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Your dog is in heat what to do to calm it down

Excessive heat in a dog

Techka is a complex and important process in the life of a bitch. The period when her reproductive system is actively working. The time when she can get married and get pregnant. Behavioral and physiological changes these days bring a lot of hassle and additional excitement to the owners, even if everything goes perfectly.

Deviations from the described “ideal” cycle in living pets are quite common. And at this moment it is very important to understand and understand whether deviations are dangerous and what to do in this case.?

One of the most common suspicious symptoms of estrus in dogs is a profuse discharge. They can be caused by a slight hormonal abnormality, or they can signal the development of a serious illness. Therefore, it is extremely important to quickly understand the situation and have time to provide the necessary assistance.

Features of estrus

On average, a puddle in a domestic dog occurs 2 times a year with a break of 4-6 months between the active part of the cycle.

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On the first day, you can notice under the tail of the pet a slightly enlarged loop and bloody discharge that has begun. this is a signal that soon she will be able to mate.

There are 3 active stages in the canine cycle:

  • Proestrus. the first few days, when the discharge is most abundant and saturated with bloody blotches. At this time, the behavior of the female changes dramatically and the first physiological signs appear.
  • Estrus is the most important part, because it is during its course that the opportunity to conceive offspring appears. The signal for its beginning is an even more enlarged loop and a color change of mucus.
  • Metestrus is the final stage, after which a period of rest begins. The flow of mucus at this time gradually completely stops, if pregnancy has not happened.


Many factors can provoke a more abundant discharge than usual. The owner needs to determine the degree of danger of the situation.

If a bitch is in heat for the first time, then a large amount of mucus coming out of the loop is a completely normal manifestation of her physiological characteristics. However, it is worth paying extra attention to other accompanying signs.

For a more experienced dog, a sharp change in the abundance of secretions should not be characteristic. The appearance of this symptom clearly indicates abnormalities, which must be identified as soon as possible.

The most common causes of increased fluid production are:

  • Pyometra is an inflammation of the uterus, a disease caused by hormonal disruption due to progesterone. Most often, it develops after the end of the active part of the cycle, but its occurrence is not excluded during. This disease is considered the lot of older animals that have crossed the threshold at 7-8 years old. However, with inadequate care or hormonal imbalance, it can develop in a very young dog. Inflammation of the uterus leads to an accumulation of pus and blood inside it, which are secreted through the loop. Depending on the stage, it can be either bloody mucus or whitish purulent, with brown blotches. You should be alerted by a stronger than usual smell. Additional symptoms of the development of the disease are pain, weakness, lethargy, refusal to eat. Pyometra cannot be cured with medication, the animal will have to go through an operation.
  • Infectious diseases of varying severity. During estrus, the dog is defenseless against an infection that easily penetrates the open genital tract and multiplies in the genitourinary system. Therefore, much more attention should be paid than usual to the hygiene of the animal and the places where it happens.
  • A slight hormonal disruption, due to which the amount of lubricant being separated simply increases. But at the same time her color and smell do not change, the bitch is cheerful and feels completely healthy. This is the safest reason for this feature to appear. But this does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to it, because over time it can develop into a pyometra.

What to do?

Track the calendar how long the break lasts between the last heat. If the pummeling started on time, this is already a good sign.

First of all, you need to find out if something threatens the life of the female. Additional symptoms will help to understand the degree of danger. You need to urgently contact your veterinarian if:

  • The animal refuses to eat.
  • Lethargy and drowsiness overwhelm the dog.
  • Anxiety and pain in the lower abdomen are clearly manifested.
  • There is too much blood in the discharge or there are additional admixtures of strange colors.
  • An unpleasant odor emanates from the loop.
  • The dog does not lick.
  • A small puddle may flow under a sitting animal.

Monitor your pet’s behavior and well-being, note any changes.

If the pet feels vigorous and healthy, frolics, as always, eats normally, then you should take care of the safety of your property, since it is difficult to wash and clean the stains left by the dog during this period.

In order to preserve the atmosphere in the apartment, use special hygienic dog panties with a lining inside.


The third stage lasts 60-105 days. At this stage, the natural processes of the body are restored. The dog does not admit males. In the body, the “pregnancy hormone” (progesterone) rises, if there was a mating, then everything is normal and the dog begins to bear puppies. But the nuance is that this hormone is produced regardless of whether the mating took place or not. This leads to the fact that in some cases, dogs have a false pregnancy. The dog behaves in the same way as during pregnancy, its mammary glands swell and milk secretion from them may appear. This condition goes away on its own, after a few days, when hormones return to normal.

Discharge at this stage ends, 5-10 days after the transition to metestrus. The rest of this stage, the hormonal background is being established and the normal functioning of the dog’s body is restored. Therefore, the “visible” part of this stage ends and estrus as a whole after about 10 days.

Proestrus (or “forerunner”)

This stage lasts 7-10 days. Changes in behavior (aggressiveness towards stranger bitches, agitation, playfulness) occur. The dog flirts with males while not allowing mating, its body is not yet ready for fertilization.

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During this stage, there is bleeding from the loop, droplets of blood can be found on the floor and in places where the dog often rests. For hygiene purposes, special dog panties can be used at this time.

Estrus (ovulation and readiness to mate)

The second stage lasts from 4 to 12 days. The dog is ready to mate and begins to admit males. Ovulation usually occurs within the first 2 days of this stage, but the dog is ready for mating within a few days. This is due to the fact that the eggs retain the ability to fertilize for about 5 days. Therefore, if you do not want offspring, then on these days, be especially careful while walking.

If you are planning a litter, then 2-3 days from the start of estrus are ideal for mating.

During this stage, the secretions acquire a beige tint (sometimes to colorless) and they become much less, in some dogs they may almost be absent.

Dog’s first heat. what the owner needs to know

The first estrus in a dog sometimes comes as a surprise not only to the animal, but also to its owner. It seems like you know that this moment of ripening will come soon. And here he is, bam! and came. What the owner needs to know when it’s time for a pause. About this in our article.

When a dog is in heat for the first time

For each dog, everything comes individually. In small breeds, the period of estrus (puddle) begins at 6-9 months. But in large representatives, this stage of puberty begins in a year and a half. In bitches of large breeds, the discharge is more abundant. Signs that accompany this period.

  • the dog becomes more nervous;
  • increased appetite;
  • obedience is understated or disappears altogether;
  • the loop swells;
  • frequent urination;
  • red spots on the floor and wherever the bitch walks and especially rests.

If the owner is attentive, he will notice these changes in the pet and take action in time. First of all, don’t let her get pregnant. For a long time and everywhere it has been said that the age of a dog during this period corresponds to the age of a girl of 10-12 years. Pregnancy will have an extremely negative effect on the health of the pet. And will she be able to inform the puppies?

So the main task of the owner is to protect the dog from the encroachments of males. You can’t take your eyes off her for a minute. Drive outside only on a leash. After all, the young lady is possessed by hormones and she completely forgets all the commands “To me”. Walk your pet for a short time during these difficult days.

Our miniature schnauzer during the first estrus simply could not wait for the time to walk and puddles began to appear at home again, as during the puppy period. We did not understand what had happened. But when they saw the red dots on the floor, they immediately guessed everything. She became lethargic and more irritable. She slept often. On the street, she behaved not like a modest and well-mannered young lady, but with might and main molested cute dogs.

During heat, the bitch is not always sluggish. On the contrary, she can be active and playful. Especially friendly with males. And not only with dogs. With a male owner it will be more affectionate than ever.

How to calm a male dog when a female is in heat.12 methods

For the first time, the puddle can go away pretty quickly in the dog. But how is this to be determined? Let’s see exactly how and for how long the cycles go.

Anestrus (stage between successive estrus)

This stage lasts 100-150 days. This is the stage of sexual rest. This period of time the dog restores the body, replenishes the supply of vitamins and minerals, preparing for the next estrous (sexual) cycle.

Now, having an idea of ​​the life of a dog’s body, we can answer the question of how long a dog is in heat.

A dog’s heat lasts from 71 to 127 days, this is the period for the complete completion of the sexual cycle. In reality, the “visible” part of a dog’s estrus cycle is 21 to 32 days.

If you carefully read the description of the cycles, you noticed that when the discharge brightens, then this is not a reason to relax, but on the contrary. you need to be extremely careful, since this is the time of possible conception, hunting. A bitch can stick to males and other bitches.

Despite the increased appetite, you should not overfeed her. Take care of a rational and balanced diet. In addition, the young lady during this period is especially susceptible to genital colds. So, do not walk it for a long time in cold weather, do not leave it lying on a wet floor or grass, do not bathe in ponds (only if you are sure that they are clean).

During the puddle, it is better not to physically load the animal. If you are attending competitions, then skip them for this time. This is especially true for jumping. An unsuccessful jump may lead to torsion of the uterus. Of course, it is desirable to be ethical in relation to males and their owners. This means that it is better to skip exhibitions or other competitive events.

After the discharge is complete, false pregnancies are possible in some domestic dogs that are not very active. This means that after about 2 months the dog will suddenly decide to take one soft toy from the child or someone’s slipper and adopt it: it will carry it everywhere, sleep only with it, and so on. Your task is to distract the dog from these thoughts.

The owner should have a beautiful notebook in good cover for his pet. There he will write down everything significant that happened to the dog during its life. The dates of the onset of estrus are also entered there. Take this notebook with you when visiting your veterinarian.

Of course, estrus and possible unwanted pregnancies bring some inconvenience to the owner, but many veterinarians ask not to use hormonal drugs that delay estrus or prevent pregnancy. The consequences after the use of such drugs are oncological diseases or downed hormonal levels.

Heat in dogs

Heat in a dog (estrus) is a natural process, which is one of the important periods of its life. The presence of estrus indicates the beginning of the female’s sexual activity, her readiness for mating and bearing offspring. The first estrus occurs between the ages of 6 and 18 months, when puberty occurs. Usually in small dogs estrus occurs at the age of six months, and in large dogs a little later, from one to one and a half years.

However, the organism of each individual is individual, so the period may vary. Duration of estrus: about three weeks or in some cases up to a month. Periodicity is considered normal: once or twice a year. The main thing that pet owners should remember is that mating can occur after the second estrus, only in this case the dog will bring healthy and strong offspring.

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Stages of estrus

Proestrus (or forerunner). The duration of the period is from 7 to 10 days. At this time, the dog’s blood flow to the external genitals increases, due to which the vulva swells, the first dark spotting appears from the vagina. During the cycle, there is no precursor of ovulation, so the dog is not yet ready for mating.

However, her behavior changes markedly. the dog becomes overly excitable (playful, disobedient), during a walk he constantly marks the territory with urine, sniffs, scratches and scatters the ground. She shows aggression towards other individuals, she flirts with males, but when she tries to mate, she growls, jumps away, not allowing herself.

Estrus (rut or hunting). The period lasts on average from 4 to 12 days. During the first two days, ovulation occurs, but the female can let her “gentlemen” approach her for mating for another number of days. Discharge in dogs of different breeds with estrus may vary.

But in a normal state, the onset of rut begins after the cessation of bloody discharge or when they become light pink, and the external genital organs swell considerably. At this time, the dog lets the males come closer to him, having previously assumed a posture characteristic of mating. a raised pelvis and a loop, tail set aside.

Metestrus. With its onset, after 5-10 days, the discharge ends, the swelling of the vulva decreases, the female stops letting the males come in. The dog’s progesterone (pregnancy hormone) jumps sharply, regardless of the result of fertilization, that is, whether it happened or not.

In many individuals, this leads to a state of false pregnancy, which happily passes by itself, as soon as the amount of hormones is normalized. Fully metestrus lasts 2 to 3.5 months. After a maximum of 10 days, the visible part of this period and estrus ends, all subsequent days the dog’s body is restored.

Anestrus. This is a period of estrous rest, which can last 3.5–5 months. During it, the female replenishes the supply of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients, preparing for the future sexual cycle.

What to do for a dog owner during heat

If the owner during this period does not intend to mate his pet, then you need to be very careful and follow simple rules.

  • Walk the dog exclusively on a leash and under close supervision.
  • Avoid visiting dog-gathering areas during this time.
  • Protect the dog from communication with males. Try not to allow the dog to land on her, otherwise it will be impossible to separate the dogs during copulation without damaging their genitals.
  • During estrus, exclude visiting exhibitions and other events. If this cannot be done, then it is advisable to use special sprays that beat off the smell, also keep the female at a distance from the cables.
  • In case of abundant heat, you can use special absorbent pants for dogs to maintain cleanliness in the house.
  • If suddenly there was an unwanted mating, you should not give the female drugs to terminate pregnancy. this can be fraught with complications that can cause infertility.

Flows in dogs continue until old age, on average, in dogs, up to 20 cycles over a lifetime, in small breeds of dogs. about ten. Every dog ​​owner should remember that his pet, after the end of estrus, is always very weakened and very much in need of enhanced nutrition and vitamins.

A dog is in heat: what to do?

When a new pet appears in your house, the question arises about the correct conditions for keeping it. In this case, it is necessary to take into account not only basic needs (food, walks), but also the characteristics of the breed and gender. One of the main phenomena in the life cycle of a female dog is the period of estrus or sexual heat, when she can conceive offspring.

This significant event in most breeds occurs twice a year and requires certain changes in the daily routine and rules of daily grooming.

The main signs of estrus

It is impossible to predict in advance how long ovulation will last, but usually it is 2-3 weeks, depending on the age and personal characteristics of the female. Its approach can be identified by quite definite signs:

  • The bitch becomes more active and playful. Behavior changes. Shows more interest in males.
  • Stops obeying commands, tries to control the owner during a walk.
  • Behaves more nervously in the house. Looking for secluded places.
  • When walking, he constantly sits down to urinate. She actually leaves marks to mark her territory and attract males.
  • At home much more often than before, your darling can be found licking the genitals.
  • The loop is swollen, spotting appears.
  • Moulting may occur before the start.

What it is?

Heat or heat is a physiological process during which an egg matures in a female’s body. Mating on the right day will result in healthy offspring. However, the absence of a sexual partner will not harm the physical or psychological health of the animal in any way. The egg cell, having lived its period, will simply be removed from the body, the dog will calm down, and normal life will continue as usual.

For the first time, full ovulation occurs at a young age immediately after the change of teeth, usually at 6-13 months, depending on the breed and size. Subsequently, it will be repeated 1-2 times a year at the same time throughout life.

Owners usually start a calendar in which they note the start time, duration and main signs of sexual heat in the animal. This allows you to track all changes, take timely measures and prepare the house.

Owner actions

Techka is a special time in a dog’s life, during this period special care is required and small changes in the usual schedule of the day, which every owner should know about.

Due to the physiological characteristics of the course, bitches have an increased chance of contracting viral, parasitic and infectious diseases, and their immunity is significantly reduced.

This must be taken into account when walking:

  • Reduce physical activity.
  • Don’t let the dog off the leash so it doesn’t run away or make unwanted acquaintances.
  • Reduce walking time in cold and rainy weather.
  • Do not vaccinate during this period.
  • Don’t give anthelmintic pills.
  • Avoid using antibiotics.

To avoid blood stains throughout the home, special protective disposable underpants can be used. However, veterinarians advise to refrain from them the first time, as the dog must learn to lick more often at this time and clean up the tags in the house.

During the first estrus and during subsequent periods, if the animal has not developed the necessary reflexes, it is better to remove all carpets and easily dirty things from the space accessible to the pet. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the animal does not freeze and is clean.

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No dietary changes required.

Having noticed the first signs of impending estrus, the owner must decide for himself whether this time mating will be carried out in order to obtain offspring. If you are not going to engage in breeding, then it is possible to protect the pet from excessive male attention and casual relationships during a walk with the help of:

  • Special products that eliminate the smell that attracts males. This is usually a spray that is used to treat the back of the animal’s body, especially in the genital area, before walking.
  • Special panties that not only do not allow the smell to spread, but also provide a mechanical barrier in case of unpleasant moments of crawling to honor the dog.
  • Walk the bitch on a short leash, so you can definitely protect her from undue unwanted attention.
  • If unwanted mating does occur, contact your veterinarian with the problem. Do not give your pet early abortion pills, as they are not suitable for all animals and very often have an extremely negative effect on future health.

Remember that the psychology and physiology of dogs is different from that of humans. Reproduction is not a vital necessity for them, so if you do not plan to breed puppies all the time, but you need to mate a young bitch “for health.” It will hurt rather than help. Castration at a young age will then be a more beneficial step for maintaining health.

How to Calm a Dog in Heat! Top 5 Tips to Help Your Dog Stay Calm and Happy During Heat Cycle!

What to do if your dog is in heat

The first heat, it is. puffiness occurs in a dog at the age of 8-12 months. This age is individual and depends on the breed. Generally, small breed dogs develop and mature faster. There may be some deviations from these terms, but if the first estrus began before 8 months or it does not exist even at 15 months, then you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Even if you intend to breed or just have puppies at least once, you should never knit a bitch for the first time. The fact is that the body has not yet fully formed, early pregnancy and childbirth can cause significant damage to a young animal. In the Russian Kennel Federation there is an official age limit for first mating. Dogs of small breeds are allowed to mate from 15 months of age, medium and large. not earlier than 18 months.

The flow usually occurs once every 6 months, although there are individuals in whom this process repeats after 8-9 months, or even after a year. This is quite normal and even convenient for many owners. If you are going to regularly engage in breeding puppies, then remember, you cannot mate a bitch in every estrus, the optimal period of rest after giving birth and feeding the puppies. a year, and after a complicated pregnancy or a cesarean section. at least two years.

Duration of emptying. 18-21 days. Deviations of 2-3 days are also acceptable. However, if you are in heat for more than 30 days, rush to see your veterinarian. The first puddle is not yet an indicator of the character of the next. The cycle in an animal can be established for 2-3 flows.

In the first 1-9 days, the discharge is scanty and bloody, the vulva (loop) looks swollen, but dense to the touch. The dog is already characterized by a playful mood, however, the dog will not let him in. She is not ready for mating these days. On days 10-16, the color of the discharge changes to yellowish-pink, the bitch takes her tail in front of the dog or simply if you stroke her rump. During this period the bitch is ready for mating. It is impossible to say with absolute certainty which days in this interval are most favorable for conception. It happens that breeders have been trying to mate an animal for years, but they cannot guess the very day. But it is better to choose not the first and not the last day of ovulation. Knitting should usually be repeated after 1–2 days. If you are not planning puppies, then be especially vigilant these days. But by 17-21 days, the amount of discharge disappears, the dog stops letting the males.

Regardless of whether you need offspring in this pushover, keep your eyes on the dog. Walk her only on a leash and preferably away from walking areas where there are usually many dogs. On any day of estrus, unnecessary anxiety is not needed neither for you, nor for your pet, nor for other people’s males. In addition, even the most exemplary and obedient dog can completely forget about all commands, habits and rush wherever they look. It is at this time that dogs very often run away from home or fall under the wheels. If the dog walks in the courtyard of a private house, you can be a little calmer, but carefully examine and close all the holes in the fence, believe me, a bitch overwhelmed by instincts and a neighbor dog burning with desire, a hole in the fence is not an obstacle. And the netting, from which aviaries are often made, may not save at all. If you have a dog, place the animals in different rooms for the entire period of the empty space and walk strictly separately from each other.

But hormonal drugs that interrupt estrus or an already onset pregnancy should be used only in the most extreme cases, for example, a trip to a large exhibition, where there are inevitably many dogs and the money for which, in case of refusal to participate, is too late to return. But if you have your own car or even just a pet carrier, then estrus is not a problem either. You can keep the dog there most of the time and bring it only to the ring, where it is naturally compared with individuals of its own sex, or even agree that an expert will evaluate the animal on an individual basis.

Do not forget about the large number of contraindications for taking hormones. If the dog has not yet given birth, especially if it has its first pity. forget about these drugs altogether! In any case, consult your veterinarian. And if you are never going to have puppies and estrus is just a regular “headache” for you, consider maybe spaying your dog.