 months, sometimes 1, 5 years (depending on how large or small the breed is).
  • duration of estrus. 20-22 days, sometimes up to a month
  • the frequency of estrus in domestic bitches is 1-2 times a year with an interval of 6 months.
  • physiological signs of estrus. swelling of the external genital organs of the dog, spotting, sometimes frequent urination is noted
  • psychological signs. a change in the dog’s behavior in a wide range from aggressive to lethargic.
  • signs of an approaching estrus. the dog becomes more playful, flirts with males, often makes cages for other dogs, in many breeds molt occurs before estrus, the dog can actively “mark” the territory. Each owner should keep a calendar of flows and know when it should come on time. As a rule, the intervals between estrus are set in the first 2-3 estrus, deviations from the period by more than 1, 5-2 months are a reason to check the dog with a doctor. In general, an interval between estrus of less than 5 months and more than 10 months is also a concern.

The heat of dogs includes several stages, differing in a certain set of physiological and behavioral characteristics:

  • 1. 9 days (proestrus). The appearance of bloody discharge. During this period, males already pay attention to the dog, but she herself does not allow them and may even show aggression.
  • 10-16 days (estrus). Bloody discharge is replaced by translucent mucous membranes. The dog is ready for fertilization. At the sight of males, it assumes a mating position: pulls the tail to the side and tightens the loop, allows males to cage on themselves.
  • 17-20 days (metaestrus). The “love ardor” of the dog comes to naught, it stops allowing males to come to it, the likelihood of conception is reduced.

If you are not going to breed puppies, you need to take precautions during estrus:

  • walk the dog ONLY on a leash: even the most obedient individual these days can just run away, not paying attention to the commands
  • do not allow males to sit on the dog: in the case of the onset of sexual intercourse, it is almost impossible to pull them apart
  • on a walk, in the literal sense of the word, DO NOT TAKE EYE from the dog, even when buying a loaf in a tent
  • eliminate or minimize contact with males.

Do not rely on drugs for abortion in dogs: they do exist, but they have many contraindications and side effects. In this case, prevention works much better than taking action “after the fact”. It is worth remembering that childbirth up to 1.5 years is considered harmful to the still immature animal organism.

To prevent the dog from getting dirty in the house, you can buy special “dog” panties, but normally the bitches take care of themselves by licking the noose. It is absolutely impossible to prohibit this! Everything is provided by nature and this is a normal physiological process. In any case, during heat, it is better to wrap carpets in the house, and use panties only for a short period of time, not constantly.

What it is?

Heat or heat is a physiological process during which an egg matures in a female’s body. Mating on the right day will result in healthy offspring. However, the absence of a sexual partner will not harm the physical or psychological health of the animal in any way. The egg cell, having lived its period, will simply be removed from the body, the dog will calm down, and normal life will continue as usual.

For the first time, full ovulation occurs at a young age immediately after the change of teeth, usually at 6-13 months, depending on the breed and size. Subsequently, it will be repeated 1-2 times a year at the same time throughout life.

Owners usually start a calendar in which they note the start time, duration and main signs of sexual heat in the animal. This allows you to track all changes, take timely measures and prepare the house.

The main signs of estrus

It is impossible to predict in advance how long ovulation will last, but usually it is 2-3 weeks, depending on the age and personal characteristics of the female. Its approach can be identified by quite definite signs:

  • The bitch becomes more active and playful. Behavior changes. Shows more interest in males.
  • Stops obeying commands, tries to control the owner during a walk.
  • Behaves more nervously in the house. Looking for secluded spots.
  • When walking, he constantly sits down to urinate. She actually leaves marks to mark her territory and attract males.
  • At home much more often than before, your darling can be found licking the genitals.
  • The loop is swollen, spotting appears.
  • Moulting may occur before the start.

A dog is in heat: what to do?

When a new pet appears in your house, the question arises about the correct conditions for keeping it. In this case, it is necessary to take into account not only basic needs (food, walks), but also the characteristics of the breed and gender. One of the main phenomena in the life cycle of a female dog is the period of estrus or sexual heat, when she can conceive offspring.

This significant event in most breeds occurs twice a year and requires certain changes in the daily routine and rules of daily grooming.

Owner actions

Techka is a special time in a dog’s life, during this period special care is required and small changes in the usual schedule of the day, which every owner should know about.

In view of the physiological characteristics of the course, bitches have an increased chance of contracting viral, parasitic and infectious diseases, and their immunity is significantly reduced.

This must be taken into account when walking:

  • Reduce physical activity.
  • Don’t let the dog off the leash so it doesn’t run away or make unwanted acquaintances.
  • Reduce walking time in cold and rainy weather.
  • Do not vaccinate during this period.
  • Don’t give anthelmintic pills.
  • Avoid using antibiotics.

To avoid blood stains throughout your home, you can use special protective disposable underpants. However, veterinarians advise to refrain from them for the first time, as the dog must learn to lick more often at this time and clean up the tags in the house.

During the first estrus and during subsequent periods, if the animal has not developed the necessary reflexes, it is better to remove all carpets and easily dirty things from the space accessible to the pet. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the animal does not freeze and is clean.

No dietary changes required.

Having noticed the first signs of an approaching estrus, the owner must decide for himself whether this time mating will be carried out in order to obtain offspring. If you are not going to engage in pedigree breeding, then you can protect your pet from excessive male attention and casual relationships on a walk with the help of:

  • Special products that eliminate the smell that attracts males. This is usually a spray that is used to treat the back of the animal’s body, especially in the genital area, before walking.
  • Special panties that not only do not allow the smell to spread, but also provide a mechanical barrier in case of unpleasant moments of encroachment on Honor of the dog.
  • Walk the bitch on a short leash, so you can definitely protect her from undue unwanted attention.
  • If unwanted mating does occur, contact your veterinarian with the problem. Do not give your pet early abortion pills, as they are not suitable for all animals and very often have an extremely negative effect on future health.

Remember that the psychology and physiology of dogs is different from that of humans. Reproduction is not a vital necessity for them, so if you do not plan to breed puppies all the time, but you need to mate a young bitch “for health.” It will hurt rather than help. Castration at a young age will then be a more beneficial step for maintaining health.

What to do if your dog is in heat

The first heat, it is. puffiness occurs in a dog at the age of 8-12 months. This age is individual and depends on the breed. Generally, small breed dogs develop and mature faster. There may be some deviations from these terms, but if the first estrus began before 8 months or it does not exist even at 15 months, then you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Even if you intend to breed or just have puppies at least once, you should never knit a bitch for the first time. The fact is that the body has not yet fully formed, early pregnancy and childbirth can cause significant damage to a young animal. In the Russian Kennel Federation there is an official age limit for first mating. Dogs of small breeds are allowed to be bred from 15 months of age, medium and large. not earlier than 18 months.

The flow usually occurs once every 6 months, although there are individuals in whom this process repeats after 8-9 months, or even after a year. This is quite normal and even convenient for many owners. If you are going to regularly engage in breeding puppies, then remember, you cannot mate a bitch in every estrus, the optimal period of rest after giving birth and feeding the puppies. a year, and after a complicated pregnancy or a cesarean section. at least two years.

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Duration of emptying. 18-21 days. Deviations of 2-3 days are also acceptable. However, if you are in heat for more than 30 days, rush to see your veterinarian. The first puddle is not yet an indicator of the character of the next. The cycle in an animal can be established for 2-3 flows.

In the first 1-9 days, the discharge is scanty and bloody, the vulva (loop) looks swollen, but dense to the touch. The dog is already distinguished by a playful mood, however, the dog will not let him in. She is not ready for mating these days. On days 10-16, the color of the discharge changes to yellowish-pink, the bitch takes her tail in front of the dog or simply if you stroke her rump. During this period the bitch is ready for mating. It is impossible to say with absolute certainty which days in this interval are most favorable for conception. It happens that breeders have been trying to mate an animal for years, but they cannot guess the very day. But it is better to choose not the first and not the last day of ovulation. Knitting should usually be repeated after 1–2 days. If you are not planning puppies, then be especially vigilant these days. But by 17-21 days, the amount of discharge disappears, the dog stops letting the males.

Regardless of whether you need offspring in this pushover, keep your eyes on the dog. Walk her only on a leash and preferably away from walking areas where there are usually many dogs. On any day of estrus, unnecessary anxiety is not needed neither for you, nor for your pet, nor for other people’s males. In addition, even the most exemplary and obedient dog can completely forget about all commands, habits and rush wherever they look. It is at this time that dogs very often run away from home or fall under the wheels. If the dog walks in the courtyard of a private house, you can be a little calmer, but carefully examine and close all the holes in the fence, believe me, a bitch overpowered by instincts and an eager neighbor dog, a hole in the fence is not an obstacle. And the netting, from which aviaries are often made, may not save at all. If you have a dog, place the animals in different rooms for the entire period of the empty space and walk strictly separately from each other.

But hormonal drugs that interrupt estrus or an already onset pregnancy should be used only in the most extreme cases, for example, a trip to a large exhibition, where there are inevitably many dogs and the money for which, in case of refusal to participate, is too late to return. But if you have your own car or even just a pet carrier, then estrus is not a problem either. You can keep the dog there most of the time and bring it only to the ring, where it is naturally compared with individuals of the same sex, or even arrange for an expert to evaluate the animal on an individual basis.

Do not forget about the large number of contraindications for taking hormones. If the dog has not yet given birth, especially if it has its first pity. forget about these drugs altogether! In any case, consult your veterinarian. And if you are never going to have puppies and estrus is just a regular “headache” for you, consider maybe spaying your dog.

Is it possible to worm a dog during estrus?

You need to worm the animal twice a year. This is an excellent prophylaxis, allowing you to be sure that there are no parasites in your pet’s body. If you plan to knit a pet, then you need to worm it in advance. Experts advise worming your dog two weeks before estrus. On the one hand, this will prepare the bitch for mating, on the other hand, the parasite control procedure will be effective and safe. But it is not worth worming a dog during estrus, and it is not recommended by veterinarians.

What a dog can and shouldn’t do during estrus

With the appearance of a puppy in the house, a person has a lot of troubles and worries. And as with children, the younger the puppy, the less problems. But, unlike children, puppies grow much faster, and you do not have time to look back as the pet becomes an adult dog. And at this moment, adult problems begin, both for owners of males and for owners of bitches. Although, the latter still have more problems, and one of them is regular natural vaginal discharge. There are a lot of questions that the bitch owner has in connection with this natural process, especially when it comes to a novice dog breeder. In this article, we will look at the question: what can a dog do during estrus.

Estrus or estrus is a natural process that signals a dog’s readiness to conceive offspring. This period is characterized by reduced immunity, increased sensitivity and often aggressiveness. This is not surprising, because soon she can become a mother. But, even if mating is not planned, during estrus, the pet should be treated more carefully.

You should also be careful about carrying out some procedures that at other times were quite common for you. This is especially important if the dog is going to be knitted. Whatever you are going to do: vaccinate, worm, wash or even sterilize a pet during estrus, it is recommended to discuss the procedure with your doctor.

Can a dog be vaccinated during estrus??

Everyone knows that there is a certain schedule of vaccinations. A pet is vaccinated from a very young age. But, any veterinarian will say that only a healthy animal can be vaccinated. Of course, estrus is not a pathology, but it causes certain temporary changes in the body. Vaccinating your dog when in heat can be not only ineffective, but also harmful to health.

Vaccinating your dog during estrus is strongly discouraged. Do not do this immediately after estrus. Therefore, all necessary vaccinations must be done before the onset of estrus, and in advance. If the time to vaccinate the pet coincided with the period of heat, it is better to postpone the procedure. over, the vaccination should not be done immediately after estrus, but after a certain period.

What can a dog do during estrus: bathe, but be careful

It would seem that washing a dog during estrus is a mandatory procedure necessary to maintain the cleanliness of not only the animal, but also at home. But, not everything is so simple. During estrus, the dog is more prone to inflammation and infection, and excessive water treatment can cause them. Although, this does not mean at all that the pet cannot be washed.

Also, natural discharge from the loop in a dog is accompanied by more frequent urination. The pet will leave marks anyway and this can make it difficult to keep it clean. Certain hygiene requirements must be observed to avoid the risk of infection.

By the way, a pet can catch an infection in an open reservoir, so you should not swim in a lake or pond during heat. The genitals of the animal are poorly protected during estrus, and the risk of catching an infection is very high. If you bathe an animal in a lake during estrus, then this may end with the development of an inflammatory process, which will make itself felt after the discharge is over.

In nature, the animal has access to a reservoir, so if desired, the dog can bathe even during estrus. As for the pet, today you can maintain hygiene and keep the pet clean without proper bathing.

So, during estrus, you can put on special panties on your pet, which will protect furniture and carpets in the house. You can wash your paws after a walk in a special bath and do not bathe the animal completely.

Make sure that after water procedures, the pet does not go to bed on the cold floor. This can cause inflammation.

If you wash a dog during estrus, put on panties and change the bedding, then there can be no talk of any problems in the form of stains on the carpet or diseases.

Is it possible to knit a dog in the first heat?

Despite the fact that estrus is a natural process, it is stressful for the animal. After all, this is a signal of puberty, which, in turn, indicates that the dog can be knitted. But, experts do not advise using the first estrus for mating, as this can harm the health of your pet.

As a rule, the first heat, however, like the second, is missed and for mating they are guided by the third. Until this moment, your pet is already fully ripe for carrying puppies and normal childbirth.

If you want mom and puppies to be healthy, then it is better to give up the idea of ​​mating a dog during the first estrus right away.

In addition, having missed the first heat and analyzed the second, the owner will be ready to knit the pet correctly and at the right time.

Can you sterilize your dog during estrus??

During estrus, the pet’s mood changes and her behavior may surprise the owner. So, the dog becomes uncontrollable, tries to escape somewhere, can show aggression. If you are not ready for such manifestations, then you need to make a decision and sterilize your pet.

Today the sterilization process is carried out in two ways. The first method is tubal ligation. This procedure will exclude the possibility of fertilization without changing the body systems. The dog will still be in heat and can be knitted.

The second way is to remove the ovaries. This procedure not only excludes the possibility of fertilization, but allows you to stop the estrus itself. The pet becomes calm, the males do not rush at her, and there are no physical signs of estrus.

There are also situations when the dog needs to be spayed, for example, in case of diseases of the reproductive system.

If the decision to spay the bitch has arisen during heat, you should wait until it ends. Although such a procedure is possible even during this period, and many clinics carry out it. If the dog has persistent discharge, sterilization is even indicated in this case.

It is also possible to neuter the animal during a normal pregnancy, but at an early stage. But the idea of ​​spaying a bitch during a false pregnancy should be abandoned.

By the way, if you spay a dog, you can stop the development of diseases such as breast cancer, pyometra and others. That is, the sterilization process can sometimes save the pet’s life, and also save the owner from unnecessary trouble. But, if the animal is ideal for reproducing offspring, then it would be much more correct to find a worthy groom and mate.

Experienced dog breeders will say that the main thing that the owner of a current dog should remember is that he should not be let off the leash and the males should not be allowed to approach her. It is advisable to generally limit walking in areas with a large concentration of dogs. Also during this period, participation in exhibitions and competitions is undesirable. Well, and of course, make sure that the dog does not overheat and freeze. Everything else should be decided only by the doctor.

Despite the fact that discharge from the loop twice a year is a natural process, these days you need to treat your pet very delicately. After all, the quality of mating and the health of the future litter depend on how this process proceeds.

Therefore, if you missed the time when it was necessary to vaccinate or worm an animal, do not rush to “catch up” with the schedule during estrus. Check with your veterinarian about this or that procedure. Most likely, the doctor will advise you to do it after the end of estrus. And not even immediately after graduation, but after a while. This is the only way to preserve the health of your pet and not harm future puppies.